In Loving Memory of Justin Carmical

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If you would like to help Justin's family please donate here
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  • Zuko20  - JewWario
    My condolences to Justin's friends and family align with everyone at .
  • Oompamichael
    Wow. This guy was an important piece to the channel awesome crew. It's a sad day seeing a guy like him gone forever. Loved his videos. My condolences.
  • Mousy Voice
    I've actually never watched any of his reviews. I mostly know him through the anniversary videos and through Suede's Pokémon movie reviews. Now that he's gone, I can't help but feel like I didn't appreciate him more. Kind of like what happened when Michael Jackson died.

    Fair well, sweet Jewario, may flights of video game characters sing thee to thy rest.
  • Talvrae
    you make me think... wondeder what will happen with Suede Pokemon review now that Justin is gone... i know the next one is already filmed and his in the process of editing... but the other ones after that... Dis suede said anything about that?

    R.I.P. Justin
  • crwydryny
    you're not the only one, I only ever saw him in the anniversary videos and maybe one or two other videos on the site but he did always have a way of making me laugh those few occaions I did see him in a video
  • minnie3434
    Oh god. I'm so sorry for everyone's lost. Justin was a wonderful person. He made me laugh so much. M
  • Parth Makeo
    I made this account just to post here...
    I'm gonna miss Justin so much. He liked so many things when others hated so much! D:
  • FishmanDerp
    Just made this account to give my condolences.
  • The Cinephile
    My only hope is that I can spread a quarter of love and joy that this man did. I never knew much about him, but he was always the funniest part of the anniversary specials. He was something special, in fact.

    Thank you for everything, Justin.
  • LikaLaruku  - ;_;
    Crapsicles...I wish I'd kept that Youtube response I'd gotten from him. If he was depressed, he sure did a good job of hiding it. If you look at his lasts posts on Twitter, they were all chipper & he was planing to film all sorts of things.

    He didn't have any medical conditions that left him in constant pain, did he?

    We'll miss you Justin! X(
  • iAM
    I don't think I could endure reading those tweets. Shortly after reading the news of his death I watched part of his most recent entry on Twitch and it just pains me hearing about how much great and interesting stuff he had planned while knowing that none of it would happen and the future he could of had.
  • Amykins
    Truth be told, suicidal individuals often act very happy in the weeks leading up to the incident. Not only to try and hide their intentions but because they feel free and at peace knowing what they will do. It's hard to explain...

    My only worry is that he chose to do it in his wife's presence. She was pleading with him on the other side of a locked door when he did it. That is something I would never, ever put my beloved husband through.
  • Avorne
    I only ever knew Justin from the few videos of his that I watched and, even just from those, I got the feeling that he was an incredibly warm and caring person who really loved the things that he did - all the tributes from the people that knew him have only served to confirm that. People like Justin are all too rare these days, and still rarer now, he will be greatly missed.
  • Salfordio
    Awful news. Sincere well wishes to his friends and family.
  • Atwosheds  - RIP Justin Carmical
    He was one of the nicest guys around. His channel was the first channel I ever subbed on YouTube, and he was always super cool to everyone, even the trolls. Even more than his work that's what I'll remember about him. His unwavering kindness.
  • Parth Makeo
    He was the reason why I started importing video games to my Playstation systems with his series. I watch a lot of shows on the net but when it came to Justin, I never laughed or made comments. I smiled and said to myself "I like it!" just as he would.
  • ladydiskette
    Its gonna be so strange with him gone, I'm going to miss him so much, my condolences to his family, wife, and the reviewers that came to know him as friends. I can't imagine what it must be like - losing a friend especially in that way is never easy to heal from :(

    *reaches out and hugs everyone*
  • Elphaba645
    I'm so sorry. I wish I had watched more of his videos, he was clearly the best kind of person somebody could hope to meet. Thank you so much Justin for sharing your time here with us watching at home and everyone.
  • Rabnix  - In pace requiescat
    Man,my eyes are running like a leaky faucet at this. You guys are all in my thoughts.JewWario (I dunno, using his real name seems oddly formal) was a funny, talented, kind, great man, and the world is a little sadder with him gone.
  • ShadowHand
    I only knew justin from the anniversary specials and sued's pokemon reviews like Mousy voice. But from what I have seen he did seem to be a very energetic and happy person. When I saw on spoony's website that he had passed I couldn't believe it. My condolences to all of you who knew him personally and professionally and thank you for making and sharing this collection of moments with us
  • ForgottenSecrets
    Doug Walker this collection of clips is beautiful. This video is heartbreaking sad and uplifting. Most of us probably never had a chance to meet him outside of his videos. Thank you for taking the time to edit these together for anyone who didn’t know Justin as a person. I didn’t watch his reviews either. He did make me laugh in the anniversary movies, which I always appreciated. I want to give my condolences for everyone Justin came across especially family and friends, because Justin seemed like a one of kind person and that is a rare treasure to lose.
  • Razmere  - WHY!?
    Dear God Almighty in Heaven WHY!?

