The Legend of Korra Vlogs - And the Winner Is...

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  • DLT00
    Gotta get my Doug Korra fix in for the day. :)
  • Elphaba645
    I HATE the title of this episode. And the show is very rushed. And the romance is awful. I found myself falling in love with everything about TLA, and though I'd like to love Korra, the best I can say is its good at best. I find it more ok.

    I like the announcer, though.
  • capttravis1228  - Agreed
    I agree with Doug the pacing was off on this show...probably the only complaint I have against it (I freaking love this show)

    It does eventually pick up...they kind of meander a little but the last few episodes make up for it big time.

    Still enjoying the vlogs
  • Kyle Voltti
    the pacing issues I lay at the feet of the executives who short shrifted the series
  • WhovianUnlimited
    I am in complete and total agreement with you.
  • Capt Harkness51
    Loving the vlogs, can't wait for the NC review of *shudders* ...The Last Airbender.
  • PsychesRose
    Yay! You're back!

    I don't know if it's just me, but I get the feeling that Doug is trying really really hard to love it, but can't. He knows this isn't the original, but at the same time he can't unwatch Last Airbender. Since it's by the same people, he's giving it the benefit of the doubt because in some places they've up their game and in others they kind of back tracked. It's balancing out to like instead of love.

    While Last Airbender got him hooked in the second episode, I'm just not seeing the same shine in his eye anymore. It's kind of sad. Maybe it'll come back when things actually get going, but I don't know...
  • vickyvivivicci
    Or maybe he's trying too hard to be a critic instead of just watching the show. His personal gripes with cliches and so on are getting in the way of watching it as a viewer. He did the same exact thing with Avatar: TLA.

    Korra is different. That doesn't mean it's bad. Doug acknowledges this and says he LIKES that it's different. I don't think Doug is failing to enjoy the series at all. He clears does enjoy it. This is a legitimately enjoyable series. So, no, I think Doug is doing just fine in terms of enjoying it. He's not forcing himself to enjoy it at all (how can you force yourself to enjoy something? Wouldn't that be like forcing yourself to enjoy having dental work done without anesthetic?). There's plenty of things people can complain about with Korra, but watching it as a viewer, I think, makes the experience a lot less nitpicky.
  • Chaosdirge  - I have to disagree,
    I liked Korra. When it did things right it did them right, but it is obvious it is not as good as the first series by a good degree. Its cliched, it handles its lessons in a much less mature way even though it is geared more toward adults. Its just not as good. I think that's partially because it was rushed. That scene with the flowers in the crying... it wasn't funny, it was played as funny. Its like they didn't know what to do with the love triangle or try to explain these emotions and just really make Korra look like an idiot and Mako look like a jerk. While that is what most teenagers identify with it doesn't really show what those emotions are about and rather just rushes it. The love triangle goes on for a couple episodes... its just very poorly handled and even the ending for it is just kind of out of place. Its not handled as comedy or serious but an odd combination of both that just doesn't work well. Like Doug I like the changes they did do but I also feel like the generation it was trying to talk about kind of felt detached from the creators at the same time Where as The Last Airbender knew clearly what it was.
  • PsychesRose
    I'm not saying he doesn't like Avatar:LoK, I'm just saying he's not in love with it like he was with Avatar:TLA. He likes that their going a different direction, but that doesn't guarantee it will be great. Avatar:TLA got him hooked on the second episode and as time went on there was barely a negative word about it that can out of his mouth (not counting the Balto episode). As a viewer he was singing its praises and as a critic he admired every shot and detail.

    Now it's balanced out every vlog. Half of it's good and half is bad. Avatar:TLA just set the bar really high and I think he was expecting more of that great writing and beautiful character development because it's by the same people. And while the are certainly things he loves about it, there are things that could've been done better in Avatar:LoK even with the limited time given, like the never changing scenery and some of the clich├ęs. These are the things that are hard to over look and really drag the series down from fully fulfilling its potential. That doesn't make it bad, it just could be better. And it seems that it's these things that are keeping Doug from fully falling in love with this series like he was with Avatar: TLA and I kind of miss that.
  • Mr.Whatever
    Yes the pacing was bad for the show, and the But they know now they have three more books so hopefully it'll be better in the future.

    Also, Bolin is my favorite! Give him some love!
  • blue hat guy  - WELL...........


  • citr92  - not 3 books
    korra was green lighted as a mini series at 12 episodes, later turned into more books, but rather late (as i've said many times)

    but again, i hate that people judge this one season to ATLA as a whole...doesn't make sense

    i'm sure season 2 will be less clunky, though i love the first season
  • blue hat guy
    you got my there if any one read this
  • Stickfigure
    Yay he remembers Tenzin's name now!
  • thaDaniroy
    it was a ferret that ate through the ropes. wish they had more time thats whats wrong with this show.
  • dhusk
    I like the fact that Korra screws up and gets things wrong, or that things just go wrong--its the way fights really are. It makes her more sympathetic and easily identifiable, I think.

