Nostalgia Critic - Is Twilight the WORST Thing Ever?

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  • Fangheart
    "Is Twilight the worst thing Ever?"

    too true.
    I agree.
    Wee Wee

    OF COURSE!!!!!!!

    everything Critic says here is true. This video is the pure essence is correct. Twilight is Shit. The world's reaction to Twilight is shit. making vampires be emo, sparkly spineless crybabies with the intelligence of a piece of dust is SHIT!
  • uneek
    Fangheart, do you have some kind of Twilight sense? Also you obviously didn't watch the video
  • Fangheart
    .....uh, yeah I did...want proof? the NC makes a "Pedo-Wolf" joke.
  • Semudara
    But he said that Twilight (itself) is NOT the worst thing ever, and yet you say this video is the pure essence of correct even as you declare that Twilight IS absolutely the worst thing ever.

    Thus, the disconnect.
  • Fangheart
    at the beginning he shouts and I quote form the video "OF COURSE IT IS IT'S THE WORST CINEMATIC BURN AND NO SHOULD HAVE to..." now, maybe you can claim that that was just him joking around. well, fine. but then again who said I wasn't joking around in the same mindset?

    try to understand, that I agree that Twilight isn't worth all the hate that people (including myself) gives it. I just do it to vent. I don't really despise it as much as I let on, I mean, jeeze, I'd have to be some sort of obsessed crazy person to dedicate so much hate and loathing towards something. i just be over the top and obnoxious because....I just do that on the internet. I vent.

    so yeah, even though my first comment is sorta saying the opposite of what Critic is saying when he's serious in this video, I really do agree with him.
  • Bradati  - ...
    Come on, admit it - you've wrote the first post before watching the whole video.
    In the end, NC clearly says that Twilight is not the worst thing ever, it is just one of the many stupid things that were popular in their own time.
  • MattheJ1
    Not the worst thing someone has ever done to get first post. I do the same thing, but at least I admit it.
  • Camelking
    The nostalgia critic talks about how one of the biggest problems is the fan reaction and how we look at that. Fangheart referenced that in his comment. He most likely watched it.
  • doctoroliver
    Hey, mate. I also agree with the Critic. Scratch that, I HATE these stupid movies and books! I never saw them, but I don't have too. Just ONE Look at the posters can EASILY explain the crap in these movies in a well detailed, Two Hundred Pages Book! Heck, Erod (The Blockbuster Buster) Made Halloween reviews of Nearly All the Twilight Movies (except Breaking WTF part 2), and you should check them out. Unless you saw these reviews already, and to that, I say, Good job.
  • The_Awesometeer
    LOL you did not watch it until after the first post
  • Fangheart
    what the fu- NO!

    ok, I was writing it AS it was playing, alright? but I still agree and I still think it applies. I'm not stupid enough to write a comment and post something and post it before pressing the play button. besides, if the video said something that I thought was in direct contradiction to what I wrote, see that little edit button down on the bottom of the comment? maybe not, cause it goes away after a while, but when you first post a comment, you have the option to edit it if you want. I use that all the time, and if the video said something that was the exact opposite of what I implied in my comment, don't you think I would have edited it?
  • Naku-Chan
    Lol, I tend to leave comments before watching a whole video too. I try to stop because I might have more to say or say something without realizing there was more to it lol.
  • LikaLaruku
    Bella is competing with Alice from Resident Evil for "Most Obnoxious Official Mary Sue." Feel free to toss in Suzumiya Haruhi.
  • Drain
    These movies are fucking awful and I'm glad they're finally over. The ironic thing though is that even its own fans will turn their back on this shit immediately. These are the new Star Wars prequels, and like those, everyone will hate it as soon as it is over, even the fans it had while it was going. That's how awful these things are. These are the Phantom Menaces of this decade. Nothing in them makes any sense. Everything was pulled right out of the writer's fat greedy ass. Every character is a stupid PoS. This writer needs her series rammed up her ass(Where it originally came out of) harder than Edward fucked Belle.

    The downside is that there won't be anymore Twilight Spoony Vlogs. Best thing to come from these movies. And weren't even in the movies. The movies may be abominations, but Spoony's vlogs about them were 5/5 epicness.

