Disneycember! Toy Story 2

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  • Darkcloud1111
    This is my favorite Toy Story in the series, and that "When She Loved Me" part still makes me tear up
  • Sockpuppet
    If you do NOT cry during that scene, you are a soulless monster.
  • Ronny
    Guess I must be pretty soulless then, eh?
    Awful, unlikable character. Was kind of hoping to see her head on a stick.
  • Haon
    Yeah... Fuck off.
  • Mizu Takishima
    Jessie is such a perfect character. I don't mean that in a "mary sue!!1!1!" way, I mean I legit think she's one of the best characters ever introduced in Toy Story!
  • Pigquet
    So glad to hear this review is positive. I love almost all three Toy Story films equally, and I can't seem to pick a favorite. This one is beautiful, though.
  • Verdika
    Am I the only one who feels like TS2 was the weakest of the three? Not that it was bad, heck as sequels go it was bloody fantastic, but I felt that it wasn't as good as the original or 3

    Jessie, while a great character, didn't synergize with Woody as well as Buzz did, and didn't show me how great she could have been until 3 when she was more with the whole group. Prospector was an okay villain but his wise man act was a little...forced. Hugs-a-lot was much more what Prospector should have been IMO.

    And I just didn't like it when Woody and Buzz were separated. Both work best, I think, when working off the other.

    So yeah, Toy Story 2 was a good movie, and a much better sequel then usual, but still the weakest of the 3 for me...
  • Mr.Anderssson
    I don't think Prospector's act was forced at all... or an act for that matter. You could interpret his character as an otherwise reasonable guy but got fed up with the short end of the stick for so long. He doesn't coerce Woody unless he absolutely has to.
  • Verdika
    As for Prospector's act, maybe forced is the wrong word...I don't feel like the character was acting too hard, it's more he was just too strong of a patient wise old man. I know they're supposed to make him sound almost sad, but to me his excessively soft-spoken voice and excessive patience just make him...boring. He had no energy. I prefer a wise old man like Iroh or Dumbledor or Gandalf. Even Obi-Wan Kenobi had more energy than this guy.

    Every time I try to think about his very first lines in the movie, before you've even seen him (in his box), I always hear a person in mourning and usually I... embellish the words a bit "Turn me around Bullseye, so that I might see the shining light of our Messiah..."

    Like I said, he was much better IMO after he was revealed as a villain, which I might add, I did NOT see coming...
  • Sockpuppet
    I agree-- The fact that he'd "never been removed from his box", and never been loved and played with gave him a very different psychology from the other toys-- The museum would be the closest thing to love he felt he'd ever have, so of course he's going to do anything for that, and isn't going to have much sympathy for Woody wanting to return to Andy.
  • Falconfly
    Personally, Prospector was a far better villain than Lotso.

    Lotso is all "imma nihilist complete monster HAW HAW HAW"

    Prospector was an anti-villain. He was an asshole, but you could sympathise with him, and that's what makes a realistic antagonist.
  • eworm
    I agree, Toy Story 2 is definitely my least favorite.

    I never liked Jessie's character much anyway (way too overwhelming, the "stop standing out so much, you newbie, I don't watch the sequel for you!" type of character), but her backstory? Despite what Doug said, it always felt like it was taken from some completely different movie - totally out of place. Rushed, that's number one. Also it made her previous owner seem like a b*tch, just seeing Jessie abandoned for a make-up kit. No explanation about how natural it is for a growing girl and no making it look like a process instead of a "forgot about her in a second" thing. I think it's the one and only drama moment of the trilogy that didn't work for me.

    Prospector was a sympathetic villain, kind of, I give you that, but that didn't work at all. The reason being, they tried to make his villainy be a twist, when clearly everybody and their mother can see what's coming. That way, we do not care for his character throughout the movie and after his "reveal" there's too little time to show the quite reasonable motive and make us sympathize.

    Toy Story 3 wins everything by a large margin. Perfected everything the two movies had to offer, threw away what they shouldn't have done and added a glorious plot, glorious animation, glorious darkness (not too much, just the right amount) and the ultimate "together" scene of friendship no matter what.
  • ReckoningReviewer
    Great job today Doug. This is a great review, you really did do a strong job with this one, and it makes me happy that you're doing Disneycember again.
  • Pseudowolf
    I'm scared. Because I know he's going to talk about Toy Story 3 at some point and it's going to make me cry.

    Hearing Jessie's song in Toy Story 2 can make you tear up. Just *thinking* about parts of Toy Story 3 (that ending!) does that to you.

    But then, that's Pixar.
  • BigMac90
    Though I don't like it as much as the first one, Toy Story 2 is still awesome!
    I always love seeing these characters, and they’re just as likeable here as they were before.
    The new characters are very good too. I’ll admit, I used to find Jessie annoying, but I’m fine with her now. And Bullseye, despite the fact he never speaks, is very likeable, and his expressions bring across a lot.
    I also liked the character arc of Woody being tempted by fame, and the prospect of lasting forever, as well as the decision he ultimately comes to.

