Ever After

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  • comicchaser
    Very interesting stuff yet again, Lindsay. Keep it coming.
  • mitch13815  - SUBLIMINAL
  • azarath17
    I can't catch it, what'd it say?
  • pagan_born87
    This wasn't really an Ever After review...you should have just titled it "review of various Cinderella crap." I did LOVE Nella's dress! Me wanted!
  • ladydiskette  - Believe it or not...
    I remember when I first saw the trailer for Ever After and it got me hooked, lined and sinker. There was this cool song they played during the trailer and then when I finally saw the movie I was disappointed when they didn't play it.

    Strangely though it wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be looking back. I mean, that scene where she tries to escape from that one lecherous man's castle was a big gaping plothole in the face...did she kill him? Did he let her go? What the hell man!?!?
  • EpicFish  - Don't you remember?
    After Danielle slashes his face and threatens to cut him "from naval to nose" unless he let's her go, the man hands over the key to her shackles and then you see her walking out of his castle/home so it's assumed she let him live because he released her out of sheer terror and will probably never harm her again, even if she didn't end up with the prince.

    I'm sure this has already been pointed out but I'll reiterate and say that Ever After was supposed to be more true to the Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella, not the Disney version. It's even stated at the beginning of the movie by Daniel's great great-granddaughter that she's telling the two men (assumed to be the Brothers Grimm) that the story she's going to tell is what really happened.

    Also, I'm not sure if it's mentioned, because I admit I'd rather not sift through pages of comments, but in Ever After, only one of the step-sisters was evil which was the blond Marguerite, while the brunette, Jacqueline, was kind. Plus, at the end of the movie, the Baroness (Huston) and Marguerite are unaware that Danielle and Henry are married, which explains their rushing to the palace, while Jacqueline is well aware that they are. It is then followed by Danielle showing up in royal attire much to the chagrin of the Baroness and Marguerite resulting in the best line ever, "I want you to know that I will forget you after this moment, and never think of you again. But you, I am quite certain, will think about me every single day for the rest of your life." Then she says "All I ask, Your Majesties... is that you show her the same courtesy that she has bestowed upon me." and cut to the Baroness and Marguerite in the Americas as washerwomen or something. So you do get to see their comeupance.

    Sorry to be a Douchy McNitpick but great review just the same!
  • incrobe
    heh, nella, one day you'll find all those camera's...

    And yay, TVTropes FTW!
  • zeitgeist1138
    Great review, Lindsay. "Oh my god, it's six a.m., and that bitch is still singing." :D

    Anyway, I think the need to retell the Cinderella story or a variation of it is because it has been a strong motif since medieval romances, through the Disney princess genre, and is a permanent part of popular culture. While most heroines of medieval poetry are passive (e.g.: Lai le Freine), some are active (to a point) to get what they want (e.g.: Emare). I'm guessing that most Cinderella stories and its analogues (a la Disney) relied on the passive heroine because the "damsel in distress" motif waiting for the obligatory hero was a common way to tell the story. Regardless of attempts to make the Cinderella heroine play a more active role, I guess most studios will simply fall back on a more passive characterization.
  • Cross X. Brand  - FIR...AHHH...DAMMIT, I just came
    Isnt it funny that the Guy pining for the Red haired Heroine in Enchanted, is also the guy that played Cyclops in the Xmen Movies, who also likes a certain red head???

    MY Sword is BIGGAR...I dont mean that figuratively-I own a Spanish 35Lb Brass Trimmed Dual Edged Sword with Red Velvet Trim on the Handle . I use it to pwn unappologetically...Not really, but i just have it.

    Thanks for the review, oddly enough i thought you were just gonna review enchanted.
  • dudeintheskully
    and also the dude in love with louis lane in superman and the dude who DOESN'T get the girl in the notebook he's made a career out of being the other guy. except in 27 dresses *SPOILER* he's the proantagonist :P
  • WhiteEyedCat
    He seems to have bad luck with red heads!
  • Wolfgar
    The Nostalgia Chick videos really are some of the most intelligent on the whole site.
  • chrismccart
    Some of them are funny, some insightful; and I don't know about everyone else but there are times (chiefly when its really early in the morning - I mean when the sun is about an hour away from splitting the trees) when my brain just can't take all of Lindsay's ideas in!

    The Smurfette Principle had me and a buddy whincing! "Too late! :0 Too much thought!! :S Tiny man-brain cannot process! :pinch: ...*BOOM!*"

    ...Well, everything but the last part. In all honesty though, I haven't even attempted to watch that one since then... truthfully, I'm a little afraid of what it might do to my head... :(

    Otherwise, keep it up, Lindsay! Though be gentle where the math is concerned... for the sake of the poor apes you ladies affectionately dub... 'men'. ...It is affectionately... right? :huh:
  • e33laf
    Nella needs to have her own spin off show now! Her segments are some of the best parts of the Nostalgia Chick series, plus she's just to darn awesome not to have a show of her own.
  • Hatterlet
    If Nella gets her own show, I want to be [i]her[/i] sidekick.
  • theSnark
    I'll fight you for it.
  • Jumpman256
    Nella's own review show? You mean....like this?

