Doug's Favorite TV Shows

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  • Lacrobat
    Great choice for #1, it's one show that I really can watch over and over again.
  • SpeedyEric
    Awesome idea for a list, Doug. Just as good as you favorite movies and comedies lists.

    I might be hunted down by an angry mob with torches and pitchforks for saying this, but I haven't watched lost to all of "Seinfeld."

    I've seen little of The Twilight Show. I mostly watch it when it's on SyFy's New Year's and July 4th marathons.

    I remember seeing VERY little of Peter Pan and the Pirates when it was on Fox Kids. I do however remember watching the intro.

    Who doesn't love Animaniacs?

    The Simpsons is a neverending classic of television. I find it 1,000,000% better than South Park.

    I've watched like the first half of Roseanne on syndication. John Goodman is awesome.

    The DC Animated Universe (which includes Batman: TAS) to my mind's eye is the best televised universe of all time.

    I remember watching most of Red Dwarf on late night PBS during the summers when I was a kid. It's like the Star Trek of British comedy.

    I never heard of Daria, but I think I've come accross it one night some weeks ago while flipping through channels. While you're talking about it, I think I'm a bit like the titled character.
  • Gamer_Ely
    I think its odd that he didnt mention looney tunes, I was hoping he'd say Curb Your Enthusiasm :/
  • August M.
    Lonney Tunes was never a show, they were shorts shown in movie theaters before a movie(Same goes for Disney shorts, MGM Shorts, etc.). If you're referring to the crap known as The Looney Tunes Show, then I don't know what to say.
  • panix6
    if it had a yime slot on cartoon network 15 years ago, then it's a show
  • BooRat  - Speedyeric
    Don't worry dude you're not the only one that never watched Seinfeld!

    Twilight Zone is easy to see it comes on like 5 channels late at night mostly SyFy(SciFi) around midnight!

    That Peter Pan cartoon use to be a staple of Saturday moring cartoons for channels that bought other channel's shows! I think I watched it mostly on The Family channel(can't remember which as it's been FoxFamily, ABC Family, and NBC Family)!

    I loved Animaniacs and Freekazoid and all related series!

    Simpsons have fallen from grace with me a bit but I'm slowly returning to it! South Park I like still just if it's a political epsidoe I tend to change channels! But at least it hasn't became Family Guy which has just became one long political cartoon that features fart jokes!

    I use to watch Roseanne when nothing else was on but fell out with it when they won the lottery!

    I like the entire DCAU too bu I do have problems with Batman Beyonde but for different reasons than Doug... I just hate what it did to some of my favorite characters!
    I do think Doug would like Young Justice if he'd watch it! Which he might have I don't know!!!

    Red Dwarf I never saw didn't come on any channel I had growing up!

    I watch Daria but can't recall an episode outside one where the retarded jock and cheerleader chick were running like a snack truck and where giving people too much change back because they were too stupid to know basic math skills!
    The Most interesting part about that show to me was it was a spinoff and there for in the same universe as Beavis and Butthead! hen-hen-hen!!
  • CartoonFireworks
    Nice list :) Always good to hear your favorites.
  • cool_inuyasha_girl
    Woot, hell ya for Wolf's Rain, at number 5 too. Doug has good taste in anime, although I'm not a fan of Bebop (aside from the music, the ending and the awesome episode where Spike fights Vicious) great choices.
  • normal42
    Black Books is an awesome show. You can check it out on Hulu. They have all the episodes. Though the first six are by far the best. Great list Doug.
  • Lim
    Manny! Do you have a tower of soup for me? Where are the turrets?
  • quadrupletree
    Oddly, even though it started in the 80s, Red Dwarf only has 55 episodes across eight seasons (or series), plus the three part "Back to Earth." It's had a very odd production history; there was something like a five year gap between series 6 and 7.
  • Mattevansc3
    That was probably due to Craig Charles (Lister) being accused of rape and no production company would touch him for years, they also all went on to do side projects that tied them up, Cat even getting a biggish role in Blade 2.
  • Ilune
    I couldn't help skipping to #1 and Doug really blew me away with his choice. I used to just like him, but now I ADORE him.
  • Supermutant2099
    My list:
    Transformers G1
    GI Joe
    Batman TAS
    Sailor Moon. yeah anime but it's my favorite anime tv or no.
    ECW Hardcore TV. Yeah wrestling but original ECW tv was so good and I couldn't wait to every week. It was as a fan what I needed and I still watch the old episodes every two weeks on wwe classics on demand. Closes I put on this wrestling other then this Prime Time Wrestling. As a kid it was awesome as it was before monthly PPV or monday night raw (it was it's predecessor). Go back and watch the old episodes. It still fun.
    Kim Possible
    Dead Zone
    Darkwing Duck
    Quantum Leap
    Original TMNT

