Sibling Rivalry - Rise of the Guardians AND Overlooked Movies

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Rise of the Guardians

Overlooked Movies - Bolt

Overlooked Movies - A Christmas Carol (1984)

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  • KillerKlown
    I am honored see this first. And let me say I loved it all! Oh yeah this Jack Frost is better than the 1996 horror movie Jack. God was that Jack Frost bad.
  • TJgamer  - Please for the love of Pete...!
    Great reviews!
    But please, for the love of Pete, review The Brave Little Toaster!
    I know Doug already mentioned it in his Top 11 Nostalgia Critic Reviews He Will Never Do, but I don't think he understood why we wanted him to review it. Not because it was a bad movie or anything (it's a great movie!), but because everyone can't believe he didn't put the FRIGGIN' CLOWN NIGHTMARE SCENE on his Top 11 Scariest Nostalgic Moments list! And we all want to hear his opinion on the film, and its dark nature.
  • albinotanuki
    I though Chris Pine fit fine for Jack Frost and I didn't think it was too modern, but I will give you points on the other stuff.
  • jycool
    I think the moral of Monsters Inc was things aren't as scary as they seem. Also, THERE WAS A MORAL IN CARS 2? WHERE?
  • Carteeg_Struve
    Moral in Cars: "Sometimes you need to slow down to enjoy life."
    Moral in Cars 2: "Sometimes you need to speed up and blow shit up to enjoy life."

    And for the record, I liked Cars 2. It was brainless stupid fun. There was nothing of substance, but I at least enjoyed myself.

    The original Cars bored the crap out of me. I didn't care for the animation style and the story didn't grab me.

    My favorite moral in a Pixar movie however was in The Incredibles: "Don't be ashamed of what sets you above the mediocre."
  • PlayMp1
    I'm partial to Wreck-it Ralph's semi-reversal of that actually: "Accept yourself, and be happy with what you've got."
  • Gadzinisko
    The single awesome thing in Cars 2 was that spy car. He should have been main character! I can think of like 3 possible plots tying him to McQueen...
  • albinotanuki
    Since Doug hated "The Aristocats", I suggest looking at "Gay Purr-ee"; way better and was written by Chuck Jones.
  • cvrpapc
    lol. Chuck Jones did it better I think also. But I do wonder about his politics sometimes.

    But for the love of GOD..please talk about something that is not a kids movie/teen. I don't know, aren't there like a billion other films to talk about? Not just new releases. Hitchcock, Life of Pi, the awful peice of trash known as killing them softly? Okay Christmas movies? 55 billion which are not cartoons or for kids.
  • Shybird
    I haven't seen the film, but my tumblr is being spammed with Rise of the Guardians stuff so just wanted to share something. For the curious, Pitch does have a backstory that isn't shown in the film. Not going to link for spoilers but I'm sure the wikia has some of it.

    I also agree that Tooth has a beautiful design.
  • Darkhellia613  - Pitch
    Pitch has an incredible backstory if your willing to read a children's novel series and two picture books. Rise of the Guardians was based off of the Guardians of Childhood Novel Series and Picture Book Series by William Joyce.
  • Hakajin
    I might look into Rise of the Guardians.

    And I was really hoping you'd get to "Bolt" someday. I love that movie. I think it's pretty great, actually. It's original, pretty funny, and I loved the characters. And I loved the main message, too: even though the world Bolt believed in wasn't real, his relationship with Penny was. I think that was something that they missed in "The Matrix."
  • SisterGrimm619
    I'm hoping to see Guardians this weekend because even if some elements are weak, the effort and apparent heart that went into it makes it seem worth it. Plus it doesn't look to be doing so hot in the box office, at least compared to what it cost to MAKE it. I'd like to support movies like RotG because I'd rather see Dreamworks TRY than make Madagascar 4, 5, and 6. -.-

    Also, I'm rather enjoying the way the Walker brothers play off each other! Looking forward to more Sibling Rivalries, and please please please do more Overlooked Movies! I loved that bit!
  • Sgt. Swatter  - Where did the little girl go?
    Seriously, you guys didn't even address the plot holes. But this was an enjoyable review. Bolt had a good premise, and there are reasons it was overlooked. This looks like my next favorite show.
  • Rexaura888
    Speaking of that girl, here's a question: how was Jack Frost able to pick her up if in a previous scene it was stated that no one could see or touch him because they didn't believe in him? Was it just some sort of invisible force to her? If so, how come they didn't demonstrate it? In fact, anything involving believing in that movie was a mess. Otherwise, it was pretty good, and I really did like the Guardians as characters.

