When is Something so Bad it's Good?

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  • Kzero
  • Fincan from Mexland  - Damnit!
    Damnit! Not a Nicholas Cage themed episode. Doesn't matter, I love editorials anyways =D
  • Jetjakal_of_Neomu  - RE: Damnit!
    It's Nick Cage month, expect to be hearing more about him.
  • LikaLaruku  - Fav. SBIG: The Story of Ricky / Zero Apocalypse.
    Bad vs SBIG.

    Tries too hard to be funny vs played completely straight, unintentionally hilarious.

    A few top billing actors half-assing it vs an unknown cast of 50% ham & 50% wooden puppets.

    CG or props that are neither too bad nor very good vs extremely amateur CG or uncanny valley-grade props.

    A decent dub when subtitles would have sufficed vs not even trying to lip sync & the voiceover actors doing their finest racist constipated chinaman impressions.

    So politically correct that it feels neutered & spineless vs so unbelievably offensive that it destroys your ability to be offended by anything.

    Lots of unnecessary CG, making it kind of look like a cartoon vs lots of ridiculous sound effects, making it sound like a cartoon.
    ------------------------- -------------------
    Bigg Riggs Over the Road Racing: Someone made a patch for this game that fixed it & made it playable. People decided that the patch actually ruined what made the game memorable. Apparently it was just more fun to drive up impossibly steep cliffs backwards at 1000mph, drive through buildings, & fly off the face of the earth.

    LSD Dream Emulator is an excellent example of a SBIG game; The graphics were horrid even for their time, the objective is unclear, the colors are eye-hurting, there is no goal, you can't win or lose, the gameplay is basically nonexistent...But nobody hates this game. It's considered an overlooked gem. Indie gamers have tried to replicate the experience, it has it's own wiki, it has a growing fanbase, its mysteries can never be solved, but it brings up endless conversation.
  • bassbait
    lol at calling LSD "so bad it's good". You seem to misunderstand what so bad it's good is. People don't love LSD because it's bad, they love it because it's genius. The things that it's trying to do is mess with your head and in many cases scare you. The unpredictability of the game makes it hugely successful in both categories, at least for some. There is no objective to LSD, it's supposed to be an experience game. The colors are eye-hurting for the sake of being disorientating, as is similar demonstrated in an all-time horror classic, The Shining. The gameplay is basically non-existent because the game is designed with experience in mind more than goals. It's not a bad game at all in fact it has some of the greatest programming ever put into a game. It's one of the only games in existence where the experience is unique every time you play it because of randomization. And the amount of things to discover within the game, some of which perhaps nobody has EVER discovered, make it a programming marvel. One time while I was playing it the entire level just grew taller inexplicably, and it never happened again. It was not triggered by a simple action of mine, it was at a complete random moment and that kind of programming is ridiculously difficult to pull off. Calling LSD "so bad it's good" is like calling 2001: A Space Odyssey "so bad it's good". In both cases, you're referring to a work of art by things that throw people off as if those are bad qualities, and then saying people still like it as if those bad qualities make people like it for unintentional values. People like LSD because it's an effective game, and people like Big Rigs because it's an ineffective game. Distinguish the two better next time because LSD deserves it's reputation as a cult masterpiece. BTW the graphics were not horrible for the time, they were intentionally abstract. The game is surrealism, that's the point.
  • Kiwi_Jr
    It's Nicholas Cage month.
  • MattheJ1
    Cage is probably the one that prompted the question in his mind.
  • Amykins
    Huh. You know, I never thought about this! I love your editorials Doug! They're like Leon Thomas' vids only more entertaining and a lot less conspiracy theory-ish.
  • PatheticManatee  - RE: Damnit!
    ...You love editorials. You. Love. Editorials.

    Are you high? Grow some opinions of your own. All of Doug's editorials and v-logs are just showcasing his ever-growing ego. More NC, less Doug.

