Alice in Wonderland

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  • Black_bull  - Errors errors errors
    Its a flash drive, not a hard drive
  • Cirrra
    Thumb drive, pocket drive, mini drive, travel drive, flash drive is a type of hard drive.

  • Whisky Tango Foxtrot
    Solid-state drives (such as flash drives) and hard disk drives (which "hard drive" is short for) are completely different technologies.
  • Cirrra
  • Bloodrealm
    Sorry, but if you lash out at someone and then are corrected for being objectively wrong, you can't just go "blah, I don't care." You cared enough to make that objection in the first place. Ignore it if you want, but don't make a reply just to go "*zzzz*".
  • Steve the Pocket
    This is the new thing that trolls do, it seems. They get really mad about something, and then when you argue with them, they call YOU out for caring too much. I've seen it three times in the last couple of weeks; it's like they're working off a script like tech support or something.
  • Weegeerunner  - Dont
    Don't be a hypocrite.
  • Bloodrealm
    I was about to reply this exact same thing. Correct me if I'm off, but hard drives physically record information, like a more complex version of a vinyl record, while flash memory stores information electronically, in the same form as it's used by a computer.
  • Whisky Tango Foxtrot
    A hard drive stores information on a platter of spinning magnetic discs using a moving read/write head. A flash drive stores information in an integrated circuit and has no moving parts.
  • Agent-Chauvelin
    I had no idea how this stuff worked. I actually found the comments here really informative. Thanks!
  • Kryss LaBryn
    To be fair, back in the days of the 5 1/2" floppy disks, when the 3 1/4" version came out we called them "hard disks" to differentiate them from the floppies. Took me forever to associate "hard disk" with the self-contained drives.

    As the technology changes, so does the terminology, and sometimes there's overlap.
  • mkeithddc  - 3.5" Floppy
    Nobody ever called them hard disks, or if they did , they weren't computer literate. A 5.25 was a floppy disk, and a 3.5 was a floppy diskette.
  • Ambrosecchia
    Hard Drive: a high-capacity, self-contained storage device containing a read-write mechanism plus one or more hard disks, inside a sealed unit. Also called hard disk drive.
  • warezIbanez  - If we MUST go into semantics...
    All of these are storage devices.
    When a hard drive, HDD, Solid State Drive, or SSD is mentioned, it's usually referenced as permanent storage.

    Removable drives are flash drives / travel drives / pocket drives / thumb sticks / SD cards / Memory Sticks (thanks Sony) / and even DVDs / CDs / Blu-rays.

    Ugh, I hate bringing work into entertainment, and this was NOT how I wanted to use my first comment on the site (long time viewer, by the way.) Anyway...

    I have to say this was a very fair critique against Burton. As an avid fan of the shooter series, Killzone, I hated to see the direction they went with KZ3. To see them build a backstory you could only find on the developer's website and not the actual game was infuriating, considering how the campaign to it merely pandered to the then-current crop of critics who ate up the visuals and ignored the 'Bromance' between the ISA protagonists where the focus was probably lost on your characters within the first hour for most people. And don't get me started on how much damage they did to class balance and weaponry!
  • Wookiee
    Why make a fuss? It's not like someone called GNU/Linux "linux" or said Al Gore invented the Internet or tried to claim Luna isn't best pony. Those wankers need to DIAF.

    And don't get me started on the pricks who say Lewis Carroll was a pedophile and wrote about drug use. I'm willing to overlook the gits who never read the books and think Tweedle Dee and Dum and the Red Queen and White Queen appeared in Wonderland, but THAT is unforgivable.
  • Weegeerunner  - ...
    I like ponies as much as the next guy, but really? Was that reference necessary?
  • Daishokaioshin
    The thing about rabid MLP fans is that they are CONSTANTLY trying to cram their fandom into EVERY conversation, because they think their obssession is relevant in every situation.

