Barb Wire

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  • Fleaman
    YAY!!! God i love you NC! your videos are the best! and the review was simply wonderful! also the quote from the big lebowski was PERFECT (thats one of the best movies of all time)
  • orwellianson  - re: Movie Dork
    [quote=TheAngryMovieDork] Barb Wire, more like Boob Wire[/quote] [IMG]http:// albums/q359/splatterfish/ facepalm.jpg[/IMG] :( GTFO.
  • Nerdslab
    If it wasn't for the giant boobs, this movie would barely interest me at all. Boobies :woohoo: Lol the movie shot itself!!!!!! :D
  • SonicnutNC
    Yeah, I'll bet NC got a hard-on at the beginning, and other boobie scenes.
  • Lodeman AKA LARUCUS  - re: re: Movie Dork
    all thats missing is the losing theme from the price is right
  • Montes13
    what the TheAngryMovieDork said is so true
    orwellianson you GTFO D:
  • orwellianson  - re: IN REGARDS TO MOVIE DORK NOT NC REVIEW!
    [quote=Montes13]what the TheAngryMovieDork said is so true
    orwellianson you GTFO D:[/quote]

    I was referring to Angry movie dork and his past inane and senseless critique.
    and so without further delay...

    NO U!
  • Sheranda  - Wow.
    It was... [i]kind of[/i] funny.
  • Sheranda
    I meant "Boob Wire." The review itself is hilarious.
  • Batboyexe
    Heh heh, good one. :lol:
  • Deanzonit
    To TheAngryMovieDork,

    I am sorry to say that I must jump on this fad of hating on you simply because you're quicker to say before thinking than I am. However, at least my comments aren't as that I've had more experience on the internet.

  • coconut
    is his goal to get the most thumbs down? thats all i see whenever i see a comment of his.. Is there something i'm not getting?
    but anyway...
    my guy friends always made a joke referrence to this and i never got it till now :pinch:
    this is.....bad. lol
    Her name should've been Silicone Savior.
  • powermad9  - Well, in response to your AMD comment...
    His 'goal' is to be a partner of the Nostalgia Critic. That's right, you read it correctly. He thinks he's just that cool, and so he believes the NC actually [i]likes[/i] him. Fuck that.
  • Deanzonit
    Are you serious? Fucking LOL!

    That's like if I went around spewing bullshit about destroying the entire universe because I wanted to be the rightful king of it and thought God supported me because of it; it just doesn't seem right!

    Btw, I will never look at the Flinstones the same way again. BUT, I did learn something; smoking was invented in the stone age! :P
  • The AngryMovie Dork  - umm
    I don't think I'm good enough, I think my site is good enough.
  • Deanzonit
    AMD, so what if you have a site? It isn't enough. You need to actually have a decent reputation on a site. I mean, my reputations are hit & miss, but hey, at least I have, oh I don't know, at least a LITTLE respect! You, on the other hand...not so much. I'm sure there are some people who respect you on this site, but the majority if them don't. Now, I can see why.
  • orwellianson
    [quote=The AngryMovie Dork]I don't think I'm good enough, I think my site is good enough.[/quote]

    [img][IMG]http:// albums/rr131/ DICKBUTTSECKS/lulz/180px- Obvioustroll.jpg[/IMG][/ img]

    Quietly leave our humble abode AMD, you are starting anger our community.
  • ThatGuyWithTheAccent89
    Site? :0 :0 :confused: :confused: :lol: :D :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  • thispieistoocold  - re: umm
    [quote=The AngryMovie Dork]I don't think I'm good enough, I think my site is good enough.[/quote]

    [img]http:// _ocMQSqVjweA/SGYEckQ91aI/ AAAAAAAAAXI/BsrXbttLo4E/ s400/FACEPALM.jpg[/img]
  • bassbait
    Well most people who make videos hope to be a partner because they think that they have something funny to say. Problem is, everybody who doesn't make it just doesn't have anything original. Angry movie dork? First of all, rips off nostalgia critic by reviewing movies, rips of angry video game nerd in an obvious way. If he was a little more original, maybe then he would spark people's interest.
  • The AngryMovie Dork
    I rarely review movies, and when I do it's usually written, or audio and on my site, I try to make one of everything, Upcoming list of videos

