The Last Airbender Vlogs - The Desert

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  • Dipper723
    Cactus Juice is the best drug ever!
  • Dipper723
    How can you not talk about the cactus juice?
  • Zorro4k6
    Yeah, seriously Doug, I'm shocked you didn't talk about Sokka in this one. Sokka was hilarious in this episode. "You've been hallucinating on cactus juice all day, and then you just lick something stuck to the wall of a cave?!" I love that line. Also, "Momo! No! You've killed us all!" Haha. How about, "It was you! You ratted me out!" I love the animation on Momo after Sokka accuses him. Momo is sadden by this. That was great, haha. I'm glad you did talk about Toph a little bit.

    Doug, this was much better than the previous Vlog, however it still could be even better in my opinion. You still didn't mention the sand benders which are really cool. Also Appa is not just a pet to Aang, he represents Aang's life 100 years ago. Appa is one of the few "old" friends Aang has left. So the fact that's he's gone is saying that Aang's life 100 years ago is gone. All he has are memories now. In addition to that, Appa is part of their family. So it's painful to lose a pet, but it's even more painful to lose a family member. Also, I would have loved to hear your thoughts about what Katara was going through in most of this episode. Remember, with Appa and all their stuff gone, they are not only lost in the desert, they have a slim chance of survival. They have no food, very little water, and nothing to protect them from the sun. So I like love how when everyone else, even Aang have given up, Katara is the one that remains hopeful and keeps them all together. She takes charge and leads them to get out of the desert. It would have been cool to hear your thoughts on it. Oh well.

    Overall, I love this episode. I love the musical score at the end when Aang goes into the Avatar state. I also love how it's Katara to calm him down. I think you're right about why it's her to calm him down, Doug. But I think it's much more than she knows this pain. She knows that Aang is just angry and what's the best way to calm down someone that angry? You embrace that person. She knew Aang wouldn't hurt her and she knew that all he needed to do was to let it all out. To cry, just like she was doing. It's a great scene and honestly, it made me cry one tear.

    As for the stages of grief, I agree. This does show one of the stages. The next episode continues this, but maybe not in the way you are expecting Doug. Really Doug, from The Library onward is where this show just becomes even more awesome than it was when it started. It's no longer awesome, it's awesometacular, haha. Also, keep in mind that they know where Appa is heading. That guy who stole Appa said he traded him to some merchants that were heading to Ba Sing Se. Our heroes have to head there anyway to give the solar eclipse information to the Earth King. Maybe they'll run into Appa there.

    Anyway, I think you'll like the next episode, Doug. It gives great character development. :)
  • LexioRules
    I really loved this episode. The ending is perfect!!
    no music, no dialogue, just Aang in Avatar State,Katara, and the music.

    Also I loved Sokka, of course XD
    "It's a.. Giant Mushroom... MAYBE IT'S FRIENDLY :D"
  • KaizerJED
    So it had no music, but it had music? lol
  • wasteguru  - Perfect ending
    I completely agree. The ending of this episode is one of my favorite moments in the show. Just the look on Katara's face as she grabs Aang gets to me every time.
  • PIE!
    I think part of the problem is that Doug seems to go off into the weeds of this-might-have-happened- instead and tropes-he-hates and doesn't really talk much about what DOES happen. I wish he'd stop dreading future episodes/plot development and pay more attention to the present one.

    I did like that they didn't treat grief stages as if they happen linearly.
  • Neotag  - then vote down
    It's painfully clear he's rushing though these Vlogs and missing half the episode. If you don't like it vote the video down. It's not a sign you dislike Doug's work it's just a way to tell him he's gotten sloppy.

    Doug dude I think you need to take a brake do whatever cons or such your doing then start Book 2 over. Half of the book 2 vlogs have shown obvious signs you haven't really been watching the show, but had it on in the background while working on something else. Whatever it is working on editing getting packed for travel doesn't matter you're not focused on the show and it's causing you to miss major plot points and huge subplots.

    Love the vlogs when you are honestly watching the show, Can't stand them when your not really trying
  • HMorris73
    These aren't supposed to be in-depth reviews, just quick, initial impressions immediately after a single viewing. Just because he didn't talk about everything you wanted him to doesn't mean he didn't really watch it.
  • Neotag  - And?
    No one is really asking for in-depth, but at the same time missing entire sections, plot points, and subplots of the episode. This is a clear sign that he's not focusing on these last few episodes and there vlogs. Which he's already told us why he's marathoning, why because he's editing and getting ready for cons. The last time he did this the same thing happened.

