Nostalgia Critic - Does Romeo and Juliet Suck?

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  • EqualistAmon
    Been waiting for this all day!!! Great video as always
  • Frogga
    dude, next time you watch the review and THEN write a comment!
  • LikaLaruku
    It's not a love story. It's a story about two dumb teens who barely knew each other who wanted to hump like bunnies.
  • Spottedfeather
    Don't lie. I used to really love the Nostalgia Critic. But, I'm sorry. This video....ugh. Where's the rage ? The anger ? The little side jokes ? There was only one good thing about this video. It didn't have those two people from Demo Reel. But aside from that, this video...I don't know how to describe it. I was really looking forward to the Critic's return. But if the video's he's done since he's come back are any indication, maybe he should have just stayed gone. It feels as though Doug isn't trying to make these new videos any good.

    There just doesn't seem to be any real effort put into them. Firstly, there's the really out of place theme intro. Nostalgia Critic doesn't need them. I can't recall any before, so why start now ? They just don't fit with what the Nostalgia Critic has always been. Secondly, Doug looks really bored since he's come back. It's like he's just going through the motions and the production values are really sad.

    I don't mean any of this to sound insulting, because I've really loved the last 4 years of NC, but the videos that Doug has done since he's come back are nowhere close to what he's done before. They're not even as good as the Scooby Doo video...the worst NC video that I can remember. Doug needs to get back to what the Critic should be. It just needs to be Doug, in front of the off white-yellow-ish wall, making funny jokes and observations about movies from our childhoods. Cameos by Rob, No Demo Reel people, and only rare appearances from friends.
  • DMaster  - other words:
    Crossovers suck, cameos sick, this show continues to go down the tubes, sketches are no indication of effort, not showing rage in a single video is a sign of They Changed It Now It Sucks in spite of the MANY videos made that display minimal derision or scorn...

    Spottedfeather? Shut. Up. Not ONE of these complaints is the least bit original and continues to be based on this bizarre isolationist point of view based in stagnation that too many fans persist in (FYI, said alleged stagnation is what the persistent naysayers kept saying BEFORE the show ended the first time!)

    Seriously, when I look at you? All I see is a pallet-swapped Spoony fan.
  • Rusted Ramblings
    "pallet-swapped Spoony fan?" Ha. No disrespect, that just came out of nowhere. Care to elaborate?

    This is obviously just an editorial, so it isn't fair to compare it to a review. It's pretty cliche to see comments like the above chastising "newer" videos and praising the "older" style. It's rampant on the AVGN, Spoony or any other number of reveiwers' walls. Forget that, it's rampant in discussion about ALL art (Oh, I liked Coldplay's older stuff, but it just isn't the same now. They need to go back to how they were). *disclaimer* This is just an example: I, for one, never personally liked Coldplay.

    Evolving as an artist is a natural element of staying on top of the game. Doug's production values and elaborate skits have grown as he has. It's such a pretentious hipster mentality to simply assume that lower production value and simplicity is always the more successful avenue.

    That said...yeah, some of the older work is a little better. Not all, but some. I watched the reviews for SFII and MK yesterday, and the pacing and comedy was actually a little better. The elaborate skits and things do seem a little much, and I understand why he's doing it now. But when you watch NC videos from that era, it gives you a sort of Simpsons feeling. And fitting that analogy, the evolution seems to have slowed the pace and wit of those earlier episodes.

    I'll never complain about how these guys do their videos. I mean, Spoony really does kind of suck now compared to when he was driven and maybe slightly more sane (Seriously? Another Counter Monkey?), but I'd rather appreciate the old work he did when he cared more. However, Doug is legitimately a workaholic. His drive is there. I just hope his passion is able to regularly recreate some of that magic from his vids in '08/'09: his "Simpsons seasons 3-7", if you will.
  • Tfatcat2
    Poor butthurt fanboys, cant accept any form of criticism about their god doug walker, lul.
  • Rusted Ramblings
    If you're implying that I'm a "fanboy," then you obviously didn't read my post.

    By the way, everything becomes a boring cliche eventually. Just as criticizing everything Doug does or defending everything he does, calling out accused "fanboys" is now just as stale as anything else. Can we just have rational, adult discussion here without trying so hard to commit to whatever contrarian perspective is the flavor of the week?
  • DMaster
    Tfatcat2? Doug Walker is a FAR cry from my god. Hell, my favorite TGWTG show is Atop the Fourth Wall at this point, and I don't even worship Linkara, I'm not going to worship That Guy With The Glasses. Oh, and stop using "butthurt"; you sound like a homophobe.

    Rusted Ramblings? Look to my response below; I DO want rational discussion here, and thankfully there's been quite a bit below. I don't defend everything Doug does, e.g. I dislike that Demo Reel was turned into NC limbo as opposed to the show simply being shelved for the time being. I was calling out Spottedfeather for doing just what you were doing: spouting the exact same critiques again and again to the point rebuttal is a cliche.
  • Rusted Ramblings
    I actually found my critique to be fair-minded and somewhat original in premise. I also praised Doug throughout, so if any of that is a cliche, then I am done caring about what's cliche. My request for rational discussion was directed at Tfatcat2, not yourself. I merely asked you what you meant by the Spoony fan palette swap line. I'm trying to find any point where I wrote something radical or irrational directed toward anyone (except maybe Spoony, but whatever).
  • DMaster
    Get rid of anyone else besides his brother? Go back to some golden age of early days, just 'cause? Keep the setting exactly the same? Sound angry all the time? Avoid change wherever possible? All laments of the typical Spoony-fan-first, at least among the diehards. This sounded exactly the same to me.

    Looking back to your comment, I'm not sure how I aimed my last statement at you and for what purpose, so I apologize there.
  • Rusted Ramblings
    Yeah, those were things said by the other guy, not me. And I too, tire of that nonsense, which I alluded to in my original reply. I even defended his evolution. On the other hand, there was a certain style that he had for a period that really seemed to work for me. Hence, the Simpsons analogies. Ultimately though, I appreciate the work he puts into his vids, and if I ever don't enjoy one, I know there's an infinite supply of other content out there for me to view.
  • AscendedHologram
    No offense, but you know nothing about some of the...erm..."lesser intelligent" people of Spoony's fan-base, do you? If you did, you seriously wouldn't be asking this question. Suffice to say that @DMaster's "palette-swapped Spoony fan" comment was neither out of nowhere, nor irrelevant. On the contrary, it was incredibly precise and very accurate.
  • Atwosheds  - re: Tfatcat2
    Why did you watch this video? I don't like JO, and logically I don't watch her videos. Also your post came pretty fast for someone who wasn't here like ten mins after he posted it. It's as if you only watched this video on the off-hand chance that someone would say something positive about it and give you a chance to talk shit to them...
  • Spottedfeather
    I speak english, so I don't really understand your attempt at an insult. But I don't like Spoony.

    And I can have any sort of opinion that I want and there's nothing you can do about it. I wasn't insulting anyone, so what do you care ? How can complaints be original ? More than one person is bound to feel the same way about things. If you don't like what I say, just don't say anything about it. Or at least, don't talk down to me like you're so much better than everyone else.
  • DMaster
    I care because it's tedious to read through a morass comments that never have anything of substance or nuance.

