Top 10 Movies Doug Likes But Everybody Else Hates

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  • pap64
    This is a great video and I really enjoyed the honesty and coolness in Doug's opinions.

    I agree about Unbreakable. For me, though, it provided a lot of unintentional humor, like when Sam's character is selling a drawing of a hero to a man, and the man mentions that its for his kid and Sam geeks out over it. I've talked to friends who are comic book collectors and say that the scene is too real for them because they have met people like that. But still, I laugh at it.

    But I will agree with you that I really like the quiet, slow moments in which the characters are being developed. It fascinated me how Bruce Willis's character is slowly coming to grip with his apparent super hero status, all while trying to make his kid happy. I don't know, I liked the subtlety of it all.

    I also agree about Atlantis. I should mention, though, that one of the reasons it gets hated on so much is because of an apparent plagiarism case. Supposedly they ripped off the idea for Atlantis from an old Gainax anime (I forget the name of it), even though both the movie and the anime are inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Also, for some hardcore Disney fans, Disney should never do sci-fi, which is a shame since I thought Atlantis and Treasure Planet were pretty good films and a nice change of pace for the studio.

    I confess that I love the first Matrix movie, but I will agree that the idea isn't as new as people claim it is. I remember back when the second movie came out I had a friend that was OBSESSED with the Matrix, and I argued with him that the story wasn't new, and I agree that some of the ideas are silly and stupid.

    As for movies I like that everybody else hates, well, most of them have been mentioned on the other video :p .
  • darkmindedsith
    Yeah, The Matrix is loosely based off of Alice in Wonderland, or at least certain aspects of it.

    In fact, the film makes several references to it: Neo having to "follow the White Rabbit", Mopheus telling Neo he must feel "a lot like Alice", Mopheus offering the red pill and saying Neo will "stay in Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit hole goes". The list goes on.
  • WookMuff
    Actually, some claim that all the Alice in Wonderland references are actually stolen from a book series called The Wonderland Gambit, a cyberpunk series about an artificial world based on Alice in Wonderland.
  • Wookiee
    The Matrix borrows ideas from:

    Douglas Hofstadter
    Jean Baudrillard
    John Von Neumann
    Masamune Shirow
    Raymond Roussel

    But it owes it's existence to William Gibson the most, IMO.
  • KingNothing
    I loved the second Matrix movie. It wasn't the same as the first one, but it was great as a simple action movie. The first one was an awesome sci-fi film, but the sequel was just a great balls-out action flick.

    That being said, the third one was a shitty sci-fi movie, taking the relatively theoretical, more down-to-earth ideas of the original, and turning them into "raise the deflector shields"-style Star Trek stuff, with liberal doses of crappy mech fights. Not to say the second one didn't have anything like that, which it did, but at least it had some cool action scenes. Revolutions was just stock mech/ship battles, and the mind-numbingly stupid "final battle".
  • DarkBee
    I liked the second one too, the highway scene was just so awesome (except the obvious CGI), and it had Monica Bellucci in latex. The first Matrix movie is still one of my favorite movies of all time.
    The only other movie from this list I've seen was X-Men 3, and I thought it was ok, just like the other ones.
  • Nosmo75
    Actually Revolutions was the one with Bellucci in latex, it's in the nightclub scene when Morpheus, Trinity, and Seraph go in guns raised to barter for Neo's release from the Trainman's train station. =)
  • DarthUno
    I agree, while the first was the best, the second really had cool action scenes! I don't agree with the third one, though it was pretty boring, I really enjoyed the Zion battle in the end, and it still had some cool ideas, like Agent Smith fighting Neo outside the matrix was really cool, I think.
  • WerewolfRiver
    A lot of people hate "Hancock"? Everyone I know seems to have liked it.
  • Squeejee
    Personally, I couldn't stand the movie. Mostly because I felt like it was a lot of characters I could never possibly identify with, with a first half to it that sort of meandered around without accomplishing anything worthwhile.

    Still though, I see where the appeal is - like Doug said, it is a very different take on the superhero idea. It just didn't leave any impression on me at all.
  • Jesusmon
    I know, right? I guess people were expecting an action film & just wanted to see cool superhero fights, then got offended when they found out the movie was actually a psychological drama. Oy.

    But, yeah, I loved it, my brother loved it, everyone I forced to watch it loved it, I don't know where that's coming from.
  • MPSai
    People claim Atlantis was ripped from a story arc in Nadia: The Secret of Bluewater (kind of like how Lion King ripped off Jungle King. Kimba. Simba. Yeah.)

