Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

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  • NeoAC  - Wow, two worlds, eh?
    When I first saw the title of the review, I thought you were only talking about the second show, which I actually remember watching and being entertained by. I guess I should be thankful I had no idea of the mindfuckery that was committed in Sonic's name. Now I must hunt some people down. Excuse me.
  • ZippZapp
    Fuck your shit, Neo.
  • XanltheCSG  - PINGAS!!!
    lolololollolololololololo lolololololololololololol ololol!!!!!!
  • thispieistoocold
    10/10 comment
    It really had something to do with the video
  • jayman9911
    one of my favorite quotes! :)
  • jdwohlever
    What the fuck is your major malfunction?
  • hoskie
    NeoAC: You're thinking of just "Sonic the Hedgehog" (usually referred to as Sonic SatAM ) which was much MUCH better.
  • $olid_Snake  - Thing at end
    that thing at the end, it was not Shadow, it was Ixis Naugus
  • Starscreamfan89
    At first I thought that would be Metal Sonic
  • DemonFiccer  - Metal Sonic
    In case you didn't find out, Metal Sonic is a robot Dr. Robotnik/Eggman created. He is considered the deadliest creation the doctor created because not only was he built to be superior to Sonic in every way, he was capable of adapting to different situations and improve himself. How he didn't end up killing Robotnik or Sonic at all is surprising, really. Check out the Sonic Wikia. You'll find all you need to know about him.
  • Sombra  - Confusion
    First of all, let me just get the cliche fandom out of the way and say I recently discovered this site and I simply love every single person and production to be found here, video or otherwise.

    Now, I must say I agree with NeoAC. I got really confused about these two shows and never knew which was which -- Now I know why!!
  • LikaLaruku
    Don't understand how you can love Loony Tunes, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Freakazoid, Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, & Adventure Time, yet the lack of logic only bothers you with AoStH.

    Admit it Doug, you secretly like this show. You know it in your heart to be true.

    Sally's dad shows up in the comic book; he was a major dickweed. It was more teen-friendly than the TV series, so if you read the comic, the TV series didn't really hold up, because Antoine was no longer a stereotypical coward, Tails was more mature, & Sonic was far more serious. Too bad they had to go & ruin the series by injecting all those godawful SEGA characters into it & giving everyone amnesia to retcon the past 20 years.
  • Mattieshoe  - Doug, I honestly couldn't disagree more.
    Sorry to repost all my stuff here.

    Maybe it's a cartoonist thing, but I think you're bringing the wrong kind of logic into cartoons.

    The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was a show that gave CARTOONISTS alot of freedom. freedom to draw things in a funny way, freedom to deem Robotnik "The world's sexiest fat man" (here's the original model sheet, by Milton Knight http:// robotnikmodel1.html)

    The show's writing was ridiculous (in a bad way, much of the time) and stupid, but the artists did their best to make it fun to watch.

    Cartoons have their own logic. and that logic doesn't have to be set by Looney Tunes or roger rabbit. Cartoons an art form. the definition of "Cartoon" is a Funny Drawing.

    The other sonic show you talked about was hated by the cartoonists who worked on it. why make it a "Cartoon" if nothing that can't happen in live action happens in the show?

    and anyway, the plot and characters are entirely one layered, not funny, and not interesting. they had no business being in a "cartoon".

    Some of the characters in AOS have very funny designs.

    Have you ever watched Popeye? or anything else made by the Fleischer studio? you might say it "Makes no sense" but these cartoons are pure cartoons that do what cartoons are supposed to do best. they don't try and compete with live action, like the second sonic show does.
  • drunkendan
    Though I like both shows your logic in this makes no sense. Not all chartoons are made to be funny. Exsample the old batman cartoons. Also what do you mean Satam didn't do anything you couldn't do in real life. Last time I checked you can't run at the speed of sound curl into a ball buzz saw a robot and run up a wall...maybe it's because I'm frm jersey. Also by saying that cartoons are in art form and saying they can't do live actin also has some holes in it. You see art is a form of exspresion and guess what the live action ones STILL are an exspression. Also how do you know the animaters hated the show? unless they say so you don't know that. I know the guys who did batman loved it. Though I laughed at NC's reactions to the randomness in AOS but it's still a cartoon putting logic into it is kind of silly unless the series is in a world with rules saying they can't do such off the cuff things. Finally if you are a cartoonist just because YOU don't like real action type doesn't mean ALL cartoonists do. If they did all cartoons would be in the silly area
  • JDarkley
    I think your missing the point of Nostalgia Critic. You don't have to take it at face value.
  • Ratty  - The Animators enjoyed working on the Show.
    Actually from all the accounts we have the animators who worked on SatAM were very enthusiastic about it. And it shows.
    Making unfounded statements on the internet doesn't make them true.*

    Also "cartoon" doesn't necessarily mean that something is humours, the first definition in merriam webster (and the original meaning) is "a preparatory design, drawing, or painting (as for a fresco)", that's like saying all "comic books" must be "comic".

