Man of Steel

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Comments (476)
  • TheCrimsonFucker  - I apolagise...
    Wow the length of the video and with Angry Joe I love it before watching and I wont take that back... unless it was just 1hr of troll but its NC he would never do that to us ;3
  • Santiago Olaisola
    It's about 45 minutes long. The rest is just a video for another show.
  • Drvobradi
    Doug, I have absolutely no problems with you advertising other shows.
    But please, at least put it in the separate video, below your main video.
    You see, if I see an NC video which has a 30 minute running time, then I would say to myself: ''Hey, Treebeard - you need to spare 30+ minutes in order to watch this.'' *looks at the clock* ''Nope, no time now, I only have 23 minutes to spare.''
    But in reality, that video is only 20 minutes long, with 10 minutes being the ad for another show.
    So, basically, I HAD the time to watch that hypotetical video, but the running time TRICKED me into thinking it lasts longer.
  • minnie3434
    Why should he advertise on another video. If you don't like it stop the video when it gets to that part. It always at the end of the video.

    Plus doing this is awesome.
  • Drvobradi
    Have you even read my comment?
    I said I DON'T MIND the promotion, but the fact is that when I see a clip that lasts (for example) 30 minutes, I will think the review itself lasts for 30 minutes.
    How can I know that there's a promotion at the end?

    For example, the Nostalgia Critic's reveiw of the Devil is 45 minutes long.
    When I saw that, I needed several days to have 45 minutes free to watch the whole video at once.
    However, when I finally watched it, I realised that the review is less than 30 minutes long, while the rest is a promotion.
    So, basically, I waited for days to watch it because I thought its duration is 45 minutes, when, in fact, it was shorter, and I could have watched it before.

    THAT is my problem - the fact that I don't know how long is the review, before I watch it.
  • minnie3434
    " the fact that I don't know how long is the review, before I watch it.".....and? Why does that matter? Doug is producing product that people like and doesn't really bother with the length meaning anything. Most people don't go into a movie knowing the length, they just sit back and enjoy.

    Movies have ads too, but no one ever knows how long they're going to last. Tv shows are the same way.
  • MrThorbjoern
    Why not make it video with the review, one with the new stuff?

    Or, on the other hand, why should the bum reviews and dougs opinion be two separate videos?
  • Disagreer
    I agree very much in what Drvobradi writes. Some of us have limited bandwidth, and to sepate the actual review from the promotion helps out.
  • Jaso44
    You should know he's going to promote a show because it says right below the video there is a promotion. So really the only problem for you is that you cannot seem to read.
  • MrKingOfWin  - If it is so...
    Why not say how long the promotional part is down below? That would be quite helpful!
  • PatheticManatee  - @Drvobradi
    If you saw the super promotion text blurb RIGHT UNDERNEATH the video you're watching, you should've been thinking, had you seen the last two NC videos, "Oh, this isn't really going to be a 70-minute long video."

    But no, don't try using your head; you might strain yourself. Just keep bitching like an idiot with overly harsh time-constraints for watching videos online.
  • orwellianson  - I agree with Drvobradi
    Promoting other vids and users is fine but to add it in the run time without a prior warning or notification is just dishonest.
  • LikaLaruku
    Music video opening FTW.

    That's the first time I've ever seen the Airbender haircut uncensored. Teehee.

    Damn....Could they have picked an uglier guy to play Zod?

    $5 says Nostalgia Goat & Nipple-Tazed Joe fanart appears on DA within the week.

    [Initiate nerd debate] So if Superman has Hair of Steel that can't be cut by normal means, how'd he shave?

    Why is Lois blonde? Lois & Catwoman are supposed to have black hair.

    I hate drama & oscar bait. I don't like bucketloads of uncanny valley CG effects in my wanton destruction.

    The city looks like the end of every Frankenstein battle in Noblesse.

    Superman couldn't have just forced Zod's eyes shut?

    "Hey! Heeeey! Batmandoesnthaveabeeeeard !"
  • Maria Mystery
    Did you notice the "Director: Tommy Wiseau" thing in the music video caption thingy? (I don't know what it's called?
  • Lotus Prince
    "Doug, I have absolutely no problems with you advertising other shows.
    But please, at least put it in the separate video, below your main video."

    But if he did that then let's be honest: far, far fewer people would click it. Putting it in his own videos ensures that what he's advertising is noticed. It's really the more effective decision.
  • jz1337
    The moment I saw he was doing this I decided whatever he was advertising wasn't worth it. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  • PatheticManatee  - What does Treebeard have to do with anything?
    If you saw the super promotion text blurb RIGHT UNDERNEATH the video you're watching, you should've been thinking, had you seen the last two NC videos, "Oh, this isn't really going to be a 70-minute long video."

    But no, don't try using your head; you might strain yourself. Just keep bitching like an idiot with overly harsh time-constraints for watching videos online.
  • HentaiGuy42
    It's not so much that there IS a's that you don't know how long the promotion is, which can be problematic for people who have limited viewing time.

    Plus bandwidth is still an issue with some people, so putting it in one video can make it tough on folks.
  • Elphaba645
    YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I HATED this film. My opinion of this is basically a carbon copy of Doug's. But yeah, if you like it, whatever.

