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  • trlkly
    No, those of us not thinking it was the last episode thought that because of one thing: You didn't announce it, and it doesn't fucking make sense.

    It's also an mean thing to do. Rather than, you know, make a post about it and talk about how hard it is for you to do or something, you make a big special about it where you celebrate no longer doing it.

    It's not even like it's remotely hard for you to do: you showed us that in the making of video--it requires very little actual work on your part. You work 16 hour weeks at most. But, oh noes, it's too taxing on you to do. It's too taxing for you to keep the one institution that founded this site up. You couldn't even, you know, change the frequency or anything.

    To think I went around telling people that you hadn't really quit. Surely this was all just some big setup where you would come back on the DVD. I just couldn't imagine you'd actually do this.

    And, yes, I'm being reserved here, since I don't want my comment deleted. This to me is where you officially announced stopping Nostalgia Critic videos, so that's where this post goes.
  • RedFox0008
    I figured out it was the last episode, rather quickly. It made perfect sense. It was the perfect way to end the show. After watching that episode, I thought to myself "huh, so NC is over. Well, that was a good way to go. A ST:NG reference."

    Also, I figured the Nostalgia Critic was coming to an end from the To Boldly Flee trailers.

    This was the best way to end the show.

    Also, the several crossovers gave it away too.
  • Johnny boy
    I thought it was the last episode and I told my friend, but he didn't believe me... WHY DIDN'T HE BELIEVE ME!

    Also,Rob, you are wrong. The best Scooby-Doo parody was in The Venture Bros.
  • navvyshanekar
    Bzzzzzz!!! wrong!!! The best Scooby Doo parody is the episode of South Park where Korn visit town.
  • OldAndNew
    yes. yes it is.
  • ladydiskette
    I was surprised that his last video was going to be "Scooby Doo" actually. I figured it would have been something like one of the more notorious requests like "Matilda" to be honest.
  • Evil King  - What is WRONG with you?
    I didn't think it was really over either. Well...I wasn't sure. I have never watched much of any Star Trek either so the reference went over my head. The episode DID feel like a "The End," however. Even to me. I waited before assuming, also going around and saying I didn't think it was the end. I watched his update video and I accepted it with no problem. So should you.

    I will stand with many other fans and support Doug and Rob in their new aspirations for the future. Time is a moving, winding path and all things time. As time moves hearts will mend and so will non-fatal injuries/diseases. Rivers change their path, mountains grow and crumble, governments collapse, all this and more changes. Doug has given us 250 episodes. So let's stand up tall wish him luck. On his new path in life.

    Will you stand with the rest of us? Content?
  • The Dubya  - More trlkly bashing
    .....yeah, CLEARLY you haven't the FIRST clue of ANY kind of video production in the slightest. Because if you think it takes just 16 hours to do lengthy videos chock full of stuff like these, WEEKLY no less (approx. 45-50 videos a year depending on when he takes a week or two off), and that's not even counting the additional Bum Reviews and Doug reviews (in which he has to take time out of his work schedule to go see said movies and write/film for the Bum) and all the other characters and cameos he does, and STILL not counting all the damn cons he attends to that he occasionally includes in reviews, which aren't easy-peasy to just "do"....ANNNNNNNND STILLLLLLL not counting the feature length Anniversary specials...all on a fairly micro budget by basically just 2 dudes.

    I think it's safe to say that you're underestimate Doug's workload JUSSST a wee bit. It's a damn near miracle he didn't burn out SOONER.

    So shut the fuck up and don't speak again until you have even the faintest idea of what you're talking about.

    I'm always the one to say this: You can hate every single solitary frame about the final product and how he decided to end the show, that's not what bothers me. But to say that there's no work involved in making even REMOTELY polished videos like these is a completely insulting and unfathomably stupid thing to say. You can at least TRY to have a basic understanding of what you're watching before you attempt to make criticisms of it.

    And it's not even me saying "Oh you gotta do it to understand." It's me saying "Don't pull ass backwards retarded bullshit from your ass and expect anyone to take your commentary about something you don't understand seriously." You might as well call Stephen Hawking a lazy ass for chillin in his wheelchair looking at stars all day.
  • Haon
    Incredible. You said it better than I ever could. If I could subscribe to you on this site, Dubya, I would.
  • MaskedGuy  - Huh
    Lots of replies to you trlkly that you probably just skip if you check comment section again :p

    But yeah, I'll say what others said again for emphasis: Doug ended NC because it was getting stale and they didn't want to run it down to ground completely. So they wanted to end the show on high note.

    Also, yeah, I was unsure about whether this is final episode or psyche, but it certainly felt like it along with To Boldly Flee.

