The 2012 Channel Awesome Holiday Video!

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  • Sakuradrops
    Wow, I am now convinced that Santa is actually an alien. And also, First!
  • Elphaba645
    I am now convinced Santa is an alien.

    Fucking awesome things....

    1. I wrote and illustrated my first novel! (:

    2. I got tickets to Wicked- again!!!

    3. I am now definitely going to be a Broadway actress. I've always been praised for my singing, and practice EVRY SINGLE DAY!!!!
  • Cinemasquerade
    hi, I'm wookey and I'm very angry that you didn't wished a happy life day
  • DYMOduzen  - You have good writting skills for a Woookie.
    Perhaps channel awesome is anti-wookite
  • Wookiee
    "Wookies" are a slave race bred for their pelts.

    "wookey" is just gibberish.

    WOOKIEEs are quite welcome around these parts.

    Get it right, you nerfherders. It's WOOKIEE.
  • Punky
    Hey I did wish a Happy Life day in my clip!
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    If that was you, according to the credits your last name is Montoya. Montoyas are real?

    I don't have six fingers, by the way.
  • Ellie Bee  - Great video!
    Most awesome thing that happened to me? I've been inspired to start filmmaking. Happy holidays to all at Channel Awesome and fellow fans!
  • ladydiskette  - Awesome thing for me!
    1. Well, I don't know if the end of 2012 counts but I have been offered a job.

    2. Got out of my moody funk and fixed up my apartment and its the nicest coziest little crib you'll ever meet.

    3. My favorite contributor from the site wished me a happy birthday on facebook.

    4. Moved on from something that made me apathetic and unfullfilled onto something I really enjoy.

    And that is much as I can remember.

    Great video Smarty, I loved it, it was fun seeing the reviewers that we barely see get thier chance to shine and wish us Happy Holidays in thier own quirky ways.

    Merry Christmas everyone on Channel Awesome!
  • Hinatachan360
    The most awesome thing that happened to me in 2012 was starting my own crafting business and making one happy bride out of a client who used my original centerpiece designs at her wedding reception!
  • DiminishedHero
    The most Fucking awesome thing that happened this year is a tie. I became a Brony and met an awesome comunity and I met my Fucking Awesome friend.
  • Jainomo  - Happy Holidays!
    Per Doug's request, here is the best thing that happened to me this year: I graduated from university in May, the first in my family, and within two months got hired as a journalist near Austin, TX.
    I have spent the past six months getting paid to do what I love, and I couldn't be happier for it. Money may be tight, bills may be looming, but I am making a difference in the world and loving every second of it.
    Even though there may be hardships and struggles, celebrate the gift of life and all that it brings every day and every year. Happy Holidays, everybody!
  • FangirlDoctor  - My Most Awesome Moments of 2012
    I got engaged to my amazing girlfriend and as of a couple of days ago I am living with her! 2012 has been an awesome year for me as a whole! An honorable mention goes to the fact that I finally graduated college! Happy Holidays everyone! ^_^
  • ToonMan17  - The Most Flippin' Awesome Things That Happened To
    Okay, Doug! Here are my top 5 awesomenesses:

    1. I got to talk with you on the radio when you were doing a podcast! I was the one who elected for you on TV instead of Fred. :D
    2. I graduated high school, and started college, getting a 4.0 GPA with the best classes and a great XC season!
    3. My cousin got married!
    4. I survived December 21st! I am 10x more excited to live!
    5. I saw Les Mis onstage in Chicago (WHICH WAS AWESOME!!), and we got tickets to see THE MOVIE, WHICH IS ALSO AWESOME!!!)

    Merry Christmas again, man! You are one of my heroes, and in a distant way, one of my best friends! May 2013 boldly flee where no man has fled before!

  • Atomsk777  - My awesome moment of 2012
    I got picked up by Channel Awesome. *checks calander* Hey I got 6 days left, let a guy wish.

    But really, most awesome thing would be my brother getting engaged :D
  • SpeedyEric
    Merry Christmas, Channel Awesome and That Guy With The Glasses, and here's to a Happy 2013.

