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  • Djourno  - Awesome!
    Nella is so cool!......and Lindsay is awesome!
  • ladydiskette
    I really haven't watched the Tron movie so yeah I am with Dark Nella that is really confusing.

    And as for people calling a cease to the Dark Nella Saga, I am against it, I like seeing a story come to a end and I would be more pissed off if she gave up mid story arc and I never got to see a conclusion, if she just dropped the whole story arc halfway because of a few haters it would be even more worse than if she kept going. And I admire her for sticking to this story arc despite the criticism instead of giving up. The idea of nice, happy, BFF Nella becoming evil is a interesting concept Lindsay, and I liked how you had it all played out. So I look forward to seeing if you will help her find her fangirl "squeee" and bring her back to normal.

    You owe your loyal fans that Lindsay, we have to know what happens next! At least to all the Nella fans who want to see Nella get the demon out of her.
  • JRodHacker  - agreed!
    Their vids are a fun to hopefully Nella won't return to the light until the Maguffin Dork is killed off again! He's like the embodiment of how people view us nerds, and he REALLY should be written out of the show!
  • ladydiskette
    Yeah I never really viewed Maguffin Dork as really that amusing compared to Nella. He just dosen't bring in much of the humor that I thought he would.
  • Sewblon  - What?
    If Lord Maguffin dies, who will inject maguffins into the movies that Lindsey reviews?
  • doctortanksano  - Mortal Kombat solves everything even dark nella
    yeah nellla im not a fan of anime either but blowing p the world is still going too far....and lindsay this all could have been avoided if u used that Mortal Kombat spell to make nella go against Scorpion and get double murdered im just saying
  • Jackass Mask

    Dark Nella's commentary reminded me of Lindsay's earlier review of Dune, mostly in the way that it might spark some fan backlash. Even with Nella's delightful little nerdgasm at the end to offset the Tron hate, you should expect some nerd rage the likes of which God has never seen!


    "I will kill him!" (Sorry, hard to stop once you start)
  • seandangermartin  - I was really excited when I saw this posted...
    especially since I just watched Tron yesterday and then, BAM another lame Dark Nella story. Not only does that whole arch suck for being nothing but filler but you guys turned it in to a filler review? Are you honestly gonna tell me that the ending of Tron was THAT complicated and bad?

    My hopes rose so high when I thought this whole side story was finished but oh, no. There's at least one more episode before it finishes. Are you just trying to save time and effort from making the quality reviews you usually put out?
  • Eldejot
    I second this with all my heart.
  • Hichcoot
    Me too!

    I'm gonna have to quote the Nostalgia Critic for this one: ´´ Remember how ´´funny`` was that joke the first time? How about making it again? and again and again and again and again. . .
  • MPSai
    How can a review be filler? I mean it's not like this review was all skit.

    And oh no, the reviewers should have totally known that you personally watched Tron yesterday, how dare they release this free entertainment when it may bore you.
  • seandangermartin  - Okay, smartass...
    The review is practically all a skit. Very little of it has to do with the movie itself; it's just more material to backup the Dark Nella character. In fact, it's such an excuse for a skit that they totally ignore the ending. I suppose it's to show the dichotomy between the good Nella and the dark Nella but it just felt lazy.

    What's wrong with pointing out that I watched Tron yesterday? Don't you think that's kinda cool? You watch a childhood favorite and site you visit reviews it right after, I just think that's cool.

    And what's with you accusing me of being indignant over free entertainment? That sounds like you think that my standards should be lower because I didn't pay to see it.

    Well, it's the opposite. I really love most of the Nostalgia Chick episodes, they were funny and insightful but lately things haven't been up to their usual standard.
  • MPSai
    It's not that much different than when Spoony reviewed Ferris Bueller as Dr. Insano. Though I'm sure people bitched about that too. The same review formula every time gets boring, I mean it's not like she isn't going to go back to it after this handful of reviews framed by a story. And I am, in fact, enjoying it. And hey this is the most consistent her updates have been in a long time.