    He was so nice and awesome! I'm sincerely and genuinely going to miss him! I pray his soul eventually finds some sort of peace.
  • Gadzinisko
    They say that behind every clown's mask, there is a hidden sad face.

    Why did nobody see it earlier?

  • FenrirEX
    That's sadly the problem: the mask is worn so tightly that no one can see the seams.

    But that's how depression is, sometimes. It's not always about how dark it is, but how dark it is right NOW. It puts on blinders so you don't think about anything but this terrible moment.

    To anyone who's got depression, or signs of depression: please talk to someone, even if it's just a friend. And PLEASE talk to someone if you're thinking about suicide, DEFINITELY talk to or call someone!
  • Jeff Jacobson
    You should also get professional help as well. There are medications that can help with depression.
  • FenrirEX
    Not everyone wants to take the meds, and if you can't get someone to consistently take them, you'll actually make the symptoms WORSE when they stop taking them.

    This is part of the reason I've worked to find a way of coping with my condition without meds: I don't like the side effects and I had trouble with consistently taking them.

    WHATEVER you do, talk to a professional before you try any sort of treatment plan, be it medication, cognitive therapy or any other kind of treatments.
  • bassbait
    Agreed. I experience depression a lot, and not like "I'm sad" kind of depression, but full on, real depression. I lost 45 pounds to loss of appetite as the result of depression and I'm going to get checked to see if I have Bipolar Disorder soon. Depression can often come without warning or reason. When I get depressed it's not triggered by anything, I just suddenly get this awful physical feeling in my gut and it affects my mind in such a way that I just start thinking the worst in everything. I lose interest in pretty much everything and I spend entire days on auto-pilot while my negative thoughts are trying to beat me to death. Luckily I'm a very strong willed person who could never take drastic measures to avoid it, so I just deal with depression when I get it, but some people can't deal with all of it, and I know from experience that talking to people about anything can help. Sometimes I just distract myself from depression, sometimes I deal with it head-on, and sometimes I just wait around for it to go away. And through it all, talking to people about how you feel is really the way to go.
  • FenrirEX
    Talking to people can help a lot, but it's not a long-term solution. In the long run, seeking help from a professional is a good idea. And don't assume medication is the ONLY option, because meds are overprescribed versus other options, IMO.

    Professional help is the best long-term option, but don't feel pressured into doing just one thing. Talk about what's best for you and do your research, but always speak to professionals in the mental health field on this.
  • Gadzinisko
    And don't keep guns at home, if you know that your SO is prone to depression or that you yourself are.

    I'm serious. Guns are too easy to use to end yourself when compared to other ways.
  • Kooshmeister
    My heart goes out to his friends and family...
  • Cablogula
    Can't believe he's gone.

    He will be missed and never forgotten.
  • Jaimetud
    This is easily one of the saddest and most beautiful things I've seen on this site. RIP Justin.
  • jmk  - Tragic
    Really sad news.

    Was checking out some of the comments on news articles about this and his recent Youtube videos, some real insensitive jerks out there!

  • Bluesabus  - RE: jmk
    Sadly, that's to be expected of Youtube commenters at this point.
  • TheGreatEscapist
    We will miss you very much, Justin. We really will.
  • Jude Quinn
    Those last words he said on the video... I'm literary in tears(I needed to hear that so much)
  • dcmarvelimage
    my condolences to all his friends and family I didn't know him myself but judging by all the kind things people have said about him and these clips I can tell he must have been a great man.
  • Freyzi  - What makes me personally most sad about this.
    Is how unexpected this is. Look at his twitter, he's giving fans a teaser about what his next video is about, he posted one two days before.
    A punch in the stomach is worst when unexpected.
    Same goes for this.
    RIP Justin.
  • Bluesabus  - Rest in peace, JDub.
    I don't think I could ever stress this enough, but you will be missed, Justin. May your soul find peace.
  • DeusNikMachina  - Will miss him...
    I also made this account to express my condolences to his family and friends. I for one will very much miss him. The ripples this nicest and funniest of people made will go on for sometime. I wont forget. Im always left confused as to why this is the end for some the most loving people ive ever known or seen...
  • mrmovieman101
    I feel like I should have watched his videos. I mostly knew him from the anniversary specials and crossovers and he was hilarious, I'm sure that all his fans, friends, and family will miss him very much. Thanks for the laughs Justin.
  • Truly An Cat
    You know, a person's videos don't go away when they do. Maybe it would be a sort of way to honour him, and ingrain him in our memories. Let's go marathon JW's vids!
  • musiclover9293
    I remember having the honor of meeting Justin at Otakon in 2012. He was dressed as Yanki-J and I remember him just enjoying himself as he came towards me. I was so much shock to see him there that I almost started crying. He gave me a great big hug and he took a couple pictures with me. For an entire year, I kept that picture as my screensaver for my phone.