    And then they wonder why there's people who don't like MLP.
  • nowhere
    Maybe now someone can explain what type of early volatile memories didn't offer random access and how DRAM isn't really random..

    As to the review... nice to see the "Alice" in Doug's video has the right hair colour!
  • Kryss LaBryn
    Well, back in the days of magnetic tape storage (which isn't that long ago from my point of view; my junior high school had some drives that used cassette tapes), there was absolutely no way to get from, say, section A to section F without going through B, C, D and E first (although one could fast forward). It's the difference between getting to that one song on a cassette tape, where you have to physically wind the medium backwards or forwards to get to the spot you wanted, and records (or CDs) where you can lift the needle directly to the bit you want without having to go through the intervening bits.

    So Random Access Memory was actually really huge.
  • ToastyMozart
    At risk of being pedantic, it's really not.
    "Hard Drive" is the shortened version of "Hard Disk Drive" (HDD), which specifically refers to data storage devices that use rotary magnetized platters to store information (The eponymous Hard Disks).

    As Whisky pointed out, Flash storage uses an entirely different system of organized memory latches (basically, similar to RAM, but slower and non-volatile).
  • Daishokaioshin
    They are not the same thing. By insulting someone while showing how ignorant you are, you just make yourself look like the moron. Please reconsider being rude, especially when you don't know what you're talking about.
  • ChaosandAnarchy  - Reply to Errors errors errors
  • Daishokaioshin
    Clearly people do care based on the comments. Please don't speak for others.
  • Devilfish
    It's a lighter.
  • LikaLaruku  - My guilty pleasure.
    I will admit that it was not an especially good movie, but there was just enough good concepts (even if poorly executed) & appealing coincidences for this movie to curry my favor.

    1)I got high off the misery & suffering of the other people in the theater. ::Literally feeds off negativity::

    2)I wanted Tim Burton to American McGee's Alice the movie with Depp as the Hatter. I "almost" got my wish.

    3)It was fairly dark for Disney. then again, I would rather peel my toenails off rather than sit through another episode of the "Once Upon A Time" TV series, so that might not hold much water with me anymore.

    4)Grimdark Wonderland Mania was in full swing that year. Bri-Chan's "When Curiosity Met Insanity," Zenescope Entertainment's "Return to Wonderland," Spicey Horse was working on "Alice: Madness Returns," & Marilyn Manson was still hell-bent on making "Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll."

    5)The Depp Hatter's design was oddly similar in design & color to a Hatter character design I drew in college.

    6)I loved how assertive Alice was, right to the very end.
  • ToastyMozart
    Wow, Tamara's taken to her new job like a pro.

    I'm just wondering who thought making a "gritty" ANYTHING based on Alice in Wonderland was a good idea?
  • Amykins
    I just don't like her...and I feel bad, 'cuz I WANT to! But she just tries way too hard. :/
  • Baby Hitler
    I don't really see that at all, she seems to be doing just fine so far.
  • Frogga
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  • crazyseandx
    Well done, lad. Well done.
  • Cross-13
    I don't know why everyone says things like this about Tamara. Even, Doug, the NC himself, was not, 'perfect,' when he started out. His timing was slightly off and he felt a just a little awkward, but now he is one of my favorite entertainers. I await patiently every couple of weeks for his latest video. He has learned by doing. I think that Tamara will do the same. For now, though, she is doing her best; I even think that this was one of her best performances to date. Keep it up, Tamara, you're doing great, so keep at it. ;)
  • Frogga
  • tinkerhell
    That's exactly how I feel about her. I'm also not feeling any versatility as a performer beyond "fake-creepy" and "voice impressions." That could just be because of what they're writing for her, but if she's capable of more, I really hope they write more for her, and if she isn't...less is really more.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like her, because I was starting to think I was missing something.

