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  • DWP102589  - Awesome
    Great Review Lindsay. Very fair and well-constructed but also very entertaining.

    Just to get it out there, I saw Avatar 4 times already (all in 3D) and I'm glad its so successful because of one reason, James Cameron said that he's going to adapt the Battle Angel Alita manga series into a trilogy of films using the same technology as Avatar. As a huge fan of manga and anime in general, I really think Cameron doing a film of any manga could really put it on the map in the Western World, and Battle Angel in particular is the perfect material for him to adapt (strong female lead, sci-fi action, dazzling imagery, etc.) He said he'd only do it if Avatar was successful, which it of course was/is.

    P.S. I'm Canadian, and I neither like nor dislike Celine Dion.
  • Apathetic One
    [b]I enjoyed this movie when I saw it with friends in theaters...quite a bit, actually. But after awhile I just got sick of hearing about it...[/b]
  • theChancellor
    Yeah, Don't Fuck with Canada without us there wouldn't be any ghostbusters (or a least the good franchise) :evil:
  • RyanKaufman
    What? Put Anime on the map of the western world? Have you looked around at any teen girl who doesn't listen to Rap? Constant Anime fanatic, not to mention the guys who watch it so they can relate with said girl. I honestly think James made a flop with Avatar and will do further damage with any anime portrayal similar to it.
  • DWP102589
    Uhh... what are you talking about? I don't get the point your trying to make.
  • Lord Moe
    wow, what are you even trying to say? You think Cameron made a flop with "Avatar"? Uh...do you even know what the term "flop" means? It means unsuccessful...which is just wrong.
  • NeuroticIndecency
    O__o; *likes anime and listens to rap*

    *knows a lot of chicks who like anime and rap, and a lot of chicks who don't like either of those*
  • figlesiaseQ
    ...Weeaboo trying to justify himself much?
  • Kinako
    For real?! I loved Battle Angel! I only got to see the anime, sadly, so I'm not too familiar with the full story from the manga, but I still loved it!
  • HentaiGuy42
    Yeah, I've heard talk about Battle Angel for almost a decade now. I'll believe it when I see it.

    As for Avatar, I honestly just couldn't get into it. The visuals were pretty, but oftentimes distracting, and the story was shit. It's not a bad movie, but it's hardly a good one.

    I do however, have to give Avatar credit for one thing. Colonel Quaritch was freaking ridiculous! Anyone who spends about 30 seconds with his shoulder on fire, notices it, then slaps it out like it's more a mild annoyance than anything else is frigging awesome.
  • LunarLycan
    The reason that I went to see it when it came out was because I was in my early teens and I knew I would get to see boobs, and I didn't have internet.

    Also, completely agree with you about your comments on the female protagonists. It's a lot more interesting when they succeed because they are strong people who persevere and not just because they are women who must succeed for some feminist idolatry. Some famous writers kinda try for that same aspect but fall short. *cough*Joss Whedon*cough*
  • thatgirlinthebrowncoat
    *becomes oversensitive about the Joss Whedon comment* Though otherwise I agree. ^^
  • LunarLycan
    Don't get me wrong, love Firefly. But sometimes when the guy talks, and I'm being nice about this, it's like he wishes he was a woman. And this carries over to a lot of his work where he has empowered women holding their own against evil men. And this is fine most of the time, but he tends to repeat this, a lot. I.E. Buffy stakes a lot of evil male antagonists, both vampire and demon alike. River, super psychic, on the run from an evil organization with predominately males in the role of hunters. If anything the crutch of most his stories are women dealing with men in some fashion. Don't get me started on Dollhouse though, that's just a mess that only got a second season as an apology from Fox for canceling Firefly to early and not letting it hit it's stride to be a great show.
  • Spokavriel
    [color=#bd527b] It didn't help that Fox mutilated the series order for Firefly making it hard for anyone to get into the show.[/color]
  • makani
    I'm in that little minority of folks who actually liked Dollhouse. :(
  • thatgirlinthebrowncoat
    Eh, true enough, I suppose. I still think Firefly is alright, really. At least there you've got a few female antagonists (Saffron, Patience, and... Well, there must have been others... ^^; ) But the protagonists seem fairly well balanced. Zoe, River, Mal, Jayne and Book pretty well kick ass, whereas Kaylee, Simon, Wash and Inara are somewhat weaker.

    I'm not really going to defend Buffy, though, since... well, it did have a few issues. Mainly I'm just an obsessed Firefly fan out to defend it at all possible opportunities. :confused:
  • Azeroth563
    I'm a guy, and I loved Titanic.

    Bout time someone on this site liked Avatar
  • Rusted Ramblings
    Alright, can we be realistic about Avatar and James Cameron in general for a second?

