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  • singh
    What sorcery is this??
  • IanFisch
    The problem with the site now is that it lacks any mainstream appeal.

    Most people aren't interested in anime or comic books.

    I can think of 100 video game reviewers who are better than Angry Joe.

    Nostalgia Chick is the only reason I keep coming to this site.
  • DamonLightbringer
    Well, we can see where your priorities lie, seeing as how there are at least half a dozen other movie reviewers on this site, that I can think of off the top of my head. Each has there own style and are interesting.

    As for "Most people aren't interested in anime or comic books." Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! There are dozens, if not hundreds, of "geek" conventions every year, each at least touching on, if not the having focus on, anime and comics. Tens of thousands of people attend most of these cons, with some overlapping (1 person going to multiple cons) but most people can only afford 1 or maybe two a year. This means there are, more than likely, millions of people who have a passing, if not total, interest in these subjects. And those are just the ones who can make it to a con.

    So, on a planet with 8 billion people, your "most people" statement may be technically true, I think they have a more than large enough pool to draw from to justify the way the site is set up (which I personally think is brilliant. All your geek in one spot).
  • IanFisch
    I'm simply saying that a review of Season 3 of Trigun is never going to have the same level of appeal as a review of Iron Man 2, Hook or Gremlins.

    I think that 'most' members of nerd culture, of which I'd definitely consider myself a member, are just not that into anime.

    A lot are, but I don't think it's the majority.
  • raggingscorpion
    What majority? You sound really pompous when you say that. Most, if not all of my nerdier friends are obsessed with anime. There are huge factions for every section. To make these assumptions are either reeeeally presumptuous or reeeeally futile, since it's obvious that most passer-bys would watch a review of a Hollywood blockbuster, but the point of this site is subjective interest. There's at least one for everybody. This site may not have "mainstream appeal," but it certainly has more appeal than the mainstream with the sheer quantity of subjects covered.
  • IanFisch
    I think it's safe to say that 60% of nerds are not into anime.

    You could probably also say that 60% of nerds aren't into comic books, graphic novels, MMO's, tabletop games, war simulations, computer hardware, or programming.

    I'm really into a lot of the things on that list, but I'm willing to admit that the MAJORITY do not.

    I think it's fair to say that over 60% of nerds have seen the big, mainstream hollywood movies.
  • Dalus
    Well apparently, these other "factions" aren't huge enough to get all Doug's bills paid, or else he probably wouldn't be going back to doing something he tried to bring to an end only a few months ago.
  • DanceOfTheMidnightCandles
    I couldn't tell you weren't a fan of anime...Season 3 of Trigun????? lol I think if someone reviewed a season 3 of Trigun it would be crazy popular considering there are only 26 episodes and most anime fans would kill for there to be 2 more additional seasons.
  • PlayMp1
    Minor quibble/bit of pedantry: we won't be reaching 8 billion living humans for some time yet. We only hit 7 billion between October 2011 and March 2012.
  • DamonLightbringer  - I knew it!
    LOL, I had a feeling I was off. Thanks for the info. ;)
  • Great_Old_One
    Well, global population is expected to reach 8 billion by 2025. It is then going to reach 9 billion by 2050 and then 10 billion by 2100. The earth is becoming too crowded.
  • Amykins
    Damon, why are you lashing out so violently at the guy? He has a point. The site traffic has plummeted, and it's obvious why. Don't be hating just because you're a fanboy.
  • GrenMonk2
    I'd really like to see proof of this claim. Nothing suggests site traffic has gotten that much lower. According to most traffic tracking sites, it's only gone down a little.
  • DamonLightbringer
    Sorry if I come across as hating (and perhaps there is a little bit of fanboying), but saying things like, and I truly mean no offense, "site traffic has plummeted, and it's obvious why" is a slap in the face of every other reviewer on the site. While I will again admit there is some fanboying, the major reason I feel this way is because my wife and I are artists, ourselves (if you don't believe these people are artists, fine, just say creative types) and would hate to be part of a group, then wholesale swept aside because one aspect of the group left. These reviewers are creative and seem to put a lot of effort and dedication into what they do. And you can chalk this up to being a fanboy, but most of them are good! I've turned several people onto this site and not one has stop watching after NC left. I'm not saying there wasn't a drop in viewership, but phrases like traffic has plummeted and the problem is lack of mainstream just don't ring true. But, of course, in the end every comment here is just an opinion. That's what internet comments are.
  • TequilaFlavor
    I'm only very casually interested in comic books (read: barely at all), yet Linkara is my main "pull" to this site since 2008.

    I have almost 0 interest in exploitation flicks, yet I really like to watch some Cinema Snob once in a while.

    You don't have be a die-hard fan of a certain genre/medium to enjoy funny/entertaining/ enlightening reviews about it.
  • PlayMp1
    Same here. I've watched every episode of Anime Abandon, and I don't like anime at all. I don't like exploitation either - but the Snob is great. I don't really read comics, but Linkara is awesome. Shit, I'm a little young to be nostalgic for a lot of the movies NC reviewed (and will review in the future!), and yet that still works for me!
  • Dalus
    I agree with pretty much everything you said, with the exception that I couldn't be less of a fan of the Nostalgia Chick.

