The Last Airbender Vlogs - Zuko Alone

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  • kyren0
    Its not spoiling anything to tell you this, but in the middle of filming this season, Mako passed away. So you're coming up on the last few episodes he was in.
  • Byne
    He voiced all of his season 2 lines before he died, as far as I know. The first episode where Iroh was voiced by someone else was The Avatar and the Fire Lord.
  • KaizerJED
    Mako did finish all his lines for season 2 but if you listen closely during the episode "Tales of Ba Sing Se," during Iroh's story where the kids are playing earth ball (or whatever) you can hear that the new voice actor dubbed over that part. Not the whole story, just the part where Iroh is talking to the kids.
  • Sadako
    That's correct, according to my knowledge. But the episodes might not have been aired by that point, leading people to say he died in the middle of the season. So sad...
  • Skoonie  - @ Byne
    This is technically true, but there was a few lines in "Tales of Ba Sing Se" where Iroh was voiced by Greg Baldwin, who took over the character after Mako's death.

    Also, I really love these Vlogs, but this one in particular made me think about the episode in a way I didn't try to before. I never put any thought into why Iroh gave Azula the doll in the flashback, thinking that Iroh was just trying to be nice to her, but didn't really know how to reach her like he could Zuko, being the father of a single son. I loved your interpretation of the scene, and makes me rethink the scene entirely! Thank you for this :)
  • Lily_Bax
    About the doll, I never thought of it that way either. It really fits though and it's something I could very much see him doing.
  • Zorro4k6
    Yeah, well he did in a way die mid season. But most of the season he had his lines recorded. I never knew about Greg Baldwin in "Tales of Ba Sing Se" though. He does a pretty good job. But no one will every replace Mako. I always thought Iroh was silent in Season 3 because they hadn't yet found a worthy successor to Mako. But now I think they did it just out of respect to Mako. I also liked how they named a character after him in Legend of Korra. It really shows just how much respect Mike and Bryan had for Mako.

    Anyway, I thought you would love this episode Doug. I always love it as well and that's simply because of the flashback and the development. I'm actually a little surprised you didn't talk about the beginning of it. There's that one scene where Zuko is so hungry and he see's a guy cooking meat. So he grabs his blades to steal it, but... he see's the man's wife is pregnant and decides to just keep moving. I find that really interesting. They continue to show more and more of Zuko's good nature and honor now. I think that was really well done as is the rest of the episode.

    The flashback is great because of the mother. She's so sweet and gentle to Zuko, while Azula is just pure evil. I mean that evil smile when Ozai becomes Fire Lord is just... *shivers*. But it's still awesome. I never really thought of the gift scene that way before. I suppose it's possible that Iroh is trying to bring Azula back. Good job, Doug. :) The final thing I will say about this is, that I love how the flashback ends. We know that something is going down with Ozai and Azulon, but we don't know what exactly. So I really like how the mother comes in and says that everything she did was to protect Zuko. I love how the final thing she says is, "No matter how things seem to change, never forget who you are." It's so beautiful and actually brings a tear to my eye.

    Speaking of which, I'm glad you picked up on the mother mystery. I know some people probably have spoiled what happens to her, but I hope you don't read them. You seem to be doing a great job so far in not being spoiled. Or at least you haven't mentioned it. Maybe you have someone screening the comments.

    Anyway, overall, this episode rocks. I love the back story, I love how Zuko is finding himself in the town, and I love seeing the Joker become Fire Lord. Oh yeah, there's another thing that's interesting about this episode. Susan Eisenberg who played Wonder Woman on Justice League and in the Justice League movies voiced the mom of the family Zuko befriends in this Earth Kingdom village. That's awesome. I never knew she was part of this show. I've seen this episode quite a few times before and I just now noticed that. So now we have the Joker and Wonder Woman in this show. Although, Wonder Woman only appears in this episode. But it's still cool. Is it just me, or is DC invading the Avatar universe? Haha.

    (Next Comment)
  • Zorro4k6
    Anyway, I think you will like the next one Doug. It has some great character development. :)
  • thorondragon
    and iroh was silent for several episodes, though i am not certain because they had yet to find a worthy follower or it was a silence of respect.
  • KenxKao
    According to one of my sources (granted it's by word of mouth, but you take what you can get), the creators planned on Iroh not having many lines in season three and it had nothing to do with Greage Baldwin taking over the roll. he dose a GREAT job by the way.