    (First person to go to my profile and dislike it wins an ice-cream cake and a pat on the back for being predictably butthurt.)
  • KouTheMad
    it's more filler to tide us over for the added week for his reviews (when he returned, he gave himself an extra week to make a review, these are the filler)
  • Bloodrealm
    Did you even watch The Review Must Go On?
    Also, I'm not a big fan of the editorials either (I do find it interesting to read through the comments for some of them, though), but I don't attack Doug about it. Just get over it, it isn't that big a deal.
  • Vioven
    His videos are once every other week, like anyone that watches the site should naturally know. So he can have more time for the NC videos as well as other projects. These are only extras for fans, to encourage discussion and community while the other videos are being done. Also ego? You should check your own out, with all that obvious fishing for dislikes you have going on.
  • Elphaba645
    Umm.... Nice respecting other people's opinions?

    And at least be glad she loves SOMETHING, I personally love the editorials too, because I've noticed Amykins seems to mostly have negative views on stuff, based on her comments.
  • GranTruismo4head
    Hes doing Nick Cage month.....you should have saw the last editorial before his Face/Off Review....you would know he started Nick Cage month this year
  • Youngbountygirl
    I agree! What makes a film so bad it's good is when the badness is unique. Twilight is a perfect example of this.
  • Gborr
    The Twilight saga: the worst supernatural romance series in existence, but a pretty decent surrealist comedy. :P
  • EpicFish
    I disagree. I find Leon's Renegade Cut very entertaining and informative. The conspiracy theory aspect of it adds to it, especially when it gets me to think about a movie in a different way than I normally would. It's just fun.

    Doug's editorials are more analytical and not conspiracy theory-ish from what I've seen. And while they're good, this one was a bit underwhelming. It's a subject that has already been discussed at length by many people, including Obscurus Lupa and it doesn't bring anything new to the table on the subject. The way he set up the beginning of the video, I thought it was going to be focused on why so many people like Nic Cage's over-the-top acting and what about it appeals to them, how it's able to go from bad acting to guilty pleasure hamminess. But then he goes on a diatribe about so-bad-it's-good movies and Kevin Costner, and it's just a rehash of what other people have theorized and discussed before.
  • robometrallador  - brosky browns
    nicholas cage is awesome to watch, lord of war i believe is the name of the movie with jared leto, that movie is freaking awesome, and adaptation is a masterpiece, perfect fit for him, everybody should watch that movie and youll get real respect for cage, hes motherfreaking awesome. He needs to be the villain in a marvel movie, PLEASE PLEASE make him MODOK PLEASE PLEASE
  • logboy  - Sharknado
    I think there are movies made on purpose so bad that it's good, like this new movie "Sharknado"
  • Chaosdirge  - There are
    However Sharknado is just a Bad movie trying to be a So bad its good movie...
  • MattheJ1
    Check MikeJ's Asylum Seeker. That company ONLY does so bad it's good movies.
  • logboy  - 2-Headed Shark Attack
    Didn't watch it yet but titles alone like "2-Headed Shark Attack" made Me laugh :D
  • SStan
    Interesting subject that can go in many directions.

    I see it this way, sometimes we can be judgmental, go in with low expectations and you end up being pleasantly surprised. On the other side of the coin though, you go to a film expecting high quality just to find the total opposite and be left seriously disjointed.

    I have not watched the whole of Last of the Air benders, but what I saw in NC`s review left me stunned. How can such a big name with so much potential be destroyed in such abysmal fashion?

    Another thing to think of and it has been slightly touched here, an actor needs proper direction to give their best performance, if their performance is naff, then it suggests poor direction. So who do we blame for that?

    I personally like Nicolas Cage, yes he does tend to over act, but that is kind of a trade mark of his, it his his style and I mostly find it entertaining. I have managed to avoid any rubbish films with him in, so I haven`t seen how bad he can be.

