Channel Awesome Holiday Video

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  • LastCultist
    Shit oancitizen you've got a hell of a voice. Fuck yah! Boar's Head!

    Also, what song does Benzai use? I want to know.

    Happy Holidays to one and all!
  • Clinton
    Agreed, that opening was awesome.
  • Clinton
    Also, Doug singing You're A Mean One Mr. Grump was beyond awesome.
  • imdb88  - HewyLewis wrote Mr. Grump
    I wonder if Doug realizes that the lyricist also does his own reviews on Youtube.
  • ultramanmattia
    Merry Christmas and happy new year bitches! Even BlockBuster Buster is here.
  • Heckfire
    Check out "Brows Held High: The man Who Fell To Earth"...dude's got mad pipes.
  • wesleyx3522  - Merry Christmas!!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the members of Channel Awesome. Love watching your videos. Can't wait for what next year will bring. But, I will be here to watch them all. Especially, The Nostalgia Critic videos. Plus, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the fans of this Awesome Website Channel Awesome!!! Yes, im spreading the Christmas time spirit!!!
  • Mkdude27  - Happy Holidays, all!
    A special wish for a happy holidays to all of the Channel Awesome family. It was great seeing all of our favorite reviewers saying "happy holidays". Merry Christmas to all!

    Sideroad of the Day: Where's Phelous?
  • PurpleJanni  - Awesome video!
    And happy winter-related-holidays to you guys to!
  • Jezzy54
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays or Whatever-You-Prefer to all! Also, I love JO and Nash's segment. Those two make a great double-act.
  • kurokotetsu
    I'm not a Christmas man, but I want to say too:

    Thank you. To all of the producers. You give us free entertainment all the year. Enjoy the festivities, and be happy. You make a lot for us viewers and we appreciate it. We love you guys! For me Christmas is but a day, but thanks to you, all days are special. May we all be together for a long time.

    So, enjoy this time of the year with the people you love the most.

    Happy holidays!
  • Clinton
    Is it me, or is Mathew (Film Brain) starting to grow a TGWTG prerequisite beard?
  • SixSeven83
    LOL @ Todd singing NSYNC!

    I think I just outed myself as knowing an NSYNC Christmas song.
  • Mizi
    So many kitties!
  • DarkBee
    There can never be enough kitties in a video!
    Happy holidays to all, thank you Channel Awesome for being, well... AWESOME!
    Or, in Dutch: Fijne feestdagen, vrolijk kerstfeest en een gelukkig nieuwjaar! Tot in 2012!
  • Smarty  - Apologies people!
    My bad on the whole ramadan thing. I was just so eager to film and thought it was in fact around this time, so i jumped the gun. But either way happy holidays to all of you!

    *edit* yes im aware I also said months instead of holidays...
  • Clinton
    Some others in the video said Happy Ramadan as well, so I wouldn't worry too much.
  • Matthew G
    Merry Christmas. And if Merry Christmas offends you, Merry Christmas.

    Man where did I just hear that one?
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    The full quote is "Merry Christmas. Unless 'Merry Christmas' offends you for absolutely no reason, in which case.....Merry Christmas."

    But neither of us were supposed to know that because the video isn't technically "up" yet...
  • BooRat  - MARRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    I didn't get to finish this video because it froze up after Doug's singing, so I'll have to comeback later to complete it!

    Does Nash's cat have a Hitler Stache!?
  • BooRat  - Marry X-mas Part 2
    Ok finished it finally I enjoyed this Christmas video didn't recognize a few people like Bludo there! :D

    Todd style with his Beiber hair!?
  • Last Torch
    I realize I don't know who about 95% of these people are. Still, I enjoy the site. Happy Holidays.

    (P.S. Where was Obscurus Lupa?)
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    A lot of people were missing. I don't get it since they were good at including everybody last year. We can have the guy from "Weird Video Games" but not Lupa, Phelous or Spoony...all righty then.
  • Heisanevilgenius
    Ouch, dude.

    Edit: Okay, I guess that wasn't a put-down. Sorry if I took it as such.

    Anyway, Linkara invited us all to participate. I guess it came down to who had the time and inspiration.
  • CuteLikeVodka
    I took it that way too, seems a bit harsh to me.
  • Last Torch
    Was this in response to my comment? If it was, I apologize. I didn't mean it as a put-down, but rather a comment on how out of touch I am.
  • Linkara
    I was going to include a note at the end, but it seemed rather rude.