    Also, Doug, Yes, it IS supposed to be a mystery at this point as to what happened to Zuko's mom.

    . . . Also, do a little research into the Casting prosess of The Last Air Bender Movie . . . you are going to hate Shayamalon.
  • Magmabear
    E-Rod talked about this, right? Where Dante Basco wanted to play Zuko in the live action movie, but Shayamalon basically turned him away for Dev Patel?

    Big mistake.
  • KenxKao
    Exactly -_-
  • Fionna Wannabe
    I like how Doug says Dante Basco is older than he is. Dante Basco is only 38. How old exactly is Doug, because he looks like he's in his late-40s. XD
  • FormerlyNoobmaster117
    Brave soldier boy comes marching home ;_; gonna miss you, Makko
  • Orvis
    i never noticed the change lol
  • Floweramon
    Doug! Once you're done with the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, you should check out the sequel comics. There's a completed trilogy called The Promise (that goes into more of the political and prejudicial aftermath of the war) and one trilogy that's still coming out that's called The Search (which will answer a BIG question left after the series ends. Trust me, you're going to want the answer). And, as everyone has said, check out Legend of Korra (though be prepared to be frustrated with one of the subplots)

    EDIT: Also, extra little tidbit. After you finish the second season, go on youtube and search "Avatar lost episode" They're clips compiled from an online game that connect between the second and third seasons.
  • Blackdrazon
    The Avatar lost (EDIT: whoops "lost" not "last") episode is on the Season 2 Special Features! You don't need to search YouTube.
  • Floweramon
    Oh really? Very well then, do that ^_^

    Also, there's a collection of short comics that I believe the creators have said are canon to the series (except for the last couple in the collection). I believe the book is called "The Lost Adventures"
  • Elphaba645
    Yeah I ADORE this episode. I love seeing more of Zuko and Azula's backstory. Plus I love how it shows it doesn't really matter what Zuko does, (for right now) he will always be an outcast. Your interpretation of the gifts Iroh gave them was really interesting and unique (and they do say nations in the opening) and gave me a new outlook on the scene. Also, yeah, I'd say a guy prepared to fight with two big swords which he can use skillfully and a giant scar taking up almost half of his face is intimidating.

    Dante Basco is an AMAZING actor, really underrated, and his performance in Avatar is my favorite of his. He is so good, and just perfect in this episode.
  • Elphaba645
    This line I love, and always remember:
    "....You're soaking wet,"
    "Girls are crazy!"
    For some reason that cracks me up.
  • Dreyden
    This was one of my top three episodes of the show. It really got into Zuko's character, and I was waiting on the edge of my seat for you to get to it ^_^
  • Toad911  - Me too.
    It was to the point that my sister ran over to see it.
  • Capt Harkness51
    One of the best episodes in the season IMHO.
  • Dipper723
    This is my favorite episode of Avatar.
  • splot9  - no no it was this!
    Zuko's Uncle Iro lost his son and when Zukos father says Iro is weak and the firelord gets angry he's like lets see how you like it. So the firelord plans to kill Zuko so his dad can understand the pain Iro feels. They make a deal to kill Zukos mother instead of Zuko. So she dies (Or does she? DUN DUN DUN!) How fucked up does that make it that Zuko then got burned by his father who tried his best to save him at one point? It's not explained in great detail but I understood it from watching the show, guess some people missed some parts of it. wiki/Ursa This explains more about Zukos mother but if you haven't finished all the episodes do not go on this as it has spoilers up the ass
  • Lily_Bax
    I don't think that's what happened. It's somewhat explained in the first 2-parter of S3.
  • TheWelshPirate
    I can only assume you intended to get almost every aspect of that story incorrect.
  • Slowking
    Well at least this way Doug isn't spoiled. So I count that as a win. :D
  • thorondragon  - CRITIC AVOID!!
    nooo, she assassinated the fire lord to spare her son.
  • senglish
    not it at all
  • Lily_Bax
    This is one of my favorite episodes. I love that the people of the town didn't support Zuko upon finding out who he was. It shows a harsh reality that this war has produced. As for the kid, I feel like the reason he turned so quickly is because of his brother and the way he was captured/died.