    To be fair, the sketch-driven Nostalgia Critic reviews aren't my favorite thing ANYWAY (I applaud Doug's creativity, don't get me wrong, it's just not my favorite thing), but I thought Rachel and Malcolm were (well, Malcolm still is!) hilarious actors for Doug to work off of, and hilarious on their own as well. Tamara, I just don't feel the chemistry or the humor. But a lot of people do like her, so hopefully I'll start to "get" what they see in her with more videos.
  • FireFlyan
    I felt the same way about Rachel, though I don't think she tried enough, or she just wasn't as funny. I think Tamera is hilarious though.
  • warezIbanez
    I've gotta say that they're probably pushing her character a little too much, but she has a bit of charm; either that, or the alcohol tonight is making me infatuated with her, ha.
  • Daishokaioshin

    I really don't like you, and I really don't want to. You are rude, insulting, and condescending. You put no thought into what you say before you say it.

    But hey, it's okay for me to say so because it's not like words can hurt anyone, right?
  • TalysAlankil
    Ever heard of American McGee's Alice? It's awesome!
  • ladydiskette  - re: TalysAlankil
    Yes! Exactly what the movie reminded me of, granted I love this movie and the Twiddle Dee and Dum characters I think were good comic reliefs that stole the show, far better than Johnny Depp did with the Mad Hatter. American McGee's Alice did a excellent job balancing horror and grittiness into something twisted, macabre and even realistic on a psychological level. The unsanitary conditions of Rutledges and Alice's survival guilt dealing with the loss of her family during the house fire sealed the deal having it take place inside her mind as she goes in a psychological journey through Wonderland's landscape combining both the original story and Through The Looking Glass, and executed it into a way that created a brand new concept for the classic tale but made it stray true to the original source material.

    But I will say this..Yeah that "break dancing" scene he does at the end after the Jabborwack has been defeated, made me cringe a little inside. Not going to lie.
  • Cassmi
    They referenced it in the review...
  • ladydiskette
    lol, I was going to say "Quick Critic! Grab him before The Mad Hatter smashes him as flat as a pancake while you're running around in the garden!"

    Now he needs a mangy anorexic Cheshire Cat to be his guide and he is sitty unpretty.
  • Adnap
    Both of the "gritty" videogame adaptations are great.
  • ptb-labs
    Honestly, I like a lot of what Tim Burton does, but this? Euuugh. That said, seeing someone's worst work often helps me to appreciate their best work.
  • astrakhan
    One of the fake trivia cards before a Rifftrax live presentation last year was "This is the year that Tim Burton ran so far out of remake ideas that he remade one of his own films (Frankenweenie)."
  • Baby Hitler
    Average rating... 4.29?! What the Hell?!! This review was amazing! Internet people can be so ungrateful! D:
  • LuciusMadgloom  - Well Actually
    there's a pretty sweet game.. though its not really gritty but rather.. psychotic? I guess... Alice witnesses her parents die in a house fire & it leaves a big mark on her psyche & as a result the wonderland becomes twisted/distorted... But about the movie.. you know I actually liked it.. more as a cluster fuck of interesting ideas than anything resembling a good story. but still.

    I'll agree that its a mess I mean it feels like a sequel, at way to many points seems to try to be that but its never adressed in a proper way... Seriously I have nothing against a different version of the story. But it should be made clear its that & not throw in random lines establishing it as a sequel precisely Because its so different, cause than you should explain why it changed so much.
    Like or hate the game at least that runs with the idea that the Wonderland is just the fantasy of Alice.. Here? It's unclear in the sloppy "The writer/director wanted to be mysterious but ended up looking like he doesn't know what he's doing" kind of way.. Almost feel like the movie had a after credits bonus with Barton saying " yes it was all her fantsy.. OR WAS IT?"
  • minnie3434
    I'll admit it. I really do like the gritty version. I mean the original is the best, but I still liked it. Though technically it's a sequel.
  • CrimsonMoonMist
    American Mcgee had pretty good luck.
    The world has plenty of the creepy and unsettling to take and spruce up, just as long as you're tactful about it... which Burton wasn't.
  • Ogre Samanosuke
    American McGee's Alice games are actually pretty damn good, and an interesting take on the series. First one is probably better, as the second had some issues like a goofy ass camera. Oh, and the final chapter goes horrendously over the line in how dark it gets. The 'dolls' still horrify me to this day.
  • Chaosdirge  - Obviously you've never played Alice
    Or Alice Madness Returns.

