Why Lie to Kids About Santa?

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  • Minion of Yahtzee  - You mean he isn't real?
    Just kidding, but seriously I thought this would be talking about the truth about the lie of Santa. To me while watching this video my thoughts turned to the Cowboy Bebop episode "Brain Scratch". Specifically this one quote, "It wasn't god who created man, it was man who created god". I thought this video was going to talk about why does the world keep generating this belief in Santa. That the core concept of Santa is to give to people a face of Christmas, all the good will and cheer experienced by all. Again not god creating man but man creating god. But I do like how this video goes, I just got a different idea of what it would be about. Maybe next year you could talk about that? Whatever, can't wait for next week.
  • vandenberg1
    Lets not forget that for thousands of years this image was filled by Odin, who was called Yule Father as a kenning. I think he is ingrained in western culture too deeply to he completely destroyed by christianity
  • SamClemensRIGL
    A Santa with an eye-patch and a massive spear would be incredibly more awesome. Now if only they sold them as effigies we could hang from trees...
  • FOD  - Plug goes here.
    And this is one of the reasons I love The Dresden Files.
  • Truaaaaa  - Insecure Atheist
    For all the Atheist taking the chance too bash God and religion, NC DIDN'T SAY GOD DIDN'T EXIST, as before in his NC Comm, HE DIDN'T SAY GOD DIDN'T EXIST HE SAID "IT'S LIKE ACKKNOWLEDING GOD DOESN'T EXIST FOR KIDS" AS IN CAN YOU IMAGINE IF YOU FOLLOWED THE LORD ALL YOUR LIFE AND THEN FOUND OUT HE DIDN'T EXIST? HE WAS USING IT AS AN EXAMPLE! If you're ok with your life meaning less then a stick of gum that's ok but just because you're insecure about when you die you'll be all dressed up and nowhere to go doesn't mean every chance you get too bring up your ignorance.
  • Jetjakal_of_Neomu  - Reply to Insecure Atheist comment
    Hard to take this seriously when many overly zealous religious types try extra hard to dictate how other people should live and why they should feel ashamed pretty much any chance they get, in quite the nasty way of attitudes as well.....Seems like people like you are too worried about others not believing what you believe.
  • ToastyMozart
    Yeah, the overzealous theists and atheists pretty much act in the exact same way then.

    So in short, ignore the douchebags and believe whatever.
  • PlayMp1
    Universal reply to every "they're both just as bad as each other" post:


    Yeah, I know the link's broken. There's a space in it somewhere that TGWTG automatically adds when it sees a link. Find it, take it out, go to the link.

    Edit: Or maybe not? Maybe it's because the link is so short. I dunno, go find xkcd #774.
  • Dimentio
    That's like saying "I find Stalin just as bad as Hitler," and saying that just because I consider them both worse than myself, then I'm wrong.
  • PlayMp1
    One side writes books and acts shitty on the Internet.

    The other shoots doctors, lobbies to take away civil rights from groups of people they dislike (and gives those who commit suicide because of their hate nothing but a fat middle finger), and does their damndest to destroy science education.

    I think "they're both just as bad as each other" is a fallacy. Specifically, the argument to moderation.
  • Dimentio
    That's a bit of a poor comparison, as that's not including how in China you can only be religious if you are a part of one of the registered, state-run religious associations and are imprisoned if found being a part of something else, or last month where North Korea executed 80 citizens for possessing Bibles.

    "They're both just as bad as each other" isn't a fallacy, because the constant remains that as long as humans are corrupt and flawed, some people will act hatefully against people who disagree with them.
  • ElementalHero  - reply to ToastyMozart
    Amen to that.
  • gtbanime  - Insecure Believer
    You're black kettle, very very black
  • Lotus Prince
    All caps and bad grammar? That's the perfect way to put me in my place for bashing the NC for saying God doesn't exist, even though I never bashed the NC for saying God doesn't exist. I also love how you're calling out insecure atheists, and yet you're the one who's so insecure that you preemptively called people out on it, even though no one said anything.
  • Nykirnsu  - Insecure Theist
    You know, despite being an atheist, I was actually in agreement with your statement up until the last sentence. You just had to ruin a relatively positive message with a petty insult against the people you disagree with that, not only completely misrepresents them (most anti-theists hate religion because of the actions of fundamentalists, not because they're insecure) but also comes off as incredibly hypocritical. Here's a tip: don't ever use the word insecure in an insult; unless handled very carefully it'll always backfire on you.
  • Falconfly
    @Truaaaaaaaa: You accuse atheists of being insecure, while basically trying to reassure yourself that this doesn't apply to God.