    I really enjoyed the back story. It showed how twisted Azula was, even as a child, and how innocent Zuko started out as. I love the scenes with him and his mother and everything with Iroh. The first time I saw this I almost cried when Ursa said the son had died, even knowing nothing about him. I came to understand how Iroh became who he is in the present.

    Can't wait for the next review!
  • Dipper723
    I won't reveal anything, but you should read the graphic novels, after you finish the series.
  • Digidrawr
    Only the father knows what happened to Zuko's mother. It's another mystery they throw at us and its maddening.
  • minnie3434
    Nostalgia Critic: Maybe? they will tell us what happened to his mom in the next one

    Me: aha...aha...ahahaha...aha hahah­ahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahah­ahahahahahaha
  • Dipper723
    Dude, he reads the comments.
  • DeadlyPrivate
    Zuko is a character that I love for how he views honor. He is someone who comes from one of the most honorable positions in the world, but due to that honor and his moral sense of what's right, he is burned horribly and exiled by his own father. This leads to him constantly questioning his motivations and what he should do, never trusting how good he is and whether being good is really the best thing for him.
  • Xthform  - Zuko's Mom.
    Sadly Doug if you want to find out about Zuko's mother your going to have to pick up the last airbender comics currently being published by Dark Horse. The creators of the cartoon teamed up with them to tell alot of back stories they couldn't fit into the show. The first 3 comics deal with the foundation of Republic city in the legend of Korra and as of June they started a new arc called "The Search" where Zuko the gang and Azula are on the hunt for Zuko and Azula's mother.
  • SatMornRejects
    He almost likes Zuko as much as I do. Awesome!
  • Kaga-kun
    The mystery of Zuko's mother. Annoying Avatar fans since 2006.
  • Sadako
    "Maybe we'll find out what happened to her in the next episode."

  • TheTannedOtaku
    Water TRIBES, Earth KINGDOM, Fire NATION, Air TEMPLES, hope that cleared things up.

    Moving on...
    Dante Basco IS an excellent VA, and a very versatile one too (I can still hear him saying "Dragon Up" now)

    This episode was great at explaining why Zuko was the way he was, even more than "The Storm", and yes, Lu Ten (uncle's son) and a Azulon (grandfather) is dead for real.

    It's great you're getting so accustomed to Zuko that I hope his actions in the season finale won't make you mad...
  • Siphon92
    Air NOMADS

    come on fan boy get it right lol
  • TheTannedOtaku
    A, that's fanGIRL, B, I know it's nomads, I was just going by locations
  • Twisted Logic
    Air Nomads. Their religious centers are the four temples.
  • Melkiador
    It is still correct to call them all nations. The Fire nation is more of a "kingdom" than the Earth nation, and borders on being an empire. The North Pole is also more of a Kingdom than a tribe. And it's not as if the South Pole didn't used to be a kingdom, they have just taken most of the beating from 100 years of Fire nation.

    The so-called Earth Kingdom is more of a confederacy. Omashu isn't subservient to Ba Sing Se. Really Ba Sing Se doesn't seem to have much influence outside of its own walls. It's just the biggest City. You can call it the capital, but large chunks of the Earth Kingdom don't seem to interact with it much at all.
  • KaytOfTheBlackCoats
    From what I understood, Zuko's grandfather, Fire Lord Azulon, was planning to kill Zuko to teach Ozai a lesson.

    But Zuko's mother finds out, of course, and refuses to allow it to happen.

    She makes a deal with her husband, Ozai, in exchange for sparing Zuko.
    Ozai kills his father, the Fire Lord, and Zuko's mother takes the blame for it. She's forced to go into hiding, and Ozai's wish to become the new Fire Lord is realized.

    At least, that's how I understood it.
    It will likely become more clear in the comic book series "The Search."
  • theSpaghettiman  - Hit the Nail on the Head
    Yeah, from what I got, I'm pretty sure this is what happened, too.
  • takineko
    Doug's love for Zuko angst makes me smile.