    There's a kind of crappy website that covers it: http:// www.thesecretofbluewater. com/atlantis-i.htm
    http:// www.thesecretofbluewater. com/atlantis2-i.htm

    The second link shows how the character designs are even eerily similar.
  • Marshmallowcreampie
    Atlantis, everyone accused it of ripping off Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. Since they both take a lot of inspiration from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, of course they will share a lot of similarities, however... There's just a lot of stuff, like the design for the male lead, where it's perfectly reasonable to wonder if they ripped it off. (seriously, those guys wear the EXACT SAME OUTFIT, big glasses and all)

    Hancock... I did like that movie, sort of. I really enjoyed the first half, when it was funny like the commercials suggested. Second part, where it got all serious... That I didn't enjoy too much. I hate it when commercials lie...

    X-Men 3 was okay. I didn't like it that much, mostly because of how the Jean Grey storyline was done, but I did like the whole "mutant cure" storyline, that was okay. Overall, though, it was just pretty bland.
  • FredexAscendant
    if theres one movie i seem to like but everyone hates, its Hellboy. I am a huge Ron Pearlman fan so thats part of it. But i also like the thesis of an antihero, Hellboy isn't perfect, in fact he isn't even human. But he tries to defy what he was 'destined' for and strive to become something better. he also kicks the shit out of a nazi so thats a plus :D
    anyway, i guess the reason no one really liked this film was because it was the general action flick, tries to get the girl but can't, and save the world from aliens, or a cthulu rip off. I do hate one thing about the films ron pearlman is in and season of the witch confirms it. HE ALWAYS DIES! In Hellboy 2 at the last 20 mins, he dies from an elves gay emblazoned spear, that goes closer to his heart. 'song reference' why does he die in his films? i never know but i think its a waste.
  • Squeejee
    Aw man, you're not alone! I liked Hellboy as well (never saw the sequel) but everyone I saw it with in theaters thought it was a boring you-already-know-the- ending flick. Sort of a valid point, but IMO doesn't invalidate the whole film.
  • naomiwashburn
    I thought the first Hellboy was awesome! The second one, though, was a piece of shit, taking everything that was good or great about the first movie and absolutely destroying it. If you love the original, save yourself the heartache and don't watch the sequel.
  • LadyEpic
    LOVE HELLBOY! I think its very under-rated.
  • Fra
    Lol pap64 is always the first to give his two cents. Anywho I have always really liked Revenge of the Sith, I liked the first two also, but not as much. Why? I like the explosive space action. I love cgi. It's a recent Star Wars movie that feels less dated than the originals. It finally explains how Anakin becomes Darth Vader. My only complaint is that there isn't much character development and the love interest feels forced.
  • ThePinkKirby
    I loved Altlantis and Treasure Planet when I was younger, (they were some of my favourite Disney movies, in fact.) so I was really surprized to see that so many people disliked them.
  • wonderBOY316
    Unbreakable is the best work by M Night and best acting by Willis and Jackson lots of people like Unbreakable I don't know why you think people hate it. Even Punch Drunk Love same for the reasons
  • Ryman1118  - Great List
    Great list,Doug keep up the great work!I like Unbreakable,Atlantis:The Lost Empire,Hancock,The Chronicles Of Narnia:Prince Caspian,The Cable Guy,Matrix Reloaded,SpiderMan 3,I haven't seen Punch-Drunk Love,Star Trek:Nemesis,X:Men3,but i'll try to check them out.
  • insanekirby
    I loved Hancock. I thought Spider-man 3 and X-Men 3 were good.
  • Grimfang
    wow nice
  • manwiththehex
    I liked Atlantis. Rourke was a great Villain.
  • jdh1271
    I actually really like Atlantis. I think it is a very underrated Disney film. It's a very fun adventurous film. I especially love all those supporting characters.

    One film I really like but nobody else likes is Be Kind Rewind. I find that film very enjoyable. It has a nice feel to it, the characters and great and funny.

    To be honest. I like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I'm not going to deny that it's the weakest of the series but I still think it's fun.

