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  • brujah723
    Welcome Back Nostalgia Chick
  • Agent 4  - i think i just filled the cup!
    :woohoo: great vid and like everyone else is saying, WELCOME BACK!! It's videos like this and the Ferngully one that make me happy I registered.
  • SpazzMaster

    ... he's my friend guys, don't worry. :whistle:
  • pagan_born87
    o for fuck sake! I hate those firery things! They scared me as a kid and still freak me out!

    And yea Diduymus was kind of annoying in some parts, but he was still one of my fav characters...aside from Bowie.
  • ElPollodelaMuerte  - Vilification
    As a kid I loved this movie (mostly for the completely random bits, though it still annoys me that the question to the lying doors is not the correct one!). This video thankfully helped me resolve the questionable issues this movie caused me - I always felt I was secure in my sexuality but that 'package' was what I remembered most. Good to know that was something that transcended gender so it's not something I need to worry about.
    A+ Chick! Please say the lesbian overtones are a lie! There is such a small pool of decent women it would suck!
  • planetoa01  - my friend met Bowie
    my friend asked about the buldge. Bowie said that he had to wear a cup due to the crotch level muppets. :D
  • pagan_born87
    Oh Lindsy how i love you for doing this review! My friends and i quote it ALL the time! This was defiantly one of my fav kid movies...that wasn't really a kid movie! In the pagan community, this and Legend are the two most watched movies so I had many friends to send this too!

    Believe it or not Bowie was TAUGHT those dance moves! Weird i know...

    Hey, there's another idea for a review! Legend! Oh please do Legend or Swan Princess! I see much happiness and laughter in those ^_^

    and finally...PACKAGE!!!
  • That Guide for Noobz
    great review as always bowie lover. Muppets and Bowie. MIND FUCK!!! B)
  • Cferra
    Nice to see you back in action, Lindsay. This is a great review and no I don't mind the uhh penis jokes. It's been a slew of those kinds of jokes thanks to Watchmen reviews.

    Anyway, good to see you back and nice review of a weird, weird movie!
  • Abrams63j
    Glad to have you back!

    It's a model! Shhh.
  • bubba-chaa  - Wello!
    Great work; can't wait for the next.
  • ZenOfThunder
    Blue Jean. I just met a girl named Blue Jean...

    [i]Blue Jean.[/i]
  • StoneOSirideain  - i guess im a geek
    me and my friends do that you remind me of the babe thing all the time

    Do as i say and I will be your slave-the most contradictory movie line of all time.

    I always picture the baby's real life mother standing on the set being distracted by the director's assistant so she won't notice David Bowie hurling the infant 20 feet into the air. Funny.
  • Maverick21
    it all made sense when you said it was made by lucas at the end
  • silence_dais
    Great to have you back NChick. I missed your reviews and I'm glad you did this movie. Have it, loved it, and think the review of it is awesomely funny. Especially loved the D&D mockery bit. Can't wait for your next review. Hope you do Thumbelina next. >_>;;;

    Still sexy as always. ~_^
  • MaidOfAwesome
    In response to a few posts before:
    Actually Toby was the real life son of the artistic consultant of this film, Brian Froud. All of the Goblins are based on his art. (The baby was named Freddie before Toby was brought into the mix.) Most of the 'The Making Of' videos that exist seem to show his mom and dad kind of cool with the 'stunts' that their son goes through.

    Great review! And yes, Bowie can survive even something as silly as this... The man who can pull off a mullet, the 'great white duke' days and the Glass Spider tour can survive anything... even muppets! Looking forward to seeing more from you. Welcome back!
  • I-dream-of-Hoolleewooood2
    She's back!!! :woohoo: Start the party! Crank up the tunes! Bowie's not invited! Lol.
  • DeathByMetal08  - That was entertaining!
    Thats what she said......
  • Harvo
    Good to see you back and in top form. Glad that someone finally reviewed this essential movie lol.
  • LikaLaruku
    I was wondering if you would ever be back ^.^

    My favorite movie ^o^

    That baby looks like the spawn of Freddie Kreuger!

    Young David Bowie!
  • LikaLaruku  - re:
    [quote=silence_dais]Great to have you back NChick. I missed your reviews and I'm glad you did this movie. Have it, loved it, and think the review of it is awesomely funny. Especially loved the D&D mockery bit. Can't wait for your next review. Hope you do Thumbelina next. >_>;;;

    Still sexy as always. ~_^[/quote]

    Oh snap, I second doing Thumbalina.
  • batdude
    I only LARP with rock paper scissors or numbered playing cards, Brujah at the top of the page should know what im talking about.
  • DanManX
    Well, you didn't QUITE rip into the movie as much as I had hoped (I REALLY don't enjoy this thing...) but you pointed out many of the glaring shortcomings (shut up!) that it has, so I'm still placated. I especially always hated how the movie seems to follow its characters' journey to a T. Which is to say, as you point out, that when they're moving, so is the plot, and when they stop, it does too. It's like NOTHING goes on for half the movie. And when they're running around going crazy...the plot makes even less progress, somehow. I don't know.

