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  • Jackass Mask
    Sadly, I have watched this show. Got used to watching it with my sisters, so there are some nice memories attached. Especially since there not all around anymore.

    Besides, how could how I not like this show? It was outrageous! Truly, truly, truly outrageous.
  • ladydiskette
    Oh my god I openly admit this! I used to watch this show as a girl, not only watch it, but love it as well. It had so many subplots back then that I would be so upset if I missed one episode because then I wouldn't know what would be going on.

    Also anyone else notice but me that some of the post-episode PSA skits are a bit similar to the ones they had at the end of every GI Joe episode? Only they seemed to "girli-fy" it?

    Just see a PSA of a GI Joe short and a PSA of a Gem short run them back to back and then see if they are not copying each other?
  • hairyfeet  - Same for me.
    My late sister used to watch this thing, and that stupid second song would get STUCK in your head, drive you batty. I can't say anything about the time though, I had the snakeskin parachute pants, lime green Warlock bass and enough bold hold in my hair a class 3 hurricane couldn't move my hair.
  • trlkly
    Nostalgic, funny, and, unlike a lot of stuff on this site, informative.

    Definitely 5 star work!
  • chrismccart
    It's nice to see something fairly funny come out of her work... I feel like a lot of her work for the last while has been very down and glum and just complaining about things she doesn't like.

    Here, there's still a bit of that but at least she's had fun with it - which is nice to see... and as always, Nella was hilarious. "It's just a kids book! (Lip quivers nervously under wide, tear-filled eyes.)" lol
  • Divide By Zero
    Maybe it's just because I'm actually old enough to remember this show from when I was a little girl, but I don't think it deserved the trashing it got. Yes it's silly, brightly coloured nonsense, but it's a show for small children so what do you expect? And while the politics it displays may be a little (or a lot) dated, at its heart it tried for a good message and mostly delivered. Not to mention the amount of effort that had to go into producing, as NChick mentioned, an average of three musical numbers per episode, many of which were catchy as hell. It's even well animated for the time it was made.

    I probably wouldn't recommend everyone go out and watch it now, but I have to stick up for it a little. It's hardly the worst of the 80s by a long shot. It's a show about a young woman struggling to have both a career and a personal life while supporting dependent children... all while being a pop star! No it can't solidly maintain the interest of a more jaded modern adult audience, but to a 6 year old girl in the 80s Jem and the Holograms were magical.

    That said I liked the framing pieces in this review. There were some very funny moments and it looked like the three ladies had a lot of fun.
  • ladydiskette
    lol Oh NChick and Nella, all the shampoo and conditioner in the world will not be enough to wash out the hairspray and color dye from your hair. XD
  • bebepopjr  - awesome
    i wish i was you'r roommate, it seems like it would be a lot of fun.
  • Angelbeeps
    Well done on using the Freezepop Cover of the theme song! That song rekindled my love for the show. :D

    Yeah it was bad, being a guy I was shunned for liking it but there was something oddly hypnotic about the colours and sparkles. Not to mention all the awful yet memorable songs.
  • ladydiskette
    Kimber was always my favorite! She had these romantic problems and some plotline revolved around her and a guy. And my silly little girl mind thought that was the epic conflict I wanted to see resolved.

    Yeah, I know.
  • Jimbo
    I was actually going to suggest this as an episode since I've actually seen it on TV lately for whatever reason networks thought this was a good idea to revive.
    Not that I actually watched it. Twice...
    I feel so unmanly.
  • mackshizzles
    One of my friends constantly watches this show even though she says she hates it lol
  • what0080
    I'm honestly surprised you didn't make the obvious Misfits joke... Comparing the Misfits (The Hologram's rivals) to the Misfits (Joan Jett's band).
  • Flaregun  - reply to what0080
    Joan Jett's band was the Blackhearts, before that she was in a band called The Runaways. The Misfits were an actual 80's hardcore Punk band.
  • morius  - Joan Jett's band? Are you serious?
    OMG, are you serious? The Misfits were the creators of horror punk... Nothing to do with Joan Jett....
    And yeah, I'm surprised the Misfits weren't mentioned at all (at least saying "oh, and there was already an actual PUNK band named "The Misfits""). I mean, I forgive the cinema snob for not mentioning them during his "Astro Zombies" review, but not mentioning them here? Unforgivable.
  • 9ansean  - OK I've been unable to finish watching for tech re
    And I'm already seeing A LOT of problems!

