Blonde Girls Now and Then, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ke$ha

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  • Cferra
    Huh. Interesting review, Lindsay. Keep up the good work. =D

    So that's what the tweets were about. Interesting thoughts on Pop stars past and preset!
  • Jackman4  - Just for that comment about Lady Gaga...
    she will rape you. She's Bi Sexual if u didn't know that
  • arsenal of megadeath  - reply
    Does this also apply to Hollywood Starlets?

    Cause I know of alot of them,

    [side note:also- Lindsay- I still hate those bitches.]

    but I agree with Cferra- great review.

    But then again, that's why i listen to the Iron Maidens, Kittie- The Donnas, and all mannerism of music that doesn't suck.

    FYI: Lindsay is Hot.
  • ViolaCesario
    You've just made me realize how much I really miss the nineties. Been listening to a lot of BSB and Nsync lately, too. And I love your bow.
  • LikaLaruku
    Aah, sweet sweet early 90s..... They could do no wrong.
  • gnsquared
    Except, the pop music she's talking about was the late 90s. Nsync, Britney, and BSB were all 98ish-2002ish. Late 90s, early 2000s.
  • RawMetal  - 90's era
    My sister is a really huge Pop Fan in the 90's, well for me I like Metal and Grunge, I miss Nirvana now :(
  • TheWrittenDemon  - This Might scare you...
    Yes I miss the 90s too, I might be the only guy alive who listened to N' Sync and BSB because I found some of their songs catchy, though still didn't like how girls still went gaga over them... But a lot of fond memories to 90s pop for me. And for the record after seeing this, I really how Lady Gaga's wasting her talents on sexual oriented songs...
  • vectic
    I'm sorry to inform you but I know a few guys on my track team including myself who listen to them haha. Though one of them I think may be gay :huh: lol
  • 0dd1
    Fret not, for I am a male who still listens to them!

    ...Hey, it's what I grew up with. I listen to the Spice Girls too. No matter how cheesy it all might be, 90s-early 2000s pop was fun. I still remember going to an *NSYNC concert and they had a brief "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" skit with a question about Pokemon!

    My goodness, I'm rambling now, as I'm wont to do.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    I agree entirely about the Lady Gaga thing. After seeing and hearing her younger self, I felt like crying. She used to look and sound like a lovely human being. Now she looks and sounds like a transvestite from outer space.
  • EaterofCakes
    Think of it this way...not as many people probably would have known about Stefani Germanotta if they'd never heard of Lady Gaga.

    Take a look at some of her acoustic performances, specifically this one.
    The "old" Stefani is still there! watch?v=_7HvURBhMGE& feature=related
  • e33laf
    I think Lady Gaga,and her brand of catchy dance music, are best looked at as being part of the over the top, larger then life character Stefani Germanotta is playing for the public. Why she feels the need to do this when she is truly talented musician, in both the pop and classical spheres, is whole other issue.
  • Ellabella725
    Gaga is still the same person. Look up some of her acoustic stuff, or her song 'Speechless' that was on her new album. I completely disagreed, she doesn't pretend she can't sing. I think she actually tries to prove her talent whenever she's got the chance.
  • Ellabella725
    No, Gaga is not wasting her talent. She still does plenty of stuff like that. Not all of her songs are about sex. In fact, most of them actually do have meaning, believe it or not. Look up her song 'speechless' & the story behind that. She's still Stefani Germanotta, just with blond hair & a different name. If people would do a tiny bit of research, they'd get that..
  • Drake Abyss  - wpw
    just.... :pinch: wow this was.....well im too tired to understand :P lol ya keep up the good work ^^
  • stirfriedsushi  - love the insight
    I always enjoy your video's, they are always full of interesting observations.

    keep it up!
  • Elzarynn  - ELLA!
    Ella kicks ass! She's like the (Gail Simone-written-)Etta Candy to your Wonder Woman, only more so.

    This, actually, illustrates very well why I was so thrilled with the coming of mp3 downloads. I no longer have to suffer shelling out $20 for the entire moronic album of which I find maybe 2 songs slightly catchy and bearable.
  • rowdycmoore
    Little surprised you didn't throw some Hannah in there, but oh well.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try and get all that out of my head with some Bon Jovi (I know, I'm old)
  • LikaLaruku
    Me too, but almost all the girls she showed were identicle & I thought that the first Disney blonde she mentioned was HM until she said her name.
  • vectic
    Jovi's for all ages
  • BonJovi821
    Hell yeah, Bon Jovi's for everyone! They have such a diverse fanbase.

    I went to a concert back in February (I'm 14 and a guy) and I saw 10 year olds all the way to 80 year olds, male and female.
  • Fluffyman
    Funny you mention Christina Aguilera as a positive note because now she seems to be following Lady Gaga's lead in her latest music video. And I actually thought her retro phase from her last album was inspired, this new one she's in just seems to be going backwards.
  • krissy14
    over all a good review, but stop dissing Britney. The girl can actually sing, if you watch some of her interviews, she'll sing live on her own and she has a pretty voice. It's not powerful, but it's has a nice sound. But I agree that her songs you can sing along too more so than Christina. Most record companies are looking for.
  • LikaLaruku
    Leave Britteny alone, right now! She's a human! :pinch: (Sorry Chris) :P
  • vectic
    Have you heard her sing "I love rock n' roll"?
  • TheSilverRanger
    On the contrary, no, she can't sing. As for Lindsay Ellis, I'm calling you out. This video is my rebuttal to yours. watch?v=wIe14AylBH4 watch?v=UrwjG69RBdg watch?v=VBEK_57WoR0
  • Moonwatcher7  - I like it!!
    It's true, its stupid, mindless, vapid and, well a guilty pleasure. It's so stupid it's intelligent. Wait....maybe not. But well it's catchy. Plus, I'll be damned if I said I didn't listen to them. :lol:

    But I think I am the only person here who will jam out to Tik tok and then jam out to Frank Sinatra or Aretha Franklin just as hard. On the same play list ;)
  • Kuiska
    LOL dude no! I'm the exact same way! I get the same enjoyment from Tik Tok as I do Bing Crosby or Beethoven. Same reaction, different reasons... :cheer:
  • tmtrcclby
    I'm going to have to disagree; I think most people that truly appreciate music can jam to Tik Tok and Sinatra and Aretha equally.
  • Elzarynn  - Not the only one!
    Can I dance to your playlist?
  • e33laf
    Me too! At least we're not alone is our widely varied tastes in music that populates our personal playlists. To trot out that hoary old cliche "variety truly is the spice of life." :)

    P.S. Nella truly needs to have her very own spin off show. I absolutely love her to a non creepy, completely platonic way of course.

    P.P.S If your looking for some good pop song recommendations Lindsay then "Monster" by Lady Gaga, "You've got the Love" by Florence + The Machine and "Echo" by Cyndi Lauper are all freaking wicked.
  • menarndi
    hooray a Dr. Strangelove Reference title.
  • KannaLilly
    I officially love you.

    Because despite my hatred for most pop stars, I still dance to this shit when nobody's watching.

  • giniku
    Oh, Nella. How we love you and your insane dancing.
  • Kuiska
    Britney does have a decent voice. I think the appeal is in the very breathy quality of her voice...Course most of the quality of the music these days is all autotune and remixes. There are very few artists I enjoy seeing live because of that.

    So much modern music is vapid though. It's really the instrumentals that make any pop songs good these days. Not that I'm complaining, I have several hundred vapid pop songs that I love. :P
  • Neo Ultra Mike
    You know this SO needed a cameo from ToddInTheShadows. I mean he's the pop music guy, and if you're talking about people like Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and even Taylor Swift, he already commented on a lot of that stuff in his reviews. Though the history of the Britney era of pop stars was pretty good (though if you're covering teenage pop stars related to Disney, why no Hannah Montanna/Miley Cyrus. Yeah Miley's not technically blond, but neither is Kate Perry. And technically Miley has a lot more comparisons to Britney and though her music isn't nearly as say slutty as Ke$ha's is, it's still very overly stupid, even if a lot of it is catchy) and the dancing bits were nice. Interesting how you mix these movie reviews in with semi histories on female culture in a way. Well at least Disney Princesses, "Smurfette Princicapl" characters and the blond pop star.
  • Uberpig
    I was thinking the exact same thing about Todd as I was watching, though this is NChick territory as well.
    It's just amusing that this video got released after TITS (nice acronym) got a slot on the site. :evil:
    And it's true, if you're doing a now and then thing you should have referenced Hannah Montana.
  • Phred
    NChick is stealing Todd's stuff, crossover or feud, now.
  • Hamnuts  - Nice Stuff
    I really enjoy your videos Nostalgia Chick.
    We differ in our views I think, but when it comes to our attitudes with these women we agree.

    I like the "empowerment" Ke$ha will bring to the future generation of women. I'm going to make sure my daughter doesn't listen to that crap :p

    Lady Gaga is probably just a very smart business women. She figured out using her voice for the powers of good made her little $$.

    But here is a good Metal Mash-up of Gaga for all to enjoy. (Not mine, but I found it on the internets) watch?v=qfOddwK7x3E
  • melgibson
    Wouldn't have even heard of this song / pop singer if not for this couch skit: watch?v=rvaZBuA0K2k

    Guess that means I'm old or something. Things never change.
  • MissAshley
    Me, too. I stared confused at my screen the whole time, looking up what in the world the intro was all about after the episode.
  • White Otaku  - oh my.
    is it wrong of me to admit i got a little turned on at Nchick`s angry "Enough" face? :S
  • Mikemaniax  - No!!!
    I'm sorry, Lindsay. As a semi-professional musician, and a college graduate with 2 degrees in music theory and sound engineering, respectively, I can't stand by and let you say "It's OK." It's not!!! The lowest common denominator is fucking ruining it for music geeks like myself. I fear that it's gonna keep getting worse and worse until regular kids won't pick up instruments anymore.

    You see, I believe that what seperates good pop music like The Beatles from shit like Taylor Swift, is that the Beatles had to work their motherfucking asses off to get where they were, especially in the studio. They worked themselves to the bone for every single song.

    Taylor Swift doesn't need to do that. First of all, she probably had an uncle or somebody who had connections to whatever record label she's on. And in the case of her actual abilities, All she has to do is belt out bullshit in 1 take, while evil Nashville sound engineers run that bullshit through AutoTune. She (and 99.9% of all pop music today uses it, including Lady fucking Gaga!!!!) ends up sounding like a robot, but nobody cares, because it's hip and cool, and safe.

    And that's another thing. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BEING SO FUCKING SENSITIVE!!!!!!! The Beatles worked because they pushed the boundaries of pop music and recording technology. All of the music that I know and love has an air of danger to it. There is nothing dangerous about anything that is considered "pop" today. Except for maybe danger of stupidity, and lack of musical talent. But that's not the danger that I'm referring to. I mean a danger of thinking outside the box, questioning the status quo. People are too wrapped up in political correctness and stability these days that any good music made by decent musicians is always tossed away to the indie bin, because everyone wants more of the same.