    Btw, good stuff here if you want to read: 2012/12/01/top-10- reasons-to-be-glad- twilight-is-over/
  • Pink Bow
    I wouldn't compare these to the Star Wars prequels. The prequels ruined a great movie trilogy. Twilight was terrible from Stephenie Meyer's first draft.
  • Axel Osbourne  - Relpy to Drain and Pink Bow.
    And angry, cruse filled Kurvos rant in 3,2,1.
  • TheBlitzkrieg  - Not quite the Star Wars prequels..
    Because unlike Twilight, the Star Wars fans are fans with a reason: The Expanded Universe. Seeing what came out of that and the herculean effort made by teams upon teams of writers, artists, game developers, tv execs, novelists, publishers, etc etc, they were capable of filling in almost all the gaping blanks that the prequels left wide open. And by "The prequels (seriously, when did it become "the prequels" instead of Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith?

    And while most refuse to admit or acknowledge facts, Episode III actually fared better with moviegoers (dialogue and Hayden Christensen notwithstanding) than Episode VI (guess the people forgave dem Ewoks...)

    There was potential with the prequels, but George failed to merely cash in on them, and it took the better part of nearly a decade and a half to fill in those much needed blanks. Instead of expanding like post-Jedi did, they spent a good chunk of their time in "damage control" mode, preventing the focus from being on Luke and his family, and more on just fixing the good name of Star Wars.

    And to be honest, while I've always enjoyed the films, for good and bad, seeing them now doesn't make my blood boil in any fashion because I know the universe around it and all the pieces have now been put into place, which makes me go into Episode VII with a bit of trepedation: Star Wars, by and large, is the largest multimedia project ever where every event is connected, and while there have been retcons here and there of novels and stories and what have you,the universe is consistent.

    As for Twilight? It didn't even HAVE those embers of potential to spark into a flame that could endure for generations. Doug was right on the money: As much as we hate it, the hottest flames burn the fastest, and it's already starting to run its course (though they tried to keep it alive with Warm Bodies... right.)Star Wars for the past 13 years still had great multimedia (good chunk of it set in prequel era), marketing, games, the cosplay group galore, toys, books, comics, and 1 and a half decent movies, plus BOTH of the award-winning Clone Wars sagas to keep it in our collective conscience. Not just hate and nostalgia. When all is said and done, Stephenie Meyer can wallow in her millions and be sheltered by her little brother's overzealous troll rage moderating so NO negative feedback can possibly reach her, and George Lucas can have the satisfaction of creating one of the 2 largest space franchises EVER, rest on his laurels, hand the reigns to JJ Abrams and go out with a smile.

    But I will miss the drunken fueled rants too :D
  • Sean Strife
    Actually, there's talks of spin-off movies or actual honest-to-goodness sequels being made, so there may yet be more Spoony Twilight blogs in the future.

    Also, with the shots he's taking, am I the only person who sees a review of the entire Jersey Shore series on the horizon? I mean, why not take that to the ringers, too? It's "nostalgic" since it's off the air now, and if he's still gonna review TV shows, they may as well be TV shows that have been cancelled or have just flat-out ended. Maybe a review for Heroes or Lost is on the horizon too.
  • LikaLaruku
    I know how to make Twilight even worse.

    A remake starring Fred Figglehorn, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, & the cast of Jersey Shore.
  • Urutio
    Oh-- hahaha, burn!
  • jycool
    I thought you wanted to make it worse.
    There are other languages, you know?
  • TheShak2012  - Intro
    Dont know what it is but that intro music just doesnt do it for me.
  • Pokebobstupid
    He said that is not the worst thing ever.
  • tweedel  - I agree!
    It is what you sead and everything more.Look up a web comic called Fafnir the dragon its got a hillarious twilight section.
  • Elphaba645
    Doug, I don't think you quite get Twilight's demographic. For every one tween- or teenage fan who wants to rely on men and do nothing, there are a dozen more haters who want to be independent and successful, otherwise known as the opposite of Bella. I'm pretty sure that most girls don't look at most characters as role models.