    First of all, important clarification:

    The Misfits (and this is such a great bit of triva I can't let it slide) was the name of two punk rock bands. One keeped the name, the other went on to become The Go Go's who were easily the biggest all girl band of the early 80s! Not to mention the first successful self-made all girl band to write there on songs and play there own instruments.

    That's is such of great source of innuendo that it's admission is indeed unforgivable! Especially since anyone familiar with the Go Go's backstage antics at the height of there fame could easilly draw comparasion to the fictional counterparts in terms of all around bad behavior. Hell they practicly pioneered the self-incremenating videotape, even it was mostly audio. In fact, I've been dying for the longest time to see someone use that audio over clips of cartoon Misfits just to see if they would fit.
  • 9ansean  - Second in odd trivia and missed oppertunity
    While it is true that Joan Jett's original band The Runaways had nothing to do with the Misfits who would be Go Go's (although the former was sighted as a great influence on the later) I believe one could make a connection between the fictional Misfits ruthless manager Eric Raymond and The Runaways real life manager; the notoriously megalamaniac Kim Fowley.

    Here I can make a joke right now: "The Misfits were the creation of Eric Rayomd who has a tendancy for letting his artists go unsupervised reminiscent of Kim Fowley and a tendancy for getting away with murder reminiscent of Suge Knight." See how easy that was!

    I'd been hoping someone would do a video on this series for a long time and I wasn't even that big of a Jem fan. I just happen to appreciate that there really was a kids show were girls got to to be heros with relatable lives, which is still too rare in animated television. (For the record I'm male.) However, while I can accept that my ideas for jokes would probably not happen since I didn't write this, I can't accept the snobby attitude that seems to be smarming up this review if the first ten minutes are any indication.

    The lack of research is also somewhat jarring based on what I've heard so far. While I can't find an exact source, just about everything I've found suggests the first (more blatently commercial) theme played was THE SECOND THEME WRITEN FOR JEM, NOT THE FIRST.

    And that's when i stopped watching. Anyone who just watched the whole thing, feel free to tell me if my hunch if wrong and Lindsey reviewed this show for what it was intended to be in it's time and for it's audiance. Not what she WISH IT HAD BEEN from an adult standpoint.

    I believe that any program made for kids by it play, book, film, or tv series should be viewed from the standpoint of the kid in you. If you want to say it fails FINE, but say it fails to deliver what you think a kid show should provide. If you couldn't do that: you would have been better off giving this video to Marzgurl.
  • Kryss LaBryn
    I'm not positive that you're right about the "Jem-Girls" theme being the second one. I watched it religiously as a kid from the first episode and I never knew about that version of the theme until I went looking for the other, more-used one on YouTube a while back and came across the (imo much crappier) "Jem-Girl" one. I far prefer the "Truly outrageous" one; it was catchier and fit the visuals better, I thought.

    --As an aside, "outrageous" was one of those cool-synonym words back then. Today we'd probably say "awesome" instead.
  • GrlGmr
    I'm a girl who grew up in the 80s, but I was a tomboy. I'd watch Jem when it was on, but I would rather watch Transformers or He-Man.

    I remember reading in a book on the toy industry that the Jem song was changed because parents groups objected to Hasbro using clips from the theme song in the commercials. Rather than change all the commercials, they opted to record a new theme song for the show. The 'truly outrageous' theme was the better of the two IMHO.

    I actually like the music from this show, but I'm a big fan of 80s music in general. Especially the new wave synthpop and hair metal genres. I got one of the dolls at a Christmas party and it came with a cassette that had two singles on it that I really enjoyed. I think they were basically longer versions of the songs on the show, but I don't remember exactly.

    That being said, I don't remember much about this show other than the music. I never identified much with any of the characters, with the exception of Stormer. The other Misfits were mainly memorable for being total bitches. The good girls were totally forgettable, and I didn't remember a single one of their names or personalities before watching this review.
  • kaykeyser
    if Jossie and the pussycats can go live action so can Jem and with the same amount of success.
  • alexalberto81  - Live Action Ideas
    Hey, this would be a good discussion -- how would YOU envision Jem today? Live-action or CGI? Actors? Myself, if they remake this show, it would have to be moved to today. We should probably ask Todd what he thinks, being the pop-ologist of the site and all....!
  • Flaregun
    Hmmm..., well, the easiest casting decision would be for the leader of the skeevy "Bad Girl" rival band; It would be Ke$ha, hand's down (Hell, it looks like she's already in costume for the part on the cover of her most recent album). And at least when I see the "California Gurls" music video it kinda makes me think that Katy Perry would be a natural for Gem (much like the cartoon, that video is shallow, colorful, vulgar, cutesy, has a really crass, market-driven undercurrent, and kinda seems like it's probably pretty sticky. Plus, it too has one single Black guy in there for no good reason.)
  • Kryss LaBryn
    That one black guy is in there for a perfectly valid reason: The black girl needed a boyfriend.