    Also, interesting that you mentioned Mandy Moore. Too bad you didn't mention that she's done nothing but shake off her Top 40 image since then, and that she's married to a musician named Ryan Adams, who is probably one of the best kept secrets in music these days. His stuff is country rock. Basically what real country music should sound like these days (not like that Taylor Swift cunt filth!) He struggled with drug addiction, alcoholism, low self-esteem, etc. And his music is all the better for it.

    I'm not advocating that pop stars should do drugs or drink their tits off or fuck until they get crabs on their crabs... No, wait... Yes, I am. Almost every great musician had a substance or sex problem or another, and it's done wonders for their creative genius.

    So, in summation. Fuck Lady Gaga. Fuck PC. Fuck modern pop music production techniques. I want my rock stars high, drunk, fucking, or dead.
  • bulldog666999
    well when you are right you are right. yeahhh \m/
  • mr_rubino
    Don't make me have to bring out the bimbos of 1960s-70s pop-stardom.
    But while I heard "Magick" become pretty popular right before my local alt-rock station went under to be replaced by yet another Top 40, just like the other rock stattions, I haven't heard much else from him.
  • panouli  - This is kind of for more than just the bro I'm re
    If you want your rock stars 'high, drunk, fucking, or dead' then theoretically you should love Lady Gaga. Although I suppose we could go on the technicality that she isn't a 'rock' star, but she's said and other people have said that she may do pop music, but she does it like a rock star would. The live show is all she really cares about.

    Her music may not be what many people are into, but the woman does have talent. She's a self-taught pianist (at a very young age) who was accepted to Julliard but (if I recall correctly) refused and went elsewhere. You may want to check out some of her earlier music, or her acoustic versions of her songs off of The Fame and The Fame Monster--they're very well done, all piano, and her voice is incredible.

    She's just very smart, and very ... different. The way she thinks is kind of fascinating to me personally, but you would have to read or watch some interviews to get where I'm coming from. Her views on music are very strong, very passionate.

    She takes a lot of inspiration from Bowie--she used to snort coke and sit in her room for hours on end, listening to Bowie and doing his make up in the mirror as she fought for inspiration for her next piece, or her next outfit.

    She isn't some pre-packaged pop diva like most of the others, the girl worked herself to the bone as well, doing all sorts of things with more 'classic' style of music with just her and her piano, some music in a rock band, and a lot of work in the club scene in New York, DJing and doing all sorts of shit. The Fame was out for quite a while before her music even really caught on with the main public--and really even then it was only because of all of her giant gay fan base telling people 'listen to this girl!'

    I'm not saying you have no right to dislike her, but I really wish that some people would at least look into things before they call people talentless hacks. If her music doesn't float your boat that's fine, but the woman knows what she's doing, and she's doing it well. I find her similar to Madonna in a way--sings all of her music live, dances live, writes all of her own shit even though she's a 'pop' star. And she's evolved in a similar way as well: Madonna was originally a dancer who joined a rock band before going into a different genre of music, and Gaga was a pianist who joined (or formed) a rock band before moving onto a different genre of music.

    Sorry for my rant, it just really grinds my gears when people bitch so strongly about Lady Gaga. I don't mean to offend in any way, and this reply to your post can kind of count for other people who've bitched in the comments as well.
  • LikaLaruku
    I dunno about you, but I gather that her entire video was done is subtle sarcasm, like Edward Current & Steven Colbert.
  • Dyad44
    Although I respect your opinion and I feel that you're entitled to it, I'm going to have to disagree with you here on a couple of things.
    First of all, Taylor Swift did not have "connections" to people in the music industry. Before her family moved to Nashville to support her music career, she was a regular middle-class girl from Pennsylvania who had been singing, playing guitar and writing songs since she was a kid. Although she may not be the best singer on a technical level compared to someone like Christina Aguilera or Lady Gaga, she feels what she sings and writes. One of the people in my English class saw her perform live and said that she was amazing. She also got really good reviews in the paper, practically debunking all the rumours that she was "untalented".

    And secondly, I noticed that you kept on dissing Lady Gaga. Whether you like her music or not though, you can't deny that she has talent and she can sing. Songs like Just Dance and Alejandro are catchy, but they don't show off her voice like her old songs and in other ones like Speechless from The Fame Monster. Also, I can safely say that anyone who disses her hasn't seen her live. I actually saw her perform live when she came to my home town in Australia and she blew everyone away. She out-did herself in every song and felt everything that she sang. In short, she was just a real professional.

    Another thing I should note about Lady Gaga is that she was not one of those pop stars who had friends in the industry. She worked her way to get where she is today and suffered a lot of pain during the process. Her sister died, she was once addicted to drugs and has had her heart broken a number of times and that does come across in a couple of her songs that haven't been released.
  • Crystopher
    Yes, that kid in your english class is obviously the end-all be-all when it comes to music critique. :whistle: Rumors? DEBUNKED.

    Great video as always, though after the long gap I was hoping for some more :) And I have to agree - the songs are stupid... but they're so much fun to dance to, who cares.
  • Gozar

    This guy has "Degrees" not one but two of them!
  • Mikemaniax  - ...
    Are you dissing a college education motherfucker?
  • Not Shelley Duvall
    i tip my hat to you. thank you.