    I actually really liked the "secret" villain. I certainly didn’t see it coming the first time I saw the movie, and I thought his motivation made sense, and kinda made me feel sorry for him.

    I like Al the toy collector too. True he's a greedy bastard, but he was fun.
    Plus, he sells toys cheap to children. He can't be all bad, can he...?

    I will say, while I love it when Buzz thinks he’s a Space Ranger, the way they incorporated it into this movie did feel a little forced…
    It was still funny though (especially when Zurg made his “big revelation” – that was hilarious!)

    One thing I do like better about this movie compared to the first one is that we get to see all the toys working together to save Woody, as opposed to the first one, where they were all against Woody.

    You know, now that I think about it, nostalgia may be the only reason I prefer the first one...
  • Sockpuppet
    And the first one is mostly Woody and Buzz while the rest of the toys (ANDY'S toys, anyway) are stuck just observing.
  • SRanger1071  - The Disaster That Almost Was
    By all accounts, this movie should've been doomed from the start. It was originally supposed to be a direct-to-VHS sequel, but nine months before Thanksgiving the higher-ups of Disney said it should be released in theatres. The whole story got thrown out and redone from the ground up in a big race to get it out for the new holiday release date. So for this movie to not only be good, but arguably better than its already incredible predecessor, is a friggin' miracle! There are a lot of things in this movie that were left over from the first movie, like the dream sequence and the character of Wheezy. And Pixar originally wanted Woody's girlfriend to be a Barbie, but when Mattel said no they changed her into Bo Peep.
  • Toucanbird
    I'm a little mixed when it comes to Toy Story 2. While I didn't like it as much as the first, the Jessie backstory was one of the most emotionally gripping scenes I had EVER seen in ANY animated film. One of the few scenes to ever bring a tear to my eye besides the end of Fox and the Hound.

    Sadly, I still need to see the 3rd one and that's unfortunate...because I hear it is one of the best of the three.
  • ThatOtherZ
    Here's my feelings about all three Toy Story movies in short sentences (Which is hard to do, but to the point):
    Toy Story: The first time I thought movies can be done this way. Well, the first CGI was the Pixar short with the toy solider and the baby, so Pixar got me into CGI and this one started it.
    Toy Story 2: This was the film that made me afraid to see a sequel if one was ever made. The ending was so well done. I would hate to see Andy grow up, which leads me to...
    Toy Story 3: Damn. Just damn. While it didn't exactly make me cry like a few people did, it did make me appreciate my toys better. A childhood love I had long forgotten. Like a lot of people did. Hearing 'You've got a friend in me' after the movie made me cry though.
  • pstrife
    Jessie is a girl, that expains so much. I always assumed it was just a slightly ifeminite male boy doll all this time.
  • Sockpuppet
    ... You ate a lot of paint chips as a child, didn't you?
  • Torugu
    Rehashing the plot from the first movie is the biggest mistake a sequel can make. I'm glad that Toy Story 2 does not do that which what makes it an excellent film. It doesn't rehash and actually provides a continuation to the story with several added elements to make it stronger and engaging.

    Monsters Inc. for next time! I think Doug mentioned it was an alright film, not great, just alright.
  • theginganinja
    This is one of the first movies i remember growing up. I love it, great video.
  • Moon Spirit
    Yeah, this movie was definitely a successful successor to the first. Loved every minute of it, and can watch it again and again.
  • Puperdink  - Mixed Reaction to A Bug's Life?
    What's Doug talking about with that claim? I looked things up. It's got a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (95% with the top critics), a 7.2 on IMDB (which is quite high for IMDB), and a 77 rating on Metacritic (by comparison Toy Story has an 92 and that's with quite a bit less total reviews). It seems it was very well liked. While that's not the universal praise that Toy Story got it still amounts to being highly regarded by critics and fans alike. And as far as not bringing in the same numbers...yes it brought in slightly less domestically than Toy Story, but with total world wide numbers it actually made MORE money than Toy Story.

    I don't mean to be a jerk, it just seems that those claims hold up to no scrutiny whatsoever.
  • Janitor25
    Toy Story 2 is my #2 Pixar (right behind Nemo), definitely builds upon the first films and takes it to the next level a la Godfather II. Spot on review.
  • venkarl
    Actually I never liked this one quite as much as the first one, but it was still pretty good.