    I wasn't clear what happened with Zuko's grandfather, did the mother kill him? Did the father? Feels fishy it happened right after he ordered Zuko to be killed!

    And good luck, you never find out what happened to Zuko's mom... unless you read some terrible comic some where... It's implied she's still alive, but we never see her in the show again.

    Dante Bosko is so great! He's on Tumblr and he is loving to his fans and really supportive of anyone who is in the arts! He really loves art so much, and music. He's very into creativity and self expression. Cool guy that Dante Bosko XD oh yeah, he's an epic actor too! [He's also in Avatar: The Legend of Korra but personally... it's weird hearing Zuko's voice come out of a different character who is also... a grown man...]
  • silverspetz
    Terrible? So far the comic are pretty great. The first part of "The Search" feels kinda off because of the ending but I can dig it and I want to see where it goes from there.
  • heidi-kun
    Not everybody likes the comics. I, for one, am not too fond of them.

    There's nothing wrong with dissenting opinions.
  • Unholy Shadow
    I thought this episode was really touching because he gave people all that help but they turned their backs the moment they found out he was Fire Nation.

    I also really like the points you made about the kid just suddenly changing his mind as quickly as he did. It struck me as odd too but maybe it had to be cut due to a time constraint with some of the other shots they wanted to do.

    From what I can tell, the mother gave her life for Zuko's but because of something like that, she had to go into hiding. Anything other than that? I haven't a clue.
  • TheWelshPirate
    I thought the kid's change was the most believable out of all of them. He clearly hero worships his older brother. The very brother who was recently captured and possibly killed by the Fire Nation. And then this stranger who reminded him of his brother reveals that he is the PRINCE of the Fire Nation.

    Of course the kid is going to immediately feel betrayed and angry.
  • Feel The Butter
    This is probably my favorite episode! This was a great one.
  • Psychicllamakiller
    yay! and yay for two reasons -

    1) you said you watched this episode twice, and i think that's a great way to do these vlogs, because i've noticed in a few reviews you've brought up perceived plot holes, nitpicks or things you weren't 100% clear on that were explained in the episode you were reviewing, so i think going over the episode again to catch these details would be a great way to do these, if you have time to do so, and

    2) i'm really glad you went out of your way to praise dante basco. it's not even just that voice acting is tricky or that this kind of sympathetic, tragic warrior character is tough to pull off, zuko's life is SO full of tragedy and angst that the character could easily come across as laughable. making the audience take this character seriously is no easy task, but basco almost always sells it completely. so major props to him
  • Xenobears  - agreed, Psychicllamakiller
    I'm glad Mr. Walker is taking a little more time to really appreciate the show as well. Still looking forward to a potential "Top 11 Avatar: the Last Airbender VLOGs" list though.
  • grkpektis
    this is my favorite episode
  • didaz198  - Best episode of the series
    in my opinion.
  • OtakuSapien
    I want someone to show this to Dante. I think he'd really appreciate the commentary. Not sure if I'd call it my favorite episode, but it's definitely up there. If he does a quick Top 11 favorite episodes during his Last Airbender review, I would be surprised if this wasn't at least in the top half of the list. And Doug, welcome to the world of, "WHAT HAPPENED TO ZUKO'S MOM?!"
  • DarkValkyrie
    Avatar fans...even I wanted to come out and yell "Earth Kingdom!" It's Fire Nation, Water Tribe, Air Nomads and Earth Kingdom.

    The mother...they go into it. Later.
  • Shaddic
    We're basically as much in the dark about Zuko's mom as you are. We know slightly more, but in all these years we still haven't gotten any answers (they even used it to troll us in the first episode of Legend of Korra). But there's a comic about it called "The Search" that takes place after the series ends, and it's a three parter. You'll have to read it and we can find out together what happened to Ursa.

    And I had never thought about the doll that way. I had always sort of just assumed that Iroh was just sending what he thought a girl her age would like. But of course he would have known what Azula is like and wanted to do something about it, but what? There was nothing he could really do to help her or try to change her, she wouldn't have listened and she was too far gone (you really have no idea how far gone) and so the doll was like a subtle life-preserver, in a sense. He was trying to pull her back and of course didn't succeed, but at least he tried, in perhaps the only way he could.