    'tik tok' doesn't even sound like singing. and i will admit, lady gaga pre-wackness...DAMN. girl can SING! what the hell is she doing?!
  • kyuuketsuki
    Hey Hey... As a musician I can agree with almost everything you said except that they need to be on drugs. Chances are they were brilliant without the drugs, but still you have a point that almost every single great musician had such problems...

    WAIT! That is incorrect... Vai and Satriani are prime examples! I'm pretty sure Petrucci is also drug free... Vai starves himself to get high... Also Stevie Salas doesn't seem to be on drugs, nor my favorite Japanese guitarist Tak Matsumoto.

    Also... WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO LADY GAGA?! I'd actually listen to her music had she not changed.... I mean... I'm shocked that she is actually that talented... That is a damn shame.
  • apology89
    Brown Eyes and Speechless are pretty close to her older work. Actually they're my favorite songs on The Fame Monster, I kind of like Alejandro because I liked to listen to Ace of Bass when I was 5
  • DarthThought
    Yeah, and you're the same type of person that spends hours on end telling everyone what they should listen to. While I agree modern pop music sucks(I tend to listen to Metal, or some type of rock) what I think Lindsay is trying to get across is it's ok to be yourself and enjoy what you enjoy without having to have an image. So what you have two degrees I am more than two functional braincells and know that soberity and music can work; You on the other hand seem to be the type of person who thinks 'omg they're not doing a such and such album that shit was good why'd they have to change' I'm sorry I can't agree with you on your comment, though you are well in the right to have your own opinion opinions are like assholes everyone has one, and more than one person shows their's off from time to time
  • Mikemaniax  - Hmm...
    Nah, go ahead listen to Lady Gaga. I don't care. I just think it sucks.

    Yes, I did go a little overboard by saying what I said about drugs. Yes, not every musician or singer/songwriter, whathaveyou, has to be high or drunk or have mental problems to be good. But it's fucking helped!

    And I'm not trying to convince everybody to like The Beatles. That would be preposterous is everybody liked the same thing. I'm just saying, that maybe we need a bit more intelligence and actual hard work in music. I'm just using the Beatles as an example of pop music that was made by intelligent people. I could draw on so many other examples of intellegent pop music; Motown, Stax, even the lamest of disco hits, jingles, or novelty songs. Pretty much any genre between hardcore punk and jazz fusion. There was actually hard work and determination put into those songs. Musicians had to record those songs and do retakes if a note wasn't played correctly, singers had to actually sing the songs and re cut the vocal if the performance wasn't quite 'there', songwriters had to work hard to write lyrics and come up with decent melodies and chord progressions. Composers and arrangers had to do work on those songs making arrangements for orchestral instruments if they were used. Engineers had to get a good mix of those songs. Producers made sure that everything went smoothly and the recordings worked. Nowadays, everybody mixes out of the box in ProTools, and good performances are no longer necessary with the invention of AutoTune and Melodyne (which if you haven't heard of it is a program that can detect every single note being played on a track and analyze the track so that if a wrong note is played, with the click of a button you can fix the wrong note, instead of going back and re-recording a better take. It's used as much as AutoTune, but it's not as big because there hasn't been a T-Pain to explore a novelty sound out of it yet...).

    Basically, I'm just saying that maybe we need to stop being dependent on technology and actually start to encourage talent and intelligence, and not just in music, but in EVERYTHING!!!!

    And oh just to clarify, my degrees are actually in recording technology; which is all about the way that recorded music is made, and music theory; which is the thorough study of the mechanics of music, ie. key changes, instrumentation, chord progression, melody, harmony, rhythm... ya know... the stuff that EVERYBODY LISTENS TO WHEN THEY HEAR MUSIC!!!!.

    So basically that means... I'M A MOTHERFUCKING EXPERT! And not one of the bullshit "experts" that Glenn Beck gets on his show to prove to everyone that he isn't fucking crazy. 99% of the time, those guys are actors. I mean a real expert. I fucking studied this shit! I fucking know what I'm talking about! And I'm trying to encourage intelligence and hard work. Like what I did to get my degrees.

    Like whatever music you want, I d...
  • fanime1
    While I don't agree completely with what you said (I personally don't think that taking drugs and having sex issues will make you make you a great musician. If that was true, Ke$ha would be a freakin' genius), I do dislike pop music nowadays. It's all about connections now and not talents. It's sad really. The only pop I listen to now is J-pop, though every now and then, an American pop song will interest me (Thank you, Adele!).
  • pharmmajor
    Yay! Dancing Nella!

    Really liked this review, Lindsay. Maybe you and Paw or Todd in the Shadows could collaborate in the future on a pop star analysis.
  • VillainIsLemony
    I will say, while I can't stand Ke$ha's squeaky voice...I will admit, no guilt, that I LOVE Lady Gaga, Brittany, Christina, etc. Even Lindsey's one song. Just not Ke$ha. xD Gah, I started dancing along with you guys at the end. LOVE Lady Gaga.

    Awesome words of wisedom Lindsey^^ They are vapidly shallow, and pander to the dumbest of our society...but it's still okay to enjoy. It doesn't make you stupid TO enjoy it. =D
  • LikaLaruku
    I listen to very squeeky Jpop, to me, Ke$ha sounds manly, like Cher, GaGa, & Malissa Ethridge.
  • detroitmechworks
    In my opinion, the damn Mickey Mouse club has a LOT to answer for...

    Old guy rant:

    The old version gave us Annette Funicello, and the new version gave us the blonde horrors...

    I guess I'm just old because I REALLY don't get these gals... of course I was in my early twenties when they first came out, but still... I found them annoying then, and I find them annoying now...