    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=3zkvg8Jbk8w

    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=yywzcrz2W-M& feature=related
  • Duskar
    Nella is seriously hilarious. NChick I'd have your babies if we could fight evolution and the silly symantics of baby making.
  • randomperson3
    I think the reason I hate Cinderella was because it's shallow...and that's what gets my femminist side riled up.

    The prince loves her because she's beautiful, so naturally good. But the stepsisters are ugly, and therefore evil.
  • LauraRiddle
    Ok, I admit it, I'm a sucker for Ever After. :whistle:
    And at least in Cinderella 3, they have the prince in there for more than five minutes.
  • Darkseid
    Interesting as always.

    I always love watching your videos and seeing your point of view on these things, gives me a better idea on how women think.
  • Ethan
    Starland Vocal Band & Lady Gaga rule (well, one of them does). But geez, why are they SO many of these films? Seriously, tell me.
    And does this mean that I'll be the DJ for Club Sidekickassia, too?
  • Bear-kun
    Great video! love how you spy on nella "P
    But I still don't understand why you couldn't review the cinderella disney sequels
  • kyrieeleison
    Okay, where did Nella get that awesome dress?
  • Sagath  - LINDSAY!
    Welcome back! Glad to see another review. Also, it is always entertaining to see Nella's cameos.

    Do you come up with what she should do, or does she or both?

    Either way always entertaining.

    I am a 21yr old guy and I still enjoy Ever After to this day. I just can't help it lol Though I really did enjoy Enchanted as well and I'll admit, even Ella Enchanted, even if I only watched it originally because of Anne Hathaway and then got all into the dance move once I heard them singing Queen, though, even though too some they butchered it, well, I still liked it once again, I guess I'm that forgiving of films lol
  • Squeezebox
    did I just hear "Paranoid Android"? Lindsay, you're awesome. I wish you mentioned The Princess Diaries because that did borrow a lot from the Cinderella story and was really awful.
  • DecapitatedAnimalCrackers
    I really like how your videos aren't just funny movie reviews and explore the context in which these movies were made and their culture implications. It more like nostalgic analysis. The textuality definitely adds to the analysis of all the movies, but sometimes it's hard to keep track of which movie you are commenting on since you keep jumping back and forth. I think if you video would be more accessible if it was more linear. By that I mean going through the movies chronologically and drawing similarities and cultural implications afterwards.

    I notice you're a little anti-princess or at least you try to examine the princess icon for what it is. I'm interested in what you as our Nostalgia Chick were into when you were a little girl and what shaped your definition of girlhood and eventually womanhood.

    I liked that Utopia bit. I wonder if the screenwriter was trying to make a point about something.
  • Konungarike
    A new NChick episode so soon! My week is saved!

    And agreeing with above commenters on that NChick's stuff is the most intelligent on the entire site. It actually makes us internet-dwellers think for ourselves and ultimately become more respectable as people.

    That said, I do miss some of the earlier reviews played for laughs sometimes. I still think her earlier works, especially Pocahontas and She-Ra, are her most entertaining (Read: has most rewatch value) material.
  • whatever42
    Pretty interesting and entertaining take on the classic Cindarella story. I never really realized just how many movies use the basic structure there.

    On a side note, I hope we can see more and more of Nella. Her appearences are very entertaining.

    Nice video Nostalgia Chick. I look forward to the next one.
  • tehrin
    Nella looks fabulous.

    "Ever After" was my comfort movie when I was thirteen because I did find Danielle to be a strong character. I wasn't really interested in the Prince at all. Maybe Da Vinci gave her wings so she could be a flying fish?

    Have you seen "Mulan 2"? The plot centers around the engagements of three noble ladies through arranged marriage. They happen to embody the feminine ideals which each of Mulan's three stooges sang about in the first film. It's Mulan, Shang and Co.'s duty to protect them as they travel to a foreign land (Mongolia I think?) to be married. Mulan is indeed engaged to Shang at the beginning of the film. There's some conflict between them, but of course, there's a wedding and "happily ever after" for everybody at the end. Classic Disney formula ultimately supporting traditional gender roles and marriage with no other themes but that, undoing the messages of the first film, complete with a song about yin and yang needing each other to be whole.

    I shudder when they get around to making a "The Princess and the Frog 2."

    Anyways, great review. This may be my favorite.
  • Alohilani
    Hmm if there's a PATF 2 I'm going to take a crash course in firebombing movie studios.
  • dudeintheskully  - Mac FTW
    I THINK IT'LL BE OK! Steve Jobs, who now has power in what animaited films Disney makes, declaired no more "cheepquils" well for the classics anyways....CURSE YOU AIR BUDDIES!
  • ares2101
    Not sure if this is normal for a guy, but I always liked Ever After. It's the only Cinderella-type movie I can say I like. I like how they actually give Barrymore's character some real depth and how they make one of the step-sisters actually nice in a way.