    One of the best f**kin' awesome things that happened this past year was that we got some very, very good movies that came out (The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises being 2 of those films).
  • Timmer
    I started my own review show and enjoy doing it !
  • LunaMalfoy7
    My awesome thing is that I finally got friends
  • s_sapphire
    Most awesome thing during to what I can only agree to have been a disastrous year 2012?
    My mum survived a kidney tumor and is on her way to recovery :D
    Honorable mention: I fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the world
  • Sephiroth1204
    Most awesome thing that happened this year? Things looking up. I was able to go back to college this fall after being unable to due to a horrible headache/depression malady that lasted almost 2 years. My youtube channel found a niche to fill and my channel is finally growing (rapidly) after being stagnant for almost a year.
    Couldn't have done it without my friends and also the people on channel awesome. The videos from everyone here have helped so much to keep my sanity and make me smile every day. Especially the Cinema Snob, Phelous, Linkara and Lupa.
    Thank you all so much for being awesome!
  • FieldMarshalPatton^3  - The year of the Chum
    My best things of the year Here we go
    1. made the decision to enlist in the United States Army
    2. Gonna graduate College in May
    3. Lost 20 Lbs
    4. Saw Wicked live
    5.just got 2 original editions of books by Winston Churchill
  • ThatOtherZ
    There have been some tragic things to happend to me this year, but the positive ones certainly have given me the power to enjoy the holidays.
    Talking to Jason David Frank from Power Rangers on FB due to a misunderstanding was the second best thing that happend this year next to meeting the love of my life as well as all the awesome Anime Gatherings I went to this year.
  • Gaxxy
    First of all let me say I hope you all enjoy whichever of the many holidays you may be celebrating right now!

    In response to Doug a couple of awesome things happened to me this year: I turned 21 and my college friends came to visit me all the way up in the forgotten North for a whole week!

    The other thing is I have finally resolved myself to try writing a movie and get it produced!

    I wish you all luck in all your endeavours and all the best for 2013 :)
  • DarkenedWolfEye  - My personal Awsome Thing
    This year, I discovered that I was a furry. Not only that, I made contact with the artistic community, and the fursuiting community, and I've already made a new furry friend. I started building my costume, and even now, at the very beginning, I know it will be a lifelong passion. A void in my life is filled.
    Thanks for lifting my spirits, Doug.
  • Welshy
    I don't know who any of these people are!


    I guess I have to be nice. My awesome thing.


    That is all.
  • Axel Osbourne
    What do you mean you don't know who they are? Are you a homophob or something?
  • Shanetefilmmaker
    I met a vampire bank teller. What happened was that I was cashing a check and that the teller I was with at the time was talking about Romania. I didn't know she was Romanian because she spoke a great Anglo-Canadian accent. So I guessed that she was from Transylvania, which she confirmed so I asked the question that I thought she was either gonna laugh at or be offended. I asked if there were any vampires. Her answer was yes "I'm one of them." And she said it in the most serious tone imaginable. So I asked the next question. "Do you Sparkle?" She said no, and I said thank god for that. That was fucking awesome of 2012
  • atarian2049
    An awesome thing that happened to me? I got to audition for Demo Reel.
  • DYMOduzen  - most awesome thing in 2012 for me personally?
    I got into comic books for the first time today.
  • Zihon
    thx and merry christmas to you, thx for all the laugh and good moments. and the best of this year was grow up and can get over a lot of problems being now stronger and wiser
  • Rausku  - Most awesome thing in 2012
    I almost got laid... Once.


  • LilacElf82  - Most awesome event of the year
    Mine is that I finally got a job at my absolute favorite gourmet food store.
  • Bitsy
    That's what I love about you Doug. Even though your characters are complete douches, you in real life are an incredibly likable guy!

    Ok, some awesome things that happened to me this year? Well, I made some new friends at work, we got a Barnes & Nobles open up near my house, I got a pretty good start on a story I'm writing, and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show that aired on Nick is better than I was expecting (MUCH better!). That, and I took time to enjoy simple pleasures which, really, make life worth while.

    Happy Holidays everybody!!!!
  • Guild Navigator
    Best thing in 2012? Enjoying the youth of my kids.

    Have a fucking awesome Merry Xmas and a happy winter time. Be positive,don't be corny. Drop in,drop out. Doesn't matter. Have hap-hap-happy holidays.
  • Volare3  - Fucking Awesome?
    Phoenix Con 2012 was the highlight of year as well as the release of the PSVita, although I already need a new screen (nieces). Thanks for the memories 2012 (and good riddance to an otherwise lackluster year).
  • Syshowlingwolf  - My dog came back from the fucking dead!
    I am not kidding, I spent the entire day in school believing my dog was dead because it has the day she was supposed to be put down. But my mother was held up at work and the 'event' was postponed for two weeks. It was fucking awesome! Best two weeks I ever had with my dog ever!
  • Ally-Gator
    My most awesome things this year?

    1. One of my projects being shown on a cinema screen. That was motivation enough to keep working at what I love so one day I might see it up there again professionally :D
    2. Going to America with my family and traveling from Las Vegas to San Francisco, seeing everything in-between! It's something we've always wanted to do.
    3. Seeing the Lion King west end show at long last
    4. Deciding to move in with my best friends from university after living with housemates who, lets just say aren't the nicest people.
    5. Getting a job at a cinema, which has a lot of benefits for someone who loves movies as much as I do.

    Honorable mention goes to surviving December 21st, though I didn't get the apocalypse bonus I was hoping for at work XD
  • Pigquet
    Happy Life Day!
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