    Honorable mentions: Avatar: Last Airbender, Simpsons, Animaniacs, Duck Tales, Night Court, South Park, Rosanne, Justice League, Superman 90s cartoon, Daria, 90s X-Men Cartoon, 90s Spider-Man cartoon, Static Shock, and sure forgetting some honorable ones. I probably could do a top 40.

    By the way I may not like all on the list but nice to always to see a list and talk about it. I really got to get daria dvds. I been meaning to. I might get a family member to get for me for chrisrtmas.
  • The Wizard  - My guess...
    is Doug, I hope I'm right!
  • Loneheart
    I was honestly shocked at first by your number one but what shocked me the most was that the Looney Tunes wasn't on your list. what with daffy duck being such an insparation for you and all
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    I wouldn't consider the "Looney Tunes" as an actual show since they used to be shorts in the theaters long before they were on television, and the directors and writing team of each episode constantly changes.

    My favorite ones were mostly by I. Freeling, and of course Chuck Jones, but most of Chuck Jone's writing I hate. When he's good, he's amazing! Most of the "Rabbit Season, Duck season" ones were by him, and he also did "Duck Amuck" One of the classics where Daffy is being harassed by the artist trying to get the short started. Also, I think he was the one who directed the one where Wilie Coyote actually talks and claims he's a "super genius" I love those ones.

    Many of my least favorite Chuck Jones cartoons that I hate I find weird rather then funny. Most of them are mostly the Willie Coyote Road Runner ones. (If there is no twist, Those cat/mouse gags get old for me real fast) Or there's this one where Bug's Bunny goes to a creepy castle where a vampire lives and at the end of the episode turns into a bat by some magic words.

    Anyway, I'm rambling, but as I said, the Looney Tunes were just shorts, not really an actual show since they all shared a different director and team depending on who directed the short.
  • August M.
    Chuck Jones was bad after Looney Tunes. His Tom and Jerry shorts are just bad.
  • Moreno X
    What about Gay Purr-ee? The 1962 animated film produced and written by Chuck Jones. I never saw his work outside of Looney Tunes. If I did, Gay Purr-ee comes to my mind quickly and, to me, watching many times on TV (and the fact I watch many times was because one of my sisters actually recorded on tape from the TV) and thought it is one of the best-looking, sweet musical animated film I ever seen. Not the best but nonetheless a fantastic film to enjoy and watch great animation, even it's not the best when it was released.
  • August M.
    Saw it as a kid on Cartoon Network in the 90s I didn't like it. Need to rewatch it to see if I enjoy it this time around.
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    Never saw it, but I did see his "Ricky Tiki Tavi" short and I thought that one was good.
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    Oh I agree. I have seen his Tom and Jerry shorts and I don't like them at all. (that one with them in Space was just weird and the music was awful to listen at.)

    And I'm not a huge Tom and Jerry fan to begin with. The only ones I personally like are directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera themselves. But I'm not familiar with the names of all the directors on those shorts.

