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  • 3rchaos  - Great Review!
    Great Review, just as hilarious as your others XD. and i see your wearing a Wall - E shirt, and seem to be praising Disney quite highly, Hmmmm...
  • pagan_born87
    FUNNY AS HELL! I recently watched this again with a group of my friends, and you mentioned all the shit we were asking...mainly GET ON THE FUCKING BIRD!!!

    Seriously, there should be a rule to kill ALL animated birds in ANY movie!

    You should totally do a review on the movie "The Swan Princess," yet another disney knockoff but not as painful to watch as this one was!
  • penpaninu
    Swan Princess was actually better than I thought it'd be, and there was that great song in the beg where the princess is a tomboy growing up who can out-boy the prince! But then it goes to steretypical land where she's useless :P
  • IggytThunders  - let's be fair, shall we?
    Just because Disney viral marketed the fairytale princess concept doesn't make it solely their property. Have no end of assholes aped their style to disastrous results?...well...yeah, but some of them weren't necessarily being formulaic. Some just liked fairytales with princesses, which, by the way, there're shit loads. Can you blame people for attempting or even just admiring and emulating the Disney aesthetic?Disney's kind of a boss when it comes to schmaltzey whimsical stories. And yeah: the animation industry knows it and hates them for it.

    Me? As a story teller if I ran the zoo I'd probably would've emphasized stories like the BLack Cauldron (which could've been absolutely badass if some knob job hadn't barricaded the goddamn editing booth so he could rape the story in not-so-secret defiance to Don BLuth and company) THis same issue and others would precipitate Don BLuth's exodus from the Disney umbrella. Also I would've canned most of the side characters, souped up Princess...whatever she's called and axed Gergie! THings like 'All dogs go to heaven' and 'secrets of nimh' would be the flagships of my Disney stable. And Mulan would fucking die! To emphasize that ethics often are not without sacrifice and death, even at the hands of the people you preserved.

    Actually one story I would really love to see done, at least as a short, is a german folk tale called Mrizalda, the bride of death. Also the 47 Ronin. I actually know (and I know this is going to be sacrilege to some people) but there's actually a chinese animation studio that I think would be ideal for the story. I know people loathe the very notion of outsourcing so I guess I"d probably import some of their key animators and screw the salary cut. Most asian animation studios hire on a job by job basis unlike in the states. We stopped being stupid like that I think after the 70's. Probably before. It's not a practical business model.

    Sorry this is just me fantasizing: I know those stories are too subversive for "children" (i.e. their parents)__because it's fucking bullshit that kids can't take scares or sad moments in story telling. All the original fairytales aren't happy: most of them are gristly.

    It's times like this I wished like crazy America was more like Japan.
    Look at what their kids get! Studio Ghibli watch?v=A8T-bfhJjvM& feature=related

    Clearly there's an aesthetic equilibrium not being respected, and it ain't japan's fault.
  • IggytThunders  - P.S. I agree
    Get on the fucking bird.
  • pagan_born87
    I loved your catchphrase from Ferngully. "Magic damnit!" it explains so much in these flims...
  • Fyodoror
    I was so in to Thumbelina when I was a kid.

    .... in that way...
  • Queue
    That was one of your best reviews yet, NCh! You're hilarious. Seriously, those Disney rip-offs were just blatant.

    New catch-phrase? but I liked the old one! :dry:
  • Chosen Zelos  - Oy, Barry Manilow
    Nice review.

    ... FYI, you can NEVER have enough Gilbert Gottfried.
  • Gigerfan
    Thumbelina, have you seen her, flicking boggies at the window cleaner. Ha-ha I'm so mature. :lol:
  • schlossknacker  - nice one
    Damn I got that birdsong from the beginning stuck in my head.
    Thats your fault!
    And ich know youre reading this since this is one of the first comments-
    so heres my revenge:

    Now you are breathing manually.

    victory is mine!

    Hilarious review as always.
  • FatAnon
    Gilbert Gottfried is very much like cow bell, without the self-conscious irony.

    BTW, new catchphrase?
    "This is [movie title] bitch!"
  • Quma  - very good
    I've been watchin you guys for like 6 months and I have to say that this video made me want to comment. I have to to say that I love how your videos has a subtle overtone of genderequality that somehow shows where our world was when these kinds of movies are made. It shows that even creativity was bound by values of society at its current form. Keep it up girlo, you are smart.

    - q
  • Linkara
    You know, I notice that they completely forget the poor old spinster as soon as the plot gets going. Isn't she in the slightest bit curious what happened to her daughter, tiny as she may be?
  • GLKnight  - re:
    [quote=Linkara]You know, I notice that they completely forget the poor old spinster as soon as the plot gets going. Isn't she in the slightest bit curious what happened to her daughter, tiny as she may be?[/quote]

    Maybe trying to bake more little people into pies? I don't know. When I saw that scene again, my mind just connected Thumbie's mom to Frau Totenkinder. I'm messed up, I already know this.
  • Arieschica  - actually
    Actually, she is shown sad over losing Thumbelina. Cornelius comes back to get her but she's gone and the dog tells him to watch over her mom.
  • ThumbelinaFan  - Re:
    Actually, Cornelius tells the dog to watch over Thumbelina's mom.
  • GLKnight
    Mrs. Fieldmouse is voiced by Carol Channing.