    As soon as Doug decided to stop doing NC episodes, I had a feeling site viewership would drop, and he'd eventually have to come back to it. But even I didn't think it would happen THIS fast.
  • Gundam4ever
    You obviously don't realize that it's not about what they are reviewing, it's about how they review it.
  • Masacred
    Totally disagree, Angry Joe is by far the best and most accurate reviewer I have ever scene. He has yet to make a single review I even slightly disagree with.

    The site never really had "mainstream appeal"
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Agree with this. Angry Joe at least tries to approach video game reviewing from a balanced perspective, highlighting what's good and bad about a game. And he tries to make it entertaining. Joe and I may not have the same tastes in gaming, but I can almost always watch one of his reviews and tell whether a particular game is something that I would enjoy playing.
  • Dalus
    Isn't the Angry Joe thing kind of a moot point, since his videos aren't even on this site anymore? All it does is link to his own site, so is it really contributing to Doug's profit?
  • SonicnutNC
  • Drain
    I'd love to see that list of "100 video game reviewers" that are better than AngryJoe. I'm sure there are better, but 100? Ya, bullshit.
  • BrainBlow
    A hundred better game reviewers?
    Ahahahahahaha! That's a good one!

    Joe isn't contributing too well to this site for the simple reason that most of the people watching his reviews do so on youtube, which is hell of a lot more comfortable.
  • xseth1
    Yeah, but now critic is back.
  • Spritle101
    Peer pressure.

    Congrats Doug. Have fun doing the same thing ad nausium till the end of time. Your fans are just ever so supportive & would never ask you to typecast yourself. Never stray from the straight line of your audience's comfort zone.
  • PlayMp1
    You can tell he was conflicted internally about whether to do it. Shit, his discussions with other producers in the video are probably an approximation of what really happened, though played up for drama and laughs. The phone call to Lewis was probably exactly what they said, with a bit of Lewis becoming the character as a joke thrown in.

    This was a bit of peer pressure combined with exactly what Doug realized after the end of NC. Apparently he was sick of the character, sick of having to script, film and edit so quickly and so consistently for four goddamn years, and was burnt out. Cue six month break and Demo Reel... except he realized that he missed NC and figured out Demo Reel wasn't really his thing.
  • dr_kramik
    I am sure you are right. I think it was kind of great he put it that way, instead of doing a simple vlog.
  • Amykins
    I honest to god can't tell if this is worthless pandering, a slap in the face to NC fans, a cheap hock of his crappy new content in the guise of a NC episode, or if he's genuinely crawling back realizing what a horrible mistake he made.

    There is NO traffic coming to the site since he abruptly killed off NC. It was the worst move Doug could possibly make, and I don't think he can save TGWTG at this point.
  • ladydiskette
    Huh, I figured you of all people would be happy to see Demo Reel gone. Seeing how it pissed you off so much you threatened to leave.
  • Amykins
    You know Lady, I'm not sure which disturbs me more: the fact that I'm being told off by some emo teenybopper fangirl, or the fact that you're apparently stalking me to the point where you recall things I said months ago on a website I hardly ever come to.
  • ladydiskette
    Well, that may be, but at least I don't act like a stuck-up bitch to everyone on here 24/7 XD
  • DamonLightbringer
    Regardless of what you think of the move to kill of NC, once again I must ask...WHAT!? "There is NO traffic coming to the site since he abruptly killed off NC." I just did a cursory sweep of about a dozen different recent programs (some very popular, some less) and saw hundreds of comments. I assume (yes, I know what assuming does) most people don't comment. They just enjoy the videos. Hell, I was watching the site for over a year, before I started. While NC's death might have driven off a small percentage of viewers, I think TGWTG doing just fine, as a whole.
  • Cazekiel
    I think he was unhappy with his decision, realized he really loved the work he'd put behind NC and decided to come back. Not everything has an ulterior motive. Perhaps it's that he wanted to try another creative outlet and it didn't jive, nothing to do with hits, pandering, whatever else. NC *was* the reason I was here and not much else. I resorted to watching the older eps. So he was still getting hits from me.

    And if I'm wrong? I don't really care. I'm here for the funny, and seeing as NC's brought that to me for years now, I could care less if he DOES have motives.
  • The Shamster
    I like the scene where Doug closes the bathroom cabinet only to see the Nolstalgia Critic there.

