Disneycember! Monsters Inc.

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  • Eddie The Lightbringer  - Thin player?
    What the hell is up with the player? It's tiny!
  • Fullmetal-Animator
    You know, interestingly Billy Crystal was originally considered for the role of Buzz Lightyear.

    I really like this film though. I don't feel that it gets 'overly complicated' as you said and you're being far too dismissive on it, Doug. I thought it was pretty focused which is a good thing considering that the creative team said that there was too much freedom with the theme of monsters.

    As for Waternoose (the villian). His motivations were clear and it was all well set up. Like any good, well rounded villian, he doesn't realise he's doing wrong, we understand his motives and why he's doing it even if not for the correct reasons.

    Sorry Doug, I don't think you quiet thought this through.
  • Malvolio21
    I second that. I'm not exactly a film buff, so I was genuinely surprised at the movie's twist. And even then, I was able to follow the plot easily. Like Fullmetal-Animator said, the villain had well-defined motivations and wasn't just "being evil."

    Not to say there aren't things worth criticizing. *Spoilers* During the climax when the characters are racing through the closets all over the world, I always had a hard time believing that NOBODY ON THE PLANET opened up their closet door to get a jacket or something all that time. Also, a scream from Boo is barely enough to activate one closet door, yet a single laugh is enough to activate billions of them? Exactly how powerful are the laughs?

    Still, I think it's an awesome movie, and I watch it every October.
  • PlasticFrogCG
    That was the whole point.


    The whole thing was their monster world was powered by screams and suffering an enrgy crisis. Then they discover laugher is even more powerful.
    This is the movie to show your kids when they get scared of the monster in their closet!
  • SRanger1071
    Jim Carrey was up for the role of Buzz, too. And, not to bash either, but I'm kind of glad they said no and had the part go to Tim Allen. They're not HORRIBLE actors, but subtlety isn't exactly one of their strong points. Tim Allen gives us a very natural-sounding space man; he's a hero, but it's kind of his job, he has funny reactions when he comes across unexpected things but never goes too far, and can be really subtle when he needs to be.
  • Dacilriel
    You might want to give a spoiler warning, since you just revealed the twist.
  • JBrodah  - i hate this movie
    this movie was bad
  • MasterOfBerries
    And we care SOOOO much!

    Seriously, piss off.
  • fanime1
    I don't like kids, but even I love Boo. She's so adorable. *Spoiler* As for the evil plan, from what I remember, the machine is supposed to suck the screams out of kids, thus saving time and money. It also eliminates the need for scarers, really. Then Waternoose explained that the company was going under, so this machine was a true temptation for him. That's what I remember, and I've seen the film plenty of times, so I'm sure I'm right. I enjoyed the special features on the DVD. I learned so much about Pixar animation studios and how animated films were made. It even inspired me to work there some day, a dream I am still striving for. I have to disagree with you on the villians because honestly, Randall was one of my favorite villains growing up. I loved his powers and found him really intimidating. I also don't mind Billy Crystal, but I know other people said the same thing you did, so I understand.
  • BigMac90
    Sorry, Doug, but I greatly disagree with you on this one.

    I thought Mikey was the best thing about this movie, his design, animation, voice, and lines crack me up. I also really liked his relationship with both Sulley and Boo.

    I also thought Randall was a great, menacing villain. The animators did a great job with him, as did Steve Buscemi. I'll admit his motivation is a little unclear though...
    The other villain's motivation, however, I thought was very clear. He wants to find a more efficient way to create scream power. He just doesn't realize (or doesn't care) that he's hurting people in doing so...

    I think Boo is adorable, and like you, I loved the relationship between her and Sulley.

    I also love the music and designs in the movie.