    Simply put: I offered to EVERYBODY on the site to make a video, some were too busy. This is a busy time of year and they were not able to.
  • Clinton
    Well, she has done several Christmas specials already in the past few weeks. If she appeared, we'd probably have a Lupa Christmas Overload, and I dunno if the universe can handle that much awesomeness.
  • Obscurus Lupa
    Yeah, that was my bad, I kinda spaced it and then I got too busy trying to get ahead for Magfest. I figured I pretty much had my bases covered with the Christmas specials this year, but yeah. It just depended on who had time to do it, as far as I know everyone got the message.
  • rwraight  - marry x-mas
    I hope you all have a safe holiday yourselves. I can't wait to see you guys in the new years.
  • ThePhantom
    Ha! Team NChick and Ren&Stimpy public domain vintage instrumental music! Ha! Kabuki Quantum Fighter! Ha! I've referred to hot apple cider consumed around Christmas Hot Toddies this whole time! Ha! Is that a Yu-Gi-Oh trophy? I remember seeing that on back almost a decade ago. Ha! I have seen the face of the heart of gaming guy! Ha! Nellufy's gorillaz-style avatars of Paw and Roses! Ha ha haaaaappy Christmas.
  • numbuh34
    What about the Rap Critic?
    Doesn't he get to wish us a Happy Holidays to us?
  • Moon Spirit  - Happy Holidays!
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, etc. to all of people!

    Oancitizen, I take it you're from choir, but the 4 simultaneous harmony was exquisite!

    JesuOtaku, here's to a great 2012 for anime! Oh, hai Nash!

    MikeJ, keep up the great work!

    Smarty, give my regards to lil' Chutulu!

    SciFiGuy, Happy Life Day to you too! ;)

    Leon, have a good one!

    Film Brain, you lovely Brit! Keep beating bad movies!

    Benzaie, m/X_Xm/

    Doug, keep the great NC reviews!

    MasakoX, keep up the great Anifiles!

    Vangelus, you're scaring me with that Dexter vibe ya crazy Eurasian!

    Team NChick, happy 2012 to you girls!

    Genius, don't fuck with Santa.

    Brad, lay off the booze and more Crystal Pepsi!

    PBG, nice tie. :)

    E-Rod, don't worry, it's not wrong to play with toys. See ya next year!

    Nobunaga, great message, and everyone should keep that in mind.

    Larry, keep up with entertaining us Yanks!

    Sad Panda, well mother fucker! Have a happy holiday!

    TLAG, you have great year too!

    Roses and Paw, have a wonderful new year!

    Holly, thank you for giving us this wonderful website and keeping it in check. ;)

    Sage, since you're toasting, CHEERS! To a great year for anime and gaming for 2012.

    JewWario, shalom malechem! Happy Hannukah, yada yada, make sure you build such a beautiful snowman! ;)

    Dickman, keep up the great artwork dude!

    Linkara, have a great one up there in Fargo-land. J/K Merry Christmas! Hope you find Pollo somewhere out there.

    Todd, keep those vocal chops working! And kill them with that piano of yours dude!

    And to all of us, the fans, have a happy new year!
  • Smarty
    he says fhtagn to you too...
  • Fangheart
    so, what, Spoony and Marzgirl not feeling the holiday cheer? ah, I'm just teasing. I'm sure they wanted to be in this but were just too busy. Happy Holidays to you guys too.
  • Captain Bacon  - Merry Xmas to all
    This was a really nice video. and i love this site so much. i look forward to new videos on this site more than anything on tv!!

  • Zydrate
    I didn't know who half those people were. Like who was that one guy...Doug....something? Nah, but in all seriousness, Who the hell were those people? And also merry Christmas and happy holidays.
  • aunt_zelda
    All I want for Christmas is YOU, Oan!
    (And I mean that in a sweet way, not a creepy way ... just ignore me, it's 4am and I haven't slept well in days ...)

    And don't worry, my boyfriend is totally cool with this ... ; ) Open relationships rock!

    Lol, Nash's face!