    The opening song CRACKED ME UP. It was super accurate, too! They just tried to make Superman Batman, and it doesn't work in the slightest. Rob's cameos almost made me piss myself! I love the look he gives the camera at the end of each one. And the ending split my sides hard. I love the super cafe, and that spoof cracked me up, especially when we saw the cartoon Batman and Superman. But it needed an "I'm batman!" I love this review! Keep it coming guys!
  • TooMuchFreeTime
    Sorry, I gotta hijack a first page comment to ask an important question: Why the hell would Superman struggle with the ship's atmospherics when he can survive in fucking SPACE?

    Also if they need to entirely rework the planet anyway, why not just go to Mars?
  • HentaiGuy42
    I haven't seen it since it was in theaters, but if I remember correctly it was because the atmosphere in the ship was a Kryptonian atmosphere, which means he lost all the superpowers he'd lived with his entire life. Going from god to normal dude would probably mess you up.
  • william1mimms
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  • moroko
    I just watched CinemaSins new video on youtube where he also critisize Man of steel. What a coincidence!
  • The Jovian
    Coincidence *ding*
  • thefanboy1928
    Ah, Nostalgia critic and Angry Joe, I'm in heaven :D
  • MrKingOfWin  - In the words of batman
    Been there, done that
  • Einsam
    better then superman 3 richard pryor WHY!!!!
  • Guild Navigator
    THIS. Superman III is by and large the worst ever.

    Wow,awesome HisHer's Super Cafe cameo!
  • SpeedyEric  - re: Guild Navigator
    You have a good point their, cause the last thing we expect in a Superman movie is slapstick comedy. There was more slapstick in that movie than the theatrical cut on Superman II.
  • 2001
    Superman III was only the worst thing since Superman IV.
  • h2ohno
    Over an hour? Seriously? There goes any chance of watching it in 1 sitting.
  • Blackfist  - I heard that
    I'm going to eat my dinner get some desert and come back to this... after what is sure to be layers of comments :P
  • WesleyFoxx
    I can already tell you without even watching it that it isn't actually an hour long review. The last however many minutes of it are going to be the super promotion #3 thing mentioned under the video, just like the last two promotions.
  • JakePuppy
    I could tell this wasn't going to be an one hour long bid also theres only do much you can talk about for man of steel
  • Giogiogio4  - Go Joe
    I will back joe up.

    Ok I will end this stupid conversation once and for all.

    #1 First Point. Clark's Dad didn't want the people to find out. Why? This is a REAL World situation. A World where RELIGION plays a huge role. Look at how often Christianity holds back progress in the USA. You think Clarks existence would be welcomed? The Government would have him locked up, cut up and studied within Moments. ( Check out the DC movie Flashpoint for the section of what Happened to Superman when the government got to him first ). His dad was doing the right thing by not letting that happen to Clark UNTIL he was older and could handle that kind of pressure. Letting the child grow up with as close to a normal life as possible.

    #2. The City fight. Ok this point I always find to be stupid. Superman is ALWAYS fighting in the city. smashing buildings, getting smashed into buildings. If Superman really saved EVERY person do you know how it would actually look? The Moment he gets hit into a building he would have to pause the fight and spend the next 20 mins evacuating the building. Then get punched and repeat the same process. The Cartoon/comic would be filled with that. So how do they work around it? They SAVE MONEY by not animating and showing the people. That Easy , plus ITS A CHILDRENS CARTOON. So no Shit they don't show it. Do You honestly think No1 died When Doomsday beat the living crap out of him? Do you honestly think No1 died in the Avengers? An Army of 100+ Thousand comes out and magically you think 5 people can crowd control and save every person well after the fact 500 million shots have been fired off in all directions Before they even began to fight back.

    Captin America Crashes the ship and freezes himself in the Ice DURING WWII. Good Job he just allowed Hitler to kill 6 million Jews.
    Wheres the outcry about that? Hell wheres the outcry about the Hulk blowing down half the town? There isn't because Tony Stark makes you laugh and pats you on the back while he changes your soiled pants.

    Zod Destroyed 98+% of what your looking at.

    #3. Superman Kills Zod. This point has been made in the video. So there isn't a need to even make it. It's called character development. And for "Critics" I love how you say they should tell you this and that about Clark not killing. When actually they should SHOW YOU why, not just say why. This is like story telling 101. Also the "Sub plot" about the DNA in his cells is a GREAT subplot for future movies to explain WHY HE BECOMES STRONG, being he has the DNA of a whole race boosting his power.
  • Giogiogio4  - part 2
    3.5 "Krypton had it's chance!". Yes it did. It was a flawed race that through DNA engineering sealed their own fate. It was their own arrogance that made them blind to the world falling apart around them. And WHY THEY HAD LESS EMOTION.The Ship made no difference because with the Codec still they would ended up the same. The children in those pods were still engineered, would still repeat the same mistakes. At that point they were closer to machines then living beings.

    I will add Superman Killed Zod 20 years ago in the comics. An Already defeated Zod.

