Nostalgia Critic - Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

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Comments (398)
  • Arobin909  - XD!!!!
    Definitely my FAVORITE REVIEW YET!!!!
  • Haon
    Stealing second comment because I'm an asshole. Didn't like Power Rangers. Did like the review.
  • PlayMp1
    I liked Power Rangers when I was a little kid (don't blame me, I was 5!), but not really anymore. Admit this one thing though: It had a kickass, headbanging theme for a kids' show.
  • Zorro4k6
    I still like Power Rangers. I will admit though that around the time Ninja Storm started, I stopped watching because I simply grew out of it. I was 13 when that season started airing in 2001. It wasn't until Linkara started doing his History of Power Rangers series that I thought, there's nothing stopping me from still enjoying the show. So I started a marathon a year or two ago from the very first episode and worked my way forward through all the seasons. In addition to that, I checked out the new season, which at the time was Samurai, to see how held up. Actually I was very surprised. I enjoyed Samurai. So then I started keeping with the show again. Whenever there's a new episode of Mega Force, one my best friends and I watch it and we have a blast watching them and making jokes out of the episode. Like the explanation for why Emma is the pink ranger. "You're a great BMX cyclist and you care about the environment. So you're the pink ranger now bitch!" - My best friend. I busted out laughing when he said that because that's really the explanation in the show. It was great.

    Anyway, oh and the other thing is I should really continue my marathon. April 1st, 2012 is when I finished watching Power Rangers Zeo and that's where I still am. The first thing I thought of after finishing the season was, "Alright, now I have to watch the Turbo movie...." And I'm still not ready to watch it again, haha. It technically counts as part of the show, so yeah.

    Anyway, I was really wondering if you were going to bring in Linkara for this review Doug. I'm so glad you did. His dialogue was really funny. I do agree that switching Zeo for Turbo just for the sake of change and the new sentai footage was stupid.

    Anyway, great review Doug. Thanks. :)
  • Gadzinisko
    I'm on the same page as you are. I discovered Linkara's HOPR and started watching myself. As a kid I watched only up to in Space season, becasue further seasons weren't shown in TV in my country.

    But I disagree too. After watching RPM, which is the best season, still cheesy as hell, but full of pure awesomnessssss, watching Samurai and Megaforce is painful. I haven't even watched last episode yet, one that was in April.

    As for the review:

    The reason why Zordon's lips don't match his words is this: First actor portaying him died after a season or two. And they decided to make an homage to him and just dub existing footage for next seasons.

    I believe that in very first episode it is said that the rangers shouldn't use their zords first, since their powers are only for defence and not for attack. That is kind of stupid, I agree, but it grows on you.

    Oh, Justin. How we hated your character... How we did.

    They had little choice when choosing green minivan. Sentai footage.

    Oh, and mandatory Linkara cameo!
  • cynicalprick
    I don't know if anyone corrected you on this, but Zordon's actor, David Fielding, is still alive. If you're referring to Bob Manehan who portrayed him in season two up until Zordon died in In Space, yes, Manehatan is dead but he died in 2000 during the run Lightspeed Rescue.
  • iAM
    Power rangers Ninja Storm was released in 2003
  • Zorro4k6
    Right, sorry I meant Wild Force. I watched until Time Force ended and then didn't care to keep watching. My mistake, haha.
  • jagarcia0705
    I lost interest in Power Rangers after they went into space. But thanks to Lewis Lovhaug's A History of Power Rangers, I've gotten interested again. I watched all the Power Ranger episodes on youtube, from the 1st episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers all the way to the last episode of Power Rangers RPM. Unfortunately the episodes were removed by the Copyright NAZIS. Now that I look back, I should have watched Power Rangers In Space when it was new, that series had THE most awesome finale EVER! My favorite Power Ranger seasons are In Space, Lost Galaxy, Time Force & Wild Force. After Wild Force it seems each series onward was a let down. Dino Thunder was somewhat tolerable, only because of the awesome intro, a much better villain than the previous one & Jason David Frank back as Tommy.
    Power Rangers SPD, wasn't that great, although the only redeeming factor is that the battles actually had strategic value to them. Power Rangers seasons 1 through 7 are now available on DVD, no word on when the rest will come out.
  • Batman The Frog
    I caught In Space near the end and when the TMNT live-action series was a big thing (which means I probably caught In Space in its early days). I continued watching until the end of Time Force and I must say, your choices are pretty good. I went back and watched seasons 1-3 on Netflix, caught some Lightspeed Rescue, and tried to avoid kicking myself for watching Dino Thunder.