    As for the Spoony bit, it has nothing to do with whether or not you like him. It does have to do with the fact that nearly every complaint you made is so easily interchangeable with the most common complaints amongst the idiots in his fanbase: "I don't like crossovers!" "Everyone he works with besides his brother is awful!" "Only his older, less professional videos are any good, go back to those Spoony!" "The videos he's done since [arbitrary date some years back] are all unfunny compared to [random review from the first dozen]!" A person clearly has zero experience with Spoony or his diehard fans if they're not at least aware of this.

    "More than one person is bound to feel the same way"? You only get off on that here as you were the first to post that sentiment; the majority of the time people just mindlessly post without even a skim to see if their thought has already been posted. And even so, said complaints are nothing, NOTHING new.
  • Spottedfeather
    I didn't say I didn't like crossovers. I said that I didn't like including the people that used to be on Demo Reel. Nowhere did I say I didn't like crossovers. Neither did I say that everyone he works with besides his brother was awful. I like quite a few of the people that have been in his videos. Don't know his name, but I liked the Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle guy from the Thomas The Tank Engine video. I liked Mara Wilson from the Simple Wish video. Nor did I say only his older, less professional videos were the only good ones. I just said that they were better than the more recent videos.

    And I do have experience with Spoony. Watched most of his videos. I just don't like them.

    Who says that you can only complain if it's about something new ? If that was true, people would quickly run out of things to say.

    You're trying to make yourself appear smarter than other people and I don't know why. Is your viewpoint so fragile that you can't handle people looking at things differently than you ?

    A lot of people on here seem to just praise every single thing that Doug does. I, on the other hand, like to use my brain on occasion. If something is good, I'll say it. And if something is bad, I'll say that, too. You haven't contributed anything to this chat other than to put me down because you don't like what I have to say. Please....instead of trying to insult people, and fail at it, why don't you put down some things that you like/don't like about the videos ?
  • DMaster  - Sigh...
    I'm not a fragile person. I don't tire of differing viewpoints, even vastly different ones, I tire of repetitive viewpoints. Yours sounded just like everyone who naysays constantly, even on good videos. You don't mind crossovers? Fine, point, I wasn't on the ball there. My main point through all this here is that I don't see a point in commenting if you don't have SOMETHING to say that can't just fit into a poll box.
    I'd much rather have the Demo Reel people as mainstays than return to the constant annoying crossovers that were ruining the show in the first place.
  • eworm
    Nostalgia Critic isn't a comedy show.
    It's a funny review show.

    When the movie is clearly horrible and doesn't require looking into it to see the horribleness, Doug can put emphasis on the comedy.
    When he discusses something more complex in NC:E, he gets into the analytic mode, jokes are much less important here.

    And I love both NCs, I don't think he got any worse at what he's doing. He reminds me of Egoraptor in that, while being the silly guy for fun (NC video/any Egoraptor video), he's also intelligent and knows what he's talking about when he wants to get more serious (Editorial/Sequelitis).
    I, for one, have really despised Romeo and Juliet since ever, but now I can see it from a different perspective and I gotta admit, it's an interesting perspective. I'm glad I saw this video.
  • Mangakun
    I honestly find this Nostalgia critic much more refreshing. Sure, there are no side jokes, there is no rage, etc. But that's not what he was trying to do with this video. He was trying to make a full-on critical analysis of Romeo and Juliet. Did he do good in that regard? I think so. Was he funny? Of course not, he wasn't trying to be! It was supposed to be completely analytic. And I honestly think that's a great thing to do. Jokes and everything are fun and all, but I personally enjoy a much more in-depth review to satiate my hunger for a serious review from NC.

    I must also respectfully disagree about the opening being unsatisfactory. He's trying to create a fresh, new start as the Nostalgia Critic, and I think an opening theme is a good way to do that. He's not trying to be the exact same NC, he's always been, he's trying to fit a criteria that Doug feels more comfortable with.

    It sounds like you really just wouldn't like any changes to the Nostalgia Critic's original way. I personally believe that most (admittedly not all) of his changes have made him a more interesting character. I have enjoyed all of the newest videos he has put up, though I honestly look forward to more of these NC videos than the ones he makes with the Demo Reel group. To summarize, I like the direction NC has been taking, and I think these more in-depth reviews are good to have every other week.
  • Shlecky
    Well, yeah. This isn't a full NC review, it's an editorial (e.g. NC lite) to keep us going while Doug works on the next full episode.
  • Malidictus
    Lest ye forget, one of the "rules" of returning the Nostalgia Critic was that it would be bi-weekly. This is his off-week. This is the same as he did two weeks ago - a quick, no-sketch, low-production-values video to fill in the spot in the off-week.
  • jonyjon98
    I'm sorry. I just can't help but imagine what that comment would've looked like in 2007.

    "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue" Review:

    This video sucks!! Where's the psycho attitude? Where's the insane jumpcuts? How DARE you change a set-up that I imprinted on after only ONE VIDEO?!?

    Sometimes, you just have to accept change, kid.
  • Sylveria
    When it comes to what people voluntarily view for recreation, they don't need to accept anything. If they don't like the direction a show has turned toward, they stop watching it. If enough people stop watching it without attracting a new audience, it ends.

    The "Deal with it our GTFO" attitude is why Demo Reel failed. People left.

    I'm losing interest in NC not cause of the quality of his content, I even found Demo Reel tolerable but not especially entertaining, cause all I see is legions of fan-boys pouncing on any criticism. Frankly, you're acting about the same as Spoony's fan-base which couldn't be more caustic if it tried.
  • Spottedfeather
    Thank you for being a decent person about this. It's really refreshing to hear from someone that has their stuff together and doesn't have to put people down just because what the other person wants to say is something that they don't agree with. You disagree with me about the quality of the show, but you voiced that view respectfully, instead of being an insulting fanboy.

    You're right that I don't have to accept anything. If the show is bad, I'm going to say it. I'll keep watching in the hopes that it gets better.
  • Agumon
    Not every video has to be funny, these editorials are to hold us over between the good stuff, I personally love the guys from demo reel helping out, as it allows for much more visual humor, and when it isn't laugh out loud funny, its more to answer a question, like today's question. Doug is saving all the jokes for the 'real episodes'. So, here is a straw, NOW SUCK IT UP!
    -STFU, Agumon
  • Stormblade13
    Well, that may to true to some degree. The Critic hasn't been back for long. Doug has only posted three new NC videos, and two of them have been Editorials. These new NC Editorials seem to be a more in-depth look at a franchise, as oppose to a single film. A criticism. He still gets angry and screams (see his Pearl Harbor review for some good anger), but he doesn't also need to be screaming and swearing and jokes. Isn't that the last lesson the character learned?

    I think we'll still get the old school critic, but with these new, more serious reviews as well. I'm sure we'll see plenty of these new Editorials and his old reviews that people are more accustom to seeing.