    It reminds me of the scene in "Freddy vs Jason" where Mark closes the bathroom cabinet only to see Freddy smirk at him. watch?v=BibHtTaAi5E

    The only difference is NC doesn't want to kill Doug.
  • Thecrazyone1500
    I disliked demo reel , I DID LOVE sibling rivalry , but not demo, I am happy about this

    theres more fans who want you back NC

    also how does this work in continuity ?
    I thought there was a merge between the universes? ? so ISNT pollo real now? and isnt the NC in a plot hole? not just a character now?
    This whole thing kinda confused me.
    He said..." Maybe its like you said before, A character can be soo real.. Didnt this HAPPEN? ISNT HE REAL?? this makes no sense....If you tinker with some explaining this can work fine tho and , confusing or not

    if the NC is coming back.. well i dont care

  • Thecrazyone1500
    k so i watched more so the NC is real now? or was that him dreaming? idk , but linkaras shit should still be real
  • Thecrazyone1500
    finshed watching, still kinda confused but at least it makes SOME sense
    but whats up with linkara?
  • Drain
    Haha Yes! I was saddened to see NC go. Welcome back! I didn't like Demo Reel past its first 2 episodes either. Face it, this show will never run out of gas as long as there are things left to complain about. Just like with AVGN, one's work will never be done. I watched this show almost since the start, year after year, and wasn't ever the least bit tired of it. I'm hoping the 2 of you keep these shows going forever. With each new year, another year of movies awakes. There's always new ideas and new running gags to create. Out of gas? There is no such thing, because you'll never run out of titles.

    I'll be waiting for the day where you get up to Twilight and James gets up to such titles as LotR Conquest. I watched both these shows come up together, and I don't want to see either end anytime soon. James has slowed his releases on AVGN, but refuses to hang it up. Perhaps slowing down is your best solution as well if you feel it's running dry or want to do other things at the same time.
  • TheShak2012  - Hmmm?
    Hmmm....seems like the ol' Demo Reel bombed so you went back to your cash cow lol.
  • Anthony R  - wow....heres a shock
    Didnt think Id see this video on the site to see.
  • rockybalboa211
    So is Donny going to become the NC? I mean, the NC became God and the rank/role that the NC represents (He is the symbol of critics) needs to be taken up by someone. Donny could be that someone. It would be perfect. Extra people helping out with the NC show. It'll be like the Deep Space Nine of Internet series! You can keep Rob on the other sibling show as well. That show's awesome! All you need to do then is to make the site up to date (I mean, Beige?) and everything will be perfect again! EVERYTHING WILL BE PERFECT AGAIN! MARA WILSON CAN HAVE A RIVAL ONCE AGAIN!! :D

    DARK NELLA RETURNS in a very cute car! :D

    Personally, I liked Demo Reel, and I can only hope that those amazing people that worked on Demo Reel will work with you now! :D

    Also, wait.. I thought Phelous had the skull of NC?
    Donny and the NC are the same just different characters.
  • ShingoEX
    Demo Reel must not be doing well...
  • Jegsimmons
    thats...kind of obvious...i like where it was going and what not, but i dont think it was able to hold water.
  • jz1337
    Not gonna lie just from the premise I suspected fans might not react well to it.

    I mean I hoped it was better than it sounded, but I'm glad NC is back and even a bi-weekly was way more than I hoped for. I was expecting monthly if it ever came back.
  • ladydiskette
    I am shocked.

    I don't know how to feel right now....I don't know what to say.


    What is wrong with me, why am I feeing conflicted at this. I just....I just..

    I just.....I am just....*speechless*
  • Majin47
    Haven't watched it yet, so can only guess you're wondering what's going to happen to the 2-3 other Rob and Doug drew into/hired for DR.
  • jz1337
    Not to mention the building they rented out.
  • TheBrigeedaRocks
    Same here, I like the idea of NC coming back but...I really liked Demo Reel too.

    Damned if you, damned if you don't.

  • LikaLaruku
    I would have liked to have BOTH shows still around, but that was a pretty creative way to kill it off.

    But if NC can rise from the dead, it doesn't mean he can't dream again.

    Hey Doug, bring your friends back once in awhile, SOME of us still think they're funny. & SOME of your fans aren't picky assholes who insta-hate anything out of their comfort zone & refuse to warm up to new things.
  • Masacred
    I have a pretty big problem with you last comment. It seems that on the internet, now, every-time fans of something dislike a new direction/style/change, they are labeled as entitled or selfish assholes. I would like to submit for you consideration that perhaps it just isn't their cup of tea. Perhaps they gave it a try and found they really didn't care for it. For example after meticulously viewing the first episode of Demo Reel, I discovered that it really wasn't "my cup of tea" so I stopped watching and eventually lost interest in the site all together. (until today)

    Now, under your definition, for not warming up to this new idea that makes me a "picky asshole."

    Now you tell me who the real asshole is; the person who merely lost interest or the person who calls out others for the horrendous crime of; not agreeing with them...
  • ladydiskette
    I guess I am more concerned that he brought NC back because of the DR Haters and giving to the fanboy pandering.

    I guess we will find out come Feb.
  • ColeYote
    I think what happened is he ran dry on Demo Reel ideas a lot faster than he was anticipating he would. Granted that's just my theory, but the series felt like it was spinning its tires the entire time and it never struck me as a thing he was really in for the long run, anyway. Plus the last episode certainly *felt* like a series finale.
  • jz1337
    That might be part of it but not all. The whole video comes across as at least partly Doug's feelings and own dilemma with the nostalgia critic character.
  • Dore
    A million times this.

