Nostalgia Critic - Top 11 South Park Episodes

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  • Sindragosa
    I'm rooting for Make Love, Not Warcraft.

    Just saying.
  • Kamdan
    To be honest, I think Doug's real reason for picking Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants was because of the Looney Tunes homage, but I do agree with all of the points he made about the episode. I do remember when that episode first aired when I was in 6th grade. Everything that had been occurring at that time was put into a perspective that I could understand with that episode. South Park could do that, since the show is literally made in a week.

    South Park has come a long way since it's beginnings and just as long as Trey Parker and Matt Stone are interested in making the episodes, I'll be there to watch them, along with the work they've done before.
  • ZombieFX
    My favorit is "breast cancer" since u got a great and rare interaction between wendy and cartman - everything is pretty reasonable and the boys stand back to give some one else some fine screentime.
    ... and cartman gets a nice beating ;)
  • ZombieFX
    ps love Randy Episodes also :P
    guess u too... wow was one of his best
  • ladydiskette
    I am just going come out say this...Doug lied, he had not one but two of my favorite episodes on here. XD
  • Famous Aqua Dragon  - Not quite, diskette.
    Lying and being wrong are two different things. He was clearly wrong about that statement, especially since three of my favorites were on the list (Not that big a South Park fan; just putting that out there).
  • Weeny8888  - Tu.
    Tuh sea critters What? Like i said he just doesn't read your mind and put what you want on there.
  • ladydiskette  - Re: Famous Aqua Dragon
    I know, I was just saying that was a compliment and a joke. :)

    Since "Make Love Not Warcraft" and "Woodland Critter Christmas" are honestly my personal favorites myself, coincidently after he warned that we should be prepared that not all of our own favorites might not be in on the list, it was just a nice surprise that is all. lol.

    No worries.
  • timjingoro  - Massive Improvement
    The silly little jab at the fans was predictable and boring, but I will let it fly.

    Because good job on dialing back the nonsense with those Demo Reel flunkies and finally delivering a proper Nostalgia Critic episode.

    I am honestly pleasantly surprised.

    This is the path that I approve of.

    Now if we could just get back to the good-natured humor, instead of this weird self-loathing and fan-loathing undertones that you seem to have now, that'd be perfect.
  • timjingoro  - Also
    I don't agree with some of your picks, but these picks are genuine. You genuinely seem to have some sort of an emotional connection to the Osama episode.

    So whatever, cannot complain about you finally being somewhat genuine.

    I think the Osama episode sucked. On my list, I'd replace the Osama episode with Imaginationland somewhere in the top 5, and switch around some of the picks.
  • snoofulus
    I don't see a reason to think he didn't (although if you were biased the other way round, you could easily accuse him of fake sappy patriotism), but then again neither do I see one to believe his fandom of Ebert&Siskel has been "fake" all these years.

    I can't stress this enough - what you say DOESN'T MATTER. Anything acceptable that might roll out of your mouth is purely coincidental, and probably for all the wrong reasons as well.
  • ladydiskette  - re: timjingaro
    Dude, learn how to use the edit button to add in things so you don't double post.

    Just saying.
  • iatethecrayon  - timjingoro
    Did you delete your account and just make a new one? Last time I saw it said you were a member since like '12.
  • Extreme-Madness  - re:timjingoro On no, not again...
    Oh, it's you again ...
    Here I will not comment on your behavior, because I already said everything in "Doug's Favorite Character # 1"

    You obviously forgetting again that this is only his list, not yours. You do not have to have the same favorite list.
  • Weeny8888  - O-o
    Speak higher pikachu your mouth is big
  • ladydiskette
    How do you kill that which has no life?

    Believe it or not, it was that episode (#6) which honestly got me into playing World of Warcraft in the first place, sure I don't play it as much as I used to, but I still enjoy keeping up with the lore and fanmade machinima.
  • snoofulus
    "The silly little jab at the fans was predictable and boring, but I will let it fly."
    Oh how nice of you. Could it be because he's been already doing that long ago in all those "old episodes" that you find awesome?
    The type of "fan" mocked here was the BAD kind of fan, so it's nothing to be "let fly" in the first place.

    "Because good job on dialing back the nonsense with those Demo Reel flunkies and finally delivering a proper Nostalgia Critic episode."
    You really seem to be a one-issue voter don't you, because while this episode had very little jokes, and another "sappy emotional speech at the end" (the kind you don't like apparently), the lack of the "flunkies" apparently makes up for it.
    I happened to find thie spisode very meh, both in its descriptions and most of the jokes - I suppose that means you have low standards.

    "Now if we could just get back to the good-natured humor, instead of this weird self-loathing and fan-loathing undertones that you seem to have now, that'd be perfect."
    I didn't notice any self-loathing (except in that Let's Play aftermath from way back, but that seemed to be all pretend as well) - as for the other apart, I find it ironic that you choose to complain about fan-loathing while bravely and obliviously continuing to BE the most loathsome kind of fan imaginable :D

    Reading your posts would only BOOST anyone's fan-hatred if they ever read it, so keep it up.
  • fat1fared  - The little jab!
    I think NC's little jab, as you call it, is him trying to show certain people that behind the Nostalgia Critic there is a real person.

    Some of the vile that people have been throwing his way recently is both childish and horrible. Certain individuals - younger, less emotionally balanced ones I would presume - seem to have been personally offended by Dong's decision to cancel and/or change the format of the show.

    They are therefore taking attacking him, both as an individual and as an entertainer.

    Dong is reacting to this by basically adding in a not-so-subtle message to videos: That message, in my mind, breaks down into three parts:

    1 - Just because NC is a character, does not mean the individual playing is not; your personal insults are not pleasant.

    2 - Criticism is fine, so long as it is not personal, or just plain stupid. The personal is not unneeded and the stupid I will make fun of because things like change are a part of life, if you cannot handle a change of colour in a fecking wall, how the hell will you handle life's real problems?

    3 - "I consider myself an artist of sorts, and like all artists, my change is directly linked to my emotions; these are how I emotionally feel right now."
  • Gborr
    "Dong is reacting to this by basically adding in a not-so-subtle message to videos"
    Wait, did you just call Doug a dick?
  • Trogdor
    I enjoy the new actors (I wish I knew their names). They're all very talented and I like them being a part of the NC show. I hope they didn't get screwed over in any way when Doug decided to abandon Demo Reel, since now they seem to be playing a much smaller role (and some of them seem to have disappeared).