    The fact you watched Tron yesterday seemed to be part of your complaint.
  • Ohsha
    Quite the contrary. The plot around the reviews makes the show more interesting. They're definitely working harder on trying to make the Dark Nella Saga good then say Lindsay does a review while she walks in the woods.
  • SciFiGi
    The entire arc has been full of reviews and, while it can be a little clunky in places due to not really getting much on some of these other characters outside of one previous review, it has been a good run over all.

    If you don't like it....don't watch it.
  • McBrownsky
    That's funny because the basis of these critiques is that you've watched something that you don't like. This is called quality control.
  • bobboman  - have to agree put this to bed
    yea it was fun for 1 or 2 episodes, and yes i understand you are a film major, but for gods sake end this overtly hammy saga already, its not funny and its not good, you normal reviews are great but this "dark nella" saga is boring and just bad

    plz for the love of all things nerdy stop already
  • DarkenedWolfEye  - @bobboman RE: have to agree put this to bed
    I disagree. I'm having a lot of fun with this, and I think it's a pretty neat idea. Yes it's hammy, but ... dude, look at your URL and figure out what website you're on! If you don't like hamminess, what the hell are you doing HERE, where every single reviewer (that I know of) is hammy and stylized and trying to geek-bond with everyone who watches their stuff? That's the point: We laugh and are informed, they have fun and get paid. That's what I love about this place.
    Besides, what isn't funny about the former 'passionate fangirl of everything' character being turned into the 'evil hater of everything' character?
  • MPSai
    Yeah seriously, hamminess and scenery chewing are kind of the MO around here. Even a standard review relies on overacting, and it would be boring if it was just the same review format all the time.
  • executor
    Yupp, what he (or the three users above me) said. What once was a pretty smart commentary on disney or other cartoons becomes more and more a borefest. After all the boring and confused sounding bits that got put out latley, this one isn't even so bad it's angering anymore. It's just extremly boring and feels like three hours to watch...
  • Kari
    So don't. You know there's one more installment, and you can come back after that.
  • Sephiroth89
    Agreed. I liked the Dark Nella Saga at first, and even I am sick of it. It fit for the X-Men episode..loved the idea. Fit for the Top 10 evil people too. The Disasters Movies one it was starting to get old but I held tight because at least the concept was still cool. (Hell it was even a little bit of fun)

    During the Craft I was pretty tired of it (getting annoyed some actually) but went with it anyways..and now as of Tron all I can say is: the next video BETTER be the conclusion of the Dark Nella Saga because I'm sick of it.
  • Hichcoot
    I wonder... is the Nostalgia Chick studying movie making? Because a lot of people gives her praise for making such quiality videos that on a film student like her could make and all that. . . and they look exactly like the videos that Spoony or the NC does and even Linkara! And they are not film mayors right?
  • Locketta
    ... ROFL! I love how Lindsay was like: ... :|.... throughout the "transformation" at around 10 minutes XD
    Climax at the end... MUSICAL?!?! MEN IN TIGHT PANTS?!?! WOOOOOOO!!! *Rocks back and forth in squee-dom*

    ... What the hell is everyone talking about... *puts on Team Dark Nella t-shirt*
    Dark Nella FOREVER XD
  • Wolf_Guy
    Watching this video actually reminded me of what Dark Spoony was missing... a deep, evil vocabulary.
  • Wiseguy20  - great
    Welcome back Lindsey. I was hoping to see another video from you. I hope Nella starts acting like herself again.
  • TheHatyk  - Really fun keep it up!!!
    Don't listen to the people saying that it is bad! It was an awesome review and the Dark Nella is quite fun ^^ Keep it up :)
  • seandangermartin  - NO!
    Dark Nella is bad, put an end to it!
  • Semudara
    What, you can't accept that someone actually has a different opinion from yours?

    The story is a lot of fun and, like Linkara's storylines, it hasn't interfered with the quality of the reviews.