    Some of her other work includes Granny on The Addams Family cartoon and a VERY prodigious carreer on Broadway (Hello Dolly being her titular role).
  • Xin  - kewl
    Great video uh catch phrase....

    Im your Nostalgia chick bringing you back whether you want to or not?

  • Shinigami
    One more great review from NChick.
  • SomeDudeThatRants  - Hmmmm
    Great Review, as always.

    How about, "Hi, I'm the Nostalgia Chick. I remember it 'cause the Critic has a penis." ?
  • tri-sapphire  - That was a lot worse than I remember it being...
    I haven't seen that movie in about ten years, but the amount of failure in it was actually quite high :0. I seriously don't remember it being so annoying, but watching clips from it now...I was actually cringing.

    Great job tearing into this one Nostalgia Chick. It really is a pity that Don Bluth sold out to the Disney formula when The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, and The Land Before Time (the original) were leagues above his later work.

    Anyways, looking forward to the next review :).
  • BrokenSkin
    awww i remember watching this! haha

    had it on video... :whistle:
  • FilmStudentWannabe  - I Feel sorry for you watching that movie.
    Honestley it looks like a turd sandwich on wheels.

    Oh and catchphrase... ill think of one later.
  • WJMill
    It's just funny that Jodi Benson does the voice for both Thumbelina AND Ariel. :D I honestly loved Thumbelina when I was a kid, I even have the DVD now. -.- The Don Bluth magnificent animation is still there for me.
  • ThatFellowInTheCoat
    Hilarious! I loved the Bluth-Disney chart, especially.

    And is that a Wall-E shirt you're wearing? If so, awesome!
  • Pavarr
    Awesome video, as always. (You do realize that wearing that Wall-e shirt you, too, are responsible for that huge bump on the chart that stands for Pixar, don't you?)

    As for your catchphrase... "I'm the Nostalgia Chick, like the Nostalgia Critic but HOT.", the "HOT" part being spoken in that sexily-confident voice you women can do when you want to.

    No, I do not think this is too fan-service-ish... >_>
  • SybilWolf
    I was *JUST* about to post a comment relating to the [i]WALL-E[/i] shirt!

    I want to know: a) where you found it, and b) where can I get one! :woohoo:
  • Baby Turtle
    Wow, someone knows their physics.

    Most impressive.
  • jkthedj  - "I Need a Catchphrase!"
    First, the movie. I'm starting to believe that Don Bluth must've contracted the worst case of Syphilis in history sometime 'round his "Land Before Time" phase (What else this side of Crack cocaine can mess up your brain?)

    2nd, at least there is one small sliver of merit from this one...the Animaniacs theatrical short "I'm Mad" that played before this ass fest--At least in theaters, I don't think it made the video release. (Speaking of which, that makes this a Warner Bros. Production, and NOT Fox like you label at the end)

    And 3rd, your new catchphrase should either be...

    "I'm your Nostalgia Chick, and that was (MOVIE), Bitch!"


    "I'm your Nostalgia Chick, and I'm a saucy little whore."*

    *NO OFFENSE on that one, NONE. I just loved the way you said it in this vid, which in itself was pretty saucy.
  • ddgafd  - Nice
    Cool review, I've never heard of this movie.

    Also, catchphrase suggestion:

    "I'm the Nostalgia Chick and I remember it, 'cus the chicks always do."
  • Konomichan
    I loved this movie so much as a kid XD
  • Karash  - good one
    Good review, you keep upholding your high standards.

    In terms of the new catchphrase I dare you to rip off Linkara's Superman impression:

    "I AM A WOMAN!"
  • placeboff
    hi, i have asuggestion for your catchphrase, how about "hellow im the nastalgia chick you`l remember it so i dont have to"
  • Goobian
    I liked the catchphrase you came up with I think you should stick with it.

    I loved this movie my Grandma bought a copy of it when it first came out and my cousins and i watched it and rewatched it. I have a copy of it on my computer. I know my cousin just wanted to get a copy of the movie just because it came with a free charm bracelet with all the main characters on it.
  • Cferra
    Awesome review!

    New catchphrase suggestions:

    "I'm The Nostalgia Chick. Taking you back to your childhood."

    "I'm your Nostalgia Chick. Why must people remember this movie/show?"

    "I'm the Nostalgia Chick saying the past isn't how we remember it."

    "This is the Nostalgia Chick reminding you of your childhood. However painful (insert movie/shoe here) is.

    Hmm. I'll see if I can think up more. Or at least better ones. Good review of course. Seriously....marry the mole? Wow. Pushy little mouse.
  • lenka
    great review:)

    haha oh The Little Mermaid... that movie makes me go postal everytime my roommate watches it (she likes it a lot). I wonder whether you would rip it a new one as well
  • Ghaleonx5z
    Very cool review

    New catchphrase suggestion:

    "I'm the Nostalgia Chick and I remember it, even if I REALLY don't want to."
  • DeathsNotoriousAngel
    How about the catchphrase, "I'm the Nostalgia Chick. I remember it so you dont have to." I think there's some other douche that says something like that, but, eh, who cares?
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