Nostalgia Critic - What the F*** was Up with Where the Wild Things Are

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  • PlayMp1
    I gotta say, I love these minisodes that we get between full-length 40 minute episodes. While the 40 minute episodes allow Doug to get into the nitty-gritty of a film and why it sucks as well as provide time for the (so far) excellent skits, these minisodes allow Doug to just give a quick opinion on some aspect of a piece of media.
  • ColeYote
    I like them too, but I'm a little confused as to why they're under the Nostalgia Critic label when he's not really in-character for them.
  • Amesang
    Are you suggesting that characters can't or shouldn't change?

    I haven't seen this film yet; hell, I wasn't aware it had ever been in theaters until well after it left (and my lack of television viewing makes it difficult to see commercials). Likewise, I haven't read the book in ages, and even now in my half-asleep state I fear that all of this is going over my head.

    In fact, all I can think about now is seeing if "Life with Louie" was ever released on DVD.
  • Rusted Ramblings
    Characters can obviously evolve, but it's pretty clear that this is just Doug talking, and not the NC. Of course there are blurred lines between him and the character, but Doug usually just plays the part of himself when he's doing this sort of purely analytical video. It's non-comedic. That said, it doesn't make or break the work either way--it's just an interesting choice on his part. I assume it's mostly done with the intent of maintaining some vein of NC content released on a weekly basis.
  • psycher7
    Even as NC, he has always seemed a bit more himself (as in, Doug), more toned down, when focusing on a positive. His top 11 lists, for example, have the same intonation and rhythms he uses here. The line is very blurry.
  • CC*
    well, to boldly flee changed somethings about his character and for all we know NC could've had the ability to make a show like this, this whole time but he was to. . . angry ?
  • Bloodrealm
    Not exactly. The Top 11 and Old vs. New episodes were kind of like this. But, yeah, before, I think he lacked the composure and humility.
  • ProfBathrobe  - Alignment Shift
    Well this may just be my own interpretation, but think the Critic's alignment shifted from Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Good during the events of "To Boldly Flee", giving him more noble attributes while maintaining his personality. Thus it makes sense for the character to take a more serious look at things, since he's no longer just the whiner he used to be but a fully developed critic.
  • animegx43
    It also makes it so we don't actually have to wait 2 full weeks befoe hearing anything from him.
  • cvrpapc
    How is he not hitting the "nitty gritty" here? I think brevity can be very effective in conveying a point because its not obfusticated with distractions. Doug is evolving as a critic, not just as the NC. I've noticed the he seems to focus a lot more on elements of production, design, writing, and presentation that he never took the time to expand on before. Outside of just a few comments here and there during the regular NC videos. I agree with you on one thing: I love these short vids. I like how he picks movies HE likes, and discusses things ABOUT them that he finds vexing or great.

    WTWA is just like AI, it was misunderstood. I don't think that's because anyone is stupid. Rather its because people are so USED to being spoon-fed answers that whenever abstract elements are introduced into the plot they're frustrated because they EXPECT to be told -- how to feel or what the character is thinking. When its not forthcoming, critics and audiences don't always want to do the critical thinking required to reason out these complex elements. Unfortunately film making that requires any kind of thought or reflection in Hollywood is all but evaporated. Look at what is coming out: reboots, rehashes, comicbook movies. Its all junk. When occasionally a great film like this one meanders along to the big screen people don't like it, (its different oooOOoo) and that sends the wrong message to Hollywood imho.
  • PlayMp1
    "How is he not hitting the 'nitty gritty' here? I think brevity can be very effective in conveying a point because its not obfusticated with distractions."

    He is, but only for one aspect of the film - namely, its theme. In a full episode, he can practically hit everything in the movie, since the episode is half the length of the movie!
  • thelordofAWSOMENESS  - The minisodes
    well it seems when he does a minisode explaining something he des them pretty well.
  • Rallinale
    Another great editorial!
  • Zorro4k6
    Agreed. This was great Doug. I think it's some of your best work.