    I rather like Meet The Robinsons though, both the movie and the book it was based on(like the book more though). Only thing I didn't quite like was Wiblur's last scene when he says that he'll just keep coming back until Lewis gets things right when earlier, his future self told him that the future is his to decide. Well, good-bye freedom of choice, and hello predetermination. Yeah, I know it's a joke but it just bugs me that that's what they followed it up with, but I digress. Chicken Little on the other hand seemed more deserving of being next to Home On The Range (though I wouldn't wish any movie to be next to it, not even some of the Disney sequels), but the 3D animated movies seem to be miles ahead of most of the 2D animated ones anyways, so yeah...

    Funny that Rob mentioned Galaxy Quest as one of the movies that Bolt is supposedly like since Galaxy Quest is a parody but at the same time, it's its own thing. I mean, how many parodies can you think of where every major character goes under heavy development throughout the plot and follow a somewhat serious story while throwing in quick jabs at the series it was parodying? Not Space Balls, that's for sure, and that was a great parody.

    As for an overlooked movie, I know Doug covered this in the Critic's Top 11 Underrated Movies, but I'd like to see Mask of the Phantasm, or any other animated Batman movie for that matter. It seems that those movies are always skipped over when it comes to discussing Batman movies in general, or at least that's how conversations about Batman films have gone for me.
  • onetwistedfrootloop
    YAY!! I love when you guys talk movies together!

    Anyway, I really liked Rise of Guardians. Like you guys said, the animation was creative and visually amazing and I actually might throw down some cash for 3D if I see it again with friends. And I gotta say I absolutely LOVE the villain (Pitch Black). Sure he didn't really have a back story per se, but to me he more than made up for it throughout the movie. The way he would melt in out of shadows, his menacing voice (Jude Law did a freaking fantastic job), his commanding presence, but actually has a fault in which you can sympathize with him, makes him such a worthy adversary.

    And I really like Bolt, which I didn't expect I would going into it, which was a pleasant surprise to me. And I still gotta check out A Christmas Carol.

    Awesome review you guys! :D
  • DeDreamer
    Speaking of Tim Curry and A Christmas Carol, Tim Curry did a reading of it for Audible that is top notch. Possibly the best reading of the story I've ever heard and I am a fan of the book.

    I would argue that Kermit the Frog is the best Cratchit. Like you said, a lot of Cratchit's are so downtrodden that they have no character and the family is way too saccharine. Miss Piggy gave that performance some much needed spirit, I think you have to admit that no matter what other problems The Muppet Christmas Carol might have. Also that movie had Gonzo in a prominent role, and Gonzo is the greatest.

    I watched Bolt the day after my best friend's wedding when we were all basically brain dead from exhaustion. There's this scene at the end where the director is tying up the girl while they're arguing about Bolt and I lifted up my arms and shouted "Symbolism!" without thinking and everybody just kind of looked at me...
  • thesithlord
    There's also the version with Patrick Stewart which is another very good one.
  • JoeCat  - Christmas Carol = Overlooked?
    Must be my difference in environment, but I never considered George C Scott's Christmas Carol overlooked. It has been a staple among my extended family and several of my friends. But, I'm all for encouraging further interest in the film. Love the actor, love the movie.

    I (in my personal, uneducated opinion) thought the opposite regarding Jim Henson's Christmas Carol's portrayal of Scrooge. It seemed that version wanted a jollier Scrooge that was more antisocial than wretched. That's why he's laughing and smiling so often throughout the film (pretty much at some point every scene from the Marleys' arrival until Christmas-yet-to-come, outside of the "Love is gone" number). Most notable may be during the Christmas-Present's session, where in many other versions he's miserable for the entirety.

    Last thought: Is it odd that in the beginning, both Walkers insist that book-to-film adaptations should have the writers & directors make changes to make the film their own, not just a re-read of the book(s). Then, in the same video, they start chastising Jim Henson and Disney for doing just that in their films?

