Adventure Time Vlogs: Holly Jolly Secrets Part 2

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  • littlewillie610
    "And that's when it started... the visions! I fought with them, shouted at them until I realized it wasn't real, IT WAS THE CROWN! I quickly took it off and saw my fiancee in front of me, looking at me with such CONTEMPT. What had I said? What had I done when I wore this crown? All I know is I never saw Betty again."
  • Melkiador  - People seem to be having trouble finding this vide
    As to Finn's reaction, I took it more as, "There are no heroic secrets here. I have no heroic right to this. I should give it back to the Ice King."

    Because Finn won't steal unless he feels there is a greater heroic purpose.
  • Editor-Bug
    Well, he didn't really steal it, Ice King threw it away.
  • Thati
    The whole thing about the glasses... i think that line is there just to show how crazy the Ice King, specifically, is.

    Finn and Jake definetly understand the impact of what they just saw, but the Ice King/Simon himself has gone so crazy that he doesn't even understand anything of what he recorded about his life and his transformation. Just that he wore glasses.

    And that makes it all the more sad.

    (And would it be a spoiler if i said that when people address him as 'Simon' in future episodes, he doesn't even recognize that this is his real name? He just goes 'What-mon?')

    Anyway, this is 'the' episode, for me. The episode that made me love Adventure Time. Before this one, i really liked it, but after this one, i fell in love with it.

    And this is also the episode that made the Ice King one of my top characters from the show. Again, i liked him before, mostly because he was supposedly the traditional 'guy that captures innocent girls', but with a twist. He only did that because he was a sad and lonely old man that somehow started to associate happiness with marrying princesses. All of his episodes were funny, to me, but also kinda sad and depressing, and i always laughed at it feeling a little guilty while doing it.
    And this episode took all of this to a new level, and made him even more sympathetic and interesting.

    And believe me, from this episode on, the show only gets better, and so does the Ice King. So much that as it is now, in season 5, he is no longer 'one of my favorites', he is my absolute favorite character!

    Well, this was the episode i wanted to see a review the most, since the beggining of this V-Logs. Now that is done, i'll just wait for them to reach 'I Remember You'. It will take a while... but is gonna be worth it.
  • Fullfiguredalchemist
    Thati, have you seen this AMV about him? watch?v=6UK4l_P1FN4

    (For anyone else interested, be aware there are spoilers clear through to mid-season 5 contained therein.)
  • Thati
    No, i haven't. It's great, thanks for showing me!

    Simon is truly an amazing character, and probably the most well-developed from this series. I love how he slowly grew from 'crazy old villain' to 'tragic hero' as the story went on. And how this series made most of us start to really care about a crazy blue hobo.

    Some people from hollywood could learn a thing or two about character development with Adventure Time. Just saying.
  • Kradeiz
    Yes, that's my favourite Simon/Ice King amv, it captures his pain and dissension so well, and the music makes it even more tragic.
  • Daichek
    Yes finally we get to THE episode still not sure why they decided to put Simon back story here, maybe for the forgiveness that chrismass represent i don t know but man, after a saw this episode i was both impatient, to learn more about him and completly hexausted for the big reveal, keep going guys its only getting better and better until ice and fire but i digress.
    Betty episode today people stay tuned.
  • WDraven
    I found it really sad when Simon began to cry about the glasses. I've been calling him pathetic through the whole show, the reaction he gave just shows how broken he is.

    I really think Jason should give him a little more insight. Seriously, just tell Doug that the things related to Marceline, Simon and other old people are always relevant. Finn is kinda absent-minded but he's not stupid. He understands the importance of this, that's why from now on (specially after the Marceline/Simon episodes) he'll be more tolerant with the Ice King, to the point of considering him almost as a friend, even calling him Simon.

    Also, PLEASE explain to Doug that Finn acts based on his age, and he has no father figure to follow as a model. This will be extremely relevant to understand why he is being such a jerk lately.
  • agoodname
    Finn did have a father figure though, and compared to other character's childhoods, Finn's childhood is a breeze.

    Anyway, let's talk about Holly Jolly Secrets.

    While I was watching it, I thought the last tape would be either heartwarming or funny. It was a Christmas special after all. And boy did this pay off.