    True, Avatar's plot and characterization were far from mind-blowingly original. But Doug, James, Spoony and several others have blatantly praised movies like Terminator 2 on numerous occasions--hell, I'm also from that generation, and I won't pretend that I am not a fan of T2. But was it really [i]that[/i] amazing, in terms of acting and storyline? Or were we simply blown away by the movie's energy and spectacular effects used on the T-1000? It's the exact same thing.

    The difference is that we were young and naive then, and held movies to a simpler, perhaps more uncontaminated standard. Our "nostalgia" of movies like T2, True Lies and Alien are skewing the true perception of Cameron's defining style. And Lindsay has hit the nail on the head here. Cameron not only knows how to portray both female and male characters with an unadulterated frame, but he also knows how to create an atmosphere (and that [i]includes[/i] his effects) which draws an audience in. Titanic is a prime example. No matter what motif he chooses as his theme--love, nationalism, Al Gore-ism, etc.--he does it in a way that successfully mesmorizes audiences. His defining attribute has never been his ability to generate devastatingly innovative storyline or characterization (look at Tom Arnold's character in True Lies; cliche, but genuinely entertaining). Perhaps our cynical hats and glasses are skewing our ability to appreciate mainstream aptitude in our ripened old age. I'll admit to being a guy who saw Titanic in high school, and I kind of liked it (yes my girlfriend took me, but whatever). I also thought Avatar was pretty solid.

    Great review, Lindsay. And I'm not sure what is so intimidating about Winslets's bosom, by the way. Not that I'm knockering--er--KNOCKing them...
  • Gamer_Ely
    finaaaaaaaaally, everybody is so negative about movies, thanks for being positive about it. well until the end of the world James Cameron is going to only make awesome blockbusters, and I couldn't be happier haha
  • Wermin
    The title has the word "Tit" in it and the movie blows. Never thought this could happen.
  • LuisCArenas  - re:
    You, sir, couldn't be more right. I love the way Doug and Noah review (That's the reason I'm into this site), but dammit you're right. The fact that Terminator 2 was a determining movie in their young years helps the fact that they love it. If they were on the same age they're now when T2 was released they'd just call it "Pure action and no originality".

    Titanic doesn't kill me, but it has its moments. Great review, Lindsay ;D

    PD. My Heart will go on Makes me CRINGE! I HATE THAT SONG.
  • epicelite
    The bum liked Avitar.
  • Kookie
    The bum likes every movie... he begin his critics by "OMG this is the greatest movie I've ever seen in my life"...
  • jessicalyn0205
    i was 6 when this movie came out and i cried my eyes out.

    now, i don't cry anymore, but i will sit down and watch it whenever it's on TV.
  • Sheranda  - I saw it as a kid, too.
    It was so depressing! Why did Leonardo's character have to die like that?! :( (There should be a crying emoticon.) It was also so long! My mother has it on tape...s. The movie's so long, it was took up two video tapes! Oh, well. I guess, besides that, the movie was all right.
  • JaylaClark
    Guess what, I [i]didn't[/i] see this movie in the theaters, or ever... well sometimes I catch the odd scene on TNT but that's it. Why? The inevitable Hype Backlash was in full effect by the time I was remotely able to go out to see it, so I resisted this movie with every fiber of my being. And what do you know, it's practically a badge of honor, being one of the few people who've never seen Titanic.

    It's just a damn shame that it seems like I missed a good movie for the sake of my self-assumed cool. *sighs*

    Oh, and if you ever decide to make 'James Cameron' a running gag, Lindsay, you have my support.
  • mrskippy  - another one?!
    *gasps* I finally found another person who hasn't seen Titanic? We should make a club. :P
  • 0dd1
    Yeah...by the way, thanks for spoiling the ending for us non-initiated folk :-P
  • Sheeyah
    Can I join?

    I guess it makes up for those that saw it multiple times. Well, not really, considering how many times some people saw it. I guess I could average out my wife at least.

    But never fear, we can all finally watch it when it comes to theaters in 3-D!

    Well, I don't plan on watching it anyway. But I am married. And to a woman who watched it more than once. And who likes filling up Netflix with romantic movies.

  • ThatGuyInTheHeadband
    Finnally! Someone on this site who shares my oppinions of Avatar. (Though I'm still mad that they stole the name from another Avatar)

    I'm a guy who likes Titanic and will freely admit to crying to it (starting around the point with the musicians).

    s for the ending, I always asumed that was what happened when a survivor of Titanic died and got reunited with their loved ones. I somehow think it was Death's idea.
  • raimar  - Avatar
    Its interesting people keep bitching about how Cameron stole the name from "Avatar the last air bender" when said series stole it from Hindu religion. Yes people that term comes from that religon and an avatar is a phisical manifestation of a deity the term is been in use in Dungeons & Dragons for years before air bender and in a court is was proben that Cameron got to that name first altough as I said its comes from a term of hindu religion so let itn rest people pleace.
  • Semudara
    "Avatar" had it first. James Cameron is a meanie-pants, plain and simple. :angry: :P :lol:
  • fanime1
    Yeah, but that's all the more reason Cameron shouldn't have been so bitchy about it. I mean there are a lot of movies with similar titles. I don't see why he was so possessive of one word he didn't even invent.
  • poisontongue
    No more, please... no more.