    I don't mean to be insulting, but it does seem a bit rude to tell someone how to use their character. I understand you as a fan must want to only help Doug with feedback, but saying it seems like he isn't putting any effort into it does seem disrespectful.

    Also, the new theme kicks ass. Just my opinion though.
  • tencowbrigade
    i also think it had something to do with the fact that doug has lost his voice several times in the period he did nostalgia critic. it's probably to do with the fact that he has to scream every week. the shouting isn't good for his health.
  • DarkLordofMinecraft
    This wasn't a true Nostalgia Critic episode, this was an editorial, sort of like the Disney-cember or Dreamworks-uary
  • avantgarde
    watch his full reviews then
  • Spacedin
    I actually prefer him when he's being analytical rather than merely screaming at the camera. It allows me to think about the movie I'm watching rather than just getting upset about it. I may agree or disagree with his opinions, but the fact still remains that he took the time to give it a good hard look at it rather than just pointing out things he considers to be stupid and I respect him more because of it. For that reason, I hope he does more analytical reviews not less. Anybody can yell and scream about a movie they hate, but a good reviewer thinks about what he's watching rather than simply reacting to it.
  • MrB1ank
    You do realize this is an editorial, not a review, right?
  • ladydiskette
    He is trying to make you think intellectually, is that so hard for you to do?
  • Sceptergree
    @spottedfeather While its okay to leave criticism I kind of think you're asking a bit much. Doug stopped NC in the first place because he thought he ran the character dry, and now you want him to go back to that? I mean, he's the one who's spending all his time and effort making these videos, all we do is wait every Tuesday, WOW! I mean weren't you getting tired of the same old jokes? Of course you weren't, as long as someone is angry and ragey, you'll always be happy. Plus he has stated that every other video will be shorter simpler ones so that he can put most of his effort and time into the 30-40 minute ones! Just because it's not funny doesn't mean he didn't put any effort in to it, with that logic you can say a billion dollar tragic movie isn't funny, so there mustn't be any effort!(and I know that's now what you're exactly saying. So the least you can do is respect the people making the show and not say "No Demo Reel People" because that's .... INSULTING!
  • Kyokkai  - I disagree
    I loved all of NC's old stuff and I'll admit, the new stuff has not gotten it's strut back just yet and I'm not quite as into it but it's not bad, it's still good and I still find it enjoyable.

    For the record I was not interested in Demo Reel AT ALL, however I immensely enjoy the actors presence in the videos now and the skits are fun and I hardly find a time where I don't laugh through them. The actors from Demo Reel have a place here, certainly I think he would benefit if he didn't ALWAYS use them but their presence is welcome as long as it's not overdone and overused, if he continues to use it cleverly and a bit more sparingly then it won't detract from the future of NC whatsoever.

    I can't quite remember how long I've been a fan here but I believe (I may be wrong) that I started watching NC roughly 4 years ago. To divide his content into stuff I like and stuff I dislike based on NC reviews would result in both columns having videos from both new and old.

    How much I like a particular video varies not by whether it's an old classic or fresh material but whether it's enjoyable and makes me laugh or not and that knows no old/new split.

    There's plenty of effort put into the videos if not more so, whether any of the fans like it or not is going to depend on their own tastes and it's not going to depend on if he made it in 08 or 13 that's irrelevant. If you can sit here and tell me with utmost honesty that you absolute hate every single video past a certain year of NC then fine that is strictly your opinion but if you can't then I suggest you rethink what you've said.

    As for Doug I've enjoyed his new content for the most part, some videos have been on par with older stuff, some better and some worse. I know that I want him to continue with NC and I'm sure there will come more reviews that I love and more reviews that I don't particularly care for. That is simply the nature of any series. Do you like EVERY episode of Family Guy? Do you like EVERY episode of anything? No of course not but you do have your favorites and I highly doubt that your favorites lie strictly in on time period and are cut off sharply past that. That would simply show some kind of personal bias.

    You have every right to voice your opinion here, but before you do make sure you weed out any personal bias you may have and try to make your opinion as objective as possible.
  • Spottedfeather
    Yes, I DO like every episode of family guy. True, I do have favourites, but I like them all. I like every episode of Corner Gas. I like every episode of Dead Zone.

    You doubt that my favourites lie strictly in one time period and are cut off sharply past that ? Well, you'd be wrong. Take the Cosby Show. I like each and every episode....up until seasons 7 and 8 when they brought Cousin Pam on. After that, I like only, maybe, 2 or 3 episodes. My opinions are always objective, thank you.
  • Kyokkai  - Then it would seem..
    Your opinion is based upon whether or not a video adheres to a traditional set style?
    I understand entirely the need to keep traditions but he hasn't really removed anything from his videos but instead added more content.

    You did understand that this PARTICULAR video was not meant to be a traditional type of review right? It's clearly stated as you start up the video that it says Editorial after all? This is not meant to be an insult to your intelligence, it may be that you understood that perfectly and simply feel that he should stick to the NC style entirely and not bother with this type of video in the NC section of the site.

    Even so, The odd life of Timothy Green and the Pearl Harbor review adhere precisely to the traditional style of review to the T and he only adds the Demo Reel Actors into the mix now, so I don't see how it moves away from the previously established formula. This video does but I knew it wasn't meant to be a traditional type review.

    In any case this is simply a look into a movie/play purely with his intellect and without the comedy, I get it if the comedy type is the only one you like but he's still making those types it's just not in this one single video in the new area.

    Changing your opinion is not my goal as that is a pointless endeavor with anyone but I'm simply trying to make sense of it. What has possibly changed in his review style in his ACTUAL reviews like The odd life of Timothy Green or Pearl Harbor? This video simply doesn't count as Nostalgia Critic it's just Doug giving an honest look into his thoughts on Romeo and Juliet so if you're judging his new content based on this, well.. It's not the greatest video to compare to NC's traditional videos because it's something else entirely.

    I think we should allow Doug some breathing room when he doesn't want to write a script to simply get a small thought across.

    I hope this didn't seem insulting or like I'm making assumptions, I assure you I'm not, simply asking.

    If you simply feel that the Quality is simply down, I can partially agree, I wasn't able to sit through Pearl Harbor easily, at times the boring subject matter of the videos overtook my desire to see the funny parts of the review but I think that was a matter of the boring movie he was reviewing other than the NC himself. As for the Timothy Green review I liked it as much as most of his videos, I felt it was quite on par although not a massive improvement or anything but certainly not a decrease in quality.
  • Elphaba645  - Okay, spottedfeather....
    That last comment just made you look like a smarmy asshole, I'm sorry.
  • Tasha  - Editorial dude
    This is not NC review. This is an "NC editorial" Read. It's just like his other one talking about if Twilight was the worst thing ever. Doug said NC reviews will be posted every two weeks so he can really think out about the jokes and get creative. His editorial are in between is NC reviews. That's why there is no comedy to this because he is giving out and editorial NOT a movie of TV series review. Again that will posted NEXT week.