    - - - - -

    Best of luck with this show you two. I'm still of mixed reactions regarding it (not a personal fan of Vlogs, but I can see the effort put into this and I don't notice anything to count as a flaw) but I hope it continues with success.
  • Myrnin_fan  - You guys missed a bit
    The whole reason that the movie didn't reveal the back stories is because the author, and at one point co-director, didn't want the two to be the same. He wanted the people to read the books and discover the character lore and then have the movie happen 200 years after the series. Other than that it was a fun review. :)
  • JessiRay
    I liked this review. I may have to check out Rise of The Guardians for its character designs and imagination.

    Just dropped by to say: I always thought the moral of Monster's Inc was "don't fear people/things just because they're different than you." The monsters originally fear Boo but then grow to like and protect her, which leads to their discovery that happiness is more powerful than fear. But maybe the movie is more shallow than I remember.
  • BigMac90
    I love Cars 2! There, I said it...
    It entertained me, and that's all I ask for.

    Also, Bolt is one of my favourite movies!

    I've actually only seen 3 versions of A Christmas Carol: The George C. Scott version, the Disney version, and... some other cartoon version that I can't really remember (I do remember it being pretty bad though...)
  • Jeff Jacobson  - Origins of Mickey's Christmas Carol
    Mickey's Christmas Carol was actually based on a record called "Dickens' Christmas Carol" by Disneyland Records. This record was the first time that Alan Young (who IS still alive) played Scrooge. He also wrote this adaptation.
  • Haogar
    Ok i am glad rise of the guardians is better than i thought, to me it jus looked great, all looks no content, i'll give it a shot now
  • ShadOBabe  - Pitch's backstory...
    I totally agree with you guys there. I actually want to go read the books myself, but my friend got to them first and told me about Pitch's backstory. And it is heartbreaking, at least to me. And I think it's an absolute crime that they didn't talk about it in the movie.
  • MarcusWilliams
    Is something wrong with blip? Every one of these episodes comes up with "Sorry, we're unable to play this episode" for me.
  • Sorashota  - ROTG
    (This is my opinion, if you disagree, everyone has an opinion, this is just mine :) )

    Although I really love the way both Doug and Rob work off each other and give their own opinions, I have to disagree with several points they made- especially one that a lot of male reviewers keep bring up:

    Point #1. That Jack is just an albino Justin Bieber and a boring character.

    Jack Frost is attractive so what? He looks NOTHING like Justin Bieber. Simply because he has a nice face that girls will probably find appealing, suddenly male reviewers take offense to this and hate his character, even though that makes no sense. I mean take Dante from "Devil May Cry", he's an attractive albino, but I don't hear any reviewers calling foul. His appearance has nothing to do with his personality and character, especially since Jack never flaunts his appearance to begin with. Not even once. And the whole thing about Jack's clothes... I liked his clothes better from when he first became immortal, but I wasn't distracted or even cared about the hoodie. I thought the design of the hoodie with the intricate ice patterns was rather creative. His magical staff was just genius [and if you haven't seen the movie yet you'll know why he has it]. Having him barefoot was pretty creative too.

    And I know this is just my opinion, but Jack is probably the most interesting character in the whole movie.

    He's a teenage boy, so of course he's going to be reckless and want to have fun, and mess around. He doesn't like rules and deadlines, but he's not an asshole about it. It's just not his things. Jack's not even a jerk! He's actually very kind and sympathetic, but also sarcastic and mischievous. Not to mention Jack is extremely identifiable because he wants to know why he was made immortal! I think anyone who just woke up after dying would be wondering what made then so special to receive such an incredible gift and powers. In addition, although he knows his name is Jack Frost, he has absolutely no idea who the heck he is, where he came from, and why he has been forced to live his immortal life unseen by humans and all alone. He's lonely and feels forgotten, and that's shown in the movie on multiple occasions.

    Also, Jack isn't a whiner. Almost from the beginning he join the Guardian bandwagon, because he does genuinely care about the children of the world, and his, soon-to-be, fellow Guardians. If this were any other movie, Jack would have sat around sulking and complaining for half the movie, but here he is always actively doing something to help even when it doesn't suit his interests.

    Jack Frost is the character that gets the most development and he gets such a sad back story. Oh, yeah and this is a movie about kids, right? Jack's frickin' amazing with the kids! Especially the little boy, Jamie.
  • Sorashota  - ROTG (continued)
    Jack brings a lot of joy and fun in the winter, but he gets no recognition, and though this bums him out, he doesn't whine and complain. Sure he uses some of his powers for his own personal pleasure to cause mischief, but he does use his powers to make kids happy. Example the snow ball fight with Jamie and his friends.