    Great video Doug, I like how you speak your mind and that you said it's all opinion.
  • pap64
    Ah, I love Be Kind Rewind. Yeah at times its a silly Jack Black comedy, but it is a sweet story about a community sticking together and trying to overcome adversity. And it has such a great and diverse cast, it's a beautiful and inspiring thing to see.
  • Lodeman AKA LARUCUS
    Yeah, i liked both be kind rewind, crystal skull and for me, i really liked watchmen even though alot of people i know hated it... personally, after reading the comic and then watching the movie, i wasnt dissapointed at all, except for *SPOILER ALERT* not having a giant squid thingy to kill all the people, and i really loved the style and all the casting and acting, and to be honest, the on screen penis wasnt on as long as people made it out to be... and doug, i agreed with alot of those, except for xmen 3, because ive never seen it :P
  • Squeejee
    Seconded - I've met maybe one other person IRL that liked Watchmen, and I think that's because he's the only person I know who never read the original. Even knowing all the flaws the movie has, I must say I still enjoy it for everything that it is.

    I think it would be interesting to see if anyone can make a serious attempt to edit out all of the pacing problems the movie has, though. An entire issue dedicated to one character is fine in comics, but a ten minute sequence in a movie is a long time to be focusing on only one guy. If I didn't already know Dr. Manhattan's backstory I would have missed something falling asleep during that sequence.
  • SpaceGirlSpiff
    I may not agree with you on all of 'em, (most yes, all no, ^_^), but I certainly respect your opinions! And, as you have said, it's all about your ability to defend and hold up your views.

    My I-love-it-but-many- people-hate-it movie is the remake of The Producers. (sheepish grin.) I don't, by any accounts, think it's better than the original - heaven's, no! - and I agree that several plot elements were unnecessary and annoying, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy listening to the soundtrack... : )

    I don't have issues with hating movies that everyone loves... it's more that I'm indifferent to them, and get annoyed when other people won't stop talking about them. For example: the Harry Potter movies. I think most of them are fine, and I even really enjoyed the sixth one... but honestly, every bloody conversation that I try to have for WEEKS before and after the movies come out will undoubtedly turn to Potter, and I get so sick of it! It really sours the series for me.
  • Amaya Ramiel
    I agree with you about The Producer's remake. The original is far superior, and at the beginning of the musical I was very put off by the hammy reading of the lines, but then they took another direction with the musical numbers, and added scenes (like the accounting room where Leo works and the jail sequence) that I couldn't help but love. I didn't like it when they tried imitating Mostel and Wilder, but I liked the new stuff, and Mel Brooks is a very funny lyricist.
  • Radelta
    People hate unbreakable? Bastards. They must be crazy
  • Apollo
    One set of movies that I liked but everyone hated (and I probably will be trolled because of this) is the Star Wars Prequels. Now don't get me wrong they can not compare to the original movies at all.

    However the things that most fascinated me about Star Wars was always the technology and how everything worked. For instance I own every essential guide to Star Wars. When you look at it from that standpoint I thought there was a lot of cool items and things that are cool. Like how the clones are trained and their gear (I am a big fan of the Clones as a culture).

    Again there are a lot of problems with the prequels but they don't deserve all the flak that is given to them. The prequel movies do not hold a candle to the expanded universe.
  • Rurik
    I have to agree that the prequel trilogy doesn't deserve all of the hate it gets, Jar Jar didn't really bug me that much, really he was no worse than 3PO to me, I love Mandalorians so naturally I love the clones and the Fetts, and Yoda as a spinning ball of trash talking green death was just beautiful. Where they lost me was when Anakin started turning into Emokin. This is Darth Vader, one of the most badass characters in the Star Wars universe, right up there with Revan and Bane, and they turn him into this whining emo pussy, that is where the movies took a nosedive for me.

    For me, the movie that I loved, yes that's right not liked, loved, that everyone else seems to hate, the Super Mario Bros. movie. It wasn't faithful to the games? Have you played the games that existed at that time? I defy you to make a full length movie out of the plot "A big ugly turtle dragon thing kidnaps a princess and a pair of plumbers save her." without taking any form of artistic license with it. The first Mario game to have any kind of real plot was Super Mario RPG, which granted would have made a great movie, but that didn't come out until three years after the movie.

    It's too dark? Well yeah it's dark, but I don't see everyone saying that Charlie and the Chocolate factory is too dark. And it's not as if it was really anything that would give most kids nightmares or anything, heck Ghostbusters scared me way more as a kid.

    It's too goofy? It's a story about plumbers in bright red and green outfits rescuing a princess named after either fruit, fungi, or a flower depending on the game from a dragon turtle thing, of course the movie is going to be a bit goofy.