    #4. Superman can't be everywhere at the same time. Its stupid to think he will save every single person. REALLY stupid. If you want to go on that Logic then let me ask you this. If Superman can Turn back time then why does he let the villains go through with their plans?
    He can hear everything so why doesn't he just stop them right there? Why does he bother fighting them and then turning back time? He could have turned it back and prevented all the acts of crime from ever happening. So Superman just spends an entire movie plot playing with these Lesser beings to just inflate his own ego? Makes Zero Sense. Realistic isn't "Dark". There was nothing "Dark" about this movie. No1 was brutally murdered and tortured. No mentally insane borderline horror and depressing. It was simply grounded in reality and from the reactions of most of you just can't seem to handle which is why you cling so hard to these comic book version who's always right.

    Yet looking at the Cartoons Superman is just as pig headed there as well. He has an attitude, is arrogant and relies on a super space station of super heroes to fight by his side and to help him with his short comings. Somethings THIS superman ( A name he has NOT given to himself yet ) does not have.

    The worst thing about any Fiction is the Fan Boys.
  • Spqanx
    Excelent >:)
  • TheLemsterPju
    As Aquaman would say, OUTRAGEOUS!
  • War1309
    As anyone surprised that a screenplay by Cristopher Nolan was dark, overly complex,and had a dark broody character as the focus ?
  • opsz
    You and Doug seem to have a problem realizing Nolan didn't write the screenplay. He was a producer. Goyer wrote the story, not Nolan (although the two did meet several times and threw ideas around).
  • TheRancor
    Someone should throw Goyer off a cliff.
  • DMaster
    Hey, he wrote and co-wrote a FEW good movies, including the first two Dark Knight movies everyone seems to like so much. I don't care for this, Blade: Trinity (which he also directed, unlike the first two) or The Unborn, but he's not worthless.
  • jz1337
    Except it's very obvious Nolan had a lot of influence, you think it's coincidence this movie is basically trying to be batman begins but with superman?
  • opsz
    Of course I don't deny that, if two people work on a series of movies obviously that will carry over onto future titles (especially when working on another superhero film).

    My issue lies with how Doug uses this film as the poster child to attack the tropes used in Nolan's other movies, when much of this film was Goyer emulating his writing (and I think we can all agree Goyer is the weaker writer between the two). Attack Nolan for Inception or any of the Dark Knight films, at least then you're actually addressing the source of the issues you had with the film.

    If you only watched this video and knew nothing of Man of Steel, you'd think Nolan wrote the whole thing and you wouldn't know what the hell David Goyer had to do with anything.
  • mkeithddc  - are you serious??
    "Goyer the weaker of the two"
    Goyer has been writing fantastic stories for decades. and is responsible for the look and feel of the Batman movies, not Nolan. Look at Goyer's older work, back into the 80's and 90's you will see the influence for batman. Now look at Nolan's stuff without Goyer, like Inception, completely different tone and style.
  • mkeithddc  - No, it isnt obvious
    Doesn't make more sense that Goyer was the influence, and that the batman movies are the way they are because of Goyer not Nolan. Behind every great name is the person how did all the work. It is always this way throughout history. If you look at Goyers other films that he either wrote or directed, they look more like batman movies than Nolan's other non-Goyer movies. The Crow, Blade, Dark City(Dark City is about as moody and atmospheric as you can get)
  • opsz
    I understand what you're saying, and I'm willing to accept that much of the style from the Dark Knight movies is due to Goyer.

    I will still stand by my claim however, that Nolan is the stronger writer of the two. Style is one thing, but dialogue/story depth is another. Man of Steel had the former, but I would have preferred more of the latter (I do still think it's a good film overall).
  • 2001
    "Ok I will end this stupid conversation once and for all."

    Ha! Good luck with that. Interesting argument, but it's not going to end conversations about the movie.
  • Spqanx
    boomer lives.
  • Boomer
    I do what, now?
  • ThatGuyFromCanada
    I just bought this on blue-ray and it was awesome! Only problem was all the death and property damage...
    Neck snapping scene was intense!
  • SpeedyEric
    What else would you expect from a gravety weapon? You expect the people to know what's gonna happen before it happens? Haven't you seen The Avengers?
  • Roinx
    Been waiting for this review
  • DeadManSinging
    But War1309, Nolan did not write the Screenplay, he only has a story credit, which is a different thing. David S Goyer wrote the screenplay, and he is a complete hack. I don't like Nolan, but you can't blame him.
  • Frogga
    Same here!
  • DeaEal
    Problem with mos is not that it's new (i've never seen first four movies), but because it's bad as a movie. Idiocies, plot holes and lazy writing is throughout the film, but worst of all IT IS SOOOOOOO DAMN BOOOOOORIIIIIIIIIIING. Nice camera work and cinematography doesn't save it a bit.
  • HanSK
    or, you know, you viewers are just too lazy and stupid to get it
  • SpeedyEric  - re: HanSK
  • Cassmi
    Maybe because OTT action scenes do not equal excitement or stimulation for all people? Just a hunch...
  • 2001