    In Space was pretty good from what I remember. Seeing the older seasons it actually makes a lot more sense and makes the finale all the more emotional because of the ride. Lost Galaxy was alright but felt really... lost. Yes, the story was its own but it just felt like these strangers we knew nothing about didn't belong. In truth, the Saban Era was alright but lacked a lot of "umph" for what it should have been up until they got to Time Force. Somehow they kept missing what everyone liked until that season.

    Turbo from the review I seen was just terrible. They basically got rid of everything good about the franchise by that time (with the exception of Bosch and Frank to name two good things) and still had found other things to get rid of. Why? Saban is too incompetent for his own good.
  • XaxtonRevolution  - Theory on why they changed from Zeo to Turbo
    I think they might have switched from Zeo to Turbo because Zeo (my favorite season) was based on the 19th Season of Super Sentai, which had a very serious military theme and coincidentally a week after that season (the season of the Japanese version) aired, Tokyo's subway system was attacked by terrorists in real life. Because of that, people were reminded of the terrorist attack every time they saw it. It was like if the 9/11 attacks (which were far worse) happened a week after Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue aired. So I think that maybe the original producers of the show didn't want to get any bad press by filming new footage with the old costumes.
  • 1peterkim123
    Somewhat same here, but after I started not liking Power Rangers(After mystic force was done and overdrive started), I thought I'd go to the Super Sentai series instead and start watching that.
    TBH, I really do think the Super Sentai series are very much better then the power rangers version because of all the 90s cheese, and general way how most of the PR shows go.

    That, and Gokaiger is best super sentai.
  • nekollx
    i'm a fan of both but yeah NOTHING, NOTHING compares to the pure BADASSittude of Gokaiger, its one of the reasons i mad a Gokaiger MEga fan fic http:// 9043945/1/Kaizoku-Sentai- Gokaiger-Plus
  • TooMuchFreeTime
    I was 9 at the time it got started, and even then I was like 'Why is this so popular? It's so dumb!' But I guess I just didn't have that kind of taste. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, but considering what I did like at the time I wonder why I didn't give it more of a chance. Then again I only saw it at other people's houses kuz I didn't have TV til I was 13 (other than some VERY basic channels that almost never had anything I was interested in).
  • LikaLaruku
    It's not the only NC video Linkara is in, but $5 says it's his favorite.
  • MattheJ1
    Don't feel bad. He couldn't have possibly seen the video in that time. He was just stealing first.
  • LikaLaruku
    I laughed so hard my chest hurts.
  • citr92  - the director
    didn't the director of the power ranger films have zero knowledge on how the power rangers worked?

    i know there's a picture out there that had them in their costumes, and they didn't even have the visors...

    no knowledge of the show really shows in the movies lol
  • nekollx
    that was the first movie, different teams i belive. I mean at least they kept to spandex thsi time so it could work as a intro to the new season
  • ailenfromn
    Review Warriors of Virtue 2
  • Elphaba645
    I'm actually friends with a former power ranger. He was the red ranger. He thought it was corny and dumb, but he got paid for it, so he didn't care. He was a serious gymnast and martial artist as a teenager, so they at least get power rangers that know what they're doing.

    I'm sure those skirts on the girls' costumes really help in combat.

    Also, did anyone else notice that when the rangers are in normal clothes they're wearing the same colors as their costumes? I mean, look! Even when Tommy is wearing the black shirt, he has the red sweatshirt! Even the martial arts uniforms are the same colors! It's like they know they have no personality so they always dress them in the same colors so we can remember who's who.

    Edit: I just watched it again, looking for any time there is not some of their ranger color in their outfits. I found none. Even in the boxing championship and practice, where it appears Tommy has no red, if you look closely, his belt has red on it! I'm reading through the comments, and it appears nobody noticed or commented on it, but it was pretty obvious to me!
  • Keeponrockin404  - As am I.
    And, yes, I am fully aware I took advantage of this commenting space simply to get her early. Oh well.
  • N8Z  - Awesome!
    Watched this when I was a kid. Even back then I thought it was stupid.
  • ladydiskette
    Okay @ 6:12 - Why is Tommy holding his red computerized thingy sideways while Kat is holding hers rightside up?

    It looks kinda weird to me is all.
  • JasonShepard  - Greedy Comment Space Hog
    Wouldn't that be a weird name for a band? Huh. I don't understand why there's a Mighty Morphin reference for the Turbo movie, but that might just be my fanboy coming out.
  • Amesang
    Well, there already is a band named "Spacehog," so…
  • SpeedyEric  - Go, go, Nostalgia Critic!
    As a Power Rangers fan, I actually like the first movie, but I agree with Linkara that this film and Power Rangers Turbo almost killed the franchise. At least a year later, we got Power Rangers IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

    I still think that Lord Zedd is the most powerful of the Power Rangers villains, and Rita (whom later became Zedd's wife) is a bit 3rd rate. Oh, and Rachel did a great job in this episode.