    However I think this bit of fan-loathing was in poor taste. The above posters are speculating as to why they included that jab at their fanbase. I certainly don't agree with commenters being disrespectful towards Doug and co., and I can see where Doug would want to give those people a piece of his mind.
    That's not really the message I got from this, though. Instead, it came across as 'this is my show, and if you commenters don't agree with my opinions you should all just stop whining and get a life.'
    Well, if that's the way you feel, Doug, then why bother having a comments section? Isn't its purpose to allow us to review the review and discuss our opinions? It seems a bit hypocritical for you to rant and rage about how awful you think [subject] is, and then turn around and call us a bunch of whiners.
  • snoofulus
    "That's not really the message I got from this, though. Instead, it came across as 'this is my show, and if you commenters don't agree with my opinions you should all just stop whining and get a life.'
    Well, if that's the way you feel, Doug, then why bother having a comments section? Isn't its purpose to allow us to review the review and discuss our opinions?"

    Wow - are you really this thick? The type of fan mocked here was... THE KIND THAT WOULD RUSH IN HERE AND BITCH ABOUT WHY HE HAD DIFFERENT FAVORITE EPISODES THAN THEY IMAGINED. Do you realize... the difference.. the huge gaping difference between expressing a different opinion about a list, and actively whining about it not being the way some particular fan would have it?

    "It seems a bit hypocritical of you..." - yea, god you're stupid.
  • Trogdor
    No. Please explain the difference.. the 'huge, gaping difference'.. between what you feel is expressing a different opinion and what you feel is whining. Without resorting to ad hominem, if you would.
  • Rallinale
    I think I can explain what Snoofulus was trying to say without having to resort to ad hominem.

    So, you see Doug posted a video where the Nostalgia Critic puts on a list of his Top 11 Best Episodes from a show that he likes (i.e. Simpsons, South Park). However, you then discovered that he has different favorite episodes than you. How would you react?

    If you react like this:

    "While I disagree with the list, I can respect Doug's opinion as to why he decides to pick these episodes."

    Then you are one of those fans who can respect Doug's opinion even though you disagree with him. However, if you react like this:


    Then you are one of those fans who whines that his opinion is wrong just because it's different than yours. These are the kind of fans that Doug was poking fun at, which I felt was pretty justified because, after all, everybody is entitled to their own opinions. To me, what Doug was saying mostly comes across like this:

    "If my opinion is different than yours, that's fine, but that doesn't mean you should attack me because of that."

    So really, I don't see what's wrong about what he was saying.
  • snoofulus
    "Without resorting to ad hominem, if you would."
    Well now that I've let it out, I suppose I can refrain from it for the time being :)

    Okay, so expressing a different opinion is basically saying "here's btw the list I would've made, just for comparison!".
    What I referred to as "whining" would be actually complaining that HE didn't do the list the writer would've wanted.

    The first example understands that Doug is presenting his own list, and just contributes his own to enrich the discussion.
    The second one, however, expects him to have the same opinion as himself, and expresses indignation when that doesn't happen.

    Pretty obvious difference I think.
    A sort of grey area between the two: if you actually do the latter by criticizing the ARGUMENTS he used to argue why an episode stood out, you're still in the 1st category; with the requirement that those arguments you set out to challenge, are actually arguments (i.e. combination of statements and logical conclusions) with at least some pretense of objectivity to them, and not just expressions of preference or personal meaning, and your rebuttals are at least somewhat reasonable :)

    There, happy?
  • Rallinale
    I don't think that little jab at the end of the episode comes across as him loathing the fans for not agreeing with his opinions, and that it mostly comes across as him trying to make a point that just because you had different favorite episodes than him, doesn't mean you shouldn't go and say that his choice is wrong. He's basically just making fun of some of his fans who takes his opinion too seriously.
  • dennett316
    Do you know what context is? I assume not, because you clearly missed it, but the context of this "attack" (seriously, attack? Could you be any more thin-skinned or immature?) was very clearly laid out by Doug before the list even started.

    I don't pretend to be hugely intelligent or a know it all, but it's clear that even with material that outright tells you why it's saying what it's saying, you just don't get it.

    The fact that it comes across the way you describe Trogdor says a lot more about YOU than it does about Doug. You're insecure, inflexible, not that great at grasping concepts and so you chose to take a cynical view and lash out like it's some sort of conspiracy to personally offend you. You need to grow a thicker skin, slow down and really think about what you've heard and try to understand it a little better, and try to take a little more positive an outlook because this viewpoint that "everyone is out to get me" is harmful.
  • Weeny8888  - What thu heck.
    ARE YOU SPEAKING JAPANESE i can't understand a word your saying!
  • ThatManWithTheHeadband12
    The problem is, Malcolm and Rachel weren't what made Demo Reel fail. If they weren't talented they wouldn't be hired in the first place. Demo Reel flunked because the fans were unwilling to accept change. By the time the fans turned around, the show was already dead. These "flunkies" include Rob, and Jim, who both appeared on NC's first run. They are part of the "other actors" people are criticizing so much if they only want NC to review. The hypocrisy in the criticisms is sickening
  • snoofulus
    Yea, I mean I can understand if people just happen to find these two unfunny or bad actors or something, but seriously... I'm looking at them, I'm looking at the cheesy OTT acting in countless previous skits they've done on this site (including of course the anniversaries), and seriously, where's the difference? Where's that huge gaping discrepance in quality? I just don't see it. Seems like the same overall standard to me.

    So if I were to make an uneducated estimate, I'd say that maybe about 10, 11 percent at most, dislike them for genuine taste reasons; while the rest is a fickle petty bunch that hates them because they're newcomers/intrude in their favorite show/were part of what replaced their favorite show, and their brain is automatically tuned, for no actual reason, to perceiving them as the worst hacks to ever disgrace this site while simultaneously jerking off to Suburban Knights.

    Now I can't really say I mind the latter group too much, as they do make for great punching bags after all.
  • Hybrid2
    Perssonaly,Malcom and Rachel made Demo Real fun to watch.