    Of course, there's also the epic Oh Sh*t look on Angelica Houston's face in the end when she sees Danielle all dressed up in that courtroom, knowing the girl she mistreated for the past decade now has power over her :evil:
  • DyloniusFunk
    I'm a guy and "Ever After" is a movie i won't have a problem watching. It's not one i neccessarily seek out but if it comes on and there is nothing else on or i'm at someone else house i'll watch it. It's got some interesting things like having Leonardo DaVinci involved with the whole affair and making the story a flashback. My father liked it because he was a fan of Angelica Houston. She's got a certain charisma about her. Barrymore was pretty good too. The Disney version is pretty formulaic for the most part. About the only difference between that, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty is the heroine gets to spend the entire movie awake.
  • takineko
    Aww poor Nella, she didn't get to go to Molossia. She would have gone with you into the very heart of mount Doom Nostalgia Chick!
  • NostalgiaTraitor
    That was cool that you briefly showed Happily ever after, the non Disney sequel to Snow white. Though if I ever looked back at it, I would probably find it stupid in at least two ways.
  • Kgent
    [quote]...people with brain stems don't much care for Twilight...[/quote]

    Lindsay, would it be at all creepy if I told you I love you?
    Yes? Well, too late.
  • Solrider77
    Hey Nostalgia Chick,

    Are you aware of the comic series FABLES from Dark Horse Comics? Very interesting stuff, the story is what happens to the characters from fairy tales and fables after they've been booted from their land and forced to live in our world for the last 4 or 5 centuries. Yeah in this comic all the characters from the fables lived in the same lands, so they all knew each other.

    How this relates to Cinderella is this, she's the ex-wife of Prince Charming. In fact she one of three ex-wifes since Charming here is the same guy in the stories of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. So yeah in this series Charming is a total prick, who cheated on all three of them. How the women coupe with that is interesting, Snow ends up becoming a Deputy mayor of Fabletown (the setting of the series), Beauty's living an upper class life, and Cinderella has become a spy.

    That's right, in this series Cinderella has become a spy and assassin for the Fabletown government. She recently starred in her own spin off miniseries CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE, which is both a homage and spoof of spy stories. The creators of FABLES said they choose to make Cinderella a spy because it something totally unexpected. Do you agree with this? Or is this simply the logical extreme end of making Cinderella an assertive character?
  • Eyeshot
    All right, I'm gonna go see 'Sex and the City 2' ... though I'll call it by its original name, 'Men, What Are They Good For?'

    BTW, in the original written story (made by the Brothers Grimm [I think]) Cinderella actually breaks her glass slipper and cuts her foot on it. The Prince's men then go out to find a woman with a cut-up foot. One word: Enchanting!!!

    Also, what is it about scenery that makes actors like Anjelica Hustin chew on it? Does it taste like chicken?
  • PIE!!!
    You perfectly described Sex and the City with just those words.
  • Cyndaquil
    You should look up "Ashiepattle" in "Grimm Selected Tales."

    This was the original Cinderella. You'd be surprised how feminist most of our beloved folk tales really were. There was no fairy godmother, but Ashie somehow did her own magic. The step-sister cut off her own toes to fit the shoe, and was later blinded blinded by birds.
  • tehrin
    Donkeyskin (another recorded by Grimm) also follows the Cinderella formula with added incest sub theme, as does other fairy tales..
  • ASqueakyToy
    Technically she did still have a godmother, it was just the tree her mother was buried at and the birds/other critters living in its branches helped her.
  • LifeShouldBeAMusical
    Oddly enough, there's a fairy tale by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen (1812-1885) called "The Princess Whom Nobody Could Silence" that is sort of a gender-swapped Cinderella story, with a (male) protagonist named "Ashiepaddle." The plot goes something like this:
    There's a princess whom nobody can silence, and her father gets so fed up with this he offers to marry her and give half the kingdom to anyone who can make her be quiet. A lot of people try, they fail.
    On the other side of the kingdom, there's this peasant named Ashiepaddle. He and his brothers decide to go and see if they can silence her, because there's a kingdom and a beautiful princess to be won. Ashiepaddle picks up a bunch of random junk off the ground, and is ridiculed by his brothers for it. When the get to the palace, his brothers fail, but he ends up having this long conversation with the princess regarding the junk, which eventually confounds/stuns her to silence. He wins her and the kingdom, the end.

    Another typical anti-feminist fairytale. The only female in the entire story is this princess, and her sole character trait is that she is annoying because she talks a lot. And she's beautiful, because this is a fairy tale and she's a princess.
  • jz1337
    at last a new episode! well worth the wait though.
  • Evilsbane  - Great stuff!
    Awesome review, really enjoy your videos, your humor is unique and Nella is hilarious, some of the smartest stuff here. Looking forward to your next video!
  • Wealedout
    Somebody quickly.!!!!!!

    TELL ME AT [b][color=lime]2:24[/ color] [/b]


    I need to know.
  • Robinhoodarch
    Paranoid Android By Radiohead- off the album OK Computer, BUY IT!!
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