Bad Movie Beatdown: Sunday School Musical

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  • ggbhtg
    Well-placed, as soon as I saw this listed on Blip I said "Oh GOD no".
  • ladydiskette  - Uhhhhh
    13:21-13:40: I don't know if its my perverted imagination in the gutter, but anyone else but me think that line with the mother and the bubble gum coming from the girl's dad sound kinda.....creepy?

    lol, and I loved the part where Film Brain freaks out and thinks Todd is a bulgular or a serial killer. I think Nostalgia Critic has been telling him too many scary stories about Chicago's streets XD lmao!
  • SlyDante
    Actually, I think Film Brain's reaction to Todd is a reference to the UK tending to associate hoodies with the criminal element in a bit of a stereotype: wiki/ Hoodie#United_Kingdom ...which makes the gag even more funny. =P

    (P.S. Is there any way to create links in these comments? I forget.)
  • TragicGuineaPig
    There used to be, but not anymore. You can post the URL, but the site will stick in random spaces so that it won't link and can't even be properly cut-and-pasted without editing. I'm not sure if the ability was disabled to prevent spamming, or was done inadvertently, but either way, it makes posting URL's a total pain.

  • ladydiskette  - *Puts on her teacher glasses*
    You know, when you make your movie about Church, and Faith, and Sunday School I expect it to have a little bit more than a vague allusion to prayer and maybe one or two hymns. Like the characters using thier faith to get through thier plot conflict in its entirety.

    I mean I know its a "Asylums" movie but for pete's sake "Faith Films" for a Christian movie I expect it to be a little bit more spiritual than what you expected. Its like you didn't even try hard enough.

    For this movie Faith Films, you and Asylum get a F- ......see me afterschool for a make-up assignment.
  • Fuery87
    Yeah. I think they actually ban hoodies in some places over there.
  • 2wingo
    Agreed, that soft, breathy tone they used to speak to each other carries some rather . . . unfortunate implications.
  • ultramanmattia
    A ripoff of an horrible movie like HSM!?!? WTF ladies and gentlemen!?!?!

    But i'll admit that the ending of the movie was unexpected.
  • ColbyJ
    I said, "Hallelujah!"
  • ZorcxFlorence
    Nice, you got first comment GG.

    My reaction was more along the lines of "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?"
  • Neo Ultra Mike
    Wow that was an awesome crossover guys. Combining Matthew's hatred of Asylum movies (wonder if he'll ever review one with Lupa or Brad Jones who admit to actually liking them for their cheesiness) and Todd for it being a blatanted pop musical ripoff. Lot of great bits between you too from the opning of everyone rejecting Todd's offers (actually I want to see him and the Nostalgia Chick review Crossroads. Hey that could still happen she didn't reject him here), Film Brain saying his choices suck and picking SSM, the Todd in the shadows produced Film Brain intro, the comments on how there's a total lack of music most of the time, commenting on how the roof top for some reason is a hot spot, the black girl (I don't care to remember the names besides Zack and Savvanah) being against Zack for no good reason, Todd pointing out how it is like church, them calling bull on the other choir giving the award and the ending. So yeah another great crossover special. Since Matt's already had one I hope that Todd has another one like that Chick idea I said since that would be a totally awesome crossover.
  • RockinDover
    Crossroads? You mean that movie with Ralph Macchio as a guitar player who plays against the devil, who happens to be played by Steve Vai? That's a great movie!

    ... Oh, I almost forgot. You probably aren't talking about that one. You are probably talking about the POS movie with Britney Spears, aren't you? :P
  • ColbyJ
    Wait there is a Ralph Macchio movie where he plays with the devil? Where can I find this interesting piece of cinema?
  • Kari
    To my complete astonishment, it's a old and decent music movie that DOES exist on DVD. It's cheap as hell on Amazon.
  • rockybalboa211

    I expect that ninja sword at the start of the video to be in the Third Anniversary Special!!
    HAHA, Good old Phelous! He perpetually thinks of death! :D

    Awww, Come on Lupa! Please give Todd a chance! I mean, who doesn't have a screensaver and monitor wallpaper of you? Right? :)

    Only the pure goodness and kindness of Film Brain can save the day! I agree, Hoodie Toughs usually scare the heck out of me as well! I'm a complete wuss :(
    The Todd BMB intro was completely fantastic! :D
    The only difference between this and sister act, is that sister act (with Whoopi Goldberg) was hilarious!

    What is wrong with the girls in this horrible movie! Why are they all stupidly overreacting? Zach is trying his best, and comes off as a really nice guy! Be easier on him! Also, that jewish guy is probably a Jew for Jesus :D

    To elegood90 (below)
    I'm a 21 year old guy, and even I have crushes on Film Brain and Todd! Actually, I have crushes on the entire Channel Awesome Team!
    Especially Rob! I mean, his maniacal power, and perfect symmetry really turn me on! :D
  • Drake666
    A funny thing about "Sister Act":
    The french version's called "Rock'n Nun" :P awwww, the puns ! :D
  • QuestionTheMajority
    I didn't really get a "Jewish Stereotype" vibe from the geeky dude. He felt more like a gay stereotype to me. I guess he's a Gay for God then?
  • rockybalboa211
    Drake666 - Wow! The pun is hilarious! Did you notice that this movie is actually just "Sister Act 2" lol.