    (Did they do the one where Jerry's guitar playing Uncle came to the house and kept plucking Tom's whiskers cause he kept breaking guitar strings? That one was halarious.)
  • August M.
    Yes. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera directed and wrote all of the shorts until they left MGM. They were replace by Gene Deitch where Tom and Jerry were crudely drawn and had weird sound effects and music but were somewhat enjoyable. After, he was replace by Chuck Jones. Then Hanna and Barbera bought them off, along with Droopy, from MGM in the 70s and started making more shorts for TV but were heavily toned down to the point of both Tom and Jerry were friends than enemies.

    Hope that helps.
  • trlkly
    I didn't guess, but as soon as you said it, I was like, "Of course!"

    Oddly enough, I love your number 1, but I absolutely hated your number 2. I hated how it felt like I was actually watching a home video. Throw in the stylized-suck animations, and I just couldn't take it.

    Other than the British shows I haven't seen, and the fact that I loved the last season of Roseanne (as long as you pretend like it's a different show, it's great until the reveal in the last episode), I agree with all your other choices, although maybe not in the order given.

    One last thing: tell the truth: Did you have a crush on Daria? I know I did.
  • TheDVDGrouch
    Nice to see Malcolm In The Middle getting some love. If I made a list Lost & Sopranos would be on there somewhere.
  • Lossthief
    Really interesting list. I can't really say what my favorite shows would be, since I honestly don't watch much TV these days, and what I used to watch was stuff I never really analyzed.

    Still, a quick list of shows I can think of that I love:
    The Inbetweeners
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
    Malcolm in the Middle
    Paranoia Agent
    Ed, Edd, and Eddy
    Samurai Jack
    Teen Titans
    Digimon Tamers
    Courage The Cowardly Dog
    Zoids: Chaotic Century
  • August M.
    High five on the awesomeness that is MLP:FiM!
  • Lossthief
    Don't you mean High Hoof?

  • supersnackbros  - How about...
    How about high on every drug imaginable! You'd have to be in order to watch that shmooze.
  • Penguin4
    wow... harsh.

    Seriously, do you think we care what you think?
  • Yeahwhatever
    I can tell you've never actually seen MLP:FiM, and have NO idea what you're talking about. Take up a chair because it's time for you to learn something.

    Since you know nothing about how drastically the show was reinvented, you should realize they brought in an animation writing veteran (who has already done several other well regarded works in the past... look it up and be surprised), and a talented team of writers to actually create a varied and relatable cast of characters.

    You have no idea how different it is than it was a decade ago, you have no idea the amount of work that was put into making it well-written, and you have no idea of the names behind the talented people behind the show, that if you took 5 seconds to do some research on, or actually watched it, you'd see how far off you really are.

    But that's fine, because in your shallow and ignorant world, you hear the title and you jerk your knee back in fear, due to your own unintelligence. You just don't get it, and you sound like the kind of ignorant, shallow, meathead that won't let yourself get it, and you really just deserve pity. You just hate based on the title and don't know anything. You judge books based on the cover. It's sad. You won't get anywhere in life that way.

    If you think that a show this well written, this strongly put together, is anything like the My Little Pony "schmooze" that it was in the 1980's that you're mistaking this for, then you're dead wrong and a fool. The very type of shallow imbecile who can't look past the title of something.

    It's honestly people like you that don't deserve to have an opinion, because you don't do anything to actually earn having it, by being informed or intelligent about what you're even talking about before you say it.
  • Sonicrose
    One word: Cupcakes
  • August M.
    You're right, sorry for the mistake.
  • Penguin4

    I basically love everything on that list, Ned's Declassified was awesome.
  • violinisthamel
    Man... the number two choice is on my top 20 worst list. It always put me to sleep, it was boring and to me moved very slowly and had almost no emotion in it.

    Though I have to say that I am pleased with your number one choice :D Very awesome! Actually is my number one favorite show as well
  • Yeahwhatever
    Then again, there was also Wolf's Rain on the list, which I also consider one of the worst anime i've ever seen, right next to Neon Genesis Evangeloen.

    I just hate these morbidly slow-paced anime, that meanders around, through half hour episodes of painful expository existential quandaries and, characters endlessly staring up at the sky and expositing to themselves about their emo-ish searches for the meaning of life....