    It's not one of my favourite Pixar movies, but I still really like it.
  • Ankardius
    I think that the reason for Randall to get involved with Waternoose's plan is just to have his revenge on Sulley and his scream record...so we have an obvious villain lead by a low motivation (revenge!) that is perfect to cover the true villain, which motivations (energy crisis, his job getting surpassed, maybe even things that we don't know, like the "administrative office" that he talks about in a scene of the movie) are much more deep and hidden.This make the movie shine when the truth is revealed; oh, and I loved Boo: the monsters' reactions to her were amazing and she was really a little child (and I love them, with their faces and cries).
  • SRanger1071  - The Energy Crisis
    I'm not sure why you consider this plot "complicated", I was always able to follow it pretty well as a kid. Maybe you're overthinking it.
  • TheReapersDragon
    I really love this movie. My family does to. In fact my younger brother has watched this movie so many times that I have it almost completely memorized. Even then I would still watch it again.

    I didn't think the plot was all that complicated.
  • richtv
    Man do I disagree with you on this one except for saying it's not an original idea.
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    This is one of my favorite Pixar Movies. I'm just dreading Mosters Inc. 2
  • Atticus89
    It wasn't that complicated. Screams powered their world and kids aren't as easy to scare anymore so to get the scream they needed to make things work they would kidnap kids, strap them to the machine, and force the scream out of them. Mike and Sully discovered that laughter was a better alternative because it was 10x more powerful than screams and easier to obtain, thus saving their world from an energy crisis and not kidnapping children to get their power.
  • keniakittykat
    Yeah, I personally never really liked this movie. I didn't really get into the characters, the story didn't really grab me, and I just didn't feel engaged by it.
    I liked a bug's life way better when I was a kid. Monsters inc. just did't do a thing for me...
  • Magdaleina
    I think the kid was fun for me because I have 12 nephews and nieces. She is a baby (the voice actress was a toddler and they got her lines by playing with her in the recording booth), and if you've been around toddlers you know that the people at Pixar know kids and have had babies themselves. There's little things (like her singing in the public bathroom because it's super echoey, or needing to show Sulley each of her toys when they go to her room) that really give this away and make her fun and nostalgic to watch.

    Her dynamic with Sulley works for three reasons. 1) She's an authentic toddler. 2) The people at Pixar understand parent/child dynamics. 3) John Goodman. Seriously, to many people, John Goodman is pretty much always Dan Conner, and he's the best dad ever. I can't watch him without assuming he's an awesome dad. Every role. Even in the Big Lebowski. He cusses up a storm but I assume at home with his kids he's amazing. I can't help it. It's John Goodman.
  • Ladette
    Complicated? I'm not really following you at all. I saw this movie when I was 9 and don't recall having any difficulty following the plot or understanding what was going on. Maybe you're over-thinking things because, as has already been mentioned in the comments, it seemed pretty straightforward to me.

    While Randall's motives aren't great (he's a douche because he's a douche) Waternoose seemed to have pretty good reasons for what he was doing. There's a scream shortage so his company needs to find a way to get more screams out of kids. So they set up a machine (i'm sure it has a name of some sort that i'm forgetting) that rips the screams out of kids. He seems to realize that what he's doing will hurt the kids they use but he doesn't care because they're seen as acceptable casualties to solve their scream problem.

    As for Billy Crystal...i'm not a fan. He wasn't terrible in the movie but like you said he wasn't exactly funny either. Him and Goodman had pretty good chemistry though and set up some fun lines.

    While I don't love it as much Toy Story or the Incredibles Monsters Inc. Still has a special place in my heart as one of the movies that really defined my childhood.
  • joliet_jane
    How dare you say Monsters Inc. was anything but perfect? How dare yooouuuuuu
  • Pigquet
    Yeah, I have to parrot everyone else in saying that I don't see the plot as complicated at all. Even as a kid seeing it in theaters I could follow it pretty darn well. But everyone else has already said everything on that, so moving on.

    I love Billy Crystal in this role. I usually don't love stand-up-y, hammy performances in a "best friend/sidekick" character, but he's definitely an exception! He's hilarious in this movie, and while I agree that I don't care THAT much about his relationship with his girlfriend, I really love and care about his relationship with Sulley. Its just one of those classic friendships you're always rooting for (at least I am).

