Doug's Top 10 Movies He Hates But Everyones Else Loves

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  • pap64
    First of all, Doug, I want to thank you for handling this very maturely and understanding that opinions are just that, opinions, and that people are allowed to have different opinions. Most interview reviewers tend to avoid this subject in particular because they are afraid of offending people, and if they do they often offend and insult without giving any real thought. So again, thanks for doing this like a gentleman. I disagree, of course, but I am not offended and thus accept it.

    Now regarding some of the movies you mentioned...

    Cars: Now, I am of the camp that thinks that Cars is an underrated movie. To me, it is supposed to be very fun, silly and traditional. But I will agree that it has too many glaring flaws that will divide the audience. The fact that Disney is overhyping the franchise with a sequel, spin-off shorts and a theme park in California isn't helping its case.

    Gladiator: I liked the movie better than you did, but yeah at times it can get very dull and boring. The music is what saves it for me. There are some truly stunning pieces, and at times it makes the movie watchable.

    Avatar: Would you believe I haven't seen this movie yet? The word on it is so polarizing that I don't watch to watch it. However, it bothers me how some "Avatards" take the movie too seriously, and begin to offend others that are in disagreement. A friend of mine reviewed the movie for his site, and got bashed simply because he didn't like the movie. It's when people begin to question your opinion that REALLY gets my blood boiling.

    With Honors: I am not ashamed to admit it, I love this movie. I saw it, funny enough, during my early years of college and thought it was funny and inspiring. I agree it has some issues, like how they have this build up of the bum trying to redeem himself only to end in nothing, but I still like the movie either way.

    American Pie: I agree, this movie tends to get way too overrated, especially by its target audience. I remember in my high school years how the guys would claim how this was an amazing movie, even though its really their fantasies brought to life. The DTV sequels fared MUCH worse...

    Moulin Rouge: Again, this is a movie I love, and a big guilty pleasure of mine. I will agree that the editing is messed up, and I hated how the tragic ending is given away at the beginning, eliminating any impact. But I really enjoyed the music, some of the covers were great (like "Tango de Roxanne", which is very dark and captivating). It made me a fan of musicals and afterwards I wanted to watch other film musicals.
  • lycanfan  - Ugh, Cars...
    OK, I hate to be 'that guy', but really? Cars is underrated? Really? It's one of Pixar's (frigging Pixar) biggest hits. It was far more critically loved than otherwise. It's marketing campaign goes on to this day, even though the movie came out nearly five years ago. It's one of Pixar's most recognizable films. It was popular enough to warrant a sequel, spin-offs, video games and now a theme park (first I'm hearing of that one, but fucking wow). I'm sorry, but how exactly is Cars underrated?
  • Matthew G
    "OK, I hate to be 'that guy', but really? Cars is underrated? Really? It's one of Pixar's (frigging Pixar) biggest hits. It was far more critically loved than otherwise."

    It has Pixar's lowest Rotten Tomatoes score, 74% (the ONLY Pixar movie with a rating less than 90%, 'A Bug's Life' is the only other one with less than 95%, that should tell you something about Pixar, BITCHES!).
  • lycanfan
    Yeah, only 74% of critics liked. See, that score implies that most of them, y'know liked it.
  • pap64
    I meant underrated by the fans. I know that it was popular and is doing well, but even then fans tend to wildly bash it without giving a proper reason. At least Doug gave his reasons for it. Disney just say "Cars sucks" and move on.
  • lycanfan
    OK, I can understand that. See, I hate for many of the same reasons Doug mentioned, but mainly because I found so boring. But hey, that's just me. Like Doug said, you should never judge someone based on their taste in movies. Or in my case, the fact that I like books, comics and TV way more than film.
  • Gift of the Magi
    Just because a film does well at the box-office does NOT mean it's good.

    Case in point: Transformers 2. PIECE OF SHIT!
  • YamiMara
    amen my friend, that movie is a blody pice of cow shit yet its popular...why? its expoltions are over used, its has a ton of plot holes, the acting sucks, its writen horably, its jokes are anything but funny, its very racist, its boring, its just a pice of shit. I still think its the worst movie ive seen in my life and i still feel unclean after watching it.
  • Plume
    Very good point. And allow me to help you with 2 other examples: "Clash of the Titans" during which I almost left the theater because of how painfully BAD it was... And "The Last Airbender" - which made a lot of money and with that, a lot of anti-fans. Because of how bad it was.

    Box office successes, but real failures as "films".
  • Marshmallowcreampie
    I don't know about you guys, but I personally am convinced that the only reason "Cars" is getting a sequel and a ton of merchandise is because Disney is trying to get back it's male audience. (they lost much of their male audience when they decided only to focus on fame-related pop shows like Hannah Montana, and are now trying to get them back with things like Disney Channel XD and by buying out Marvel Comics) As for my opinion on Cars... It was okay. I didn't like it that much because like Doug said, it was bland, and also because the main character was kind of a jerk. I didn't hate the movie, I just didn't like it that much.

    Avatar... I liked that movie. I'm not obsessed with it, but I did like it. A large part of it, though, was probably because of the world creating. I love world creating in stories, I love seeing new worlds and creatures in movies, that was probably the big reason I liked it... Other aspects of the film were good, but they don't compare to how cool the world was.

    Matilda... Loved that movie when I was a kid, pretty neutral about it now. Grew out of my tastes. Still loved it as a kid, though. I would've LOVED an NC review for it...