    YEAH, BENZAIE! Thank you for being the first person to wish me a Happy Solstice! P.S. I headbanged at the Yule Ball, it was epic.
  • outsidegalaxy  - Oh dear
    Oan, your voice is sexy. I thought you should know.

    Happy life day!

    Filmbrain, you rock.

    We love ya Doug, good luck with the site!

    Happy fucking Christmas to you, Brad.

    E-rod, you're awesome.

    Sage, so THAT's what you had in your mug during fanfic theater.

    Justin, I love the sweetness of your bit.

    Linkara, I adore you and your bear.

    Keep it up Todd!
  • tchan5158
    Yays thanks everyone for the wonderful messages and epic singings and personal insights :D

    I'm especially surprised to see Andrew Dickman make an appearance o_o. I always thought he would have a giant mustache for some reason. (lol jk jk) :)

    Happy holidays and a wonderful new year soon after!
  • Draco1000
    Merry christmas and happy holidays to everone on the site and others sites and to everyone have a good one
  • Draco1000
    Merry christmas to and happy holidays and happy new year
  • AlucardsQuest
    Once again I don't know who half of these people are. I recognize the site admins, but who's this Doogie Walker person? Seriously though these videos are kind of cluttered, next year I feel like I'm going to be watching it for the length of a movie run time with an entire cast of unknowns but with faxed notes of apologies for being too busy from everyone involved in Suburban Knights.
  • Smarty
    I dont want this to sound rude man, but Channel Awesome is not just TGWTG. There is Blistered Thumbs, where producers create content for the company. And some good ones too (Including myself). and if you think next year is just going to be a cast of unknowns, there is a way of changing that. Explore the other website and become familiar with some of us. you may like some of the guys and girls who work on the other site.
  • AndrewDeLong
    Well, I can see both sides of your comment and Alucard's. It's damned near impossible to know the names of everyone that hasn't at least cameo'd in an Anniversary special. There's just too many people that work for this company, that an average viewer can keep tabs on (remember, some of us also watch your competitors on youtube, like SXEPHIL, Freddie-w, and the like).

    But noting that, this is also the strength of this company (Ch. Awesome). There's so much content, there's practically something for everybody.

    Now, what say we set aside this petty schtuffs, and focus on the true meaning of this Holiday season. The birth of spending the next 4 months trying to figure out just how the hell a chocolate egg laying rabbit has anything to do with a man bleeding out on a wooden cross.

    Y'know, Valentine's Day.
  • AlucardsQuest
    To the website's credit I have gotten into most video producers because of their appearance in the Brawl. Before that I didn't know who Linkara, Angry Joe or Benzaie was. I was already a fan of AVGN, Spoony, Tom, Mickey, Lee and Z from PBC because of their Youtube origins, but as I say half of the people there I didn't know. However they were all introduced in the Brawl, and I went to seek them out.

    Here, very few people are introducing themselves, acting as if we should already know their names and wishing everyone happy holidays. I understand going out to find your own entertainment, (instead of waiting until it comes to you) but if you're going to tell everyone how they should spend their holidays and don't even bother to introduce yourself... then you can't expect everyone to swoon. I (like many other people) have other interests, a job and some semblance of a life besides watching internet videos, so I can't really be expected to sift through every video producer on TGWTG and BT all the time (as the contributors are always changing). Heck the only reason I know who JewWario is in this video is because of his trade-mark hat.
  • Gethenian
    lawl troll harder, man.
  • DanceNerd
    Kyle makes me want to join choir again...
    Also, Blockbuster Buster's Marzgurl doll was totally a Fred from "Angel" action figure :)
    Loved this! Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.
  • NextGen  - Merry Christmas
    ... to you guys, who give us fans gifts of joy and laughter all year round. I love this site, and really appreciate all the hard work everyone puts in the content. So again, have a very merry christmas everyone, and thank you so much for existing! Keep having fun with what you're doing ;)

    Also merry christmas to all my fellow viewers ^.^
  • EpicFish
    Merry Christmas everyone! Great video! Peanut Butter Gamer looked so adorable!
  • Kaijen
    Say, where can I watch any of Nobunaga's stuff? o.O I can't find him anywhere on the site.
  • Linkara
    He's a Blistered Thumbs writer and editor. Since he announced what he was from "Big Evil Review," that's what I put in the credits for him.
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