    Hypocrisy and dementia. Nice.
  • Elphaba645
    This was an interesting take on a subject I hadn't thought much about. And the little kids watching your show? Priceless.

    Next week a special even worse than Star Wars? Oh boy. Lets get ready for ranting.
  • The MegaNerd
    "I'm The Nostalgia Critic and clearly your parents need to watch you closer."
    I died laughing! Great one NC I am a big fan of your editorials.
  • Lotus Prince
    Jesus wasn't good enough? People needed to create a figure like Santa? It's not about a god anymore - it's about commercialism, and has been for decades.

    I say that, but of course Jesus wasn't the original figure behind what we now know as Christmas.
  • SkyExplosion
    Woah Santa is not a figure peopled created he's a figure people changed. Santa is based on a real person called Saint Nicholas who would give gold. Jesus has nothing to do with Christmas except the name and everyone believes he was born during Christmas which is wrong no Jesus was more likely born in late fall in November. The giving gifts also has nothing to do with the 3 wise men giving Christ gifts. Saint Nicholas would gives gifts of gold to poor families around Christmas. The only thing Christ has to do with it is Saint Nicholas was Christian. The Netherlands have it closer on December 6 they have Sinterklaas which is in celebration of Saint Nicholas's bithday. Do your research next time. Christmas has nothing to do with Christ despite what people believe.
  • Dimentio
    Uh... what?

    Christmas is about Jesus; it celebrates the birth of Christ. It's not accurate to when he was born only because early Christians like Saint Irenaeus thought that the Immaculate Conception took place on March 25, and Christ was born nine months later on December 25. Christmas has and always has been a celebration of Christ's birth. If it didn't, it wouldn't have "Christ" in the name.

    Saint Nicholas is only associated with it because the Feast of Saint Nicholas takes place on December 6, a day where gifts would be given to children, which led to a few authors writing books tying him to Christmas, and Coca-Cola used him as Santa Claus in their Christmas advertising, creating the common Santa Claus myth we see today.
  • Falconfly
    The concept of Christmas, mind you. The actual holiday and it's trapping is a mish-mash of classical, celtic and germanic pagan traditions, mind you.

    It's like whining about people not celebrating Monday as the holiday of the Moon god Máni.
  • keniakittykat
    Jesus wasn't even the figure behind Santa Claus, that spot goes to "Saint Nicholas". The Patron saint of children, who is celebrated in Belgium, the Netherlands, Suriname and French guiana. And along with his helpers, the Black pete's, and Badweather the horse that can walk on rooftops, he brings children gifts on his birthday, December 6.

    So the idea behind Santa is still close to the Christian version of the holiday.
  • Nikoxine  - Wow T_T
    This episode was just straight depressing.
  • rigren0121
    well, this is an interesting editorial
    can you do why we watch let's play, cuz i'm planing on making it
  • Kinuskipyyri
    All I can say, I still kind of believe in Sant, even at almost 23. Now, I know the reality but having had a large family and even now having young nieces and nephews and older friends having kids.
    It's just... nice to keep up with the belief of children and enjoy it as much as they do. Especially with how Christmas goes here in Finland.
    Not only do we have many, many hours of live tv of Santa talking and doing things, taking calls and showing cartoons and specials on Christmas Eve but in Finland (in most households) Santa actually visits each house and meets the kids personally, handing them out the presents. Usually role being played by an older family member. I actually would've enjoyed at one point to be Santa for my niece and nephew, however I could never hit the booming voice - mine being sort of high and nasal.