    ...or these borefests that culminate in bizarre, meaningless, disconnected unclear symbolisms that answer very little, as some kind of weak attempt to invite the viewer to interpret some meaning that isn't there, as a cheap cop-out.

    Anime like Fullmetal Alchimist, Witch Hunter Robin, and Wolf's Rain are some of the worst examples of this type of random, nonsense trying to pass itself off as deep or meaningful.
  • Moreno X  - Amazing list Doug. Kinda heart-warming.
    I had a feeling you were going to put shows that you can't stop talking about them, but then I thought your #1 show was Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, not Daria. Not that I dislike Daria. Unlike you though, Daria was a show that I came to see what's about. I wasn't in high school when this show came on TV until in 2001.

    Ironically, when I was in high school in 2001 (Grade 9), my type of high school years was a show called Undergrads - a short-lived (13 episodes) 2001 cartoon about four best friends from childhood experiencing college they attend. I lived in Canada, and this show aired on Teletoon. Now, I know this is a college-based show and not a high school-based show, but the characters (and the four main ones especially) had got to be the weirdest, crazy type of college folks I ever seen and, just to stop to think, at the time when I was in high school until I finished in 2005, I was always wonder what will the students at colleges or universities are like? Will I like them? Will they treat me differently as a loser, a noob, or such? These questions I ask myself and sometimes to my other old friends from high school was to know ahead so that I could avoid that type of norm in college. It's kinda like when we grew up with Tiny Toons that were for younger audience to younger/older demographic viewers of Animaniacs or as we were experiencing hardship from Batman: TAS as the series itself was getting mature and darker as it progresses to tell stories and events. By comparison, Undergrads, to me, was a ladder of preparation towards college, and aside of the silliness that was going with the four characters (who are no doubt stereotypes respectively: Nitz, Rocko, Cal and Gimby), they pretty tell what they're thinking and wanted to see what kind of trouble they're getting into without feeling regret, one way or another. Their institutions are insane, the students are weird, the four main characters are different, the world of Undergrads is definitely one of my weirdest yet interesting cartoon about hardships and trials while you learn how to take things responsibly, and how the circumstances can affect others around you. In addition, out of all of it, what kind of person you want to be? Be like them or being yourself? These questions is what I had when I was in high school and I had those in my mind before I can enter into college. It's a weird ride when I look back and see how much I went through. It's a shame Undergrads wasn't appreciated enough from what it is as it is the same thing with Daria. But now, gladly, both shows are getting noticable by long time fans and both shows are becoming cult-favorite classics and are respected for their aims to talk about the subjects what we're not used to think ahead of time when our lives are being questioned when we have to take responsibilities when our parents, friends and others won't be around with you forever. Undergrads was like that to me, and it's a funny cartoon.
  • Moundfreek  - Oh My Golly!
    Oh My Golly! Doug, I've wanted to hear this list for a long time! Can't wait to hear what they are (hope some of my top 20's are on there)!!
  • TheBlackMage
    Dexter and South park... what else might you need? Besides Duck tales... and The Simpsons? And Night Court? And Silk Stalkings? And MST3K? And Monty Python, and Benny Hill, and Doctor Who, and Danger Mouse, And...
  • nightwingfan87
    Comments for Part 1:

    Yay for Louie!! His stand-up is pretty funny. I haven't had a chance to watch his show yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

    The Croc in that Peter Pan cartoon had human teeth. Other than that though, this cartoon seems really cool.

    Yes!! In Living Color!!! I love this show so much!! Homie don't play that!! *smack* That white woman, (I don't know her name either), was in the first Scary Movie as a teacher who slept with her students.

    A lot of these shows you're listing I've never heard of, which is why I'm not guessing what will be your #1.

    I definitely agree with you on #12.

    Comments for Part 2:

    The most the Simpsons ever inspired me to do was to eat more Butterfingers. I enjoyed the Halloween specials too, and Smither's 'death' was epic at the time.