    I am very glad they are not gone.I want to see them more.
  • Weeny8888  - What.
    Are you speaking spanish or something.
  • PontyMython  - @timjingoro
    *Demands doug stop taking shots at fan-rage*
    *Makes cheap jab at doug's friends and co-workers proving exactly why doug makes the comments about fan-rage*

    way to go there genius
  • jmazzuto
    Seriously? It wasn't a silly little jab at fans. It was a silly little jab at self-important jackasses like yourself who feel the need to insult (rather talented) cast members by calling them "flunkies" simply because they don't like the change.
    There isn't any self-loathing or fan-loathing. It's throwing a jab out in return to people like you who keep slapping the guy in the face for his work.
    Yeah they get paid for this stuff but it's mostly through ADs. Unless your a premium member? Shut the hell up dude. Your not paying for any of this so you have no right to make demands or judgements like that.
  • FurrComedian  - Just shut the fuck up already
    If you dont like it fine, if you like it fine, but if you keep bitching about it every video your going to get people pissed off at you for being an ass just for the sake of Doug maybe reading your commenting and saying "What an Ass". I understand if its constructive criticism, BUT EVERY TIME I SEE A COMMENT FROM YOU ITS YOU BITCHING AT HIM ABOUT THE GOOD OLD DAYS.
  • timjingoro  - To all
    Yawn... your trolling is too childish and obvious to have any real effect.

    The two posts were about two different subjects. The first was about the improved quality this week. The second was me adding to the discussion in the video.

    I don't care whatever your arbitrary code of commenting is. I will split comments into two if I want.

    No, my account got deleted for obvious reasons. I criticized Doug, his fans peed themselves, and the folks at thought that it's best to ban a user if he isn't praising Doug like a blind low-IQ fanboy.

    "ON MY LIST, I'd replace the Osama episode with Imaginationland somewhere in the top 5, and switch around some of the picks."

    Learn to read.



    All of your collective fanboy raging is dull. Mix it up a bit will you.

    1. The quality of the series has been objectively bad recently. This episode was a step in the right direction.

    2. Most of you who are trying to find a technicality to exempt Doug from criticism are pathetic. Do the rest of the world some service, and put a bullet in your head.

    3. If you do not see the self-loathing, fan-loathing undertones of the show right now, you are not smart enough. Put a bullet in your head and let the average IQ of the world increase by a few dozen points.
  • Extreme-Madness  - re:timjingoro
    But it seems that you have not complied with a list of his favorite characters.
    And your opinion will be taken into consideration when you stop acting like a pathetic, arrogant and pretentious asshole to everyone.
  • BigMac90
    Don't bother arguing with him. It's useless.
  • snoofulus
    Yawn... your trolling is too childish and obvious to have any real effect."
    Hey, weren't you complaining about people calling YOU a troll for no reason not a few days ago?

    Keep in mind that your impossibly stupid behavior is a much more suggesting sign of trolling than my entirely reasonable comments :)

    So, yea, congrats on making an idiot out of yourself once more.
    That's in addition to having nothing to say in response to anything I wrote ;)

    "I criticized Doug, his fans peed themselves, and the folks at thought that it's best to ban a user if he isn't praising Doug like a blind low-IQ fanboy."
    That's a false dichotomy you're pulling there - you don't have to become a praising fanboi in order to STOP BEING AN OBNOXIOUS ENTITLED DOOFUS.
    There's a huge field of reasonable behavior between those two extremes, of which yours is the worse one by the way ;)

    And, seriously, while I'm not a big fan of forums that establish a list of rules but then simply ban someone out of annoyance regardless - at the end of the day, they're still pretty much fast-and-loose communities, and if someone wants to get rid of an obnoxious condescending dork like yourself I can understand that.

    "1. The quality of the series has been objectively bad recently."
    Which you've failed to back up so far ;)

    "This episode was a step in the right direction."
    I actually thought it was the weakest one. Direct comparisons are difficult because this is the typical semi-OOC list of praise while the other ones were IC movie riffs, but basically I thought some of the descriptions were half-assed and there were few (good) jokes to back that up.

    In addition, this episode had something that you complained about in a previous video, a sappy emotional (and this time semi-patriotic) speech at the end ;)

    So yea... why don't you just admit that the lack of the two new actors is your sole reason for preferring this episode so we can get this over with?

    "2. Most of you who are trying to find a technicality to exempt Doug from criticism are pathetic. Do the rest of the world some service, and put a bullet in your head."
    Your comments don't qualify as criticism - what they are is a series of negative assertions (which would be fine in itself) combined with the arrogant claim to objective truth and a self-entitled, indignant attitude about the show not doing your preferred direction, along with various stupid statements of different kinds scattered across the area (which makes you a fair game).

    Am I a fanboy fearing criticism? Kid, if I were so inclined I could go to each of his videos post a long list of jokes and other moments that I didn't like.
    But that'd take a bit more time, and wouldn't be quite as fun as picking on th...
  • snoofulus
    Am I a fanboy fearing criticism? Kid, if I were so inclined I could go to each of his videos post a long list of jokes and other moments in them that I didn't like. Hardly an episode goes by without something ending up being somehow annoying, cheesy or sloppy, and it's been this way forever.
    But that'd take a bit more time, and wouldn't be quite as fun as picking on the bunch of whiny jackasses like yourself that have been filling up these pages lately right now.

    Stop hiding behind strawmen and your sorry persecution complex when the simple truth is that you're an obnoxious drooling jackass and that's the sole reason people jump on you.