    Regardless. Christmas is just wonderful time and it's just wonderful to enjoy the illusion and belief with any and all children one might interact with.
  • Swanpride
    I agree...well, it is more the Christkind in my case, though I am naturally not able to resist the media and put Santa somewhere into the mix. But that is not really important. I think the important part is that Christmas is a time during which we remember some things which are too easily forgotten when we are busy with our everyday life, like family and sharing. I am already looking forward to spending some quality time with the people I love the most. And the Christkind stands for all that.
    I actually have no idea when the awareness that it is a fantasy started, but I always liked to indulge in it.
  • Guild Navigator
    Oh Doug,you have no idea much the missus and I debated this. I had no problems with it because I figured it out by age six when I caught my Mum putting the presents. But my wife says she was really heartbroken when she found out.

    In the end,when our son was seven we sat down in July -a good five months before Xmas- and explained to him (with all kinds of visual aids) that Santa had been real once (technically speaking,we never elaborated on the Bishop of Mirra) and that what people did in Xmas was honor the season of Yuletide putting gifts. He took it fairly well.

    Sounds kinda sour,but I think that when it comes to Xmas as long as the promises of bequethed presents are met,the kids are ok with it...

    As for what Doug postulates,Guillermo del Toro once said during an interview for Pan's Labyrinth that a lot of people grow up into "30-something assholes" because they didn't know how to handle the disappoinments of childhood. I tend to agree...
  • Rattrap007
    That is a great approach with your kid. It is the same type of thing I'd do to explain to any kids I had.

    I'd tell him the story explaining how there was once long ago a kind old man who made toys for poor local children. It spread and people kept up the stories and made it more magical. Also say parents keep up the idea of Santa to keep a magical idea for kids. Also as a way to make one or two big gifts really special.
  • Duraffinity  - I was soooo scared of Santa...
    When I was 3 I sat on the Mall Santa's lap and I hated every second of it. I was so shaken, when I got down that my mom had to finally tell me that Santa wasn't real, that he'd never sneak into our house, etc. I was SO relieved! It was like a weight off of my shoulders. Even now, I can't lie about Santa to my kids; and they seem ok with that. They like the idea of Santa, they like the stories that go along with him. But they seem perfectly happy knowing that he's as fictional as the cartoons they watch on tv. Besides, they know they're gonna get Christmas presents anyway. :)

    But I see what you mean about giving kids something to believe in. It's just hard to do when I didn't feel the magic myself, as a kid.
  • Majin47
    What do you mean Santa isn't real...
  • Eli_321
    From Hogfather by Terry Pratchett (which sums up what I think about it):

    “All right," said Susan. "I'm not stupid. You're saying humans need... fantasies to make life bearable."


    "Tooth fairies? Hogfathers? Little—"


    "So we can believe the big ones?"


    "They're not the same at all!"


    "Yes, but people have got to believe that, or what's the point—"

  • Stormtalon
    Boy I've been aware from Ankh-Morpork for too long. I forgot that Death always speaks in All caps but it isn't shouting.
  • Sephirothwolf
    I was about to post this, kudos for beating me to it sir.
  • Millstone
    Except no, we do not have to believe the universe cares about us. Justice, mercy, duty... or, for that matter, felony, cruelty, abandon... are neither found in rocks nor in the dance of planets, and what is so shocking with that? They are human traits, only as real as we are.

    I love Terry Pratchett, but I disagree with that particular bit of "wisdom".
  • MrThorbjoern
    Talk ybout missing the point.

    what he says there is exactly what youre criticizing. Its saying that the universe isn't just, but humans can be.
  • Millstone
    Missing schmissing.

    What he says there is that the universe isn't just but humans have got to believe it is, else they could never be just themselves.
  • BigMac90
    Sorry, but I agree with MrThorbjoern. You completely missed the point.
  • HMorris73
    No, he's saying that we need to believe in concepts like justice in spite of their having no physical reality.
  • Dohn  - The Nightmare Before Christmas
    So when are you gonna review The Nightmare Before Christmas? Skipped it two Disneycember's in a row. Not talking about it during Christmas. Referenced multiple times. Yet... nothing.

    Still a cool editorial. Does Santa Christ really exist then? We never see him and Rob in the same room... maybe Rob is just wearing a suit.

