The Top 11 Nostalgia Critic Episodes

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  • TheLaughingFish
    I hate to do this... but... hey, I'm the first one to comment on the final NC video. :)

    11. I liked that you took on a film so many people love and picked it apart. You dared to deviate and it's really a bit more of a constructive (and funny) review for it. And it brought attention to the real guy.

    10. Oh yes! This actually was one of my faves too because Animaniacs was such a huge favorite show of mine... I found it really fascinating.

    9. This review made me want to go watch the original. I still haven't gotten around to it. I really, really should for Halloween.

    8. I never saw North either, but your review on it did make me question just what that film was thinking. Why do films think they HAVE to be mean-spirited to be funny?

    7. It was just so sad seeing such a brilliant film like Neverending Story have a terrible sequel, and then an even more terrible sequel. And you're right - it just got more and more bizarre with each sequel, and seeing that was fascinating.

    6. Oh God, that film. I knew about the one animated Titanic film, but this review was the first I heard of this other one. Maybe that was for the best. But it was just so insanely bizarre it stops being frustrating and started being stupidly funny.

    5. Oh. Yes. I LOVED the commercial specials, those were just so unique and awesome to see because they were very nostalgic, but still very different. I do hope you look at more of these types of things in the future because it was still really funny and cool.
  • TheLaughingFish
    4. A Simple Wish. Oh man, this one hit me so hard because it was a good-bad film I remember watching a lot as a kid. Just... wow. I freaking loved that episode and this is on my top faves too. And yes, Mara Wilson was awesome in this, that was such a fun joke and you guys played off of each other so well.

    3. This review is also on my favorites list. I never really liked Tom and Jerry shorts as a kid, maybe because I always thought Jerry deserved it, the little bastard, but damn was it fun seeing you rip on a terrible film about T&J. They're still comedy gold even if they aren't my favorite, and seeing you rip into this film that basically just crapped all over those shorts. It was great.

    2. Oh yeah, the Casper review. Another one that really hit my nostalgia bone, and the friggin' Casper jokes... they just NEVER GOT OLD for me. Especially "TIMING! XD". The chase at the end was awesome. And the jokes were hysterical. *tries to grab Casper* "suck it suck it suck it suck it suck it!"

    1. Hell. Yes. Moulin Rouge was just the best, funniest review, and the musical thing... That was a fun review, and yes, definitely another favorite of mine. Plus the Guilty Pleasures song is just so awesomely catchy.
  • morius

    Not really a Nostalgia Critic video per se, the last one is Scooby Doo (I doubt these vids and commentaries count)
  • Semirasblossom
    you obviously didnt watch to boldy flee
  • Camunt  - We Don't Talk About Sonic Underground
    Well, congratulations. :P

    My personal favorite is the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode. I personally found that to be his best because Doug played off of the insanity and stupidity of the original cartoon so well, and then lauded Sonic SatAM like is deserved to be. Of course, both Sonic cartoons were my favorites as a young lad, so I'm probably a little biased there.

    That said, these were all fine selections for top episodes, even if I didn't personally find all of them to be particularly hilarious.
  • IntFam
    Y'know what? Fuck it. It's okay to call first if you contribute as much as you did here.

    What I hate is the people who waste the top comment spot by saying "first" and then pretending they watched the video by pitching a compliment or saying "ZOMG IM SO EXCITED LAWL"
  • Drain
    I'm sure going to miss this show. I've followed it since 2008. I loved the sketches, jokes, flash parodies, and even the butthurt losers defending the movies in the comments against the critic and/or me. Good times. They never ceased to entertain or crack me up year after year. I love watching Doug tear up bad movies on a regular basis. As I followed the show he continued to hit even more bad movies I remembered seeing; so it was always interesting. I can't remember the first episode I watched(it was a very early career one late 2008), but we had a good long run.

    But I guess Doug and Rob decided that it is time to move on and set their goals on something bigger. I hope whatever they have planned for us will be worth the Critic getting sacced. But knowing them, it will be.
  • Arete
    I had a feeling your number one would be Moulin Rouge. Even if I can't say it was my favorite, it jumped out immediately as the best. It was a great review.