    So, was that pseudo-intellectual post enough to get me some drooling internet fanboy credits? Yeah? Okay then.

    I think seeing the Nostalgia Chick drooling over Bowie, and then the banana thing, may have been one of the biggest turn ons I've ever experienced. Lindsay...I must have you...

    I mean, um, hey, look over there! A distraction! *runs away to Benny Hill music*
  • ChaosD1
    You'd be surprised just how many U.S. states have the official [url=http:// Ages_of_consent_in_North_ America#Local_laws_2]Age of Consent[/url] at 16.

    Wow... is that really I have to comment on? Good thing there's a edit button when I think of something worthwhile.
  • Xatike
    Yup. Michigan is one of those states.

    Which makes us ALL wonder:


    But thanks for reviewing this. I have wanted to see this movie just because it falls under the "cult classic" category.

    Now, I am not so sure.
  • LittleLottie
    Yes, the book,Sarah's...15?
    Not judging anyone,just saying. :whistle:
  • Death To Work
    30 do be precise
    * some restrictions apply with age differences
  • Zoltan
    This was BY FAR your least refined, yet sexiest review. I quite like it this way...
    (but maybe it was just the Bowie)
  • JustSomeDude
    Labyrinth is one of my oldest favorite movies, i actually saw it for the first time in the theater as a kid.

    Lateron (being a hetero sexual guy) i even noticed Bowie's balls a lot.
    I never really liked the girl in this movie, she acted like a 12 year old.

    This review really did it... I love you Nostalgia Chick! :confused:
    Are you still single? :whistle:
  • Semtex
    seriously couldn't stop laughing! You made a great comeback :D
  • Grimlock  - LARP has moved on
    Well most of it has in Denmark where i live we got a group called Einherjerne
    And well lets just say the way they run larp is a little different then there.
    Basically the rule is (for the most part) if you can then you can.

    If you can steal that guys purse/leather pouch without him noticing it well then you can.

    So yeah in Denmark Larp has for the most part moved beyond such things as lightning bolt lightning bolt, though some groups still makes lives with so many rules that you almost need to carry a rulebook with you to remember them all.

    But for the most part we moved beyond lightning ball attacks :P

    Though a funny thing, in Denmark there are actually more members of Roleplaying club then sports clubs.
    But all in all not a bad review.
  • Erinaceus  - WTF?!
    ... A movie... directed by Jim Henson... produced by George Lucas... with a script by Terry Jones... starring David Bowie... Muppets... and the love interest from Ang Lee's film "Sulk" (er, I mean, "Hulk")...

    ... I am at a loss for words here. Who would this movie possibly be targeted to? Is it something like that Scott Baio joke where both guys and gals can masturbate to Bowie and because of the absurdity and androgyny, no one would feel gay? I don't know. I never saw this film, and I'm glad!
  • AngryJoeShow  - I decided
    Thats it,
    After this video, I have decided to make Nostalgia Chick Mine!!!

    [i]Steps for "together-ness".[/i]

    #1. Destroy David Bowe
    #2. Buy Her Shiny Trinkets & Compliment her, lots and lots of Compliments.
    #3. World Domination!


    [b]-AngryJoe Wins AGAIN![/b]
    :evil: :P
  • SpazzMaster
    Well, I'm sorry to say Joe, but first, you'll have to get through me. :)
  • laughingman  - You sure?
    The Nostalgia Chick is hot and funny...
    but after what she did with the banana at the very end of the video I won't fight you for her.

    :whistle: :evil:
  • Opera Guy  - Back off Joe!!!!!
    Hey man we may both love games but you ain't gettin' her.

    She's mine....
  • Sheranda  - David Bowe?
    Why would you want to destroy the guy who was Bob on UHF?

    :lol: I know who you're talking about.
  • draco darts
    god i love her reviews. she's just so pretty and her movie knowledge is up there with mine. i love a woman that love movies and is not above blasting the bad ones :P
  • rowdycmoore  - Jenny
    Ironically, I think Jennifer Connelly was the first one where I started noticing "the difference." Not in this movie, though - in The Rocketeer.
  • Rimjob
    ya the David Bowie jokes were kinda weird but other than that it was pretty good.
  • rubydynamite
    Yay! New Nostalgia Chick! I have to say, even when I was a kid and watched this one, I was completely, madly obsessed with Jareth. David Bowie's performance just made this movie - no doubt about it.

    Ooh! And I also have a suggestion as to another movie you should check out - [url= title/tt0091534/]Modern Girls[/url]! It's a movie from 1986 and actually stars some pretty notable actors in a before-they-really-made- it sense, including Virginia Madsen and Daphne Zuniga! Oh, and also Clayton Rohner, who starred in [url= title/tt0089393/]Just One of the Guys[/url], which is kinda like Boys Don't Cry, but tragic in a totally different and mediocre way. :silly:
  • admter24
    Great review Nostalgia Chick. Enjoyed the humor, knowledge, and entertainment. :)

    Yes, Megan Fox does judge. :D
  • Rhomega
    This is a good movie, but it does have its faults, mostly for forgettable characters. I knew the BLAM would come up in this review.

    Glad to have you back Chick.
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