    There is no Santa Christ.
  • embercoral
    There is also no Chester A. Bum, despite the improved green screen effects in the Last Airbender review. Phelous revealed that fact 2 years ago.
  • keniakittykat
    Wasn't the Nightmare before christmas made by Touchstone, not Disney?
  • polarbearjosh
    Nice editorial and I now see clearly why we lie about Santa. Also I'm curious what Doug will review as the worst holiday special. I'm hoping for either Home Alone 4, Christmas With The Kranks, or Deck The Halls.
  • embercoral
    Home Alone 4 seems like a candidate for another Sequel Month, which I have been waiting patiently for. It would give him a reason to review Baby Geniuses 3, too.
  • tomrule123
    Oh God, that film made the 3rd look legit. Rented this one years ago and, boy, was it downright disappointing. If that wasn't the worst holiday special ever, then I don't know what is.
  • JLadicuss
    Well done critic.
  • SailorCardKnight
    ...also, I find the lie an effective tool to get kids to behave. When I watched my niece when she was younger, and if/when she started to misbehave, I told her "you better be good or Santa will give you coal this year."

    Works like a charm.
  • jz1337
    Which kids remember when they find out and learn that it's okay to lie to your parents since they lie to you all the time.

    Great lesson.
  • EvilSandwich
    I admit, I was one of those few kids that were completely and utterly destroyed by finding out that Santa wasn't real. It had nothing to do with "the magic going away" or anything like that. It was the fact that my parents were lying to me. To my face. And laughing about it behind my back like it was some kind of cute little game to trick their only son. To me, it wasn't me maturing, it was trust broken. My mom and dad and my family and basically all children's programming LIED. TO. ME.

    Short of my Dad passing away, I consider it one of my worst memories and one that shaped me into the person I am today.

    For years after that, whenever my parents told me something, I always ask myself the question "What else are those lying pieces of shit fibbing about?" and I would almost never take anything they said at face value for a long time.

    I eventually got over it, because let's face it, people just outgrow petty stuff like that. But, to this day, I always feel this edge of guilt, anger and disgust whenever I see a Mom talking about Santa to their kids. I have zero intention of telling my kid about Santa and if they ask I'll tell the truth, but I would never break the news to someone else's kid. Its just not my place, but I always stay quiet about it and never encourage the idea. I just can't bring myself to.
  • jz1337
    I took a slightly different lesson. Lie to your parents. Seriously and parents wonder why kids bs them so much.

  • Feeny-chan
    At a Home Depot about 30 minutes away from my house, they have a guy working in the Paints section that looks exactly like Santa Claus.

    Even though I'm 21, I always feel a jubilant happiness when I see him, even during the summer months.

    I joke with the other employees, remarking how they managed to get Santa to work for them. I love it. Even though he may not be real, even as adults, we can still play along with it and keep the magic going.

    My older sister was the one who told me at such a young age that there was no Santa. She's never been the type to try and imagine something when she knows it's not real.

    She's a killjoy pretty much. But I ignored her for years until I entered the 4th grade, and pretty much accepted the truth. It didn't kill me emotionally or mentally. Now I get to be part of the inner circle and pass along the tradition of old St. Nick to my baby nephew. ^.^
  • bobbi21
    So your main point is we should lie to our kids to prepare them for when people lie to them. We should beat our kids too to prepare them for bullies. And rape them to prepare them for rapists.

    Going overboard but that's what it sounds like. Making them experience shitty stuff so they can learn to deal with and enjoy shitty stuff. I got lied to my whole life? Now I can lie to OTHER people their entire life! I can make them believe anything and do whatever I want and it's all ok.

    Just my opinion.. I hate lies...
  • HanSK
    well, it can help them on their path to atheism
  • Thunderbang
    Wow, you're just twisting his views here. And what does one man's opinion have to do with yours anyway? Or any others'? It's the Critic's, and maybe Doug's, view. It's not like Doug's fans are going to follow everything he does and be okay with it and worship him, no matter how much people on YouTube like TheArchfiend believes that is going to happen...
  • Falconfly
    @bobbi: Exactly. Whenever dumbfucks whine about "let them experience darkness so only then they can be strong", I always point out things like rape and murder.