    I'll be honest. I never saw this movie or even heard of it before now. That's pretty amazing. But I agree with everyone of your points. The world this kid creates is definitely a world where he goes to escape from his problems and figure stuff out. I also agree about the emotional language. As a kid, some films I barely understood what was happening in the story. But I still got the emotional language from the characters. Also, as a kid I did a lot of the same things. Just like I'm sure a lot of other kids did. I had a very active imagination. And I liked using it. I liked going into that world and playing. It helped me come up with a lot of great ideas for games to play and etc. It was fun. So I may check this film out some time. I think I may like it.

    Anyway, nice review. Can't wait to see what you have next week.
  • plaidman
    I was working at a movie theater as a projectionist when this movie came out and unfortunately the only parts I got to see were the balls out insane parts where either the little boy or the one wild thing is wiggin out.
  • randomfruit11  - My Imaginary World...
    this editorial (and the movie) really speaks to me because I didn't have many friends when I was little. so I would always go to my imaginary world, and when I was sad it made me feel better. I wish I could go back to that time where I can talk to myself and NOT seem crazy...
  • WolfieWolfieWolfie
    I just found the whole thing irretrievably boring. It was very, very good in places, but it went on for FAR longer than I could honestly take. There's only so much kooky crazy imagination-land I can handle before I want something to actually happen. It was all so aimless, with a lot of what felt like pure filler in between the parts I wanted to see.
  • Ela
    A feature length movie based on book that consists of only 10 sentences has to have a LOT of fillers. I think a short film would have been much more impressive.
  • Semudara
    I would agree with that. The movie was SO melancholy that after a while I just felt numb, but if it were a short film then I think its themes would have had that much more impact and I may have been able to "get" it. Instead, I just left the theater feeling slightly depressed.
  • Jendrexyl
    I completely agree it LOOKED good but I found it so boring and there isnt really an objective or plot.Mark Ruffalo was the best thing in it.what happened to the cheesy reviews?Kevin James is making a career on them
  • neytari
    I understand when people say they hated this movie, but it makes me very sad when they do because I think you have to completely miss the point in order to do so. If you get the point you might still not really like the movie, but the hatred isn't deserved.

    It's probably the most honest portrayal of the inner world of a child I've ever seen.
  • WolfieWolfieWolfie
    I get the point, I really do. I understand that it's a very faithful representation of a young child's perspective on the world and more so than any other attempt in mainstream cinema.

    It's just boring and I didn't enjoy it at all. It's rather disingenuous of you to say that people whose opinion differs from your own 'just don't get it.'
  • albinotanuki
    WHOA! I didn't know you watch Clone High! That's AWESOME!

    Yeah, everything you just said is how I felt watching the movie. I figured everything that was going on in the boy's head was in his imagination and him trying to figure stuff out.
  • Matt J  - Nostalgia Critic
    I must admit it is refreshing to see this character have positive things to say about a film. Because as we know, a critique doesn't always have to scream "this movie sucks". Though I will admit anger, frustration, and horror are more "entertaining" responses, this style of review is a nice break every now and again imho.
  • Curiosity Inc
    Everything about this film revolves around that one word: "Wild." It's all about the physical and impulsive part of what it means to be a child. It's about building tree forts and getting into fights. It's about pure emotion without any of the wisdom or experience to control it.

    I'm so glad you took the time to sing this film's praises and to do it so beautifully. Very well done.
  • knightsintodreams  - bare with me, i'm terrible at expressing my ideas.
    i was about to be broken hearted if you didn't like tis movie. i agree with you 100%, it's about what it feels like to be a child.

    there's this one line in the movie where they're inside the nest/fort and maxwell doesn't like one of the monsters being there, so he says "i thought the security system was supposed to blow up their heads" (or something. all his friends look at him reproachfully, and you feel the instant he says it that max regrets it, but is too stubborn or hurt to take it back.

    man, i've BEEN there. i think everyone's been hurt or angry and said something horrible, and you don't mean it but you say it anyways and then you're left there standing. it's awful. you should apologize but you never do. it's that scene that told me this movie understood.

    anyhow, i hope that makes sense....
  • ClaudiaFangless  - I don't know...
    I really wanted to like this movie, but for whatever reason I just couldn't identify with it. It's definitely not that I'm out of touch with childhood; I'm not even legally an adult yet, and I've always loved being imaginative. I think the difference is that I'm a writer; I've always wanted to be a writer; and even when I was really young, the stories I developed in my head never involved me, even as a side character. So even though I spent plenty of time alone when I was younger, I actually don't know what it's like to place myself in a world populated by the products of my own imagination.