    You can disagree, but it really shocks you that someone voiced a dissenting opinion? Deal with it. Even better, go to a different website, since you obviously lack a sense of fun.
  • SciFiGi
    You reminds me of Linkara, too. And while I am not as much of a comic geek as I would like, his storyline has kept me coming back.
  • DorknessFalls
    Considering the person who did say something positive about this review was encouraging that Ellis not listen to negative opinions, you really don't have a leg to stand on.
  • Lotus Prince
    "Dark Nella is bad, put an end to it!"

    Cry a little more.
  • Whatfreshhellisthis  - Team Dark Nella
    Dark Nella is awesome, funny and just plain entertaining. No idea what these guys are going on about. I love the way Lindsay is able to weave her excellent reviews into the larger narrative of her story.

    Also Dark Nella rules, end of. (Nella rules, end of, but Dark Nella's voice is just an extra level of awesome.)
  • redrumandcoke
    Bahahaha i thought it was funny that you brought up how pissed everyone got at the Dune review loooooool
  • wariofan14
    Very good review, I saw this once via a commentary, Hellfirecomms took it down for copyright reasons, I hope I can find it again. I liked the first one, but I also liked Legacy, gotta love that soundtrack!
  • LikaLaruku
    Tron is one of the many things that made "Sam & Max: Reality 2.0" the most nostalgic new game I've ever played.

    ::snortlaugh:: Ultimate Farmville...

    Cubicle Maze; designed by King Jarith on the cheap.
  • dmh3000
    Yeah, she's totally not a clone of Nella. Totally not...

    Can baby Christian Bale save us from the quasi-demonic evil that is Dark Nella? Will we once again have to suffer that really stupid rasping he did in Dark Knight and Terminator: Salvation?
  • Not Shelley Duvall
    Tune in next week: same bat time, same bat channel!
  • Trencher
    So funny! The dialouge between the scientists was great change of pace.
  • SpeedyEric
    After I first saw "Tron" like a month before "Tron: Legacy" came out, I immediately became a fan, and had a kickass time seeing the sequel in theatres.

    3:37- Well, it was released a year before the video game crash.

    I adore your nerdy side, nella, but your dark side, ...well, let's just say that it makes me sleep with a nightlight.
  • Sephiroth89
    for me Tron was boring. The special effects and what not were amazing for their was beautiful. But the moving is BORING, DRAGGED OUT and NEAR-POINTLESS WITH A PAPERTHIN PLOT. With that said..Tron: Legacy was nothing short of awesome.
  • Metalobo
    Every time someone mentions 'squee' I keep thinking of JTHM...

    Oh well, this was fun to watch!
  • Ohsha
    Good series.

    Unfortunately, squee makes me think of Hamburger Helper, the writer for Dragon Age.

    http:// 1300474624648.jpg/
  • Crossover Princess
    My best friend loves this movie... he was practically squealing to me how much he loved the sequel.
  • pstrife
    I am going to be glad that this long overdue story arch will be ending soon. More skipping review segments for me it seems.

    The TGWTG staff really need to lose the unwarranted story gimmicks. I have mostly stopped trying the Linking with Linkara thing because the terribly acted storyline thing ruined the entire show for me. Now I am more then willing to stop watching Nostalgia Chick if this gimmick keeps going on after this forced story arch ends.

    It sucks, stop it please!!!

    I like watching the video reviews, not the inferior poorly acted story archs on this TGWTG website. Either get better writers and better actors or just stop forcing these story lines on us viewers, it ruins entire shows for good reason on this website.

    That is my feedback.
  • Linkara
    You do realize that every reviewer, even when they have storyline within their videos, STILL have a review in them? Even if you didn't like the review aspect, reviewing hasn't been taken away. Plus you are not watching something on television lacking TiVo or similar devices. You are allowed to skip what you don't like. There is a bar at the bottom that allows you to jump around and watch only what you wish to watch - the review.
  • FunkyM
    All of which requires a fast connection, or a long wait for those of us who are still "slumming it" on 1Mb or less.