    He was so kind and happy that I knew who he was. But, he gave me something as well. He allowed not just me, but everyone, the chance to care about him, to laugh with him, and to learn from him. I would not know about the foreign game market as well as I do now without him. He also gave me a sense of happiness. I was so happy to meet someone who had just as much of a love for Pokemon and other anime/video games as I did. He made me feel like it was ok to like these things even as I grow older.

    I send my condolences to his family, friends, and wife. But, one thing I can say is this. A person is like a meteor, their time is so fleeting. We shouldn't dwell on the fact that it's time was so short, but on how beautiful it was and how lucky we are that we got to admire it.

    Thank you JewWario and rest in peace.
  • Hinatachan360
    I saw him at Otakon 2012 as well, not realizing who he was at first. I am thankful for that brief time we had talking. I was recovering from cancer and the heat was getting to me but this kind man got me some water and just talking to him made me feel so much better. Such a sweet loving man. I feel blessed for that brief chance to meet him.
  • ashburyheights  - The good ones always go too soon.
    That last clip really got to me, even now the unwavering kindness and caring of Justin has power. I've been telling myself that I'm stupid all day, and then here he is, easing my pain when nothing else did. Why do the best of us always have to leave us so soon? Justin was a great talent and many of my best memories from watching channel awesome are of his antics. He brought so much charm and undiluted fun to the proceedings. He will be sorely missed.
  • Fuzzydude64  - I don't cry easily.
    But that last little speech from him at the end made me cry. Y-Y
    You will be missed dearly, Justin.
  • FormerlyNoobmaster117  - Just a thought
    Great way to remember him Doug, a montage set to corny music. JewWario would have rolled his eyes if he were here to see it.

    You want to honor this man's memory, watch his reviews, laugh at his jokes, and none of this grieving bullshit.
  • Bluesabus  - RE: FormerlyNoobmaster117 - Seriously?
    Pretty sure if Justin were to see it, he would've appreciated the video regardless of whether it was corny or not, because he wasn't an asshole. I'm sure several people (friends, family, fans, etc.) also appreciate the video, as everyone has their own way of coping/grieving; there's absolutely no reason for you to be a jerk about it just because you found it distasteful, because you'll find you're in a very small minority.
  • AlphaMail
    I totally agree.
  • HanSK
    the fact that he's in a minority does not take away his right to think it was not appropriate

    but this is not the time nor place to argue
  • Bluesabus  - RE: HanSK
    "the fact that he's in a minority does not take away his right to think it was not appropriate"

    I didn't say it did; his comment came off as rude to people who would appreciate the video, I said there was no reason for him to be so, and with the exception of the word "jerk", I expressed this in a respectful fashion.

    You're right, it's not the place to argue, and yet you seem to continuously WANT to (like you did in the half of the NChick's Worst of 2013 comments you made).
  • Sidhejester
    I know we're all very shocked and raw right now, but he's not being a jerk. (At least, that's how I read it.)

    I think he's being honest in saying that Doug honored Justin's memory in a beautiful way - with both laughter and tears and a little bit of extreme corniness. Perfect for a reviewer.

    And it's better to celebrate what Justin did with his life rather than concentrate on his death.

    I know I will.
  • Bluesabus  - RE: Sidhejester
    If it weren't for the second sentence, I would've agreed with you. As it is now, his comment is worded in a way that makes him seem rude (to me). I'm not the only one who saw it, either.
  • Sidhejester
    It's okay. :) I won't argue, I promise.

    I'm still reeling in shock, too. I mean, my sister skyped me on the 23 (or 24th, don't recall) to tell me that a regular of the NDK convention had committed suicide.

    I didn't put two and two together until this video. Sadly, pretty much only the staff knew him. I have a sneaking suspicion that he was the one to send my sister an anonymous $300 gift card to pay for her children's holiday gifts after she had a massive medical emergency at NDK, just after their insurance ran out.