    Woo South Park! Love that show too :3 I remember the first episode on VHS, and seeing the movie at 11 years old X3

    Okay, I'll try to guess...Golden Girls?? Lol, so wrong, but I guessed. Or is it Doctor Who?

    Omg, Roseanne!! I love this show too, relatable, funny, and just plain awesome!!

    This wouldn't be a countdown without B:TAS. Enough said. And yeah, Batman: Beyond was extremely super dark, and the only episode I really ever liked a lot was the egg-baby episode. I mean, the Batman in that series was alright with killing off bad guys.

    Wow, I was closer with Golden Girls XD Yay for Daria!!
  • KWAC_1o1
    Miyazaki actually did work on a lot of TV shows, a few episodes of the original Lupin III, Sherlock Hound, Future Boy Conan, Hiedi Girl of the Alps, ext ext ext he worked in animation for 15 years before he directed Lupin III Castle of Cagliostro
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict

    Never would of guessed. Love that show.

    (Actually watched both videos before commenting! I'm a good girl! )
  • ThatGentlemanWithTheOcularDevice
    What, no love for Arrested Development? It is impossible to not like that show. Impossible. I was disappoint it didn't make the list :/
  • Kevin.P.Edwards
    Yeah... yeah... The guy wearing the $400,000 suit is gonna be on the top 20 list of a guy who doesn't even make that in a year. Come on!
  • Skye McCloud
    When I watched this, I was shocked. Very shocked. I had honestly expected Animaniacs and Batman TAS to be higher on your list. By that, I mean within the top three for both.

    That said, I... I don't know what to make of your #1. That show honestly drove me crazy in every possible way. I couldn't stand that show. Maybe it was because it reminded me of my own life at the time, maybe it's because of the monotone as you had mentioned, but something about that show... I couldn't stand. I had friends who liked it a lot and I TRIED to get into it just so I wouldn't feel left out when they were talking about it, but I couldn't do it. I dunno, maybe it'd be different now, but I'm not exactly going to go out of my way to find out.
  • BooRat
    I agree with you Crittic on almost of of them except the few I never saw which were mostly those Brittish shows(except Monty Python)! And, the 2 shows you listed I absolutely hated and those 2 were Malcome in the Middle and Sienfield! I just could never stand those 2 shows!
    I wonder what's your openion on Wilfred and The Middle or Modenr Family!?
  • PDL
    It's funny how after all of your explanations of these shows, you would have this cheesy smile on your face. But you can tell it's sincere. You are just so excited to tell us why you like them and it shows. Thanks for loving what you do.. because I know I do.

    Also, Batman plus anime equals "Batmanime." Can we get that word started? I'm going to go ahead and do that.

    X-Files is my favorite show
    ..with Mulder ...not the Terminator
  • TigerRaptorFX
    I was kind hoping you would mention an old show called, Are You Being Served.
  • ybrevo  - wow
    I love that show, glad to see someone else actually knows it exists!
  • DangerousLoki
    I actually loved the Roseanne finale. It was a nice finish to the series and my eyes with some nice impact. I loved Daria and it would definitely be on my top list of shows. Though not suprisingly given my name I was more into action/adventure shows than comedies and they naturally would fill my list.
  • codobus
    As soon as I saw the british shows get mentioned I thought, Red Dwarf has to be on this list, it has to be. Then once it got into the top 5 I figured it wouldn't rank so high. Imagine my surprise (:

    I didn't grow up on the show, I watched it over the last month, and I can honestly say it's now one of my favorite shows.

    This list gave me quite a few shows to watch in the future, so much thanks for that! (:
  • Talvrae
    Doug you need to watch dexter... seriously... It's not a commedy show but it have it's funny moment but mostelly it suck you in the story the acting... damn so good
  • TwstedMind
    Very true, new season just started, liked the start ? The story can be a tad predictable, but the Dexter himself is just genius such a twisted Character, so off putting yet likeable, identifiable yet monsterous. When a show makes you like a guy who does what he does, they are doing something right.
  • Archedgar
    I hope I can guess it, I have not looked at the comments.

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