    Also, I hate to admit it, but the Wild Things annoyed me pretty much throughout the movie. Each character seemed to have a specific flaw that led to the same arguments being rehashed several times, only to be resolved strangely quickly. I was especially surprised that the initial meeting between Max and the Wild Things was so contentious; I get that it reflects the emotions he was experiencing in the real world, but doesn't that almost defeat the purpose of his escape?

    I'm sorry if I sound overly negative; this is definitely a very interesting movie, and visually it's stunning. Even if the songs are rather bizarrely incorporated...
  • Zodia195
    I agree with you. I remember as a kid when this book came out and I wasn't all that into it because I was too caught up in fairy tales at the time hehe. Anyway, I love to write also (almost as much as I love to draw) and I had all these stories pop up in my head and I had get them out. However I didn't write them out at first, I drew them like a comic because at the time I was not a good writer.

    I never saw the movie purely because I never was fond of the book.

    I don't think your sound negative either.

    Childhood memories differ for everyone and no one's experiences are the same.
  • PixelRelated  - Childhood
    I can agree with you partially on this one. My imagination was never about making a world for me but just making a world that was more interesting than the one I was in. So most of my imagination as a kid involved making up other universes and worlds with stories that attempted at being sophisticated (heck that's what I do today and I hope to make it my career) so Where The Wilds Things Are never really spoke to me as a movie. I don't think that it is a bad movie, but I don't think that it was really impressive. To me the movie was basically one concept: a child's imagination. But other than that there isn't much to the movie.

    Though I have to admit that the animatronics in the movie were pretty awesome!
  • Oddwel  - Ohgod
    I loved that book when I was a kid ! Didn't know there was a movie !! *-*
  • jerimiah89  - my mind is still my playground
    Great review i still have my imagination, but that could be because i have asperger syndrome and im happy with that. I can understand how a childs imagination works while also seeing the situation as an adult. i was told by everyone i know that i have a very good imagination and i love every second of it.
  • ThatOtherZ
    I have a bit of that along with another disability. Everyone has imagination. But not everyone has an overactive imagination.
  • GomJabber11
    Glad to see that you liked this one, Doug. Personally, I really like it. Doesn't seem to be many out there that did. (At least that I've talked to) I like how the film doesn't feel the need to talk down to its audience with pop-culture jokes or anything and that it doesn't shy away from challenging subject matter. (Helplessness, loneliness, uncontrollable anger) I think it’s great for kids. As for adults, it’s a great reminder that kids aren't the oblivious creatures of habit we sometimes make them out to be. Children go through these issues just like adults, only they take them different ways. I heard Spike Jones say in an interview that this was not a “kid’s movie”, but that it’s a movie about being a kid. And that’s totally true.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Doug. Looking forward to more.

    BTW, I watched “Life with Louie”!
  • Bloodrealm
    "I heard Spike Jones say in an interview that this was not a “kid’s movie”, but that it’s a movie about being a kid."
    So... who got the bright idea to turn an adaptation of a children's book into a Child Psychology textbook scenario?
  • ThatOtherZ
    Mr. Walker, if I ever have the privilege of outliving you, that would probably be the saddest day of my life and here's why:

    You made me realize why I didn't like this film very much. I was seeing a reflection of myself as a 5 or 6 year old. I was a gross, awkward kid to be around. I think seeing Max getting crushed by a big kid and crying reminded me of times where Big kids would do things like that to me and I got angry when I got bigger and became the bully, similary to what happens with Max. His sister's bf ruins his igloo and later in the movie, he gets violent with the monsters. I hated that part of me when I was mean to people. I never comprehended my actions until this review of the movie. Thank you, Doug Walker/NC. You're probably the first person to experiment with 'Entertainment Psychology' in such a down to earth manner.
  • sidetrack  - "Entertainment psych" is a good way to put it :)
    Doug nicely explained how a cild's books less then 12 sentances long became dark,strange indie movie that's like something from the "Criterion collection" too.
  • shenlow558
    Is it sad to say that a GREAT chunk of my life was spent in a imaginary world and do to that I could probably never see this movie
  • Down Haven Entertainment  - Why this movie failed to deliver?
    I'll tell you why... If you're going to make a movie like this... Make your own movie. Where the wild thing are, the book, was a good time, escapism of a kid. That's what I expected. A fun good time with a lesson (at least) in the movie. But the got serious, depressing and a little boring. mainly because of the deviation from the source material. (its like if they made a jimmy neutron movie, and made it all serious.) It would've been a lot better if it wasn't based of the book and more of an original story that stood on it's own.
  • The Dubya
    I love how people that claim to be such huge fans of the book criticize the movie for doing the EXACT same thing. They both had the EXACT same lessons/message/whatever you want to call it. The only difference is that the movie is obviously in a longer format.
  • Quick  - Yeah, no...
    I've disagreed with you in the past Doug, but never this much. I haven't despised a movie as much as this one in a long, LONG time. Even movies like Transformers 2 are terrible in a fun, point and laugh sort of way.

    I felt THIS movie was a giant pile of bland, unpleasant, poorly acted, poorly rendered trite all wrapped up in a layer of boredom so thick I nearly fell asleep in the theater.

    The biggest problem for me was the kid. He was so utterly unlikeable, boring and emo. Even in the "happy" scenes, the camera would go to him and everything would suddenly feel bland and depressing.

    The Wild Things looked terrible and acted in incredibly annoying ways.

    The world was horribly artsy and oddly unpleasant to look at.

    You say it all represents the kid's emotions, but a child's emotions are NOT interesting. They're usually irrational and stupid. Yeah, I did have fantasies and shit when I was little, but I fully acknowledge they would not make for a good movie.

    And again, the kid. Ok, fine. You want to make a movie about a childhood fantasy. Pick someone with a better fantasy. The book was fine because it was so brief. He got mad, he went to the fantasy land, he partied, he got sad, he left. He didn't have to wander around for hours looking sad and uninteresting.

    I'm ranting now, so I think it's time to stop. I simply walked into the theater, sat through the film and walked out without enjoying a single second of the experience.
  • Goobian
    You like Transformers 2 and don't like this? Your not a deep philosophical thinker then. If something isn't in your face and entertaining in a shallow way, then you think it's boring and not entertaining.

    I really don't like people like you. You are the reason why hollywood makes dumb movies.
  • PixelRelated  - Opinions
    He never said he liked Transformers 2. Where did that even come from? You really don't like him because he explained his opinion thoroughly? I don't completely agree with his comment, but he did raise some good points. The movie did show the imagination of a fairly annoying kid, and you can't lie that almost all kids are irrational. You may enjoy the film because it reflects some aspect of your childhood but your childhood (and your opinion) doesn't reflect everyone else's.

    My opinion on the film is that the animatronics were really good, and the whole psychology aspect of the film was interesting but... it was interesting. That's it. It didn't tell much of a story and the kid was obnoxious. Also the movie is about reflection on childhood BUT my childhood was nothing like his SO the movie is irrelevant to me.

    Oh yeah and it is spelled "you're" not "your".
  • SpeedyEric
    I haven't read or saw "Where the Wild Things Are," but I do remember having the type of childhood where I make my own little world whenever I was by myself, and I still pretty much do that.
  • Moreno X  - to SpeedyEric
    My friend, join the club. The way my childhood days was established, all I could do is look the other way from the disappoinments and keep going. To this day, even the previous disappointmens grow on me, it allow me to express many emotional reactions....and then later, I'm getting used to be the best I can to continue moving forward.
  • SpeedyEric
    Aim high, sister.
  • Moreno X  - to SpeedyEric
    Ha ha! Right back ya cha troll.
  • SpeedyEric
    I am not a troll. Seriously, I'm only giving my thoughts on these videos and why I like them, not hating or bashing them.
  • Quick  - Alright, one last thing....
    Here's the final issue: I didn't relate.