    And many things are seen/happen in the show that couldn't be done in live action without the help of special effects, like, all of the main characters for example.

    Your logic there could be used against every non-zany/"cartoonish" animation ever made. Animation is a medium, not a style or genera.

    That being said, I think it's hard to honestly/with a straight face deny that Sonic SatAM holds up really really well, even if you don't agree that it's one of the best from the time.

    *And as you can see, spacing out posts to make them bigger isn't a magic trick.
  • Rebochan
    Somehow I doubt you knew the animators on the other show, because seriously, there's no way a show animated that well with that much detail was done by people who hated working on it. Meanwhile the OTHER show was clearly drawn by people who weren't trying and just thought ripping off Ren and Stimpy was all they needed to be funny. Sadly, I remember a lot of cartoons that relied on that...

    The old Popeye and Fleischer cartoons worked because they were creative and made sense within their own little worlds. Sonic the Hedgehog, the crappy one, has no ground rules, no setting, and pretty much nothing to establish itself. SatAM was absolutely amazing, which is probably why that was the show that got the comic spinoff that is *still* running.

    In animation, only *one* thing is important - entertaining the audience. If nobody is entertained, you have failed to do your job.

    I was a kid when both of these shows were on. Even now, I can barely remember a single thing about the afternoon show, while I can still remember the SatAM show in fine detail. One show held up in this retrospective and one show made me wonder how in god's name something smart and funny and absurd like Animaniacs was running at the same time.
  • craftyandy
    If that is "all what cartoons are supposed to be" then by all means animation is dead to me. If your just going to do slapstick meaningless nonsense like Popeye a near century old cartoon then how would that be anything original or unique if you are just carbon copy something already done a thousand times, haven't we had enough re-hashes and remakes already?

    Flapjack, family guy and chowder are slap stick sure but at least they have something developed which is character and the only reason shows like these are pushed is because they love to pigeon hole american animation into comedy and leave ALL the nitty gritty action to our friends over seas.

    Oh but I loved popeye and I loved ren and stimpy when i was a kid (now it just sucks) but really there is no set rule to how a cartoon is supposed to be and besides if your narrow branding of animation is shows like popeye and loony toons then why did MGM go bankrupt and have to close down it's studios? because they never evolved into other unexplored areas that everyone else (french, Japanese) seem to do so well. We were too busy making "funny animals" while they were making classics such as Watership Down "Felidae" (Germany) "Fantastic Planet" (french) and "Akira" (Japanese)
    I slit my wrists if I learned animation and THEN found out I was only going to be making a bunch of slap stick stuff that has already been done to death by the three stooges. No meaning no sutle cynical metophores about society like "Fritz the cat" or "Persepolis" nope just some cartoonist guy.

    And all that "cartoon stuff" was done live action first believe it or not in the silent film era. and before that in comic strips.
  • adamh
    i understand what your trying to say dude, but what doug is saying is that he prefers cartoons with some grasp of reality.even though its about a blue hedgehog that can run at the speed of sound...
  • adamh
    bunny rabots p***y is a paper shredder!
  • sovrcat  - agree
    i completely agree with you. and i think its shit that you have -24 thumbs
  • SerenityZero
    That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You could sum up your whole spiel into "Well, the first show; we should give that lots of credit because it really sucked but the people who made it tried their best! But that other show? That was serious! And it was well drawn! The drawings weren't so bad we'd laugh at them!"

    If "those animators" really put so much effort into it, I'm sure we would have seen backgrounds a more complex than wavy lines. And its more than a drawing that's ridiculous that makes you laugh. Witty writing almost always comes into play there.