    It's far better to tell Doug when he makes these mistakes then sit back and pretend these haven't taken a sharp decline in quality
  • HMorris73
    My problem is you're making assumptions about how much he's paying attention, maybe certain things just didn't stand out to him as much. Like I said these are just his personal first impressions, he's not obligated to talk about everything that happens.
  • CharginChuck
    It'll quench ya! Nothing's quenchier! It's the quenchiest!
  • Raverdash
    That and noodles.
  • Elphaba645
    Yeah, Doug, you never mention Sokka! He's just hilarious! Give him some credit!

    I do agree this deals with one of the stages of grief, and handles it very well. I do like the ending with Katara holding Aang a lot. And really, not only is Appa all the things you mentioned in the vlog, but he's also the only being left from Aang's past, a hundred years ago. Later you also see how sky bison and their owners, essentially, have a special connection. Also Appa was one thing that Aang probably felt was his responsibility, and he's now lost. Not to mention Appa was their way of transportation. And Aang killing that wasp was really dark and sad. He's so angry and vengeful that he doesn't even hesitate to forgo his own morals and kill something.

    (How horrible would it have been if that bee thing flew away with Momo? When Aang flew after him I was like, yeah kid, go chase that lemur, screw the others! You just can't lose another great pet that's one of the only things left of your people!)
  • minnie3434
    Sokka in this episode is so funny. I nearly died of laughter.
  • Brageyboy
    I really like this episode, it gets really good after this too!
  • Twisted Logic  - Cactus juice: it's the quenchiest!
    This is a great episode, and marks the halfway point of the series! I'm glad to see you're liking it so far. :)
  • Darkcloud1111  - Less humor in the reviews?
    Now I am most likely not the first to notice this, but it seems that Doug isn't really talking about some of the funny subplots in the episodes. I mean back in Book 1, he kept saying how he was really starting to enjoy the humor and stuff. "The Cave of Two Lovers" is pretty much the last time he really mentioned anything he found funny. I mean if he said he didn't enjoy the jokes (Sokka stick in a hole, Sokka high on cactus juice, or whatever), then I would understand. But he just seems to be skipping over it
  • TheWelshPirate
    I imagine he's just trying not to repeat himself. If he's still enjoying the humor, there is no real need to keep mentioning that he still enjoys the humor.

    That's just why I think he hasn't been talking about it lately. He doesn't have anything new to add.
  • mariage_sorciere
    I agree. He's not going to point out every single time he laughed. Sure he may not be talking about a lot of our favorite moments, but that's not to say he didn't enjoy them.
  • Darkcloud1111
    I understand that he isn't going to point out every time he laughed at something, but he isn't really pointing out any time he laughed at anything. It also isn't like every episode has the same humor. For example, when Sakka was trapped in the hole, he kept making promises to the Karma-god, only to not go through with it the second he was saved. He also pretty much defined his character during that time ("I'm the meat and sarcasm guy, but if I get free I will give them up.") Then when Aang shows up, he instantly asks him if he has any meat. That in my opinion was pretty funny. Then Toph saying that she should free him or Aang could crush him. Doug was even saying that he didn't want to make a short episode but ran out of things to talk about. I mean he could of at least mentioned it...

    Then the desert episodes went in a different direction with the comedy. I mean I thought the quick little moments with Toph and Appa outside the library were really funny. It kind of shows how the two don't really get along as Toph can't see when Appa is flying. Then Sakka high on Cactus juice I thought was just really funny, but it was kind of a cheap laugh.
  • Capt Harkness51
    Loved tis episode, can't wait for more!

    Don't drink the cactus juice.
  • KenxKao
    Cactus Juice, the Weed of the Avatar Universe.
  • Lightice
    Not weed, peyote. A lot of cacti in real life contain various psychotropic substances, most famously mescaline.
  • Silverviper2134
    You actually kind of get it right when you said that in the next episode, Aang is trying to hide his grief. He doesn't do it by joking; he just basically acts like he doesn't care, because he doesn't want to get angry enough to go into the Avatar State and hurt people.
  • Dacilriel
    Drink cactus juice! It'll quench ya! Nothing's quenchier! It's the quenchiest!