    And the opening song is good way too show that NC is evolving and has made a comeback. And Doug only made TWO reviews! How can two add up to like 200 videos he did in the past? Ho w can anyone compare two videos to like 200? Doesn't make sense. Please Doug is on the right track. The skits remind me of the series The Critic which goes prefect for his reviews and i think that was what he was going for.
  • Amykins
    Spotted, I couldn't have said it better. Thank you.
  • ladydiskette
    *sitting back eating popcorn and watching flamewar theater*

    Nom nom nom
  • dbz007  - I agree with your opinion
    I completely agree with your opinion. The Nostalgia Critic in his early season's were by far the best I've ever seen. The newer season right now isn't that good. However, it did had it's funny moments but it needed some improvement like in the Pearl Harbor episode. In the Pearl Harbor episode. He seemed too mad and I think he was over doing it but I can see why he was that mad about Michael Bay being by far the worst director of making Pearl Harbor, a marine that couldn't swim, and changing history about it. I actually did had a good laugh from Life of Timothy Green. Sure it did had those people from Demo Reel and I thought it was going to suck but they actually did a good job kind of with the "chia child" joke. That alone made me laugh like crazy when I first saw that but I do see your point of the Demo Reel people. I think they need to go but if they somehow do a good job like they kind of did in the Life of Timothy Green episode. Then it's possible they might do good in the future maybe. I also agree that I really don't like a lot of crossovers. I don't mind crossovers a whole lot but I think there should be a one man behind the camera and sometimes a little bit of cameo appearances like Rob Walker coming in and sometimes his friends as well. So other than that, I agree again with your opinion but I think that the people from Demo Reel might improve in the future but just not too many crossovers like you said. So you'll never know if they ever will improve in the next episode and I also hope that the next episode of the Nostalgia Critic improves because I think the Pearl Harbor wasn't that good and I hope the episode will be better.
  • dbz007  - If you guys disagree with my opinion
    I also forgot to mention that if you guys don't agree with my opinions because of me agreeing with another user. That's fine but there's no reason for you guys to troll on my comment. That's only if you guys disagree with my comment. Everybody has there own opinion's of what they think and what I also think. Again, I'm not like one of those NC fans that want each episode always better. I know that I said on my previous comment saying that I want the next episode of the NC to improve but that's what I think because again, the Pearl Harbor episode wasn't that good and it needed to improve in some certain parts like the NC over doing it of being too mad on the Pearl Harbor video. I understand why there was a reason for the NC or Doug Walker to be mad about Pearl Harbor but there was no reason of over doing it. I also didn't like the crossovers again because he kept over doing it again with the crossovers in his last season of 2012. I don't mind crossovers if it's once in a while but that's only if he's not doing it too much. I also don't mind the demo people a whole lot but I just hope they improve on there acting because again, there acting is really bad and nitrocious for the most parts but they can sometimes be funny like they did in that "Life on Timothy Green" episode with the "chia child" joke. That joke alone made me laugh like crazy. I think it's only best if there's a one man camera and maybe his brother Rob Walker makes a few cameo appearances and some of his other friends like he did on his earlier seasons. It's just my own opinion of what I think. Everybody has there opinion of what they think and you can't always change someone else opinions of what they think. I also know that almost every episode is always to get a flaw and it's not going to be perfect but I just want the next NC to improve because again, the Pearl Harbor episode wasn't that good and it needs to improve in some certain parts. So anyways, if you guys again disagree with my previous comment and agreeing with somebody else or also on this comment again. That's fine and again, there's no reason to troll on this. So anyways, that's all I wanted to say. I don't want to troll on this again for those who disagree with me on this comment and my previous comment of who I'm agreeing with. I'm out and I'll see you later. :)
  • AscendedHologram  - Well...
    ...there's always the horrendously bad grammar, seeming inability to group your thoughts into coherent paragraphs, terrible misspellings of easily spellable words (they're/their/there, your/you're, etc.), incredible amount of nonsensical sentence fragments, and your constant repetition of points you already made, among other things. Those are VERY good reasons to troll your comment! I mean, what're you, only in the seventh grade or something? ;~P
  • LuciusMadgloom  - Are all NC Fans Snotty little Brats?? :/
    Thats a Legit Question.. Cause what else would you call sb who gets pissy only because a character they like didn't act EXACTLY THe same ONE F@#$% TIME and its not even a scheduled episode with this guy What Part of new NC episode every TWO WEEKS is so hard to understand. its only been a week since Pearl Harbor review and Both that one and Timithy Green Ep Nc acted EXACTLY as always... but yeah all Doug had to do is make a short clip of NC admiting R&J isn't that bad of a Love story and all NC "Fans" started whinning "Whaaa..his not angry...WaaaHH! he's not screaming waahh... his different, I don't like different waahh.. make him the same, leave him the same" SHUT THE FU!@#$ UP ppl like you are THE MOST BORRING breed of fans EVER and what kind of artist/entertainer would like to do the EXACT same thing for years?? theres that little sth called Progress, ever heard of that??? :/
  • Sebascova
    Let me make clear I’m not really advocating on the matter of love at first sight, because I don’t really know, it’s so subjective and incidental that who the hell knows if we can really generalize on those things. However, you’re missing a point, Nostalgia: the way we look does, I think tell us a lot about ourselves. We constantly send visual cues with our facial expresions, the way we have eye contact, theway we dress and even stand or walk. Maybe we subconsciously pick up those signals?
    Having said that, wow! I loved your final interpretation as critic on conservationism rather than a elegy to love at first sight!
    To all that say that he wasn’t ragy.. I think it’s because he respects a beautifully crafted work of theatre. He snaps at bullshit and shitty work, and heck, as a cinematographer, he knows you don’t fuck with Shakespeare.
  • Youngbountygirl
    I get what you're trying to get at, but this is not a review. NC does reviews differently than editorials. He did something like this with Twilight if it sucked or not. He also did it in this style in his Disneycember and Dreamworks-uary reviews. In these kind of videos, he's not supposed to rage. If you're looking for rage, then you shouldn't be looking through nonreviews, like this one. This isn't a review of Romeo and Juliet, this is more of an editorial. NC did review on Pearl Harbor and The Odd Life of Timothy Green and those showed plenty of rage.
  • scottjc
    *Facepalm* this isn't your typical Nostalgia Critic review video, this is an EDITORIAL, he does the reviews every 2 weeks with an editorial in between, go watch last weeks nostalgia critic it will be more what you want.
  • tweedel
    Who else thinks he could rip a kid in Aladdin's palace a new one? besides me I mean.
  • Naku-Chan  - Just so you know....
    I believe he does videos sometimes called "Editorials" which he, in detail, answers a question. You will see the anger and hostility in his actual "movie" reviews! True, I don't really care for the random out-of-place skits I hope they make it flow better, I like that they can have new people for the skits though, less for Doug to do. I would like to see his friends come back though.
    But yeah, calm yourself dude.
  • AscendedHologram  - Dude, don't be a Creationist!
    Let him evolve! ;~)

    --Directed towards @SpottedFeather's first post.
  • Elphaba645
    Spottedfeather, did you even see what it was? It's an editorial, not a review. He was stating and explaining his opinion on his topic, instead of yelling and making jokes at a bad movie.