    I didn't know there was ANYONE who hated Boo. O_O I don't see her little kid persona as something that's supposed to be playing to the kids. Since when do kids like to watch other kids? No, I saw her as a character that we as the older teens/adults were meant to find amusing. Because she could make ANYTHING cute or amusing, and of course it was fun to see the monsters be so terrified at every innocent, funny move she made! Yes, the almost paternal relationship she develops with Sulley is beautiful. I almost tear up at the end each time. /sap

    I understand why its not one of your favorites, and its of course no way as good as Toy Story, but...I still think its pretty damn good. I'm REALLY looking forward to the upcoming prequel!
  • JadedJada  - Huh...
    I'm...actually really disappointed. I freaking LOVE Monsters Inc, which in itself wouldn't bug me all that much, as opinions are subjective and I've disagreed with your Disneycembers before (Lion King). But what's really surprising is that my reasons for liking the movie so much are pretty much ALL THE THINGS you complained about.

    Billy Crystal,for example, was in my opinion one of the best parts of the movie. I found everything about him hilarious, and that includes his delivary. Maybe it's because I'm such a huge Broadway person, that I'm just used to a little vaudeville? I dunno.

    I also really liked Steve Buscemi as a villain. In fact I dare say he's one of the better ones in a Pixar movie. He even creeped me out when I was a kid. Waternoose was eh, but not because I didn't understand his motivation. I just thought he was generic. But he's only the villain for like the last half hour of the movie anyway, so oh well.

    As for the plot being overly complicated...like Princess and the Frog, I have to disagree entirely. I first saw Monsters Ince when I was like five, and I was never once confused by any of it. But maybe that's something that can be considered subjective, I dunno.

    So yeah...I did agree with you on the little girl. People complaining about her are out of their minds. She's supposed to be around two years old, and she's written as such. And I also like their relationship (you better BELIEVE I cry at the end when they're separated. Every. Single. Time.)

    I hope y'all don't consider this a bitchy post. I have nothing against Doug for having a different opinion. I just wanted to get my own off my chest. Here's to him hopefully liking the Incredibles better! (the Incredibles is next, right? Or is it Finding Nemo? Well, either or!)
  • EWilson
    I think it's pretty okay. I mean, it's a standard theme of two bachelors dealing with commitment and family, and it's certainly a creative spin on that theme. I agree with Doug that the relationship between Goodman and the girl is probably the strongest part of the film.

    But what he said about the villains reminded me of something that always bugged me during the movie's climax. After Mike and Sully find out that Randal is actively trying to hurt children, and is hunting the girl, they try to get her home. And when Randal find them, they run.

    Uh, why?

    Sully is built like a grizzly bear, and Randal has the physique of a salamander; I never felt that the good monsters were in danger from him. Sure, he's creepy, but he's not at all imposing. Sully obviously not a violent character, but when the girl was being threatened, I would think he'd be willing to throw his weight around.

    And what makes it weirder is that he eventually *does* manhandle Randal and toss him into the human world, but only after the immediate danger has passed. Maybe the design-work was the problem; maybe Randal's assistant should have had the salamander design, and he should have been something more imposing. As it is, I just didn't see a threat.

    (Maybe this is a bit weird to focus on, but it's always bugged me about that film.)
  • Dacilriel
    Randall did get the upper hand on Sully in a fight. There's a lot to be said for an enemy who can turn invisible and strangle you before you know he's there.
  • einoo
    I really thought Billy Crystal was great in Monsters Inc., I'm kind of surprised. I thought he was very likable. And I thought the sort of broad comedy of his deliveries was part of what made them so great. I can't fault you for your opinion, though. It's just one of those subjective things.
  • TooMuchFreeTime
    I always tear up a little when I think of the very end of the last scene.

  • PZilla
    I actually really like Monsters Inc.

    It is true that Monster's Inc doesn't have the most original concept, but I can say the same thing about a lot of Pixar movies. I've seen toys coming to life, I've see stories about bugs, I've seen robots in love, & I've seen superhero families with problems. It is what Pixar does with those concepts that makes them standout. I LOVE the science with how they power their civilization & with the doors. That blew my mind and set up a great climax. And any time you have a movie about monsters, I always love the designs put into them, like Nightmare Before Christmas or Mosnters Vs. Aliens, and I love the creature designs for the characters here.