    On a side note, did anyone else notice the pictures Doug had hanging in this room? XD
  • Kalo
    I Completely agree with you on why Disney is forcing Cars 2. They are beyond desperate to reel in the boys. That and Lassseter is hot for cars XD
  • NostalgiaKid1
    It seems more like they're milking the franchise to death rather than it being that popular. Disney is run by hacks these days, hocking stuff like shitty sequels, remakes, and spin-offs of Disney classics; shitty TV movies like High School Musical and Zenon, and any family film that would sell. Pixar isn't run by hacks, but remember, Pixar only made it, they don't really own it.
  • DarthUno
    I wonder why it's so popular, it fucking sucks, the story has been used a lot, but it's with cars, it's more like a real movie, with not that many funny moments, but apparently it's new because they are cars. I liked it as a kid, but now I really don't, it gets old, unlike may other Pixar Movies.
  • lordkalem  - k
    although i totally agree with you for all the movies. the reason that Matilda is so well guarded by people is because it sees the world through the childes mind. it's message is not just the cleashay believe in yourself friendship beets all good beets evil thoughs are just filler for the real point. its not a kids film. people think it is but its not it for adults. and do you know why. its to show the Adult who watch it with there kids to see it and say, wait a minute this looks familiar. this is how i saw the world when i was a kid. and thats how my kid sees the world. as kids everything is seen as unfair to them everything is hard on them no one takes them seriously. take me for an example. when i was a kid i was a child prodigy. i was a human calculator i was a physics genius i could spell any word perfectly rite too left i could memories over a thousand details of any one thing but now, now i'm an eliterate dumb ass who can't even remember a name that was just said to me. all because they thought i mentally challenged because i had extra wide ear canals so every little sound made me freak because it was PAIN-FULL. and the teacher i had couldn't spell properly. she spelled worse then me. not kidding and she thought that every rite spelled word was wrong.k. enough about me but you see my point. if the adults just listened to me saying that its just my ears i could be making a perpetual motion generator by now. and have perfected space fly't. and that is the true message of Matilda
  • receiptforsamlowry
    I agree. As soon as Doug mentioned how strange everything was and the hammer toss bit with the girl with pigtails, I said to myself.. BECAUSE IT'S FROM A CHILD'S PERSPECTIVE! Roald Dahl has this style where his world's are weird and fantastic and real, but at the same time, written like they were taken from a child's mind.. and I remember how exaggerated everything was to me back then.

    I think this film caught me off guard above all others because I have a real soft spot for this film and thought it could do no wrong, but that's the problem.. you reach a certain age and your beliefs and opinions are set in stone. When people criticize or question something you like it feels weird and wrong. Saying that, I respect your opinion. May have to poke you in the eye if I see you though!
  • Tactlesscat
    That'd be much more believable if half the people on the internet just didn't decide to not put effort into at least trying to type right because they've been ruined by texting and used being "autistic" as an excuse for being too lazy to dot their i's.

    Like, yes, you have made a good argument FOR THE MOVIE, but the example of your life just seems completely too ridiculous to buy. Besides speaking as someone who actually has mental issues, people usually will take you to a physician and a psychiatrist to double check- especially if you're saying your ears are sensative. People that work with mentally challenged children aren't that fucking retarded to completely ignore your opinions, they listen to you to decipher your mentality.

    You're backstory sounds like something out of a movie literally. Not because of the prodigy thing, I can believe that, it's because you say it like you magically lost that ability to be an intelligent being just because people thought you were a retard, which doesn't make any sense. If anything, if you were so intelligent, then over time you would be able to prove you are intelligent because that isn't just something that stops happening, unless your medication consisted of tranquilizers they shoved down your throat that threw off your ability to process information correctly.

    I'm sorry if I came off like a dick there, but I got to be honest with you.
    Movie argument good, but the unrealistic life story is ... eh.
  • ultramanmattia
    Also Distressed Watcher mentioned the ''Aliens can't break a wooden door'' thing from Signs.
  • bassbait


    It's spelled "cliche".
  • Squeejee
    If this is the argument presented by the average Matilda fan, DOUG NEEDS TO DO A NOSTALGIA CRITIC OF THIS MOVIE!

    Man, I HATED this movie, even as a kid! I hated the direction, I hated the main character, I didn't enjoy hating the villain - it was just SO bad I couldn't get into it. It also made so little impression I forgot until now that she had powers in it, that being the whole point of the movie.

    Seriously, lets see that review! I mean, you've NCed movies that YOU like, why not do it on ones the FANS like?
  • Pye Like Eye
    Because that WASN'T the average fan.
    The problem is, Matilda is so well-liked that he'd have to be very careful in how he reviews it so that he doesn't get a huge backlash.
    Heck, even I'm not sure how I'd react to him giving it a bad review, due to how much I saw, and liked, it when I was younger. That is in no way saying that Doug can't review it, just that it'd be difficult to do it without starting flame wars.
  • Basicbeyond
    you could say that exact about literally thousands of different movies and shows.
  • JohanTW
    I recently watched Gladiator and I agree with you. But I LOVED how Rome looked, it looked amazing! And the costumes were great too.
  • TheBrigeedaRocks
    I literally just watched Cars for the first time ever this weekend, so I'm going to have to say I liked it but not enough to put it on a Top 5 Favorite Pixar movies list.

    I'm going to have to vote for a Matilda review. I remember seeing the previews/commercials for this movie when it first came out and it looked really dumb and horrible back then.

    As for hating it when people claim a movie and/or idea is "fresh and original"?

    It's how I feel with everyone kissing The Hunger Game's ass. I know it's a book but it'll be a movie soon enough, and all I keep thinking (and saying aloud whenever I hear of it) is "It's called Battle Royale! LOOK IT UP! It's been around for at least a decade BEFORE this damn book series!"

    It just annoys the living crap out of me how everyone is eating it up like it's never been done before ever!

    ARGH! DX
  • Gaiash
    I'd like to point out I got interested in The Hunger Games because I had already seen Battle Royale and was interested in their similarities.