    Action sequences need to have a point for them to be engaging or exciting. Seeing Superman punch people through buildings for the sake of seeing people get punched through buildings is very, very boring.
  • Moreno X  - To HanSK
    Does comments like yours are this ridiculous or is everyday a special occasion?
  • Cassmi
    Yeah, a Superman film is generally the type of thing that just flies over people's heads (pun intended). Seriously, though? The 'you just don't get it' excuse is as asinine as they come.
  • 2001  - @Cassmi
    ^^ Exactly correct Cassmi.
  • TheFanofWar40k
    I for one, whilst agreeing with most of what the Critic says, majorly support Angry joe and his reasonings.
  • Gorzagorz
    meh, would be better without AJ
  • SpeedyEric
    The review needed someone to tell us the positives of this movie.
  • Moreno X  - To SpeedyEric
    Can Linkara be invited as a third person to even the odds between Critic and Joe? It'll be the Man of Steel edition starring the Three Knuckleheads! :D
  • Santiago Olaisola
    I had been waiting for this review for so long and for some reason I feel let down. I didn't enjoy the humor or banter or sketches. I don't know why. And it's not because I'm a MOS fan boy (haven't seen it yet). I just think it focused too much on the sketches instead of the critics usual quick witted humor and sarcasm.
  • Sdjyn
    But wouldn't the neck-breaking scene have much more impact if Superman hadn't been responsible for a shit ton of needless destruction in the city? Like, hundreds of thousands of people most likely died because of him, so when he kills another dude it's like... really? This is the kill you get upset about?
    I would've liked that scene so much more if they had portrayed him differently in the fight scenes. If he had seemed like a character that genuinely cared about protecting everyone, seeing him kill Zod would've had much more of an impact.
  • ashenblood
    I guess the point of the neck-break is that here he physically and directly killed a man while the other deaths were more due to the destruction of buildings and explosions. Collateral vs direct. He had to make a conscious decision to kill a man. As for that family, there was plenty of room to get out of the way.

    Also -- and I should mention that I haven't seen this movie so I'm commenting based on what I see in the review -- if they had learned the info they needed was in Clark's blood, couldn't they just either recapture him and drain his blood or cause a wound to bleed and just get a sample? If Clark can kill them, they should be able to cause a cut on one another. Honestly, how many blood cells did they need to get the info they required? That seems like the easier route to go then to destroy major cities -- wasn't that what Clark was trying to protect?

    I'll admit, I've never cared for Superman. I don't find him relatible at all and no matter what, he can "charge up" and defeat everything. He's actually pretty scary in that respect since he could take out the world quite easily and there would be no way to stop him. He's the very worst kind of Mary Sue character in stories...and I just started to go into a rant so I'm going to end here because I can keep going but don't want to get into that.

    Great job Joe, Doug, cast, and cameos!
  • AngryJoeShow
    Zod is directly responsible for the deaths & destruction of the city - not Superman. Get it right people.

    And the TIRED argument of why didnt Superman fly away during their big fight is so played out. Zod's goal at this point was to destroy humanity, to hurt Superman by killing as many humans as possible, you think if Superman flew away that he would just follow him? Why not stay around destroy more buildings and kill innocents - thats how you get revenge for Superman ending kyrpton's future. But no one ever considers this.

    Also everyone AUTOMATICALLY assumes that there were people in those peoples, that superman crashed into a civilian and we see them explode in a showery gore fest - but none of that was ever shown. If you can make that sort of assumption I can assume that batman killed his 5 ninja friends and has in fact killed many thugs before even in the Keaton version.

    Lets also remember that Superman has ZERO Experience, ZERO training, he literally learned his powers a day or two ago and is just coming to grips with it. When you take on an entire military bend on destroying earth - theres going to be destruction and civilian deaths - why the hell cant you people get over that - oh wait im sorry its because you want superman to do everything, be everywhere, and save everyone like always - yet then complain that he does so as boring. Oh god.
  • Jeff Jacobson
    "Also everyone AUTOMATICALLY assumes that there were people in those peoples..."

    I suppose there may have been some pregnant women injured, too.
  • SpeedyEric  - re: Angry Joe
    I'm also tired of this argument. Jesus, enough with all this bitching, people. I also caught on that Supes didn't yet have the experiance to be a superhero yet. Give it time, and he'll probably get in to it in the awaiting sequel.
  • Dragonpit  - Steel, Man of
    @AngryJoeShow Woah, Woah, wait a minute! Zero experience AND training? He had those powers throughout his life, and you're telling me neither he nor his surrogate father ever had the idea to hone these powers until just before the battle with Zod? Wisdom would suggest it would've been a good idea to train those powers early, especially if the idea was to keep them secret and under control. Superman from the finale of Justice League Unlimited said it best. "It always feels like I live in a world made of cardboard, always struggling not to break something or someONE." He lifted a freaking bus! You're saying he never broke anything like farming equipment growing up, and thus never inspired any kind of training ever?

    In THAT case, he should've been at least somewhat experienced and trained, in WHICH case it should've been possible for Superman to say, grab Zod by the face and drag him up into the upper atmosphere where they could battle it out safely. It's not like Zod was anymore experienced or trained in those powers. He was only in range of the sun for what, a day? A week?

    And as far as killing Zod goes...I'll admit, it's not a bad idea, but only if they follow up, and they haven't yet. They probably will, but until then, I'm withholding criticism.

    But as far as Kent's death goes, I guess the lesson was supposed to be that using power for selfish ends would lead to dire consequence, but they could've done it better. All I got out of that moment was the death of a somewhat douchy old man.