    I would not be surprised in the least. I only wish I'd been blessed enough to know him.
  • Truly An Cat
    I think he was being lighthearted, rather than a jerk-- as though you both forgot that all inflection is lost when the statement is written as text.
  • Bluesabus  - RE: Truly An Cat
    Though I disagree, you may be right; I only said so because of the way he ended both sentences.
  • Hinatachan360
    To those complaining about the choice of background music....did you ever consider that Justin's wife was the one who chose the song and that perhaps it was one of Justin's favorite songs? If she indeed chose the song, it's bad enough she lost her husband who she knew better than any of us but now you're complaining about a song she may have suggested that Doug use in the video. I think it's kind of rude to assume things. Did you ever consider asking who chose the song?
  • Goblin Scribe
    Me, I have a lot of nostalgia for this song, and I think it works fine. We're such a cynical culture at this point that we can't accept sincerity without labeling it as "corny", but this is a genuine video and I don't like the attitude of "GUYS YOU'RE GRIEVING WRONG".

    I never watched any of JewWario's videos, but he was a pretty funny guy in those crossovers. Maybe I'll go back and see what the heck he even reviewed. Regardless, he sounds like he was a wonderful person and it's sad he's no longer in this world.
  • scarecrowhill
    I thought it was respectful and in good taste. A nice send off, and memory of good times shared.
  • FormerlyNoobmaster117
    Great way to remember him Doug, a montage set to corny music. JewWario would have rolled his eyes if he were here to see it.

    You want to honor this man's memory, watch his reviews, laugh at his jokes, and none of this grieving bullshit.
  • DeTroutSpinners  - Show some damn respect, 'FormerlyNoobmaster117'
    It doesn't matter how many times you post it, it was bullshit the first time and it's still bullshit now.
  • HanSK
    please, no insults

    he has the right to feel unsatisfied
  • Goblin Scribe
    I understand what you're doing, but the guy's the one who initiated the negativity by telling Nostalgia Critic & Co that they were partaking in, by his own words, "grieving bullshit". He's telling them they're full of bullshit for grieving. His post is the equivalent of, "Buck up and quit moping!"

    This ain't the time for arguing, but it is the place, being the internet. All we can do is reassure those who matter that we understand what the video was trying to do, even if it didn't do it for us personally. Isn't that all that matters?
  • ZFrosty  - Appreciation
    I think Justin appreciated it, wherever he is now. I know I did.

    Critic, anyone else who worked on the video, if you're reading this, thanks so much for making such a touching tribute. You must understand, I only watched a few of Justin's videos, to my recollection, but he always made me crack up during the Anniversary specials. What's great about this compilation though is that not only did I see what a loving fellow Justin really is (and I say "is" intentionally), but I saw what a loving connection everyone on the team at has.

    I'm glad you're all friends. It's really rewarding just to watch you all.

    To you Justin, again, wherever you may be, keep doing what you're good at. You'll be missed here.
  • SchrodingersCat  - @ZFrosty
    There is no evidence for the existance of any kind of afterlife.
  • thatchickwithlonghair
    There is no proof that there ISN'T one so don't start that shit here.
  • MaF
    Than there is certainly invisible pink teapot that shits invisible pink macaroni on your head. 'cause you can't prove it doesn't exist. Amen.

    Dying sux and you can't blame the dude for his choice, but i must admit, it's kinda stupid thing to commit. Selfish thing.
  • Onore Baka Sama
    Don't you DARE start with this "suicide is stupid" and "people who commit suicide are selfish" bullshit. That is extremely disrespectful to him and to anyone else who has ever experienced suicidal thoughts or tendencies. You are basically saying that he is lesser, or that he's weak. Congratulations.

    You don't know what he was going through, and you can't understand the way he was thinking up until he pulled the trigger. You don't know, okay? You can't. No one can. Don't claim that what happened to him was "stupid" right after he just passed. Have some dignity and respect for the dead.
  • fract  - @MaF
    truly epin post, brother ;)))

    *tips fedora*
  • AlphaMail  - @ Thatchickwithlonghair
    I agree with you. It's sad how many cruel people there are commenting on things they know nothing about, and just trying to make trouble. I'm glad there are people like you around to defend the good ones.
  • Onore Baka Sama
    As a fellow atheist (I'm assuming, anyway), I wanna say that this is not the place for statements like that. You don't believe in an afterlife? Cool. I don't either. But debate that in a place where someone hasn't just died. Please.
  • Basicbeyond  - thank you
    thank you so much man, it seems like no comment section anywhere is safe from people arguing about that if the subject comes up for even a second. I was heartbroken to find out that this beautiful video wasn't safe as well
  • fract  - @SchrodingersCat
    Now, do you have autism or ADD? Or both?