    I should admit, when I first saw this film in the theatre back when I was 10 1/2, I also couldn't stop looking at Divatox's chest.

    7:51- How DARE you, Doug, for making fun of Tommy Oliver, the best and most powerful Power Ranger of them all.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else out there think that Justin is more annoying than Wesley Crusher from Star Trek?

    I also aree that the ship the Rangers use to reach the island is so slow, they should have used the Nautilus from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, just to keep up the "Turbo" part of the movie's title.

    22:52- At least the Megazord transfermation went faster on the show, 'cause, you know, TURBO!! And yes, when this movie came out on VHS, I also thought this movie felt slooooooow compared to the show.

    Nice job on the Linkara cameo, and his nitpicking on Power Rangers, even though he's a fan of the franchise like I am.

  • CrisJoe
    You said it!
  • Bloodrealm
    "...I also thought this movie felt slooooooow compared to the show."

    Yeah, I agree. I don't remember much about it, but I do remember being disappointedly bored. I also thought it was really dumb that they had lame-ass cars rather than giant robotic creatures.
  • Gadzinisko
    No surprise here, since it was the plot of usual two parter stretched to fill full feature movie's time.
  • minnie3434
  • WoldowJR  - framerate glitching
    getting a bit of glitchy framerates here...
  • Fangheart
    avatar it just me or is the audio on this video kinda.....bad quality? and I don't mean the movie clips, I mean Doug's voice over. it's like the audio is a little broken or something...I dunno, maybe it's just my imagination.
  • Malidictus
    Yeah, it does seem like it. His voice is ever so slightly distorted. You can make out everything he's saying, but he sounds like he's about to gag. And there's a very clear echo in a number of places.

    Other than that, though - awesome video. I loved Rita Repulsa and her horns-hat that didn't want to stay on :)
  • trlkly
    Maybe it was intentional, trying to create an effect for being in the Command Center?
  • CrisJoe
    It's about time you review something related to the most hated part of Power Rangers.
  • SatMornRejects
    Power Rangers....well I guess it's worth a skip on TLA Vlogs.
  • ladydiskette
    So how does sacrifice work then in the context of the movie, I mean, okay granted they probably didn't want to show death in a kid's movie, understandable, but "sacrifice" implies, something must be taken away.

    So, the ritual sacrifice the "goodness" inside of them? Did it burn their kindness up when they were dipped in the fiery coals. Is that how the ritual works for the demon to awaken?

    Because in any movie when there is an sacrifice scene it usually implies someone is about to die. So, does anyone who may have seen the movie know how it's explained?
  • LittleTLK
    I thought this was the one with Ivan Ooze.
    My memory's fuzzy on the old movies.
  • Arobin909
    he reviewed that one too. its one of his earlier vids
  • CrisJoe
    Rita wasn't the most embarrassing and annoying villain, that was Divatox. She was only a threat because the Power Rangers were at their most pathetic.
  • SpeedyEric
    Don't forget that Divatox planted bombs in Angel Grove throughout the first half of "Power Rangers Turbo."
  • Capt Harkness51
    YES! NC doing anything power rangers is awesome!
  • Rapidfire316
    I somehow predicted u would review a power ranger related thing
  • darkcast
    He fucking did it!

    I can die now!
  • StephyDee
    About freakin' time! Here starts another part of my childhood getting tested by the NC. XD
  • dougputhoff  - Coolest ep ever.
    I hated Power Rangers--of course, I was way over its target audience, even twenty years ago.

    Of course, if you want to watch quality camp, you should watch the '60s Batman TV series. You could even review the movie based on the series.
  • Eyeshot
    One of Youtube's very first videos was of a teenager showing off his sweet combat moves by swinging a broom stick. All the mean kids at school made fun of him and said he might as well kill himself after doing that video for the entire world to see.

    And yet entire film crews make movies like "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie." It's a funny old world we live in.
  • Crossover Princess
    I heard at a con, that Johnny Yong Bosch was going to do a throw it in about the whole mini van thing but the director wouldn't let him...

    So yeah, Nc wasn't the only one who pointed this out..

    Also I cheered when NC called for the Green Ranger...
  • Hinatachan360  - Jason David Mother****ing Frank!
    I remember watching the original series where Mighty Morphin got their battle footage from while growing up in Japan. My brothers were into it but I wasn't. However once we moved to the US and I saw Mighty Morphin and got a peek at Jason David Frank I sure was watching then! Talk about a pre-teen crush! He was the only reason I watched Mighty Morphin. He was gorgeous and still is even now that he's an MMA fighter. Met him at Otakon last year and not only is he hot, he's hilarious too! After JDF left the series I stopped watching. It's a safe bet that I wasn't paying attention to the plot at all. LOL
  • rowdycmoore
    And that type of drooling over Tommy is why I reserve the right to drool over Kimberly. I actually know a radio personality here in Dallas that could pass for a grown-up version of her - so not kidding.
  • Hakajin
    Amen! Watching this video, I can't help but think that the first grade me had good taste in men. I'm actually kind of jealous you got to meet him.