    Nice thought provoking discussion NC.
  • goodison
    i would agree on the so bad he's good, but i've seen Ghostrider 2, which is an abomination of a film, a confused mess in its own right
  • Fangheart
    you're.........totally going to review that Nick Cage vampire movie, aren't you?......and you're not even going to acknowledge that it's just as insulting to the vampire genre as Twilight is, aren't you? in fact, just the opposite, you're in fact going to USE that horrible movie as an example to make fun of vampires in general, just like everyone annoyingly does with Twilight, aren't you? .....oh good god I am not going to enjoy that.....
  • Sandie Sandwicheadman
    Speak for yourself man, Vampire's Kiss is an amazing dark comedy and one of my favorite all time movies! It's not even really about vampires, but instead about a psychotic man in the middle of a breakdown, and his torment of one of his workers. If you don't think that the cast and crew were in on the joke, then you need to work on your media comprehension skills u ~u
  • toongrowner
  • Kurvos
    Can you please do a little favor and not use "we" when you talk about your own personal subjective opinions, Doug? You're talking as if your statements are universally objectified. You're using the fact that the majority of people agree with you to back up your points, rather than backing up your points with what you genuinly think yourself. Yes, these points could still be how you genuinly think yourself - but you don't represent it that way. You're saying "Why do WE genuinly hate Transformers 2", even though me and a lot of others view it as either a guilty pleasure or a so bad it's good movie. It all boils down to personal opinions - you can't dictate around about what makes a "so bad it's good" movie what it is, you can only say how the concept of it appeals to you. And I suppose you do so here - but once again, you're making it sound so universal, like we should all think like you or something. It's absurd.
  • logboy  - Doug the Dictator :D
    I hate it too ;) but I'm only stupid viewer as Doug once said "anyone who likes Mortal Kombat movie is stupid" so I will not argue with him ;) but in My opinion he reviewed it from wrong point of view. And the character "Johnny Cage" was suppose to be annoying and the actor played that role great. Off topic :D
  • Chaosdirge  - And I like the Postman....
    I really don't see whats wrong with it...
  • MutheSquirrel
    No, the Nostalgia Critic said that, not Doug. The Nostalgia Critic is a character, not the actual person. Doug himself has said numerous times that people can like or dislike whatever they want.
  • logboy  - MK
    Nostalgia critic / Doug is the man ;) It's natural I don't agree with all his opinions and I respect his opinion. For me, everyone that don't like Mortal Kombat is stupid ;) I know it's not brutal enough and so on but the climate.. I was growing on MK game and when this movie came out I watched it over and over again just to see my favorite characters like sub-zero in real life and music by "Fear Factory" in the scorpion fight was so good ;)
  • frostbitelizard
    He means we as in, the majority of people and in that case the usage is correct as the majority of people do dislike that film.
  • logboy  - majority
    Yeah majority of people think there is something called "god" that can rise from the death ;P I am proud to be minority that like MK movie ;)
  • Oizys Havoc
    Did you really feel the need to bring religion into this?
  • n00bs7ay3r
    Transformer's grossed $836,303,693 world-wide at the box office. I think you may be overstepping your bounds by saying the majority of people dislike that film.

    Personally I enjoy it. It is not my favourite movie but I like it well enough. I am also not a fan of Transformers. Well not those stupid car-robot Transformers anyway. I grew up with Beast Wars so Transformers to me will always be robot-animal Transformers. For this reason I think I am more likely to enjoy the Transformers movies (although even I hated the third one) than someone who grew up watching the cartoon. I am sure I will hate the upcoming TMNT movie since that is something I grew up with.

    As far as the whole using of "we" thing. I take it to mean "me and people like me". If you disagree with his opinion then that is fine, you are just not included in the group of people that he is referring to as "we".
  • Ppleater
    He's using "we" to refer to people who share the same opinion, not to say "everyone who watches this feels this way". It's a way of speaking, he's hardly forcing his opinion on you.
  • logboy  - III
    Good point.
  • Maarons
    You should have left The Motion Picture out of this. Your comments are unfounded. Not only was it nominated for a few Acadamey Awards (Goldsmith damn sure should have won) but if nobody was interested in working on it, then why would Robert Wise have put any effort into doing a Director's Cut that actually improves it?

    Doug, these editorials have you talking out of your ass here and there.
  • Christopher Schnepp
    It Was Nominated For ART DIRECTION,VISUAL FX
    & ORIGINAL SCORE,Just Because It Visually
    Looks Good & Has A Good Music Score DOSEN'T
    Make It A Great Film! (If That Was True Than
    The 2013 GREAT GATSBY Is A Good Film!)