    Given the source material they were given to work with, I honestly think they did admirably.
  • WookMuff  - speaking of trolls.
    I think the main reason people hate the prequels is because they can't understand that nothing in life will ever be as special as that first time, be it movies, food, girls, whatever. No way an experience you have in your 30s will live up to an experience that defined you when you were just a kid.
  • Rurik
    I'd beg to differ. While there is a certain nostalgia factor involved, it is certainly possible to meet or even exceed the bar set by the original. Take Tron for example, the original is one of my fondest childhood movies, it probably made me the computer nerd I am today, Tron Legacy easily lives up to its predecessor however.

    Godzilla is another example, I grew up with and love Godzilla, both Showa and Heisei eras, the Millenium series of Godzilla movies easily lived up to both, in fact Final Wars became my all time favourite Godzilla movie, a title previously held by Godzilla vs. Destroyah. It's not that sequels and prequels can't be as good as the original, or even better, it's just that more often than not they're poorly executed and don't achieve their full potential.

    The prequel trilogy falls under this category, they could have been great movies, the potential is there and you can easily see it. They could have explored the true meaning of the chosen one who would "bring balance to the Force," the possibility that the prophecy didn't mean to eradicate the dark side, but rather to bolster it because the Force was dominated by the light side, thus being imbalanced. They could have given Anakin a better motivation for joining the dark side, instead of killing his wife himself the emperor could have done it, then blamed the Jedi. The climactic battle with Obi-Wan would have been so much more satisfying if Anakin was fighting with the rage of a man facing the murderer of his wife. Instead, they end up being okay movies, not godawful, but not good either, just okay.
  • Squeejee
    Seconded as far as sequels having the capability of being awesome goes.

    Personally, my biggest problem with the Star Wars prequels isn't the films themselves, but the fact that they seem to have sparked an era of Hollywood which shows no signs of ending, where anything and everything can and will get a remake, prequel or sequel. I guarantee that by the year 2020 there WILL be a Citizen Kane remake. The chance of it being good is somewhere in the 1-5% range.

    I realize that George didn't have too much of a hand in starting this culture of remakes and re-imaginings and reboots, but the Star Wars prequels seem like the ur-example of the new millennium crappy Hollywood cash-in, whether they were first or not. And even if there are a few gems to be found in recent history (as much as I love the original Star Trek movies, especially the first two, I must admit that I liked ST 2009 as well), that doesn't change the fact that this is damaging to the artistry of cinema as a whole. Never mind the overuse of blue/green screen and the misuse of special effects houses!

    IMO, the prequels also really missed out on the chance to do something interesting with the clones. I've read a couple awesome novels on the subject of the clone troopers, and the fact that nobody seemed to mind using laboratory-grown-slaves is somewhat disturbing in the context of an all-audiences movie. Hell, Jango Fett ironically names his ship Slave-1! That's awesome, but it was completely ignored in the face of a romance plot we've all seen before!
  • Nosmo75
    I agree that the whole 'using slave soldiers' angle would've been much more interesting than generic romance no. 3, but the clone troopers had absolutely no bearing on Jango Fett naming his ship 'Slave I'.

    He stole it halfway through the contract that won him the honour of becoming immortalised through the clone army (plus a space boat-load of cash and a son), and therefore had no idea that he was competing for said honour, cash, and son.

    Jango Fett named his ship 'Slave I', because unlike other sci-fi characters who get attached to their ships *cough* Han Solo *cough* Malcolm Reynolds *cough*, he sees it as no more than a tool, a means to an end. However, it *would* have been ironic if one of the clone troopers got a ship and named it 'Slave I'. =)
  • Wookiee
    Kandosii, ner vod.

    I eat, drink and breathe Star Wars. I first saw the Holiday Special circa 1992 and loved it.

    The only thing the Prequels really did wrong was that Midichlorian bullshit. I blame religious fundamentalists who complained about the Force and George trying to appease them by quantifying it.

    As a [url=http:// timeline/] continuous narrative[/url], the prequels and surrounding era has some of the best parts of the saga.
  • LadyEpic
    I might get trolled for just agreeing with you. I did enjoy the prequels.-yes there were problems, but not as bad as (I feel) everyone makes them out to be. They could do MUCH MUCH worse.
  • Chol Yerlow 2
    Hooray for your number 1 pick. I hated the first two and loved this one and everyone seemed to the opposite. But then again I also liked Origins: Wolverine.
  • Dangerspud7
    It's always fun to see how different you act when we don't make you watch crummy movies.
  • ItsAVolcano
    Great review, funny to see you trying to defend without shilling these movies.