    To quote Rocky, its not who can punch the hardest who wins the fight, but the guy who can keep getting up after getting knocked down. I think that's the kind of fighter they're building Korra to be. Not dumb, but very tenacious and tough who may screw up and get knocked on her ass but she keeps getting back up to kick ass again. Definitely a very different kind of fighter and strategist than Aang.

    Kind of off on a tangent, but Aang as a fighter was kind of like Jackie Chan, mostly about dodging and manuevers and counter strikes. Korra is more like Rocky, who will just stride in, swinging away with power offensives, and if she can't overpower her opponent with a knockout, she'll try to outlast him.

    I think her screw-ups fit into that. She'll blunder, looks like she's on the ropes, then get back up dramatically and come back swinging. Makes for adding good drama and tension to fight scenes like in this episode.
  • ToastyMozart
    The water thing actually makes sense after finishing the season.
  • citr92  - korra and aang
    Aang was shown to be a very gifted and confident fighter, he was a fully realized avatar at age 13 and very spiritual being an air bender

    korra still has stuff to learn, though very physical and confronts things head on, opposite of aang, and while she got the 3 other elements down faster, she's not as skilled of a fighter, Aang didn't lose often

    i think korra is just used to just bull rushing things while aang sat back and strategized...Aang also never did many things wrong that bit him in the end...korra does, like dhusk says

    korra may have stronger avatar state, but she, so far, seems to not be nearly as strong as aang, it happens
  • ultimateotaku  - JK Simmons
    Wait what? The voice of Cave Johnson is also Tensin??? Damn, I never would have guessed.
  • Dapencilcounselor  - the second half
    this is the part that the show gets good. REALLY good. the first half is slow, but the second MORE than makes up for it.
  • MisterKorman
    Pretty awesome redecoration, right Doug?
  • starfall42
    Well, at least he's not making a face this time. And hey, the area did get redecorated.

    Hang on, stuff does start to move from here on.

    The flashback fakeout was done well. The music swells, the camera slowly zooms in, and ... "Why am I even telling you this?!"

    We'll see a little more about the Cabbage Corporation later.

    Yes, I wondered if they were searching the arena beforehand, why didn't they search the fans too?

    Up in the stands, you can see some fans cosplaying as Bolin, Korra, and Mako.

    Doug didn't mention it this time either, but this is the second time Korra has a vision of the past with the adult original Team Avatar.
  • vickyvivivicci
    The spectators weren't there yet to be searched. Searching every single person, especially when their shock-gloves were in bags of popcorn and not left under the seats or otherwise somewhere people could find them, when they had NO IDEA THESE GLOVES EVEN EXISTED BEFORE NOW, is, I think, not really viable.

    Yeah, the Korra-fan-girl was adorable. XD I wonder why Doug hasn't said anything about the visions. :( Maybe he's more focused on blaming Korra for the structural integrity of glass. Does he think she invented glass or something? That's the only way I could see it being her fault.

    No, wait, not even then.
  • Hojo1987  - Thank You
    The pacing is what allows for the predictability of the show. They should have moved the story much faster.
  • Zukamud  - Korra's Waterbending Screwup
    Yeah that always bothered me a bit, but after rewatching that episode I'm positive now it wasn't a mistake on her part.
  • Critic From The Future
    Definitely agree with you about the pacing problem, but I don't think you'll be disappointed with the next episode, as in my opinion that's where it really starts to pick up (after the go cart scene). Even though I liked the next episode, there was still one scene that I absolutely hated and it made me despise Korra. You'll probably think the same as me.
  • RedRapptor  - Agreed
    I agree with Korra's screw-ups going overboard. I really thought her apparent need to be saved when she failed to reach the blimp and when she fell through the glass was kind of laughable. Korra is a natural born waterbender taught by Katara, and she's the Avatar. There's no way she would mess up a simple water funnel like that. Also it's been shown before that it is not difficult to break a fall with bending, especially for the Avatar. There's no reason Korra should have been in any real danger when she was falling because she could have used firebending to cushion her fall, or if she was headed for the water, she could have created a water funnel to catch her.
  • ToastyMozart  - Have you finished the series?
    If you've finished the series, it'll actually make sense how the funnel collapsed.
    (Ambiguity meant to avoid spoilers)
  • thorondragon
    ...... katara could not make the water funnel last any longer either. bending is all aobut momentum, and how they move allows them to create effects. you cannot create a water funnel when you are falling. and fire bending would not cushion her fall without risking at burning her.

    its one thing to say she made a mistake if she made a stupid choice, another if she was fighting and the environment was set against her.
  • Neverpleased
    Have you watched the show till the end? If not then it doesn't really make much sense now. Let's just say it's a BIIIIIIG spoiler about one of the characters.
  • vickyvivivicci
    She made no screw-ups in this episode. Zero. She just couldn't stretch the water out that far. The glass broke under her because everyone and his brother's nephew's dog was up there fighting on top of the glass roof.