    Second,ROBERT WISE (The Film's Director,Who
    Was Convinced To Take The Job,At The
    Suggestion Of His Wife) At The Time Repeatly
    Considered Quitting The Production & At One
    Point Told PARAMOUNT To Cancel The Project
    Altogether!,The 2001 Director's Cut May Have
    Been His Way To Fix Something That Wasn't Given
    Enough Time To Be Perfected!.I Assume WALKER
    Saw The Original Cut & WAS Talking About The
    Original Cut!

  • Maarons
    I didn't say that having award nominations makes something good. What I said was that his assertion that it was a total disaster of a film was wrong considering that it was regarded with some appreciation.

    Wise was heavily bogged by Paramount being anxious to get the film released by December. That may have had something to do with it. An it seems most of the people on this site who talk about TMP, only talk about the original cut and make no effort to consider the Director's Cut. Even Linkara made no mention of it when he did the tie-in comic.
  • SLagonia
    Uh, 2013's Great Gatsby WAS a great film.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I'm going to say, it depends on the viewer. There are some things that people say are "so bad it's good" that I simply cannot watch because, to me, they're just bad. But then again, I used to watch the Tom Baker Doctor when I was a kid, so who am I to judge?
  • n00bs7ay3r
    Personal opinion is always going to play a role when it comes to the enjoyment of entertainment. I for one am baffled whenever "Twilight" is mentioned in the so bad it is good category because to me that is just a bad movie. Apparently others are able to find some entertainment from it. We are all different and our tastes are going to vary. As long as we can all respect that and understand that our personal viewpoints are not applicable to everyone we can all get along and enjoy our hobby.
  • The One Lettuce
    I actually really like The Postman; it does have cheesy moments, sure, but I just love the scope of it; it gives a sense of adventure and a journey, a fantastic score by J.N Howard, as well as an overall good message in the end. It's also kind of an unconventional take on the post-apocalypse, which I'm all for. David Brin's novel is one of my favourite books of all time, and while the movie isn't nearly as good, I still think it's an enjoyable flick in it's own right, despite it's long running time. I honestly wasn't bored at all.
  • Mischi
    I just made a similar post... actually wanted to reply to someone who also liked it, and obviously missed your post.
    Why is this movie considered so bad?
  • The One Lettuce
    I'm not entirely sure. It could be applied to the obvious patriotism and self-indulgence, but I think the point of the story could have applied to any country, not just the United States. Yes, it was self-indulgent at times, but I never saw it as the "worst thing ever". It's essentially about how an everyman can change the world, I guess.

    The film came out during the "Se7en" period in film, so to speak. The Postman held a rather optimistic viewpoint, even in the apocalypse, and maybe that just didn't connect with audiences at the time, at least for that kind of film, but that's just speculation.

    Also, it came out at the same time as James Cameron's Titanic, and had to compete with that. That's pretty much a no-win situation.
  • MutheSquirrel
    Isn't that line different for everyone? I mean, that line for Doug is completely different than for someone like, say, Alison. Alison having a much higher pain threshold for shlock than Doug. I really don't think it can be pinned down. Hell, not even I know while I love Supergirl as a bad movie.
  • logboy  - Am I ?
    You go to hell and die!

    Just kidding ;) or am I ?
  • Oizys Havoc
    You're kidding right?
  • Lordsjaak
    ....i do love star trek motion picture and transformer 2 but what is this doing with nicholas cage month???
  • Lotus Prince
    In my opinion, part of what makes a movie "so bad it's good" is that it's really earnestly trying to be good. Troll 2 and The Room were both considered by their own directors to be masterpieces, while of course the rest of the world felt differently. If a movie intentionally takes the piss, it seems to be more difficult for it to be delightfully bad.
  • ThatManWithTheHeadband12
    It's a good editorial on its own, but it would've been stronger if one of your major examples was a Nicolas Cage film and not The Postman. I understand Nic Cage films spurred the idea but it drifted away from the month's theme rather quickly
  • Baby Hitler
    Then there are genre-aware movies that attempt to be so-bad-it's-good, or at least enjoyably campy. Sometimes they are successful in doing so, but sometimes they fail and just make an awful movie.
  • simpsonofan
    Where I live, some websites specialized themselves to find and present a lot of those movies like nanarland.com (nanar = so bad it's good)
  • Mischi
    I have to admit it...