    By the way the living tree scene was in the Prince Caspian book, and was actually the pivot point for the final battle.
  • ionpath
    Somewhat agree with Doug with his choices but some of these movies are not exactly hated by the majority like with Unbreakable

    Unbreakable: great film, one of the best of M.Knight short list of good movies (namely two The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable) and while it has its flaws I believe it's a one of the best superhero movies with a slight touch of realism that are out there.

    Atlantis: Yeah, Atlantis is an underrated animation film. While it's not an epic classic tale the kind you've expect from a Disney animation work, it's certainly enjoyable. Yeah the main villain really brings the movie down and the plot gets a little weak in the final act.

    Hancock: Really divided about this one. From the one hand I want to jump on the Hancock hate bandwagon, on the other hand the first half is really really good. Yeah the second half and revelation of the identity of Hancock SPOILER (angels etc) really destroys the originality of the first half but overall while being a bad movie it's certainly entertaining for Will Smith's performance.

    Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian: Having never read any of the books and loving the first movie, the sequel while not as good as the original it is a little darker more interesting version of the first one.

    Star Trek Nemesis: Always love all Star Trek movies. Yes they can be sort of cheesy and bad but it's good fun, especially if Patrick Stewart/Picard is in them! Things are over the top, cliche situations are present all the time, silly action but that's the secret beauty of these movie.

    The Cable Guy: I love Jim Carrey and The Cable Guy I honestly think is one of his best comedic roles of all time. Before the hate rolls in really think of the silliness of Ace Ventura but twist it in a dark fashion and Carrey's weirdness and you have a brilliant film. Guilty pleasure at it's best.
  • SerenityMoonstone
    I really liked Atlantis, though could they wait 5 DAMN MINUETS BEFORE MAKING US CRY!

    I already pointed out the whole dark thing for Harry Potter in the latest Harry potter bum review, so I wont repeat myself.

    You'd be surprised what people get mad over, like I talked to a girl who hated the latest Harry Potter movies because they didn't include some minor background history stuff on an already too long film. Then, there's shit like Avatar The Last Airbender. HARU IS NOT A CHILD!! The onyl reason they made ihm a child was for a throw away gag. Or how about L Change The World. What happened the the orphanage? And where the fuck is Mello? You got Neer who's now Thai for some reason, but no Mello even though he played a huge part before. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when L wins.

    Well, you say over the top and stuff about Star Trek, look at Natasha's funeral, she was a major character first season, and you can really tell they're in a set during her funeral.

    Well, I thought Lore was too much of a jackass, at least when Data was an ass, he didn't mean to, he was very naive and simply couldn't be suttle though he was trying hard to be more human including being suttle and humble.

    Well, I think dark and comedy can work. I'm currently working on a dark romantic comedy among other scripts and plays and such.

    Well X-Men III, what pissed me off to no end was the same thing that pissed me off in origins. Angel was a fan favorite, they promoted him a lot, he's in there for like 10 minuets, it's like venom. In Orgins, it was Gambit. I LOVE GAMBIT!!
  • LadyEpic
    THIS IS DISNEY YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, no they don't wait 5 dang minutes to make you cry. Take a look a their recent the pixar section we have Up and Toy Story 3, on the regular side we have Princess and the Frog and Tangled....If Doug-as NC's saddest moment didn't drive it home-then these movies will.....DISNEY FREAKING LOVES MAKING US CRY! (those jerks-lol)

    And they get away with it....EVERY DANG TIME! At the very least, I will tear up in a film of theirs. From anything I've seen Disney-to date-there isn't ONE that hadn't at least done that. Dang you Disney...just dang you and your amazing ways pull us in and have our emotions dance all over the place.
  • FordXanakov
    My personal all time "I love it, everyone else hates it" movie is Tom Green's Freddy Got Fingered. Everyone hates Tom Green and this movie for INCREDIBLY valid reasons, which I totally understand. It wasn't nominated for Razzie's Worst Film Of The Decade for nothing. I think the reason I love it is that it has this bold sense of ambition that a lot of other gross out comedies just didn't have. This came out during the time when American Pie sequels, Van Wilder films and Matthew Lillard movies were practically being churned off an assembly line, so I assumed this would be the same and waited for the DVD. Instead of getting another cookie cutter film, I got a truly unique experience. Sure, at many times the movies jokes and gags failed, but they failed spectacularly. Tom Green was trying to go for something different, and it succeeded in being unique. A lot of times I just laughed at the sheer balls this film had (the scene with the newborn for instace). Sure it was awkard, oddly written, poorly directed, etc., but it was never, ever boring. I'd always rather watch a writer or director aim for the stars and miss entirely than watch them aim for mediocrity and succeed. It's why I'd rather watch a truly memorable failure like The Room than something cliched like Just Go With It (based on the commercials I saw anyway).