    Gritty is not bad and its obvious that Tamara was playing a parody role of that version of Alice in this review. American Mcgee's mental hospital. XD classic.

    Also Alice Madness returns is a good game.
  • ladydiskette
    The Mental Hospital in the game was called "Rutledges Asylum", and I wouldn't be surprised if Alice broke out of there, that place wasn't known for its competent high-sercurity measures.

    Probably murdered Dr.Hieronymus too, while she was at it.

    Also, with all that slaughtering, they should be knee-deep in meta-essences by now.
  • Wookiee
    American McGee.

    This movie is more based on American McGee's Alice than anything from Lewis Carroll. It's a classic. Look it up as abandonware or hope it gets a Steam or GoG release.

    The sequel is on Steam.
  • OneMonthLater
    American McGee's Alice begs to differ. The first one at least. It's a dark and gritty first person shooter, which – granted – takes the mental part very literal but utilises the symbolism of the source material very well.

    It's also the source of Tamara's costume and more psychotic behaviour.
  • AnimeFan
    Does the name "American McGee" ring a bell?
  • Treise  - Answer
  • JamiSings
    People try constantly to make things gritty. Look at Tinman - the gritty version of The Wizard Of Oz.

    I'd like to see a review comparing Burton's Alice to the SyFy Alice where the Red Queen was basically the leader of a drug cartel.
  • RantingRamsay
    Oh, I don't know, American McGee's Alice was quite a fun game, for it's day. And, I think, presented the first "gritty" take on Alice in Wonderland. Later, they made a sequel to the game for PC, 360, and PS3 called "Alice, Madness Returns" which wasn't quite as good or innovative for it's time as American Mcgee's Alice, but still told a fun and relatively twisted story.
    Fun fact, the Alice character in this review is an obvious play to American Mcgee's Alice character. :)
  • ToastyMozart
    Ok, point taken on the American McGee games, those worked pretty well.
  • Daishokaioshin
    A lot of people. And it was a good idea.
  • Circle Down
    My cousin and I had the misfortune of seeing this in theaters. There were small bits of it I liked-- Cheshire's design and voice, for example, if not his characterization-- but overall it felt... eh. My reaction was pretty much what Alice's was in the film. Just... eh.

    Afterwards I told my cousin that it felt like a bad imitation of a Tim Burton film rather than actual Tim Burton film. I guess maybe he's run out of original ideas.
  • SistersOfTheKilt
    I never enjoyed Alice in Wonderland but this adaption freaking killed any chance of me liking it. This was the movie that set me to the standard that maybe Tim Burton isn't as cool and as good a director/writer as we think he is. Thank you movie for destroying one of my favorite directors. I'm not even going to mention Johnny Depp...*shudder*
  • Sparoku
    I saw this movie in 3D while I was in Scotland for two weeks.

    Never again.

    Gave me a headache.

    They had the damn volume up too loud and the 3D glasses did a number on my eyes.

    Hate that shit. It didn't even improve the "quality" of the movie over all and felt gimmicky.
    My comments on the review:

    Doug has a nice butt. XD

    I want "Malice's" necklace.
  • MoonSagi  - Aw!
    What a fun, creative episode! Looks like you guys really threw yourselves into this one.

    I have to agree, I love Burton's earlier work (Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice)and even some of his later stuff (Big Fish nearly killed me but I loved every painful moment of it). But when he's given too much free reign on a project, he falls back on his favorite motifs. Just look at Batman versus Batman returns. I still love him, though.

    Also, ohmigod, Doug was a darling little fanboy in his youth, eh? And who didn't love the Beetlejuice animated series?