    And seriously, why does Doug care so much about the fries? The fries were over and done with since season 2. :p
  • fanime1
    Um...wasn't Jake's dad his father figure? I mean, he literally adopted him and Finn does call him dad. And I'm still on season 4, but since when was Finn the jerk? It's always been Jake to me.
  • WDraven  - Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, English i
    Jake's Dad died before Finn was even 12, what I meant is that he doesn't have a current father figure to model himself to become a decent adult. The closest he gets to this is Jake, and Jake is a terrible example of an adult, almost every single advice he gave Finn was really stupid or immature (and funny).

    I love Jake, but after his actions in "Jake, the Dog", where he only fixed a giant problem by accident, because he was to busy in not using his brain not even to save Finn, I can't see him as a trustworthy character.

    After Finn made 15, the only thing he does is screw up with everybody. I think this is great, because it shows that he is a teenager and teenagers screw up all the time, specially on the relationship department; but if Doug doesn't understand that this is on purpose, he will say it's poor writing or something like that.
  • Storm Dragon
    I didn't find the line about the glasses to be funny at all. I thought it was very sad and somewhat horrifying. The Ice King/Simon is so far gone in his madness that he no longer even understands what he's lost.
  • JMLee13
    Ice King was always one of my favorite characters on the show just for how goofy and funny he is, but this episode is really what cemented it for me and elevated him to my all time favorite character, you wouldn't expect from previous episodes that Simon would turn out to be one of the deepest and most complex characters of the show and also the most tragic
  • That Anime Chick  - Drama Bomb...!
    Ah yes this episode... this one almost felt like a sucker punch when we find out what happened to the Ice King to make him the way he is. And special props go to Tom Kenny's performance here, he just sells those lines, makes it tug on your heartstrings. And don't worry, they do bring this up later on... but I won't spoil anything.
  • Kenthos  - Anti humor
    From the stand point of how they tell it, I think it was made to be anti-humor. You build up a joke then end it with something serious and unfunny.

    Kinda like.

    What did they guy say when they cut off his head?
    Nothing, he got his head cut off so he's dead.

    But from a stand point of story telling, man this is where I think most hardcore adventure time fans are made.
  • Fullfiguredalchemist
    Yeah, I think that while I can agree that Adventure Time can place weird emphasis on things that seem not to be important, in this specific case it was pretty clearly not the glasses that Finn was focused on.
  • Kradeiz
    Agreed. I always thought Finn's reaction was one of sadness and pity for what the Ice King had lost (basically everything!) and he was giving the tapes back because they contained the only evidence of who IK had been, and he deserved to keep them after all he'd been through.

    As for Doug's interpretation of Finn focussing on the glasses, if that had been the writers' intentions, I think they would have made a joke about it, at least.

    But yeah. This was the episode for me. It was the first one I ever watched and it sucked me right into AT. I have been a huge fan of Simon Petrikov ever since and am eagerly awaiting the premiere of 'Betty' tonight.
  • ToastyMozart
    This is going to become the new fries, isn't it.

    At least he seems to think that because he's expecting the writers to fake him out, not that he thinks Finn's stupid.
  • Floweramon
    Doug, the glasses thing was not meant to be funny, nor were they the point. The glasses line was to show just how crazy the Ice King was and how far gone he is that seeing all this, the only take-away was the embarrassment of wearing glasses. It's horrifying.

    Also, please stop dismissing the fries as meaningless drama. They've already shown that Marceline was living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and at the time of the fries incident, she wasn't a vampire. She was just a half-demon. So yes, she needed food. Desperately. And her father ate her only food.
  • agoodname
    I think the glasses thing was kinda supposed to be funny. Maybe not in a laugh out loud way, but in a "heh heh" way.