    "3. If you do not see the self-loathing, fan-loathing undertones of the show right now, you are not smart enough. Put a bullet in your head and let the average IQ of the world increase by a few dozen points."
    Oh, I do see all of that, except all of it is completely justified (i.e. the portion of the fanbase that gets the jabs completely deserve it).
    And ironically, that's the part YOU aren't getting - due, obviously, to your exceptionally low IQ, and of course a very obvious emotional motivation to keep your self-esteem. :)
  • MrB1ank
    "Kill yourself because you like the changes that Doug made to the show." Pay attention folks, this motherfucker knows his shit.
  • TheBechtloff
    I agree...sorta. I feel bad for the demo reel guys though. DR never gelled but it wasn't really their fault. I get that Doug wants to keep using them I just think he's giving them too much time.
  • MrB1ank
    So the jabs at fans he did in the past weren't anything of concern? The reason he jabs at his fans now is that they're all just like you; unsatisfied and nit picking little bitches.
  • Amykins
    "If it seems to spread good without harming a soul"? Uhhh...sure, Mormons are very long as you're not gay, or had sex before marriage, or have tattoos, or have done anything remotely outside the normal parameters of society. Then, they're vicious assholes.
  • Tysonrex37
    Hey, my first Top 11 from the Nostalgia Critic since I became a fan!
  • Atwosheds  - @Tysonrex37
    What about his top 11 drug PSA's? Drugs, Drugs, Drugs. Ask your mom and ask your dad.
  • JasonShepard
    [Out with friends]
    This is fun. Nothing's going to stop this.
    [Sees new Nostalgia Critic]
    Screw you guys, I'm going home.
  • summernight
    Good list of south park episodes.
  • SpeedyEric  - Bitch
    -It's true. You haven't done a Top 11 since your return from the Plothole. BTW, nice depiction of people like me on my keyboard.
    -I shold note that I'm not a fan of South Park. Why? Because it's too crude for my taste. But hey, at least it's not anything by Seth MacFarlane.

    11. I'm still happy you guys fought the battle against SUCKA.
    10. I also don't care for stuff like TMZ when E! can give me The Soup.
    9. We're and extremely pimative and paranoid culture.
    8. MAN, wern't people my age obsessed with PokeMon when they came here in the states?
    7. Aw, anime violence at its finest.
    6. I've never played online RPGs, but I know how obsessive people can be with them.
    5. I've irst watched Passion this past Easter, and as a Cathlic myself, I just saw it as an adaptation of the story from the Bible.
    4. Is this where you got the ideas for the TGWTG anniversary movies?
    3. It looks like an adult's take on a Rankin/Bass Christmas special.
    2. I also haven't met a mormon yet, and I hope I never do.
    1. No wonder this show is still on the air after all these years.

    31:06- Ha ha. Whata bunch of nerdy trolls. Wouldn't ya say?

    I actually like Paranoia.
  • jaxreid  - Agree
    I agree I don't like the show either. It's overrated, crude, and mean spirited.
  • MrB1ank
    If you think that way, then you either don't watch the show, or when you do watch it, you don't actually pay attention to the subject that it's making fun of. All you're doing is just looking for the crude humor.
  • fat1fared  - I have to agree.
    I used to think South Park was 'crude and mean-spirited' until a friend made me actually sit down and watch it.

    After that I realised that it was probably one of the best social commentaries on Western culture ever made.

    Yes, it is mean-spirited, but that is because there are mean-spirited parts to Western culture.

    Yes, it is crude, but again, Western culture has many crude aspects.

    When South Park does something mean-spirited and crude it is normally just because that is the true self of what they are mocking.

    IE - The World's biggest shit episode was very crude, but that is the point it was making - being good at something pointless or 'shit' is not an achievement we should be praising, yet we still do.
  • timjingoro  - @jaxreid

    Sorry, but the show isn't "overrated", you're just not smart enough to get it.

    "Crudeness" is a nothing observation. It is an aesthetic. A style of presentation that they have chosen.

    "Mean-spirited" is another nothing observation. What do you want the show to do? Sing you a lullaby and tuck you into bed at night? Get some thicker skin.
  • snoofulus
    "Get some thicker skin."
    Coming from the guy who loses sleep at night over an imagined fan jab... yeeeeea.

    There is a very clear meaning to "mean-spirited", especially when APPLIED TO DARK AND EDGY HUMOR - it means that the crudeness was used with vitriol (of unjustified degree) and hatred while foaming at the mouth.
    The difference between someone using crude and nasty jokes to point out truth, create genuine laughs or exhiliration (and yes, bash those into the ground that truly deserve it), and doing it to... hurt... humiliate... showing just how much you hate those you've got some pet peeve with.

    Personally I don't remember seeing any mean-spiritedness in South Park.

    "It is an aesthetic"
    And so is the funniness of slapstick humor. You're a tool.
  • Falconfly
    "Sorry, but the show isn't "overrated", you're just not smart enough to get it."

    Really, did you really just use the single biggest display of patheticness an internet supertard could possibly display? The "you just don't get it" fallacy? Might as well admit you're a nihilist because it makes you edgy.

    "What do you want the show to do? Sing you a lullaby and tuck you into bed at night? Get some thicker skin."

    Oh wait, you just did.

    It's for things like these that the ThatGuyWithTheGlasses community is seen as a bunch of sex-starved loosers.
  • iatethecrayon
    I feel like the jabs made at the beginning of the video are all just representations of timjingoro lol
  • dennett316
    timjingoro, the lack of self-awareness you display would be absolute genius if it was actually intentional.
  • Atwosheds  - @SpeedyEric
    Hey Speedy Eric. What happened to ManicExpressions? I can't log on anymore. Did James sell it to Facebook or something? I didn't post often, but it was nice to hear Les' music, and read Soja's blogs. Well either way if you talk to Les let him know Twosheds says hi. Thanks bro.See ya around.
  • Zydrate
    Manic is still around and growing. Why can't you log in?
  • Atwosheds
    It says I have to log in through FaceBook. I don't have an account though.
  • Zydrate
    You shouldn't have to do that in order to log in. I'll ask the other admins on the site to look into it.
  • Atwosheds
    Thanks man. See ya around.
  • Zydrate
    No Problem. By the way, I sent you a message on how you can fix your problem...sort of.
  • Atwosheds
    Awesome! Thanks man. Good looking out.
  • Ohsha
    Off the top of my head the 11 best are probably

    Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society
    Stan teaches little league hockey
    Imaginationland Trilogy
    earth gets canceled
    mr. garrison becomes "miss" garrison
    Kenny in Heavy Metal
    Kenny wins Heaven's war
    Cartman in the Future
    Cupid Cartmen


    Fun with weapons disturbed me with how indifferent the boys were to Butters' suffering.

    MMOs haven't peaked in popularity yet and WoW isn't a real RPG so it's not a valid entrant into the "most popular RPG" category.