    It's like every single one of them is desperately trying to be Sally Bowles, with less musical integrity and talent... (For those of you who might be very young, that's a reference to Cabaret.)

    Aaaargh... Hell, even Susan Egan is more interesting to watch in that style of role in my opinion. And now I've totally alienated EVERYONE...

    Short version:

    They suck. Lindsey rocks. And you need to show your friend Nella more. Because you two are like Abbott and Costello... without the weird threesome fetishism...
  • LikaLaruku
    Mickey, you got some s'plainin' to do.....
  • diamonte
    Nice analysis. I'm with you in embracing some of the pop [but very little of it - I've pretty much limited myself to Katy Perry's non-singles like Fingerprints and Self-Inflicted, as well as Lady Gaga's stuff]. Lady Gaga is really talented, if only she'd show it more.

    But there's nothing that can make me like Ke$ha. Has anyone else noticed that Ke$ha just has this strange tone in her voice? It just grates at me - she sounds condescending whenever she sings. Maybe it's just an accent, but it bothers me.
  • 0dd1
    Perhaps it's the whole "vapid, valley girl vixen" (in the most relaxed sense of the word "vixen") thing she puts on.
  • bulldog666999
    As a die hard metal head I find pop at the best of times like nails on a chalk board. The empty lyrics and repeat sound is a bane to my being. I mean women in metal set way better examples of awesome without being trashy. Think of Nightwish and Kitty (Kitty is a all girl band that can play instrument oooh). Now I can hear people saying Lady GaGa does too, but she went to the lower and mind numbing just as quickly as any other pop star. I say it is not okay to be popish and empty. fight against the mundane. Avoid the "well it sounds good so I should dance to it" mentality that so many people get into. LONG LIVE METAL!
  • scottydu81
    you cannot be serious about kitty. yes, they are an all girl band, but in no way shape or form are they anything but bland cookie cutter music. almost every one of their songs is written in a dropped D tuning, which is essentially guitarist lingo for 'the one finger rock star'

    nightwish, however, ruined music for me. after hearing century child, simply no other band could ever compare. i cant listen to anything less than nightwish now.
  • Teilani
    Oh my...Nightwish, I love Nightwish...Ghost Love Score, Dark Chest of Wonders, End of All Hope...sigh. Let's not forget Lacuna Coil and for some reason...Flyleaf. Im not a huge fan of Flyleaf...but from time to time when Im in the right mood...
  • ChaosD1
    Come on, Lindsay. You should be real happy for Taylor, and let her finish.
  • Thatpirate
    Good report... I honestly haven't listened to pop music that much since the mid nineties, but here's the thing... I never liked Britney, I've been called gay because my crushes were on women like Sarah Silverman, Allyson Hannigan, and Mila Kunis. I don't know I guess I've always liked intelligent women, who, while pretty, also seem like a lot of fun to hang out with... and yes I know I'm going to get a lot of shit for my choices, but these are the types of women I like. Even if Max Payne sucked, and the Sarah Silverman Program has one good episode a season, and Allyson Hannigan married Wesley (Buffy/Angel Wesley not Will Wheaten (sp?))

    And I know I would sound corny if I said "Women like you," but you kind of are that type. Pretty, intelligent, and fun. and hey that's me too (I'm not a bad looking guy... though I would look a lot better in about 2.5 years)
  • Afro King Andy
    Gay for liking Sarah Silverman and Mila Kunis?! Dude, your friends are gay. Mila Kunis is mega hot. Do they realize Jackie on "That 70's Show" is a character not how she really is? And Sarah loves schlumps; she almost married Jimmy Kimmel. How could any guy not be turned on by a hot chick who loves dudes who don't have their collars popped?
  • oogabooga
    I don't suppose you've considered just changing the radio station. Or eschewing radio altogether.

    Personally, I've only heard any of this horrid shit when it's either been in commercials or occasionally when I've been at a bar.
  • Manic Monkey
    avatar freeformbcn

    You just have to look harder for the stations that don't suck.
  • GreatNocturn357
    Sorry Lindsy but the bitch was referenced in the Simpsons [her song was used as padding] so there is no way in fuck I'd respect her. She could be an indigo child and I'd still kill her if given the chance.

    I hate her to the pit of my soul!
  • Zombie Diaries
    1 Star for dancing fat girl. Seriously, no straight guy wants to see that.
  • regulus4
    Right, because the only women we straight guys want to see dancing are skinny, scantily clad, and blonde. I thought it was funny and entertaining, which is what it was supposed to be. If you wanted to see a video of someone dancing that would arouse you, I think you're on the wrong website.
  • Zombie Diaries
    Well it's just like whipping a dead baby out on camera, only sick fucks get off to it. I wasn't looking for hot dancers, but that doesn't mean they have to go and show the opposite of that. Plus she's never been funny, NC should just cut that bit from her episodes.

    I'd sugar coat it, but then I'd be afraid she'd eat it.
  • Afro King Andy
    Wow! Your an ass. Both in a good funny way, and a go hang yourself way. I applaud you. No sarcasm. (Seriously, awesome.)

    Also, Nella is funny. N. Chick needs a side kick for cutaways. And in no way was that suppose to be provocative. Just a human dancing, nothing more, nothing less. I don't think anyone was masturbating to this video. If so, they are the sick fuck.
  • Zombie Diaries
    You used the wrong form of "your," the proper version was "you're."