    As a matter of fact, his whole character could've been done better. You don't go building up a superhuman boy up as a messiah, telling him he can do great things for the world, only to tell him he should stick to the quiet farm for the rest of his life. What's the point of that?

    And as far as the deaths in that final battle go, it's true that we didn't see anybody in those buildings, but there were people in the streets. And while we didn't actually see anybody die due to that, when we see such collateral damage to the buildings, especially to such a degree, some death is usually assumed, if only due to falling rubble. Zod IS directly responsible for it all, but Superman had an indirect hand and so he doesn't get out scot-free.
  • xen999
    He didn't "train" and I'll tell you why. There's a huge distinction that must be made: all Supes has done since childhood is get ACCUSTOMED to the side effects of his powers. Yes, I'm sure he's accidently broke stuff and, yes, he had to learn focus so not be overwhelmed by his powers BUT that HARDLY qualifies him to go toe-to-toe against Zod. There's a world of difference between training all kinds of fighting techniques and military tactics and such (all of which I'm sure Pa Kent would've disapproved of...) and learning to LESSEN the effects of your strength. Not to mention, Supes had no way to suspect he would EVER have to fight against another superpowered being seeing as he's the only one the Earth has ever known in thousands of years!

    On the other hand, take Zod... A guy born into a WARRIOR caste of all things, who must've endured a lifetime of intense training, everything to hone his body into the perfect weapon. Focus comes naturally to him and that's why he learns to adapt to Earth's atmosphere and his drastic increase in power so much more rapidly than Supes. Under the circumstances, it's AMAZING Supes even managed to land a single punch against such a death machine, let alone win AND not making a mess of things to top it off...
  • cosmosblue772
    First let me say that I understood and respect your opinion in the video. And that I wanted to like this film. I didn't want a repeat of the Donner films, and I was open to a brand new interpretation of the character. But honestly I didn't think this was the best representation of the character.
    It was just too dark both literally and figuratively If the Donner films had a bit too much comedic flair, then this film took itself way too seriously. It is possible to strike a balance between two of this ideas.

    Beyond this I am not bothered by Superman killing, however they should of built up the moment more and saved it for a later movie, so it would have a bigger and better impact, IMO. And yes the destruction of Metropolis bothered me, and I realize he's new at this but seeing Superman be a bit more concerned and helping more people beyond that family and Lois would of been nice. I know he can't be everywhere at once, but he can at least try. Along with this the script, camera work, and somber tone just wasn't my cup of tea. The movie felt too concerned with being action pact (I like action don't get me wrong) then it was about telling a fulfilling and hopeful story. Because really this movie lacked was a feeling of hope, and if it was there, I personally didn't feel it.
  • Moreno X  - To Angry Joe
    Don't be angry Joe, seems to me people are out of ideas of how to have a proper opinion to say. Have you read my four posts? I know they're not good enough but I've explained the best I can. And I did it by making up my mind and stick to it. Which I did.
  • jz1337
    He's never even shown trying to avoid all the damage and most likely killing people. He could have at least tried to knock or lure Zod away. Hmmm when a giant beam weapon is destroying the city, some people are likely to panic and stay in buildings.

    Batman goes out of his way not to kill people, it's stated several times where he draws the line. This Clark Kent never makes any such vow. It wasn't a plot point until the very last second. One of the arguments is this isn't the same Clark Kent. So I'm not going to assume he made any vow not to kill people.

    Clark had his entire life to adjust to his powers.

    It's not about saving everyone. But he's never shown caring about it, so after being directly responsible for thousands of deaths, he suddenly cares about killing this one guy?
  • I Call Bullshit  - Re: Alien of Steel
    While he may not have caused much of the destruction to the city directly, he did in fact cause damage indirectly and did little to rectify his mistakes. While there were no people inside the buildings, you'd expect him to try to save people who below who are about to be crushed by falling debris. Plus, in Smallville, he tackled Zod through an oil refinery and a 7-11 and took the fight to a more populated are as opposed to keeping the battle in the corn fields.

    I agree, Clark couldn't have possibly lured Zod away by simply flying away as he did in "Superman II", but he certainly could have forced him out of Metropolis.

    In MoS, Clark has drunk in 33 years of the Sun's radiation as opposed to Zod's three days of yellow sun exposure. I doubt Zod could have broken Clark's neck. During the fights, at no point was I fearing for Clark's life. He never bled and didn't receive so much as a black eye. As a result, I can't understand why he didn't put more of an emphasis on saving people. preventing buildings from collapsing, etc. He's clearly more powerful than all of the Kryptonians combined (note how the scientist Jax-Ur was about to incapacitate Clark and then ran away like a bitch the moment Clark's powers returned to him when Jor-El changed the ship's Kryptonian atmosphere to Earth's atmosphere. Wait a minute. Shouldn't all of the Kryptonians have begun to struggle controlling their senses the moment that happened?).

    As for the argument that this was Clark's first time facing a crisis of this magnitude, fuck that noise. We're not talking about a scrawny 15 year-old boy from Queens who just received spider powers a couple days ago. We're talking about a grown man (33 years old because they couldn't resist another Christ parallel). The argument that he just learned how to fly a couple days ago would make sense if it didn't boggle my mind that he just NOW learned to do so because evidently, at no point during his life did he ever trip or fall and attempted to stop himself from doing so. Plus, it was made incredibly apparent that he completely mastered the ability of flight simply by listening to the inspiring words of Maximus Decimus Meridius and some badass Hans Zimmer music. In addition, it's necessary to keep in mind that this fucker traveled the world.