    QuestionTheMajority - Gay for God! There is actually a progressive catholic group called

    Also, did Todd agree to review with Film Brain on the bed or what?

    Chamone! :D
  • TheTannedOtaku
    I've been waitin' for this... 8D

    Aw, Lupa! Be nice to Todd!

    This review was awesome, and I second the Chick crossover of "Crossroads"
  • Doodles  - Bad Movie Laser-vision
    Awesome review from two very talented people!
    As a side note, Matthew's enthusiastic face looks capable of burning a hole in the wall.
  • honestiago
    Sunday School: The Musical... it's... it's so wholesome... it's bringing the light back into my black, withered soul... oh God, I can't take it! I'M MELTING, I'M MELTING...........

    *fizzle fizzle*
  • Archedgar
    Matthew has become much better at these reviews.

    Todd is the new Matthew!
  • elelgood90
    Awesome review. You two are on my top five favorite reviewers on this site, so seeing you together for a crossover was high up on my list of wanted crossover reviews. You two should do another crossover next year. It's awesome.
    I have to admit, not to sound creepy, but I totally have crushes on both of you.
    I have never sat through High School Musical. When I was in high school, I tried to watch it, since so many of my friends loved it, but I couldn't make it past the 30 minute mark. I just got bored. I was a 16 year old girl in high school. I actually felt like there was something wrong with me for not liking it. There is no way I could sit through Sunday School Musical, and this is someone who is going to her sister's Christian ballet performance tomorrow, so I will have an easier time sitting through two hours of little kids doing ballet, tap, and modern, then 90 minutes of pure crap.
  • thedarkprep
    Todd is absolutely awesome on the Keys. Watching him play the theme to Film Brain's show was my favorite part of the review (because it had no traces of the bad bad bad bad movie). You two should make more reviews together though, I like the way you two interact.
  • WarxePB
    And the running gag of people getting punched continues! Lupa gets her revenge.
  • theChancellor  - I concur
    I'am with ya there on Glee Todd,
    I mean talk about profiteering off something so non-existant.
    Fox really didn't care how they were going to recycle an demographic that had no respectable prevalence to begin with.
    So how do you manage an entire serialized drama upon that?
    I'll tell you how, Typecasting, campy drama, wasted guest stars, vacillating negativism and the raping of way better movie-based musical numbers.
    Tell me you wouldn't have it any other way.
  • e33laf
    Seeing Todd minus the shadows and his keyboard was kind of surreal...

    As for the review, I never thought I'd see a Disney-style musical so completely inoffensive that would make the original High School Musical look like Spring Awakening by comparison.

    P.S. Since it has been brought it up Todd, you must know that you're now going to have to fully take on Glee at some point.
  • SlyDante
    If Todd does take on Glee, I suggest the god-awful Britney Spears episode. Or a lot of second-seaosn material. Hell, I'm someone who admittingly likes the show, but last season had one too many aggravating moments, & it felt more like it was collapsing under the weight of its popularity.
  • TheBlackMage
    Darn, I was gonna ask Lupa if she wanted to watch 9 1/2 weeks with me, now I know not to, thanks to this video! :)
  • diddyknux
    I.. I think some of my brain cells died just from the knowledge that this movie exists. Great review, you guys seem to go well together.
  • RockinDover
    I think everyone's did. That was probably my reaction on finding out as well.

    On a side note, nice name, and the picture reminds me of a time when Sonic games were actually good.
  • Taufiq91  - Sunday School Musical?
    Sunday School MUSICAL?






    Great collaboration, guys.
  • mrrubino
    Apparently it wasn't actually set in Sunday School.
    I believe Rachel Goldenberg was also responsible for Sherlock Holmes. If she had simply combined the two scripts, I think we would have something.
  • WRED51
  • August M.
    "I WILL FUCK YOU UP!!!" Perfect timing on that line. Very funny review with a great intro(Can't decide which is my favorite part: Lupa or Phelous).
  • GLKnight
    Jesus Christ, this film really WAS lame. Also, it's up to the decision of the Judges to decide whether a choir meets the qualifications of Performing or not, so that's one plot point easily explained there.

    And why was there no Red Vs. Blue (shirts) jokes at the end?!
  • webfox100
    You stole that "Hang on a second" line from MikeJ. I'm telling.
  • Moon Spirit
    Wow, their reactions to this is just like mine, and even the scenes I was about the blurt out the same line as they did. God, even He would facepalm this terrible atrocity.
  • brick mooncode

    Remember how in HSM, nothing was really difficult, or current, or top-tier, or logical, or original? It looks like all they did was amplify that.
  • Perzyn
    As much lame as the movie was, I think that church jokes were bit on a condescending, bordering on contemptous.