    Shuts the pseudo-intellectual filth rather quickly.
  • HanSK
    well, it did make the Spartans into the greatest warriors of their time, so there may be some truth in it
  • Falconfly
    Spartan military success came from battle tactics, not being culturally bankrupt and nihilistic.

    Also, they're fucking overated. Ultimatey, their sole noteworthy accomplishment was retaining their territory in the face of many invading empires; when shit truly hit the fan, they fell like pigeons.
  • Lëzen
    Um...to be frank, it's looking like the only pseudo-intellectual filth here is you. And bobbi. I'm sorry, but if you liken something to a minor disappointment to a FUCKING LIFE DESTROYING EVENT like RAPE or MURDER, then you're a fucking vile human being. bobbi should be ashamed for making such an idiotic comparison, and you should be just as ashamed for agreeing with it.

    Have a good one.
  • Falconfly
    I love it how you fail to adress the points positted, simply resorting to a "NO U" answer.
  • Captain_Vyse
    Being Jewish, I always knew Santa was fake. My parents made sure we didn't tell our non Jewish friends though. It was fun to see how long it took them to figure out Santa isn't real.
  • SkyExplosion
    Being Jewish makes you blind to the fact Santa was real, once he was a Christian Saint that gave gold.

    Hanukah is a scam anyway. Nah just joking all religion is bs imo.
  • jz1337
    All -isms are evil by nature. Rid yourself of your vile -ism!
  • Catalyst75
    There is also another reason why it also works - when it is revealed, it also shows the children how much their parents love them.

    There is a certain wonder to magical beings coming by and leaving you presents on a certain day every year, or in celebration of a certain event. Despite that, there is an even greater love behind it when you learn your parents are the ones responsible for it.

    They are the ones who put the coin under your pillow; the ones who hid the Easter eggs in the house, and the ones who leave the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. In that sense, THEY are the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.

    In that sense, it can also help strengthen the bond between children and their parents. To know your parents would do such things for your happiness is really heart-warming, and it makes the events even more special as a result.
  • mitko555
    Or you know not lie to your kids and tell them that sometimes people lie and you should find ways to determine the truth . That works too :P .
  • Snowy_One
    My parents never lied to me about Santa and now, as an adult, I wish they had. I think 'Rise of the Guardians' summarized it best. Santa is a representation of wonder and the sheer mystical nature of being a child. Seeing, things, we don't understand that seem utterly amazing to us as a child and bring us utter enjoyment despite their sheer simplicity. That's why the myth is worth preserving. Because it helps to instill children with a sense of wonder and enjoyment about them in a world that often loves to destroy that sense of wonder.
  • Mandalf The Beige  - Telling a Story
    I always looked at it the same way as why we tell stories to kids. You don't criticize children for reading Harry Potter, or going to watch The Avengers even though it's made up. We tell these stories to others in order to teach them about Morality, about Virtue, or Religion. In fact with many of these stories, the strangeness is integral to the lesson, because when the reader compares the story with real life, they aren't distracted by the Historical similarities, but by the moral ones.

    Teaching our Kids about Santa is a story that instead of reading to our kids or putting on a movie, we live it. To teach our kids that being good is something worth doing. And then as they get older, they get to discover the truth, and then they get to live the story with their own children, as well as others.
  • Kilyle  - Stories are Vital
    I'd agree here, albeit it sometimes seems like "be good this one month of the year and you can raise hell the rest" - bribery, rather than training them to appreciate being good in and of itself. (Though it's also a good time to teach kids how to enjoy helping others, such as by having them pick out food to donate to a food bank.)

    G. K. Chesterton said no child needs stories to know that dragons exist - for every child knows, intuitively, that dragons exist. They need stories to know that dragons can be fought and defeated.

    Symbolism, obviously, but yeah, there are monsters in the world - most of them human - and we teach our children through stories how to deal with these monsters: to be brave, to accept guidance and respect those who give it, to make allies and gather appropriate resources, and to defend those less capable than yourself.