    Great work, guys!
  • Meinos Kaen  - Who wasn't?
    Until you realized that Burton is one of those 'Hit and Miss' directors. Either he makes masterpieces, or... Well, things like Alice in Wonderland. And it's sad that the Corpse Bride didn't get much attention.

    That was probably one of his best works as of late... But that may be, as you've said, because he wasn't given much free reign. He had to co-direct it with Mike Johnson. And to be honest, the only song from that movie I remember is Remains of the Day. Danny Elfman pulls out all the stops with that one.
  • PurpleLulu
    Yeah, I wish Corpse Bride did better too. It's my favorite Tim Burton and had a more solid message and plot than a certain fanbase favorite with a few noticeable holes. (I won't point any fingers...)
  • isapandas
    Corpse Bride was incredible! That's one of the times when Tim writing a role specifically for Helena Bonham Carter worked out wonderfully. Honestly, I wish it got as much attention as The Nightmare Before Christmas, and that's coming from someone whose life was changed because of TNBC (I got into animation and Tim Burton because of it and it's all down hill from there). If I could go back to my 2005 self I would go see Corpse Bride in theaters at least a dozen times more times. It deserved better.
  • KMRblue1027
    @ ToastyMozart

    The original American McGee's Alice that came out in the early 00s was really good. One of the best games of the decade.

    Edit: Doug uses a lot of Spongebob music, I just started noticing that.

    Edit2: I actually think Burton would struggle to make Adventure Time darker than it already is.
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - Burton Land
    Aka Sage's private hell, all that was missing was every bit of music done by Nine Inch Nails and just watch the madness spill out. Oh and every show was a magical girl show done by Burton. Anyways the remake is a mess, but hey Burton and remakes have never been his thing. Also you were missing Sasha Baron Cohen in Burtonland. But whatever, looking forward to next time.
  • mannequinmel
    I actually liked it because the design of the movie was really good and so was the 3D. Also, I felt that it was enjoyably corny. :) I can't wait to watch this review!
  • taykel
    The original Alice in Wonderland was never my favorite Disney movie, but I appreciate what it is, colorful and fun. This version however is too dark and serious. I couldn't even sit through the entire film. Great review Doug! Can't wait for the next one!
  • scarecrowhill
    this was a really impressive and well done review. I loved the fake Tim Burton wonderland you guys put together.
  • scarecrowhill
    Damn I actually made it on the first page for once. I didn't even bother to look.
  • Flairina
    I was in actual tears of laughter at the "jiggy" part. That was the best joke I've seen from these reviews in quite a while.
  • misterprickly
    I'll wait for the Chris Nolan version, which promises to be far MORE dark n gritty than... the last dark n gritty version.
  • WiiStation360
    They will cast Cillian Murphy as the Mad Hatter, and Marion Cotillard as the Queen. Alice (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) will defeat the jaberwoki by placing a nice in his mouth, and for no reason whatsoever the Jaberwoki will die from that even if it makes no sense.
  • hqql
    Pointless book? I agree with the Burton movie being bad, but oh man, do you need to do some research...
  • Kradeiz
    I'm a big Alice fan. Love the book and the Disney cartoon, but I gotta agree with Doug about it being a rather pointless story. It's about Alice walking around in a nonsensical world meeting strange people. Basically a trippy road-trip.

    I know you could make an argument about hidden meanings like the contrast between stuffy Victorian society, the suppression of youthful imagination, and the surprising amount of madness possessed by those in power.

    But I always just saw it as a nice, random story where nothing really happens but you can lose yourself in a colourful (and yes, perfectly pointless) book.
  • Dacilriel
    It's the sort of story you can read on two levels. The plot is a whimsical and zany adventure, but there are a lot of underlying meanings and logic that are not immediately apparent. I think "pointless" is the wrong word to use. I think what he meant was that it focuses on the journey, not on any particular destination, while the movie was all about the destination.
  • PurpleLulu
    I don't think he meant it as an insult. The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland is supposed to be meandering and senseless right? Since it kind of represents childhood dreams and fantasies?
    I think he meant that giving it a plot and message went completely against what it was.
  • Wookiee
    No. Ask any discrete math student.

