Ninjas vs. Pirates: the OTHER Third Year Anniversary

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  • Jackass Mask could have also had somebody that just said NO at the beginning and left, but then came back later as a cowboy to really throw a monkey wrench into the mix.

    I'm talking Walker Texas Ranger levels of cowboy here.
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - We must fight now because you are a pirate and I a
    Doug Walker can make practically anything work as a funny movie/skit on this website.

    Got to say Little Kurriboh and Purple EyesWTF should have been thrown into the story.

    Purple Eyes as Monkey D. Luffy, and Little Kuriboh as Naruto.

    By the way, was That Dude in the Suede wearing a Yoshimitsu costume from Soul Calibur in Suburban Nights?
  • Zaiger
    If you ever do any more "How To Be A Pirate", maybe you could throw the James as Bloodbeard in there somewhere. It's too good to waste.
  • Defenestration
    while the whole "Pirates vs. Ninjas" thing does sound a bit convoluted, I wouldn't dismiss it entirely. The idea of the "Good" Producers facing their evil counterparts is a great idea, and one I hope does make it into the another anniversary event. I really think it would be something that you guys consider. Regardless, keep up the great work Doug!
  • ladydiskette
    As much as I would have loved to see a team-up of Insano, Mechakara, Dark Nella and Paw, and PhelousD1 seeing them as Ninjas probably would ruin any evil crediblity they would have in my opinion.

    Espically Mechakara...I doubt given his character that he would accept help from a human or group of humans only as a "when the chips are down" last restort and if it means it would further his own plans in return. Not to mention being a robot probably would have made him doing martial arts very difficult to do. Anyway, you guys did the right choice.

    Although don't discount the evil team-up just yet. Executed right and it could work on different levels for other future endeavours. Not for Pirate v Ninjas. But just something within the TGWTG canan-verse.

    *sly smile* looking for the Necronomicon for example ;)
  • SpeedyEric
    I've been asking for something like Ninjas vs Pirates since Lupa's "American Ninja 2" review when she asked "Why are ninjas in the Caribbean?"

    I understand why James couldn't do it. Not just "Plan 9," but also pre-production of the AVGN movie.

    I still enjoy "Suburban Knights," and I look forward to what you guys will do for Year Four.
  • ladydiskette
    As for the necklace thing, I had some theories as to how you guys would come across it or be in posession of it.

    Either by as a family heirloom, or one of the CA female reviewers/contributers coming across it and think "hey its a pretty necklace and it looks great on me." and wear as it thier own. Maybe Nostalglia Chick wears it as a replacement for her bowtie even.

    That is what I was thinking when I watched this video.
  • ulmuchiha  - You made the right choice
    Pirates vs ninjas is dead.
  • Semudara
    Yup, just like that other fad: breathing.

    Oh, wait.
  • Paranormal Rob
    I'm glad you guys went the way you did. I really can't see Dr. Insano as a ninja.
  • CrazyChris576
    Not to mention that this would have totally screwed up Linkara's storyline, since Mechakara is supposed to be dead and not coming back for awhile.
  • Moon Spirit
    Sounds interesting, though yeah, "pirates vs. ninjas" was kind of a fad, and I don't think many are practicing that anymore.

    I do like the idea of the evil counterparts confronting the whole team. That sounds like fun to do. But hey, the current anniversary special turned out incredible.
  • DarkPhoenixMishima  - Nice concept
    The idea of the villains versus heroes idea is pretty cool, the ninja pirate part of it, meh. But the villain/hero part of it sounds awesome.
    Maybe go with a League of Villians type of thing where all the bad doppelganger character decide to go defeat their enemies, but decide to go after them one by one at first, going after someone they wouldn't normal go after (like maybe Insano fights Angry Joe).
    But I don't think that would be able to make itself into a full movie though, maybe more like a little special series.
  • August M.
    Heroes vs villains would have been better.
  • TheWildhawke  - Glad you didn't
    Ninjas vs. Pirates is so 2007. Just like people saying things are 'so 200X' is so 2004.

    It's not just a dying fad, it's a dead fad.
  • Eric.
    I like the idea of tgwtg team verses their evil versions, just not ninja vs pirates. Maybe you could do it for the 4th year anniversary.
  • DanceNerd
    Aw, Rob could have totally played James Rolfe playing Bloodbeard. ...Remember that one time everyone thought Santa Christ was James?
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    I loot the Internet's vaults and download stuff illegally. Yet, I do it secretly, quickly, and I never get caught.

    So... WHO AM I ?!?
  • shallow15
    I agree with most of the above comments. Ninjas vs. Pirates is played out, but the villains of TGWTG against the heroes would be cool. Admittedly, there aren't a lot of them,but maybe they could defeat and convert a bunch of reviewers who don't normally have nemeses (Evil Film Brain again, anyone? Or possibly Leigitmately Crazy Phelous?).

    As for Angry Joe, he does have a nemesis in Corporate Commander, so no problem there.