    And when a person gets into danger, they have images in their head to strengthen and guide them, images that stick with them far better than any words could. Occasionally you hear a story where this was the difference between life and death - like the kid whose sister got attacked by a bear, and who used thoughts of World of Warcraft to taunt the bear off of her and then scare it away.

    I remember a discussion with a college classmate who claimed her (Arabic) culture didn't tell stories to kids, only true things. And I don't believe her. Maybe her family does that, but I can't imagine an entire culture that doesn't use fables to teach.
  • Falconfly
    There is a crucial difference, however: few children take fantasy and sci-fi books with unironic belief in their reality.

    Santa, on the other hand, is pretty much forced on them to be a real concept.

    There's a difference between allegory and blindness. Trust me that the former is beneficial while the latter is not.
  • 88ace88
    You know what always bothered me as a kid was those movies that were supposed to be promoting the illusion of Santa but at the same time managed to completely dash it to bits. Take The Santa Clause. All the parents don't believe in Santa Claus but by the end you see he IS real and had a sitcom about a tool man at one point. But even as a kid your wonder, "Why wouldn't adults believe in Santa if every Christmas morning a giant pile of presents suddenly appears under the Christmas tree and they had nothing to do with it?" And really in movies where they're trying to say its real, there is no answer to that question. The logic of the world falls apart. For me, I think these kinds of movies that were trying to support the illusion were what actually led to me finally accepting that Santa wasn't real; and I didn't need my parents to tell me the truth because the movie already had... by accident.
  • SkyExplosion
    Man I always found that so odd that sitcoms would be like Santa isn't real then there would this last like 2 minutes thing where a kid gets a gift that no one bought them so Santa must be real. I can literally name 9 sitcoms I remember doing that. Even Kenan and Kel the old nick show did that.
  • Shanetefilmmaker  - Santa Real Or No
    About a few days ago I recorded an audio version of an article on my Could It Exist In Real Life? Blog. It pretty much stated that he could be real. First we have the obvious candidates such as St. Nicholas. But what I neglected to say and will account for it in my own missed opportunity list was a theory I just thought of. In which Santa is not only real, but there is more than one still active today. Many of the movies that came out around the 80s and 90s have done their own version of said theory, from Ernest Saves Christmas to The Santa Clause. However I based this one on both that basis, but also the legend factor. Why is it that Santa's tale varies from one country to another? Why is it that some countries even though they don't celebrate christmas have their own equivalent to Santa Claus. Hell they are still doing it right now. This one guy I did cover in CIEIR pretty much made free toys to give to kids in his town, he even dressed up to keep up the illusion. If that is not a good example of a real life Santa Claus I don't know what is.
    Santa isn't real?
  • Chieftac
    The history of Santa Claus began in Turkey. Yes in Asia! True story! A bishop (Saint Nicolas) lived there which gave presents to kids. The chistians took over this tradition in europe and celebrated Sinterklaas (started in the 1800's). Then this holiday was taken by english people to America where they changed the name of Sinterklaas to Santa Claus (it even sounds simular in a way). And that's how Santa Claus made it into american culture!!
  • Thunderbang
    Bishop Nicholas SUPPOSDLY, not definitely, gave presents to kids. The commonly accepted story is actually that he gave money to a family so that the daughter could get married. And that he did it in the night. Came by, and put the pouch of coins in the window. The idea that he would then go on to deliver gold and stuff in people's windows, shoes, even chimneys in some legends, are not known to be truth, and are more then often thought to be made-up stories/legends. But from what we know of Nicholas, I draw the conclusion that he must in fact have been a very generous man. More generous than most. There's currently a film in production about Nicholas' real life. It's been in production for such a long time, and the people making it has been struggling to produce it. It will be titled Nicholas of Myra: The Story of Saint Nicholas. It's a very low-budget film. Not cheap for an independent film, but for a Hollywood or L.A. film, sure. It was not even shot on a cinema camera, since they started making it while HD cameras was still a new thing for consumers. But they have begun to use more elaborate and bigger special effects in some scenes, like with a ship set where they had to pour water onto the deck, or the ammount of miniature models they are using for ancient building sceneries. The man who started the project, and the other people involved in it, are so passionate that they renamed their group Nicholas of Myra Entertainment. They are also working on a children's historical fiction book which will tie into the film. While they are going to take some creative liberties, the story will still be pretty accurate.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    He was also supposedly at the Council of Nicea and punched Arius in the face. So, yeah, basically the real Santa Claus spent time in the clink for Assault and Battery.
  • WesleyFoxx
    I've always gone with the Yes Virginia route with it. Santa is not an actual person, but he is very real. He is how we represent christmas, and all that goes with it. As long as there is still christmas, there will be a santa claus.
  • jonhoward18
    guessing next week is santa will muscles?
  • Travoltron
    My dad told me he wasn't real when I was very young, probably around 4 or five. I wouldn't say I was emotionally devastated, but I immediately connected the dots and realized the the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and also God were myths.