    He wasn't looking for some place to choke the chicken and safely release his super splooge without decapitating someone or drilling a hole through a person. He was learning to hone his abilities and also using his powers to help people, and I think it's a safe bet that stopping an oil rig from collapsing was not the only heroic deed he had done.?

    No one wants to see a Superman that gets everything done neatly and perfectly. I want to see him struggle and I want him to be challenged. BUT CHALLENGE HIM! Show some blood dripping from his face after he gets punched so we sympathize as an audience that he is in danger of dying. Sho...
  • Spike_prime
    "Also everyone AUTOMATICALLY assumes that there were people in those peoples"

    I'm going to assume you mean people in those buildings and move on. And my answer to that is... OF COURSE THERE WERE PEOPLE IN THOSE BUILDINGS. You wanna know why I know that?? Because they have repeated shots of PEOPLE IN THOSE BUILDINGS.
    Guess what! When you show that there are people in the buildings, we're gonna have the impression that there are fucking people in those buildings.

    And as for Superman not being responsible for the devastation--he takes Zod into the city. Yes, HE takes ZOD into the populated areas, rams Zod's head into the buildings, smashes Zod THROUGH the buildings and even deliberately flies through them to get to Zod a microsecond quicker. Hell, Zod even takes Supes into Space, only for Supes to take HIM into Metropolis.

    Did you not pay the slightest bit of attention to that?? Where you too wrapped up in your delusions of this film's grandeur as to not allow yourself to see the parts that were stupid?

    I was going to like this film, I legitimately was. I think it has the best Lois Lane ever, she's smart enough to figure out who Superman is before he's even Superman. I do legitimately like many elements from this film, at least in concept if not execution.
    But that last scene was the worst part of the film and just served to tack on one more over-the-top action, like we hadn't had enough of them. And to add insult to injury, it also added a controversial scene just for the sake of a controversial scene.
    It was pointless, stupid and badly thought out.
  • Yourponydied
    Have you read any superman comic? If you did, you'd see this happens in them too. (Destruction in a populated area)

    Also, Clark has never fought anyone and in the movie establishes his acceptance of his powers and scope of them and he doesn't have the time nor the simplicity to go, " oh, we're in a city, I better fly off while bad guys are here who may kill people"

    You do that and you get unnecessary comic scenes like in superman II. Unless you watched the Donner extended cut then those scenes went "back to the future" on us
  • 2001
    I completely agree. I didn't really have a problem with him killing someone, but the way the movie presented the dilemma was ridiculous. It's never even hinted at that Superman is against killing people or having to let people die - in fact, we see the exact opposite.

    And then, completely out of nowhere, "MUUAAUGH! Oh no, I just killed someone! I'm so tormented!"
  • Zoltan  - Joe's CGI
    yes, this is nitpicking:
    The greenscreen effect looks pretty bad on Joe this time.
    Uninstalled keylight?
  • Moreno X  - I've waited for this moment!
    Long before I tune in for the Nostalgia Critic review on Man of Steel, I’ve held on tongue for so long after MoS’s release, and I sure held back to keep my own opinions to myself and not get into what has been months of online mess of both sides expressing their viewpoint. And looking back at the results after MoS first came out, it was a mess! I mean, yikes!

    For one thing, I’ve watched and read mostly the critics of Channel Awesome showing how much the movie disappointed them, but what shock me was the people – as Rob Walker puts it – who just wouldn’t have anyone saying something negative about MoS and will go bananas. Perhaps now is the time I have something to say about the movie, the CA critics and alike, the people who either enjoyed MoS or not and the MoS/Nolan fanboys. Because OH BOY, this is not going to be easy for me.

    First things first, I am a huge Batman guy and NOT a Superman guy. I do not care or like about Superman. Oh sure I grew up with the original Superman films (including Superman Returns; hey, I had a good time watching it even though it was slow and boring), the 90s animated series, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman tv show (btw, anyone remembers Lois & Clark?), I watched a little bit of Justice League animated series as well as couple of the first episodes of Smallville in the early 2000s. And for what they are, I enjoyed them. I had good memories growing up with whatever I was introduced to the Superman stories. But in the day, Batman is the character I go for as my favorite. And PLEASE, don’t take it as I’m one of those Batman fanboys who are trying to top Batman over Superman because I’m not (and I watched Angry Joe’s video “Superman vs Batman: Top 10 Reasons Superman Wins!” to prove it).

    Now, having that said, I went to see MoS with zero expectations. Again, not being a Superman guy I went in with zero expectations, and because there were no other movies playing on that day, I thought seeing a Superman movie wouldn’t hurt. One screening later, I end up enjoying MoS. Yes, I had a good time with MoS. To be specific, MoS is not the greatest movie but it’s also not the worse movie. To me, it was mediocre – I would rate MoS 3 stars out of 5.