    I find Doug's opinions quite interesting, and like the topics. I also love his reviews and find Rachel and Malcom's cameos hilarious. But I can see how people could find them distracting from the review. But me personally, I say keep up the good work, Doug!

    Also, I find the theme kickass, but that's just me.
  • Honestly Leni  - the reply
    I like the mellow Doug and sometimes it nice to see someone else point of view. I do like when he's pissed about a movie, yelling and screaming but this Romeo and Julie, one must be respectful.

    Maybe instead of putting this in the Nostalgia Critic he could do another blog or something for the more serious reviews.

    I liked his P.O.V on R&J, never has i actually seen it that way before about how it is about young love instead of true love.
  • TheGodEmperor
    Am I the only one who knows Romeo and Juliet was based off Pyramus and Thisbe? And that most of Shakespeare's plays aren't original?
  • rzeiler
    it was originally a poem by Arthur Brooke in the 1560's. William Shakespeare ripped it and changed the themes.

    go check out crash course with John green (google John Green Romeo and Juliet). He points out that its not a love story- it questions does the love of individual trump the needs and wants of their families and their monarchs?
    in the end the couple disobeys both their parents and their king and ultimately die because of it.
  • ladydiskette
    I am aware of the Greek myth of Pyramus and Thisbe, granted there was no suicide but both died due to silly misunderstandings when they escaped to elope. But, yeah, I can see it as a loose adaptation of the story from Greek Mythology.

    It's possible, the elements and themes are there, just in a different story setting.
  • LuciusMadgloom  - wouldn't say THE ONLY one
    But I certainly didn't know that.. But I did hear a theory that every story told is basically a retelling of one story.. I don't really agree with the idea of THE ONE STORY, but I think the idea that every genre being a bunch of retelling s of the 1st story of their kind isn't that much of a stretch, I actually agree.

    though it would be nice if ppl stopped comparing sth new to the old just similar stuff unless its really about remaking the old good thing
  • Mateus  - Hum
    Veeery interresting. It is a spoiler for me because i'm not interrested in Shakespeare's work (i prefer Moliere, Corneille, ...).
    For what you say, i agree and maybe i'll catch on this tale to make my own idea.
    PS : love at first sight is just a strong reaction to hormonas. Real love bloom when the learn to know each other. This is why most young people never keep their mates, they can't separated 'hormona's reaction' (so, only bestial s.e.x as it is) and love ^^.
  • Amron42
    I never liked this story, for one reason, because it was a shameless rip off of Pyramus and Thisbe.
  • Lime9391
    Oh god i remember being forced to watch the modern version of this in my English class and it was horrible
  • Dowash
    I remember my teachers moaning about marking course work from kids who hadn't read the tale and only knew that Leonardo Di Caprio shot a lot of guns!
  • thelaughingfool
    Speaking of teachers being disappointed by students taking the wrong message from a "Classic" movie, we had to watch "In the Heat of the Night" for one of my classes. We didn't learn much about racism, but we did learn the lyrics to the Boomer and Travis song "Foul Owl on the Prowl". 1JatYt3EHtc
  • LikaLaruku
    That's how I saw it too.
  • Zorro4k6
    I remember being forced to watched that in school as well. Didn't watch the whole thing though. Just a few scenes here and there. And I didn't really have an opinion about it. I just accepted we were going to watch part of it and moved on. I already knew the story by that point, so it wasn't really a big deal for me.

    Anyway, I agree Doug. I remember how incredibly happy I was when I got my first girlfriend. We also had the same interests in movies, games, and etc. So that was great, lol. Anyway, I was just so happy and yeah, it was young love.

    I think the point of Romeo and Juliet is young love and how war escalates decisions, but I also feel like it's asking a question. What would you do to hold onto love? In this case, Romeo and Juliet loved each other so much and hated the war, the only way to bring peace to their families is to kill themselves. So they willing died to hold onto love and bring peace. I think that's great. I really like the story of Romeo and Juliet. Honestly, I think it's one of Shakespeare's finest works. Nice review Doug. I can't wait to see what you're doing for next week. :)
  • Gborr  - Context
    Actually, you guys probably don't know this, but there is a huge amount of context missing from Romeo and Juliet because of a modern misconception. You see, because of enlightened propaganda most of us actually believes this notion (that is also still taught at schools, btw...) that people in medieval times married really young. Because of that you would usually chalk the fact that Juliet is only 13 up to that.

    HOWEVER, this is not true. It is a misconception born from the fact that -nobles- tended to -engage- their children at a young age in political marriages, since in those times this was the only sure-fire way to form political alliances and solidify land-claims. Now take into account that most written sources from the period -only- deal with kings and nobles (and their wars), and thus for the longest time people extrapolated this to -everyone- in medieval times, believing that men married children all the time in that age (sic).

    Do you see the problem now? This detail, that Juliet was only 13, was supposed to be shocking for the contemporary audience and instantly points out how this is not romantic love but adolescent romance, a simple crush. This context is completely lost on us because of a misconception, and even moreso because of the modern adaptations purposefully remove this context by casting older Juliets. Imagine if the DiCaprio movie had a 13 years old child actor for Juliet. Sounds uncomfortable, isn't it? That is exactly what you are missing from the original context and what makes this play -not- a pure romance story.

    As for the review, 100% agreed, I just thought I point this out as it is apparently not common knowledge.
  • eworm
    Now, that's actually a really interesting thing to know, thanks!
  • Birbeck  - about the shocking ages of R and J...
    I did a little snooping around online, about the age thing you were talking about in your comment, and it took a little bit of doing, but here's what I found, which is only slightly different from what you described above...

    According to the website, around that time, marriage for boys was legal at the age of 14, and for girls, 12 years of age. But as for the noblemen of that time, marriages were set up for young women as early as the age of 7, for the reasons you described.

    So the only thing, if the article I read is correct, that I might have to disagree with, is the shock value you referred to of having two young lovers of that age be with one another. (Here's the site where I read it) 450419/age-marriage- medieval-times- paedophilia

    Gotta' love the 'peadophilia' at the end of that link.

    Another thing I found on another website that was interesting was that audiences were actually pleased with the ages of Romeo and Juliet b/c they could relate to it. Also, they enjoyed the sword play on stage, and the comedy at the beginning of the play. I forget what site I read that on. But thank you for posting that. It was an interesting point.
  • Beanoz4
    I just finished watching it in my English class the other day and I really hated it.
  • Dowash  - I had to do this at school...
    Meh it is a very apt description of young love. So intense! So much passion... And then it ends. Yet both of the young lovers can't listen to any of there elders or even hear there opinions.

    If only they had listened.

    Great review from a man who is my age! Shame Shakespear didn't do a story about how much secondary school/high school doesn't matter once it's over. You just have to learn from all your mistakes made in those days.
  • brick mooncode
    lol you didn't see the video did you?
  • tetekanui
    You totally missed the point...Elders DON'T always know what's best even though they're always so sure that they are an expert on youths' lives and the way those lives should be lived. And also "secondary/high school doesn't matter once it's over"? Actually, yes it does, or it can.