    I love Postman.

    Seriously, I don't see why there is so much hate. I think the villain is great. The idea with postman being the persons to bring hope in a postapocalyptic world is also not that bad of an idea, and not badly executed as well.. I also don't know about bad acting, but the dubbed version worked fine for me. Tom Petty as Chief of Dam City, whatever the name, who actually is supposed to be a former celebrity... nice touch. People where playing semi-modern songs on accoustic guitars, with an old feel to them.
    Sure the movie is dripping with pathos and patriotism.. but..well, maybe I saw that movie in the right mood. I also don't mind long movies, as far as they entertain me.
    Which movie bored me: Plan 9 from outer space.
    I bought the videogame with the VHS tape in 1992, and wasn't able to even finish the movie once. I really like Ed Wood, the movie.. but even after that I couldn't force myself into watching the whole thing. Same: The Room. I saw the NC review,which was hilarious. The movie afterwards.. well, not so much.

    So, 'So bad it's good' isn't universal applicable in my opinion. Movies hit you in the right mood, sometimes. Postman certainly did, so did Spielbergs War of the World (and I used to hate all Spielberg since A.I.). Spiderman 3 was okay, so was X-Men 3. On the other hand I couldn't stand a single Fantastic Four movie (though the 2nd is much worse) imo the hatred toward bad Superheromovies should move more in that direction, and away from semi dissapointing part 3 or movies that were doomed from the title (Hmm..Electra, Catwoman...) Oh well.. another comment, too long for anyone to read.
  • MaF
    I'm with you, buddy.
  • btgr
    1997 Batman & Robin is actually a funny movie even though it's terrible.

    I also find the Disney movie Frozen unintentionally funny even though it's an excellent movie because the characters say a lot of ice puns like in Batman & Robin.
  • SpeedyEric  - Enough with the hate, already.
    For the love of god, I hate all this hatred towards any to all of the Transformers films. Tey are fun films. I get it. In Revenge of the Fallen, You hate the Autobot Twins, the humping dogs, and Devastator's wrecking balls. I still enjoy watching it, many other people enjoy watching it, and it still made money at the box office, unlike Pluto Nash, which only got 7% of its money back. Transformers is a big hit, because if its 30 year long history and millions of fans like myself, and Pluto Nash bombed, because there is nothing appealing to it. Hell, I never heard of Pluto Nash until it game out on video. So, THERE'S another reason why Transformers succeeded and Pluto Nash bombed; poor marketing.
  • LunaBuna
    I think the biggest deal for people who hate the Transformers films is that I figure a lot of them loved and still love the toys and cartoon from their childhood (or... adulthood, even?), and with such a huge budget and everything, they got the films they did. The hate is spurned by epic disappointment for the injustice they think was being done. I don't know if Pluto Nash used to be a thing, but I know for certain nobody I knew growing up played with Pluto Nash action figures. That's the difference.

    But that's just my opinion. I haven't seen any of the 3 films (nor Pluto Nash. Ew) because just looking at them I can tell they aren't my kind of movies, so I'm sparing myself the 2-ish hours each I could be spending doing something I do enjoy.
  • SpeedyEric  - LunaBuna
    Thanks for letting me hear your 2 cents, Luna. I've seen Pluto Nash from start to finish once (and only once, but I caught chunks of it from time to time afterward), because it was on HBO, and I had nothing better to do. It wasn't until years later that I learned that Pluto Nash was a box office bomb, and it was hated by anyone to everyone.
  • Bloodrealm
    Well, for me, the biggest problem with the "Bayformers" movies are that they're almost entirely focused on just the humans, rather than the far more interesting Transformers (likely caused by the immense cost of making/rendering all the tiny little whirring, clicking things they didn't need for the CG models), and the second movie was probably the worst for it, since Optimus, one of the few non-human non-comic-reliefs the movies actually bothered with, was gone. 1 and 3 are significantly more enjoyable, though still not masterpieces, obviously.
  • Technous285
    As someone who grew up watching Beast Wars/Machines alongside reruns of The Transformers (aka: Gen1) at the same time as Zordon Era (MMPR-Space) Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, Captain Planet amongst other shows, and continued to watch Transformers here and there after Car Robots/Robots in Disguise (personally, I prefer Galaxy Force/Cybertron out of the Unicron Trilogy);
    I was excited to hear that in 2007 Transformers was getting a live-action theatrical release, saw it on release night here in Australia (a week before US release), enjoyed it on initial viewing but later rewatching it on DVD seemed to have fallen 'flat' and made me feel hollow, I couldn't bare to put the DVD in anymore after the second or third rewatching of it.

