Disneycember! Part 1

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Snow White



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  • FullofQuestions
    I love this so much! It's really pleasant to see your analyses and positive reviews, part of the reason that I'm partial to the Old Vs. News and the top 11s- they're just as funny, but it's nice to see something other than frustration once in a while.

    As I've only seen about half of the Disney movies, this will motivate me to watch all the ones I haven't seen yet. But I have seen all three of these.

    Snow White- I saw it as a little kid and loved it. For some reason, I was never scared of the queen. And fun fact: Apparently the original design for the Wicked Witch of the West was based on the queen.

    Pinnochio- Although I've always been more familiar with the Russian equivalent, I do think that Pinnochio did many things better- the story was more dark and gritty, and the story didn't beat kids over the head with morals. But Buratino did have fantastic music.

    Fantasia- I've always been really fond of it, and you're right, it only gets better as one gets older.
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Balto(+) P.S 101 Dalmatians is awesome!!!
    Does this mean that next year you will be doing a Dreamworks December?
    I know that you probably get tired of hearing requests, but I would really like to hear your opinion on the movie "Balto" (1996).
    While on that subject did you know Balto was the name of one of the first explorers to trech across Greenland? He later moved to Alaska and the dog Balto was named after him.
  • PlayMp1
    Fast forward to February 2013 and he's doing... Dreamworks-uary.
  • Magpie Dandy
    I agree. Reviewers seem to think we like super bilious reviews. But I love to hear people talk about why they like something :)
  • Lim  - Destino
    If anyone here loves Fantasia and hasn't seen Destino, I urge you to look for it. If I remember correctly it was started shortly after Fantasia, but wasn't completed until recently.

    What is it? Disney and Dali. Ants come out of a hold in a hand and become bicyclists wearing bread on their heads. You know, a love story!
  • webfox100
    You have no heart.
  • SRanger1071
    The Fantasia story isn't entirely accurate. What REALLY happened was Walt Disney and his chief music guy never really got along. I hate to use the simile, but they were like Bugs and Daffy. Walt wanted music to fit his shorts, the music guy wanted shorts to fit his musical arrangements. The first compromise was the creation of the Silly Symphonies; that way Walt could have his character/story-driven shorts with Mickey and the growing gang and the music guy could have his music-driven shorts with thousands of nameless and ever-changing characters. When Disney started making movies, they fought again. And that's how Fantasia came to be.
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - I've got the dragon balls. Guess what I wish for?
  • Zenyth
    he'll get to it when he gets to it
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Guilty pleasures, everybody has a few. Guilty plea
    Ironically, I kind of like Treasure Planet. It was annoying and stupid at times, especially Ben, but for some reason I like it.

    (Guilty Pleasure Song plays)
  • Earthdragon2000
    Another Treasure Planet fan! :D

    I'm hoping he does that one, but I also hope he doesn't judge it too harshly.
  • youjik33
    Love these! Your analysis is really interesting, and it's nice to re-visit some films I haven't seen in years.

    I used to be afraid of swimming because of Monstro... true story.
  • Stevie
    i like these videos. they're a nice idea for a fun nostalgic trip. also, Disney-cember's a pretty catchy name.
  • ladydiskette
    I hope he does "Bambi" sometime. Not only is it my favorite Disney movie of all time. But it helped cement my love of animals and all stories about animals. Particualry fantasy stories where they talk and have adventures and conflicts. I am so looking forward to this!

    Snow White was one of the movies my mom insisted I watch as a Disney movie. And I don't blame her, the story is simple but being that it was Walt Disney's first movie he went with a story he knew and worked it into something entertaining and unforgettable.

    Pinchoccio-was usually a Disney movie I could take or leave. I did like the underwater scene where he is traveling underwater and sees all of the fish and underwater creatures.

    Fantasia-Excellent movie, as a kid though I fast-forwarded through the live-action instrumental parts so I could get to the animation because the animation was totally worth it.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    I actually DO believe Di$ney is an evil corporate monster that is brainwashing us with screwed-up messages and questionable morals, while taking all our money and using unfair marketing tactics to drown any competition from the market.