    So by all means, if you want your children to grow up to be cynical and skeptical of everything, keep lying to them.
  • Chaosdirge  - I would say that the god comparison is a little of
    I don't think that its wrong to believe in a creator, it doesn't always necessarily justify the way thing are to people or even give them a reason to live though it may be the case for many people. I think there are plenty of reasons to come to the conclusion still that there could be a creator in the universe, and many events in the bible are linked to historical events that can be traced back in history. So, god is more than a myth, God is a legend.

    "A majority of legends operate within the realm of uncertainty, never being entirely believed by the participants, but also never being resolutely doubted."

    Aspects of what god is can be doubted, you may believe or not believe in a god. But in the end the only way to disprove god, would be to actually find the start of everything. Its not quite like the myth of santa, easterbunny, or the Toothfairy. They are perpetuated and can be proven false. God Can't be proven or disproved no matter how much each side argues.
  • PlayMp1
    I'm not exactly cynical, but definitely skeptical of everything. My parents didn't keep up the Santa lie for very long (probably stopped by the time I was 3), and never told me about gods, the Easter bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. I guess they preferred people only believing in things that have corroborating evidence.
  • thatchickwithlonghair
    .........I can't believe you just put God in the same category as children's myths.
    That's plain f*cking ignorant.
  • Falconfly
    Why not? There's about as much evidence for God as there is for Santa, and ultimately both are exactly the same character with different trappings.

    And mind you, I'm a spiritual person.
  • jz1337
    God, explanation for origin of universe.

    Santa, brings kids toys.

    Kind of different. I mean maybe a specific God could be compared to Santa but hardly the concept.
  • Tom Smith
    Well... (assuming the Judeo-Christian religion) you never truly see them, they both punish/reward bad/good behavior, require faith, have sweet beards, and you get grief if you call it out.

    And they are both Middle Eastern (the real Saint Nick was born in Turkey).
  • Baby Hitler
    I think it's so that if a kid doesn't get what they asked for they don't get angry at the parents.
    It also helps keep kids in line, and similar versions of the "you better be good" story exist all over the world. In alpine Europe if you are bad the Krampus will get you. In the Netherlands Zwarte Piet does St. Nick's dirty work.
    And nearly every culture has at least one non-Christmas-related "you'd better be good or else" tale. I've heard that some parents in Tibet tell their kids that they'd better be good or the yeti will get them!
  • TooMuchFreeTime
    When I was a kid I tried to prove he wasn't real. I wasn't out to ruin anyone's fun, I just tried to catch em in the act. One night I got up to go to the bathroom and looked downstairs... Presents had appeared under the tree, the cookies had been eaten and my folks were still up.

    "Aha!" I say.
    "What are you doing up?!" they reply.

    The jig was up. I was like that for the tooth fairy too. I just never bought it.
  • dougputhoff  - I believe in Santa Claus!
    Hear me out! I don't believe in the guy in the red suit who lives in the North Pole. But there was an actual St. Nicholas (more information about St. Nicholas can be found on the Internet). I also believe in Heaven, and I believe St. Nicholas is up there. And I hope to meet him.
  • Hinatachan360
    Yep, He was a Turkish priest who threw bags of money into the windows of poor families who needed dowries for their unmarried daughters so they wouldn't be sold into slavery.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    And punched Arius in the face at the Council of Nicea, for which he was thrown in jail for Assault and Battery.
  • CJ-1
    Well put!
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