    Pretty much both sides have their feelings everywhere, and I don’t know what to say. I mean, from the way both the critics and movie-goers were debating with one another throughout the internet – twitter and elsewhere – and I gotta tell ya all, retrospectively, it was amazingly disgusting. Practically the fanboys who were extremely monkeying-about towards the CA critics and others outside CA.
  • Moreno X  - CONTINUED
    I mean, again, I watched and read what Brad, Doug and Rob, Lewis, Last Angry Geek, Film Brain, Andre the Black Nerd from his YouTube fame Black Nerd Rants series, the Blockbuter Buster, Angry Joe, Spoony and his brother – you can pretty much see that I have waited and waited longer to hear what these people have to say and I all did was to hold on my thoughts about MoS when the time is right, and of course when things are cool down. But man oh man LOL, after MoS was released, opinions were blown out of the window, and you what’s worse about all of that? You want to know what’s the worse part about the outcry over MoS?

    Ahem…. To the group of MoS/Nolan fanboys – you guys went out of your way to justiify yourselves and go on a personal campaign by threatening those who had different opinions about MoS. On top of that, what you all did on twitter and here on TGWTG was mind-blowing! I mean, telling Brad and his Midnight buddies they own slaves? Really guys? REALLY?!

    Hey, I disagreed with what Brad, Doug and others said about MoS but I do think some areas they had a problem with were my thoughts too. Personally, I only have two major problems that I think it was not handled nor written well. One, as much as Amy Adams did a good job as Lois Lane, I think it was too soon to put her in MoS. I felt that Lois Lane would be introduced in the sequel better than early. Because what they did to Lois in MoS was contrived. Not in a bad way, it was just really unnecessary for here to be in the movie. If MoS was a film that focuses on establishing Superman’s rise to be Earth’s greatest hero, I would like that be that kind of focus. And that kiss between Superman and Lois was really unnatural and, again, too soon. I think this film would be just fine and have Lois be written out, in my opinion. Now my second problem is what Doug said about how MoS handled after Superman killed Zod. I concur very much. I do believe that the idea of having Superman kill Zod and extend Superman’s frustration afterwards would bring something that it’s understandable, thus building more of his character. But nope, the next scene makes it that Superman is completely alright and doesn’t bother him. The film rushes it rather than let it flow, in emotional level as a metaphor sense.

    You know, for a movie like MoS, I have been hearing that is the darkest Superman movie. Ahhhh…..I say they tried. They really tried, just not hard enough and the way they want to tell a dark story wasn’t far enough and it was executed very disjointed. On paper, it’s an excellent concept, but on screen it’s a mess.
  • Moreno X  - CONTINUED
    Overall, despite how MoS performed very poorly, I still found myself liking it and I do think this is a good step for launching the DC Cinematic Universe. The problems are there though, and I do acknowledge them and are needed to be addressed whether people in general like it or not. That goes for the critics too.

    I have to admit that out of all of this, I thought that it’s Lewis who will be the only person that’ll defend MoS and Angry Joe will be the one who hates MoS. But now, my assumption was opposite: Lewis hates MoS and Angry Joe loves it. Quite surprised I was really. And that’s the thing, I get why Lewis, Doug, Brad and others are mad at MoS and I respected their opinions.

    As for Angry Joe, I’m sorry that I’m gonna come out and say that after re-watching Joe’s Angry Review on MoS, I pretty much agree on the person who posted a comment on Lewis’ MoS vlog video saying that Joe seemed to go all fanboy-gushing over MoS, even as going as far as giving MoS a 9/10 rating. Tsk, tsk, tsk. It’s kinda ironic that, to me, the only THREE people that did their homework and call it what MoS really are Erod, Leon Thomas and Andre the Black Nerd. Each three have different viewpoints:

    Erod – thought it was good as in a salad-type of flick
    Andre the Black Nerd – he loves the first act but hates the third act
    Leon Thomas – precisely says that MoS has an excellent concept but does a terrible execution.

    Those three, personally speaking, spoke my mind exactly how I felt after watching MoS, and in case you forget, I liked MoS from one screening while Angry Joe went three times. But unlike me and the other three critics, Angry Joe thinks it’s the greatest Superman of all time.

    *triple face-palm*

    Like I said, whoever that person said about Joe going all fanboy-gushing on MoS was spot on and I do recall that Joe said he’s gonna do a follow-up to make a official, budgeted/scripted Angry Review video from his vlog-format MoS video…… I like to think that since then and the reason he’s here with Nostalgia Critic, it just tells me that he must’ve changed his mind and was later realizing how MoS’s flaws are becoming noticeable. Then again, maybe he didn’t have the proper time to do it due of the recent news on how DC/WB are really messing up a potential follow-up structure for MoS sequel by actually doing a Batman/Superman sequel.

  • Moreno X  - CONTINUED
    I think Erod said it best that the announcement of making a Batman/Superman crossover instead of an actual MoS sequel is the most pathetic thing to do when they had the opportunity to explore more on Superman. DC/WB are really going out of their way to get their Justice League movie out as soon as possible instead of, oh I don’t know, do some build-up with other DC characters first and then do the epic one just like how Marvel manages to do that led up to The Avengers film. It is really sad of the fact that I read somewhere on the internet that MoS might not age very well with generations to come just the same way the Star Wars prequels did. When they first came out, we all love it and didn’t care what was wrong about them. Years later, we began to notice what went wrong with the prequels.