    If people are praising the books for being original it'll probably be the second and third books plot rather than the games themselves. Personally I liked the series because it was an interesting spin on an interesting concept.
  • Squeejee
    I gotta say - on the few movies Doug brought up that I'd actually seen, I agree. I was surprised though with how many of these I haven't seen.

    My top pick for this list would have been all of those clay-mated Christmas specials your parents make you watch every year when you're a kid. But then again I also secretly believe that everyone hates them and it's a painful tradition maintained for tradition's sake, so maybe it wouldn't have fit onto this list.
  • gegrabenerkrieger3
    Hey Doug, I want to see more of you like this as opposed to your stupid Nostalgia Critic character.
  • Dapencilcounselor  - good response, just one hic up that ticked me off,
    I think your analysis is great, but the one thing that made me mad was when you called the people who like avatar, "avatards", yeah I don't care about name calling, it doesn't matter to me, but avatards is when you describe the fans of the tv show avatar, which is my favorite animated show ever. I don't know why, but me and my friends address ourselves as avatards, so it ticks me off when people think I like that god awful movie avatar.
  • Kirsten425
    To be perfectly honest, I would have actually loved to have seen a Nostalgia Critic review of Matilda. I think it would have been hilarious. But, you can't have everything. I would not have made any threatening comments or anything like that. I know Moulin Rouge looks like it was made on a ton of drugs, but I can't help loving that movie! For me, it's just a fun romp that moves back and forth from high comedy to high tragedy. And the songs are just so damn catchy.
  • ionpath
    Good to see this video Doug. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding a film and I'm sure glad to see people who sort of go against the flow of a crowd and dislike many blockbuster hits or "classics" that emerged recent. As long as they state why they don't like a film and you sure delivered.

    Cars: Not my favorite of the pixar films but not necessarily bad. It's certainly not even close to Toy Story or Finding Nemo but it was somewhat enjoyable to watch and successful in the box office. There's also a sequel underway and I'm planning on watching it.

    Gladiator: Wow, this caught me by surprise. It's ranked in my top 10 and I considered a masterpiece of a movie. Yeah I know the story has been done to death but in Gladiator I think it's been done to the best we've seen so far. I find characters really compelling, the action is really good and the ending almost brought me to tears.

    American Pie: I liked the first one. The sequels destroyed the genre but the first one I think it set the ground for the new teen comedy reaching to climax with Superbad and then declining every since. Yeah the plot and message it's stupid, I think that was the point, it's a teen comedy that sort of parodies itself.

    Avatar: It's eye candy, pure and simple. If you see it in 3D yeah you pretty much seen a very good CGI film. The story? Pocahontas, Dancing with the Wolves, the problem here is that while Gladiator had made a done-to-death movie seem like fresh via good acting and story telling (not in your book though :) ), Avatar offered nothing more than visual graphic entertainment. While it's not a horrible film, it has nothing more to offer to a viewer other than shiny effects and some decent action in the final act.

    Matilda: I LOVE this movie. Yeah there's an uproar regarding this movie from the fans and for a good reason. It's a brilliant story, it's funny, it teases you all the time and Danny DeVito is awesome in it. It's a feel good movie in the end and I've seen it countless times, each time keeping the same freshness like the first one. It's borderline a surreal film without delving too deep into the weird and a film that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

    District 9: I liked District 9. Liked it but not to the point of defending it from people who don't like it. I was a bit disappointed by D9 however, I was expecting some more... magnificent than what I saw. There were very favorable reviews by both critics and the public but in the end it was a decent but not great film. The action was done pretty good in the final act but everything else was average.

    Moulin Rouge: Really did not care for this movie. I've seen it once, thought it was OK, never bothered again. The movie is very flat, it doesn't have too much offer to me, not because I'm not a big fan of musicals, but because the acting and the ...
  • FoxGuy
    Love is a many splendored thing,
    Love lifts us up where we belong,
    All you need is love!
  • REBELComx
    Love is a long and slender thing...
  • mrrubino
    Slender? If you're into that sorta thing, I guess.
  • Tentacles
    Meh, love and con artists. What's the difference, especially on V day.D:
  • punksweets
    I didn't like cars, it was the weakest pixar film I think
  • TheYetti
    I always had Cars in a fierce battle with Wall-E for the weakest pixar film. Which is a losing battle since Pixar has produced(in my opinion) only 2 passable movies.
  • Gethenian
    1o. Cars - Agreed on all counts. The movie is just dull and irritating.

    9. Gladiator - Oh WOW. I never thought I'd ever hear someone agree with me about this one. YES. DITTO. EXACTLY. Thank you! Although if you want a laugh, look up the written review of the unfilmed sequel with a script written by NICK FUCKING CAVE. Oh... wow. It... would have been amazing in its complete and utter mindfuckery.

    8. I may love you for this. Once again, absolutely agreed on all points.

    7. Not an unexpected choice, but approved of just as much. :) "Replacing the Native Americans with blue pussies" BAHAHAHA. XD

    6. Never seen it. But I LOOOOOVE Joe Pesci. This sounds like it sucks but I might have to check it out just to see him in it.

    5. Haven't seen this either. Not gonna. It just looks too fucking stupid to be entertaining to me. :P

    4. ...huh. I've never even HEARD of this one. It does sound like it has an interesting premise, but it also sounds like a similar enough story to "And The Ass Saw The Angel" by Nick Cave, which is suuuuuch a good book, just so full of crazy it's delicious.

    3. Woooow... I think I must have erased this one from my mind. I totally remember all of it NOW but yeah... this is not a good one.

    2. Another one I haven't seen. I can't really see anything about it that makes me want to even TRY to care. :P LOL about the fucking singer, though.