    Lewis Carroll was a professor of logic and he was lampshading certain mathematical principles and their absurd implications outside of maths while entertaining the Liddell sisters.
  • TheXell  - Weird
    I just finished "Madness Returns"
  • neo4812
  • daylover  - baide on book 2
    ever read the 2 book of alice in wunderland? this is perfertect follow op on that and nr 1 alicie in wunderland we alreddy know or sude know so i like it :-) i am sorry but love this movie one of my gilty plusserers...
  • ajaart  - I really enjoyed this review
    My only REAL problem with Burton is that I need a break from him. His style is so distinct, and since I've been raised around it, it feels repetitive. I give him credit for trying, I guess it just doesn't speak to me, and I have no interest in re-imaginings. Just a personal opinion.
  • Kradeiz
    Yes, if 'Avatar' is any indication, financial gross is not necessarily a sign of quality.

    But I can't believe you left Harry Potter out of the Prophecy List; he was even another Chosen One! But it would be nice that if someone felt they had to do a prophecy story, at least they tried something different with it.

    Did anyone else think that the childhood Alice would've been a better lead than the adult one?

    I didn't quite mind the Scottish Brood mode that Depp's Hatter would slip into, it was kinda interesting and chilling. Though I agree that's not really the kind of thing we want in AoW.
  • KelaRavenwood
    @Kradeiz yes he was a "Chosen One", but unlike most he was Chosen by the Antagonist NOT the "lord of prophecy" and being chosen in that manor did give him a kind of least in the books.
  • Moon Spirit
    Wow, this review hit the nail on what made this movie not so good. Tim Burton Land however, is so awesome, and it's good to know that this was the works of CR. But having Malice from American McGee's Alice in Wonderland was definitely a welcome addition.

    And yup, this movie was style over substance, which makes me sad about what Tim Burton's going through right now. I just hope he can find his groove real soon.

    Plus, the Fudderwagon that the Mad Hatter did, that was not the dance I was looking forward to. I thought it would be like a Riverdance or some folk dance, not a segment from So You Think You Can Dance by gothic b-boy.
  • Lasse
    I am a Die Hard Tim Burton-Fan. I even kinda like "Planet of the Apes" although i think most of it is not good. But "Alice in Wonderland" is his worst movie. And i don´t even think it is his fault. The screenplay and the producers sucked and Burton had no chance but just film the movie as they wanted it to be. So i can of course "forgive" him, because i just like his other stuff so much! Even the "remake" to his TV-Movie "Frankenweenie" was great, it was my favorite movie of 2013! I think, when he is given just the right amount of creative control, he can create wonderful stuff! I like almost everyone of his movies and to me, his style never gets old, even though i make fun of it here and there. I will defend the man forever because of all the movies i liked of his.
  • RebeccaOTool
    While I disagree on most of the critical points, I have to say, the ending about taking the bad with the good was perfect. Burton has made bad movies (Planet of the Apes, ugh) but that doesn't mean he won't do well again in the future. It's a very valid point that is almost never brought up.

    So, good creative review that I disagreed with, but still very much liked and found entertaining.
  • Luckyjordan1
    When I first saw this movie, I liked it ok....But it seems the more I watch it, the worst it gets. And its a shame because there are things I really like! I liked the performances (well, maybe not from Alice)and I liked the idea of having a adult Alice return to Wonderland to find what it was like to be a child and the world that she lost as she was growing up.....but that was completely botched when they had to add the whole "Narnia" style to it with having to kill the jabberwocky and have this rebellion kind of thing....That ruined the movie for me. Again great idea, executed poorly.....Great review as always Doug & Company!
  • Jegsimmons
    Why doesnt Burton team up with Johen Vasquez and make an awesome johnny the homicidal maniac movie?
    it can be stop motion and scary as fuck!

    and dont forget SQUEE!!!
  • TheMusicalMan  - You got it half right...
    Once again Critic you displayed a wonderful review whilst balancing it with the idea that some parts of the movie (in this case the director) can be appreciated.