    Mel Gibson's not crazy. What's crazy is how persecuted a christian filmmaker is for trying to make movies indpenently of the jew-owned stuidos yet a director like Roman Polanski, who drugged and raped a 13 year old girl, still has those same jews full support and is awarded for a pandering holocaust movie like The Pianist.
  • psyckid008
    Every time I read one of your insipid comments on this website, I get a strong desire to break something.
  • SpeedyEric  - re: psyckid008
    ...I refer you to the clip Doug used from "The Big Lebowski" in this episode.
  • PlayMp1
    The dude said, without a hint of irony, that women belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant (essentially). He also said that LGBT people don't deserve to live.

    He needs to fucking get banned.
  • MSueSlayer
    aw, look at the widdle commentator with its anti-Semitic leanings who defends a megalomaniac domestic abuser--so adorable
  • snoofulus
    Lol the reason Mel Gibosn got that reputation isn't mainly because of his "Christian movie". You're trying to whitewash a troubled bigot's well-known transgressions, with an obvious agenda behind it, and you think pointing out how another famous director is whitewashed by others is gonna make up for it?
    There's enough people hating Roman Polanski for what he did WITHOUT having to resort to crazy foamy rumbling about those evil Jews. Fuck off.
  • Extreme-Madness  - re:Ohsha WTF
    Yes, Mel Gibson is not crazy, he's just a hateful anti-semite, and by your comment, it is obvious that you are also an anti-semite (which means that signs of racism in your commentary in "Todd and Rap Critic Talk About" Accidental Racist "was not an accident ).
    Ironically, you are now pathetic as Eric Cartman.
  • robm  - Ohsha's not self-evident?
    It's blindingly obvious Ohsha is a racist from the comments on todd and rc's accidental racist video. Bring up sexual assault statistics to try condemn an entire race is straight out of "Birth of a Nation."

    I honestly think this person is trolling to show off how horrible their beliefs are.
  • totes_Mcgotes
    Why wouldn't you want to meet a Mormon? All the Mormons I've ever known have been genuinely nice, friendly people.

    I'm interested in knowing why Doug didn't choose any episodes from the earlier seasons, with the exception of Chinpokomon. It Hits the Fan, Scott Tenorman Must Die, and Butters' Very Own Episode are all great.
  • minnie3434
    Number seven is actually higher up on my list. But my number one is the Warcraft one. I have a top 50 list of the episodes. But despite that I have to agree with the Critics number one choice.

  • WhistleAndSnap  - Oh?
    Is it? I didn't even notice the wall changed color. I was mostly focusing on the actual review. That's a pretty big change, going from white to blue! More so than from going from one shade of white to another, and I noticed that change when it happened. Huh. I guess I was really absorbed in this particular video!
  • minnie3434
    Dude Doug made it a joke, so I'm just continuing it. Maybe you should watch his King and I review again.
  • Gadzinisko
    South Park has been on my list "to watch" forever.

    The fact that there is so huge amount of it kind of puts me off.
  • WhistleAndSnap
    I know what you mean. That's how I feel about "Supernatural". 8 fucking seasons, all consisting of about 25 40-minute episodes. *shudders* I really enjoy it every time I watch it, but... damn. I'm never gonna catch up, I don't think.
  • joeynotalent  - Question
    What happened to new reviews every other Tuesday? LIES.
  • richtv
    um, he has always done top 11 lists on occasion stop hating just to hate!
  • Sean Strife
    Honestly, I've started enjoying the editorials he does between reviews moreso than the reviews themselves. I actually really enjoyed this episode because it wasn't the usual shouty, angry reviewer schtick that, quite frankly, has grown to be quite passe as of late.
  • BunnyDemonJenny
    This had me laughing for most of the episode. XD That's, Critic. Found this to be very enjoyable.
  • SebasChanHook  - Movie request
    Please,please,PLEASE review Sharkboy and Lavagirl!!!

    The director of Sin fuckin' CIty made this turd.Worst yet,the writer is his son.Hell,one DVD version let's you watch this in blue/red 3D.The behind-the-scenes has interesting content.

    Horrible,senseless writing,creepy FX,and inconsistencies up the ass!!!!

    I approve of this request!!!!
  • Osprey
  • MattheJ1
  • PlayMp1
  • WhistleAndSnap  - OMG YES
    I SECOND THIS REQUEST. I SECOND IT HARD. THAT MOVIE WAS SO... unfulfilling. And weird. I think I've blocked most of it out. Mind you, it had a great premise, what with the kid's imagination world being real and all, but... man. Just... so not good.
  • Osprey
    Kind of want to watch an episode of TMZ now just to see if its as horrifically soul-suckin as the Critic says.
  • rowdycmoore
    I can sum it up for you right here (SHAMELESS PLUG COMING): TMZ.html
  • Osprey
    o.O Wow...yeah, changed my mind about watching TMZ.
  • Fangheart
    ....WOW!! Doug has the EXACT same attitude towards TMZ that I have towards Twilight!......that's kinda cool....
  • LemonScented
    I'll come out & say it, I can't stand South Park. I have friends who like it & have seen pieces of different episodes of which I didn't enjoy. When I saw the title of the video I was worried but by the end of it I have to say thank you.

    I still don't like it but now I'm more willing to give a full episode a shot. I was surprised on how well I could relate to some of the episodes in this list.

    I was 8 years old when I got into Pokemon & was absolutely obsessed with it for about three years spending tons of my parents money on merchandise. So when I saw there was an episode about that it really brought me back.

    My closest friend I've ever had is Mormon. I've known her ever since I was 3 years old so that's 18 years. I'd say her family is a little too nice, so nice on the verge of being scary. Her mom never let us play slug bug in the car, it had to be love bug & instead of slugging it was hugging. Potty talk was forbidden & I once got my mouth washed out with soup for spitting.

    I can loosely relate to a few others like online gaming. I've been addicted to a game for the past 10 years & still play it. Along with illegally downloading music & shows getting cancelled again stuff that I can relate to.

    So sure I'm still not going to watch South Park but I'd not going to be as much against it as I was before. If a friend is over at my house & wants to watch it I'll let them.

    Again, thank you so much. I enjoyed that top 11 a lot.
  • Eyeshot
    Oh God, thanks, Critic, for calling out TMZ. It is undoubtedly one of the most pathetic shows on television. Mind you, I haven't seen a lot of it, and I'd like to keep it that way. I can only take so much footage of people obsessing over celebrities in such a petty manner. I remember an episode in which someone asked Shania Twain, "Is it true your exboyfriend is now sleeping with your secretary?" That exposed the show for what it is: TRASH!!!!