    I love Demo Reel.

    I love the Nostalgia Critic.

    I hope they can co-exist, though. I've gotten to like the actors and characters, and Rob has been fantastic in front of the camera (as has Jim!).

    DO NOT do this just because of the haters, Doug. Do it for YOU and nobody else.

    Read this article. It outlines pretty much EVERY Demo Reel hater perfectly. blog/4-reasons-internet- has-made-everyone- entitled-dick/
  • GrenMonk2
    Because everyone always dislikes something for the same reasons, right?

    Come to grips with the fact that other people have different tastes and aren't always hating just to hate.
  • Laxpolilla  - Defensive?
    When you see as many outright hateful comments as Demo-Reel god, it's not a hard conclusion to come to that people didn't like it because it wasn't NC. You know, because the comments said "This sucks! I liked NC!"

    Sure, everyone has their reason for not liking someone. It's just a blanket statement to say people disliked demo reel because they weren't in their comfort zone. It doesn't literally mean "everyone who hated it only hated it because it wasn't NC" It means "pack mentality: a LOT of people didn't like it because it wasn't NC" Which is a fair statement because a lot of people in this world DO have only a few shows that they really enjoy at any given time, and they DO compare new shows to old favorites, and it CAN make it difficult to move on.
  • ChiyoYaiden  - For his sake
    I hope he is doing it for himself! I would feel so bad if he was forced into this one way or another....
  • Masacred
    Once again, could it possibly be that some of us simply did not enjoy Demo Reel? The majority of people I have spoken with merely had no interest in Demo Reel and therefore little to no interest in this site.

    Must we like everything?
  • Amykins
    I don't know why Doug is so keen to burn every single bridge he comes across. He just got married and blew all that money on production costs, just to turn his back on it just like he did NC. Dude,'re aware you CAN hold down more than one project at a time, right?
  • GrenMonk2
    Well it's a good thing he HASN'T burned those bridges then, huh?

    Also, it's obvious by Demo Reel's production that he couldn't work on it and other things at once. Pay attention before you go making judgements
  • blacktrojan3921
    Well, I think the reason is the same thing for me.

    On the one hand, I am happy NC is back. But on the other, was the reason NC brought back because of fan pressure, or it was on Doug's free will? I would most certainly like to hear an explanation from Doug.
  • GrenMonk2
    I'm pretty sure he addressed that in the video. It was made plenty clear that he was inspired to do more because there are still bad movies to criticize. I don't think he's so weak-willed that he'd only do something based on fan backlash.
  • ladydiskette
    Okay, granted, but then, does that mean that Critic's heroic sacrifice to meld with the plothole was all in vain then? :/

    I hate to quote a old Linkara review meme, but the video and the end to TBF does really feel like it raises too many questions.
  • GrenMonk2
    Well, the reason he went in the plothole in the first place was because he felt guilty about getting Ma-ti killed in Suburban Knights and put his soul to rest. Even after he was inside of it, it still enveloped the earth and brought them into an imperfect world. At that point, he was just an observer. His sacrifice was giving up his life, and he atoned for what he considered his follies by becoming Donnie and living his life. He paid his dues and they found someone else to take his place, allowing NC to live his life and for plotholes to remain powered by McNitpick's strive to cut down any inconsistency.

    At least, that's how I rationalize it. The plothole's still stable and Critic grew as a character, so it all pretty much melds together there.
  • sunnyl
    I suspect it has something to do with finances, but a lot of it will be him realising it was a mistake and the character has more to give.

    I'll probably go back and watch the last few Demo Reels now, I stopped after the second because it was dull, and soooo long.
    The character's were fine, Doug is always great as a character, its when he's being himself he gets boring, but DR was just tedious madness, with a handful of laughs.

    Anyway Donnie was NC, it'd show through whenever he got excited.

    Interesting to see NChick's reaction given her decreased volume of reviews though.
    Funny though.

    Long live the Nostalgia Critic!
  • Kensei
    i dont know... OMG!
  • TheDark4light  - I know how you feel
    All I can do is refuse to blink. If I don't blink the tears wont fall. At least now I know what I was waiting for before trying my hand at reviews. Internet here I come.
    I know that feel. This caught me totally off guard
  • DangerousLoki
    Conflicted is an appropiate reaction. I am disappointed that Demo Reel is gone but at the same time, these things happen and I enjoy NC so I can watch that and be satisfied. I really would like to see Doug work on some more projects like Demo Reel and the Anniversary episodes. Something like Brad's 80's Dan series. Something that's a series with a construct and characters that he can put out whenever he gets an idea. Just because it's clear that's something he wants to do. Something that's not just "Talking at a camera." Or story lines like Linkara does and he's occasionally done in the past. Just some small things to really try his hand at writing more frequently. I like his stories and while their not always fantastic masterpieces, the more he does with them. The more he can see what he likes and what works.