    Bet saying I like Freddy Got Fingered will cause me some grief. Flame away!
  • Nosmo75
    Don't you mean 'flame on'? =P
  • Laserwolf65  - X-men 3?
    Seriously, I do not understand the reasoning behind this one at all. Nothing happened in X2? We learn about Wolverine's past, Jean dies, and two attempted genocides! What do you mean nothing happens? X2 is one of the greatest comic book films of all time, and the fact that X3 just completely disregarded its tone and maturity feels like a giant betrayal. I can see where you're coming from on the other films (even when I don't agree with your opinion) but I simply cannot understand your rationale for X3.
  • WookMuff
    I disagree with X2 being one of the greatest comic book films of all time, but I disagree more strongly with Doug's statements about both X-Men 2 and X-Men 3 :)
    I think that the x-men series would have been a lot better if Hugh Jackman was less charismatic and badass... he just ran away with the show, which is why cyke got stuffed in the fridge.
  • dago
    I liked atlantis, x.men3 and matrix reloded, but I think the rest of the movies you mencioned sre shit
  • 03firefly
    I read and love Prince Caspian, and I loved the movie. I didn't realize it was a movie people didn't like. Also, I didn't know Atlantis was a movie people didn't like.

    For a while, I did hate X-Men 3, however, after watching it again I realized that it really isn't a bad movie. I think the biggest problem with it is that we knew it wasn't going to continue, so we expected closure, not cliff hanger. To me, it was set up like a 'second movie' (leading from one point to the next, no real end or beginning).
  • Shark
    I love the concept of Hancock. Such a cool spin on the idea of the super hero, but the thing that killed the movie for me was the twist. It felt unneeded to me. That's when I think the movie fell off the tracks, but also I didn't like that Hancock had no real villain. I'd have loved to see a real villain to in a way complete Hancock and what we got was just 3 guys he put in jail. Felt like a letdown to me.

    The movie I like that most everyone else hates, and I still don't quite get it is Crystal Skull. I've yet to really hear why it's bad frankly. I'll concede that the first 20-30 minutes don't feel like an Indy movie at all, but after that, I felt like a kid watching them again. I thought it followed the progression well from the first 3 movies replicating the 30's serials and then it moved to the 50's B movies/sci-fi films of that era. I hear complaints about the aliens and such, but to me that's no more out there or strange then the Holy Grail or magic stones or the Lost Ark.
  • minor_fifth
    I liked Crystal Skull! I didn't see the problem with aliens either (inter-dimensional beings? whatever); I thought it was a clever way to make the tone jump from the 30s to the 50s, as you already pointed out. The only thing that made me really step back and wonder what the hell I was watching was the scene with the monkey vines... but other than that it was a great time. Marion!!!
  • Wookiee
    Agreed. While the 'surviving a nuclear blast in a lead fridge' requires a hefty dose of belief-suspension, it's not any moreso than Indy hanging onto a submerged U-Boat or surviving the fall from a plane in an emergency raft.

    Plus, it's not an uncommon theory that the real crystal skulls were made by aliens or Atlanteans or whatnot. The craftsmanship is well beyond the capabilities that ancient Mesoamericans were ever thought to have.
  • WookMuff
    i agree entirely about Hancock
    Take an awesome deconstruction of superheros... then suddenly turn them into Angels and lose the whole superhero angle completely. I guess it makes sense, if you see superheros as the modern mythos ala Hercules, Samson, Gilgamesh, but yeah... lets stick with Will Smith going from a loser to a hero k, save the other crap for later.

    Also, for Crystal Skull, see my above comments regarding the Star Wars Prequels :)
  • Squeejee
    If you think about it, they missed a huge opportunity with the whole "angels" angle. They could have made the villain GOD!

    Talk about epic...
  • Drake666
    After talking with GOD and a communion with Jesus... Aliens are the logical next step :P

    Seriously, they could not top it off without something a lot different :)
  • DarkMessiah
    I enjoyed Hancock too. I thought it was funny and at the same time, it had a more... modern approach to it. Charlize Theron is sexy, so I can go with that. And Nancy Grace did wonderful at making her character annoying and bitchy.