    Oh, Eighties... *Sigh*
  • DreamingWings
    I'm really wishing I could somehow buy the rights to turn Jem into a manga style series. Sort of a Sailor Moon meets Excel Saga book.
  • DarkenedWolfEye
    Really? Because I liked that movie. I doubt that this could produce a very good movie.
  • keniakittykat
    No, Josie and the pussycats worked because it was set in a somewhat 'realistic' setting. This cartoon is too disconnected to the real world it has no chance to have the same impact while sticking to your source material.
    That, and Disney already sort of did a remake of the premise, it's called Hanah Montana.
  • alexalberto81  - Finally... a textbook Nostalgia episode!
    Can't call yourself nostalgic unless you review this show... I grew up with the Spanish dub of this show - you would be surprised how close the voice acting in Spanish was to the original. And, is it just me or did they convert the episodes to HD for The Hub?
  • Bilkins
    Might just have to try that singing everything I do thing. Seems like it would be preeetty gooood.
  • Razorgeist
    Good Lord I think 80's Dan just had an orgasm. I mean really the 80's gland in my brain just popped!

    Great video Lindsey I actually remember seeing this show.

    ...I see the makeover fairy is getting...dark.
  • CPC24
    Great review! This is the kind of stuff NChick was made for.

    "Are you sure this is a show for girls"? I was a guy who loved this show, mainly because of Jerrica/Jem. You three looked pretty hot, too...

    "Not wearin' a bra!" LMAO! I have to admit I noticed that right away, along with some cleavage in the '80s outfit...
  • DreamingWings
    I'm male and I loved this show too. I seem to remember its time slot following another 80'sriffic series called Beverly Hills Teen club.
  • Lakiver
    I actually know a girl named Jerika.
  • Kari
    If she was born after 1984 or so, then this show is why.
  • Maphisto40  - Bleh
    I remember this. I absolutely hated it as a little girl of the 80s. I was watching Thundercats, Voltron, and He-Man instead. EDIT: I almost forgot Transformers. For shame! D:

    The reaction you and Nella had while watching it mirrored my sentiments exactly. Hilarious review, though I imagine the makeup and hair crap must have taken a long time, and even longer to eradicate. xD
  • Cheshire Kitten  - Great job, ladies!
    The song about making jello had me laughing hysterically.
    Also, seeing you all dressed up like that was...kinda scary. Still hilarious, though.
  • SpeedyEric
    I never watched "Jem" when I was a kid because:
    1. It's a girl show, and last time I checked, I have a p3n!$.
    2. I was more into stuff like Transformers and Ninja Turtles.
    3. This show was on from before I was born to before I developed memories.
  • Schizoid
    Outrageous. Truly...nah, that jokes been made already.

    When I was a young boy, I didn't discriminate in my cartoon watching. I watched Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony (was Popples girly or gender neutral?). Jem was no different (I think it aired before the Bigfoot cartoon). I've been waiting for this to show up. Awesome, to say the least. Though I don't really remember the original theme. I'll have to look it up to see how they fit The Misfits in like the regular theme did.

    Sticky and stiff, huh? Oh, wait, the hair. Riiiiight. I seriously love Nella's abject terror in reaction to the appearance of Make-Over Fairy. Also the Dark Nella reference after the make over, not to mention the 4th wall break.

    Good work Lindsay and Co.! Keep it up!

    I wonder if my interactive Wall-E would work with the speaker Wall-E.
  • Kari
    I loved this show. My only defense is I was like 10. My mom always watched it with me. I don't know what her excuse is, but we also watched He-Man and G.I. Joe together, if it helps.
  • Crossover Princess
    I noticed how Nella was reacting when they first got the make over. IT seems like despite being a clone, Dark Nella still has some sort of hold on Nella.
  • darkharlequin
    This show seems like a metaphor for what the music industry has become. Spooky! All three girls looked adorable in their outfits. :)
  • hoax
    No bra indeed.
  • moonbunnychan  - Weirdly Popular
    I'd disagree...Jem has a weirdly huge fanbase. It even has conventions. The main one is in Holland...for some reason.
    Everybody my age seems to have huge nostalgia for it, but I think it's more for it's costumes and over the top-ness then anything.