    1. HAH. Well, I don't hate Moulin Rouge, but I always thought it was massively overrated. All it really is to me is... pretty. It's just... the equivalent of Waterworld's STUFF STUFF OMG LOOK AT THAT STUFF LOOK MORE STUFF... but with glitter and rose petals.
  • Gethenian
    Wow, voted down like a troll. Harsh, guys.
  • hadomaru  - No top eleven?
    I guess we didn't go one step beyond lol
  • Grimm
    meh thats the NC, not doug. besides the 11th was the tommy lee and pam anderson sex tape. and havent we all see tommy lee drive a boat with his slong enough?
  • petrino
    nah this is DOUG not the critic :) critic goes one step beyond, doug does not.
  • Grimfang
    wow just wow
  • Dr. Slade
    Interesting list !

    Doug, I think you don't have to be that afraid by your fans. You have to make the bold move to review what you think was bad or good. I rememeber enjoying Matilda as a child (I've read the book and watched the movie), but as I have seen many nostalgic movies or cartoons in your reviews, it doesn't bother me at all. Instead, I would laugh to see what were the possible jokes I could have made watching Matilda.

    Yes, when the fanbase feels irritated, it can sometimes be difficult to be reasoned with (thinking back of the Mako jokes), but remember, we are your fans, that means we will still enjoy your work.

    C'mon, I would love to see Matilda being torn to shreds with your own magical powers !
  • Citizen Snips
    Heh, I would kinda disagree with you on that, Dr. Slade. Fanboys of all stripes can really make things ugly for a very long time if they perceive you have wronged them by daring to have a different opinion. Sadly alot of people watch these reviews not to understand new opinions but rather to have their own opinions reinforced, and when that does not happen they get very vocal, especially if the reviewers opinion is controversial and the complainers feel they are getting some traction with other commenters.

    The Mako thing is an obvious example. Doug only recovered by backpedaling and apologizing in a later review. Film Brain received a TON of flak for his negative review of Equilibrium and quite a few people admitted to never giving him another chance after seeing it. I see Nostalgia Chicks video comments getting a bit ugly from time to time for her controversial opinions on Dune and a few other movies. In short, being strong in your opinions is well and good, but you have to accept that there are consequences in an age where everyone has an anonymous internet soapbox. Expressing a controversial opinion may or may not be worth the negativity it creates in the community.
  • Squeejee
    Really? Because I always thought that Film Brain's views went UP after doing his controversial BMBs.

    Really you're never going to make everyone happy - after all, someone wrote a 108-page review of RedLetterMedia's Star Wars Episode 1 review, attempting to pass Ep. 1 as a masterpiece of cinema - so you may as well offend everyone and not worry so much.

    Besides, this is NC we're talking about. Many people come to this site JUST for his show, and I doubt one controversial review (or ten) will change that.
  • Heidegger  - Someone thinks The Phantom Menace is a masterpiece
    Seriously?! I thought it was the greatest non-consensual ass-fuck of the twentieth century.
  • Semudara
    Agreed! I wasn't too offended when he made fun of Pokémon: The Movie, and I consider it a fantastic film! Heck, I make fun of my own favorite TV shows all the time.
  • cincogiur
    Mine is black swan, I've yet to find anyone who agrees with me.
  • TheYetti
    I kind of do, I'd be lying to say it isnt pretty to look at, but it was a little fluffy and the depressing was a little contrived. But then again I though the entire Oscar roster this year is at best underwhelming, at worst complete crap.
  • SpaceGirlSpiff
    As an actual ballet dancer, I agree with you, cincogiur! (Though I admit that it looks nice.)
  • AnirakTheGreat
    I don't think you being a dancer makes your opinion certain. My sister and her best friend (both ballerinas) really liked it. Then again, they're also literature people, so they had all these weird interpretations that perhaps overrided their dancer sides.
  • AnirakTheGreat
    I didn't hate it, but it was overrated. It's sort of like what Doug said about District 9, where it only makes sense if you take it on a symbolic level but doesn't really apply to reality. I'm all for symbolism, but when a story is meant to take place in the real world, it has to actually have some reality to it.
  • achol980
    I agree with you. Very overrated.
  • Plume
    Well, I kind of agree with you, too. I don't "hate" Black Swan but I was expecting to get some great epiphany out of it - or some great artistic inspiration. But all I got was a confusing psychological thriller. Sure, after I heard the last line, I went "Ohh... well, that's a nice message I guess. So it was all about perfection!". But that failed in washing away the bitter taste that the rest of the movie left in my mouth; as well as all the unnecessary (unnecessary to the actual "message") scenes, such as the lesbian sex scene or the one with Portman masturbating. I'm not a prude, I'm really not! But I found it stupid that a film this pretentious would stoop down so low as to include scenes obviously meant for nothing other than shock value.

    And it's not only the sex / masturbation scene. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something "unpleasant" about Black Swan. I don't know if it's the atmosphere, the uncertainty, the pretentiousness, I really don't know what it is. But it got down under my skin and subconsciously made me feel unsure of whether to praise the film or not.
  • Chol Yerlow 2
    Cars is one of those that I didn't hate but wasn't too excited to see either. And the sequel looks horrible.

    I find it amazing that I wasn't ticked off with any of your choices. They were either ones I wasn't too crazy about or have not seen yet.

    I hope I get as pleasantly surprised in your movie I love that everyone hates.
  • AlucardsQuest
    What do you mean the sequel looks horrible? This is Pixar, not Dreamworks.

    Anyway Doug in regards to why they had to be cars in the first place? Well, why not? It's certainly an unexpected take. Of course this is from the same studio that brought Toys, Bugs, Monsters and Fish to human personified life... so what did you expect. I agree about the story being cliche' though, even Doc Hollywood had done it better.