    Maybe he could do "Demo Reel Trailers" and just make Parody Trailers for the movies Donnie would have made.. I don't know. It's an idea.
  • luvira
    I accepted his decision to stop NC and start that new show, but it was kinda bad. They had some good points, but the presentation was clunky and it could get tedious to get through. Doug is not as good unscripted, he shines best when telling his opinions through thought-out and edited videos like NC and the Bum.

    This video could have been painfully pretentious, but it wasn't at all and I think why was because it was so sincere, and I'm really glad for it and what it means.

    A problem I had with NC was how condescending, self-righteous and hypocritical he could get sometimes, even beyond just playing the character. He wasn't above the mistakes he so happily attacked in bad movies but made no acknowledgemt or showed humility about it. I would have though he'd get some empathy on how hard it can be to pull a big production together and still have it not work with Kickassia. And yes, the later NCs after Patch Adams never got as good again, the exhaustion showed. He addressed all of those and was really introspective which all rang true while giving himself credit where it is due. He is intelligent and talented, his videos had great stuff in them which was why I liked the show to begin with. Outside of that, that this was such a good piece of film-making (outside of the expected budget special effects) and a return to form (I actually think it reached a new high for his videos) really shows he meant everything he said in it.

    This along with Linkara's latest mistakes video really impressed me because it's the antithesis of the ugly arrogance and self-absorption of internet celebrities. And they show inspiring personal growth of people I admire, which is great. Really happy to have you back Doug.
  • Bobzeaux  - re: hypocrisy
    As excited as I am to see the NC return (and simultaneously intrigued by the idea of him acknowledging that everyone in the movies he reviews has a face), I hope he's a little more consistent with his opinions. Like in his review for Rover Dangerfield, he's completely fine with a Vegas showgirl bending over so we can get a good look at her goodies. But then we see a slightly upskirt-shot of Lois Lane in his Superman TAS review, and he calls it out for being sexist. It was bad for Moulin Rouge to be as over-the-top as it is, but stretching out a single joke for over two minutes straight is fine?

    But either way, welcome back NC. And have fun picking the universe apart, Douchey! ;P lol
  • sunnyl
    Don't remember that, and haven't seen Dangerfield, but I think you have to take things in context.
    A vegas showgirl is one step away from a stripper, the purpose of the show is perving and so there is nothing wrong with enjoying the view.
    Superman TAS was a family/kids cartoon, panty shots are neither required, nor expected. They are not a part of the show.

    Although I myself greatly enjoy upskirt shots, I agree that they are unnecessary fan service and often completely out of place. And yeah, I guess sexist too, but its a lot better than oversized breasts and deformed spines.
  • sunnyl
    Ah, that makes a difference.
    Still there is a difference between a reporter fully dressed and a showgirl. But yeah, kids movies are not a place for smut.
  • Zorro4k6  - @ ShingoEX
    I was thinking the same thing. Kind of a shame really. I thought Demo Reel was a good idea. I really liked the first episode. But I have to be honest here, I wasn't actively watching it. Even though I really liked the first episode, it didn't hook me enough to keep watching. But I may have eventually come back to it. That happens sometimes. Ideas may be great in your head, but when written down they really aren't. Perhaps Doug was just running out of ideas for the show and so ending it was the only option. Who knows at this point. I hope the team can work something new.

    Doug, while it's great that you brought NC back, I just hope you did it for the right reasons. If you had some new ideas for the character or new jokes and really missed doing reviews, that's great. I'm glad to have you back in uniform again. But really, it angers me about how many emails you got demanding the character to return. I mean it's fine if fans miss the character. I missed watching new reviews as well. But that doesn't mean I would spam your email pressuring you to bring the character back. Honestly, I was fine with you wanting to stop. You left us many reviews to watch over and over again. Recently I was feeling nostalgic and started re-watching some of them again. So while I'm sure you're bringing back the character because you want to, I hope those emails didn't push you into it. Anyway, still be great to see another NC again.

    I also understand not doing something until you want to do it. As a Let's Player, I've had a few moments where I just really didn't want to make another episode. I felt like Let's Playing was something I had to do, and not something I want to do. And when it becomes like that, I feel that my commentary wouldn't be as a good and people wouldn't really enjoy it. So I'd take a break for a couple months. So taking a break from being NC is completely understandable.

    Anyway, still is a shame Demo Reel is gone. Great stuff there. Even if I wasn't actively watching it. :)
  • AnesDK  - !
    i miss NC! :(
  • ShingoEX
    My personal opinion...I LOVED Nostalgia Critic...didn't care for the aftermath. And yes...Linkara is boils down to you. NEVER feel like those who want what you don't should be those who control you.

    I...*sniff* do miss the Critic...
  • SilverScribe53
    Do not despair, the Critic IS indeed coming back and will be making new shows starting Feb. 5. Look it up on Wikipedia
  • mrrubino
    Remember what happened when Family Guy was uncanceled?
  • theChancellor  - Factual tangents
    Well the difference there is that Nostalgia critic is a internet show run by a modern comedic genius;
    and Family guy is a over-budget padded sitcom written by manatees and with a animation frame rate that shows how little the animators cared about keeping the design motif from looking mundane and unoriginal.
  • jz1337
    You forget family guy was still funny for a while after being uncancelled, still worth all the bad episodes we got later?