    Although I have to ask, would General Zod be involved in such an allegiance? I can imagine him demanding everyone kneel before him and the other villains just saying "Whatever...where were we?"
  • chrisrich28
    Angry Joe could almost be a villian himself.
    God...think of the times he lured/suckered his poor friend to come to his place to play crappy games for him.

    Don't remember Angry Joe's evil laugh?
  • buzzrock1
    I think this would have been pretty cool, but it wouldn't have been the total awsomeness that is Suburban Knights. I would love to see a special involving all the villains of the site forming a Legion of Doom to take over the world. OF COURSE! Why wouldn't AskThatGuy be involved though? AskThatGuy is the most evil sonofabitch I've ever seen. I would also love to see James Rolfe as Blood Beard Joe.
  • invaderlysander
    as amusing as this idea sounds, i'm glad you went w/the Suburban Knights idea instead...pirate vs. ninja is a fad, like ya said, and i don't think it would have been nearly as amusing (plus it would have had to involve just as many if not more in jokes than kickassia...which while I enjoy them, it is a bit of a turn off to people who aren't familiar w/everyone's independent continuities)
    funny idea though :)
  • corinski
    Somehow the first person I thought of as another site villain was Peter Cetera.
  • zmh24
    Honestly, that sounds cooler than Suburban Knights except for the fact that you said a lot of would have been spent training. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it would have had a bunch of great moments, but I think it would eventually get real old and bothersome. At most only one episode of it should be spent on the training.

    While you said you don't think you'll ever do the Ninjas vs Pirates thing in the future, don't throw the idea out completely. Ditch the Ninjas vs Pirates, but keep the idea about the TGWTG team fighting against their evil counterparts, that has true potential. I'd love to see something that uses that idea for the 4th anniversary.
  • Furore23
    Oh, Doug!

    That poor kid - you promised, you PROMISED him! And you couldn't even remember his name.

    Shame on you Mr Walker. For serious, shame on you.

    As for the 'what could have been', well, I would have loved to see the Mirror Universe doppelgangers of evil battling the regular crew, but I have to agree that Suburban Knights was a stronger and more versatile concept.
  • KaptinKilla  - I AM NATHAN ASH!
    It's all good. He got it right. Wow, that was all the way back in April. Glad I could help, Doug!
  • wingzero5555  - I perfer this idea over suburban knights.
    I hate to tell you doug but suburban knights did not have much of a story either. Many of the main characters including you did not have a story. I colossally prefer this over suburban knights and something I could get into. Heroes vs the villains. This is much better then a vague villian and vague story. I'm a big fan of yours doug but even I could not defend suburban knights. We should do it though villians vs heros.
  • Eye Carumba
    I'm glad you went with Suburban Knights, because it turned out to be great! Having said that, I hope you don't rule out the villain team-up for the future, because it'd be great to see Doctor Insano, Mechakara, Dark Nella, Solomon from the Kung Tai Ted videos, et al. unite under a resurrected Malachite someday.

    James Rolfe is a part of the Plan 9 remake? Wow! Good for him and much congrats!
  • Curiosity Inc
    Point of interest: As a lot of the commentaries have pointed out, one of Suburban Knights' great strengths is that it's very self-contained, the cameos aren't very gratuitous, and the various in-jokes and running gags of Channel Awesome are kept to a minimum. One could actually watch Suburban Knights with little-to-no prior knowledge of TGWTG and get most of the humor.

    From the sound of it, the Ninjas vs. Pirates premise takes the exact opposite direction. It was built entirely on the various running jokes and supporting cast, which would have been very satisfying to long-time fans while also serving as a poor introduction to TGWTG for newcomers.

    Having said that, a massive "heroes vs. villains" fight does sound awesome. If nothing else, that's definitely an idea you should keep around.

    Also, I can't quite imagine James Rolfe as Bloodbeard Joe. I always pictured him as a Rob Walker character, to be honest.
  • trlkly
    That's a good thing, though. As long as you establish the characters and make the story interesting, you can make a film that is rewarding to first timers, but even more rewarding to people who have seen it.

    It also means that people who like the characters will go back and watch the other series. In other words, it works as advertising.
  • Flaregun
    Suburban Knights may have been pretty damm frustrating to wade through (lots of really good jokes & gags, but also lots of real tedious, repetitive sections and badly done exposition dumps) but in the end the general premise kinda worked. "Pirates vs. Ninjas" would've just been weak. I'm sure you could have come up with great little individual jokes, but the sheer staleness of the premise would have sunk the whole thing.

    Plus, there's one big, insurmountable problem with "all" the TGWTG villains coming together to form Team Evil: You mention Dr. Insano (who already got too much of the focus in last year's special), MechaLinkara, Dark Nella, and.....???? The cold fact is, the vast majority of your reviewers don't *have* any "evil" recurring characters. I can see Luke's "inner serial killer", and maybe Angry Joe's "Corporate" Cobra knockoff (although he really wouldn't make much sense outside his very specific role of representing the Big Videogame companies foisting bad games on consumers) and granted, either of the two characters Brad played in his Hooker With A Heart Of Gold miniseries would have been frickin' AWESOME, but that's about it. What were you gonna do for Phelous, Film Brain, Marzgirl, Lupa, Todd, or Paw?
  • Eye Carumba
    I think that while the TGWTG ensemble is great in large numbers, the villains' side is fine with about five or six people. If you bring in one person to work as a counterpart with every single reviewer, then the cast becomes bloated and then screen time becomes an issue.