    And finally, Jack had multiple opportunities to join Pitch's side. The two both have the same motivations, to be seen and recognized by others [humans] and to stop living sad, lonely lives. Except Jack refuses to scare children and make people fear/hate him, even though he could easily cross that line over to the "dark side". He doesn't want to be like Pitch or join him, because he knows what is right. Even though he knows his emptiness is eating him inside.

    Jack is my favorite character in the movie. He's the Guardian of Fun and games and I'm glad they made him the focus.

    Point #2

    There are no "slow" or atmospheric moments in the movie.

    Practically ever single moment of screen time shared between Jack and Jamie is absolutely touching and makes up the majority of the calmer moments of the movie. Especially the part where Jamie sees Jack for the first time. The emotions shared in that scene from both characters was simply perfect. You could really see the emotion in Jack's face when he realizes he has his first believer. Not to mention the other atmospheric moments: THE VERY BEGINNING when Jack first becomes immortal, when Tooth and Jack are talking in Jamie's room about childhood innocence, when Jack is looking for his memories, when Jack is trying to get the MAN ON THE MOON [not just the moon, the moon is the entity that gave all the Guardians their powers] to talk to him, all those times Jack was subconsciously watching over Jamie, when they go to Bunny's home, when Tooth explains why the fairies collect children's teeth, the flashback of Jack's forgotten memories, a scene in the final battle shared between Jack and Jamie, and not to mention the ending of the movie.

    I'm not saying the movie is perfect. I had some issues with it as well. Like for instance, Jack's voice actor. I completely agree with Doug and Rob. I like Chris Pine, but Jack is a teenager, and the voice he provided was just a little too deep and manly for a guy like Jack. Now after a while, I will admit the voice grows on you because you get used to it. But when Chris Pine has to narrate... He's just not a good narrator. But hey, we can't all be Morgan Freeman's.
    I wish that they could have explained a little more about Pitch's back story, because it is legitimately sad, but I think that's because they are saving it for the sequel. Then again, a lot of people went to see the Avengers without seeing the other Marvel tie in's and no one complained about not knowing Loki's motivations.
  • ThatPolishChick  - YES!
    omg you I just did the slow clap after reading your rant! couldn't agree more!
  • Sorashota  - ROTG (continued)
    There are some moments that remind you that this is a kids film, but overall this is a very touching film.

    It has ABSOLUTELY AMAZING animation, an easy plot to follow, great characters, non-assholish human children, awesome action scenes, and a soft message. Not to mention, on a personal note, this film really made me feel like a kid again. And I cried on multiple occasions, because the film reminded me of all the wonder and joy these characters- these people brought me while I was growing up, and how important they were to my childhood. I had almost forgotten that I was a kid once, and this movie made me remember...

    It has its flaws, but it's a kids movie that doesn't talk down to kids. If it manages to reach an adult audience then that's just an added bonus.

  • knightsintodreams
    i agree with everything you said.
    calling him justin beiber was a bizarre point. not only does he not look like biebs, at all, but he doesn't act like him. there was no connection.
    it's pretty normal for heros to be attractive. it seemed like a strange nit-pick.
  • ReckoningReviewer
    Great job on these reviews guys. Now, what can I have you review? How about Kung Fu Panda 2?
  • G1Convoy1701
    Hay Dumb-ass its not Fucking Berber That Canadian Showboat ITS Chris Pine (THE NEW KIRK) Get your faqs straight
  • PlayMp1
    From the advertising, I wanted to see this just for badass Russian Santa Claus.
  • The sad panda
    It's a christmas Vlog CRAAAAAZE!
  • Podorojnik
    Can you review JCVD? It's an actual good Van Damme movie.
  • richtv
    Ever since I first saw the George C Scott Christmas Carol when it first aired in 1984 I have been a fan, George C Scott is perfect, and I love how darn faithful the film is to the book. I also agree the Michael Cain Scrooge is overrated, in fact that whole version is overrated imho.
  • The_Masked_Donut
    I think Bolt is one of Disney's most underrated movies. I happened to see it on TV, not expecting much, and was delighted that it took me back to that nostalgic phase.
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