    Yet, the House if Maus DOES release really good movies from time to time. Not too often, but... every now and then.
  • DarylT  - Your wrong.
    Ok first I would like to clear up some very common lies about Walt

    http:// www.cartoonbrew.com/ disney/why-walt-disney- is-a-jew-hating-hitler- loving-racist.html

    1. Walt was not anti-semitic.
    2. Walt was not sexist
    3. Walt is not frozen.

    In most cases any indiction in the movies of any issues of this nature is just interpretation. And as interpretation it is fed through a person's own beliefs, bias and prejudices. It's how Spongebob can both been pro-gays and promote the sexual exploitation of women.

    http://www.awn.com/ articles/cartoons/dr- toon-why-spongebob

    So if you think the Disney is evil is much more a reflection that you are a cynical grump.

    Also if you truly are against Disney you must also be against all forms of entertainment for children. And unless you want children to just play with sticks and stones that is just a ridiculous notion.

    Also do you know who hated Disney ... Hitler. And I don't think anyone wants to be like Hitler.
  • DangerousLoki  - No, you're wrong.
    Just to clarify.

    1. Walt Disney expressed many views in both his work and in statements he made that could be deemed anti-semitic in nature.
    2. The representation of women in many Disney movies is often unflattering to those of a female nature. This isn't Disney's fault per se, at the time almost all females were similarly portrayed and it became instrumental in the design of the Disney formula. I don't know if this is thrown at Walt Disney simply because of this or not. I don't know Walt and I doubt you do either so how would either of us know?
    3. I agree. Cryogenic Stasis probably was not the fate of Walt Disney. It would be near impossible to obtain a machine for this and keep it secret.

    The point being that many Disney films, especially those during Walt Disney's active era portrayed femals and most other ethnicities, when featured, in an often negative way. Occasionally comments that Walt had made in interviews and such would also lend credence to people believing that he might be racist and anti-semitic. Whether he was or not is still a question of debate though he has been tried in the media of public opinion. Unfair as it may seem to you.

    And no. You can hate Disney. That doesn't mean you hate children's entertainment. That's just silly. I don't know, maybe you were trying to be funny but it didn't work out. I hope that's what it was. I really do.
  • DarylT  - No, No, your'e wrong
    1. Again, I'm quoting Amid Amidi animation historian

    "The “Walt Disney hated Jews and blacks” accusation is one of the most vile mistruths tossed around about the old man"

    Most of these mistruths stem from "Marc Eliot’s notorious hack job Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince"

    Some jokes for example the Three Little Pigs, might be anti-semetic now, but that was just common stereotype at the time. In fact no authors have ever found any evidence that Walt dislike Jews. Read the Carton Brew Article.

    2. Walt had female's on his staff and female animators as early as Bambi. I agree it was the nature of the time but again it's interpretation based on a rather extreme feminist viewpoint.

    And actually it does. Because Disney kinda represents all children's entertainment.

    More often than not it's people interpreting things that aren't really there.
  • EpicFish  - Thank you DarylT!
    I was beginning to think I was the only person left in the world that didn't buy into those fabrications of Walt's personal life! Also, thank you Doug for deciding to do these Disneycember videos! It reminds me of why I fell in love with Disney and why I still hold the same starry-eyed mysticism for these videos as an adult!
  • DangerousLoki  - Adding another no is unnecessary.
    1. Again. You're still wrong. Walt Disney is labeled beyond the cartoons he created. Actions he performed in his life also are the thesis of this anti-semitic view. However, if we're being honest. Many members of the Hollywood community did have negative feelings towards Jewish people who were often felt as the controlling interests in this. Many of these anti-semitic touches are probably frustrations at the hollywood industry in general. Whether Disney was or was not anti-semitic is debatable. We do not know him. We can only judge him based on the evidence we have. Some believe he was anti-semitic some believe he wasn't there is no proof to either case. The end.

    2. That doesn't mean he wasn't sexist. Hiring females doesn't make you above sexism. No more than hiring a black man makes you not racist. Again, I've never really heard anyone accuse Walt Disney of being sexist, they have accused the Disney corporation of producing sexist works. They have of course, both in the past and currently. Again, this isn't really important.

    3. No Disney doesn't represent children's entertainment. They are a big contributor to it. They arguably the most famous and "first" to really gear towards children in the wya they do. They have created many works that have influenced the public conscience and other works. But they are no more representative of all children's entertainment than Dracula is representative of all vampire movies, Freddy Krueger all horror movies, or Christianity representative of all religion. It is it's own company with it's own practices and styles.

    4. Final note. Most negative fews of Disney is against the company and not anything to do with Walt Disney himself. Such as questionable use of intellectual properties from outside sources. There are more of course. But I won't go into all of that.
  • DarylT
    The anti-semetic is most observably not true.