    That said, you did miss out on some major points that these movies always miss. It wasn't just the nonsense of the books that they missed, but a chance at being accurate to the source material in any way, shape or form. The original animated version can be forgiven for this as at least the representations of the characters were pretty spot on along with some scenes in places; however here was a chance for Tim Burton to take the two books, clearly redefine the distinction between such things as Wonderland and Looking-Glass Land, and The Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts, and he completely blew it.

    At least American McGee's Alice was twisted for a reason. It was a continuation. This? Simple horse manure. WHY WERE THERE PLAYING CARDS FIGHTING ON A CHESSBOARD? WHY WAS THE QUEEN OF HEARTS IN LOVE WITH THE KNAVE? WHY WAS THE JABBERWOCKY AN EXISTING ENTITY WHEN EVEN IN THE BOOKS IT JUST TOOK PLACE AS A POEM? (With that, I know he appeared in American McGee's Alice, but I re-iterate that everything in the world had become darker and so it stands to reason that dark fantasies should exist. Here? No.)

    I realise that I have probably just ranted more than necessary, but man... I really hate this movie.

    And Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    Still, congratulations once again Doug on another marvellous review, and as always I look forward to your next one with great anticipation.


    The Musical Man
  • AvidNightmareFan
    omg I love Burton land... that should be a theme park.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    It's the American McGee Alice!

    So, basically, even the concept of the darker, more sinister interpretation of Alice had been done before, and isn't even original to Burton.
  • Ninhursag
    "Welcome to Burton Land" lol. I remember I was so excited for this movie when it first appeared that I chose to see it on my birthday together with my sister. When I came out of the theatre after seeing it, I was so disappointed >.
  • TheGreatEscapist  - I like this movie and I'm not ashamed to say it.
    Truth be told, because I've heard these arguments against the movie over and over and over, I just skipped to the end to that lesson in the last five minutes, which I did like.

    Also I resented that line towards the beginning about it being "an outlet for whiny suburbanites" and "hipsters think it's saying more than it is". I'm sorry; I know you were joking, but it touched a nerve.
    Yes, the whole Tim Burton thing was an outlet for me in high school, because I was stuck in Guatemala where being an American woman makes you an easy target for muggings and God knows what. I needed SOMETHING to look forward to after we finished our term there, and that was going to college in the US to study art and animation.
    If I hadn't fallen in love with "Nightmare Before Christmas" again, I wouldn't have wanted to make films of my own. I wouldn't be where I am, and there is no place I'd rather be.

    In the near-future, if you're going to do a review of "Batman Returns" I suggest you try to make it a crossover with Dena Natali because she likes that movie and in her "Catwoman" videos she presented some interesting arguments in its favor.

    And if you're going to complain about all the ineffective cliches in this movie, then you had better give the same treatment to "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". (At least with villains Helena Bonham Carter is entertaining while Tom Felton was just loathsome.)

    There are probably hundreds of adaptations of Alice; I would gladly recommend the Disney version with Kathryn Beaumont and Sterling Holloway over this one. If you don't care for this one, go watch one of the others. There's the one from 1985 that had Roddy McDowall as the March Hare, the one from the 70s that had Peter Sellers as the March Hare, there was one by Rankin/Bass, there's the stop-motion one with puppets and taxidermy animals, there's Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse cartoons, there's that episode of "Host Club", take your pick! There's plenty more where that came from.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think people would have hated this movie substantially less if it had been titled "Return to Wonderland" or something like that, indicating the story is supposed to be a sequel.
    I actually knew beforehand that the story wasn't going to be the same as the book, and I think it helped.
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