    I like how Katara really steps up in this episode and is taking on all the responsibility of being the leader. She's the one making plans, holding her temper, trying to help the others. And like Doug said, she's the only one who doesn't freak when Aang starts glowing.
  • Morphiend  - Your Vlogs
    Your Vlogs have forced me to spend $150 on the series for DVD. I NEED to watch these again, for sure! i hope to finish them before you finish the vlogs
  • kyren0
    I suppose now would be a bad time to tell you the whole series is on Amazon Instant Video. It's kinda like Netflix, and practically free if you use Amazon a lot
  • Elphaba645
    $150? I spent $40 on all three seasons. Where'd you buy them?
  • Youngbountygirl
    Don't worry. They do carry that grief on.

    I wish you could've mentioned about the cactus juice part. That was hilarious.
  • cyndaaquil
    I can't wait till he sees the next episode. And all the ba sing se ones. All those little things from season 1 really do come back (:
  • SistersOfTheKilt
    "It's a Giant Mushroom..... Maybe it's friendly! Friendly mushroom! Friendly mushroom!"

    The best thing about this episode.
  • CharginChuck
    Also, "Who lit Toph on fire?"

    One of my favorite lines ever.
  • Dacilriel
    Mushy giant friend!
  • Neojanus
    Doug might have missed the biggest part of the show. When Aang kills the vulturewasp I was seriously taken a back. Aaang being who he is just killing an animal out of a sort of revenge, that was so dark it made me feel sad.
  • Vioven  - Spoiler Free
    Maybe it’s friendly! lol (The way he says this line.)

    I think the most intense scene here was when Momo got snatched.

    Aang killed, something he avoids at all costs because of his respect for life. But he didn’t hesitate to split that wasp in half after it’d let go of Momo. Showing how shaken over Appa he really was to forgo his own morals.

    The episodes always showed the bond between those two but only in unobtrusive scenes that were usually part of something bigger going on. Where he’d be worried about him being tired, or being afraid of caves, or getting angry when Toph blames him. This episode cements just how important Appa really is to him. Momo’s his pet but Appa’s his companion. And I really like how they had Aang act: snappy and restless, like he was suspended until he found Appa again. Because that’s how it feels, to worry about not seeing them again, if someone might hurt them, or if they’re dead and you’re not there for them. Just looking and worst of all, waiting. Like you can’t *really* move on until you know they’re okay.

    It also highlighted how much Katara actually helps keep the group from falling apart under pressure. It’s a part of who she is and I don’t think many shows that have ‘motherly’ type characters handle it as well as here. Showing both the good points and bad to such a personality.

    All in all, it’s a nice follow up to The Library.
  • TheWelshPirate
    Great Vlog! I'm really glad you caught on to the connection between Aang and Appa. I admittedly missed that on my first viewing, and thought Aang was unreasonably angry and wrathful this episode. But upon reflection I finally realized that not only is Appa Aang's oldest friend, but he's also the only living connection Aang has of his old life, not to mention Appa is one of the last living remnants of Aang's entire culture. I definitely understand his anger much better now.

    I also love this episode because of how Katara keeps everyone together. She's always been the most hopeful in the group, and here she uses that hope to keep them going when everyone else is angry or depressed (or high on cactus juice).

    Oh, and...

  • kyren0
    It's almost outright stated that Appa is Aang's Spirit animal, just like Roku's Dragon, and Korra's Bear. The bond is so strong that Roku is still with his dragon in the afterlife.
  • SRanger1071  - Hell Hath No Fury like an Avatar!
    I call bullsh*t on the son's pleas for forgiveness. If he knew Appa was the AVATAR'S sky bison (and some part of him must have known; what are the odds that an Air Nomad walking into town 100 years after the Air Nomad Genocide was NOT the Avatar?), he would've asked for more money.

    I secretly hope Aang went back to that a$$hole after he became a Fully Realized Avatar. I don't think Aang would kill him, but this show has demonstrated there are fates worse than death. Aang can start with ensuring that guy NEVER sleeps through the night without wetting himself ever again, and maybe work his way to certain punishments only Avatars can deal out.
  • Lightice
    No, the guy wouldn't have stolen the Avatar's animal, if for no other reason than fear of retaliation. He's a douche, but his reasoning basically is that you care for your own group but outsiders are fair game. But the Avatar is sacred incarnation of the world spirit to all the four nations and only the worst and the most deluded people would actually actively work against him.

    The guy was unlikely to recognise an Airbender or sky bison, at all, considering it's been a 100 years.
  • johncrab  - Oh your god...
    I took forever for him to talk about the best character in the show, Toph. But he didn't talk about Sokka at all. WTF man.