    Was there really not a Pixar movie between A Bug's Life and Toy Story 2? I could have sworn there was.
  • trlkly
    That's what I thought, too, but Wiki says it's not so. The list of Disney's U.S. theatrically released CG films, in order, is:

    Toy Story (1995)
    A Bug's Life (1998)
    Toy Story 2 (1999)
    Dinosaur (D) (2000)
    Monsters, Inc. (2001)
    Finding Nemo (2003)
    The Incredibles (2004)
    Chicken Little(D) (2005)
    Cars (2006)
    Meet the Robinsons(D) (2007)
    Ratatouille (2007)
    WALL-E (2008)
    Bolt(D) (2008)
    Up (2009)
    A Christmas Carol(I) (2009)
    Toy Story 3 (2010)
    Tangled(D) (2010)
    Mars Needs Moms(I) (2011)
    Cars 2 (2011)
    Brave (2012)
    Wreck-it Ralph(D) (2012)

    (D) means Disney only
    (I) means ImageMovers Digital (a partnership between Disney and ImageMovers)
    Unlabeled are Disney-Pixar

    There were also some Tinker Bell films, all of which were released in theaters, but only outside the U.S. I hope Doug tackles them anyways.
  • AlucardsQuest
    I foresee Doug skipping Mars Needs Moms. It's not very well known, it tanked at the box office and pretty much destroyed Robert Zemekis' CGI studio.

    TS2 is a miracle film. John Lasseter had to come in off of no break from TS1 and Bug's Life to rewrite TS2 only 9 months before release and start the whole movie over from scratch because it was really terrible. Plus he hadn't seen much of his family in the previous years of hard work, so I imagine that things were very stressful. But it turned out great!
  • Mousy Voice
    Actually, Doug already reviewed Tangled and Dinosaur last year, so I'm sure he's going to skip those movies.
  • trlkly
    Yeah, I agree he probably won't cover those he already reviewed. Though I hope he mentions them in the next review so that people know to go back and look at them. Honestly, Disneycember needs its own section on the site, and the films need to be in chronological order. I wouldn't mind if he reran the ones he's already done, either.

    I hope he does cover the Mars movie and the Christmas Carol movie, as they are films that people forget are Disney. Mars can be a bad one for him to riff on, while he's said he likes the Christmas Carol one. Those two are the ones I'm afraid he'll forget, as they aren't on most lists of Disney films.
  • CJ-1
    I kinda wished he would've mentioned that Andy was gonna take Woody to camp but accidentally rips his arm. That would show the reason Woody was shelved.
    But this review works just as well.
  • potterinu  - Song
    That song always make me tear up.
  • origamizergling
    These Movies had a great impact on me when I was growing up. I really have to give credit to Pixar, because they seemed to know their target audience surprisingly well. Each movie grappled with a subject that was a focus of my life at the time, and the message matured as I did. Toy Story was just a fun movie that didn't talk down to me, at a time when I was just beginning to comprehend the world and the impact my actions had on others. Toy Story 2 showed up just the year before I moved to another country on the other side of the planet, and I found a lot of the themes mirrored my emotions at the time. Toy Story 3 came around just after my twentieth birthday, while I was in the transitional period between school and a career. Number 3 hit me hardest because I found myself having to give up a lot of things I cherished when I was younger in order to be successful, and I might have actually cried during the movie.
  • SgtSharki
    I know I'm in an extreme minority of opinion here, but I didn't care for Toy Story 2. I loved the first one so much, and the sequel felt like a stale retread. It even used some of the same jokes.

    Toy Story 3 was amazing, but 2 has never worked for me.
  • Psxpert2011
    i miss my Transformers!!! /sob /sigh Q.Q
  • Furious George
    Eh I honestly felt like Toy Story 2 was the weakest entry in the series. By a very wide margin.

    Pop cultures references were far too on-the-nose for my taste ("I am your father". How cheap and easy was that?). I also felt like it got a little self-congratulatory at times... like actually including "you got a friend in me" as a song that the people in the Toy Story universe were aware of. I can't quite put into words why that bothers me but it does.

    Toy Story 2 was plagued with production issues and it was meant to be direct-to-video sequel at one point.... and it shows, as far as I'm concerned.
  • englanddg  - Best trailer ever...
    http://www.youtube.com/ watch? v=JcpWXaA2qeg&list=FLaKkB DmbCPBqJFmWK1j2fpg&index= 31
  • leviadragon99
    Mm, perhaps my favorite of the trilogy.
  • CinemaKid
    Toy Story 2 is my favourite of the series, though honestly I was never a fan of Jessie's backstory song. I always thought the song kinda distracted from everything, she could have got the same emotional impact if she had just told Woody about it well enough.
  • CyborgPrince
    I liked this movie growing up. I think my favourite scene was when Woody was being fixed up by the toy repairman (who's none other than the same character that's in Geri's Game). Also, awesome Sarah McLachlan song. She knows how to get the emotions going with her music.

    Like you said, the villains aren't really villains, per se. They just have selfish goals and put them before the feelings of others. Lots of people do that.
  • The Red Suitcase
    I remember going to cinema watching this movie with my granmother and I remember her exact words as we came out.