    Romeo and Juliet is not a love story -- Shakespeare was perfectly capable of writing deep, compelling romances. He chose not to because in Romeo and Juliet, the love is simple a device used to talk about the dangers of prejudice/close-minded elder folk/holding grudges. How the politics of the elder people can end up destroying innocence and youth. It's NOT about "young people are stupid and young love doesn't matter LOL!" -_-
  • Lotus Prince
    I'd argue that it's also something of a love story. The tragedy is that while Juliet may have fallen in love with the first guy she saw, Romeo did not fall in love with the first girl he saw. Remember Rosaline? The woman that Romeo was madly in love with? The woman that he completely forgot about, and we never heard of again, the moment he saw Juliet?

    That's a rather important message that a lot of people seem to miss, because it happens so quickly.
  • Swarmcrow
    but here is the thing... he didn't forget about Rosaline, he just took a photo of Juliet's face an pasted over all his memory Rosaline... this is the Horrifying thing about Romeo & Juliet. Romeo never loved Juliet, he was only pretending and in denial about his breakup with Rosaline (which by the way, not a single day passed between his breakup and he meeting juliet) and Juliet is just little 13 years old girl , she is literately just a kid that maybe hasn't even started puberty yet

    romeo and Juliet is as much of a love story as bram stoker's dracula is... which means is not a love story but just another story hollywood has completely reshape in the eyes of the public
  • Bloodrealm
    It wasn't just Rosaline. There's dialogue saying that he swooned like that all the time over any random pretty girl, and he gets all mopey when he doesn't end up with them, then he sees another and "falls in love" with her, rinse and repeat.
  • EpicFish  - @Swarmcrow
    Are you kidding me? When was the last time you read the book? Rosaline and Romeo were never together! And since they were never together, they never had a breakup! I haven't read the book since 8th grade and I remember that! Romeo was depressed that Rosaline wasn't interested in him and became suicidal claiming that no woman would ever love him. Flash forward to the night of the party, where Romeo is there and going to attempt to convince Rosaline to be with him when he sees Juliet and decides he's suddenly in love with her. Secondly, what's your point about Juliet being thirteen? Are you trying to imply that Romeo, who was sixteen, manipulated her? Hardly. She was just as stupid and consensual as Romeo. Hell they even consummate the marriage after they've eloped and are pretty happy about it.

    Saying that Hollywood completely reshaped the story, is going a bit far. If anything, both movie adaptions have been pretty faithful to the story, not counting the fact that the 1996 version was set in the present day but with everyone speaking in Elizabethan/Shakespearean English. The thing people seem to get wrong is the whole, "love at first sight" aspect of the story. Neither Romeo and Juliet are in love, they're teenagers with raging hormones that find the other to be extremely hot (which is the only thing they talk about when they're not talking about how great love is or how much their families suck for not letting them be together) and that's it. If you want to call it "lust at first sight" or being "in lust", then that would be more appropriate. But anyone that truly believes they were in love, as the couple believes themselves to be, is just dead wrong.
  • Swarmcrow  - @ EpicFish
    geez relax! maybe a just made mistake or don't remember well the story

    what I do remember is that Romeo was Extremely obsess with Rosaline at the time and my point of Juliet being 13 is that she doesn't know any better not that she was being manipulated by Romeo
    (I don't even think romeo have the intellect to do so )

    though I also do remember having reading somewhere that romeo was older than 16

    and Hollywood does completely reshaped stories but perhaps romeo an Juliette is a bad example of this..I stil I do believe romeo & Juliette is more a tragedy that just happens to involve 2 peoples that think they are in love but they are not
  • Sylphide
    I think you have a really good point.
  • Immortal_Vanguard
    Nice short 7 minute review. I'm kinda curious though about the Old VS New perspective on this. Most people regard the Leonardo DiCaprio modern day version to be a load of dingo's kidneys, though I always liked the News Anchor 'two star-crossed lovers' intro.
  • Garland
    Romeo and Juliet doesn't suck, but I'll be damned to agree that Macbeth doesn't suck.
  • armagod679
    Watch Patrick Stewart's Macbeth. If that doesn't change your mind, nothing will.

    I liked Macbeth better than Romeo and Juliet, though. It was a heck of a lot more interesting and the character's motivations made more sense.
  • ladydiskette
    I remember our English Literature class watched both The 1996 Leonardo DiCaprio/Claire Danes version (it was donated by one of the girls in our class go figure) and the 1970 version.

    I definitely remember laughing at the scene in the 1970 version when after Romeo and Juliet make love to each other, the boy stands up naked and stretches in front of the window giving us a ass-shot. I have to admit, even I had a chuckle during that scene since Romeo apparently flashed all of Verona from that window.
  • AscendedHologram  - Like in...
    ...Life of Brian? :~p (and that one even showed us the flash, of BOTH genders, uncensored! lol)
  • stcerberusengel
    Watch Throne of Blood. When Akira Kurosawa sets out to put Shaekspear to film, by god he is amazing!
  • cvrpapc
    Its boring to sit and read it in a book. You have to EXPERIENCE Shakespeare being acted out. I saw Alan Cumming doing his one-man interpretation recently. It was visceral, gritty, and explosive.

    MacBeth is THE story of marriage. It is a dangerous ambition to break out of the prison of marriage. lol.

    If you want to see something that will really blow your hair back. Watch Sir Ian McKellan in Richard the III. Maybe the best adaption ever done on the screen. OF course I also recommend Hamlet with Kenneth Branagh..aside from being just beautiful to watch, it is incredibly well done.
  • CrisJoe
    Hey you know what'd be cool:fit some Doctor Who Parody into the next anniversary movie (if you're still doing those). Also, review Dr. Who and the Daleks.
  • megagamer5  - Nash's reivews on Dr. Who and the Daleks
    Hey, CrisJoe. Just wondering if you have seen Nash (of WTFIWWY fame)'s videos on the two Dr. Who films. If you haven't, here they are:
    http:// /videolinks/teamt/nash/ specials/35992-doctor- who-classic-dr-who-and- the-daleks

    http:// /videolinks/teamt/nash/ specials/36100-doctor- who-classic-daleks- invasion-earth-2150-ad
  • Rusted Ramblings
    Twilight gets that bum rep for being the worst love story ever--and it's not good--but the truth is that it really just followed the guidelines set for every pseudo-"romantic", love at first sight story since this one. From Cinderella to The Notebook, it's a timeless tradition and a fantasy of little girls around the world to fall in love with a handsome stranger and sit around and talk about how AMAZING love is (I'm looking at you Anakin and Padme in Ep 2).