    I just wish she would keep her sidekicks from doing any movement that would cause my eyes to bleed out of my very skull. Is it too much to ask, that she keeps her fat friend (whom she most likely keeps around to make her self look better by comparison) from dancing? I want to enjoy the video, not try and hang myself from the horrors I've witnessed.

    You know someone found that video and thought to them selves "JACKPOT!" Which puts horrible images in my head, almost as bad as all those guys jacking off on Chatroulette.
  • LikaLaruku
    Look, I dislike the site of facial & boily hair immensely. You don't see me posting on videos that the reviewer needs to shave badly. This may be the internet, but out of human decency you should still be respectful & conciderate toward others. Train yourself not to pay attention to offensive visuals.
  • Afro King Andy
    It's "themselves", not "them selves". B)
  • mr_rubino
    Go back to the latest "Doug rapes Ma-Ti" video, girlie. You've wandered onto the side of the site that isn't entertained by your tantrums.
  • Zombie Diaries
    How was that a tantrum? A tantrum is like a little kid making a scene in a store over a candy bar. I'm just being brutally honest. If people don't like honesty, then they shouldn't be on site that people express freedom of speech.

    It's a simple request, please don't show me things that make my eyes blister and boil from the pure level of the hideousness that was her dancing. Is that so hard to ask for?


    How am I a girl?
  • EvilAshTwin
    So let me get this straight. If people dont adhere to YOUR sense of what is "hot", then that person is a sick freak? Hmmm, interesting.

    I gotta say I sometimes envy people like you. Sometimes I wish I could walk around so completely narrow minded and ignorant to the point of expecting the world to shape itself around my opinions and ideals. Its astounding to watch people like you work, it really is.
  • Zombie Diaries
    Well yes, yes they do. Feet, bondage, and fat chicks are all examples of weird fetishes that I don't appreciate being forced to sit through. I wanted to see a nice video from the female perspective on today's pop music, but she just had to put her unfunny fat friend (Whom she keeps around to make her self look better in comparison) in it.

    Her fatness just proves that she's a bad person. She could put down the fork, so she's open to all ridicule I want to give.
  • LikaLaruku
    Guys, don't reply to her more than once, or you'll get banned for "assisant trolling" D:
  • Zombie Diaries
    Is filing a simple complaint now considered trolling?
  • THT3000
    Being so rude that it can only be considered trying to be offensive could be classified as trolling.
  • Zombie Diaries
    Well how would you put "I don't want to see that fat chick dancing" politely?
  • mr_rubino
    Mischaracerizing one's actions by reducing them to the barest elements. [i]The[/i] crutch for inexperienced trolls. You may as well have said we're "persecuting" you for "having a different opinion" than anybody else.

    While you're at it, why not make a vague reference to people kissing up to "mods" and-- oh, you already did that, didn't you?

    Excuse me a second. My chest is starting to hurt from laughing at your technique. You get a C- for now.
  • LikaLaruku
    Taking up space on a comment forum to defend your point of view that no one else agrees with & encouraging people to argue with you is standard textbook trolling. This is not Youtube.
  • mr_rubino
    Sweetie. Shush. You don't seem to have gotten it: You puffing your chest up like that and trying to talk big is just making us think of the Looney Tunes chickenhawk.

    You even used the "freedom of speech" and "PC" (whatever that even means anymore) arguments, which is like Greenhorn Trolling 101. You're "un-PC" in the way Carlos Mencia is: You honk obnoxiously and pretend you're a rebel.

    That amateur stuff just makes us laugh; of course, it doesn't take an auteur of trolling to see how wet behind the ears you are. You ran out of stamina and started sputtering after like 2 posts.

    And you know where on this site amateur trolls congregate to wave their penises at eachother, right?
    I'm just saying you've clearly stumbled into the wrong area. We'll let you back out.
  • naikou
    You know what no one wants to see? Your comments.

    Literally - 27 people liked Nella's dancing so much more than what you had to say, that they felt inclined to downrate you.

    Have fun thinking of new ways to inflate your ego!
  • zHellas
    I personally thought Nella's dancing was great, at least with what music she was given to dance to.
  • Zombie Diaries
    Those people fall into 3 categories. I'm guessing you're a 2.

    1. The PC people, who don't like anyone speaking the truth about any group of people.

    2. Fat chicks/guys dating fat chicks. They're just trying to justify their meager existence by using the "thumbs down."

    3. Suck ups. Lets face it, when her friend started dancing, everyone's eyes started to feel physical pain from her ugliness. It wasn't funny, it wasn't cute, it was just plain annoying. It would of been so bad if she didn't reuse that horror tape over and over again.

    I said I didn't like that, and that she should consider cutting her friend from her future videos, but their are always people who love doing anything to make mods happy.
  • regulus4
    You forgot a fourth: decent people, who don't value people based on their appearance.

    Your clear hatred of overweight people probably causes alot more pain than you having to see someone dance. You are not speaking "the truth;" you're speaking hate.
  • scottydu81
    there is also a fourth group- guys who like pudgy chicks :-) i say we need more nella dancing!
  • MPSai
    Just because you were "annoyed" doesn't mean everyone else is. The 4th option is you're just a tool.
  • e33laf
    :angry: Please leave vile, hate filled comments like that to YouTube if you would because they're clearly not appreciated here.We could only be so lucky to have more sweet and funny people like Nella in this world.
  • LikaLaruku
    Porn websites would suggest otherwise. You'd be suprised at some of the things straight men like.
  • Zombie Diaries
    Really, because I'm looking at the front page of Redtube and it seems to be all normal porn to me. There are some select sites that feature more "types," but they don't outnumber the generic sites..