    And I completely forgot about the snowman part. Yeah, that part was funny.
  • GoldStarz
    The glasses comment was there for a sort of uncomfortable laugh to defuse the situation while also showing the even Simon doesn't understand the important meaning behind all of this.
  • 11112111112
    Damn it, DOUG, IT IS THE ONE OF THE MOST DRAMATIC SCENES OF THE SHOW! It is NOT joke about glasses. Your laugh make me and Ice King hurt =(
  • Fullfiguredalchemist
    Yeah, it seemed kind of inappropriate, but what are you going to do? I'm sure he'll feel really bad about laughing after a certain episode in Season 4. :)
  • Baby Hitler
    It took a while for Doug to realize that this wasn't just a kid's cartoon, and it's taking a while for him to realize that it's not just a comedy. He's kinda thick in that way.
  • Editor-Bug  - Drama bomb!
    Right?! I was seriously mad at him for focusing on the glasses so much. That wasn't even really a joke. It was to show that everything else flew over ICE KING'S head, not Finn and Jake's. Though Jake took it more lightly. I'm just happy they spent the rest of the day with him.
  • Taigan
    Doug, man, I love you but every time you went off about "it's the glasses" I was yelling "you're an idiot!" at my screen.
  • Taker90
    I really liked this episode because it showed the Ice King's former self. The changes he must have went through and that he was a normal person corrupted by a magic crown. Living very lonely life for so long I can understand how it deeply affects him.

    This reminds me of an anime in a way for it also showed the up and downs of immortality "Mermaid Forest".

    Anyway to get back to topic, my point is this episode had left an open door for a few future episodes later on in the seasons which connects the characters a little deeper. I won't spoil much only say it involves Simon and a child.

    Also I can't wait "Marceline's Closet" is next! One of my favorites. ^_^
  • Shaddic
    This was the turning point in AT for me, because it proved without a shadow of a doubt that there is an ongoing storyline that you wouldn't notice unless you keep up with the show. It's not just randomness, there is an actual plot, and that's awesome.

    And I think Finn was upset because he's thinking, "Oh man, I beat this guy up and make fun of him on a regular basis, and he's just a lost man who needs help." He felt sorry for Ice King and guilty for treating him the way he did (though there have been many times when he deserved it). They still make fun of him sometimes and there are times when they fight, but now they're more considerate and they are trying to help him, which I love. He's sort of a weird member of the family now and I think it's wonderful.
  • MutheSquirrel
    I love how things can go over Doug's head, yet he'll pick up on tiny details.
  • Fullfiguredalchemist

    "Does the moon make the water COLDER or something???" -- Doug Walker (Avatar: The Last Airbender Vlogs) 2013

    How he misses these things is truly bewildering. I mean, maybe if it was really subtle? But this wasn't. XD
  • agoodname
    Though, to be fair, it WOULD be hilarious in a dark way if that was the intention of the writers to actually make Finn think it was all about the glasses.
  • locuas
    Don't worry, Doug, you will soon discover just how important Simon actually is. He is, no doubt, one of the, if not THE, most important characters in Adventure Time. we eventually discover that, alongside The Lich, his actions have some of the biggest impact in moder day OOO

    Can't wait for him to watch "Jake The Dog" and see if he finds the ending funny...
  • Dacilriel
    Finn understood what he just saw. The Ice King's comment about the glasses just shows how far gone he is. He can't even understand who and what he used to be. A moment later he couldn't even remember what he had just been watching. I didn't think the reveal was funny. I thought it was tragic.
  • Rooks Gaming Corner
    It's a little disappointing that we've come to this huge, monumental moment in the show, and all Doug can fixate on is a throw-away joke about the glasses.
  • ClaudiaFangless  - @Rooks
    To be fair, it's not entirely a throwaway joke... but that's what makes it so tragic as well as funny! He's so far gone that he doesn't even recognize the emotional impact of having his past on display!

    I really wish Jason had made some vague yet convincing comment to the effect of "No, trust me, it's not just the glasses." Full stop.
  • Yetii  - What's up with Marceline outside the window?
    "... and Marceline was just outside for some reason."
    The first time I watched HJS I also wondered about that. Does she wanted to be alone? Is she avoiding someone? Maybe Bubblegum?
    Now I know, and that is just another mindblow the show is offering to us.
  • ClaudiaFangless  - @Yetii
    Yeah, I was just about to comment on the Marceline thing. I hope that Doug, ahem, remembers that when he gets to the next major episode.

    Also, about a year and a half before I actually started watching Adventure Time all the way through, I would occasionally go on YouTube and watch random clips. In the process, I managed to spoil both the Simon Petrikov reveal AND the f*cking "I Remember You" song for myself. I'm still kind of upset about it, although the emotional impact was certainly different out of context. I found the tapes really disturbing at first, whereas when I watched them as part of the episode they was mostly just tragic (definitely not just "some big joke"). And while the song just confused me out of context, in context it made me cry like a baby, and still does every time I watch it.