    All the people praising the movie talk about how they had experiences just like that and how it totally captured what it meant to be a kid, but that isn't me.

    In some ways, it just makes me MORE angry at the film for telling me what childhood is supposed to be like.

    You can't say "Every kid had this happen." I didn't. Maybe I just had a weird damn childhood, but nothing in the movie related to me at all.

    Side note: None of this reflects on what Doug is doing. I'm loving the quirky little editorials and would like to see more. Just needed to vent my pent-up hatred.
  • albinotanuki
    You never made up your own little world inside your head as a kid?
  • Spottedfeather
    No, of course not. I never saw the point. Of course, I would play with GI Joes, Transformers, and He-Man. But I never made up stories or worlds that involved me personally.
  • ohe
    Final issue? More like the only one. That earlier comment is nothing but different aspects of you personally not seeing in the movie what you go see movies for, while telling nothing about what would be preferable and why. This one is a bit better, just because you're excusing yourself at least. Ultimately, though, I feel safe saying that nobody is learning anything right now.

    These opinions of yours can serve absolutely no other purpose to people than to get to know you a little bit better. Your online, anonymous little personality. Oh joy. Maybe your whole problem from the get-go was that you're too self-centered for imaginary friends, or that you're too self-centered now to remember what it was like when you weren't.

    I should also point out that sometimes these fantasies are not cohesive enough to even manifest as friends or creatures, in case you're fixated with that idea thinking "I had no stinkin' imaginary friends".
  • Jekefka  - My issue with the film...
    I did like this movie, though not as much as you did, Critic.

    I just felt that, since the kid's world was supposed to be his imagination, the monsters were, too bizarre and too unappealing as a child's fantasy. Some of their words and behavior go beyond what a child might make up, whether he's troubled or emotionally confused or not.

    Random facts like "the sun is going to die" are exactly the thoughts of a kid, and I understand some of the more mature monsters, as he might relate imaginary friends to real people, but...too much of it is just too dark and too unpleasant, to the point that if you were a kid imagining something similar, you'd transform it into something better, or something that benefits you, not something that just sort of sucks or makes you even more upset. The whole point of imagination is to escape, not to create a different version of things you don't want to see or experience--unless it's purposely grotesque because you think that stuff is wicked and awesome, like zombies and guts and skulls, but that wasn't the case here. The unpleasant bits were depressing and distressing, not the badass fiction a little boy might think up.

    Basically, my issue with the film is that it's more like a strange, uncontrollable dream than a child playing make-believe.

    Side note: Kimberly/The Pink Power Ranger was my first imaginary friend, and she never tore anyone's arm off--unless he really deserved it.
  • ohe
    "whole point of imagination is to escape"

    No, it's not.
  • Jekefka
    "No, it's not."

    Yes, it is.

    Reality can be boring, and imagination/day-dreaming can be more entertaining than reality. That alone constitutes imagination as escapism, never mind how imagination relates to a person retreating into an imaginary fantasy to help them escape, improve or augment their real surroundings.
  • ohe
    Glad to see you're at least making notice of your shortcomings and improving yourself.

    That was ironic, by the way.

    You need to have yourself straightened out by strangers every time you're dead wrong about something? Man, if you aren't a sad one.
  • Jekefka
    Wait, wait--do Moreno X!
  • Moreno X  - to Jekefka
    *signing in*

    What is it you want ohe to do on me? Was it something I said in this comment section that seems depressing to read? If so, I didn't mean to. Try not to misunderstand me, I did had moments to enter my made-up worlds wherever I'm in my room, at the park, playing with other kids in the playground, etc. From where I come from, there were times I had time for enjoying freedom of child-like happiness (watching tv programs and movies, listening music, etc.) and there were times that I had to call off my spare time of escapism to come back to carry on important stuff (as well as dealing the negativity that was floating all over me and I had to keep quiet to not make any more problems).