    The argument here is, her friend is really ugly to the level that it causes physical pain, so please don't have her dancing multiple times in a video.
  • Tropico
    Noone's forcing you to watch it, miss.

    I'm sure the Nostalgia Chick will continue to put whatever she wants in her videos, and whether you may or may not want to watch it will continue to be less than irrelevant to her.
  • jz1337
    you have obviously been very lucky if you think nella is ugly, there are lots of people who look 100x worse because they just don't care. But either way just because you think she's ugly, does not mean everyone else has to go by your definition.

    It is not about being PC, its about being a total asshole. If you don't like her dancing you could have just said you thought her dancing was horrid, rather than call her out for her weight like some obnoxious 12 year old.

    Not that any of this matters, cause your a troll and just looking to piss people off at this point. Nice work.
  • LikaLaruku
    Almost 100 thumbs down. Just epic.
  • dontknowdontcare
    This is why I don't listen to pop music and prefer more rock/goth/emo music like Emilie Autumn and Within Temptation.

    I like to give most artists the benefit of the doubt and try to find at least one of their songs I'd be willing to listen to, but most of the time with that genre I have difficulty getting past my disgust at the other songs to hear anything else. And artists such as Ke$sha make it way to easy for those annoyances to rise up.

    I know not all blonde popular musical artists were horrible skinny bitches. I mean, Marilyn Monroe sang moderately well in movies, was nice, freaking hot, and she was a size 13. Why can't more women of celebrity status be more like her?
  • MetalMike007
    Actually, that type of music you mention I find ten MILLION times worse than shit like Kesha (I refuse to spell it with that fucking dollar sign). It's one thing to just go all out and honestly be unoriginal, vapid, decadent, and untalented in every sense of the world, and become popular for it, but it's quite another to be just as derivative of another genre that has it's own tried-and-true method, be just as untalented, but believe that you are "real" music. "Within Temptation," "In This Moment," "Seether," "Evanescence," and I'm sorry to say, but "Nightwish" at this moment all are following the same boring formula - and their fans think it's original. DON'T get me even started on "scene" bands that try to be "hardcore" or "metuhhl" when they have no idea what either of those things are - "Saosin," "Chiodos," "The Devil Wears Prada," "Underoath," "Senses Fail," "Scary Kids Scaring Kids," "Escape the Fate," "A Day to Remember" - all have the absolutely INTOLERABLY nasal singers with absolutely NOT intense "hardcore" vocals, ridiculously lame/wimpy music, and a chic of just looking like idiots.

    Basically, there is no decent types of music anymore. Punk is dead - metal is adapting and may survive, if bands like "Mastodon" are the way of the future - rap is certainly dead, and even formerly big rappers are having to dive into hip-hop and R&B autotuning (Ludacris is the one that comes to mind the most) - I really can't even think of any actual "rock" bands coming up at all - jazz is stuck in its own masturbatory box of irrelevance - and of course, pop music is even shittier today than it was ten years ago (albeit I can tell Lady Gaga is genuinely talented, even if her songs are not vocally difficult).

    Shoot me please.
  • kyuuketsuki
    Emilie autumn has ONE good album... Which is Laced/Unlaced... I used to listen to her, but no more, that album has stayed... It actually shows her talent as an accomplished violinist
  • 0dd1
    What about alternative? There's still They Might Be Giants.

    And what about the world of independent music?
  • Slayerette
    you do know that Britney is a huge Marilyn fan and has been very much infullenced by her. Britney herself has said that she thought she would die before the age of 27, like Marilyn

    Now does she have the talent that Marilyn did? not really, but Marilyn didn't have auto-tune to back her up :silly:
  • Steve the Pocket
    Well, she certainly seems to have been [i]trying[/i] to die young. I'll give her that much: she knows how to set goals and make an effort to achieve them. ;)

    Also, if Britney needs auto-tune to sound like that, I'd hate to hear her without it. *shudder*
  • diamonte
    Sizes have changed since Marilyn Monroe's time. Look up Vanity Sizing. In modern times, she would not be a size 13. She'd be much, much smaller.
  • wiggles  - diamonte re marilyn

    Marilyn's autopsy report said she was 5'5" and 115 lbs. That may be somewhat shorter and fuller than today's movie stars, but it's still pretty damn tiny. Hardly a size 13. I'm 5'5" 130 and I'm a size 6, which might have equated to something like a 12 back in Marilyn's day. I'm all for diversity in beauty standards, but that this could be considered a deviation just shows how narrow and rigid our standards are:
    [img] wp-content/uploads/2008/ 07/marilyn_monroe.jpg[/ img]

    Also, she was 36 when she died, not 27.

    But anyway, on the subject of this video, why is it only female pop stars are accused of being vapid and culturally destructive? I don't see Justin Timberlake or John Mayer or even Beck doing anything groundbreaking or elevating our discourse and I've never seen male pop stars lumped together as one big cultural garbage disposal. Maybe the boy bands (N'Synch, etc) got some of the flack female pop stars do, but that's because their fanbases are primarily female. And anything girls do or are interested in MUST be stupid. Did you know that, in the early 1960s, boys who were into the Beatles were made fun of for being into girl stuff? It's true.
  • Hakajin
    Good point... but I think in general, people like John Mayor sing about more substantial stuff. He has broader themes, at the very least. You can call it fluff, but he doesn't have to use his body or act freakish to get attention. And the whole purpose of the Nostalgia Chick is to have someone who reviews stuff aimed at girls. That's why it doesn't talk about the more vapid male singers. They're out there, but the focus here is on women.

