Space Jam Review

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  • Tizoc
    I watched this long ago when I was very young and knew almost nothing about life, the universe and everything.

    Yes, I guess it sucks, but hey, I was a fan of Michael everuyone else.

    It brings tears to my eyes to watch a bad movie being torn apart that way, just to make me happy.

    Thanx maistro.
  • wattsink2009
    :angry: This is one of my favorite movies ever! I'll get you for this Nostalgia Critic!

    [b]Do you hear me![/b]

    [size=large][b][i]I will kill you all!!![/i][/b][/size]

    :whistle: (whew)

    :confused: (ahem) Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. (heh heh)
  • BohemianRhapsody75
    hey i liked this move, i still have it on vhs, unharmed, 14 years later , but im not mad at the critic for tearing it apart like a critic should
  • halo44327
    Same. It was strange: yes? Probably product advertising: yes? Well....mostly every movie there is SOMETHING about advertising in any movie.
  • NCfanboy1
  • NCfanboy1
    I take it back, it doesn't hold up anymore!
  • LikaLaruku
    Lola's been around since the 50s. She used to be called "Honey Bunny." She's been in up to 8 cartoons, but the animators could never settle on her design or coloring until Space Jam, where they gave her a last minute rename.

    Lola's personality & lack of character was deemed vapid & sexist, so for the Looney Tunes Show, they made her more like Babs.
  • an_square_one
    My brother and I used to watch this all the time when I was about ten years old. And even back then, I thought Michael was an awful actor.

    It was funny to see Dan Castellaneta and the mum from 'Everybody Loves Raymond' randomly in the crowd.

    This film was sucky.

    Thanks for the entertaining review
  • wattsink2009
    B) Dan Castellaneta also did the voice of Megavolt from Darkwing Duck!
  • MassiveballS
    i wathed this when i was a kid and it was ok then but looks like shit and i didn't think then but damn bunny boobs those guys are twisted!!!
  • tapirtoon
    I always knew somthing was "funny" with that bunny.
  • NinjaMaster551
    I remember loving this movie as a little kid I'd probably hate it now.
  • wattsink2009
    :( [b][i]What's wrong with you people?![/i][/b]
  • AVPGuyver21
    I used to love this movie as a kid.
  • qwertyblue64
    When I first saw this, I thought it was mediocre, meh. Now, it looks like a horrid piece of crap. Thanks for enlightening me on a movie I haven't seen in years.
  • qwertyblue64
    I think the thing with Lola was less offensive for younger kids who didn't know that the sexualization of animals was perverted. And there are a lot of people on the internet who would like to f*** Lola Bunny. Maybe not a real bunny but an anthropomorphic bunny. You probably know who these people are.
  • NarrowSights15
    guilty... HAHA just kidding.... :dry:
  • Squeejee
    Guilty. Not kidding, there's just something, hmm, I guess "exotic" is the best word to describe what a furry is attracted to. It's different than what we get in the real world, which is kind of the same reason most guys with girlfriends still look at porn.

    For the record, I don't understand the deal with fursuits, so don't ask.
  • Sandheaver
    First time I watched this review, I nearly wet myself laughing. I love this review!

    I remember liking it when it first came out (I was about six), but since then, I have grown up and it no longer produces the laughs.
  • ilikeshinythings274
    I'll tell you what's amazing. Siskel and Ebert both gave this film a thumbs up.
  • evilunclefrank
    My favorite story about this steaming turd of a movie came from voice actor extraordinaire Billy West, who voiced Bugs and Elmer in this movie. When he got his invitation to the premiere at Grauman's Chinese, he noticed that all the voice actors were being shoved into a screening at the SMALLER theater, not the big one with all the movie stars. When West inquired about it, the answer he got was, "Oh, the big theater is for the ACTORS."

    The cokeheads who greenlit Space Jam (and, I might add, Batman & Robin) didn't know shit about the characters they were dealing with, or even the animation process itself.