    It's also funny that the Hasbro owned Hub network rolled out a HUGE promotion for when they started playing Jem reruns. I wouldn't be surprised with that if Hasbro wasn't soon re-releasing it.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    Fun fact: in 1986 Stewart Copeland wrote a song "Love Lessons". Check it out on YouTube, it is definitely worth listening.
  • Paranormal Rob
    I laughed when I found out they're re-airing Jem on the Hub network. Did they seriously think it held up? Also I read on wikipedia they're talking about a live-action move. I wonder how THAT will turn out lol.
  • Uno  - re:
    They're truly remaking EVERYTHING if they're going to remake this.

    Wow... Someone in the world doesn't think we have enough "fashionable" girl figures to look up to right now?
  • 9ansean
    I grew up in the 80s and still enjoyed watching Fat Albert, which was made in the 70s and had a real jive sound to it. I also enjoyed watching the 60s version of Dennis the Menace which was in black and white. So yeah, why shouldn't kid today still enjoy it. I don't most kid today should be any less intellegent than we were than. The fashion of most any visual entertainment that set in the era it was made will surely look dated after a number of years no matter what. If the stories are still involving and the characters are still interesting than that's what really matters.
  • Punky
    I loved this show when i was little and not long ago i started watching the show vía Youtube. So cheesy, yet so fun and outrageous xD
  • fatalrob0t
    Looooooved this show when I was a kid. Still love this show. It's campy 80s goodness. It's all the best, funniest aspects of the 80s and some of the worst, but it's so awesome it's still fun to watch it. I especially love that iconic theme song that has burned itself into my memory. Maybe you didn't really care too much about playing with Barbies, but I had a ton of them and Jem fit right in with them. There was also a Barbie music show that was a ripoff of Jem: Barbie and the Rockers. Look that up. Again, it's campy and very 80s and apparently Barbie is the savior of mankind.

    I also watched Thundercats, He-Man, She-Ra, Transformers, Rainbow Brite, Carebears, My Little Pony and who knows what else. Especially She-Ra. Dressed up as She-Ra for halloween. Actually, it was a pink karate gi and I had a sword, but I told everyone I was She-Ra.
  • LikaLaruku
    GEM: Exactly like the 80s Barbie animated movie, but in series format, with 90x more 80s & 50% less pink.


    I like the clothes, & would actually wear Nella's getup.The only thing I don't like about Lindsay's suit is that the pants are gold.

    9:05 I found The Cheat!

    Always loved the kabuki look, but I don't remember shit about the story, characters, or music beyond the theme song.

    So how long did it take to get made up & how long did it take to clean up? lol.

    I dare you to make jello with beer & get other unsuspecting reviewers to cameo & eat it.
  • Spaniel1
    great review. I just want to ask, can you do something about the advertisments? I couldn't get it to go away and it took up 1/4 of the fucking screen!
  • iCare
    I had the same problem. It was very obnoxious.
  • Schizoid
    Just make it full screen. The widescreen format leaves the ads in the black bars.
  • iCare
    My friend's a complete die hard Jem fan. There's at least one person in the Jem subculture!

    But you missed so many good jokes that could be made about the first story arc of this show! Like how Jericha gets all this stuff but her little sister, who's in the band, gets absolutely nothing. And Jem is basically about the purple-haired boyfriend's torment as he's constantly being hit on and kissed by this pop star while he has a girlfriend... he cheats on her with herself the whole show, and is super upset about it! And it's never resolved!!

    I actually love this show. A lot. It's super silly and terrible, which is what makes it so wonderful. It's the perfect so-bad-it's-good show, and I love it so much.
  • 9ansean
    And Jem is basically about the purple-haired boyfriend's torment as he's constantly being hit on and kissed by this pop star while he has a girlfriend... he cheats on her with herself the whole show, and is super upset about it! And it's never resolved!!

    That's another bit of innuendo that I would have liked to see, though I only realized it recently when I started looking back at some of the old stories.

    Here how there Jerry guess appearence might sound:

    "Meet Jerrica! Won't tell her groupie boyfriend that wants to sleep with a rockstar-the other women you're seeing is me!
  • Kouadio
    It looked like a fun thing to shoot
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