    You know, in elementary school my music teacher made us listen to that song.

    It won't ever die, will it?

    Good god I hate life.
  • dontknowdontcare
    I'm in the low percentile of people (specifically women-people, I am of lady) who haven't seen and don't plan on seeing Titanic. I never liked romance stories, but even though I won't see it I still know the whole thing by parody and listening to those who have seen it. Plus as mentioned it's kinda spoiled as I know how it ends with the ship sinking and what not.

    Though if I'm on that subject a friend of my sister's saw it, and actually said "Oh my god, the ship sank, I had no idea that would happen!"

    You can't make this stuff up.
  • 0dd1
    Sure she wasn't just being sarcastic?
  • Twitchy
    I'm a girl and I've never seen Titanic. Nor do I have any desire to. Go figure.
    Romance movies... gag me with a spoon.

    ps: i believe that the hot dogs go on
  • OmegaWarrior
    A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets, but what is a man? A miserable little [i]pile[/i] of secrets!
  • LunaBuna
    This comment is made of all sorts of win.
  • JohnnyOldschool
    Is it just me, or is Lindsey getting cuter with each review?

    My heart will always belong to Little Miss Gamer though.
  • mrskippy  - uuhh...
    creepy much?
  • Spokenme08
    I can proudly say that I have never seen this movie(Que gasp here). As far as I'm concerned I never will,if only because I really, really dislike the leads,that and there is just something about it that makes me twitch.

    Oh, and I happen to like "My heart will go on", but then again I like Celine Dion.
  • Gordon Daniels
    I remember going to see this film the week it came out. It was an empty matinee show. I remember walking out of the theater thinking that it wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. My next thought was "Too bad it's going to bomb."

    Needless to say I never gamble for money. Never.
  • Lady Kakata
    I was twelve when I saw it and ... I honestly don't remember very much. I was bored. The effects were nice but that was it; I was still a tomboy and the romance utterly bored me
  • Taminator
    I still haven't seen it...I was about 8 when it came out, and by the time I was old enough to know what it was I didn't give a crap.

    Great review though! (But I will always prefer Whedon to Cameron, especially after the latter's recent Playboy interview.)
  • Mikey Insanity
    I have not seen Titanic. I don't know if I ever will.
  • Segwo  - re:
    [quote=JaylaClark]Guess what, I [i]didn't[/i] see this movie in the theaters, or ever... well sometimes I catch the odd scene on TNT but that's it. Why? The inevitable Hype Backlash was in full effect by the time I was remotely able to go out to see it, so I resisted this movie with every fiber of my being. And what do you know, it's practically a badge of honor, being one of the few people who've never seen Titanic.

    It's just a damn shame that it seems like I missed a good movie for the sake of my self-assumed cool. *sighs*

    Oh, and if you ever decide to make 'James Cameron' a running gag, Lindsay, you have my support.[/quote]

    kudos to you! a friend of mine had that badge up until not too long ago... I was disapointed
  • SharkWayne
    "Yeah you, I know you saw it."

    lol yeah I did and I did cry at the end. but I was young and foolish. lol

    It is a great movie and a great review.

    take care Chick

    -Shark Wayne
  • HypnoticGenes
    I am happy to say that I am one of the few that have NOT seen Titanic.
  • Cuda
    Add me to the list of males who was able to enjoy it. Granted, I didn't see it in theaters (Seriously, I didn't) because I was only 9 at the time but watching it as an adult made me appreciate the story and allowed me to [i]kinda[/i] understand how it made so much goddamn money.

    And I'm sure that your boobs are lovely Lindsay.
  • Not Shelley Duvall
    goddamn that song. DAMN IT TO HELL!
    i've only seen titanic ONCE, and that was in theatres, which i only saw because at the time, i thought leo was gorgeous. i no longer have the same obsession i had on him when i was...eight, but i do think he's talented.
    but i did NOT enjoy that OTHER kate-and-leo film, revolutionary road, or as i like to call it, 'leo and kate yell at each other for two hours.'
  • RedRed
    Nice review, I really like how you look at the things surrounding the films rather than just the sole product.I saw it not so much because I wanted to but because it was a school trip so yeah. But...yeah it was the old couple that got to me.
  • dan_plaz
    Chick..... Each time your videos comes... it shows..... That you are failing and failing and keep on failing.

    Did you know that I originally wrote first. I mean come on.... Titanic? That movie is pretty good despite the parts that many people consider cheesy. Yeah... It has some historical flaws... but well.... It is pretty good.