    Incidentally, have you seen Looney Tunes: Back In Action? It's actually pretty decent. Not a perfect movie, but it's a fucking masterpiece compared to Space Damn.
  • BohemianRhapsody75
    Looney Toons Back In Action Is Worse Than Space Jam And Is A Pile Of Steaming Shit From The Sewers
  • jkthedj
    [quote]I'll tell you what's amazing. Siskel and Ebert both gave this film a thumbs up.[/quote]

    To be fair, Siskel was a Huge Chicago Bulls fan, so I think we can call a little bias on that review.
  • sperrin76
    [quote]To be fair, Siskel was a Huge Chicago Bulls fan, so I think we can call a
    little bias on that review.[/quote]

    Plus they are 2 of the most over-rated, nonsensical talking "reviewers" ever and have proven time and time again they know nothing about film.

    That may also have something to do with it.
  • Squeejee
    I always thought Siskel was alright, but there's no excuse for Ebert and his bullshit.
  • God
    So the Nostalgia critic is the reason Bill Murray was in Lost in Translation?

    Anyways this is my fav review of yours. The rant about fucking bunnies is the reason for that :D
  • Ben Laserlove
    I remember loving this movie as a child, and looking back now, the only redeeming quality about this movie is its soundtrack. Fuck yeah, Fly like an eagle!
  • DoctorShroom
    You've obviously never heard of Furries. Lola Bunny is probably a major reason why their are so many of them today (Other then Disney's Robbin Hood or Krystal from StarFox Adventures).

    Space Jam has fundamentally warped the collective mind of an entire generation!
  • Squeejee
    You forgot to mention Sonic SatAM's Sally.

    Actually, the comic's came first, so... yeah.
  • drkzgod519  - Wtf man?
    Hey if you mean furries are bad by "fundamentally warped the collective mind of an entire generation!"
    oh then yousa gonna die
  • Mech
    For many of us who did indeed love the film as children (OK, I did too, I'm guilty), we loved it simply because our innocent minds had not yet been tainted with the knowledge of concepts like marketing and product placement...

    Of course afterwards, we all realized that this film is just... well... how does one put it, blasphemy?
  • Dakota
    I also recall a shitty song that came with the video. They made us exercise to it in gym back in Elementary school.
  • ClarkSavageJr
    I remember the promotion for this film when it was first coming out, and as I live in the Chicagoland area, and this was during the period of Jordan's "second coming", the "Repeat Three-peat", it received move coverage than perhaps in other parts of the country. I recall that then Chicago Tribune film critic, the late Gene Siskel, sitting down with Jordan in an interview and telling him right to his face that his performance was "flawless". :D I wonder whether he was in film critic mode or Bulls Fan mode at that time?
  • RentheadSuperstar
    I was on Imdb today and it says "This is the first appearence of Bugs Bunny's SEXY love intrest Lola!"

  • elias
    Well... I liked the movie when I was a kid...
  • HOTsuma91
    I loved this movie as a kid.

    Apparently I was retarded.
  • Iconbuster
    It was ok when I was a kid, but I think Looney Toons back in action was way better, and I actually would like to hear your opion on that movie, maybe not as the Nostalgic Critic, but just your honest view of it. Inless you really do think its bad, then do it as the Nostalgic critic, and make it funny. lol
  • lewis
    great never get tired of watching this
  • OuijaSlayer
    I kinda liked the movie, but looking back now they really DID make Lola a sex symbol! O_O

    Horny bastards! D:

    Lol great review
  • masterem243
    I loved Space Jam when I was a kid; but when you look at it now, it really is a piece of shit.
  • Konata Izumi
    That bunny has bigger boobs than me, and I'm 18 :o
  • ninjaboyz101  - okay
    yeah, that will have the guy swarming all over you.
  • Lotta Cooties
    It also has bigger ears than me, and i am 25!!! :o :o :o
  • MasterofChief
    This was a terrible movie, and it is good to see someone finally ripping into it, Congradulations on one of the few sites I am proud to be a member on.

    Thank you Nostalgia Critic
  • Steini
    Wait a minute! Has this review been extended? There's some new material in there that I don't remember seeing before.
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