    The hardest laugh I think I've ever gotten from a NC review was Duck Tits from Howard the Duck.

    Duck tits, woo-hoo!

    I can't hear that song anymore without hearing those lyrics.
  • RedFox0008
    Neither can I!

    It will never leave IT WILL NEVER LEAVE!

    Ducktits, Whoo-hoo~!
  • AoriRyuujin  - Thank you
    I have been watching the NC for most of it's life and I have to say thank you; you have made me laugh in times of dispair and cry on my times of joy. You have been a part of my life for years, time I will never forget. Thank you Doug, I look forward to your future projects.
    Sincerely and with much love;
    Antonio Guardado, your fan for life.
  • The_Masked_Donut
    Great list, here's some of my favourites you didn't list in no chronological order:

    Saved by the Bell: I never watched it actually, but it seems like I did, and I thought you just did a damn good job with it. Also, it has Vanilla Ice's bitch.

    Surf Ninjas: And to think some people think you're negative. It just goes to show how funny an intensely positive review can be.

    Godzilla: This was probably the first NC video I saw on , and it obviously kept me coming back. That's a lotta fish is good, but I always prefferred the idea of Godzilla easily hiding in New York.

    Good Burger: For a while, I thought this was the worst movie you ever reviewed. Granted, it got upstaged later on obviously, but it was fun to see you tear into it after praising Nickelodian for a month.

    Ferngully: You're first crossover is still my favourite [narrowly edging out Alone in the Dark]. You and the Chick had really good chemistry, it's no wonder they tried getting you too to dater afterwards.

    A Kid in King Arthur's Court: I just remember deciding to watch this review before going to class in the morning, and it was so funny that it made my day.

    The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: There's a reason they wanted you to review more sonic shows. Because this review was just that funny, and they wanted more.

    Cool as Ice: I'm a bit surprised this didn't make your list. Well, it was prime for riffing, and you riffed it well. ["Go dumbass, go dumbass GO!!"]

    Siskel and Ebert Tribute: Just a damn good tribute to two of the best there ever was/were. No wonder Ebert tweeted it.

    The Care Bears movie: Great review, but it has one of my favourite lines from you: "TASTE THE RAINBOW MOTHERFUCKER!"

    The Pound Puppies movie: I know you said this was a turning point where you thought you needed to change direction with the NC reviews, but for what it's worth, I found it hilarious.

    Airbourne: I gotta say, this review was pretty funny. FUNNY TO THE EXTREME!!!

    And finally, your top 11 Simpsons episodes, not just because you talk about one of the best shows ever, but I really love your breakdown on "Bart gets an F", an episode I never even paid that much attention to.

    Well, I've been saying this on your videos a lot lately, but it bears repeating: you've been providing an abundance of laughs to me for the past 4 years, and I've enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you for all your hard work, and I look forward to what's in store next.
  • Semudara
    I enjoyed the Ferngully review a lot, even though I actually really like the movie. And of course, it was the first appearance of the BLAM (Big-Lipped Alligator Moment) gag in a Nostalgia Critic video!
  • dragonfly_dust
    Nostalgia Critic had a good run...tho it would be NICE if you bring the character back to life when you're doing convention panels...

    ...just a thought...please???
  • Gaiash
    Well he is a plot hole. Him being at a convention when he's meant to be dead is very plot holeish.
  • DylanS
    The Nostalgia Critic appearing at conventions is simply Doug imitating the character.
  • PurpleTiger
    Killing the mood there a little, Dylan. Let's bring the reality train to a stop and let people have their fun.
  • cvrpapc
    Amen. It would be nice if Doug came ~back~ to NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY metro area for a con. We have Comiccon in OCTOBER. It would be fucken epic if TGWTG team was there - and maybe NC cameo?

    NJ loves you Doug! Come visit our polluted state run by a fat republican megalomaniac - you won't regret it!
  • morphman86
    Well, he did say in the video update a few days ago that NC is NOT dead, he's just not the main focus any more. He's been pushed back a bit, like TGWTG and Bum.
    This is the second time that he switches the main focus, when the site first launched it was That Guy With The Glasses that was the main focus (hence the name) and then NC got popular and now NC have had a good run so it's time to slow down a bit before he starts to stale.