    Is he doing this on purpose?
  • DarkerthanBlackfan13  - Cactus Juice
    HOW COULD YOU NOT MENTION CACTUS JUICE!?!?!?! Please start mentioning some of the humor again. The humor is a good bit of why I enjoy Avatar so much. It's okay to talk about the characters for most of the Vlog, but at least mention some of the funny jokes in that episode. PLEASE!

    "It's a giant mushroom.... MAYBE IT'S FRIENDLY!!!" - Sokka
  • johncrab  - Where's the humor?
    Doug seems so disinterested in the shows humor that it makes me think he's going to love the movie.
  • TheWelshPirate
    Calm down dude. Doug has made it clear many times that he doesn't like repeating the same point over and over again. If he's not mentioning the humor, it's only because he still like it and thus has nothing new to add other than repeating that he still likes it.
  • wayouthere
    YAY! I'm happy for the new blog, but I find myself agreeing with a lot of what Darkcloud1111 said about stuff being skipped over (Which may be because Doug's preoccupied with others things).

    Sadly, with stuff being skipped over like the Cactus Juice moments (SERIOUSLY?!?! no mention of cactus juice at all?!?!?!), I feel like these blog are starting to just summarize the episodes and are losing the feelings and passion they once had...

    I love the series, I've watched it many times and some of the vlogs are disappointing/ a letdown when they things are skipped or barely mentioned.

    Hopefully, they start to feel like they once did!
  • johncrab  - I totally agree with you.
    I've seen the show, I don't need a summary. I'm glad that he's doing these vlogs, but I wish he would touch on more characters than just 75% Zuko, 15% Aang, 5% Katara and 5% everybody/thing else.
  • cyndaaquil
    I think it's good he's focusing a lot on Zuko. Characters like aang and katara and sokka are basically the same from here on ( a few changes ) but with Zuko his story has just begun. He's understanding what he feels and how big of a part he's really going to have. Zuko is expected to change a lot and his personality. Its good he's picking up on this stuff and pointing it out.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    That (certain) field mouse picture on your wall... is it one of a kind? Cause Google reverse image search does nothing.
  • DevotedIdeal
  • Malgoroth
    There was so much you didn't talk about! Like The Vulture Wasps, and the cactus juice! Also I attribute Tophs personality to how much she hated her old life. She is completely iconoclastic against wealth and behaving herself because she was kept in isolation in her dads manor behind wealth and manners and most social interaction with the outside world. Also the next two episodes aired on the same day, so... two parter?
  • Shaddic
    When you say little or nothing about Toph and Sokka, you might as well have only watched half the episode. Especially in this one, with the cactus juice, which is legendary in the Avatar fandom.
  • FormerlyNoobmaster117  - APPA NOOOO
    I find it a teensy bit frustrating that Appa isn't found until like the second to last episode of the season, and I wish they gave the one guy a bigger part than just an obstacle, you don't give someone the epic voice of Clancy Brown and just drop him after the season ends.
  • jonaslum
  • himev
    Another way of looking at Doug skipping over some of the good parts of an episode is it allows us to comment on them ourselves. Why not talk about what he misses in-depth instead of complaining about it?
  • MavenCree
    Oh Appa will argue with Aang from time to time. And Appa is waaaaaaay more than a pet. He's Aang's Familiar. Each Avatar has their own Familiar who apparently are spiritually linked to them. We never see it with Aang, but with Roku, his dragon appears in the spirit world with his from time to time.
  • johncrab  - Sad Face :(
    I hate to come down on Doug, because I have enjoyed so much of his work in the past. But, have to say I'm a bit disappointed. This review is just okay. I gave him 5 star just for doing these reviews. But, it's nothing on the level of what, 'Digital Gonzo' did. Where they covered each of the 3 books, the awful movie and The Legend of Korra. Each one of those reviews are over 2 and a half hours long. Now, I don't expect that kind of in-dept look in to the shows. Having said that I am still glad he is reviewing the show. I just wish he would cover more of the characters.
  • pacduck  - ProTip
    Loving all of these vlogs. Watching you watch my favorite show and love it is awesome.

    As for the next part, I suggest watching the next two episodes at once. I believe they originally aired as an hour long special entitles "Journey to Ba Sing Se" and was comprised of "The Serpent's Pass" and "The Drill".

    Just a suggestion is all. And can't wait to see the rest of the videos!
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