    Also, I wouldn't say that the boy bands of the 90s were made fun of because they were liked by girls but because they were seen as being effeminite themselves. Men who have more feminine traits are seen as being weak and unable to fulfill their roll as dominant members of society. In our heteronormative society, they're supposed to lead us and protect us, and when they have weakness, we feel like they're failing at that responsibility. Also, humans instinctually gravitate toward distinct figures. We like to categorize things, group others by things like sex and race. We don't like it so much when there's not a clear line. Same reasons gays are so often rejected, I think. At least, I think that's where the stigma comes from. Gender roles are much less rigid than they were in, say, Roman culture, but we've inherited some of it. Things are changing little by little, though, and awareness of what's really happening is crucial for change.
  • wiggles
    "[i]people like John Mayor sing about more substantial stuff. He has broader themes, at the very least.[/i]"

    No he doesn't. He just sings about being horny and getting laid. He just does it with an acoustic guitar and a broody face, plus white skin and a penis, all of which is mistaken for depth. If he was Jane Mayor, singing the same songs, all the critiques and commentary on her would be about what a shallow twit she is and how she's ruining music and can't we find any female artists with any depth.

    "[i]he doesn't have to use his body or act freakish to get attention.[/i]"

    Because he's a guy.

    "[i]Men who have more feminine traits are seen as being weak and unable to fulfill their roll as dominant members of society. In our heteronormative society, they're supposed to lead us and protect us, and when they have weakness, we feel like they're failing at that responsibility.[/i]"

    Who's the "us" that's perceiving them to be failing at their roles as dominant protectors? Girls? Girls aren't the ones who make fun of guys like the early Beatles, Michael Jackson, or N'Synch for being effeminate. Girls are the ones who buy their albums and hang their posters on their walls. Guys are the ones who call them fags for appealing to girls.
  • 0dd1
    [i]"Did you know that in the early 60s, boys who were into the Beatles were made fun of for being into girl stuff?"[/i]

    Well, not for nothing, most of The Beatles' early work was full of fluff (or, as Paul would say, "Silly Love Songs" ). The real groundbreaking, historically noted stuff didn't come until at least their sixth or seventh album (going by the official listing of their albums as released in the U.K., and considering all points of view I've heard and deliberated on concerning their turning point), halfway through their career as a band.
    Which isn't to say they didn't do it well. Honestly, who doesn't know "I Want to Hold Your Hand"? That's one of their earliest hits. Also, the fact is that they were still witty, charming lads who played good music (and they had a damn good manager).

    As for the boys who were teased then, they got the last laugh in the end, didn't they?
  • Teilani
    Emilie Autumn? She's no better than any other pop singer out there, except she seems to have even less talent. Seriously, I couldn't stand her regurgitation of Bohemian Rhapsody and most of her other music just doesn't seem to cut it. Not to mention, Im tired of these singers/groups who do nothing but whine and complain in their music about shit that's never happened to them (ie. rape) just to be a bit more "edgy". Why everyone has to be a rebel I don't know...lately to me, it's become synonymous with copy-cat poser.

    However, Within Temptation is a great band that I listen to a great deal. They remind me of a sadder, toned down Nightwish with enticing lyrics with a wide range of talents. Being able to go from a song like Somewhere then to What Have You Done is awesome.

    I apologize, I don't mean pick on your choice of music, I just have trouble figuring out why people like Emilie Autumn.
  • TeaPartyRat
    Uhm, Emilie Autumn is a ton better than pop singers out there. For one thing, she's not just writing about boyfriends like every other pop singer does, most of her songs are in the point of view of other people. "Marry Me" is sung through the POV of King Henry the 8th's 5th wife, "Shallot" is sung through the point of view of the Lady of Shallott, and "4 O'Clock" seems to be more based on her Victorian persona if anything.

    Also, HOW [b]DARE[/b] YOU ASSUME THAT SHE WASN'T RAPED!? Were you there? No. Then you can't say. Rape is a VERY touchy and serious subject, to even doubt someone's experience with that type of abuse is just plain cruel. You don't lie about that kind of thing. Really, assuming that women are lying when they say they get raped is pretty much the reason why women are afraid to report those crimes to begin with-- because they know people like you will doubt them. I have her autobiography right here and the book tells you that the girl has went through some fucked up shit and is hardly any bit fake... the Asylum thing, is absolutely real. The book contains a scan of her hospital documents, for example. The woman also has bi-polar disorder and yet saying that she hasn't suffered is arrogant. Do your research before you criticize.

    I've seen her live, she's pretty amazing and a lot more entertaining than most musicians live because she actually CARES about her fans.

    Nightwish is a good band but as occasional listen to me, but their new stuff sucks because they essentially sold out. As for Within Temptation... I couldn't really ever get into them. They honestly just sound like an underground Evanescence to me, which bores the hell out of me.

    So you ask, why do I like Emilie Autumn? Because she worked her ass off all her life to become a violin prodigy and because, unlike most pop, there was nothing out there like her music. I think her voice is interesting, how it switches from being both elegant and empowering and bitter in one song is more enticing than any song that sounds the same generic rock patterns you've heard before. I don't think she's perfect of course, I think she falters obviously, but she's only human in that way.

    Sorry for the long rant but... when you group Emilie Autumn into the HotTopic people of 'whiners and complainers of shit that never happened to them', that gets me irritated. I mean, you don't have to like her music... but don't assume something about someone's personal life you have no idea about.
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