    Second. You keep on putting jokes where is unsuitable. When you tried to joke about the ending.... I found that unsentisive. This shows show you don't have a sense of appreciation to stetics.

    Still.... You do have some great points that are interesting. I know you can do better.

    Oh..... And Avatar sucks. Zero creativity and people still don't see it. I am NOT glad that it exists.
  • 0dd1
    If you don't like them so much, why keep watching them? It's not like you paid to watch this or something.
  • NoahClue22  - Film School sure is paying off.
    [color=green]Bravo on a well written and performed overview of that box office giant that we all thought would forever stand supreme. I don't mind seeing the record being toppled...but did it HAVE to be by Avatar?!

    I will admit that Titanic is definitely a good movie, and deserving of most of the credit it has acclaimed. Looking through this analysis, I guess it makes a bit more sense as to why it's strange combination made it so successful. The irony in Cameron's original predications are actually really funny, and I guess that makes him seem a bit more human.

    Well either way, nicely done Lindsey, especially in time for Singles Awareness Day. What a better way to celebrate the most split-consensus holiday of the world than one that embodies the pinnacle romance story.[/color]
  • TomQuoVadis
    I've actually never seen this movie. :whistle:
  • JSleeper
    At the time the movie was released I was a Titanic Geek. I had researched as many details about the ship's construction, the maiden voyage, and the blunt-instrument [i]symbolism[/i]. I saw it three times, but only because I wanted to see the ship break in half, among other things. (Kate Winslet's boob :D)

    Honestly, [i]A Night to Remember[/i] is a better film as far as accuracy, and didn't need a smarmy love story. Well, not really...
  • Dierna
    A Night to Remember is indeed a good film as is Raise The Titanic (even if it did bomb in the box office :S )
  • Dierna
    Nice review, however I'd just like to say that Im a female and I HATE Titanic. I saw it in theatres just to see what all the hype was about and I was bored for 3 hours waiting for the danged ship to sink. I also can't stand Leonardo Di Crapio and generally avoid his movies all together.

    However, I DO love the soundtracks (there was 2 of em. Titanic and Titanic II: Return to Titanic...seriously) mostly for the celtic music and not for Celine Dion (altho I do like some of her songs).

    That being said I just simply loved Avatar and am glad it sunk the Titanic (altho last year Titanic was sunk in the UK by Mama Mia... :0 ).
  • traceace
    You know, I loved the movie as a kid and saw it twice, I think, because I was weird. I always laughed it off as just because I was young and stupid, but I recently rewatched it with the rifftrax I bought for it and I found myself genuinely enjoying it still. Weird.

    I like your point about Cameron and women, and I never thought about it that way before. For the time period, even Rose was pretty badass in her own right, even though she's probably the meh-est of the bunch in terms of personality.

    Great review!
  • SunsetWay
    Yeah, I saw it. I was sixteen and my three friends dragged me there. Two were crying for most of the ending and the other friend and I were laughing. We loved 'propeller guy' and we laughed hysterically at "Never let go, Jack" and she lets go.

    I'm also Canadian and while I liked that song at Did you know that I originally wrote Did you know that I originally wrote first, it really does haunt you. Celine in general does that.

    I hate that movie but more because I hate cliche love stories and the fall in love in thirty seconds. Maybe I'm jaded but I'm happily jaded.

    Oh, forgot to mention I'm not (nor was I ever) a Leo fan. I guess that didn't help any.
  • ScreamingMantis  - Loved the video
    This was on TV actually last week and I watched a huge chunk of it, and even I was surprised how I remembered so much of it, and I wonder how many times I actually saw it as a 12 year old girl. I wont lie either, I think you called all of us who say it out when you mentioned the big "oh shit im gonna cry" scenes, as soon as I saw the old people, I lost it, and was surprised of my weird flow of emotion. Lol.
  • LeahSidhe  - re: Avatar
    [size=small][color=aqua] We all know that the term Avatar was taken (not "stolen" ) from Hinduism, because, well, it's in the show... (it's obviously based on Eastern culture, and anyone who knows anything about [i]Avatar: The Last Airbender[/i] has had these things explained to them.) This complaint stems not form the idea that it was "stolen" but that it causes confusion in the face of the movie that's coming out, called [i]The Last Airbender[/i] (in theatres July 2). Both of these movies were announced/leaked at around the same time, so it caused a lot of confusion among fans and in the media.

    Personally, I think the Airbender movie should have been called [i]Book One: Water[/i] because I have the nagging feeling that the next two movies in the trilogy are inevitably going to be called [i]The Last Airbender 2[/i] and [i]...3[/i]

    Also, us tech savvy people know the term Avatar to mean the little image or icon you use on sites, and now, in MMORPG's--or any such game--to be your character.
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