    Looking forward to the new show!
  • Jahavad
    yeah i just found out today that you retired the nostalgia critic (explains why no new ones in a month)...I actually did cry a bit.
  • MrTARDIS  - Update?
    I totally agree with number 1. But the Sonic review is one of my personal favourites :)

    In your "No More Nostalgia Critic?" video, it said underneath it that Michaud would be giving us an update on Monday of next week. Monday of next week has come and gone. Is there still going to be that update? :)

    I'm looking out to see if you're gonna be hiring for the site.
  • Sgt. Swatter
    Well you know what this means... ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!
  • Lukaspink  - Love you
    Hey hey hey... NC... I love you.
  • Hallie Slidepath
    Oh man, Patch Addams and The Haunting were definitely some of my favorites with the Nostalgia Critic. I can't even remember how many times I've watched the "The Haunting" one. I've always disliked the re-make so much, but with Nostalgia Critic I could laugh rather rage when seeing it.
  • ProgenyOfWinter  - Gonna miss the bitching
    Wow. Guess I was the last one to hear that NC's been retired. While I think it's a shame, I can imagine how it would get difficult after so much time has passed to constantly keep up that momentum. NC was definitely the reason I came around here, but I hope you keep coming out with new material. I'll always remember the Critic. Well done, Mr. Walker and Mr. Walker, and everyone else who participated. Good luck in your future endeavours!
  • Papallion
    I, for one, love a good running gag, so long as you're smart enough to use it prop-TIMING!
  • Omen11  - ?
    didn't even know that he reviewed north!
  • richtv
    This was great, and I agree with almost all of your choices. So glad that the commercial specials were on here, honestly I think some of you best jokes came from those. FUCKING BUBBLES!!! Moulin Rouge would not have been my favorite, that's a little to special and unique to be counted in a list of ordinary episodes. Not saying its bad, far from it, just that it belongs in its own special place because it so unique. My favorite review is Independence Day. Not just because its hilarious, but because it was the first one I ever saw. WHAT ABOUT BOOMER??? Sorry, couldn't resist. I agree with you about Batman & Robin btw, it is a little overrated. As for A Simple Wish, that was a classic what more is there to say? Off topic, I was wondering if you would release the other dvd episodes on the site anytime? I realize its starting to be a cliche, but thanks again for all the laughter and memories.
  • EternityEyes
    I'll always have a special place in my heart for the Moulin Rouge review. Not only was it one of the best reviews I've ever seen on the site (if not THE best), but it also came out on my birthday, which just made it one of the greatest birthdays of my life. :) Thanks, Doug!
  • PopCultureOtaku
    Christmas special one was. Sad now that show over not going be able to look forward to new christmas reviews this year. :(
    Animaics episodes was really fun.
    It's funny the second titanic one is on list but first one review is the that got me into the site.
    Simple wish's mara wilson cameo was awesome. :)
    Moulin rogue is great because of shows all the great singing talent on the sight.
  • ThatOtherZ
    I think To Boldly Flee redeemed NC. Since it shows that without you, there would be no reviewers like you.
  • Shanetefilmmaker
    My personal favorite was not exactly a NC one, but was along the lines of the same theme: Kyle Hebert is an A**hole. Every skit and NC special I see I kept hoping that Hebert would pop out of nowhere to annoy NC, or Doug, hell even go after Ask that Guy and Chester A. Bum as well.
  • PopCultureOtaku
    Oh man I forget about that myself. That was awesome. As a matter of fact I had thought of buying volume 3 of Best Of TGWTG earlier this year before convention I was going to he was guest at. Since That is on the disc. I just thought it would be funny but never did. I missed a couple of chances to ask him about how came about everything at the con though.
  • AngelFeathers  - Don't Go!
    Seriously you are so popular as the critic and there are so many other movies you could review and Raiders of the Lost Story Arc and Old vs New it seems like such a shame to stop now. I understand you'd like to do your new show but can't their be a compromise? Like maybe once a month do an NC review or even every other week? Or maybe even just do Old vs New or Raiders?