    And you're finally learning the names of the nations, we're all so proud of you XD
  • Spyder
    Actually, I sort of see it the other way, in that iroh only gave Azula the doll because he figured that's what girls her age should like and gave Zuko the knife, something that clearly had more meaning to it than just a gift. Subconsciously, I feel like he prefers Zuko over her which is why he takes such a vested interest in him.

    Also, the death of his own son could probably make him want to look after Zuko as if he was his own.
  • senglish
    gifts were before his son died
  • SRanger1071  - Now you know our pain!
    While the writers of this show went into detail on many subjects at a great pace, there is one teeny tiny detail that they have continued to leave out. The fate of Zuko's mother. By the end of the series' run on Nickelodeon, the most we get is she may or may not be dead. They've been working on a comic book series to explain her fate (sort of; it set up her backstory), but they've only released the first of what is supposedly going to be another trilogy comic book series. The fans have been going nuts for YEARS pondering her fate!

    BTW, the proper term for Azula is "sociopath." You can blame her father, who is Evil incarnate. Or you can blame the conflict of her genetics, which they will get into in Book 3. Point is, it's a miracle Azula didn't use her Fire Bending from the womb to kill her mother.
  • glaurungthegold
    I hope they do something, by the end, to help me cope with the twist at the end of part one.
  • RWB  - Not really.
    Sorry, but this has been discussed a lot of times, but Azula is not a sociopath.

    She's both too emotional and too empathic to be one.

    She's not a sociopath. She might be a sadist(not the sexual kind, I'm talking "Sadistic Personality Disorder"), but even that is debatable. What we do now is that she has a sadistic streak.
  • KaizerJED
    I loved this episode. Any episode that features Zuko is up there for me and this one is 100% about him. He's definitely #1 in my top 5 favorite characters of the series, having the most complete character arc out of anyone in the show.

    Unfortunately Doug, the show never really goes into detail on how Azula got so messed up. It implies that she was just born that way, a sociopath more or less, but it's never fleshed out. The stuff w/ Zuko's mom gets explained (kinda) later in the show, so don't worry.
  • disneyboy20022  - Comics
    After you are done with this series, there are 3 comics you you should read it's about $30 on Amazon. The other two are called The Search Part 1 which is about $10 and the final one is The Search Part 2 which is about $10 and comes out this month. I won't say what the details of them are since it might spoil a few things.
  • twilightguardian
    This was a very powerful episode for me, and it really cemented Zuko as one of my favourite characters. I liked him before but getting to know more about him, and especially his family situation made me sympathize with him.

    Though the first time I watched this episode I thought that perhaps Azula killed her grandfather, seeing as she wanted her father to take the throne and I think she was the one slowly hinting at everything throughout that episode.

    Doug, I do have to say that I enjoy immensely watching you be so passionate talking about this show. I love watching the Nostalgia Critic because it's funny, especially when you get so angry. But there's something about watching someone be so passionate and excited talking about something they like that is actually more enjoyable than the anger. I look forward to continuing to watch you through the rest of the series and even though I don't always have things to say in the comments, watch as soon as you upload.
  • grkpektis
    there going to explain what happened to the mother in an upcoming comic book
  • Cofsbro
    Raise hand if your a Zuko fan too!!! :) *Raised hand*

    Zuko is one of my favroite and one of the most developed characters I have ever seen in american animation. Heck he is better then quite a few anime characters I have seen too!!!

    And Thank You for recognising Danté Basco as a talented Voice Actor!!! :) That he is!!!!

    Doug you have been warned!!!!!!

    Doug about Zuko's mother, grandmother and/or family....*Bites tongue HARD!!!* I really doent want to spoil anything and heck I doent even know the full story about some of these questions. All I will say is that there will be some reading involved.

    P.s Welcome to the club Doug that has being going on since July 19, 2008 for every singel ATLA fan.... and to be frank its an annoying one to be apart of -.- I want some answers!!! :'(
  • lazyman6772  - Nation names.
    The names for each different land are the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, the Water Tribes and before their genocide the Air Nomads.
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