    Impressions Video
    Star Trek 2.0
    Michael Bay Interview
    Tribute to the Godfather

    videos done

    Tap Dance Video
    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Review
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Review, and Batman & Robin Review (not yet released)
  • Deanzonit
    You know...this kid is just like me when I started my internet career, only he has videos. He thinks he's cool but he's not, he wants to be something he will never be, and I think he's almost my age. I don't know why, I just get the feeling he just recently turned 14. I may be wrong, though...
  • The Soda Jerk
    (at Angry Movie Dork)
  • powermad9  - omg, fuck you.
    You really think we like what you have to say. We don't. We really don't. So just keep your fucking 'opinions' to yourself.
  • RebelTaxi
    "Boob Wire" That just leaves me with strange, disturbing thoughts in my head. :s

    Although, I think that would of been a better title for the movie.
  • 3rchaos  - wait
    i thought you got banned
  • Sheranda
    Apparently, he did... several times. I don't know. I'm not keeping track.
  • Dr.Bayonet  - O_o...
    I hate... YOU!! :angry:
  • kidwithnolife
    that might just possibly the stupidest thing i've ever heard.
  • Gamer_Ely
    that really was hilarious i had to lol at it... everybody looked at me
  • Dorth
    4 times :)
  • LordDico
    well the reason this movie did so well, was because of the actors, and what they showed, if you catch my drift :woohoo:
  • Pyro93
    hey critic the machine is a forklift you dumbass not a bull dozer...
  • Fruckert
    Huh...never heard of this before now.
    Glad I never did. :D
  • rogueofmv  - Here we go again...
    Sexploitation in a non-porn flick? Now THAT can't POSSIBLY go wrong... [/sarcasm]
  • ThatGuyWithTheAccent89  - BOOBIES!!!
    Yeah!! another great review by the greatest critic ever!!! now, im gonna watch the video... oh c'mon at least i dont lie! :lol:
  • orwellianson  - !!
    BOOBIES! God, this movie sucked... literally! :0 Great review Doug!
  • BlazeODU  - Another potentially awesome Nostalgia Critic revie
    well...that's what I said potentially, because for some reason, the video won't load for me...>.>
  • Jacolini
    What's going on? I can't see the video...
  • powermad9  - Wow. Just, wow.
    I'm surprised NC doesn't add something about you in one of his reviews.
  • RebelTaxi
    What did Angry Movie Dork do to you people?
  • DivPax
    "What did Angry Movie Dork do to you people?"

    He left some of the most stupid comments of all time. :angry:
  • RebelTaxi
    "He left some of the
    most stupid comments of all time."

    That's it? :huh:
  • adrasl300
    Well yeah he made an outright ass of himself in the shoutbox for "Gargoyles"!
  • Someguywhousesthiswebsite
    So everyone hates him just because he posts stupid comments? That's just ridiculous. It's not like he's done anything mean.
  • ulmuchiha
    (guy from battlefield earth Nostalgia Critic version)
    [size=x-small]how[/size] [size=x-large]DARE[/size] he say [i]great review,[/i] [size=large]He should be killed! [/size][size=x-large][i] With spiders![/i][/size]
  • DE Itachi
    Don't worry, you're not alone. I can't load it either just yet.
  • Jacolini
    Problem solved. Thanks.
  • MindOfCrazyPerson222
    This was so funny! I just couldn't stop laughing! And I kinda liked Stripperella. It was so stupid, it was funny.
  • Erinaceus  - Mammary Glands... Mankind's First WMD!
    Thumping sound? I-I don't hear a thumping sound!


    Just a moment...

    Ahhh... now where were we? Ah yes, Barb Wire! I have a question: Did this ever get a theatrical release? Because the only place I can ever see this movie showing is on Cinemax... after 11 p.m.
    The level of acting talent is about the same as Max's "Origial Movies".
    And I'd like to think that's the only way they'd ever get away with ripping off Casablanca and certain elements of Star Wars without getting Pamela's panties sued off!