    For example, I'm pretty much avoiding having a boyfriend right now. I don't need a man, even a supportive man, in my life right now. I hang out with my friends and try hard in my studies. I feel that a relationship would just complicate things. Boyfriends can wait.
  • weldo8
    You forgot Hai (Japanese), and wee wee is spelled oui oui (assuming you are talking about french).
  • WillOdin
    It's just mental bubblegum, you chew it up before it loses it's flavor and then you spit out.
  • minnie3434
    Yesssss I hate it soooooo much. THERE SPARKLING PIXIES NOT VAMPIRES!!!!
  • Fangheart
    no, they're not Pixies. that's an insult to pixies. they are in fact giant sentient wads of pure melodrama and sappiness.
  • Falconfly
    Mythological pixies and other fair folk were evil and sociopathically awesome.

    Don't ever associate them with Edward.
  • JMDarkly
    I read Twilight back in 2010 and I was laughing the whole time. It was the first I'd heard of the seires and I thought it was meant to be funny. Then 2 months later a friend told me that this was a dead serious book and my brain nearly exploded.

    How could so much werid and silly exist in a work of fiction and still be considered serious. I'm a want-to-be writer and I can only pray to god I never make anything this stupid.

    In the future if you all ever see my name on a book this dumb please send hate mail reminding me of this post. Thank You Critic and Damb you Twilight.
  • VillainousBlogger  - This is really smart
    I was never a fan of the Twilight series (in fact I barely noticed it when it became a "thing" to love/hate) but I can definitely see where he's coming from here.

    We all had silly things growing up but we moved on from them and grew up. And we'll, hopefully, grow up from this and look back at it and laugh.
  • superluigi6100
    you simply could have said yes it is the worst movie.
  • Semudara
    But then he wouldn't be the Critic, would he?
  • TheGreatEscapist
    Thank you.

    I've always hated "Twilight" because I was convinced that the selfish self-insert protagonist was only feeding into a generation of pubescent egomaniacs, ergo our future is doomed.
    But despite how boring-to-the-point-of- awful the movies and the books may be, it actually is very refreshing in hearing that there is hope for the fans growing up and moving on.
    But then again, hearing genuinely hopeful sentiments from others always gives me comfort.

    You know, I once joked that in about twenty years (maybe less) "Twilight" is going to be regarded the same way we today regard "Disco".
    "Boy! We were into such weird shit when we were kids."
  • JMDarkly
    Now that's not fair. As silly as Disco is, it looked like you could have alot of fun with it as long as you don't tale it too serious.
  • Pigquet
    Yeah, I agree that the series itself isn't (likely) going to destroy all the lives of teenage fangirls. They'll eventually outgrow it and realze Bella was not a role model and they can't pretend to be in their own little Twilight world forever when real life is happening, with real, normal love situations and consequences.

    Its more just an insult to real, great art, literature, and film that they COULD be enjoying instead. But to each their own, and I'm certainly guilty of liking shit when I was younger, too.
  • sophronia_chaos
    Edward is emotionally abusive. Jacob sexually assaulted Bella. Twilight isn't going to destroy the moral fabric of America, but hopefully most people who enjoy Twilight understand that it's unethical crap and that if somebody ever disables your car ~*~because they wuv you~*~ or forces you to kiss them, you should slap them with a lawsuit and never talk to them again.
  • thorondragon
    of all the idiocy of twilight, i think Jacob is a bit more defendable if you portray it as him having a hard time keeping his human sapience in control over animal impulses. it even kinda makes sense. the guy is torn, and to be honest i think bella would have been better off with mr. date rape than edward mc embodiment of all pussy badboy emo in existence. he would probably be less date rapey if he didn't have to worry about his overwhelming impulse to reduce edward into a cloud of glitter in front of bella.
    and i am almsot certain taht if she could have been turned into a werewolf, she would have joined him, cause then she could also have kids.
  • junebug_nery
    Er…I think I see what you're trying to say, but… it just sounds like you're excusing date rape/blaming the victim (i.e. oh, well, as long as the guy couldn't *help it* then it's ok that he assaulted her/oh, well, it's really the girl's fault for showing interest in another guy and therefore making the first guy all jealous and date-rapey/oh, well, as long as the girl has a stupid personality, she deserves it)