    I've since rented ROTF on DVD once before quickly returning it, and haven't been bored enough to try and rent DOTM to see how 'meh' that was.

    Granted, they got Peter Cullen to reprise his role of Optimus (that was a big seller point of the first Bayformers for me), and Hugo Weaving was a good Megatron, but all the crap with Sam being the focus (hell, he was practically the Messiah who brought Optimus back from the dead in ROTF) and Sam's parents (by Yahweh I wanted to beat them over the head with a cricket bat each time they showed up, particularly in ROTF) in addition to the previously-mentioned offending crap, I've gotten my fill of Western (culture) Lowest Common Denominator Movie bullshit for the next decade and haven't gone to the cinema apart from;
    Harry Potter series, Iron Man series, Thor 2.

    Basically: Michael Bay's Transformers killed going to the cinema for (most) new-release movies for me in 2007.
    Note-to-self: I seriously still need to see and get on DVD Avengers 1 & 2 and the related Hulk movie, along with IM3 on DVD...
  • Rocketshipper
    Personally, I don't even really believe in the concept of "So Bad It's Good" or of "Guilty Pleasures". I do not feel "guilty" about liking any of the stuff that I like, and if I enjoy a movie then, to me, its a "good" movie, even if its cheesy or stupid or silly or whatever. I don't concede that, say, "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" is "so bad its good". I just like it. To me, the invention of the idea of "so bad it's good" or "guilty pleasures" is just so that people can justify liking something that might be unpopular without being judged for it. Its like you're really saying "I like X, but it's OK because I know its bad, so don't judge me!" But we shouldn't apologize or feel guilty about what we like and don't like. Proudly proclaim that you like "Twilight" or "Plan Nine from Outer Space" or whatever. Don't back-hand apologize for it by saying its "so bad its good", or a "guilty pleasure". At least that's how I feel ^^.
  • crazitaco
    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was actually intended as a parody though. So i'd actually say it was a well-done parody.
  • Guild Navigator
    47 Ronin it´s so bad it´s good it's bad again...

    "What? Nooo..." I had forgotten that treasure of awkwardness,
  • themilo
    A normal bad movie simply fails to entertain, a so bad its good movie fails so spectacularly that you can’t take your eyes off it, it’s like a train wreck but funny since nobody got injured or died(I hope).
  • LuciusMadgloom  - Eehh.. :(
    You know I have nothing against this editorial (awesome as always).. But I got to say The Nick Cage Mnoth so far is kinda disapointing, especially compared to other themed months. In Every other of those we got sth within the theme more or less everyday, but with this we are like half way through the month & had anly 1 movie review. So unless He speeds up for several movies a week we are not going to get much in time :(
  • Veran
    Hey, I liked Transformers 2. It doesn't have any quotable dialogue, but is does have some really cryptic and bizarre monologue.

    It doesn't have bad actors, but it does have actors behave badly.

    But mostly it has giant robots. They fight.

    Fight fight fight!
  • Bloodrealm
    "But mostly it has giant robots."
    They actually didn't all that much, and that was my problem with the films. They had humans first and foremost, and then they had robots just kind of there in the background.
  • vitamium  - Graph
    This graph summarizes 90% of this video. http://xkcd.com/653/
  • TheMusicAnon
    I my self love bad movies over all, just to make fun of them. Hey Doug speaking about bad movies watch Six String Samurai movie filled with one liners set in a Fallout like universe with great musical Soundtrack.

    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=BNok8ci_sGQ
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