    And next time you try telling us cartoons shouldn't be serious, try not linking us a website featuring cartoon porn while you do it.
  • emiolo
    what happened to consturctive critisism??? :(
  • Bryguy87  - re:
    [quote=emiolo]what happened to consturctive critisism??? :([/quote]
    there is none, people just want to hear "you rock!" if criticism was more accepted however the world would be much better.
  • triviageek57
    I do believe there is a difference between "constructive critisism" and "f*** you! you suck! go die!!" you hear what i'm saying?
  • toketsukitsune
    Ok, you are wrong. Cartoons are defined as such
    1 : a preparatory design, drawing, or painting (as for a fresco)
    2 a : a drawing intended as satire, caricature, or humor b : comic strip
    3 : animated cartoon
    4 : a ludicrously simplistic, unrealistic, or one-dimensional portrayal or version

    and animated cartoon is
    : a motion picture that is made from a series of drawings, computer graphics, or photographs of inanimate objects (as puppets) and that simulates movement by slight progressive changes in each frame

    and fresco
    1 : the art of painting on freshly spread moist lime plaster with water-based pigments
    2 : a painting executed in fresco

    So don't try to make up a singular definition for a word that has been around for centuries and say that is the only way it is defined.
  • jdd881
    I don't think the second show fits your definition of a cartoon. They're both "animations", which is a general term, but the second one was just more serious. Animation is an art medium, and it's p to the artist which direction they want to take it. I mean, it's their show, right? SatAM was serious, but still fun to watch, since it was entertaining.
    BTW, not everything in this show can happen in real life, like the whole lasers, Sonic's super speed, etc., and CGI would probably ruin it, so I'm glad they didn't make this cartoon live action. It would be terrible.
  • princessofhearts  - fleischer studios didnt have to make sence
    the fleischer studios didnt have to make sence becuse they was one of a kind and it was there style of how they made the cartoons

    which is why popeye the sailor man was populer for a time being and popeye only got more populer becuse betty boop has to wear longer skirts and her garter removed or mover far up.
  • luvira
    You have some good points, and I do agree with the ones concerning wacky cartoons.
    I liked the first Sonic show, but to say a cartoon or animation should not try to tell a realistic and believable story too? Why should it be restricted to just wacky silliness? Maybe that's what those animators are in to, but I don't think it should be imposed on the rest of animation. Believe it or not animation is capable of so much more. And somehow I don't think anthropomorphic animals would work as well in live action.
  • Haon
    [size=x-large]You eat puppies, don't you?[/size]
  • Nitrinoxus
    Personally, I'd have to agree with your perspective. I'm an artist myself, so I enjoy creative liberties like those seen in AoS. However, I also enjoy the sci-fi feel of Sonic Sat. AM, which I guess was geared for older audiences who played the games and who had been familiar with Sonic for years.

    Looking at the two shows now, I have to agree with the Critic. AoS is extremely silly and, honestly, not very memorable. I can only remember snippets from a few episodes, namely character introductions and the like; but when I was a kid, I really got a kid out of the physical humor it provided. Animated shows can take that to the nth degree, and that isn't always the best idea. Case in point: Popeye. That show had great physical comedy, but it still maintained some structure and logic.

    I'd also have to agree that cartoons have their own logic, but on that note, AoS was the only part of the franchise that didn't mesh well with later portions. For example, since AoS stopped airing I have never seen a reference to Sonic's chili dog obsession. On top of that, the main aspect that has been a common point of reference for most Sonic Team games -- the Chaos Emeralds -- were all exactly identical, while they now resemble different gemstones, and there were only four of them, as opposed to the current seven.

    All that aside, the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog DID get me interested in the franchise, and I constantly compare the modern variations of the characters to the nostalgic ones.
  • ByrdMan  - You Honestly couldn't be more wrong
    Yes, Because we all know mindless humor is funny. I must have mistaken that a joke must correlate with a story or something it connects withs like monkey like bananas can turn into in inneundo or joke! But you think monkey+banana joke= peanut butter sandwich w/ mayo of course it all makes sense now.

    Poyeye had One plot saving olive or getting into situations that made a story however little it was. Mindless humor is not "funny", every story must have it's own logic not madness & mindlessness. Sponge bob (dear god) has a plot with stupid logic, still logic, of dealing w/ a sponge everyday life. AOS has no plot show random things is not funny.

    Cartoon:The original meaning was in fine art, where cartoon meant a preparatory drawing for a piece of art, such as a painting or tapestry. The modern meaning refers to both humorous illustrations in print and animated films.

    I don't see mindless, no logic, free of define set of rule the artist has created. Logic doesn't mean plot. Looney toons had some logic in each "cartoon" and so didn't roger rabbit. Also, saying cartoon can't or mustn't have logic like any other media. They are second rate art forms. Just because a cartoon trys to have logic or plot doesn't mean it's trying to compete with live action.

    Oh and hate by cartoonists cause you could make it live action. Are you shitting me? I sure shitty animal claymation/costumes using blur for would would totally be a hit live action show, good thinking, Mattie.