    No. Nope. Nuh-uh. Wrong. Nyet. Non. Ne. *wrong-answer-buzzer sound*
  • Cigar
    I can think of a few things much worse than Twilight, but that doesn't mean it's anywhere near even moderately average. The characters and their motivations are just so bland, uninteresting, or downright befuddling that the idea that it's actually a cultural hit is absolutely sad. And it's definitely the reason I hate it. However, it is pretty much for teenage girls and it's just a movie. So while it's awful, it's not the worst thing ever. That would be SPI-DERS.
  • KingOfHeart  - Anyone else think the mic was too high
    In this review it felt like you were a bit too close to the microphone or it's volume was too loud. It didn't hurt the review, just was a little annoying.
  • KingOfHeart  - I don;t even want to watch Twilight
    Just by looking at Twilight I can tell it's horrible. Woman want to be treated equally but if you become this type of woman, your going in the opposite direction.
  • RayFan9876
    Like how internet users want to be treated equally, but if they can't spell "you're," then they're going in the wrong direction?

    Though, out of everything, I don't hate Twilight. I really don't. I actually kind of found the first book to be a bit creative in a way, and looking back on it, I don't like it at all, but I don't hate it.

    The vampires sparkle, yes, though if said that way it does sound silly, but in context there's really nothing wrong with it. In fact, when I read the book, it merely seemed like a moderately logical in-universe thing. I got quite irritated when I found out that was one of the points people exploited as a sign of hate toward it; I find that just idiotic, and not because of the hate, but because that point itself is one of the things fueling the hate the most. Why not have a more legitimate point take the stand? And yes, there are a whole lot.

    Yes, the series sucks, quite a bit, but when people claim it to be an abomination of literature, one of the worst thing ever conceived, I find that incredibly annoying, because the way I see it, it's nothing more and nothing less than just a mediocre series that got overly popular for some reason.

    I actually think the whole premise and the Twilight universe itself is quite interesting and on the whole a fairly creative concept (like said before), Stephenie Meyer is just an idiot.

    I can even vouch for the films a little; while being 'bad' - a step down from the mediocrity of the books, - they aren't really any other films that look like them. They're pretty unique and provide a sort of entertaining experience, despite how bad they are. If the source material had actually been good, I'm sure with the same directional style they would actually be open to some pretty interesting analysis.


    Twilight is pretty bad, but vomit-inducing and hate-worthy? Seriously, no. It's just something very dumb and mediocre that became too popular. If people want something to hate, hate those who swear by the series.

    There are things far, far, FAR, FAR worse than Twilight out there. If people don't understand this, then they really need to open their damn eyes.
  • knightsintodreams  - word-vomit are GO!
    OK, you claim women will evolve, but i know first hand that evolution is a violent, troubled thing.

    My brother's girlfriend ( let's call him Joe and her Clara) is a computer science major and arguably intelligent. she likes twilight enough to call Joe her "Edward."

    she ahs admitted that she thought relationships were like twilight and romantic comedies. the boy is kind of man-child and she's takes care of him, and he is, and i quote, "there to make me happy."

    holy sh!t. they broke up because of this. he told her and told her that he's not going to revolve his life around her, she isn't the most important thing, he's not going to write her poems or kiss under waterfalls, he's not going to say he'll die without her, because he won't. but that doesn't mean he doesn't love her, and what they have is good. twilight isn't real, their relationship is.

    you say people adapt, but a 23yr old computer science major couldn't. i think for that reason twilight is the worst thing ever.

    (and i'm saying this loving the walking dead. which is THE most frustrating characters out there. i know what it's like to look the other way for a pulpy show you like)
  • Floweramon
    Well, most people adapt. For everyone else, there's Darwinism.
  • Pink Bow
    No offense to your brother's ex-girlfriend, but people who take fiction too seriously have something wrong with them mentally. There are crazy people out there who believe in fictional worlds, and its not the fault of the fictional world that was created, it was just a fantasy that a crazy person latched on to.
  • thorondragon
    it depends on how or why they are fixated. i take fiction seriously in a professional sense, as i seek to be an author. and i get frustrated when someone can get away with dipping dracula into a vat of glitter.

    however those people take fiction as reality, i have to say nigh to. fiction is fiction, and to be hoenst i think fiction does have its place. escapism is a powerful and harmless cooping mechanism. however, like most thigns, it does have its risks.
  • Sylveria  - @Pink Bow
    I think that rather aptly demonstrates the problem. When I was young, girls grew up with the romantic ideal being prince charming coming to sweep you off your feet. Every girl wanted to be a princess. It was an obviously unobtainable goal because it was truly fantastical.