    ...oh, that's how she is in real life? Huh.. coulda fooled me.
  • Stultiloquy
    Wait a sec, Doug...

    You don't like the Matrix because it's an idea that's been done before, but you like Spider-Man 3 because of the Harry losing his memory plot device?

    I'm not geek-raging or anything, because it's your list and all, but I found that bit kinda odd.

    Also, I never did understand killing off Cyclops so soon.
    The finale could have had such a compelling impact if Cyclops and Wolverine had to fight it out because Wolvie knows that he has to kill Jean, but Cyclops won't let him. It definitely would've been a nice tribute to the comics without going over-the-top.
  • BoomingEchoes
    Killing off Cyclops so soon was because Marsden decided to go off and shoot Singers Superman Returns instead. The jury is still out on the logistics of it but many believe that it was Fox's choice to kill Cyclops off in spite of the actor deciding against them -which honestly sounds like a very Fox thing to do.

    So instead of just writing him out of the script all together they went with an over the top and stupid ending for the character as well as the actors contractual agreements.
  • Drake666
    Because of the two other movie, Harry would have been "the villain" automatically... a villain with the same power, same background and more hate... not really interesting :)

    At least, now, we've got redemption (Peter vis-a-vis Harry) and treason AND redemption in the same movie ! :O
  • LadyEpic
    I think that was one of the things that bothered me the most. I mean I was devastated at the death of Prof. X....a little annoyed with the constant screentime Wolverine gets (yes I like him but seriously)...I felt they could of done more with the Phoenix...but really my main pet peeve was them killing off Cyclops so soon. I mean, he was Jean's Lover/Boyfriend. So yeah, he was an important character, whether you loved him or not, he deserved more respect than that kind of death-so quickly. I mean....geez.

    I'm not even a fan of Cyclops (I never really had an opinion of him...I was always...meh)

    But yeah I don't think X3 is bad, the ramped up action helped me get over my smaller pet peeves. But the death of Scott so quickly and abrubtly, kinda left a bad taste in my mouth....So I can only imagine if it annoyed me, that Scott fans were REALLY PISSED.
  • Nosmo75
    Honestly, I think a scene involving Cyclops and Wolverine fighting over Jean would just provide more opportunities for Cyclops to display his lack of character and depth.
  • RockinDover  - Nice list
    I think you had a fairly decent list of movies and explained your reasons for liking them pretty well. I'm not sure if I liked Spider-Man 3 or X Men 3 as much, but my opinions were fairly similar to yours. I think everyone hated Atlantis as well as Treasure Planet because it seemed like Disney was trying too hard to be darker and cooler. That said, I agree wholeheartedly on your thoughts of the movie. I kind of agree on Prince Caspian as well, but once again, I think everyone hated it because it seemed to be trying to be dark and LOTR like. I know that my friend was really bugged by the fact that it ended with a pop song which ruined the tone.
  • WesleyFoxx  - Speaking/writing of Treasure Planet
    If you haven't seen Treasure Planet yet, Doug, you really should. It is bursting with that "what if technology did something else" vibe. Plus, its NOT just a straight retelling of Treasure Island, they actually change things up significantly, and for once, you get a disney kid who isn't a girl, has no romantic subplot, and isn't a flawless little speshul snowflake.
  • Zodiac
    I saw and loved the star wars prequel movies.

    I was born in 1990 and had no clue what star wars was, when I saw the first movie I hated it. I thought, lame hero, lame robots and lame space ships. Star Wars is lame... When I saw the first prequel I was like, OMG, THIS IS AWESOME, action scenes, a KID that rides a race hover car and sword battles! I found Jar-Jar humorous at times (when he gets hurt), and annoying in other times (when he doesn't get hurt).
    I missed the Star Wars era when the fanbois were born, so I had nothing to compare the movies to.