  • Doctor Why
    while i do agree i must say that while a cartoon can and often should be funny, the style has as you say no limitation. one can chose to make their own little world whith thair own set of reason and logic, but that dosn't mean that you can't make a "relistic" world space (or whatever). while Sonic sat AM isn't sureal in the Salvador Dali sense it's not "realistic" and add's it own theam to the same charekter. each thair take. i did enjoy Sonic sat AM like i enjoyd Batman which were dark and not funny but had its own "epic" (gods i hate that word)style. thaer are no rules for a cartoon and maby you hate it for being dum but it dosn't matter. it's a cartoon.

    but i also say that freadom don't equal "take a p*s on you audience"
  • Stammer
    Ah, I loved this show as a little kid. I watched recorded VHS's of it up until I was about 12 years old before the VHS's broke! haha!

    Oh well, this brought back nostalgia anyway.
  • Lord Seth
    Blah, I was hoping I would get the first comment. Oh well, second isn't that bad.

    (apologies if someone has posted in the meantime and I'm not in fact second)
  • Trinian5150
    Felix the cat anyone?
  • spiceninja
    Loved this show when I was a kid. But now I'm hearing it's awful. Go figure.
  • craftyandy
    ah we remember so many things better then they actually are but I suppose that is why they come back. Look at the TMNT movie, transformers and Masters of The Universe. I bet at least some of the people behind it were recreating their shows in a way they pictured and remembered it as kids. I only hope a real sonic cartoon can come out like this and stay away from sat morning kids shows like sonic x
  • Karma  - ...
    So glad I stayed up late for this. 8)
  • Kudo Shinichi 1
    It was An Awesome Show better then Sonic X!
    Will you do Sonic Underground?
  • captainwrestler
    He really should. But if not, oh well. :(
  • Rebochan
    Probably not since those were made much later. It would have been cool if he'd at least name-checked the Archie comic. it when it was good.
  • coconut  - ....
    there's not much to Sonic Underground... he has siblings, all voiced by Jaleel White, they're all in a band, with magical intruments........
    ....... :huh:

    and I think Knuckles made a guest appearance. I"m a huge sonic fan, I couldn't stand one episode of it. I tried. :s

    don't think a NC review would be long enough.
  • NarrowSights15
    That show may have been the best... or better yet the only bearable Sonic TV show ever. I don't get why it was canceled even though it gave quite a huge cliffhanger.
  • bigmacsama  - Agreed
    :woohoo: Yeah, he should totally do that. That Sonic Underground review, that is.
  • ThatWhiteGuy
    there is just one thing Sonic X has thats better than Sonic Sat AM...the theme song! it kicks ass! of course, Sat AM's is terrific too, i just prefer Sonic X's in my opinion
  • ChadVision
    This was my favorite show along with Batman, I remember eating Spaghetti O's and watching this thinking I was eating the rings from the game.

    I was a big Sonic nerd and didn't even pay attention to Mario until I was about 10 because I loved Sonic so much, know since watching this video I ask myself "Why?" Probably the same reason I liked Pokemon, I was a kid.
  • chibicornchip
    Hooray! Worth staying up for
  • RebelTaxi
    AOSTH was enjoyable while stoned. There's so much weird stuff going on. I can't believe he never commented on the Sexual Harassment Sonic Sez.

    Also, there are plans for a Sonic Satam revival by Mike Sullivan.
  • rowdycmoore  - Up, Over and Gone!!!!!
    I broadcasted baseball games in college, and would you believe I used that Sonic line as my home run call?

  • Vector
    I was a big Sonic fan back in the day but even I hated this show. I watched the SATAM version instead...maybe that's what killed this crack fest for me.

    Or maybe It simply made it worse.

    But anyways, fantastic review! One of my favorites so far since you touch on one of my dearest childhood memories. The "shining light" at the end was great. Keep up the good work!
  • ThatTeenInTheRobe  - wow
    i remember this. sonic was a big part of my childhood.
  • Zion
    I love these videos.

    I'm guessing the creators of this show were just as hyper and whacked out as we were on Saturday mornings with are sugar loaded sugar pops with marshmallows?
  • artimus
    This cartoon was NOTHING in comparison to the darker version of the cartoon (interestingly enough, also released by Dic, if I remember right)

    Robotnik may have had the same basic plan of conquering the world (OF COURSE!) but it was executed much better and more intricately. this is just...eugh. I guess he plans to conquer the world by killing a hedgehog...great fucking plan.