    Just thought I added in here so just to see what is it you or ohe wanted to say to me. No hard feelings I hope :)
  • Jekefka  - to Moreno
    Ohe trolled Quick's posts, then mine, so I jokingly requested that Ohe troll your posts next.

    It was nothing against you at all.
  • PixelRelated  - Why troll
    Why are you trolling? Honestly, what is the point?
  • KouTheMad
    ah, your one of those "anyone doesn't share my opinion is wrong" people.


    Edit: aimed at Ohe
  • basteagui
    i wanted to love this movie because spike jonze graduated from my high school a long time ago and he had made the fatboy slim video praise you that came out when i was starting my teen years as it was a blast it marked a time in my life;
    he also had made one of my favorite movies, and my favorite movie for a time - being john malkovich, then i started to appreciate malkovich in his more theatrical roles; but this movie i just didn't get at all.
    i was expecting like a new neverending story

    i wanted to walk out the whole time.

    a week later i saw this movie and hated it i went to see fantastic mr fox by wes anderson (director of one of my other favorite movies - the life aquatic)
    i still think fantastic mr fox is way better, sorry spike jonze, point goes to wes anderson this time!
  • Razvigor  - ...
    Doug, why do you make this insightful reviews as NOSTALGIA CRITIC?
    Because, this ISN'T the Critic - this is Doug Walker.
    I like this side-reviews, but you should post them as a part of something like Disneycember or something, because this isn't Nostalgia Critic - you are not playing him.
  • Semudara
    I don't think that's entirely true. This thoughtful side of the Critic has actually come out a lot, mostly in the Top 10 and Old vs New videos. The line between NC and the real Doug is quite blurry, or so it seems to me.

    While it is strange for an NC video to be so short on jokes, I think the scripted style of this video is slightly more Nostalgia Critic than Doug Walker Reviews.
  • Moreno X
    I tell ya, I was all by myself in the theater when I saw this film. Seriously, after the film was out few weeks ago, it’s no wonder many people (parents in particular no doubt) aren’t comfortable with the tone this movie was going for. To me, personally, it was incredibly amazing. Coming from me who NEVER read the book but heard of it as a kid, I was curious to see this movie. So I gave in and see it for myself. And again, the day I went to see the film, the auditorium room of the theater was EMPTY. Which is good for me….and for the best!

    Why? Sitting through this film from beginning to end, and based on listening to your thoughts about the movie Doug, this movie had done something that I never thought a kids movie – a “kids” movie as I emphasizes boldly – would do: it gave me a realistic, gritty, no-holds-bar reflection of my miserable, struggling childhood days that it manage to dug up moments and memories when I did want to be alone. Naïve as I was as a kid, I was aware of scenarios that were something that I knew my life will be storing awful days and can stay scared in my future years to come. Sure, my naïve escapism as a kid was pretending to not recognize and never acknowledging of the awfulness that was surrounding me; surrounding the environment that – in a long shot – could’ve been used to encourage me. Encouraging my potential skills that I was too young to understand them and – putting out here on a personal note – I was unfortunate to realize them earlier than later to use my abilities to allow myself choose a proper direction that I want to go and do. I am fine of where I am now: finishing college of a career that wasn’t originally my idea in the beginning but I learn to accept alternatives to do something for my well-being since I couldn’t do, and the career that I’m close to hopefully achieve, I can use it to help me go back and pick up where I left behind, financially and professionally.