    But none of this lessens my regret for watching those clips out of order.
  • littlewillie610
    I unintentionally spoiled these things for myself shortly after Doug started the Vlogs. I didn't even know who Marceline was supposed to be at the time.
  • Ninhursag
    This episode definitely made me view Adventure Time in a whole different light. It changed Ice King from a weird, pathetic character into my favorite character, along with Marceline. I couldn't believe how moved I was then, and I still can't believe how I am so moved by this episode after almost a year of seeing it. The parts with Ice King (or should I say Simon Petrikov) and Marceliene in the past 1000 years ago make me so interested in what happened to this world, about the history and mythology of it. Pendleton Ward knows how to bulit mystery in a story. Who would have thought a kid's tv show has more depth and it immerses you emotionally in a way few adult shows do.
  • Ninhursag
    "All the previous seasons leading up to this joke in a sense" ? Doug, you still think Adventure Time is only about laughs and giggles? You don't seem a bit taken aback emotionally, and consider it a comical situation.
    The Story of Simon Petrikov amv is definitely worth a watch.
    I have a few favorites as well: watch?v=dwCVb0Eg--c watch?v=zq9qiad279k watch?v=0-B4BrDOb9A
  • Fullfiguredalchemist
    Linked that one up above, yeah. Though I think maybe he should hold off on watching it until he has actually seen through to the appropriate season 5 episode.
  • themilo
    If I die tomorrow at least I can die knowing that I saw Doug’s reaction to this episode.

    sadly enough I already knew the big twist going in, I still think the episode and the twist are both absolutely brilliant.

    In my opinion the final tape is the greatest adventure time moment ever, not just because of the twist but also because of how much information it manages to get across in two minutes, and how good both the animation and the music are.

    the only issue I have with the twist is that Finn and Jake never tried to cure the ice kings condition, they would fail but you think there would be a episode where they at least tried

    Doug theory is hilarious even if it probably wasn’t the intended reaction, SPOILER especially considering future episodes.

    The next vlog im really looking forward to is incendium, in which the romance subplot takes its first completely unexpected turn.
  • 11112111112
    It is really insulting - show just open rally tough backstory of Ice King, how misery that person was, and scene about glasses just confirmed his madness andinsanity, and show really strong compassion from Fin to Simon.
    And when Doug said - *IT WAS HILARIUOS!!! IT WAS ABOUT GLASSES!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUUUUNNY!* I just want to come up and SLAM him in the face. No offense, as Doug said, just say what's on my mind -____-
  • littlewillie610
    He will see the error of his ways in time.
  • Joeslickback
    Great the next episode is going to fuel more of Doug's fan fiction.
  • ACdance
    Yeah, I'm pretty surprised that Doug is fixating on the glasses instead of the revelation that the Ice King is the most complex character on the show (I sure didn't see that coming). But maybe he's just not very good at initial reaction stuff. Maybe he needs to stop and think about it to fully process it. Also he doesn't know what people who have seen the show know. I'm sure by the time we get to the other Simon episodes, he'll get it. I look forward to him reviewing those and the one that's premiering tonight.

    Also Oh Doug, so much innocence at the end of this video. And poor Jason's trying so hard to explain it but not spoil it. I think the only reason he's laughing is because he knows what's coming.
  • BlakeFajack
    Doug... Doug no... no Doug... it's not about the glasses... *sigh*
  • ResidentBowserBird  - I understand...
    This show really is about the viewer's interpretation. It is just vague enough that it lets the audience theorize with a few vague guide lines here and there. Nonsense can be taken seriously or it can be ignored. I imagine that isn't easy to pull off, and even harder to make this popular.

    However... ugh I will never watch another episode again. I want to like Adventure Time but I really can't. Doug's enjoyment of the show is so much better when I have no clue what he's talking about. It's not just Doug, a lot of Adventure Time fans make mountains out of mole hills. I'd rather pretend that the show is as awesome as Doug describes it instead of watching along, getting disappointed, and then watching Doug and company talk it up like something life changing has happened.
  • jeremycards
    nice :P i kinda wanted Jason to tell him that they call him Simon from time to time now, so its not like this tape is forgotten.
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