    Please read the cartoon brew article.

    Again I quote Amid Amidi

    "The “Walt Disney hated Jews and blacks” accusation is one of the most vile mistruths tossed around about the old man, yet a quick browse on-line suggests that more young people believe it today than ever before. How did this happen? Why is the single fact that kids know about this 20th century entertainment giant a shopworn charge, long ago disproven, that he was anti-Semitic and/or racist? I began to understand the situation more clearly after spending some time exploring Yahoo! Answers, which contains dozens of questions about Walt’s beliefs. The questions don’t stem from Marc Eliot’s notorious hack job Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince—remember, nobody reads anymore—but rather from pop culture references, particularly animated shows like Family Guy and Robot Chicken. Writers of these shows, who can rarely be relied upon to come up with clever or original humor, recycle a playbook of dated pop culture references, among them that Walt hated Jews and that he’s frozen. Family Guy writers are so enamored of the anti-Semitic charges, that they’ve made the accusation multiple times, "

    That is the main mistruth I wanted to clear up.

    And the point about children's entertainment I was making is that Disney kinda represents the idea of running a business of children's' entertainment. Which is why whenever you read articles or books about this topic they usually use Disney as the representation of the whole industry of children's entertainment.

    Now if anything happen after Walt's death, in the Eisner era, then fine go ahead. I'm just here to clear up a dead's man name.
  • brittany  - uh ok
    can we all agree to disagree? some of us like disney, some of us dont.
  • Fuery87
    Actually Hitler loved Disney and apparently was known to sketch Disney characters. I suppose he might not have been so thrilled when Disney started producing anti-Nazi propaganda films though. :P
  • DarylT  - BTW
    By the way I was aware that Hitler did draw Disney characters when he was younger, but he grew up to hate it and see where that got him.
  • Dust
    "When he was younger"? Disney shorts started coming in the mid-late 20s, Hitler would have be 40ish and well on his way to power.
  • mumbls
    4. Walt Disney's wife was a Mormon.
  • Zoidzilla  - What about their wrong?
    Also do you know who hated Disney ... Hitler. And I don't think anyone wants to be like Hitler.

    This is so ridiculous I don't even.

    http://tvtropes.org/ pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ HitlerAteSugar

    You can hate one form of children's entertainment - even a very prominent and ubiquitous one - without being against the very concept of children's entertainment itself. Disliking part does not equal disliking the whole.
  • Kirinet
    Except for that last one which was pulled out of someone's ass, most of the rumors about Walt are true. Fantasia was actually a movie Walt Disney wanted to make and the animators cursed him all the while for the way he treated them during the making of it.

    A lot of his workers were bitter and they all complained about him. These accusations mostly came from them.
  • HanSK
    These things only really apply to the company's 90s period

    Nowadays the corporate monster would be Viacom, the owners of Mtv and Nickelodeon
    They are currently guilty of everything bad ever said about Disney, plus there are one of the biggest lobbyists for internet censorship.

    Disney's been slowly improving ever since they kicked-out Eisner
  • Raptor Rex  - Brother Bear
    Will you do brother bear? I really loved that movie.
  • MelodicBlasphemy
    I can't wait to see more of Disneycember. It's like taking another look at my childhood.
  • Derekshirts
    This was brilliant, thanks Doug!
  • TechnoStripe
    This was so awesome, I can't wait to see more!
  • Filby
    I think this is an excellent idea. Keep it up!
  • FishEyenoMiko
    I love this! I'm a big fan of older Disney films (I've not see many of the recent non-Pixar ones), and it'll be nice to hear your thoughts on the films. I'm especially interested in some of the ones you don't hear about as much, like "Black Cauldron", "Great Mouse Detective" and "Lilo & Stitch".

    BTW, even as an adult, I find the donkey-transformation scene in "Pinocchio" pretty horrifying... O_O
  • plaidman
    Yeah! Great Mouse Detective and Black Cauldron! Yeah!
  • Ms.Moonspeak606
    Fuck yeah, mmmmmmmm that's good evil corporate goodness. As much as Disney shits out awful squeals, terrible shows (or channels rather)they really do know how to animate and tell a good story. This is going to be good.