    My favorite review of yours was your Neverending Story 3 review. It made me feel so good to see that dvd get destroyed...
  • Semudara
    I also hope he'll feel free to do new NC specials if he ever feels like it. But I think he needs to stop cold turkey for at least a long while, so that people won't EXPECT them or something.
  • Sliced Ice
    I will agree that Moulin Rouge was your best review. It had songs and cameos. And Brentalfloss!

    I think you wrapped up the character arc of the NC nicely. Although it is always sad to end one story, people forget.

    It means another new and great story is coming. :D
  • MissPrettyKitty  - :(
    I am so going to miss N.C. But my fav was not on his list. I remember him saying in a commentary that one of his WORST reviews, well it was/is one of my Top 5 favs. But I still love all the reviews, even his top 11 favs. RIP N.C.
  • glaurungthegold
    This is a sad day... The last nastagacritic related episode that wont be a cross over... Yet happy because we get to know the Doug's favorite reviews.
  • Torugu
    Surprised to see a bunch that were my favorites as well. Of course I have others that weren't on the list, but we all have our favorites.

    The Haunting: I'm going to make a mission to see the original and see all the elements that the remake missed in making the film. And is it weird that I think Owen Wilson's "really creepy" line should be a meme?

    The Neverending Story III: This movie is painful to sit through and although I can't appreciate the original film as much as you do Doug, it was at least a decent family film with an interesting premise. I don't want to pester you with saying this, but have you gotten the chance to actually read the book? The fantasy concept really goes into depth and provides so much more than being a tale of using imagination to keep the world alive. It's one of my all time favorite books and I always keep coming back to it.

    I could go on about the ones on the list that made it, now I'll mention some of the ones I like, but were not included.

    Ferngully: I enjoyed this movie as a kid and I have a guilty pleasure now as an adult. Being the first cross-over review, a lot of funny jokes were put in with both sides contributing. But of course it leads to the awesome 'Big Lipped Alligator Moment!'

    The Thief and the Cobbler: The history of the film fascinates me and it's really sad to see what could have been a great movie, but results in a cheap botched up delivery. I mean look at the animation and the designs of the backgrounds and then have pointless mono logging from characters that are supposed to stay silent! My favorite joke is the crappy pop ballad song 'I Heart Love', kills me every time! XD

    Pokemon the First Movie and Digimon the Movie: I grew up with both these shows and seeing the movies again, yes they are not good movies and are basically cash grabs for their franchises, but these reviews brought me back good memories of the first anime series I enjoyed.

    Wow that's the longest I written, like I said I could go on, but there is so much more than what I can say alone.
  • Semudara
    Oh c'mon, don't compare the Pokemon Movie to THAT abomination. Admittedly, localization was not particularly kind to either one (or four, technically), but I think Pokemon the Movie still turned out alright, at least for the little kid that I was when I originally saw it.

    Of course, it still doesn't hold a candle to Pokemon the Movie 2000: The Power of One. That movie is freakin' AWESOME, and I can't wait for Suede to finally review it. ^_^
  • Moreno X
    I'm happy you pick your favorite NC episodes Doug, so now here's my favorite NC episodes:

    11. Top 11 PSAs - Believe it or not Doug, I used this video for my college presentation about television's influence on children and my teacher (and class) was cool with it to have it played and, in the end, I passed! So thank you for this episode.

    10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movies (live action) - I love the first two films and the third can rot into pieces. Nuff said.

    9. Space Jam - Doug, this video had me LOL hard in spite that this film is the one I saw in theaters and, to this day, I love it. Guilty pleasure :D

    8. The videos of Nickelodeon Month - Who didn't grew up with the first nicktoons? Rugrats and Ahh! Real Monsters are my favorites to watch, and I'm not a fan of Doug (personally Disney's Recess was better than Doug).

    7. Blank Check - I kinda like when you're calm throughout the video till you unleash it in the end.

    6. Tie for Saved By The Bell and Full House - As much I'll adore SBTB, Full House was the show I hated it, even as a little kid when it was around. Why was it popular is the question I'll never know. Back then, I prefer Family Matters and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    5. Cool as Ice - It was fun to watch you make fun at him.

    4. The NC Commercials Trilogy - If only commercials today were like back in the 80s and 90s.

    3. NC and Nerd: TMNT Coming Out Our Shells Tour - I wonder if we ever get another weird tour featuring characters playing rock and roll.