    Protip: Glass breaks. This is something that happens. It had nothing to do with Korra doing anything wrong.

    Also, who said she was falling towards the water? For the second fall she very clearly was NOT. She can't Airbend, so she can't fly or "cushion her fall" that way. She doesn't know how to use Firebending for rocket propulsuon. That leaves... Earthbending. What's she going to do, pull stone discs out of the ring and make stairs with them which she can walk down to safety in mid-air?

    Yeah, no.
  • hunyuu
    She's the avatar, I'm pretty sure if she wanted to she could make that water funnel stretch out even more. What some are saying that it makes sense if you've watch the entire series is true. Some people even correctly assumed what happened before they were given all the information.
  • SatMornRejects
    The thing about Legend of Korra is that it is designed to be completely opposite of Avatar The Last Airbender but with the same quality. This was Bryke's intention. The only thing similar to both shows is the mythology, which season 2 might just say otherwise.
  • FactorFiction
    Yeah, the pacing is pretty terrible, especially with all the subplots they try to cram in there. The payoff, while good, is kind of a disappointment, considering the real battle starts close to the end and it is resolved very quickly and easily, with barely a semblance of consequences.

    Korra not being able to make the waterspout long enough to reach the Equalist's is kind of explained in the original series. We see the 'waterspout' only twice in the original series, one of which was when Aang was in the Avatar State and the other being Master Pakku under the power of a Full Moon, so one can presume that it is a very difficult maneuver and I think it is impressive Korra reached that high without either the Avatar State or the Full Moon aiding her.

    And I'm glad you noticed Cabbage Corp. ahead of time. In that case, you're in for a huge laugh in the next episode.
  • Vismutti
    Yeah, I got the same impression about the waterspout, that it was something only a master waterbender, or an Avatar in the Avatar State could do.
  • Dipper723
    Bet you liked the redesign, huh Doug?
  • ToastyMozart  - Popcorn
    It probably wasn't a coincidence that everyone picked the same hiding place for the gloves, they seem to be implying that there is someone working there that puts them in the popcorn upon seeing some signal from the person buying it.
    Also, they aren't so much chi-blocking gloves as they are Tasers, which would make the metalbenders' armor and cables work against them (conductive), and explains how it worked on the announcer.
  • ChiyoYaiden  - You like Amon?
    Good luck with the finale.
  • KouTheMad

    He's full of Steve Blum goodness.
  • Dipper723
    Doug! If Harry Potter was told in three books, those books would be REALLY REALLY BIG! Heck, some of the seven books are already REALLY BIG!
  • BigMac90
    Doug hasn't read the books though, and given how the movies were made, I can see how he might think otherwise (though I would probably say 4 films, not 3).

    But you're right - the story in the books could not have been told in less than 7.
  • blue hat guy
    Are you show on that on ( I said sarcastically )
  • blade0805  - understand where your coming from
    love all the reviews that you have done. I think one of the reasons that korra rushes in to trouble is because she is sixteen and having all this power at an early age has gone to her head a lot. Her being a hot head is just like a real teenage girl with all her emotions and going through the changes would be like. still a child yet trying to be the woman she should become and having Chief Beifong come and rescue her a lot of times is that she is the Mother role and showing that letting Korra make her mistakes but then have to come in a save her or guide her to the right solution.
  • laughanyway!
    I honestly don't get Doug's problem with Korra. I mean he says he still likes her, but his reasons for being hesitant about enjoying her character is that "she's making too many missteps"? I don't understand. She's a short tempered, hot head, with a bit of an ego but still has a big heart and is very loving and caring. How is a character learning and facing problems ever a problem? She has to make mistakes to learn, Doug. I mean during the fight your taking about it was her trying to get Amon by any means she could but not quite making it. That's an awesome scene.