    Now you have to do a Nostalgia Critic review about Matilda though. You'd be surprised at how few people really care about the movie (or have even seen it and enjoyed it).

    For my list The Dark Knight has to be on there. I didn't like it to begin with, and it doesn't grow on me. The irony is that everyone thought Batman Returns was too dark, but it was a cakewalk compared to the tragedy of TDK.
  • rowdycmoore
    Amazingly, I finally saw TDK just a few days before this video went up, and I have to agree. Nolan just seemed to try to hard to paint some "real world" persona of Batman, especially by making the Joker look too much like a real life terrorist.
    And the ending just pissed me off (spoiler): Not just because Batman has to take the fall and become a fugitive, but who's upset with Gordon about letting it happen? His SON. Was I the only one who saw that and shouted "That should be BARBARA!!!! It would make perfect sense!!!!"
  • DecapitatedAnimalCrackers  - Regarding Matilda
    Before I critique your criticism (weird) I want to say that I respect your taste preferences and if you just don't like what you call "needlessly" dark movies that, as you stated in the beginning of you're video, is not a reflection your intelligence or personality or anything other than your taste in movies.

    As someone who watched Matilda at a young age and spent the remainder of her childhood reading as much Roald Dahl as I could find. I loved this movie. I love dark children's movies because I love dark children's literature. Dahl perfectly captured how obtuse and bizzare the adult world was from the perspective of a child, and Devito's adaptation is one of the most faithful to Dahl's tone I've ever seen. It's "needlessly" dark because to a child the world does seem needlessly dark and is horribly confusing at times. Yes, the images are mildly disturbing, because Dahl found the institution and bureaucracies of school disturbing when he was a child. Yes, it's over the top, but art is larger than life. The scenes you cited were direct from Dahl's classic. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had many moments that were just as disturbing and over the top. It's Dahl's style and Devito's as well. That's why this movie works. I really respect art that meets kids at their level at doesn't try to talk down to them and that's what I feel this movie does.

    Finally, and I'm sorry to nit pick, but I hated the way you treated the fact that it's a movie meant for kids. I realize this wasn't a full out review, but how can you criticize a movie for children without at least attempting to see it through the eyes of a child. I find it very demeaning when critics assume what child can and can't handle while maintaining they're adult perspective. Children are people with feelings and values of their own that shouldn't be blindly oppressed or ignored anymore than a group of adult people's feelings and values should be oppressed.

    Otherwise I really enjoy you're work. You have a great sense of comedy.

    And I didn't like Cars either.
  • DarkBee  - Read the book, Doug!
    I read and loved Roald Dahl's books when I was younger too, and every comment from Doug about the movie screamed to me: "I haven't read the book, so I don't really know what's going on".
    The only other movies from this list I have seen are Gladiator and Nell. Gladiator was visually quite stunning, but now that I think of it the story was really quite thin.
    Nell was ok, just a lot of fluff and cliches.
  • Vismutti
    I agree. That's one thing I think people tend to miss a lot, sadly including Doug, it seems. I mean that... way how children actually see the world and what they can take. And Matilda is so clearly on children's level that I can't even think of a book (or movie) that'd be more like it. And it's so extreme and exaggerated that I don't see how it could be really traumatizing. It's like cartoons, really. You know it's just a movie.

    And kids can relate to it so well, too. There are those adults you really fear and there are those adults you really hate and then there's that one really nice adult who's "on your side". And none of the other adults believe you because you're a kid. It's also easy to understand and process, unlike stuff like pedophilia which is a very strange and uncomfortable subject for kids.

    Oh and what's more is that Matilda doesn't show kids being stupid or ignorant and it doesn't try to teach a lesson. That's something I think kids can appreciate because sometimes it feels like ALL the stuff for kids ALWAYS has a lesson to teach. It's always adults trying to tell something to them rather than a story that they can relate to. That or just one of the couple of stock stories that we've all heard a million times over and that wasn't even super interesting to begin with.

    And for the record, I really respect Doug's opinions too even when I disagree with them. He always has a point behind them and he can always make a case for it and he doesn't say his opinions are necessarily right, as seen in this video.
  • CageAquarium
    Dahl makes a lot of assumptions about how children view the world in the same way Doug does here. I remember watching Matilda as a kid and finding it deeply unpleasant and impossible to really see what they were going for. I guess that the school that Dahl went to was bad? You assuming all kids see the world that way is as bad as what Doug was doing.
  • Futureraven
    Just wanted to say, Roald Dahl would have gone to a school in the time where beating kids with a cane was normal everyday practice if the teacher thought they did anything wrong.

    The 'chokey' wouldn't be as massive a leap for him.

    I'm not sure how much attention Doug paid to the film if I'm honest. Not knowing Trunchbull was the principal, or that the ability to throw kids around was explained by her being an amazing athlete, the kids even say it's a hammer throw.

    As for the extent, as a kid, I just saw it as an extention of Danny DeVito's rant 'I'm smart, you're dumb; I'm big, you're small; I'm right, you're wrong!' That adults won't listen to children no matter how special or talented they are, because they're just kids, and certain people take great joy in abusing their positions of power, and I very much doubt that anyone didn't feel like that as a kid.

    It was just taken to a cartoony extreme.
  • Sindragosa
    Mine's Labyrinth. I've had four friends on separate occasions sit me down and watch the movie with me to see why I don't like it.

    I suppose the core reason is that I didn't see the movie when I was younger, so the "magic" of the movie is wasted on my adult cynicism. The fact that I find David Bowie's songs in the movie completely bum fucking random does NOT help (seriously, what is the point in the whole Dance Magic Dance scene?!).