    Now that I'm thinking about it, I think Pam's other stripper/spy piece, Stripperella, actually [i]was[/i] sued into oblivion. Not even the great Stan Lee could protect Pamela's "assets" from copyright law and a scorned stripper.

    Great review, as usual, N.C.

    Do you have any tissues, N.C.? I'm all out...
  • Loricus
    it seams that I'm not the only one to see rip off Casablanca in this shitty movie ;)
  • Sheranda
    Too much information on that tissues thing.
  • Kendrel
    Hooray for boobies!!! :woohoo: :woohoo:
  • Sheranda  - Um...
    I'm looking at your picture, and I don't know what it is, but it looks like something Jhonen Vasquez would draw. That's a compliment. I like Jhonen's work.
  • merkamerka
    Nice review bro.
  • ouendanagent  - O_O
    Boobies... :woohoo:

    Great Review!
  • Coldguy
    8 bit Mickey is in it whoo!
  • rogueofmv
    Thought I wouldn't notice the fake credits, huh?

    *boobs appear onscreen again*
    Wait, what were we talking about?
  • joneau261
    Wow. Just, wow. This movie certainly did a better job of making me feel disturbed than... interested. I've got very little to say towards the movie, then.

    However, a stellar review once again
  • gexup  - One Fact
    Pamela Anderson can't act. Sorry, Playboy-fans, but if you use your brains rather than your penis then you would realize that this movie sucks. They used the same sex-sells strategy just to make a quick buck. If this movie didn't have Pam and her boobs then this movie would of been worse than it already is. :X
  • excelladon
    you got that right, pam anderson is nothing but a 2 bit untalanted tramp who's doing nothing nothing but bore us half to death on a uncorrivasulatave basis.
  • RadicalNewt
    "Pamela Anderson is the Shaquille O'Neal of acting."
    Ya know, I'd think Shaquille O'Neal would be the Shaquille O'Neal of acting xD Still very funny review I especially loved the part with the cutting to black and fade ins =D
    Oh yeah, the 8-bit mickey thing too was pretty good.

    Edit: Just remembered. One of the best Big Lebowski references ever =D
  • Flamma Man  - Wow...
    This movie's...disturbed...

    When did you watch this movie anyway?
  • Death-Sheep
    I wonder what her boobies is doing right now... ^^

    Great anyway
  • The Coen Brothers lost brother
    I remember when this came out and it got every negative review in the book. Pamela Anderson has little acting skill outside of looking good. An R rated Pamela Anderson movie that has little to no nudity in it. IT'S THE REASON ANYONE WENT TO SEE IT!
  • jnywest
    [b] :P I have not finished watching yet...but I hope to god that you caught that "Boba Fett" in this movie.[/b]
  • Wookiee
    He said Jango Fett, Di'kut!
  • durge
    im not sure these chakaare speak mando
  • Sheranda
    I did research. That is Jango Fett, the one all the clones are cloned from, including Boba. That's why both Fetts are Australian.
  • WrongfulSin

    Actually, that was a fork lift, not a bulldozer.
  • TourqeGlare
    THAT'S what they decided to market OVER Mystery Science Theater The Movie? Christ on a bike man! :s

    No, I'm NOT kidding!
  • Erinaceus
    IMHO, the production company should've had MST3K riff [i]this[/i] movie! They'd kill two birds on one budget, and as a plus we wouldn't have to listen to this movie's lame dialog, but we'd still get the boobies!
  • Sheranda
    Is that... Blackfire, Starfire's sister?
  • Juiceman
    Sorry for correcting you, but it's a fork-lift, not a bulldozer.

    Awesome review though.
  • Rattrap007  - re:
    [quote=Juiceman]Sorry for correcting you, but it's a fork-lift, not a bulldozer.

    Awesome review though.[/quote]

    Yup on both counts. Seeing how Doug is a MST3K fan he missed a prime chance for a "He tried to kill me with a forklift!" reference.

    Other than that great review...

  • coconut
    at first i thought the artwork was of you coppin a feel. :P
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