    Well, there’s no argument there. I am one of those people who first saw the SW prequels, enjoyed them and I STILL enjoy them no matter how ridiculously flaw those films are. I would think MoS will face the same thing and everyone, including Angry Joe, who love and defend MoS will eventually realize that it’s not the greatest Superman film after all. (Am I right about that SpeedyEric? If you’re reading this, bear with me if you please:P) But I don’t think it’ll be tear to shreds hard like the SW prequels, and MoS, no matter how many flaws that made the film went wrong during production, there are elements and moments that I think MoS did a really good job and at it’s advantage it made me stick with Superman and see him overcome the odds that he’ll have to find the correct answers that made him transpired into what he is now. There will be consequences and circumstances, and Superman needs to select the right options to do them justice. MoS did a mediocre job, and I still enjoyed.

    But, I’m not a Superman expert and plus I’m not a fan of the Superman stories than I am with Batman’s. It’s funny that I said that because I am a Batman fan and I’m the guy who was disappointed by The Dark Knight Rises but wasn’t disappointed by MoS. Hypocrite much you say? I say that all of these events made me see that while the people are defending MoS (to the core), I have a feeling that those who hated MoS are acting as if everything they know and love about Superman as a character and arc, and then MoS came along and troll – yes, TROLL – at every single Superman fan. It’s kinda sad but funny at the same time. Man, I am so sorry. Well, all in all, everyone seem to be in anyone’s bandwagon; whether you’re in Doug and Rob’s bandwagon, Brad Jones’ bandwagon, Lewis Lovhaug’s bandwagon, Angry Joe’s bandwagon or whoever you will agree or disagree with. For me, I’m in no one’s bandwagon but my own thank you very much. And if you all disagree with everything I said here, well, I did say it’s not going to be very easy. I’ll watch MoS again on my Netflix for $7 or $8 a month than spending MoS Blu-ray copy for $24.99.

  • SpeedyEric  - re: Moreno X
    This is what blogs are for.
  • Moreno X  - To SpeedyEric
    I know. Thanks for at least hearing me out. My bad for my four longest posts. I am saying that I like MoS, just not as much as you and Joe. For me, it is a 3/5.

    I hope I didn't set a fire on anyone including you.
  • Soap Lady
    I find all the Jesus imagery ironic. Superman was created by two nice Jewish boys from Cleveland. His origin story was even based on the story of Moses. Superman was meant to be a composite of Jewish heroes such as Samson and the Maccabee Family.
  • SpeedyEric
    Jesus was Jewish. That has to count for something.
  • JahLis
    that was great. and nice HISHE thing in the end;)
    did you actually get Daniel to voice the bit about the beard??
  • sunnyl
    I like Superman IV, its a very good film, although it would be better without the missing scenes.
  • SpeedyEric
    I hope he is. Because if not, he has stepped out of reality.
  • Moreno X  - To SpeedyEric
    Am I?! :D Wait, are you addressing to me? Q_Q ....... @_@
  • NetaCalypso
    That was incredible. Had to bite my fist so I won't wake up my roommate, you just made my day Nostalgia Critic
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - One hour? DAYUM
    But still before the Nostalgia Critic can return to his nostalgic roots, he and Angry Joe must state their reason why Man of Steel suck and rocks respectively.
  • ToastyMozart
    So, Zod's method of destroying cities is just to call up the Reapers from Mass Effect?
    If I was BioWare, I'd sue.
  • Bloodrealm  - Explains the BWAAAAMB sounds.
    I would have to play the games again, but I'm pretty sure that that one shot (possibly the whole scene) was exactly duplicated.
    I'd sue, if I was BioWare, too.
  • BB Shockwave
    Do Reapers create gravity pulses too? I don't remember that. And if you go by ship design, PLEASE, this ship design has been used milllions of times even before Bioware. Heck, it looks like a flying Tripod from War of Worlds.
  • Thick
    Batman killed Ra's Al Ghul in Batman Begins, I'm not buying the "I'm not gonna save you either" excuse for a milisecond.
  • Blackfist  - he is the architect of his own death
    Bat's just let him die by his own hand.

    But whether he took an active role or passive I suppose it's irrelevant or something.
  • Thick
    Ra's Al Ghul couldn't have saved himself by himself in that situation; Batman could have saved him, but didn't.

    It makes it worse that Batman (and many of his fans it seems) actually pretends that it makes it really different from murder; it's the logic a villain would have. If he (and the fans) at least admitted it was killing (like Superman does, even if through a scream) it would be different.
  • Cassmi
    It's not an excuse. Choosing not to do something is not the same as doing the opposite. Ra's killed himself accidentally and Batman had zero reasons to save him.
  • fusionater  - Once Upon a Time Quote
    Emma: Seriously? You're complaining about how I saved your life?
    Regina: The firemen are here. It's not like we were really in danger.
    Emma: (starts walking away) Fine. Next time I'll just… I'll just… Ah, you know what? (turning to face Regina) Next time, I'll do the same thing. And the time after that because that is what decent human beings do. That's what good people do.
  • Roinx
    HA ha Super Cafe
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