    I agree that Waternoose isn't the strongest villain, but I loved Randall. He isn't complex or anything, but I thought he was just a dick! I don't know, I really got into him. I didn't think the plan was that complicated either. They were kidnapping kids to use for the machine that would suck the screams out of them. They were going to use Boo as a test subject or guinea pig to see if it worked, regardless of how it might harm her and despite the fact that they were basically planning to enslave children.

    And I actually like Mike & his relationship to Sully. I can understand why one might not like him, and John Goodman outshines him IMO, but I liked him OK. And while the relationship isn't the strongest, any excuse to get Jennifer Tilly's voice in a cartoon is a good one. I loved her as the girlfriend.

    And I liked all the stuff that Doug liked too. I thought it made perfect sense that Boo can't talk yet. If she could, then she would be able to have an articulate conversation with the monsters which would help solve things a lot quicker. Mike & Sully wouldn't have to figure out that she isn't toxic. And to be honest, I thought she was adorable. I liked that Sully learned about the dangers of what he does for a living and ultimately had to find a better way of doing things.

    It isn't Pixar's best work, sure, but I really enjoyed it. I've watched it a couple of times and I have a blast every time.
  • rzeiler
    Put That Thing Back Where it Came From.. or so help me!

    loved this film, was what I always used for babysitting.

    doug I don't think its that complicated of astory especially when you can make a 2 min musical about it.
    just google Monsters, Inc. "Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!"
  • venkarl
    I thought Billy Crystal's character was OK. I kind of liked the Vaudeville-style performance. What I didn't care for was the ending. It was a little too convenient, and it raises a few questions. Did they never think to try different sources of energy? But whatever. I agree with your general assessment: OK, but not the best.
  • lilbird
    I think Monsters Inc. is among the top... five Pixar movies of our household, we love it a lot. It probably has to do with the fact the relationship between monsters and children (particularly Boo and Sully) and the imagination of the monster world captures our hearts each and every time. Helps that Sully, in both voice and character, is rather fatherly when he needs to be.

    Mike is hilarious in this movie, I love him for it. Billy Crystal and John Goodman's chemistry with these two characters are amazing, possibly one of the best chemistry in (at least) animated films. They bounce off each other very well, and deliver the right emotions. I really and truly believe these characters have known each other for a long time, and it shows. Which is why I'm stoked for Monsters University. Not because I'm in college, but because I really want to see how their relationship started and grew.

    And also, I want to make comparisons with Sully's hair in Monsters Inc, and its prequel. Good LORD did they have to work from scratch with this movie, and thank God they got it to work, it really did improve CGI films, especially the animated films, in the long-run. I kinda wish you touched upon that a bit more, Doug, each of these films have made milestones in animation, such as water effects in Finding Nemo. You talked a little bit about CGI history in Toy Story, so I think it would be neat to get more history about animation and how the one particular Pixar movie (and Disney when it came to Tangled) upgraded CGI for the better.

    So yeah. I don't agree with most of your opinion about the movie, but I respect it. You got something different out of the movie than I did, and that's fine.

    Looking forward to more :).
  • Guild Navigator
    Yeah,this is one of those movies that while everybody is going apeshit over it you're all "Um,yeah no".

    I hadn't seen Little Monsters (a flick that I HATE) back in the 80s maybe I wouldn't have had a different reaction to it. But when I first saw the trailer the first thing I thought was "This is totally Little Monsters all over again".

    Don't get me wrong,the movie is still one best looking Pixar movies (dat hair!),but as Doug mention the story is rather all over the place and most of the characters are bland as Hell. Yeah,Good Goodman is good,but the monster/little girl relation was much better explored in Lilo & Stich.
  • CJ-1  - The Story
    As a kid, I enjoyed the movie. I thought the story was nice.
    As I grew older, I, too, thought the story was rather complicated.
    But then I watched the film again, and I understood the story a little better, as well as making my own theory out of it!