    Regardless, because Shakespeare set the stage for all of this, his story gets a pass, as it wasn't a gross cliche back then. Rather, it was a rather rebellious take on the arranged affairs in noble families. More importantly, this movie is a tragedy first, and a romance second, and this is where its modern day imitators fall short. R & J's love is supposed to be immature and silly and overdramatic--they're just kids. And ultimately it was their undoing. This is what makes the story memorable. A love story it really is not.
  • brick mooncode
    It's possible that Lucas' biggest mistake was trying to stretch that story over three movies, losing a lot of that immediacy that it needs to work.
  • Fangheart
    ....blah blah blah insert over the top exaggerated bitching about Twilight here, I'm too tired of this shit.....
  • Oja
    The shit is tired of you to.
  • Bloodrealm
    Well, someone didn't watch the video.
  • Fangheart
    NOM NOM NOM You're guys's troll food is so good! NOM NOM NOM!!!
  • tencowbrigade
    nah, fangheart did, but any mention of twilight sends him/her into a mouth-foaming rage.

    and the video does mention twilight so i believe it's relevant.
  • Captain Siberia
    Another damn good video. I like this new format.

    P.S. Wasn't "The Review Must Go On" co-written by Queen?
  • Nikoxine  - ?
    I'm wondering if you have seen the Moulin Rouge review? I was under the impression that they took it from one of that films songs.
  • Rynjin
    Definitely sounds like part of "The Show Must Go On" by Queen.

    But that could just be the title messing with me.
  • Bloodrealm
    It is. They did a song in the musical review of Moulin Rouge. "The Show Must Go On" is one of the songs in Moulin Rouge, and they did a kind of parody song called "The Review Must Go On" in the review. Watch the review, it's really good.
  • cvrpapc
    The show must go on. Was written by queen you cheeky bastard
  • DconsKJK  - A respectful editorial
    I'll admit, I have never NEVER liked Romeo and Juliet. I can't relate to the characters, I can't relate to the story line. But I appreciate the story as good literature and a glimpse of how Shakespeare interacted with the times. So, while I don't like the story (I prefer the comedies), I like your editorial for being so respectful to both sides.
  • DMaster
    Of course. Because, as we all know, RELATING is all that matters. Pptth.
  • AliasJohnny  - Juliet was nothing but a rebound lay.
    It's true. Remember, when Shakespeare first introduces Romeo, he's pining over Juliet's cousin Rosaline, and was on the verge of committing suicide because she didn't love him back.

    It was his friends who talked him into going to the Capulet party where he met Juliet while hoping to get with Rosaline instead.
  • Bloodrealm
    If the dialogue is to be believed, Romeo is at this crap 24/7, and Juliet is just the first one that's actually noticed he exists.
  • EpicFish
    Indeed. That seems to be the thing most Romeo and Juliet fans tend to over look about the book and movies. Hell, I don't even recall Rosaline being mentioned in the 1968 and 1996 movies.

    As for Doug's statement about Edward and Bella's "love" being more believable than R+J's, I have to disagree. Big time. In fact, I find the first Twilight book to be very similar to Romeo and Juliet. Two young teenagers that believe they are in love with each other from the moment they lay eyes on each other, they both have no interests outside of being with each other (again Doug saying that at least they talk about their interests with each other is untrue as they have none outside of being with the other and being so in love), certain circumstances are trying to keep them apart, they're both willing to commit suicide if they can't be with each other (although this doesn't happen until New Moon). Hell even Rosalie (which is Rosaline without the "N"), one of Edward's "sisters" (Rosaline wasn't Juliet's cousin but a friend of the Montague family) was originally intended to be his mate but he wasn't interested in her (reverse from Romeo and Juliet) and even though Rosalie doesn't become suicidal or depressed, she becomes extremely jealous of Bella up until she becomes pregnant. Not to mention Rosalie bares a similar resemblance to Rosaline, at least in the books as both are described as very beautiful, perfect girls that is until Bella/Juliet is noticed by Edward/Romeo.

    Personally, I have always despised Romeo and Juliet. I never got the admiration or praise that is heaped on it, and even Doug's final analysis feels lacking to me. Now I've always heard that Shakespeare had a sort of dark humor to him, so I like to think that that's what Romeo and Juliet really is. Not a tragic romance, but a black comedy satire. Like it's Shakespeare's way of saying, "Okay so you two dumb kids want to trounce around like you're in love and know what love is? Well you better be ready for the consequences"! In truth, it's probably not Shakespeare just trolling the characters in the story, but it helps make a bad story tolerable. At least to me.
  • Pigquet
    I really liked this editorial (as I did the last one, too). I agree that the story isn't as much about love as it is about prejudice and its consequences. Possibly Romeo and Juliet weren't truly in love or destined for eachother, but its still heartbreaking nonetheless that they were unfairly torn apart and driven to madness and suicide.

    Plus, nobody writes like Shakespeare wrote. With poetry like that it almost doesn't matter what the story is.

    Almost. ;)
  • JMDarkly
    I love the new intelegent aproaches you're using for these reviews, Doug. Granted I did enjoy the crazy yelling of the NC in the past, but it really adds to the reviews when you are made to look at this stuff in a more mature and intelegent light.
    I never thought to look at Romeo and Juliet like this in my Highschool classes, so I never really liked the story. But now you've brought a whole new spin on it that makes it more relatable to me. Thanks.

    Awesome review and I hope you keep this up.
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - Well
    If anything Romeo and Juliet does seem better then Tromeo and Juliet. But still a good analysis Critic. Looking forward to next week.
  • MattheJ1
    A fellow minion, eh? Well, you should check out Gnomeo and Juliet. It's a kid-friendly adaptation, but a suprisingly good one.
  • White Raven
    This was a very interesting review. I'd love to see him do a full length review of the Bez Lurman R&J. God, that movie was bad.
  • pomaflah
    The play is a disturbing picture of an unhealthy relationship, so any adaptation (like Twilight) will be like that too.
  • Andruism
    So is this the new format? "Does X suck?" Not complaining, it's a great review, just thinking that it's strange to see a change in style like that already.
  • Wazaraku
    Well it's an editorial, just a "quick" fought about a subject matter so is not exactly a change in style is more a new format (like Old VS New or Raiders of the Story Arc) done between actual NC reviews

    Thought yeah im curious if all Editorials will follow the format "Does X suck?"
  • avantgarde
    this is only gonna be the format for his editorials, hes still going with the reviews every 2 weeks
  • Catbanshee  - THANK YOU!
    it's a TRAGEDY about a couple stupid kids who don't really understand what real love is (because honestly, when you're a young teen and have your first romance the think you KNOW but you always realize you were an idiot when you grow up) and about adults who are blinded by prejudice, a nanny who lives vicariously through Juliet, and a priest who figures he'll just use these two crazy kids to fix the problem between the families. it was never meant to glorify the teenaged infatuation as something healthy because it wasn't. the title "greatest love story of all time" came from people who really just didn't get it.
  • Andruism
    Twilight's nothing like Romeo and Juliet! Juliet never tried to kill herself just because she couldn't be with her flat, boring boyfriend!
    ...oh. Never mind.

    You know, if I wasn't so convinced Stephanie Meyers was a complete hack, I'd say she might have deliberately made Bella and Edward so bland to pay homage to Romeo and Juliet. But I'm pretty sure it's just badly written.
  • armagod679
    No. She did it on purpose.