    Forget Entertainment Tonight, forget Showbiz Tonight, forget Access Hollywood; TMZ is the true representation of tabloid reporting on television. It makes me nauseous how other news programs occasionally turn to TMZ for source material.
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - Another good list
    At least some of my favorite episodes made it onto the list. Although there is still a little part of me that is just kicking sand that Imagination land, Cartoon wars and the 200th episode didn't make it on the list. But whatever opinions are like snowflakes, there are no two that are exactly alike. Keep up the good work, maybe you could do a top 11 episodes of MST3K? Whatever I'm just free throwing.
  • ace153
  • avaflava1
    I was kind of hoping for this one XD
  • Tervicz  - Never watched
    I have never seen TMZ though truthfully I never watch much TV and also never much of South Park either. For me... I it just too crass so I can't get into it. Oh well, always enjoy your perspective NC. Keep up the good work.
  • manamana6671  - Yeah, same here.
    I respect the HELL out of this show for its creativity and boldness...but it's a little bit too much for my tastes. I've only seen one episode that I /kind/ of liked, and the joke from which that "you're gonna have a bad time" meme originated did make me laugh, but the series as a whole is not for me.

    That said, I'm definitely gonna have to check out a couple of the episodes on this list. Good Times With Weapons and Make Love Not Warcraft seem like two I could possibly enjoy.

    Also...come on, the commenters aren't /that/ bad.
    ...right? :S
  • SolidSnakeUS
    Loved South Park ever since it started and thanks for posting your top episodes. So many good episodes that I actually forgot some.

    Plus, kudos for the use of Wing Commander IV on his shoulder :).
  • Salfordio
    "If you're doing it for the money, you're doing it for the wrong reasons"

    Maybe certain folk in this sites comments section will stop whining about adblock users now.
  • Gaiash
    There's a difference. Yes doing things for the money is the wrong reason. However by using adblock you take away money that people who aren't a huge success can use to make better content. It harms people who use money as a way of helping improve their work rather than those who just want money and expensive stuff.
  • trlkly
    No, we don't. That's the thing. You aren't entitled to our ad money. We're not taking money from anyone. We're simply choosing not to pay.

    You can ask for it, nicely, and sometimes I will un-adblock you. You can give me reasons to support your show, like Suede did when he said he was trying to go full time. But the second you act all offended about it, or worse, do what you're doing and try to make me feel guilty, ya get nothing.

    Adblock is not a moral issue. There is nothing immoral about getting something for free when the option to do so is given to you. It would be different if you had to pay to get to the content itself--then it would be stealing to watch for free. But you don't, so it isn't. (Except the DVDs, which I've never seen because I can't afford them.)

    In other words, YOU AREN'T HELPING!
  • ohe
    So, "If something is possible it can't be immoral".

    Are you just completely bonkers? Even a nihilist would at least admit that's what makes up dilemmas of morality in the first place, although they would consider morality itself ineffectual.

    Maybe you are a hard core totalitarian, whatever. That just makes morality irrelevant to you, and you incapable to have any opinions about it. Now you're just shitting on the very concept itself.
  • snoofulus
    You're... DUMB. Just incredibly DUMB.
    He said it's not immoral to install adblock, and you're concluding that he's denying all morality at all? Like even with regards to newborn porn?

    Please, please, keep that obnoxious confused face in your avatar, it'll continue doing the job of warning everyone off your inane ramblings just well enough.
  • Salfordio
    "If something is possible it can't be immoral".

    He never said that, so why put it in quotation marks? You might want to google the term straw man argument. It might make you rethink your line of attack in the future. Oh, and for what it's worth I pause adblock when using this site. Not because of the constant moaning of those wanting to befriend the sites contributors with their brown nosing in the comments section - they know what you're doing, don't kid yourselves - but because I think the content is worth paying for. Adblock allows me to judge for myself which websites I feel earn my ad revenue. This one does. It's that simple.
  • snoofulus
    Eh, stealing is such a nasty word. It's more like accepting free offers from third parties who may not have acquired the official rights to put up those offers ;)

    Like I'm not trying to necessary promote illegal practices here, and it's a very good thing if people decide to pay and support the people who are selling their works, but seriously, the day I start yelling about people going to some free streaming site being "thieves" and morally bankrupt depravists, may the Mormon God strike me down with a lightning bolt.
    Now hacking someone's site in order to get to their member section, is something I could start calling theft with a straight face...
  • Salfordio
    "I'm not trying to necessary promote illegal practice"

    Don't worry, it's not illegal. Immoral? That is down to the individual to decide.
  • snoofulus
    Um, watching movies for free etc. IS illegal ;)
  • Salfordio  - "watching movies for free etc. IS illegal"
    Indeed it is. I was talking about adblock not being illegal.

    PS: I think you're mistaking the Mormon God with Zeus. ;-)
  • snoofulus
    Ah, yea, I was replying to this comment here:
    "It would be different if you had to pay to get to the content itself--then it would be stealing to watch for free"


    PS: Zeus is a pagan god; they don't exist :)
  • fat1fared  - Morality
    You may be should not use a complex term like morality again, otherwise you will probably only seem even more childish.

    The fact is you do not have to pay anything to use this site, all that is asked of you is that you sit through 3 minutes of advising so that:

    1=The site can actually still have the money to exist.

    2=So that those putting a lot more time and effort than sitting through 2-3 minutes of adverts can actually afford to live.

    Morality has nothing to do with what you 'can and cannot' do; it is about a set of broadly defined values in a certain society/societies. Our societies say that if you use someone else's work for personal gain - even the gain of just plain enjoyment - you should pay for it.

    The point of the quoted message is that it is wrong just to do something for the sake of making money; that, however, does not make those who do not 'pay' or do not 'watch the advisements' which 'pay' anymore morally justified.