    And though I moved on up to 8Mb, that's still 90sec wait for 12min (an illusory limit) to buffer.

    Also, I'm still sore at being Ninja'd. You're not Planning on doing Cornell's Captain Britain run anytime soon are ya?
  • Linkara
    Forgive me if I'm sounding unsympathetic, because I'm not trying to be, but it occurs to me that if they have a slow connection, aren't they already waiting for the videos to buffer? If the video IS going slowly for them, attempting to watch it at the same time means that it pretty much will probably catch up to where the video is loaded and they'll have to wait for it to buffer, anyway. I am trying to cut down on size for mine or find other ways to make it easy for people to skip if they so desire, but I don't think the wait is really all THAT bad, especially if it's only a minute and a half as you suggest.

    Also, what did I Ninja, exactly? And I thought Cornell's run on Captain Britain was well-liked? I admit, I haven't followed the series, so I can't say that for certain one way or another. ^^;
  • FunkyM
    No, sir. You didn't Ninja me. Linsey did. See, I'm doing My House of Love on TRON next week (check me out, I'm not bad).

    And Cornell's Captain Britain & MI13 run IS well-liked, at least by me, which is why I'm doing that.

    Though I would like to see some of the rumoured 45 min of improvised Tease/Block banter...
  • tiomela  - Funky, do we know each other
    Totally off topic, but Funky, I think we know each other from another site. if so, small world!
  • FunkyM
    Tio!!! zOMG! How have you been? It's been like forever! You totally have to check out my Facebook. And Twitter! And I'm on Formspring! Also, I have made House of Love on blip! And History of Turrican! And History of Turrican on Youtube! I've been busy! :)
  • Sephiroth89
    True enough, but shouldn't a video be exiting and fun for us from start to finish? With all due respect, I think this Dark Nella stuff isn't her strong point. Also, Blip.TV has always taken longer to load videos so skipping ahead is a pain unless you wait for the whole thing to preload.

    Also just throwin this out there: but you Linkara, JesuOtaku and Angry Joe are my favorite people on Channel Awesome. You three handle comic books, anime and video games respectively, the best in terms of your reviews imo.
  • Linkara
    That's true as well, but that's one reason why we try to do storylines along with the reviews - it gives something a little extra. Sure, it's not always going to have the most brilliant special effects or professional-level fight choreography, but we try to introduce something extra as an added bonus. Besides, Lindsay's actually been doing a better job setting up stuff in the storyline that relates to the reviews (the death parodying Kirk's death in Generations, the resurrection coinciding with Pheonix and Dark Pheonix, the monuments being destroyed reflecting Roland Emmerich's work, evil having dark goth makeup for the Craft, and now this one examining something extremely nerdy as setup for Nella's own nerdy return). Mine tend to be unrelated to the reviews themselves most of the time, with the exception of Silent Hill and the finales of Mechakara and Vyce. XD
  • FieldMarshalPatton^3  - thats fine
    that's fine linkara have some but don't let it overtake the review. with the first two yeah introduce Dark Nella but by episode six i'm holding my head gonna ok ok we get it she's evil and the review gets lost in pointless filler. and Newsie's going to be a disappointing climax. at least that's what i think. i'm not expecting good effects or acting but jeesh so much bad ham
  • Mokyn
    >> Mine tend to be unrelated to the reviews themselves most of the time, with the exception of Silent Hill and the finales of Mechakara and Vyce.

    I'm kind of glad you said this yourself, Linkara, because I was thinking of saying it, but felt it might come off as insulting you, and I don't want to insult anyone here. Constructive criticism I'm willing to give, but flat-out insults just isn't my thing.


    I'm perfectly okay with the Dark Nella stuff. Sure, I don't come on this site to see storylines carried out- I just want to see some stuff to give me a quick laugh after a bad day, but so far this saga has done good as framing devices for the reviews, and make them a little more interesting. (Honestly, I'm still giggling over the line "She really is evil! Even Roland Emmerich didn't take out the big ball of twine!")