    I have nothing agianst good spirited ribbing, and am not offended easily, but for future reference - move around those topics with some caution, there are people out there who would be offended by this review.

    Oh and Todd? Mask doesn't suit you. Perhaps doing a Laughing Man schtick would work out better for you.
  • RestlessVagabond
    For future reference, I doubt seriously they're going to change the way they review things to suit your personal religious tastes. Don't like the freedom of speech they're expressing? Find another video to watch.
  • dennett316
    I think you'd have to be EXTREMELY thin skinned to be offended by anything on display here...are people not allowed to say that Church can be boring? Because it bloody well is.
  • Yeahwhatever
    You're severely offended by the viewpoint of others that church is boring?

    It's not as if Todd and Film Brain stood there saying "Hail Satan" for 15 minutes.

    You ARE easily offended. VERY easily offended, it this is any indication. WAY too easily offended. Over absolutely nothing.

    What, people aren't allowed in your world to say that they find Church dull? Get over yourself.
  • CronoT  - Oh Good Lord.....
    I'm not sure which is worse; this movie or Sunday Funday. Both are rip-offs of already crappy, chintzy productions.

    It wouldn't surprise me if High School Musical films were used as torture methods in Gitmo. As a Christian, I'm pretty insulted that this kind of thing even gets made. It doesn't even have the courtesy to try and hide the fact that it's a cash grab.

    Other than that, good review, you guys.
  • Runya EithelNar  - I see Todd's cheeks! O.O
    And nose, mouth and neck! *shocked* Todd, how can you see with this black material on eyes? :S
    And I love Lupa and your relationship;D
    Piano version of BMB is really interesting to listen too.
    Great review, really funny :)I almost drop dead from other choir's singing xP This movie is so bland.
  • kayla
    This movie was bland, the review however kicked ass. Well done you guys.
  • WaveMaker
    This was a great review. Humor was spot on, as were the points about how terrible it was (I was bored just watching the clips you guys found important enough to put into the video; I can only wonder how someone could stay awake ACTUALLY watching it. Thank god for your jokes to keep my interest), and you two made a good team. Nice touch with the combination intro; great cover, Todd.

    Also, lol, no SYMBOLISM!!! on the "climax" clothing choices (soft blues for the heroes and bright red for the... well, they weren't really villains, were they? Excluding those first two minutes or so where they seemed mildly threatening at best)?
  • Bastard
    Did he say "Like 45 minutes away"?
    Seriously? 45 minutes?


    That's just one hour away from his friends and he keeps that as a problem?
  • kaykeyser
    I feel bad , when Film brain went to look for Todd and he was gone, he sounded so depressed. I would totally watch the movie just to be in a review with one of those guys.
  • MelodicBlasphemy
    I'm pretty sure this just made my week. Film Brain and Todd in the Shadows in a review together was great.

    And if Todd wants to review Crossroads, I'll do it. I hated it but I could suffer through it again for a review.
  • Dark Paladin
    "It doesn't really appeal outside of its target demographic."

    I worked at a Christian Bookstore when this came out and trust me - this didn't appeal TO its target demographic. All staff and customers immediately identified this as bullshit just by reading the title, and we didn't sell a single copy.
  • kamunt  - @Dark Paladin
    I believe that, in the biz, we call that "epic fail".
    As for the movie, honestly, it seems like the kinda blandness that I wouldn't hate myself TOO much for watching. I probably would prefer this over High School Musical. Or maybe I wouldn't, because at least there was energy there.
    As for the crossover, not a bad combination, but I honestly wasn't feeling too much of the chemistry between Todd and Matt. Some of the jokes were amusing, I'll admit, but for the first time, the "plot" jokes were actually funnier than most of the review jokes to me. Also, Mr. Buck, you gotta work on your surprised/scared acting! The chance to provide a side-splitting delivery was missed entirely and instead the joke of Todd suddenly appearing was merely good. Probably my least favorite crossover thus far. But a good video otherwise.
  • dennett316
    They do these reviews in their spare time and provide them to us for free...even if they were fully trained actors, would you expect them to give away top notch performance in a review?

    Besides, why should the acting in the reviews be better than the acting displayed in the movies they review? That would just be kicking the film when it's down.
  • Aural Aurum  - Seriously, man..
    Dennett, you need to stop getting so defensive on behalf of the reviewers. They can take a little criticism--and if not, then they have no business being critics.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    Dennet takes time out of his busy schedule to come on here and defend the gods of entertainment whom we bow down to every day on the internet! How dare you criticize such selfless behavior? You are a terrible person and I'll never be your best friend!
  • naomiwashburn
    Considering the tag line on the back of the copy I watched said, "They put the HIP in WORSHIP," I'm not surprised nobody was fooled. You'd have to be a pretty fucking special brand of brainless to miss that kind of pandering.
  • Vismutti
    "They put the HIP in WORSHIP"

    ... *cracks up*
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