    Of course, I could be wrong since I read the book once about five years ago. But my friend who actually likes Twilight says that R&J is Bella's favorite book.
  • Gaiash
    Don't worry, the problems outside the romance answer that. That's where Twilight's biggest problems lie.
  • Evershear
    Yeah, Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy not a romance tale. But it is a good story.
  • dclark
    Im confused as to your NC schedule, is it a full episode every 2 weeks and a short one in between to hold us over? and why have the past 2 short ones been questions? what do you mean by "editorial"?
  • Wazaraku  - NC Editorials Headcanon
    After what the NC lived trought the Plot Hole (living as Donnie on Demo Reel) He has returned as the Plot Hole said in "The Review Must Go On" a little more wiser and in that he can be as loud annoying and hillarious as ever, but in this editorials he tries to go more into thinking about the whys and hows of the subject matters he propose. A perfect example is in the Twilight Editorial: he was starting to yell and go on a rant as ussual but suddenly he stoped himself and actually addressed the idea and really asked himself If Twilight was the worse thing ever.

    Now in a more real sense: Is Doug's train of thought about a topic but adding a "little" of NC's hummor... basically is "Doug in Critic's clothing" but you can still believe that the NC is the one talking

    Hope that helped a little :)
  • ebradfute  - Doesn't matter
    The reviews & editorials are still good and insightful
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    Pretty ballsy, to tackle something this huge and this known.
  • TheFuckingNerd
    They don't suck, they're just overrated
  • MattheJ1
    I never really bought that Rmeo and Juliet were really in love. I mean, they only share about four or five scenes; you never get to see much chemistry between the two. My favorite telling of the story is actually Gnomeo and Juliet, because it has actual chemistry between the leads, characters that don't spend the whole second act moping over everything, and a suprising amount of subtle symbolism.
  • Bloodrealm
    "it has actual chemistry between the leads, characters that don't spend the whole second act moping over everything"
    Having that in an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet means that it is about as accurate as an adaptation of Hamlet where everyone lives, including Hamlet's father. IT ISN'T A GOD DAMN ROMANCE!
  • MattheJ1
    So every version should be as crap as the original? West Side Story had guns, do you think that's an accurate adaptation?
  • roy  - well this are ok
    no bad are ok romeo + juliet for me i hate
  • Tsamples
    You're coming at this from the complete wrong direction. In Shakespearean times, "Romance" did not exist as a genre. The only plays were Tragedies, Comedies, and Histories. Richard III and A Midsummer Night's Dream would be examples of Shakespearean Histories and Comedies respectively, and Romeo and Juliet is a Shakespearean Tragedy. Admittedly, it is one of the weaker Shakespearean Tragedies, but the reason that it gets so much exposure is not because it is Shakespeare's best Tragedy, but the easiest to get into and understand (and also the shortest).

    The point is that the romance between Romeo and Juliet is not the focus of the play, but merely the vehicle to set the tragedy in motion. In fact, it could be argued that Romeo and Juliet themselves are not the true main characters in the play. Or rather, that characters such as Tybalt, Benvolio, and Mercutio are just as much main characters as Romeo and Juliet, and that the romance between the two star-crossed lovers is just a means to start the blood flowing.
  • SpeedyEric
    Romeo and Juliet was the first Shakespeare play that I've learned about in my high school English class; I've also watched both the '68 and '96 adaptations. Even after it's been examined, it makes me appreciate it more.
  • darky290  - the titles
    why do the titles have Nostalgia Critic: in front of them now? I miss when they were just the movie titles, I liked the simplicity
  • Gaiash
    That's a bit nitpicky. Besides I like it better this way.
  • DMaster  - ...
    You're one of those that have the blinders on when it comes to anyone else on the site, right? Otherwise, you're just plain unobservant, as EVERYONE does that now.
  • SpeedyEric
    I also like the titlecards. They remind me of Phelous's titlecards before they were drawn by Andrew Dickman.
  • Dust
    Since my 10th grade English drummed it into us, I feel obligated to say it's not a tragedy...

    It's a parody of the melodramatic tragedies of the day - that's why their stupidity and "I so totally love that person I've known for 2 hours" is so over-the-top.
  • Guild Navigator
    ^Actually many historians believe Old Will was lampooning a popular Spanish play from those days called La Celestina (The Matchmaker).

    Honestly,Doug is incurring in what sociologists call The Historian's Phallacy. That is, trying to visualize a situation from centuries or milennia ago with a modern present day mindset. When R&J was written the World was a much different place.
  • guruyaya  - Hummm... where is the funny?
    I'm not saying it wasn't interesting, but... it's not NC. It's a doug video, sure. But not NC.
  • Wazaraku
    Welcome to the new format: one week we get one of this, the following a "proper" NC and so on.
  • thorondragon
    he is trying to work in a new format. next week we will get a full on review, but here it shows th critic trying to be on the same side of the fence as otehr creators.
  • L2
    Actually, I agree with this. It's a good review. Even a damn good one with analysis. But... it's not NC. It's Doug.

    So I believe he should have just done it as Doug.
  • Akrid  - Not a Critic review
    I was about to post the very same thing. This is a Doug review, not a NC one. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy Doug's reviews, but when I see a new Critic video on tgwtg I tune in for some laughs. I didn't get any of that. Disappointed.
  • JonW87
    In the video where Doug and the Critic discuss the terms of NC's return, this was covered. The Critic won't be doing full fledged Critic Reviews on a weekly basis, but more or less every other week, with short commentaries or reviews, such as this one, in between each larger review to at least provide something for fans to enjoy while the next review is being prepared for release. Doing a review such as the ones The Critic usually does on a weekly basis like he used to is quite a lot to ask of Doug. There's the pre-production, shooting, editing, and other post production work that needs to be done. Video production is quite the involved process, and I thought this video was a decent short commentary from The Critic.
  • Akrid
    I don't mind waiting longer between Critic reviews, if Doug wants to ease up on his workload that's perfectly understandable. I just think reviews like this one need to be labelled as "Doug Reviews" and not "Nostalgia Critic". Keep them separate instead of watering down the NC brand name.
  • dennett316
    Huh? Watering it down? How does adding a different dimension to the character constitute "watering it down"?

    His big problem when he decided to drop the Critic was that he was burned out on doing the exact same schtick every week. This new format gives him an opportunity to do something different with the character - as was covered in the Review Must Go On video - while still giving people the more traditional Critic style bi-weekly. But even then, he's added to that formula as well with the skits....again, to do something beyond the character and expand it a little.
    If you don't want to experience this new format, then stick with the bi-weekly mainline Critic episodes. He made it very clear that the Critic was bi-weekly, and no longer had a cut-off date restricting him.

    The apparent rejection of any change by the fanbase of any particular producer must absolutely drive them insane. He tried to credit his fans with a little intelligence in being able to figure out simple patterns when they're expressly told them. Unfortunately, it seems, he grossly overestimated a fair chunk of his fanbase who just want to scream the words "sh*t" and "f*ck" a lot.
  • Akrid
    I don't want him to scream the words "sh*t" and "f*ck" a lot in NC videos, I want him to be funny. This wasn't, ergo, Doug shouldn't have filed it under "Nostalgia Critic".

    Imagine if you tuned into The Daily Show one night and Jon Stewart had decided to completely remove all the comedy. How do you think that would fly?
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