    Plus a big reason family guy went that way after was seth started being less and less involved in the show and that really showed.
  • Jeff Jacobson
    But Futurama was still good when it was uncancelled.
  • Mischi
    ..and lets all hope it stays that way.
  • PlayMp1
    Futurama also has the benefit of being Matt Groening's release valve from The Simpsons... and many years to come up with ideas.
  • L2  - A small possibility
    I disagree. Sometimes when the external forces are so powerful, and yet you are fighting them for so long, that sometimes you work them into your psyche and they become internal forces.

    So it COULD have been that Doug wanted the NC back because subconsciously giving into the fans. Or Preconsciously in this regard.

    But I'm not saying that. I believe what you and Linkara are saying; that he did this because he wanted to, not needed to.
  • pithie
    This is surprising....
  • SakeOfArts
    Was I just tricked into watching an Episode of "Demo Reel"??
    Oh, noo, wait, the good news start at 22 minutes in.
    You are welcome.
  • Vrawk  - Oh Linkara...
    You so crazy.

    Also "I've searched the whole internet"

  • flukielukie  - NC
    Okay.. so NC is back.

    Now I can watch your videos again, this site is like a barren wasteland since NC and Spoony and AJ have deserted ship.

    It needs a revamp and a relaunch.
  • DamonLightbringer  - Barren Wasteland!?
    Damn, that's harsh. Without those three the site is crap!? Try not to limit your taste, so much.
  • Linkara
    ...Uhhh... Angry Joe posted a new video yesterday, you know.
  • rockybalboa211
    90's kid and Boffo the clown aren't real, Linkara? How dare you ruin my beautiful dream of meeting them both at a con?! :(
  • venkarl
    90's Kid is more than a man. 90's Kid is a part of us all. Whenever the world is not extreme enough for dudes everywhere, look into your heart and 90's Kid will be there.
  • Sockpuppet
    That was beautiful, man. (Wipes away tear) And EXTREME!
  • theChancellor  - Sorry, but...Yeah..
    Honestly Angry joe should've gotten fired rather than Spoony.

    I would rather hear a man whose existential crisis helped him become an more of a artist, bash on Final Fantasy on this site than listen to another Joel McHale wannabe podcaster
  • Foxy_Grandpa24
    Huh. Now come to think of it, AJ's greenscreen setup does look like Joel McHale's greenscreen setup on the Soup, but I think it is a coincidence. Joe probably made it that way because it would make sense to have a screen showing clips, but I don't think Joe's material is anything like McHale's
  • theChancellor
    You're right Joel McHale can actually be thought provoking in his observations rather than "My Teleprompter knows more than you" Joe.

    Seriously how on earth did he ever coin his "Angry" billing anyway?
    Should be more invested in secondary research rather than his production values and self recognition.
  • ColeYote
    Erm... what does Angry Joe have to do with anything?
  • Masacred
    I cannot even begin to explain how much i disagree with you.

    Angry Joe has quite literally never put out a single review I disagree with... Ever

    You are of course entitled to your own opinion which I respect, but I though I should then post mine as well.
  • thorondragon
    lols, so basically in the 'reality' adjacent of linkara, your a skitzo. i shutter to think what affects reviewing has done to the likes of phelous and angry joe. lol.

    i kinda have mixed feelings about this. i kinda liked how demo reel was going to be honest, despite a few hiccups. i would love to see the critic back, but i had high hopes for demo reel. shrugs.
  • thorondragon
    its like bringing back what is loved but at the cost of the new. perhaps demo reel would remain in nsotaliga critic's shadow, or perhaps it would ahve rose above it and outshine it. now we may never know.
  • jz1337
    I like how you don't even mention having your own content referred to as a baron wasteland. Always taking that high ground.

    While I admit without NC it did feel like there was somehow less content happening, but still got linkara, Todd, CR, Lindsey, and AJ to get me by. And even the shows that don't interest me seem to have their own audiences.
  • CommonThinking123
    Really? I've felt this site actually improved once the NC went away. Maybe it was because I'd stopped seeing stupid comments like yours that made me think that.
  • sdnoriko
    Stupid comments should be left in one's pocket.
  • Dark Jak
    Angry Joe posted all the time.
  • KhaosKyuubi
    What about Linkara and Film Brain? I love those two...

  • DamonLightbringer  - Thank you
    Exactly, and while I might be in the minority for some of these, how about Lupa (yeah, I know how some of you feel about her, but she reviews B very well), Sage, Film Snob (yes, niche, but once again, well done, imo), Oan (get some culture, and I get the irony of that statement), Chick...oh fuck, they all have some quality to what they do. I watch at least a dozen of these guys every week. TGWTG is a great idea for a sight. Try something new, every now and then. I have and rarely am I truly disappointed.
  • ToonMan17  - @flukielike
    Wow. Not even a comment on how big it was for him to bring the character back after all this time?