    Twilight isn't. Twilights relationships aren't impossible Romanticism, they are very real and very unhealthy, abusive, co-dependent relationships which were common long before Twilight made its way in to society. Before Twilight, they weren't that romantic ideal that teens actually sought after though. They were usually something to be avoided. Now that kind of harmful relationship structure is the ideal and it's attainable which makes it far more dangerous than seeking your prince charming.
  • ratcatcher
    @PinkBow: I think the word you were looking for is "literally". There's nothing wrong with taking fiction "seriously" (I think most people who consider themselves "fans" of a particular work take said work seriously) and there's much that can be gained from it, even if its just entertainment, as long as you remember that it's still fiction, are able to recognize that some things don't work the same way in the real world, and that you shouldn't base your life around it.

    Twilight still sucks though.
  • Kefke_Wren
    A well analysed piece. Sadly, this is what I had wished Demo Reel could have been - Humour, but mixed with an honest, open, and serious look at the faults in popular pieces cinema. Still, I love the NC, I'm glad he was brought back, and this video was great to watch. Hope Doug keeps up the great work (in a way that doesn't burn him out again).
  • J0hnny0hm  - I like that...
    avatar believe we can evolve beyond it, look back, and laugh. I can't say the Twilight phenomenon is OVER, as I hear they're gonna try and expand the universe with a spin-off show or something to that effect.

    But your statements about us adapting and growing up do seem inherently true, though the current generation is taking a little bit longer to do that, even in college.

    Me? I don't have to look back. I can laugh at Twilight right now while it's enjoying what I hope to be the last of its "relevant" popularity.
  • JMDarkly
    Oh god. You mean Twilight is multipling? God help us all.
  • Zorro4k6
    Nice Editorial Doug, And I completely agree. I never got interested in Twilight as a series. I saw it as more teen drama bullshit and that just isn't my cup of tea. I never once hated the fact that so many people liked it. Clearly people did and I was OK with that. But like you said, those people that liked it will eventually grow up and move on and hate the film. Or maybe not. I remember loving some movies when I was a kid, but when I look at them now, I wonder how I ever liked them. There will always be more horrible stuff that comes out and it will probably be more horrible than Twilight. But people will still see that stuff because there's just something alluring about it. Even if the characters are bland and not all that interesting, people will find something to like about it. Is Twilight horrible? Yes. Is it the worst thing we've ever made as a species? No. We all know lots of other films that are even worst than Twilight. Like Manos for example. If I was on a deserted island for 3 days and all I had for entertainment was a Twilight film and Manos, I'd chose to watch Twilight. It at least is enjoyably bad, lol.
  • Emilie Bennett  - The answer: Pretty much.
    Edward is plastic, Jacob is screwed-up in the head, and Bella has the personality and I.Q. of a dish rag. If Twilight is this bad, 50 Shades might be much, much worse.

    The 80's and 90's were such better times, and yeah, I think Bratz sucks, too.
  • Rebochan
    No, and 90% of the internet needs to get the fuck over being anti-Twilight hipsters. We get it, you hate it, you won't shut up about hating it, you haven't come up with any new reasons to hate it, great, move on. Hate something new. In fact, I find it hysterical that so many of the first comments are all "RIGHT ON DOUG!" when they clearly didn't watch the video.

    Stupid shit getting popular is not the end of the world. It's nice to see at least ONE person acknowledge this, Doug. And frankly, I hated all the people swearing that girls would be forever ruined by reading Twilight. I find it far more sexist to assume that girls are apparently so weak-minded that the first stupid vampire romance they read will forever corrupt them into becoming subservient gothic slaves to abusive husbands. Seriously...give em' some credit. Frankly, most of the women I know that read these books copped to it being a "guilty pleasure" at best and a bizarre curiousity at worst (assuming they finished.)
  • clearspira  - @rebochan
    You do realize that by insulting others using the term ''Twilight hipsters'' you come off as a hipster yourself right?
  • ohe
    Oh look, it's trolls trolling trolls.