    It's a sexism thing. Guys can fail all they want, see Zuko and Aang, but whenever a girl does that a few times, "she's too weak".
  • Sadako
    I think the complaint is that we're literally halfway through the season, and she's still making the same mistakes. It's not that she has to make mistakes to learn from them, it's that she's not learning enough from them (for Doug's taste, anyway).
  • vickyvivivicci
    But she didn't make any mistakes in this episode.
  • vickyvivivicci
    I agree completely. And this is the first episode where she made no mistakes at all and actually learned and showed restraint. Korra is awesome, she is clearly learning, and she is going to keep being challenged over and over and over and not succeed. Even the original Team Avatar from TLA messed up repeatedly, lost battles, etc. They lost the entire Earth Kingdom, failed that the Day of Black Sun, and didn't stop Ozai before he started torching the Earth Kingdom, among other things.

    We're half-way in, Doug, and the problems you're complaining about don't even show up in this episode. The environment being against her isn't an error on her part.

    Anyway, I wish he'd spent more time talking about all the cool stuff in this episode, or acknowledging stuff like Korra's HUGE MAJOR VISIONS SHE KEEPS HAVING OF ADULT AANG, LIKE, "OH MY GOD THIS IS IMPORTANT WHY ARE YOU IGNORING THIS".

    But I mean, he says he thinks Amon is a great villain but then barely even acknowledges he was even in the episode. Or what about the fact that the "cliche" in this case would be, "the bullies are somehow defeated by the heroes and lose the tournament and the underdogs are the heroes", and they DON'T GO THAT ROUTE? Don't you hate cliches? Aren't you happy they didn't do that? What about the fact the guys who DID win got their bending taken away by Amon in front of a crowded stadium? That is serious shit.

    What about when Amon makes it up into the airship a split-second ahead of Korra's fire blasts, and then just turns around and watches as they keep coming up inches from his face? Wasn't that a cool moment? What about the fact that Korra went after Amon instead of standing around like a lump? What about Lin Beifong going up there with her and the two of them kicking Equalist ass together? What about EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS EPISODE? I mean, minor details, okay, fine, I don't expect you to do a review for every single thing.

    But you're doing a review in which you complain about minor things. So if you're going to focus on negative inconsequential things, I guess you should also do the positive ones, right?

    Seems like more attention was put into blaming Korra for glass being brittle when a dozen people are engaging in heavy combat on top of it than anything meaningful.
  • SilentHitman
    You say the same stuff over and over, "quit being critical and talk about how awesome this part was!!!" It's not the end of the world if he doesn't like something in this series...
  • PsychesRose
    I don't think the problem is that she makes mistakes. It's more of how often she makes them and how the execution is handled. Yes, Aang and Zuko did make mistakes and a lot of them as well as all the other characters, but the difference is that there was a lot of time between each mistake for a single character and a lot of time exploring why it was a mistake and how to do better. Aang wasn't the one making all the mistakes- Katara, Sokka, Toff, Zuko, Azula, and everyone else were guilty of that too, like how it is in life.

    Avatar:LoK doesn't have a lot of time to begin with so trying to put in that many mistakes and all revolved around a single character makes the whole thing feel a little like she's a dumbass in destress. If they had spread out these mistakes among the rest of the cast and possibly fewer mistakes to fit the time span it wouldn't have so bad.
  • LuciusMadgloom  - I'll be honest
    I Love The romance hints between Tenzin & Lin... I mean she seems like such hard ass from the start but those bits show she can be kinda cute... Korra's romance/Drama SUCKS seriously the entire execution of that just pisses me off :/ especially how Mako goes about his actions & the "resolve" of it all is just BAD
  • blue hat guy
    I 100% with you on this man / women / what ever you are
  • Andruism
    JK Simmons was also Cave Johnson in Portal 2, another famous personality :)
  • spizazzle
    They really tried to make this show different from Avatar, and personally I think they did a good job. For me, the pacing didn't detract from the overall quality of the show. The show addresses good issues and Korra especially is a good character, as she makes a very believable teenager. The animation is spectacular and the music goes unmatched in terms of kids' TV soundtracks; it's absolutely gorgeous.

    My biggest problem with the show was the supporting characters. Bolin is way too extreme and Mako is bland, bland, bland. I like Asami but wish they'd done more with her. Tenzin is okay but could be better. That being said, Pema and the airbender kids are all awesome, and Lin Bei Fong is the most badass character EVER. And Amon is a great villain.
  • blue hat guy
    Pacing was not a problem when I watched on TV but I didn't notice it when I watched it again on DVD.

    On a side note this is the last show I watch on tv become I like to binge watch my shows.
  • RedMilleniumRanger
    You are right doug. The cabbage merchant started a car company and everything is powered by cabbages. Also, his son is in charge of the factory now.
  • Andruism
    Also, Bei Fong would not have been able to kick Amon's ass. Just saying, she would have lost her bending then and there.
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