    I mean it is morally questionable when a poor person steals music from millionaires, but it is just down-right pathetic when you actually do not have to give anything back for the pleasure of watching the show, other than three minutes of your time, and you are still so selfish as to not do it.
  • Salfordio
    "You may be should not use a complex term"

    If you're going to insult my intelligence, please try to do so in a comprehensible manner. There is nothing complex about the term morality. However, the issues such a term raises are infinitely complex. When discussing morals, the best you can hope to achieve is shades of grey.
    Bar a few morals that are relatively universal - murder is wrong being a prime example - morals are as diverse as opinions. The only difference between a moral and an opinion is that people feel it is okay to force morals onto others. It is not. To judge another by your own standards is bigotry.

    It's also worth noting that the comment I made that started this whole discussion - "Maybe certain folk in this sites comments section will stop whining about adblock users now." - was obviously pithy and tongue in cheek. It was a joke, designed to wind up those who bang on about the evils of adblock users. Perhaps I should leave disclaimers for the humourless in the future?

    PS: Maybe (or may be, if you prefer) you ought to read my post again before getting on your high horse? I said I paused adblock for this site. I also explained my reasoning for doing so.
  • ohe
    That is not in any way exhaustive description of morality. It's just you picking and choosing what you want it to mean and ignoring the rest, in order to force it into being simple and concise. Not to mention you're being a cynical asshole while you're at it: "morals are as diverse as opinions. The only difference between a moral and an opinion is that people feel it is okay to force morals onto others."

    No. That's in no way exhaustive for a description, and you would only do yourself a favor for understanding this. Also you don't seem to realize that morals and morality aren't one and the same, and you making that kind of faulty generalization mainly points to you being too simple-minded to understand how anything could actually be complex. Word meanings are structured as analogous, but you seem to only understand them categorically like some sort of an autism sufferer. But hey, good job at least laying out what you think morality entails, now we can clearly see that everything you've responded in these comments is just the result of your own, deluded misintrepretations of things too complex for you to unerstand properly.

    Still, please try to show some restraint from now on before correcting people out of sensible discussion.
  • Salfordio
    So, still not looked up the straw man fallacy? Go on, you know you want to.

    Anyway, I've broken one of my own personal rules. While I love online discussion, I won't partake in online arguments. You raise some valid points about morals and morality and your opinion on the subject is just as valid as my own, but then you blow it all out of the water by resorting to name calling. Such tactics as name calling and attempted belittling usually shows a lack of faith in ones personal argument. But that is besides the point. That autism jibe is not on. I have autistic friends who are constantly having to explain what the condition entails, thanks mainly to misconceptions about autism brought about by comments like the one you made. How about you call me retentive instead? Fine, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. But using disabilities as insults is uncalled for. It's also totally unacceptable in our modern society, not to mention ironic coming from someone banging on about what is morally right and wrong. As such, I'd rather not continue this discussion with you. Please accept that.
  • snoofulus
    "Word meanings are structured as analogous, but you seem to only understand them categorically like some sort of an autism sufferer. But hey, good job at least laying out what you think morality entails, now we can clearly see that everything you've responded in these comments is just the result of your own, deluded misintrepretations of things too complex for you to unerstand properly."

    A huge lot of abstract philosophizing while evading the main poit - nice ;)

    Refraining from adblock is a moral impulse because it's about aiding others (at your own slight expense) - but doing so isn't a moral obligation, it merely elevates you (slightly) above the normal standard of accepted morality.
    It's not IMmoral if you don't do it! When people sponsor their sites through ads, they're supposed to understand that those can be turned off; they enter a game with established rules, and the loss of ad money that comes from adblock is part of the rulebook.

    This continues being the case until it's established that the providers in question DESPERATELY need the money; if the outcome of them getting less ad revenue would be something more severe than "eh, gonna find some additional money; everyday life goes on as usual", then you can't hide behind the "that's the rules of the system" argument any longer because the SYSTEM is kind of flawed; there's no way to get another job, everything's gone to hell, people need help etc.
    As long as that's not the case, no.
  • snoofulus
    No. Just no.
    You can't see outside of your tiny fandom bubble, having probably spent hours on forums where they kept talking how they ran on scarce money and could appreciate all the add revenue they could get, and having thus bravely decided that you shall ride out there, and spread the good word, to support your noble idols and make people ditch that awful application that could run the whole site into thr ground. Those... evil... fat pricks, lying around on their couch and not thinking aboutt the consequences for the very people who give them happiness!!

    No... just no. Someone surfs around on the web. Chilling from their day to day work or something. They wanna see something cool; they're annoyed by ads; they find a way to make them disappear. End of story.
    Stop trying to make every fan or viewer into an activist, it won't ever work and will only make you look like a prick. No one has any moral obligation to ensure everyone they cross keeps their workplace and keeps their salary at those workplaces. You're not morally obligated to buy a sandwich. And you're not morally obligated to think about all the ways you could support the myriads of people producing content on the web, when there's a perfectly legal and acceptable way of turning off the ads they can't stand. IT'S OPTIONAL. One of those things that is very nice and noble to do for someone else, but NOT A MORAL OBLIGATION.
    Those people produce free content, they know how the game is played, that's just how it goes. End of story, and you're lame.

    Btw I don't use adblock.
  • ohe
    Heh, your opening and ending statements ("No. Just no." & "End of story") are so... withdrawing. As if you were retracting from this. Like, into a bubble of some sort. Possibly the kind from where it's hard to discern what's outside.

    Anyway, again, that's not really what issues of morality are even about. Moral obligations aren't restrictive in the way you make them out to be. Not unless you have some personal hangup with ethics, which I don't doubt you do given how insecure you seem to be before just the idea of immorality.
  • snoofulus
    "Heh, your opening and ending statements ("No. Just no." & "End of story") are so... withdrawing. As if you were retracting from this. Like, into a bubble of some sort. Possibly the kind from where it's hard to discern what's outside."

    You're talking nonsense. Those phrases were for emotional emphasis; they were supposed to express how obnoxiously inacceptable your view was, and that if you kept arguing you'd only keep losing no matter what.
    A sentiment backed up rather nicely... between those two phrases.

    When you're prepared to answer them properly instead of just escaping into abstract hairsplitting, you can come back and try again.
  • ladydiskette  - re: trlkly
    Geeze,no offense, but just reading that comment left a bitter taste in my mouth. If this is how adblocker makes people act like, then I am uninstalling mine and never using it again.