    For my #1 movie, by far my favorite movie of all time yet a lot people don't like is:

    Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

    Doug, if you haven't seen Kung Pow! Enter the Fist, go see it!!!!!
  • orin3721
    People don't like Kung Pow! Enter the Fist??? D: Where was I when this was decided???
  • WookMuff
    you were in the barn, *shudder* milking that goddamn cg cow... Scariest movie monster OF ALL TIME!
  • frozencookie
    I was born 1987 so also after the Star Wars era and still I grew up with the old ones and love them.
    When I first saw the first prequel I liked it (I was young) but the next movies were a kick in the nuts.
    In my opinion, it does not hold up with the originals.
  • WookMuff
    Its not entirely hated, as I know a few people who dig it as strongly as me, but yeah. That is definitely a minority opinion :)
    Steve Oedekerk is a weird guy.
  • Griffinfan90
    Anyone who doesn't know of badong has poor taste in comedy.
  • Squeejee
    That's weird, I was born in '91 and saw the prequels when I was relatively young, but the originals still had more of an impact on me. I mean, as a kid, I owned all six movies - I never watched the prequels except for the first time in theaters, but could easily watch all three originals (on VHS, but unfortunately I've never seen the theatrical version, only the Special Edition) back-to-back-to-back.

    Now that I have the DVDs of the three originals I still watch them, and enjoy them for far different reasons than I used to. I've also watched the prequels again as an adult, and find that I can't stand them because they fail to deliver on nearly every emotional / philosophical level that the original trilogy does.

    Of course, with my luck I bought the DVD box set shortly before the version with the theatrical cut was released. I've promised myself though that I'm not sending George Lucas another god-damned dollar until he releases the Theatrical Cut on Blu-Ray, and that includes the 3-d remakes coming out!
  • Kitsunefan
    You made good points about most of them

    Except Nemesis , no one should like that movie
  • CellSeam
    Oddly I've yet to find someone who doesn't like unbreakable. And I always liked Atlantis. and I had no idea we were supposed to hate Xmen3 until recently.

    Movie I like but everyone else hates? (sigh) Speed Racer. Don't shoot me.
  • ZeldaQueen
    Dude, I love Speed Racer! It was fantastic, especially in 3D. I was literally STAGGERING when I left the theater. XD

    I mean, okay, some of the characters could have had more screen time than others, but the visuals and the race tracks were awesome!
  • MonkeyHood
    I loved The Cable Guy although I didn't see it when it came out. I'm really not sure what everyone hated, I found it hilarious! Also, dark but still funny.
  • Highrollerstable
    Just to jump of from where you were talking about Unbreakable (which I did enjoy.) I enjoyed The Village. I know a lot of people say that the ending you can see a mile away and the that who thing a about the *SPOILERS*~ The elders moving to the village to get away from crime was a little far fetched. But the thing that really had got me in the film was the relationship between Bryce Dallas Howard and Joaquin Phoenix. That he was able to look past her disability. And I think it was great that even thou she was blind she still played such a strong female character. When it got to the part where she left the village to find help to him, I was just, This is a blind women braving a deep forest alone, and thats not even mentioning the possibility that the forest has "creatures" in it. I guess I just have to say that their relationship and the setting really had won me over.

    And as for Punch Drunk Love I had thought that was a fantastic film. It's great to see film makes taking risks. And seeing Adam Sandler in that role, makes me wish that more actors would work outside of their comfort zones.
  • DreamingWings
    *More The Villages spoilers....*

    The Village is actually my favorite Shyamalan movie. The main problem I hear that people have with it boils down to "I figured out the stupid 'Twist Ending' in the first twenty minutes."

    Thats because the modern nature of the village isn't a twist ending; and you're supposed to realize that fact fairly quickly. In the end, a good number of people thought they were watching a sub-par horror setup when it was actually a realistic take on a Dystopian society created through the best of intentions.
  • Dectilon
    I have to agree. The twist could be seen from miles off, but it was largely unimportant. It's not like there aren't similar societies existing today. They know about the outside world, but they stick to their mysticisms, prejudices and just general lifestyle out of fear or isolation.

    The drama is very much human, and it's not a culture conflict, not new against old. It's about lies made with the best of intentions, like you said. I think it's wrong to call it dystopian though, it's not a society where our worst fears have come to pass. The villagers are actually generally happy with their lives. It's more of a utopian society actually (unfeasibility is actually contained in the word utopia, it literally means 'place that does not exist').
  • EnakX
    WTF? People don't like Atlantis? I saw this film and I thought it was great :(

    I don't get why they hate SPiderman 3. Maybe it's because I don't read comics.
  • GreenTea13
    I think what most people (at least at the time it was made) didn't like about Atlantis was the fact that is kind of rips off Nadia. http:// www.thesecretofbluewater. com/atlantis2-i.htm

    But I do admit that the animation was nice and over all it was an entertaining movie.
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