    Also, I never found the cricket appealing myself. He was like that asshole in your 2nd grade class constantly throwing a 6-year-old's version of morality at you.
  • ladydiskette
    Yeah, I agree, Jimminy Cricket was pretty annoying and my least favorite Disney character.
  • GTO Neko
    I see how it looks like you're doing this in the order of the original releases in a way for this series.

    This is definitely good work for diving deep into the mini-reviews for such classics.

    I'll definitely admit, when it came to Pinocchio, that was one of my very first Disney films that I knew about and loved to watch whenever I could, not even realizing how much of a darker tone the original story was.

    While I will disagree with how you felt about Jimminy Cricket, I do respect that, guess when it came to being as young as I was from watching it, I was raised a bit different and had some different thoughts.

    Overall, with your takes on the first 3, these are great introductions and can't wait till you get to what I kinda felt as the "golden years" of post Walt Disney with the 60's with Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians and Robin Hood.
  • TheDVDGrouch
    Your right for all the venom we could throw Disneys way in the end Disney is movie magic pure and simple.
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - Pfft
    Disney, you can preach all you want mouse but I still haven't forgiven you for the majority of you run on Power Rangers. But still my favorite Disney animated movie is "The Emperor's new groove". Not just that it is so far away from the Disney formula but also just because I just plain like it. I'll be looking forward to when we get to it down the line.
  • Evanpik64
    Be sure to do a review of the emporers new groove,that was my favorite as a kid.
  • The Anoniguy
    This is going to be a good month, apparently! Awesome stuff, Doug.

    I'm going to play the nitpicker now, though.

    There was a feature length animated film made before Snow White, though. The Adventures of Prince Achmed, by Lotte Reineger, 1926. It's really very good, despite several pieces of it being lost to time.
  • ST
    Snow White isn't the first animated feature film. Just the first American one.
  • eveofmoonlight  - Snow White also messed me up.....
    My mother told me that i was so afraid of that Evil Queen as the witch that I'd run out of the room every time she showed up on screen. To make things worse two more incidents sealed the deal on my fear. The first one happened on a ride at disney world when i was 5 and in my mom's arms during a ride.....guess who happened to be in the perfect seat on that ride? Out of nowhere from the darkness she appeared cackling with a red apple and there i was a 5 year old in my mom's arms with the perfect front seat view of that woman.......I apparently wouldn't stop screaming and crying until the end of that ride. Another time mom and I were at some swings in a park and a muslim woman in black came up with her kid to push her kid on the swings.....guess what I did? Apparently I mistook that woman for the witch and ran screaming "witch" towards my mother. O_o;;;; Pinochio I vaguely remember.....Jimminy Cricket's best role would be in dumbo I think.......at the very beginning.....there just seems to be more to his character then. That was also another movie that scared me for life.....bambi's mom dying was no big deal to me same with Mufasa but Dumbo's mom in chains always breaks me up to this day. Now a little known animated short movie (by disney but I can't be sure since we had it on VHS) called Bongo also really will screw you over...it's much like Dumbo except with a circus bear and it's way more sad. Here is a link to youtube http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=wFCuZC- qIFU&feature=related Funny that i share so much with the.....there is something to be said about sad poingnant disney movies...my mom's theory is that the reason I am so into books, have a remarkable memory and am just plain nerdy is because of those movies.....she told me that I would fast forward or rewind to those climatic or sad moments and it kind of disturbed her a little but she figured it was my way of understanding certain human concepts......apparently disney also helped me get a remarkable memory because I could repeat any story anyone told me word for word. Sorry for all the typos....it's been a long day but I am glad that I got to come home and see a disney review on the Nostalgia Critic website....so many memories.
  • Leon Real
    Pinocchio smashing Jiminy. Funny you should say that.
    Did you know that in the book he actually crushes him after throwing a hammer?
  • penpaninu
    thank you! he does do that. I read the book after seeing the cartoon and had a fit of laughter :P
  • ezm
    were you by chance using the soundtrack to Disney's Dinosaur cus if you are wow nice..........oh and um i know its not a 2D movie but could you reveiw it i think it looks incredible and i'd love to know what you think
  • 2-B-Animated  - Best idea EVER!!
    OMG!! Your seriously going to review all the 2D animated Disney movies!! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!! These movies are why I love 2D animation SO much and want to be an animator myself.
  • littlelili
    I a so happy to see something positive from you! It makes me feel like bouncing up and down... or something like that.

    Sure, I hate that Disney is a massive corporation that treats their employees like poo... but it's still Disney, and uh, you just hit it on the head with that intro man.