    I don't care if the ads are repetitive I just...never want to EVER sound like you did just now.
  • snoofulus
    Seemed like a perfectly reasonable response to a comment dripping of self-entitled guilt tripping *shrug*
  • ohe
    As per usual, some people here keep being full of crap. Aside from that, based on what I saw here I can't really agree with the message of that South Park episode. It's not like all artists are automatically rich, only the most well-known top. And that is not only a result of the very essential tenet of American way of life that is capitalism, and as such kind of a neccessery evil, a lot of regular people still get their livelihoods from working along the production lines of that industry. Should we ignore them just to slightly smite the really rich ones?

    It's kind of like saying that Americans have nothing to complain about their 1% elite while any American is among the 1% when compared to the rest of the world.

    Shit, maybe I do agree after all.
  • PlayMp1
    In Doug's case, he isn't getting rich off this site. He's middle class, most likely, and he still lives with his brother (and I'm pretty sure he's married too). With the additional actors on his show that have to earn a living, every dollar counts toward their grandiose $40,000 per annum lives.
  • ThatManWithTheHeadband12
    Doing it for the money IN EXCESS. Internet reviewers ARENT Holywood. They don't get paid millions of dollars just for making the product. They get money from the ads and views. Linkara uses the ad money to PAY HIS RENT ergo these people aren't rich. TV creators and producers ARE. Big difference.
  • Aidgum
    Wish he could review Jack and Jill

    *shivers* now THAT was an awful movie.
  • xpbyerx
    I was hoping for south park to make a top 11. Some of my favorites (coon saga) made it on the list, others did not, but, still I can't really name a single bad south park episode anyways. Great episode Doug, keep up the good work!
  • choninja21  - Umm yeah
    I never liked South Park but good list anyway.
  • LuckyGetsRocked  - Mormon
    I'm proud to say I'm a Mormon. And I try my bestest not to be an a-hole.

    That is all.
  • lilbird
    I knew I wasn't the only Mormon here. *bro-fist*
  • mtman318
    That makes three of us!
  • Falconfly
    Provided none of you three are homophobes, you're off my hook.
  • LuckyGetsRocked
    I'm not, Falconfly. The other two also have good profile pics, so I think they are safe as well.
  • PlayMp1
    Really, misogyny and homophobia are the only issues I've ever had with Mormons (since they can be rather prone to it in the more conservative Mormon areas). There are likely a large number of Mormons who would prefer to have traditional gender roles informally enforced (i.e., they tend to give a sideways glance to genderqueer people), and a significant minority of homophobes.

    But otherwise, even as an explicit anti-theist atheist agnostic (yes, all at once), Mormons are seriously some of my favorite people in the world. My best friend is Mormon. They're bizarrely, almost creepily pleasant, just as NC said. I don't know what it is about them, but all the Mormons I know are simply incapable of being mean whatsoever, and the majority aren't homophobes or misogynists either.
  • Robanah
    Glad I am not the only Mormon that's a fan of this show ^_^ I don;t know if you knew this, but Suede, a reviewer of anime on this sight is LDS as well.
  • shenlow558
    all super great episodes, would have but the 200 and 201 episodes on there but since access to them is near impossible its understandable why not and its you're list so yeah great list.
  • gold rider62
    You should do a Seinfeld Top 10 or Top 20 episodes.
  • jowistinks
    South Park was always one of those shows I just never could get into... and I think it had more to do with my sense of humor than there being anything wrong with the show. I always found it way too over-the-top with insensitivity. I'm all for dark humor, but this show left me feeling sort of empty after I watched it (and I only watched it a few times) because of its heavy reliance on some pretty brutal satire.

    Again, that's just coming from someone who would much rather see a character-driven comedy rather than one tied together by jokes. The two are apples and oranges, so it's not really fair to compare them.
  • gold rider62
    You should do a Seinfeld Top 10 or Top 20 episodes.
  • ReckoningReviewer
    Okay Doug, I'm sorry, but I just wasn't very impressed this week. You're a great reviewer, and I'm glad you're doing top 11 lists again, but I really think you should've chosen a much cooler topic than South Park as your first top 11 since your return. Plus there are so many movies out there that you can review and give us great laughs with like Avatar, Last Airbender, Scooby Doo 2, Inspector Gaget 2, Battleship, Bridge to Terabithia, District 9, The Dark Knight Rises and other such pieces of crap. But if I know one thing it's that you are awesome, and you're building up for a strong review of something we can all laugh at, and another editorial.
    But I have a request though, other than all the other movies I listed above. Can you collaborate with Film Brain on something? I think that would be awesome. Possibly a Battleship review of him would be a great review that we can expect from you two. It can be something that would bring forth an iconic review that the site will remember forever.
  • The Dubya
    I would LOVE NC try to do an even remotely convincing review of District 9. Maybe this time he'll actually have to WATCH the movie instead of simply reading the synopsis on Wikipedia and complain about things that were not only EXPLAINED in the movie, but MAJOR PLOT POINTS IN THE THING.

    Love Doug and all, but that's still his one massive "Epic Fail" moment that's never gonna be lived down...
  • Gaiash
    Wait why are District 9 and The Dark Knight Rises on that list? I mean I get that Doug doesn't like District 9 but he already covered his reasons in list of movies everyone else likes list. And TDKR isn't a bad movie, in fact it's better than The Dark Knight. Plus he's already done all the jokes he could in the Batman Demo Reel episode.

    And besides that how does this top 11 conflict with other reviews he could do?
  • Lotus Prince
    Did you actually watch the video? He put a lot of effort into this one.
  • PlayMp1
    District 9 is not a bad movie. It does not deserve to be in the same list as fucking The Last Airbender.
  • tweedel
    great review very good.Now how about reviewing dinotopia the animated movie?
  • OzzieAstaroth
    This is a great list of South Park episodes. Like you said, there are so many that its tough for anyone to narrow it down to just a few. I started watching South Park way back when it first started airing, but only because my cousin taped episodes for me since we didn't get Comedy Central at the time. She would bring me tapes of episodes and we would watch and laugh together. These days I haven't been keeping up with it much, only catching an episode every now and then, but I've seen all the ones in this list and can say they're all good ones.

    Also, I've never seen a full episode of TMZ, but I've seen clips of it on The Soup and at first I thought it was a joke. Then I found out it was an actual show and, well, still didn't watch it. Some people will watch anything.
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