    Anyway, looking forward to the video, even though I read which movies were on it beforehand. Good for you for saying Cars, I feel pretty much the same about it, though I run across people feeling more neutral towards it than actually "like" it.
  • Tentacles
    Labyrinth, or Pan's Labyrinth? Pan's Labyrinth was definitely not for children. More like borderline mind screw.D;
  • Kitala
    I generally align with your opinions of the movies; although, I did like Moulin Rouge when I first saw it, and it is still something I could sit down and watch with enjoyment.

    I do feel I should mention that Matilda is based on a novel by Roald Dahl. While I haven't read the book and cannot compare the accuracy of the movie adaption, I suspect that the movie is so dark because it tries to follow the original material.
  • Sindragosa
    MAJOR points to go you for the whole "I don't like these movies, but it certainly doesn't make you stupid for liking them" pep talk.

    I pretty much stopped watching Spoony for telling me I'm an idiot who's easily amused for liking Tron: Legacy. Didn't appreciate that one too much and am glad to see you won't be making that mistake.
  • DuosAngel
    I actually agree with you on, well, all of these. I really liked Matilda when I was younger but I would love to see you review it as the Nostalgia Critic. I used to like Moulin Rouge too, though I always hated the way it ended.

    I'm looking forward to the list of 10 movies you love that everyone else hates.
  • genresrforposers  - Well then
    10. Cars: Never saw all of it, assume I like it more than you

    9. Gladiator: Agreed, very boring movie.

    8. American Pie: Never saw it, don't really care too, wish the band camp jokes ended.

    6. Avatar: Agreed, although I wasn't even THAT captivated by the visuals.

    5. Joe Pesci movie: I think I'd like it, but never saw it.

    4. Nell: Looks awful/campy, but probably a good b movie, never saw it

    3. Matilda: You stay the FUCK away from this godly childhood film! Nah, I remember really liking it, but now I'm curious for an NC on it.

    2. District 9: I see where you're coming from, but I found the father-son storyline touching, particularly towards film's end.

    1. Moulin Rouge: Never saw it, been meaning to cause it looks good visually.
  • JesuOtaku
    I guess I'm not "everyone" either as I disliked all the movies on this list except Signs, which I found pretty entertaining and *kiiiinda* got what it was trying to do and what parts it did right, District 9, which was pretty good, I guess I didn't see the political metaphor as heavily and took it as straight science fiction, which makes it more enjoyable...

    ...and Moulin Rouge which I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED. That in mind, I do think the story to Moulin Rouge is retread crap, but for one thing, it's a musical, and I give musicals a pass on story most of the time because most of them have "bleh" plots. Unlike Avatar, the appeal wasn't all about effects for me, stuff that can be dated easily. I *adore* the way it was directed, shot, everything, so for me that far surpassed the cliches, and the over-the-top nature just seemed fitting for this bizarro sensationalist pastiche-thing they had goin' on.

    Anyway, variety's the spice. Really enjoyed the list. ^_^
  • pap64
    That's exactly why I liked Moulin Rouge. Like you mentioned, it is a very pretty movie in terms of artistic design and the music is wonderful.

    One thing I forgot to mention is that by the time Moulin Rouge was released the idea of a "jukebox musical" was new and interesting, taking classic songs and placing them on top of an original narrative, sorta like we do with our own lives. And they did a great job with it, IMO. Like I mentioned early, "El Tango de Roxanne" is very dark and much better than the Sting original, and "Like a virgin" is HILARIOUS.
  • The Guy with the Thoughts
    Somewhere out there, in the heartlands of America, Confused Matthew is shedding manly tears of joy. T^T
  • Wolfram-And-Hart
    Or rage, cause I remember Matthew saying Moulin Rouge was his favorite movie.
  • Gomu69  - Was thinking the same thing
    While it is true that Confused Matthew enjoys Moulin Rouge! but has yet to do a positive take on the film, I can see him respecting Doug's opinion just as I respect CM's opinions as long as I'm allowed to have my own personal perspective on movies whether or not I like them instead of by being good or bad as stated by Doug.
  • Malle19
    The only ones I disagree with you on are Matilda and District 9. Matilda isn't amazing, but it gets me in that whole "kids have more power than they think" kind of way." But I would like to see your rip it :D

    As for District 9, I liked the fact that in an age where sci-fi tends to be more about special effects, that this movie brought out an actual story and decent acting. I do agree that this shouldn't have been a movie. It was too rushed. It should have been a graphic novel.

    Personally, I agree that District 9 isn't original, but the presentation of it drew me in. Obviously said presentation isn't for everyone though.
  • bslim81  - suggestions
    Nice video Doug, just a thought, are you going to do a top ten of movies you liked that everyone else hates?
  • dennett316
    Watch the video again, he answers this very question near the beginning and near the end.
  • ariwl1
    I don't like Avatar either. I wouldn't say I hate it. Really I'm indifferent to it. I think the visuals are the best thing it has going for it almost to a fault. They're so great that they almost distract you from how uninspired and bland the story is and its "right between the eyes" message. Almost. While my friend I saw it with was "oohing" and "awwing" over the pretty pictures I was bored out of my mind thinking "Yeah, yeah I get it. Native people and nature are wonderful; white people suck. Anything else I should feel guilty about?"