    There are a couple of other villains they could pull out, if needed. I know Phelous had a dark counterpart at one point, so there's one, at least. Juno the Sorceress, from Marzgurl's reviews, would make a great comic relief character for the villains' side. And don't forget Dr. Smith and his SPIDERS! His giant legion of SPIDERS!
  • trlkly
    Phelous has his clones. Todd is already evil. Film Brain has this guy: http:// m/art/EVIL-FILM-BRAIN- 174906138

    The others I'd have to get back to you on, but, even if they don't have them, they could use characters from their reviews that they just didn't play.

    I also think it'd be funny if some character's evil counterpart was DH. I was thinking Lupa, but probably making it a guy would be even funnier.
  • ZeroSD
    Paw had Dark Paw in some videos (his video game music lists)

    You could have some of the crazier ones just be on that side to begin with too :)
  • JetstreamGW
    MarzGurl has a sorceress chica that shows up periodically. I forget the name. As for Film Brain, he's got...

    God... I cannot remember the name... the German doctor dude with the brightly colored hair.

    And yeah, Dark Paw
  • PublicEnemy
    Probably best that ya went with Suburban Knights, it turned out great anyway

    I do like the idea of Insano and Mechalinkara teaming up with other evil doppelgangers and being the villains. You can probably still use that idea in the future
  • JaiCSC
    I like the idea of the TGWTG Villain team up. But Pirates vs Ninja's sounds like it was the lesser idea.

    Probably would have ended up as similar to Kickassia. Personally I only thought Kickassia was Okay. It was fun for what it was but nothing brilliant. Pirates vs Ninjas probably wouldn't have made everyone look as good or showcased how much the site has grown and evolved.

    Suburban Knights was just excellent and entertaining through and through and really showed off the talents of the CA team. It made me think WOW, give these guys more time, more resources and a bigger budget I'd love to see what these guys could make.
  • Kaiju-Z
    O A O Whoa, that'd be pretty awesome :D

    I wouldn't be surprised if the fandom made a comic out of the idea and gave it as a gift for the wonderful work you guys have been doing for the past few years.
  • Curiosity Inc
    I would pay to read that comic.

    Incidentally, did anyone think to remember Nash's alien pants? Doesn't MarzGurl have an evil witch character too? I know that Phelous has appeared as an evil version of himself (with black robes and all) in some videos.
  • Stall_19
    Plan 9 remake? Whaaaaaaat?
  • biblegirl
    Pirates Vrs Ninjas is a fad but someday you so need to do a thing with all the villains! That would be so awesome.
  • Plotspider  - Yeah, the villains
    Get all the villains together in a Legion of Dork or something and have them argue about why their plans don't work out or something, like the Legion of Doom.
  • benfromcanada
    I am so, so, so glad you went with Suburban Knights. While I wasn't a big fan of SK, there is NO WAY the Pirates vs Ninjas thing wouldn't be horrible. Sorry, that is way overdone.
  • Winkuru
    James Rolf as Bloodbeard Joe? I honestly think would have been really awful idea. James doesn't have look's or the voice to pull something like that off.

    Awful,awful idea.
  • ZeroSD
    Yeeeea.... I like Rolf, but he's not the "beat everyone up badass" type that Orlando is.

    Rolf can fight the Critic one on one just fine, but Orlando looks and sounds like you don't want to mess with him even with the whole TGWTG team.
  • Shanetefilmmaker
    Well there are two kinds of badasses, those who fight with their bare hands and while much of that skill is good enough to kill a lot of characters quicker, that badass feels he should make them suffer first. Then there is the other badass, one with not much on the fist fighting skill but put their favorite weapon in his hand as well as knowledge that he does know and he will tear you apart. Rolfe falls into the latter because showwise he's fought the classic serial killers, a klingon warrior, and the nostalgia critic four times (three if you don't count the TMNT Review.) and survived. As well as sacrificed most of his time and sanity trying to beat the crappiest games ever made. True he wouldn't stand a chance against Orlando but give him a zapper, a superscope and his bottle of Rolling Rock and that would be enough to level the playing field.
  • Parasite
    The Pirates VS Ninjas could have been funny, but I think you made the right decision to go with the LARPing plot X3

    Still having my fingers crosssed to see TGWTG musical anniversary one day *__*

    Linkara would agree.
  • RedPanda
    Had I seen this before I posted my original comment, I would have agreed 146 percent. If the evil counterparts teamed up to take down the TGWTG team and they did a West Side Story thing? That would be beyond funny.
  • DarkBee
    Fuck yeah!

    In the meantime, watch Oancitizen's review of The man who fell to Earth, NChick's Les miserables and a ton of other vids where one or more people sing.
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