    Anyway, great review, brilliant ending!
  • SailorCardKnight
    Anime Kaigi? I was right there in the audience when he mentioned that, unless he mentioned that another con as well.
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    YES! Throughout the whole thing I was waiting for Linkara to pop up. You can't do anything Power Rangers and not expect Linkara to be there. You just can't.

    BTW: My Crappy Campy Nostalgic Show has to be Pokemon. Just something about it. Probably the puns.
  • JMDarkly
    HA HA...can't...HA HA...stop...HA HA...laughing...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
  • Maarons
    Kind of would have liked a bigger touch upon the first film.

    But I'm so glad you put Linkara into this. That was the one thing you couldn't omit from this review.
  • Des_Shinta
    Linkara's investment of that suit continues to pay off.

    Yeah, this was a very stupid movie. And kicked off the worst series of Power Rangers until 2008, 2011 and Today.

    Here’s the thing; The Head writers for the movie? They weren’t actually writers. one was an actress, the other a Composer. And it’s production was headed by the guy repeatedly voted most likely to murder the franchise (Johnathan Tzachor)...Who somehow keeps getting the opportunity to.

    Now Turbo (The series after this film) and it’s related movie sits in debate of third or Fourth Place in discussions of Worst Power rangers series. The funny thing about the 5 worst series? 3 of the 5 were headed by Johnathan Tzachor.
    ...And for some reason fans still can't get Saban to Fire his ass.

    Power rangers can be cheesy and stupid as all hell, but when it's good(When Writing, acting, storylines, music, and the sentai footage they harvest all work together), it's damn good. The down side is, the movies have none of it working for them, so both have turned out awful.
  • Devilscry93
    funny thing, Tzachor is the executive producer of power rangers. I will admit though Time Force was decent. Honestly, how did he acquire the story write/ executive producer job in the first place if he practically killed the American version of the series? Ironically, he drew to much dependence on the Sentai series which most fans say was a bad move( it's nice to have something based on the original source, but to basically copy the source material was a bad call). I still can't believe he worked on wild force. That was my favorite. And actually, he was part of Disney before he worked at Saban.
  • askthatbum
    very funny review. As always doug.
  • firefly4f4
    OK, I'm halfway through, and my expected Linkara cameo hasn't happened yet. I mean, he's got a whole series of videos on it. How is he NOT here.

    Well, let's see if he's in the second half.
  • StephyDee
    The irony of this post. You'll find out soon enough. :P
  • martindixonp
    This review was freakin' epic. All those crazy moves with the black suit were hilarious.
  • Fantago
    This is literally the thing that made me stop watching Power Rangers, forever. Fantastic movie choice to review!
  • Seth Lionheart
    Wow...That came right the hell from no where O_o

    Didnt think you'd do the Turbo Movie...

    Im was Power Ranger Fan When I was a Kid, And Even then I thought this Movie Was Dumb and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OARING...Nothing Fuggin Happens For So Long!

    The First Movie was ALOT more Intresting and Fun then...THIS...

    Ok you got me Laughing HARD with all your Pardoies, That Skin Tight Power Ranger Outfit must have been Painfully Uncomfotable. And you did bring up a good point why DIDNT they use the Gaint Robots to Squish the Villan when hes Tiny!?
  • Karutomaru
    I feel there's more that could have been done with Linkara. Having his input throughout the review would have made for a more thorough analysis.
  • Bloodrealm
    Well, he did cover Turbo in History of Power Rangers.
  • James Picard
    Awesome. I loved your MMPR review, and this shlock receptacle deserves to be found in the alps. I still like Power Rangers though, but the seasons after Mighty Morphin (aside from Turbo) were definitely an improvement. Especially In Space and Time Force.
  • Bloodrealm
    Wild Force was good, too.
  • LuciusMadgloom  - yep
    Have you seen SPD??.. Cause that one was probably THE BEST season
  • zipperintheback
    I liked Dino Thunder the best, personally.
  • Spottedfeather
    SPD was alright, but after the original 3 years, Wild Force, Lightspeed Rescue, Lost Galaxy, and In Space were more like Classic Power Rangers.
  • XaxtonRevolution  - SPD sucked
    SPD was the worst season ever; the enemies weren't destroyed, the comedy relief took away from the quality, and it was extremely dull in general. It was the prime example of the loss in quality that can happen when they take nothing but the fight scenes and edit everything else out and put their own footage in.
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