    Really Youtube Mr. Plinkett's review of Avatar. He says pretty much exactly how I feel about the movie much better then I can.
  • 80sGuy  - Movies
    I agree with you 100% on Avatar. I don't understand why people would want to pay to see a movie that we've seen a dozen times. On top of that, the amount of money that movie made was due largely in part to the price of 3D tickets in theaters. Movies shouldn't be rated by gross profit, but by NUMBER OF TICKETS SOLD.
  • Citizen Snips
    Yeah if you adjust for inflation Avatar wasn't the most money making movie of all time. I think I read movies like Ten Commandments and Gone With The Wind beat it out. Still made obnoxious amounts of money and unless they really flub up the sequel, its going to be a Hollywood cash cow for a good long while.
  • Aardy
    The problem with using 'number of tickets sold' as a rateing instead of gross profit, is that those older movies Ten Commandments and Gone With the Wind. When these movies came out there was no (or very few) other movies in the thearters at the same time. The only movie ou could go see was those. So of course the ticket sales are going to be high.
  • dennett316
    People didn't know much about the story before seeing it due to review embargoes.....much of the hype was over the visuals and action, not the story that tied it together. It wouldn't surprise me if the sequels made a lot less money due to the story of the first being so cliché.
  • Abigala
    In a lot of ways, I'm glad you didn't review Matilda as the Nostalgia Critic because you really, really don't like it. And if you're going to parody something, you have to like it even just a little bit.

    And I can't say it shouldn't be reviewed because there aren't silly or needlessly dark aspects to it (uncompromisingly dark in children's stories is Roald Dalh's entire schtick) but because you didn't find anything redeemable about it whatsoever.

    As a person who likes Matilda but also enjoys Critic-al analysis, it wouldn't have been an enjoyable review. So good call there.
  • CrazyZenlike  - Well
    He didn't like Garbage Pail Kids at all and, in my opinion, that review is one of his funniest.

    So I think it would still be great to have a NC review of Matilda.
  • Grimm
    doug jabbering on for 45 minutes, still very entertaining :D

    pretty much agree with everything except american pie, and i call that more a guilty pleasure on my part.

    Matilda and Moulin Rouge are pretty much chick flicks man, i dont think you are ment to enjoy them. to much of a grasp on reality and to much body hair.
  • jdh1271  - You Got Guts
    I like people who speak their mind like this Doug.

    I do see what you're saying with these films, I don't love the films.

    I would be lying if I said I wasn't annoyed by the Avatar stuff. I mean why did everyone pick on that movie's story? I mean a big chunk of popular films aren't original like 'The Dark Knight' Actually what you said about Waterworld could probably be said about Avatar

    District 9. Really you just pointed out plot elements not the plot. The plot is a man slowly starts turning into an alien.

    The one film you mention I completely agree on is American Pie. I mean it's stupid as hell. And yeah the moral at the end got chucked out at the end. These movies were made for one reason, the creators found out that girls have boobs.

    Great video Doug, I look forward to the next one.
  • SuccubusYuri
    I agree with most of your points, Doug, especially Cars. I think they coulda used a couple more joke writers.

    As for Avatar, I despise it for several reasons....One, Advent Children had more CGI-Immersion factor for me than Avatar did, I wasn't ready to "totally reimagine" my perception of CGI from that. Hell, FF: Spirits Within had CGI better than Avatar, at least as far as the Humans go. That and, I am a casual Star Trek fan, I know that especially in science fiction, if you make excuses for crap, they will keep piling it on.

    On Matilda, I am mixed. I adore the story and I think the script was good, but all the execution is where it went wrong. It's Ronald Dahl, and as James and the Giant Peach shows, its tricky to pull off on a good day. It should not be left to Danny DeVito.

    District 9, unoriginal?!?!? Yes XD ESPECIALLY the "this would never happen!" Now, V, THAT'S something that might happen when aliens just plop down on our planet, I can believe that, both the aliens and humans. District 9, the Human race just collectively "meh"s and goes back to the couch to watch football? No way, no way now way no way.

    And god, Moulin Rouge...I was one of those band/theatre people in high school and if you spoke poorly of that you might as well have talked about Jesus anally humping the Devil at the Last Supper. Actually the blasphemy was more appreciated.
  • Angelic Plague
    You might wanna go watch Advent Children again. I'll admit that it was a really beautiful and fun movie (this coming from someone who never even played the game) but I wouldn't go as far as to say it trumped Avatar's CGI. Nothing against FFVII:AC, mind you. Avatar just had higher production values.

    I gotta defend Avatar. It was one of the few times I remember a movie as being above my expectations. Great action, great cinematography, and some of the most breathtaking scenery I've ever seen. If you wanna bring up the old-as-dirt plot, that's fine. But you have to admit, for as sappy as it was, they pulled it off. The dialogue and the acting were very convincing despite the obvious environmental overtones. And let's face it, it's way more exciting than Pocahontas ever was.

    And on the subject of popular films I don't enjoy, lemme just say that there are big-budget action titles that I really didn't like. One of those, in fact, is Christopher Nolan's "The Dark KniDON'T SHOOT DON'T SHOOT! *ducks*
    I agree with you pal.
    People today are just angry and want to hate and see a guy with a web-show as a God.
    So don't hate, appreciate.... OR WE'LL GET MORE GOD-RAPING TWILIGHTS!!!
  • Tentacles
    Nah, twilight will happen anyway, movie producers only do things that make money.D;
  • luvira
    I disagree with SuccubusYuri that Spirits Within/AC looks better than Avatar. Saw SW recently and the technology just doesn't compete. I agree that AC's CGI at the time had more impact than Avatar does now.

    AC was badly written (but like everyone else I LOVED it anyway), but the graphics blew my mind. With Avatar, the transition from what I've already seen done with CGI and what they did wasn't as dramatic. I agree with you that Avatar's still more competent than AC. If you look past the eye candy, it was a great demo reel for Squeenix to show off their animation but was a pretty bad movie.

    That's rare, I wasn't blown away by the Dark Knight either. Not saying it's bad by any means, just feel like my enjoyment of the film didn't live up to the praise everyone was giving. I'll wan't to watch it again before I say anything about the movie for sure though, just in case.