    But when it comes to arcs in these reviews, I think you should be sparing with them, and not carry them out too long. 7 episodes released weekly is beginning to push the line, but 4 episodes of an arc released over the same period seems reasonable to me. Also, don't do them too often. Keeping them sparse makes them feel fresh and exciting each time they happen.

    Anyway, as to the review, I haven't seen Tron (the closest I've come to it is the world in Kingdom Hearts 2 and that light cycle minigame that gave me hell) so I can't really make any arguments about points raised here, but the mix of cynicism and fangirl-sqee has got me curious to know what my opinion of it would be, so I might finally check it out for myself.

    Thanks for pointing out the hidden Mickey Mouse, Nella. I would never have even noticed that. The only other hidden Mickey I've ever been able to catch in a Disney movie is in Sleeping Beauty when one of the fairies magics a cookie out of thin air shaped like Mickey's head.

    And I must admit, the bit closer to the end with "I am not confused! I know exactly what is going on, and am just not willing to explain it to you!" made me laugh a lot. The tone of voice was perfect.

    And Nella's squeeing over the movie also made me smile, because it reminds me of something I think a lot of people tend to forget: Things don't have to be GOOD to be ENJOYED. Everyone needs that one thing that they realize should be a guilty pleasure but they love it so much they shout their adoration from the rooftops.

    I'll be on the lookout for the next episode, because I haven't been able to figure out what Nella's "squee" is, and the curiosity is killing me.
  • tiomela
    I concur with your assessments!
    Thanks for the even keeled response.
  • Kari
    Also, the more original material anything of this nature has in it, the more likely you will be to prevail in a copyright lawsuit. KEEP IT UP!
  • Toe-Knee-Bee-Ears
    The thing is Linkara, we are the fans. We are the ones who watch the videos. We are the ones who keeps this site going. Our input should be taken into consideration.

    I agree with pstrife. I also do not like the story lines connected with the reviews. 1.If the viewer misses one, they are completely confused about what is happening. Sometimes the viewer doe not want to watch all the reviews. 2. It's fine if the talent wants to tell a story. But, it would be better if the story and reviews were separate.That way the viewer can decide which video they want to watch without having to watch both.

    Believe it or not I am a fan of you and Lindsy. And as a fan I want to help both of you (as well as the entire TGWTG website ) make the best videos possible. I might come off as very rude at times. (which I admit I do.) But, I'm just tiring to help. As is pstrife.
  • EpicFish  - I realize I'm going to be crucified for this...
    But I didn't like the first Tron movie. Don't get me wrong, the sequel wasn't any better. The first one was just too long and boring. Hell, I barely remember anything from it save for the Hi-Li competition and the light cycle race. That's about it. The sequel's no better. It felt like a complete cop out to me. Like they said, "It's okay if you didn't see the first one and don't know what we're talking about, we'll just rehash everything and make it seem new". Plus the ending of the sequel was just retarded.

    That's just my opinion though. This was an interesting review and I loved the banter between Block and Tease near the end. Hurry Lindsay and save Nella! You're our only hope!
  • 1010110
    Dark Della in this review reminds me of the guy who was sitting in front of me when I went with a dozen of my friends to the midnight of Kick-Ass.
    we were making jokes, and comic book references, throughout the movie and he got rather enraged, at one point yelling "NUUUURRRDS" now imagine that in something that basically sounds like a bad Nixon impersonation. I do feel bad for the guy if that was truly his normal speaking voice, But I feel no remorse for annoying him because if you despise nerds what the fuck are you thinking going to a midnight, of a comic book movie?
  • Booloo
    Being someone who was born half a decade after Tron and being from a country where Tron didn't have the same affect on pop culture I've never really understood what the big deal is. It was a decent watch but nothing amazing. I guess its more to do with it being the first of its kind to really get recognized in the mainstream.
  • JMGiron  - Tron
    There is a hidden mickey head in this movie and I found it :P
  • rcato  - stop the Dark Nella thing.
    the reviews were better when they were actually focused on the reviews and not bad acting between nella and lindsey. there wasn't even a review for this movie just rambling and summarizing... it was irritating. dark nella isn't fun it's annoying and I just can't take the bad acting and dumbness anymore. it was fun the first couple of reviews but now i feel like i'm watching a bad tv show and less of an awesome review with a girl that represents nerds everywhere.
  • honestiago
    Were people really getting that upset by the review of Dune? It wasn't like the Nostalgia Chick was tearing it to shreds or anything... she was just pointing out that it was pure camp, and that the voice-overs of the characters' thoughts destroyed the tension, and making other valid critiques. Some of the classic cult movies are deeply flawed. From the review, it seems like Tron is one of those movies: enjoyable, but in terms of artistic merit... yeah, no.