    2. All the Old vs New Episodes - It helps to tell which one is superior or if both can be great together.  

    1. Tie for Digimon: The Movie and Pokemon: The First Movie - Long before I'd register to be a member of this site, I saw you did Pokemon and I love the review of it, even a Pokemon fan can have LOLs for once. I was hyping if you will do it for Digimon and you did with JO. With both reviewed by you, I say it's enough for me to know my favorite internet performer made fun of my favorite films and I say you did well to make me laugh at my lovable films.

    Doug, I've posted many times and I'll posted again here: it was a blast and engaging to tune in your NC videos every Tues/Weds night to see what will you review. I'll greatly miss the show and I'll see what Demo Reel is you have in store for us.
  • LordDico  - Top 11 reactions
    #11: Yeah, i'm one of the few who liked the movie, but still found your review great.
    #10: Definitely fantastic.
    #9: That the ONLY Liam Neeson flick I refused to watch.
    #8: North was the first review that I got introduced to you, so that gets good praise.
    #7: I think it speaks for itself. I still remember from the commentary, you missed an "over the shoulder, boulder holder" joke, but aside from that, still good.
    #6: Whales, prison sharks, talking dolphins and mice, a puppy faced octopus, and a stupid false death...need we say more?
    #5: We all loved commercials as kids...
    #4: Now we know what Mara looks like after all this time.
    #3: Pretty classic review
    #2: Timing!
    #1: Music! Music!! MUSIC!!
  • queenofthecastle
    Great list!

    I haven't seen all of these reviews, but I absolutely loved #11 and #5.

    #1 that movie seems to be taking over all of my fandoms. I haven't watched the review yet, but I will once I've seen the actual movie!

    And as for more videos like this n the future, I would just love to see a list of the top 11 top 11 lists. :p
  • jeshnyx
    Doug you have been a gifted talent to us all. I am sure you will continue with your future projects with pride and give it all you got!
  • nathanisbored
    Moulin Rouge and Casper were my two favorites as well! Obviously Moulin Rouge is great in terms of production and in terms of enjoyment, and even the movie choice. And the cameos and songs. Ugh, it was just perfect. Kinda wonder if the size of its production kinda automatically weighs it at the top though... Well, it still deserves it. I think the only NC episode I have not fully watched at least once was Let's Play Bart's nightmare. I started watching you in 2008, but around early 2011 I kinda got bored and stopped watching until like two months ago. I have no idea why I left, I guess the fun was sorta wearing off from watching every week, but when I came back it was funny again. I even went back and watched all the episodes I missed. Well I was gone, I remember hearing about your LP of Bart's Nightmare from Retsuprae, and I went to check it out out of curiosity, but it sorta hurt to watch. All the reactions felt forced and the humor wasn't really there, and there wasn't much to talk about. I still haven't finished it. Then I one day started seeing NC in my recommended section on Youtube, and I remembered you, and went to watch some of the old episodes I liked. Pretty soon I was spending all day watching NC on Youtube, and eventually I wanted to watch a new one so I came back to the site and started catching myself up. Little did I know the whole series would be ending in two months, but I was getting hyped by the To Boldly Flee trailers.

    One thing I want to bring up is when I was catching up on episodes I missed, I found "Once Upon a Forest" and the scene where the toxic gas filled the forest and killed the badger's parents is actually probably one of my earliest memories. And I think it also gave me nightmares when I was little. I would never have remembered that if not for that review. I remember becoming obsessed with cartoons featuring cute furry animals for a phase when I was like 3-4.

    Wow, I'm venting too much and it's hardly even relevant to anything anymore. Sorry. But I imagine most people's comments on this video will be long, so whatever.
  • Fantagonist
    I so knew Haunting was going to be there. Great work with that one, and it really is that bad. Also, the commercial episodes, loved those. And Moulin Rouge, naturally.

    Personally I have a very place in my heart for the Dungeons&Dragons review, because it was the first one I saw from you (thus, the reason I ended up on the site) and because I still think it's freakin hilarious. Overracting vs. underracting, never gets old.

    Good luck with your new show!
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