    I think the villains, Mr. Waternoose and Randall, have been coming up with a new and better way to how to power their world by building up a machine that could gather in more scream than anyone else can. So they must've made up the story to convince the monsters that children are toxic just so nobody would touch/grab them, and they can secretly kidnapp them to use in their experiments and machine.
    Of course, Mike and Sulley discover that the kids aren't toxic, which reveals a lie in the story of toxic kids. They discover Randall's plot and Mr. Waternoose's involvement. Mr. W confesses the evil plan to "kidnapp a thousand children before the company dies", which reveals the truth that the "toxic kids" story was all a lie/fraud. They even discover along the way that children's laughter is 10 times more powerful than scream, so that machine wasn't necessary after all.
    I may miss something, but this is what I got out from the story from watching the movie again. You gotta admit, it's pretty darn good for a story! ;)
  • Espresso con Panna
    Wow, you're still doing Disneycember?? Awesome!!!
  • dbz007  - my opinions of what i think about monsters inc. an
    i kind of disagree with you doug walker. i thought monsters inc. was a really awesome movie. mike was actually a really funny character and i never get tired of his humor. his impressions are so funny that even my little sister and epsecially my dad named there cat wazoski by his last name because of that. randall as a villian was really good but i will agree that mr. waternoose performance as a villain wasn't that good though. i mean, everybody has there own opinion of what they think of monsters inc. and other different movies. for example, i really hate cars including cars 2 the most especially. the car films are just so weak that i just couldn't get into them. i also don't like the movie up and ratatouille. up is an ok of an old man trying to go to the waterfalls where he want's to go of the memories of his wife including of a character icon that he was a fan of but it turns out to be a villain. the boy scout camper can be so annoying almost all the time. i will admit that it does have good moments at the beginning of the film and at the end of it. overall, the movie up is an ok movie but i just couldn't get into it. ratatouille can be creative of a rat trying to be a cook and it's ok to but i just couldn't get into it also. overall, i just love monsters inc. so much that it holds up really good.
  • ReckoningReviewer
    I really like how you did the review here. Sure the movie has a lot of good and bad to it as we can agree, but I have to disagree with your thoughts on the villains, well, at least Randall, he was cool.
  • AmazingTele  - I'm really fond of this movie for some reason
    This is strangely the pixar movie I enjoyed the most. Not exactly sure why, just liked this movie a lot.

    I really can't stand Billy Crystal at all when he's in live action but for some reason I thought he was really well suited in monsters inc. This movie like you said, is just some good old mindless fun, no huge deep moral or message, just fun stuff.
  • Twelve
    When I was a little kid, maybe I was just a smart little kid, but I liked following the complexity of the plot in this one, it made me feel like the movie tellers weren't treating me like an idiot entirely for once...But I know the entire thing could've had more to it. And it would've been great to see it as an older person and had it more SOMETHING to it, just a bit.
  • Toucanbird
    Much like everyone else so far, I agree that Monsters Inc. is a better movie than Doug is giving it credit for.

    The plot was not THAT hard to figure out. It is not too complicated, even for a child. Sure, it's more complicated than Toy Story or A Bug's Life but not THAT much more.

    The villains were decent in my opinion. Randall was a pretty obvious villain archetype but I didn't see the twist with Waternoose being in on it. I also do agree that it was refreshing to see villains partaking in an evil plot that isn't entirely evil. I could understand why they were doing what they were doing. They were only trying to help their own race survive (or at least have power). I think if Waternoose knew laughter was more effective than screams, he would've went with that plan.

    COMPLETELY disagree on Billy Crystal's portrayal of Mike. I thought his character was GREAT. I loved the chemistry between him and Sully, as well as Mike, Sully, and Boo all together.

    All-in-all, Monsters Inc. is actually one of my favorite Pixar movies. I was actually surprised I liked it so much, but then again, I found A Bug's Life so underwhelming that maybe it just seemed like such a good Pixar movie by comparison.
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