    Another thing this film struck me: without giving away scenes, the middle that is close to the end had me literally shedding tears. YES, as a late-20s year old man, I was letting out my tears out of frustration, anger, sadness, jealousy, and such. When Max’s world was being interfered by harsh reality, it’s a metaphor of Max’s feelings that he has left his miserable home and a family that he thought they didn’t really care or love him enough. That such moment is where I was chained to it because it was exactly how I could’ve reacted a long time ago rather than not ever do it because I kept to my place to not stir up more crap than it was already happening at the time and I didn’t want to be viewed in the middle that is causing for everyone around me. Retrospectively, whenever I’m sad and angry but never show it a lot, I somehow learn to keep my feelings bottled up.
  • Moreno X  - CONTINUED
    Lately though, I slowly share my inner mean-spirited emotions and thoughts to my, as of now, two high school friends who are the only ones that were NOT pretending to be my friends because they had to. They accept me as their friend and have welcomed me in their lives whenever we’re talking and hanging out together; sharing one another about our struggling days back when we were kids, the drama that they had to endured back in Gr. 9 to Gr. 11 with a group of people who were our “friends” and we sometimes talk about our lives and what are we going to do in the future. It’s the same thing when I do with my family and other good friends. I was unable to enjoy as a kid, but I cannot say that my childhood was nothing or valuable to me. For better or worse, those days and what I am struggling to achieve now, they serve my abilities to make use to show others that this is who I am and that I am PROUD to be alive to journey more on what life can be so magnificent. All the naysayers that even continue to doubt my existence can take their selfish beliefs about my maturity and intelligences and shove it!

    Seems to be out of context that I’m commenting here, but that’s how Doug’s analysis about this bravest, gorgeous movie really propel me to express and I think people like me would feel the same way. Thanks Doug, your NC editorials are really fresh to watch, AND this dude is my favorite to stop and think about.
  • ImitationJesus
    i'll give the movie another look, through the lens you've given, NC.
  • Jezzy54
    That's deep stuff, but there's no movie like Surf Ninjas.
  • Shane_LaFleur
    Another great editorial. I have read the book but I haven't seen the movie yet. After this, I want to check this movie out :)

    Very well done :) I love watching these about as much as I love watching the traditional NC reviews :)
  • Theozilla01
    I really loved this move as well but in a really emotional achey kind of way, this film along with My Neighbor Totoro are some of my favorite films about being a child and imagining things even when some of the thoughts can get uncomfortable and at times sad. This film was definitely more a more emotional stream of conscious than Totoro was.
  • Sylphide
    Doug....or Critic, I could not agree more with everything you said about this movie. It is one of the best films that shows a child's imagination and way of thinking.
  • Jakken
    Even though I haven't seen this movie Doug did remind me of allot of my old childhood imaginary worlds. Hell I always wished that the games I played the characters could be real and I could hang out with them cause of not being popular in school. some of us, in allot of ways much has not changed even when we grow up. I mean allot of times I turn up my music and zone out and that's going to my world. So yah, after seeing this video it brought allot of old memories back. Even as we get older nothing wrong having a private world to go to. Cause getting old sucks and I'm not ready to:P
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Dan O: FI - Asian Girlz

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CJ: Invasion of the Bee Girls

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MikeJ: NerdQuest to CA

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SJwaC: Hallown in Disneyland

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Ask Lovecraft: Apology

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BGP: Man vs Robot

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RC: Goin off w Muse #8

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Snob Riffs: Jerky Turkey

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Il Neige: PokeRap

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BGP: Zelda Thanksgiving

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Calluna: Fragile Dreams P2

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TNChick: Pumpkt Finale

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SC: Magic Boy & The Room

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WMR: Naruto Thanksgiving

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Lucky 6: Bottom of the Bottle

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Happy Viking: Noble Beast

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Brad: Turkish First Blood

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MikeJ: Wild Things Foursome

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Shark Movies: Bitemare Before

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Phelous: BZ - Super Hereoes

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Horror Guru: Pumpkinhead

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BSG: Kung Kwon Todd

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Ask Lovecraft: Homage

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AWD: DreamGear Part 3

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NC: WYNKA - Planes, Trains &

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Bum: HG - Mockingjay P1

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Yomarz: Farcry 3 - Blood Dragon

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SF Debris: Dr Who - Blink

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FB: Mr Turner & Nativity 3

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ChaosD1: MMO - FFXIV

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Shaun K: UG - To Be Continued

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TNChick: Pump 23 - Another

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Linkara: Avengers #1

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Dom Reviews: Homeworld 2

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RR: Cloudkicker

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Animerica: Tokyo Majin, Part 2

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GW: Leeroy Jenkins

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Best for a Buck: Gunpoint

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Ask Lovecraft: Tatoos

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TNChick: Pump 22 There's No

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BB: UnAmazing Spiderman2

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