    You, my friend have entitlement issues. For all I know, you probably think you're naturally entitled to a computer.

    "A barren wastleland"?! That is not just a slap in the face to the guy who brought back one of your favorite characters, that is a slap in the face to tons of creative people trying their best to entertain even people like you. If you're not interested in other peoples' output, fine. But at least acknowledge their effort and their time doing their best for others to discern and enjoy their favorite things.

    Make no mistake. I'm not judging you as a person and all your virtues and flaws. But I will call you out considering that this is your response to a service done for the fans...which based on your little paragraph of venom, you don't consider yourself a part of. If you've got an issue with Doug, talk to him yourself. But don't try to stomp out other people's happiness or reactions when you do.
  • moviebuffmel90
    Wait...when did Angry Joe leave?
  • hollychristine
    He didn't, he posted his review of DmC yesterday. http:// /bt/aj/ajsreview/37996- angry-reviews-dmc
  • rockybalboa211
    It's right on the Latest Video panel, Holly! It isn't that hard to find! :D
  • Kafei
    Dude for Aj you should check his official youtube, it's updated regularly
  • Ginger...  - To flukielukie: there are at LEAST 50 other shows
    Take a chance with some of the other show. Look around and have a field day! There are plenty of other good shows to go around on TGWTG. There are some I found recently that are really good. Renegade Cut by Leon Thomas, WTFIWWY & Here There Be Dragons by Nash, and Hollywood Drive by JesuOtaku (heck her and Suede are the ones who brought me here!). Just take a trip and see if you like anything before you call this a barren wasteland. They're still a hell of a lot funnier than the crap "comedies" we get in theaters these days!
  • Dore
    Angry Joe is still here. Spoony got fired. He didn't jump ship.
  • Gift of the Magi
    Spoony was suspended, and after an ugly Twitter war (seriously, they should ban that site) he left due to overall bad feelings with other talent. It was IMHO the only option left after that fight.

    Personally I also think there should have been similar suspensions leveled out to people jumping in and turning 12 years old on a dead subject, but hey....
  • Falcovsleon20
    Not really. Hell Spoony may be funny but he's unfortunately an egotistical elitist and I think we're all better off without him.
  • Drain
    Your loss. His videos are hilarious.
  • PlayMp1
    Rap Critic.
    Todd in the Shadows.
    Angry Joe.
    Diamanda Hagan.

    Pick one. Archive binge. Go.
  • Gift of the Magi
    HELL NO!
    Not my subject.
    Most of the time, but caught up.
    Didn't like her at first, but now one of my favs.
  • Thefoxyfox
    Soo.. do I get that right? Demo reel is actually new coke, and NC is the new/old coke classic? Brilliant! :D
  • Morphiend  - I came.
    Orgasm much?, Hey doug, sorry to hear ur back at this man.. well, unless u like it. but hey, we all love it. and we all love you.
  • Sizer714
    Love the beginning. TNG's Remember Me.
  • venkarl
    Yes, I was thinking the same thing! Glad I'm not the only one who sees everything through a TNG-tinted lens.
  • Neverpleased
    So Demoreel failed hu?

    Can't say I didn't see it coming.

    It was a good idea, but it required ALLOT more planning, writing and basically it could not be successful on 2 ads per viewing.

    Though it's worst problem was that it didn't build around the parody remake thing. It pretty much slapped 2 movies together and then built in jokes.

    Though I do say the Blairwitch one was probably the best it got, especially thanks to our lovable completely harmless cameraman.... Klaus? Or was it Hans?
  • DamonLightbringer  - Uhhhh...
    Um, there were 4 episodes before the fans "outrage" shit-canned the project?! Can we say Fox mentality. Also, "could not be successful on 2 ads per viewing." Two 30 second ads for 20 to 30 minutes of free entertainment. Can we say 1st world problems, much?
  • jz1337
    Or you know...lack of viewership
  • RustyCoffinNail  - :D
    Give the fans what they want and we want NC :D
  • Bloodrealm
    Wow, that's a really selfish, asshole-ish thing to say. All of the contributors on the site do what they do because THEY want to, not because YOU tell them to.
  • trlkly
    It's not that simple. If they had no desire to share with others, they wouldn't need to make a show. You have to love people to do this sort of thing. If you do it for yourself, you'll burn out entirely. You need the energy of your fans.

    Besides, Doug would be just as selfish if he did everything only for himself.

    And, seriously, learn what a figure of speech is.
  • Gregdawg
    I love your other work too Doug, but I'm really happy to see you're bringing the Critic back as well. Awesome news!

    Here's to more Big Lipped Alligator Moments, Sparkle Sparkle Sparkles, Not Pop Tarts, Bat Credit Cards, etc!
  • X-kaliber
    I've got to admit, I laughed more in the first 12 minutes of this than during the entirety of Demo Reel.

    I'd still like to see if Demo Reel turns out to be something greater after it's had more time... but this is just clearly tried, tested and natural for Doug.