  • Mattieshoe
    "have had the same basic plan of conquering the world (OF COURSE!) but it was
    executed much better and more intricately"

    Do you honestly think that the focus of that show was trying to be on intricate plot development?
  • NisseH
    I cant look at his vids anymore!!!:'( When i open click on the link to the movie i cant see the stupid movie
  • zink 44
    You could usually find the episodes on youtube
  • chrisinullapool
    yea but thats not saying much i found the all of about 12 episodes made of a jappenese show based on a video game in english and jappenese.
  • ThatGuyInTheHeadband  - Wow!
    Two shows with the same concept, characters, and time frame of diffrent qualities. That first one made Flapjack look like Samuri Jack, and the secend one, well, I'm going to look for episodes of it this weekend.
  • Irvin700
    Awesome review.

    SatAM was one of my FAVORITE shows during the 90s. Too bad it had to end in a fucking cliffhanger. >.>
  • PayPalMe$$$

    There are far worse Sonic Sez segments

    -Grounder and Snatch drink BOOOOOZE
    -Sexual Harassment (as seen on YTMND)
    and even one where Tails nearly kills himself to become cool!

    But this was a wonderful review, I agree - but SatAM was never the "name" - it was just a fanboy nickname for comparison
  • Michaud
    [quote]I cant look at his vids anymore!!!smilies/cry.gif When i open click on the link to the movie i cant see the stupid movie [/quote] Maybe it's your computer... Comment threads are not for this. PM me or post a message on the forum.
  • CMWaters
    Heh, he mentioned the Furry Community.

    Yeah, Sonic SatAm was the better written of the two series.

    Adventures DID have one good arc though: one where they had that universe's Chaos Emeralds.
  • ethany  - Hilarious
    Very excellent work. I especially liked the ending! It made me lol.
  • UraRenge
    for those who want to know, according to the show's creator, the glowing eyes at the end of Sonic SatAM belonged to Ixis Naugus (the sorceror from that crystal dimension where Sally's father was trapped).
  • WorstCaseSenerio
    Great review.
    Loved the Of Course Joke. (it will never stop, so don't fight it)
    There were some worse Sonic Sez stuff you could've touched upon, but still...
    And I HATE when shows end on a emmereffen cliffhanger.
    (Just where is Mary Jane, Marvel? :-P)
    (Obligatory Pingas joke goes here)
  • Irvin700
    By the way, You guys ever remember watching the commercials about sonic and they had the SATAM footage in it. When you get to watch it, it turns out to be that craptacular adventures of sonic? Bastards!
  • IceGod64  - Picky critic.
    Wow, you really hated on AOSTH... I don't know why, I loved that show. It may be nonsensical, but Sonic had the best voice ever, Scratch was fine too, and I actually found it funny.

    I liked Satam.
  • Erinaceus  - Some Say, *That Other Show* Stays Truer to the Gam
    By utilizing the same characters and settings. But I challenge these people to take a real, good look at it. What the show's backdrops really were, look to me like just recolorings of other more inventive cartoonss, with a little M.C. Escher thrown in to match the madness. I watched and liked the show as a kid but now I look back at it and can't remember why...

    ... Perhaps it may have been because of its political messages. I may have once considered jumping into a clothesdryer, until Sonic talked me down. Also, Sonic told me to run and tell the authorities whenever my uncle tried to cop a feel.

    As for SatAM... I love it and still do. Talk about making something out of practically nothing! As proof of the solidity of the SatAM concept, the Archie Comics launched alongside the series, adapted itself to better accomodate the show's style, and because of that is still going to this very day. Sadly, at a time when they should be reconnecting to its roots, the comic's handlers have gone the opposite, changing to better accomodate the modern games and Sega's nonsensical dogma.

    As for Sally: Fun Fact, she has the same VA as Lola Bunny, a woman by the name of Kath Soucie. So I contend that it wasn't just those characters that helped launch fur culture, but rather Soucie's unique and attractive voice, coupled with the suggestive character designs.

    As always, great review, N.C.
  • ChadVision  - Forgot to mention
    I don't remember the second Sonic show at all really but I'm pretty sure I watched it just because I don't remember Sonic Adventures being that insanely odd, I probably meshed the 2 shows together in my head over the years creating what I remember the Sonic cartoon to be like. The thing is I only remember the silly Dr. Eggman, not the scary looking serious one. The only way to figure out if I watched it is if I got the Delorean, went back in time and tried to see what I use to watch back then.
  • zink 44
    wow if you hated AoStH you will hate underground so much.
  • Superluigi212
    Well, yeah he probably would hate it, but that doesn't mean much. Underground was still WAAAAY better than AoStH! (No, I am not saying Underground is good! It's bullshit!)
  • Soan  - Awesome!
    I've been waiting for this one for weeks. I'm glad you reviewed both shows too. Great vid!
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