    Did anyone else notice when the mad scientist girl looked into the distance and whispered "I love Nazis?" That line cracked me up. Nothing elicits a chuckle quite like them Nazis...
  • MPSai
    The Dune review was about the movie for sure, but I thought the funny part was that it was also about that thing that happens, when everyone tells you something is awesome but when you watch it you just can't bring yourself to like it and/or just don't get the appeal. I mean that happens to all of us sometimes.
  • gfresh06  - This. Video. Is. Cool.
    This, film, is a pitiful mess, a concept designed, to celebrate technology, but which fails, due to its own inability to understand its own medium: Film. This, movie, could have been so much more, could have risen above, its technical limitations, and yet, what did it accomplish, aside from, making Nella, talk like Captain James, Tiberius, Kirk?
  • Malken  - If you hated the saga so far, why keep watching it
    I personally liked it, and it was fun seeing Nella bitch against something she would normally enjoy. It made it all the funnier to see her shift back to her normal self to defend the movie (though I must admit, that wild look she gave when she went "dark" again had me wishing I was there with some handcuffs and whipped cream, but I digress).

    Can't wait to see the conclusion! Keep up the good work!
  • Tai-Pan
    They weren't "zapping" the orange into the digital world. It was a teleportation device that broke the orange down and rebuilt it in a different location. The laser wasn't built to send things to the digital world at all. It just broke solid objects into digital information for teleportation.

    But hey, why get the facts straight for a review that you call your job?

    There were other flubs, but why bother? It's my own fault for clicking play anyway.
  • mrskippy
    "It's my own fault for clicking play anyway."

    This pretty much describes my feelings towards anyone who is bitching and moaning about these reviews. It says "Dark Nella" right on the title card. If you can't be bothered to read the damn thing before you click play, I have no sympathy, especially when people are saying things like "I have to slog through this to get to your regular reviews." Guys, simple solution: wait until the Dark Nella stuff is over, then start watching reviews again. Nobody is making you watch anything, and when you get as personal as you have been with your complaining, it makes you look like a bunch of assholes.
  • tiomela
    Thank you, Mr. Skippy. That's my feelings exactly!
  • Zydrate
    I saw Tron recently. It was weird, and kinda of kickass.

    Also, can some people stop complaining about the story arch. It's her videos and she can do whatever the hell she wants with them. Don't like it then don't watch it.
  • Zeky0Zeky
    People aren't psychics, they don't know wheter they gonna like or dislike video before they watch it.
    An yes they are her videos and she can whatever she wants but people don't have to like it and they can express their opinion.
  • Zydrate
    Doesn't make their whining any less annoying.

    Also, the title card pretty much gave away that this was part of the story arch, so they should have known better and not watched this if they didn't like the story revolving around the review.
  • Sindragosa
    Tai-Pan, it must be some kind of universal Nostalgia Critic/Chick Tron flub. NCritic got pretty annoyed about Tron: Legacy and the fact that Jeff Bridges didn't explode himself and Clu from the get go to save his son.

    Um... maybe because they said at the start that that would KILL HIM, something Sam (and most people given that information) wanted to avoid. Puts a little damper on doing that number, eh?
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