    Long live the Nostalgia Critic.
  • bigtakilla
    Same, Well partially. I would just say in between NC episodes work on a new project. Demo Reel just felt insincere, like the actors didn't entirely connect with those roles. It felt scripted and lines felt delivered, but never rose above that. It's not that I hated it, I (same as the actors) just didn't connect with the material.
  • TheClonesLegacy  - Demo Reel Ends, Nostalgia Critic Begins...again.
    I actually didn't mind Demo Reel, the idea was very good, and the characters were likeable. But NC was better.
    So a Nostalgia critic with no cut-off dates? almost everything is fair game? I look forward to see how that plays out.
    It's good to have you back Nostalgia Critic.
  • Sean Strife
    Yeah, that means he can review Jersey Shore.

    And don't tell me you plebs wouldn't sit there and laugh at Doug poking fun as degrading stereotypes of Italians and people from New Jersey.
  • Impallica67
    I'm glad you're bringing the Nostalgia Critic back :) It was good you had a break from it and I don't blame you for trying new things but I do admit, I really missed watching and waiting for new episodes, good to see him back :)
  • KapteeniKosmos
    i just cried a little :) good to see the NC back
  • Brandan
    you're not alone in the crying department, friend
  • rhap-panda
    Can't say that I'm going to miss Demo Reel because kind of sucked. D: I know I can't be the only person with that opinion either. Super excited to see what the new ground rules bring to the show and I'm even more excited to see the Nostalgia Critic coming back!
  • Animeniak  - I'm cool with this
    Wow... well... I guess that video says it all. Be careful though. Every two weeks may even be too soon. Repetition and routine leads to ruts, or as you call it burnouts. This time don't be afraid to take a little time off every once in a while.

    And here I had just gotten over the Nostalgia Critic's death too.
  • GrenMonk2
    I'm glad you did this video to show that this was your choice, not just fan pandering. The acting, the tense atmosphere, the drama, the all felt so natural! And I don't think anyone hear doesn't want you to try new projects, so do those when you can.

    Welcome back, sir. And make sure Rachel Tietz, Malcolm Ray and Jim Jarosz get more work on the site! They've got serious potential!
  • hollychristine
    Jim Jarosz has been with us for quite a while. He's probably more commonly known as the Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle guy.
  • hiruma.yoichi
    Is Rachel a critic ? i like her acting but i don't really see what she would do on the site if it's not critics, comedy maybe ?
  • Nefertina
    Welcome back :) It's good to see you again :D
    Watching old NC episodes is allways fun... but I missed the time I was waiting on a new one :)
    I think you make a good choice and you make many of your fans happy :) Im happy like crazy :)
  • TheAwesomeTRex  - Oh yeah!
    Now that is an awesome piece of filming right there!
  • wedge  - Wow
    "This is the stuff of genius! Right Bum!?"
    *a message comming from some forgoten realms*

    Anyway I totaly agree: this is realy, realy good!
  • vonyarthur
    I totally agree! That was awesome! Worthy of the channel! It was touching and heart-warming!
  • Slick_richie
    i knew you would cave in to peer pressure.
    i think everyone would agree (except those who dont) i think you made the right choice this time. we missed the nostalgia critic ... ell i did anyway.
  • Jwalker  - Your wrong
    You got it wrong Slick. It's just as Doug said in the video, he is doing not because you and the fans want it....He is doing it because HE wants it.
  • 80sGuy  - OMG
    OMG PLEASE!!! Doug, I know you said you didn't want the NC to "wear out his welcome", to end on a good note, but you can't wear out the welcome if we all still welcome the NC into our hearts as our Nostalgic Lord and Savior!!
  • SteveJones313
    And so it begins, the second Chapter. This is going to be good.
  • Stepfan
    I feel bad for the people involved with Demo Reel. They were fun and I actually liked it. Especially the girl. But I still stand by what I said when he stopped doing NC.

    If he wants to, he should do it. If he doesn't want to he shouldn't.

    But I've never been a fan of the Nostalgia Critic, I'm a bigger fan of other reviewers on this site. Linkara, Diamanda Hagan, Obscuros Lupa, and Nostalgia Chick are whom I come to watch on this show(lately I've added Maven to that list).

    I just hope he isn't doing this for other people and I hope the demo reel guys didn't just get screwed.
  • TheProgboy
    I'm in the same pool as you, my friend.
  • Hybrid2
    Yeah.NC was never my favorite on the site.
    I do fell like there's been less videos lately.
    I mostly blamed it on the holydays and magfest.
    I realy hope it pick up now.
  • WesleyFoxx
    Personally, I'd love to see them start their own, seperate videos. Especially if that means we get more of Rob, Karl or otherwise.
  • Katojana
    Rob is a Dinosaur! Rawr!

  • AlphaMail
    If you're not a fan then why are you commenting on his video.

    It's like you're commenting just to tell him you don't like him.

    I'm not a fan of all the shows on this sight but I don't go to their videos just to tell them I like the others better, that's just being an asshole.
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