Kickassia the DVD!

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  • Dore
    Damn, who did the cover artwork? That's, shall we say...awesome?

  • Dore
    I love how some little shittard went through the comments and down voted most of us. Yeah, I bet your parents are proud of you, eh?
  • sg15z
  • CrazyChris576
    :flame: Seconded! A resounding FUCK YEAH for this DVD!
  • AndrewDeLong
    And I third that.

    Any objections?


    Alright *bangs gavel*

    The motion Passes!

    This is officially a FUCK YEAH! Item.

    Oh wait *looks at attachment item on bill*

    I stand corrected. This is officially a HOLY SHIT! FUCK YEAH Item.
  • SpiderSlayr
    :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

    Awesomeness indeed. FOR KICKASSIIA!!!!!!!!!!
  • LuigiPipewalker
    I want it... I want money so I can acquire "ME!" relatively soon... My birthday is in November as well

    So it shall be mine soon
  • whatever42
    I would also like to see more of "ME!" You can never have too much of such a good thing. Oh, and all the other stuff sounds great too, I guess. XB

    Seriously though, this is definitely a great thing and I will eventually be getting it. Also, great to see you in the N. Bison getup again. Here's hoping you don't go insane with power again. =D
  • Dorth
    Got a mid-November b-day as well and that money is going to ME!
  • Skoringo
    I hope its in stores. I WILL STILL PICK IT UP THOUGH!!!!
  • AKADave1989
    IIIIII NEEEEEEEEEEED IIIIIIIIIT!!!...I wish I had money for this =(
  • hollychristine  - Kick ass!
    It's so great to see all of our hard work come to fruition. Congrats everyone!

    Hope you all love it!
  • Omegatripod
    Oh my god, did Drew Struzan do the cover art?!
  • Marchy
    Ugh thank you from effectively ruining Valentines day for me forever, my birthday's November 8th. Lol Can't wait to buy it and watch it at home =D .....on a TV....instead of my lapto- you know what I mean.
  • redpoet2  - November
    My birthday's in November! XB

    I SOOOO want to get this. But I think my bf is getting me this for my birthday. No im serious. =D
  • Mr Magnificent
    This looks awesome.
    Wish you guys had a blu-ray version though, I try not to buy DVDs anymore, although I may have to make an exception
  • Opinionator
    Nah, I'll wait for the Bluray. Just kidding, already bought it! Can't wait til this gets here!
  • FailedWizard
    Oh, yeah, this kicks ass! No pun intended.
  • Naughty Pentagram
    i have never bought a DVD for an online show (mainly because i felt it kind of pointless to do so when I could watch it for free here on the site) but i will SO buy this if i ever get the extra money
  • Gethenian
    Oh man I am going to watch the SHIT out of this.

    ...and LOL at the comment about 9 months away from Valentine's day. My sister & partner-in-creative-crime is a Valentine's baby, her birthday being November 13th. It's actually a little embarassing how long it took us to figure that out. (Almost as long as it took us to find out parents' marriage certificate, notice the year on it, and count forward to my birth date... 5 months later. OH BOY. XD )
  • takineko
    My birthday is in November, the day after doug's actually. do I get this for a present? I've been a good Takineko and didn't complain once that I never got anything in the mail for the Animaniacs Tribute. :blush:
  • Rom
    Holy fucking shit! I must have it! But I guess I'll have to wait til Christmas. My birthday was seven days too early. :(
  • AwayToHit
    Must...get.....this....NO OOOWWWWWWWW XD
  • Painkiller
    I have gone and baught myself a copy... WHOOHO... Something to revie... erm I mean to add to my awesome DVD collection :D
  • The Hardcore Kid
    That DVD looks Super Special Awesome! I'm getting myself a copy! =D
  • FreyaMau
    Just bought the special-edition DVD! Can't wait to watch it at home on my TV! :meow:
  • NCscritic
    a lot of birthdays in November, huh? that's odd, half my family was born in April.

    nobody fucks with the watermark.

    also, I just want to say that I just LOVE the Kickassia title music. SO epic!
  • Deltora
    November, I thought May was the month of birthdays? My mother, my father, my grandmother, a couple of my friends all share their birthday in that month.

    Anyway, I think I might just buy this DVD.
  • SpeedyEric
    I love that joke with the watermark. Very original.

    I give the amount of special features of this DVD a 544,281 out of 5. :cool:

    Edit: My dad and I each have a birthday in July.
  • BabyImplosion
    not a huge fan of the movie, but was alright.

    and with great special features, a kick-ass..... ia dvd box-art, watching it as a whole, and the price of 17.99?

    when I get the money, will need to order it.

    curious, on the site it says there will be 3 commentaries. I've listened to 3 commentaries, but not the 4th one from doug and friends.

    so, im curious, which commentary will be left out?

    spoony, film brain, or cinema snob/phelous/benzaie's commentary?

    I fount each of them to be entertaining and letting in different sorts of new info.

    only one commentary missing, no biggy. always room for the 10th anniversary edition!
  • hollychristine
    The three commentaries are:

    Doug Walker
    Rob Walker
    Mike Michaud and Bhargav Dronamraju
  • Defender 01
    My birthday is in november.
  • RedFox0008

    =D =D =D =D
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