    Out of the three here Fantasia is what has the biggest vice grip on childhood memories. Oh Fantasia, the movie that started my love of classical music (I would say "especially Tchaikovsky" but oh now that was Sleeping Beauty that did that) and ballet. After watching Fantasia on VHS I wanted to know more, so I naturally went to my father and he told me the music was from classical pieces and that the Nutcracker segment (which was my favorite) was from a ballet; and so every December there was a chance to see it on stage. Going to the Nutcracker has become our father daughter thing ever since. We started going to symphonies for our combined birthday gift every year too... then when I was in middle school came the opera... yeah Fantasia brainwashed me... and I am kind of OK with that.
  • fanime1  - Lucky!
    I always wanted to attend a ballet (and other shows like the Blue Men Group and Broadway shows). But my dad said either it would be boring or too expensive. So, I never got to see a ballet. :( The ones I wanted to see the most was Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.
  • Kaldary
    Pinocchio scared me as a child. First of all, none of the bad guys get punished which was just scary for me. Then there is the donkey part where we never find out what ultimately happends to them. When I was a kid I wanted someone to save them. And the coachman is the scariest Disney villian for me. He wasn't in the movie that much but what he did was evil. And like I said before, he gets away with it.
  • BooRat
    Great new video idea! I really enjoyed this new series!
    I grew up watching the old original Disney animated movies as a kid! I saw Snow White and Pinocchio when they were re-released into theaters when I was really young like 4-5 years old back in the early 90s! Because I distinctly remember sitting in my mother's lap watching these in a dark theater with other little kids! It might've just been a local theater thing but I know it happened!
    Now I liked most of these films for one character and I recall me calling the movies by the characters name! I liked Snow White for Dopy and Grumpy, Pinocchio for Jiminy Cricket (sorry Doug), and Fantasia for the Micky part (Sorcerer's Apprentus), The Dancing Hippos and Alligators, The Greek stuff, and Bull Mountain (which probably explains why I liked horror movies at an early age).

    I'm surprised you didn't bring up the racist imagery in Fantasia that has been cut from the film now! I don't think they should've done that as the film s a piece of art to me and you don't censor art like that!
  • tchan5158  - its ok
    Even if you have no heart, Ma-ti can give you one :D
  • keniakittykat
    He's dead, remember?
    Dead and shot away in a quacker Oats box...
  • plaidman
    Wow this is a really good Idea Doug. Nice one.

    I love Snow White as a film it's so visually pleasing to the eye and it's a fun movie to watch even now as an adult.

    I'm sorry to say that I hate Pinocchio! Even when I was a kid I hated that movie. It was just so boring and stupid to me that even now I actually refuse to watch it. The same goes with Dumbo and Bambi. I don't know there's just something about those three that just bug me.

    Now I know that I probably will get some negative feed back for this but... I've never actually seen Fantasia all the through. I mean I've just never been at the right place at the right time i guess.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    Eh, I'm not a big fan of "Pinocchio" either. In fact, looking at Wiki's list of Disney animated films, a lot of the ones from the 40's and 50s are kinda "meh" for me. I don't truly dislike any of them, but I don't really love them, either. Granted, one of my fave their movies was made then--"Sleeping Beauty" was made in '59--but for the most part, I can pretty much take them or leave them.
  • KelzyWolf
    So glad I'm not the only one! I have NEVER like Pinocchio! Especially when I got older and read the source book- it is effed up! And I never liked Dumbo either, except for the Pink Elephants sequence (I was a rather odd child LoL). But you're totally not alone here!
    But totally see Fantasia. If you keep an open mind, you should find something to enjoy =)
  • plaidman
    Sounds like a plan I'll see if I can find a copy and watch it.
  • Makiki  - Doug's opening argument
    Something went "clunk" in my brain at Doug's opening assertion.

    "You can bombard us with all the genius, monstrous things Disney has done in the past. You can argue debatable messages. You can argue debatable ethics. You can even argue debatable stereotypes.

    But it doesn't matter -- Disney has always been there. For many of us it's the first thing we're introduced to. And that's the genius of Disney."

    Doesn't this make Disney even more malevolent?
  • JoeldeBunchastu
    No, it makes it more manipulative; what it does with the influence makes it malevolent :V
  • marvergoud  - DISNEY!!!
    yes, yes
    sorry I love disney so much.
    and he's gonna review al the animated movies.
    i'm so happy right now. :D
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