    In the fashionable sense of the word, which is that nobody has any fucking idea what those words are generally supposed to mean.
  • CJ-1
    Not a fan of Twighlight, so probably might never see int. And judging by what's been said about it, I probably won't.
  • Travoltron
    What knightsintodreams said. Girls will certainly adapt, but will adapt the hard way. Many will go on to have serious relationships with vapid "troubled" bad boys because of this garbage and will only then learn reality. By the time they figure it out, there might even be kids involved.

    I hope you're right NC, and I hope I'm wrong.
  • MissPrettyKitty  - Arg!
    Normally I like to read the book before I see the movie, but I didn't hear of the book before the movie came out, so all the forced images where ingrained in my head unlike my own imagination by reading the book. I could ONLY watch the Twilight movies by 'Rifftrax' versions. But if I was Bella, (heaven for bid) I would have left that jackhole Edward and been with the loving, caring guy Jacob. It's as clear as black and white. Hello!!!!
  • Fangheart
    Jacob keeps trying to convince the girl he supposedly cares about to break up with her boyfriend for him, he FORCES her to make out with him, he pretty much manipulates and guilts her into admitting the she loves him too, and he ends up going pedo for her infant daughter.

    if that's your definition of a "Loving, Caring guy" then I feel sorry for you. fact of the matter is, ALL the characters in that story are horrible, horrible dumbass wastes of thought.
  • PKGaming
    Jacob did all that stuff, not really because he just wanted Bella for himself, but because he didn't want her to ruin her life. She was going to turn into a vampire, which meant giving up her soul, her humanity, turning into a bloodthirsty monster, and totally abandoning her friends and family that love her. Jacob wanted to stop her from doing that. Since her main motivation was love for Edward he thought, "Hey, you love me so why not pick me? You won't have to do any of that stuff for me." Bella's like a drug addict and Jacob's the person trying to get her to quit.
    But to put it very simply, Jacob was for the most part trying to prevent Breaking Dawn (aka The Worst Piece of Shit Ever) from happening. That alone wins him points in my book.
  • Rebochan
    "Many will go on to have serious relationships with vapid "troubled" bad boys because of this garbage and will only then learn reality."

    Yea, the same reason why millions of boys got kicked out of high school for pulling pranks and cutting classes trying to emulate Zach Morris. Oh...wait...

    You know what this is really sounding like?"

  • Gregariousclaw
    So just to be fair, Vampires have been maid crying emo creatures long before twilight.
  • georgemiser  - look...
    i hate twiloight as much as the next guy but just because you ''grow up'' doesn't mean you need to stop having an imagination or stop being an escapist. i'm sorry, but no matter how old you get it makes 0% diff. A need for escapism & fantasy is in our genetic code and it's not going to leave untill humanity is extinct. Everyone has fantasies, no matter the age

    I dunno. maybe i'm taking what the NC said outta context but thats what it sounds like to me. I engage in roleplay and to be honest, i see no reason why i shouldn't. It's fun and let's face it. Real life kinda sucks. Escapism is there so we can get away from it all. It's been around since the dawn of man and gonna be there at the sunset of humanity.

    Once again, MAYBE i'm just talking out of my ass and need correcting on what Doug meant. Feel free to correct away. :)
  • DMaster  - ...
    He's not anti-escapism, he's anti-"obsessing over stupid material late into life". The issue comes from not growing up and acknowledging flaws of the media you've experienced, acting as if it's completely great and completely applicable to one's own life. In the case of this one, clearly not. The examples of past obsessions that the NC brought up were similar in this regard, even if Twilight is arguably worse than those other examples.