    As for what I though about the video:

    Found Cars so meh, it had the appearance of a decent movie but I was so bored and uninspired by it. Glad I'm not the only one who thought the characters and plot were painfully bland. The romance and some character motivations in particular were unconvincing. Mostly though, I found it a tad disturbing. I kept asking who made the cars. If they could build themselves why restrict themselves to being just cars? If the talent of a race car and anything else was determined by how they're manufactured wouldn't that raise so many ethical issues?

    I get how the cars are supposed to be caricatures of people and they made the world look like ours so we could relate to it, but it makes so little sense. Since our civilization and social structure (eg: family units, parents having kids) was built around our needs, it has this subconscious effect that I expect it or something similar would be made by people, but there's no people, just cars, which have none of those needs. Hell, cars themselves were made to serve our needs. It's eerie.

    I think what I've been ranting about for 2 paragraphs just boils down to the world they created being so unintentionally bizarre that it falls apart once you actually look at it. As for why there's a sequel, word is because Cars is John Lasseter's baby, it wasn't a bad movie so if he want's a sequel he can have it.

    I liked Matilda as a kid, it didn't scare me. I guess a potential problem I have with the movie is it could have made some young kids think the lack of logic and justice in this movie is supposed to reflect real life, and they become bitter and think it justifies when they don't want to do what they're told and take it out on their parents/guardians.
  • Hacki Reynolds  - Gladiator?
    Nice reasoning for the most part(and I Agree for the most part) but I will definitely have to disagree with you on Gladiator. I will say it should have gone longer to elaborate on the characters a bit more, and some of the action scenes were a bit rushed. But it's great mostly because of the acting for me. Everyone has the role down(and I should mention I think Russell Crowe is one of the greatest recent actors we have and that Ridley Scott is quite possibly my favorite director though I'm not sure) and watching them speak to each other is very interesting and fun to watch. And also, who cares if the story has been done before if it's done good? And in this movie I was kept involved in it the whole way even through the cliches because the performances were so good and the conviction was there. I really felt for those characters actually and I felt that was the movie's strongest point, which shows how two people can see the same thing so differently.

    Admittedly, some of the messages came a little too close to Braveheart(which by my money is the greatest movie ever made) and weren't as well executed(the ending scene was a tad too rushed especially) but nevertheless, a very good movie, especially the performances, art direction, and music. And come on, Russell Crowe has one of the greatest action hero screen presences in a long time I think and I should wonder why you don't like him so much.
  • TheYetti
    Aside from Nella, and With Honors (which I havent see) and Matilda (which I love like a firstborn) I have to say I agree with you on all of these.

    Most specifically
    Distric 9. Everyone around me thought it was this thought provoking poignant movie. I always though it was a mess of unlikeable characters, ugly visuals, confused morals and plot so full of holes it needed enough special effects to make Micheal Bay cream his jeans to cover them up.
  • Ruby Doomsday
    You know, I've only seen one of these, and it was Gladiator. Didn't really hold my attention either, although the thing I really couldn't get past was their attempted British accents. Why does Hollywood seem to think a poorly executed British accent is an acceptable substitute for Every Accent Ever?

    Anyway, like I said, I haven't seen the rest, so I'm not going to judge, but it was a fun list to watch.
  • SciFiGi  - Brits
    I know, right?
    Especially given that in Gladiator's timeline there was no British accent...being as England and therefore English did not exist yet. A closer match would have been an Italian accent since it is close to the Latin they should have been speaking.
  • Byzantine19
    I have to disagree on Italian being closer to Latin. We have no idea really what the accent for Latin is. It is a dead language. Modern day latin was crafted in the middle ages, and modern day Italian is an amalgam of old Latin, new Latin, as well as German (as it was the Lombards, Goths, and Normans who subsequently took control over the Italian penninsula. Anyway, I don't personally have a problem with the generic British accent. What would be a better accent for a language that you can't figure out how to pronounce?
  • Ruby Doomsday
    You have to disagree with Italian being closer to Latin than English is? Really? Italian certainly has plenty of German vocabulary, but takes both vocabulary and syntax from Latin. English is sort of the opposite there... primarily Germanic with several Romanic vocabulary words. It's pretty tough to have a modern language that's not influenced by several others, but you can still place most into families. I know you know all that and I'm not patronizing... you're right in that it tells us nothing about the accent (after all, Modern English and Modern German are quite closely related and yet the accent is very different. Heck, even among different English populations there are some pretty distinct accents), but SciFiGi is right in that Italian may have been a more thought-provoking choice than Hollywood Crappy British. That being said, what accent do I think they should use to represent a dead language? Well, how 'bout NONE? I mean, obviously I don't fluently speak the language of the ancient Romans, and we assume that that is what the characters in Gladiator are speaking, so the audience must be listening to them through some sort of... oh, I don't know... Translating Ether or something. Why on earth is the Translating Ether so often fakey-British? Hahaha... maybe as a Canadian, mine should be making all the characters sound like Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh? But yeah, I'd like to see a historical fiction about Europe where the actors just talked like themselves!
  • Byzantine19
    Well, Ruby Doomsday, touche. I did not mean to imply that English was closer to Latin than, but I guess the way I phrased my arugment it certainly sounded that way, now I have read it again. I do apologise for making myself unclear.

    Well, I suppose when it comes to accents it is easier for Hollywood to impersonate the british accent more than any other. They have to use something to make the local in the movie seem more foreign and exotic. I have seen Hollywood's attempts at impersoinating accents, whd while their british might be crappy, I think it is the best in their repetoire. I also like your idea of not using any accent at all. it would certainly save actors a lot of time and effort that they could be using to do their jobs better.
  • Byzantine19  - spell-check*
    apparently I should not write comments when I haven't been sleeping well. Please, in the above comment, change "whd" to "and." I have no idea why that happened.
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