    Serious question here.
  • Bluesabus  - RE: fract
    I don't appreciate what SchrodingersCat said, but I have to ask: what do autism and ADD have to do with one another? Do you even know what either of those two are, or were you just making a poor attempt at a clever insult?

    Serious question here.
  • Ded guyb  - Screw you
    Clearly doug put time and effort into this video while you post some dumbass comment disclaiming him, if jewwario was still alive, he would call you off.......
  • HanSK
    I never watched any of his videos

    that said, my honest condolence to his family and friends
  • I'm really confusingly sorry for your loss Channel Awesome but what Justin Carmical "JewWario" did was somewhat stupid and never called for, it wasn't worth it I'm not judging his career or his personage just his last action, in the words of Hermione Grainger "What an idiot", you guys should really put up his birth date as well as his death date just saying.
  • Sidekickcomics
    Mike until you have walked those steps, felt those feelings of defeat, of worthlessness, of utter loneliness, then you will never understand. It's not a moment of weakness or stupidity, it's not being an idiot, it's fighting every day to wake up to find something about yourself that deserves to keep waking up.
    He fought this battle away from the public because on some level he thought we would shun him for his "idiocy" or didn't want to burden us with his problems that he seemed willing to take on for everyone else, you try and make things better for everyone around you because you can't make it better for yourself and in the end it was too much. I miss him already and I'll keep missing him (as stupid or nonsensical as that sounds since I never met him in person) because he fought so hard for so long only to be overtaken. You never forget the fallen you push forward to make sure they didn't pass in vain.

    RIP Justin
  • Dragon_Nexus
    Said by someone who has no idea what depression is or what it does to you.
  • Truly An Cat
    People, when not in their right minds, can do some odd, unjustified things.
  • Zynex  - Erhm...
    This has nothing to do with just or unjustified things. Depression is not something to do with right or wrong. It just happens. Some people get over their depression... others struggle for so long, to the point that it becomes to much to handle. Imagine feeling sad every day with no actual cause other than your brain not functioning right. Maybe this was the way for him to rest in peace. I cannot imagine how life would be without the ability to feel happy. Despite having everything you want in life.
  • Sky_0606
    Mike, I understand what you are trying to say, and yes, suicide is never a condonable act. But, as someone who deals with depression himself, I have an idea of what he suffered with. Depression is a very real pain that people like us deal with on a daily basis. But with him, despite his quiet suffering, had a genuine love and concern for people. I lost track of what I was writing, sorry. But please, everyone, don't condemn the man for his last choice, remember him for what he brought into each of our lives.
  • Goblin Scribe
    Speaking as somebody else who doesn't understand a bit of what JewWarior was going through, or what anybody with depression goes through, a rabbit doesn't tell a tortoise he's going too slow. That's because rabbits can't talk.

    Metaphor aside, we can't understand it. Just like many people can't understand what it feels like to only have a month left to live, or, on a less dark note, what it feels like to give birth. Those who have never been seriously suicidal have no right to deride those who make a bad choice. We can only be sure that it was a bad choice.

    Calling JewWario an idiot is confrontational and mean. And while the internet may be the place for it, that's only because the internet is the place for all manner of cruelty.

    JewWario was clearly a wonderful human being. I wish I'd met him. While I'm wishing, I wish he hadn't made this mistake. I've found the video, and these comments, to be extremely thought-provoking, and I already kind of miss the world that had Justin Carmical in it.

    I hope he's found whatever peace he was looking for.
  • Goblin Scribe
    Also, it's spelled "Granger".
  • Baby Hitler
    Nobody does that when they are thinking clearly, except maybe in some rare circumstances or in feudal Japan. Usually extreme depression, mental illness, or drugs are involved in the situation, to get to that point, because people have a natural instinct of self-preservation that is not overcome easily.

    Jesus this is tough news, not for me so much, but for other people. All I can say is "Goddamn it, I really liked that guy", but my input really isn't that important here.

    (Sorry, I'm not very good at being sentimental)
  • TestifyingBaconStrip  - RIP
    I only wished I watched his videos much more often. My condolences and prayers go out to his family and friends everywhere. Rest in peace because you will be missed.
  • Spottedfeather
    What is the matter with you ? Even if that is your view of things, how dare you write that here ? People here are in mourning, you eejiot. Leave them be to do that however they feel like doing. Keep your opinions to yourself on matter such as these. I love this quote and it very much applies to morons like you...
    You are NOT entitled to an opinion. You are entitled to an INFORMED opinion.

    If you don't know what this means, it means that as has been said, unless you know what you're talking about, shut the hell up.
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