    He's not saying not to fantasize, he's not saying not to enjoy things with surreal or outright stupid elements, he's saying we all need to grow up and acknowledge problems. There's nothing wrong with enjoying something like Twilight, if you can admit the problems it has, or in the very least not take it seriously.
  • PopCultureOtaku
    I tried to watch the first movie one day on my dvr and be I found it boring as all hell. I'm fans of LA Transformers movies. These movies are just dumb and treat cool supernatural in all the wrong ways. I mean when the biggest thing in 4th novel/5th (aka 4 part 2) movie is dream sequence you fail.
  • thenikkumanchan
    Twilight deserves the bile of hatred because of Stephanie Meyer. She wrote these books largely with the thought of "I don't give a shit" in mind. She has pretty much said so ever since. And raking in millions. And teabagging the legacy of Brom Stoker. And wiping her ass all over bestsellers lists.

    You notice I haven't said a thing about the characters.
  • ohe
    Bro Stroker didn't invent vampires, the mythos or the word.
  • dennett316
    Nope...but he sure did popularise it in fiction, and that's the topic of discussion here.
  • Eleanor  - Great Editoral!!
    When I was about 13-14 me and one of my friends were obsessed with a series called "The Babysitters Club" I had every book, every explation book, and I loved the TV show. I wanted to be just like the charaters, I even took a "test" and I was aparently Mary-Anne.
    Now, I look back at them books, as badly writtian, promoting child neglect (What is the leagal age in America for children to look after children?). But it was fun at the time!
    Now its Harry Potter, (Kinda getting over it) Authors Maria V Snider, and Trudi Canavan.
    We grow up!
  • negrocritic
    He pretty much hit the nail on the head for three reasons. 1. I hate it because its lame, 2. I hate it because it made vampires into a joke. 3. and mostly importantly, I had the fact that something so lame, so poorly written, poorly acted and poorly executed is so fucking popular. I look at the fans of it, who call themselves vampire fans, who will not give other vampire novels, movies or shows a chance and think "how can u like this crap and not give these (which are well made) a chance." but in truth my hatred for it is "why is this so popular"

    Honestly Maven of the Eventide made a decent analyses of the few positive things about it.

    In the end it does not deserve that much hatred, nor does it deserve any love

    It does not deserve to exist.
    The idea of a vampire and human falling in love has been done before and done well: Bram Stoker's Dracula directed by Francis Ford Corppola is an example, while its still horryfing at points and Dracula is monstrouse, his attraction and love for Mina seemed ginuwine, and hell even the dialogue was very romantic (the twiligtt fans wont give this one a chance)
  • fanguy99  - don't judge a book by its cover
    excatly! people who love anything, weither it be fiction, food, wirting, etc. should at least see all mediums of it. i even have a firend who likes a lot of the same things i do. like; transfomrers, power rangers, and super hero cartoons. but he refuses to watch caertain shows or give any of them a second chance like; transformers animated, power rangers rpm, and avengers earth's mightest heroes. in my opinion, they're some of the best these 3 things could offer. but no, he says that they're either "boring" or "the character models don't appeal to me". seriously, grow up and give them a chance and see why people love them so much.
  • dennett316
    So he should bend to your way of thinking because you personally like the shows? Perhaps he simply thinks they're boring? Perhaps he simply doesn't like the aesthetic? Perhaps he has a right to his own opinion on those shows, and that opinion can be different from yours for any reason he likes?
  • LuciusMadgloom  - the book cover analogy doesn't apply to what you w
    I think you're the one that needs to grow up cause your friend gave legit reasons to not liking those shows from what you said he didn't just say its some stupid stuff for little kids and leave it at that or call it shit ( than the book cover analogy would fit to more than 1 show you listed) if he finds the show boring he shouldn't watch it cause watching sth you find boring is a waste of time and your demand for him to grow up in this context just makes you a snotty little brat throwing a tantrum "Cause he doesn't like my favorite shows :(" Boo freaking Hoo news flash Nothings Perfect, there isn't a single thing in the world EVERYBODY loves and if you don't know it yet than again your the one that need to grow up
  • PurpleTiger
    I have to agree with the others that have replied to this comment, honestly, fanguy99. I agree that Transformers Animated is one of my favorite TF shows of all time, but I wouldn't force it on anyone. Sure, I've been known to try and appeal to people who I know have very similar tastes to mine, but I also know to let it go. If they say "I don't like the cartoony style of the characters", I won't shove it down their throats or tell them they're being unfair. I'll tell them, "The plot makes up for it in my opinion, but that's fair." And I move on with my life.
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