    "Usually, I don't like this.. animated thing they are coming up with, what is the point? but... this was actually pretty good."

    It's like she had to admit enjoying some-thing she exspected to hate
  • Sylphide
    I love all of the Toy Story films, but I would say the third one is my favorite.
  • Gothka13
    So Toy Story gave me nightmares as a kid because it made me realized that I would grow up, give away my toys, and make me feel guilty about it. Also, I didn't want to grow up. I have Autism (Aspergers to be exact). I saw Toy Story 2 three different times, one at the theater (I was outvoted, I wanted to see Inspector Gadget), and two other times they showed it in school.

    It didn't give me nightmares that time, but it did create a new found fear about not only growing up, but forgetting about the things you used to do, loving every moment of your youth and getting wrapped up in the 'fads'. I was afraid of becoming girl who would obsessed over boys or makeup more then my geeky things that I loved. (That didn't happen, but I was told puberty changes everything) Again, part of that was just my Autism getting to me, saying 'never ever change, because when you do change, bad things happen. Stick with what you know', and Toy Story 2 just confirmed my fear about changes. Fuck, I don't even like it when YouTube changes things on the website.

    I hoarded a lot of toys and clothes for a loooooooong time in my room, before I finally started to get rid of some of it. And then I realized I don't have to hoard everything, I can just keep certain items that have significant meaning to me and give everything else away. I cried when I gave some kids next door from me my old Barbie house--telling them all the secrets and how they could play with the house--and that was only a year ago. I'm getting better over the years and finally feel like my room is clutter free, but still has a enough geeky things that I love as a kid and an adult. I'm only 22, it's just going to get harder from here on out in my 30's, because my Autism never goes away, but at least I know how to handle it...to a certain extent.

    No, I haven't seen the third Toy Story movie, don't need too, because I know what it is about--I'm experiencing it right now, and it's a problem, a big one, not a journey I can take with others. After 2, I was just done with the whole film in general. To me, Toy Story is a like a war movie--everybody else may love it because of it's actions and it's moments--but there will be that one Vietnam/Iraq vet who can't handle the first thirty minutes of the movie because it reminds him/her too much of the war they already experienced. I'm not in war, but that's the only way to describe this fear I get when I see Toy Story.

    Toy Story gave me nightmares--and a little isolation from other's because they don't understand why I don't like Toy Story--but that's all. I'll see the third one...in ten years...when I'm feeling up to it.
  • Zejex  - Autism wall of text
    Are you kidding? Autism wall of text for no reason?

    Aspergers are commonly smart, you can write proper english, and tell about your trauma, that seemd pretty adult. You're something special.
    I have been around aspergers for a long time, and you should be proud.

    Here's a secret, nothing changes in this world, everything is the same, we just discovered the nuclear power and that's about it.

    There's million of things for you to see out there in the world, stop whining about a kids movie, get out there and be thrilled.

    No, there is really no one to take a journey with, my experience too lol, but do it on your own then. The world is your room now.
  • Gothka13
    Uh...I was just giving my opinion. I'm not whining, I'm writing my opinion. That's what everybody's. I've never obsessed about disliking it, I understand why others like it, but I have to give a reason why I don't like Toy Story, and that's the reason why. It's a confession. I'm over it now.
  • Zejex
    Is that what everybody is doing, yeah? Who would want to consider a dorks opinion of a movie? (The comments above) I know none.

    You seemed to forget your own comment for a second, I am not looking at your opinion, because there is none in the whole text. Now I see it, in the end "why I dislike it". So you dislike it. Just say that then. But you wrote a diary, and seems like you need to talk to someone about stuff.

    All right, what I can make out:
    Whining to me is not overcoming your fears, especially when it is something like your fear. Because there is nothing to fear in your case, I swear, believe me, there's nothing to fear, stab me in the heart if I am wrong.

    You said that your autism never goes away, you can't move the moon out of orbit from Earth. And no one cares in the end, but you can tell your story about how you tried and what adventure it has been. Now that is something people wanna hear.

    You were writing about stuff from deep inside you, on a small insignificant corner of the internet where no one gives a shit. Look around, I might be the only douche here who read your comment. What did you expect?

    Go study some math and physics, join Nasa and explore mars. Knowing aspergers, you can definitely do it, and tell us your story, tell us what you discover.

    OK, I am done with my bullshit, it was fun, at least :D
  • nat  - go back to 4chan
    Zejex, this is the comment section for a review of nostalgic children's movies/TV shows. Gothka13's experience with the movie is appropriate and if you find a topic such as this boring or insignificant then I'd say your in the wrong place, and you should get back to NASA yourself, or morelikely /b/

    Gothka13: I thought your comments were interesting :)
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