    Also yeah, little effort? Dude seriously? You need to edit clips, edit sounds, act, write script, take few shots and choose what is best one, etc... You really think its that easy?
  • Dore
    So, what. Doug owes you something? He owes you nor anyone else anything at all. He made over 4 years of awesome NC stuff, ALL FOR FREE and now he's moving on. Deal with it. You sound like a toddler not getting his way, kicking and screaming and yelling "NOT FAIR! WANNA CANDY BAR! WAAAAAHHHH". Does it suck that there will be no more new NC stuff? Yes. Am I going to miss my Wednesday fix? Yes. BUT, there's more awesome in the wings, and I'm sure a little crybaby like you will probably complain and whine about that stuff, too.

    My point? Cry some moar. Nobody cares about the opinion of a 3 year old troll holding his breath 'cause Doug didn't buy him a toy.
  • DJ Pon-3  - I love fans like this.
    If you paid attention, you would have seen that Doug posted a video explaining why he was ending the NC. Stop being such a butthurt asshole and deal with it. It's not about you want, it's about what Doug wants.

    In other words: Quit your bitching you goddamn turkey.
  • BossPanzer
    You clearly don't know what you're talking about trlkly and you didn't pay any attention to Doug's Twitter and Facebook. Next time if you want to say something pointless just shut it.
  • Mizu Takishima
    If you look back, NC was doing a TON of cameo's before this episode came out. Gee I wonder why? Its almost like its their last chance to get a cameo with the character or something.

    Granted I only noticed that in hind-sight, but its not like there were zero signs.

    Heck, that big freak out in the beginning, plus the card ending, it should have been enough to make you a LITTLE suspicious.

    I feel your pain, but the way you're wording your hurt is quite disrespectful imo.
  • RedFox0008
    lol... I actually made a comment on the total Recall review replying to someone bitching about all the cameos, telling him there was a reason for them. I knew that NC was coming to a close from the first trailer of To Boldly Flee. The cameos just jumped out as yet another sign that NC would end with the Anniversary video.
  • J-Scrilla  - Yeah
    Shut up, kid
  • ladydiskette
    "Shut up kid"

    Here comes The Thinkamaannnnnnnn!

    lol, sorry I couldn't help myself XD
  • agrippa911
    Oh boo freaking hoo. I never watched TNG and even I got the reference to the final episode.

    Doug & Rob have been doing the NC for quite some time and it had to end somewhere. I'd rather it go out now at its peak than watch a slow degeneration.

    You seem more butthurt because you were proved wrong. Getting a "we're ending this now" notice would have spoiled this review along with TBF.
  • flamingoman
    It wasn't a celebration of quitting the Critic, the film was a pretty decent well written mildly emotional roller coaster about the end of the sites biggest character. Plus the character was getting stale, his schtick was losing its charm and Doug felt it right to hang up the coat and tie and pursue other aspirations.

    As others have said you obviously don't know a thing about video production. Since it's been delved into already I'll just leave it at that.

    Another thing is, we don't know what his newer shows are going to be like and from the sound of it I'm pretty sure that he's going to have to actually work even harder to basically keep up what sounds like a movie based sitcom. So no he isn't quitting cause it's "too hard for him." Go watch the End of Nostalgia Critic? video cause you obviously haven't.
  • Lotus Prince
    To Boldly Flee was announced as "the end" of an era, and this was the last NC episode before the movie, so you can kind of make the connection. To be fair, though, not everyone knew that TBF would be the end of the Critic character.

    "It's also an mean thing to do. Rather than, you know, make a post about it and talk about how hard it is for you to do or something, you make a big special about it where you celebrate no longer doing it. "

    Not sure if trolling.

    "It's not even like it's remotely hard for you to do: you showed us that in the making of video--it requires very little actual work on your part. You work 16 hour weeks at most. But, oh noes, it's too taxing on you to do. It's too taxing for you to keep the one institution that founded this site up. You couldn't even, you know, change the frequency or anything."

    Okay, okay, it's trolling. Sorry I said anything.
  • Ronny  - Come now
    There's no need to be so personally affronted. It is clear that Mr. Walker is a highly creative individual. And for such people, stagnation is like cancer, getting into a comfort zone and resting on your laurels is simply not an option.

    I for one welcome his decision to end the series and am truly excited to see what Demo Reel brings, it's always been a real inspiration to see how someone started with a mere internet show and wound up with hundreds of fans and, now, his own studio.

    I will assume that you enjoy Mr. Walker's work, so may I suggest that you try to see this from a different angle? It seems sad that someone should be filled with such bitterness when a person they respect is merely trying to challenge themselves and give their audience new experiences and memories.

    Basically, enjoy the ride and be happy that he was able to end this series with people still wanting more, as opposed to milking it dry and leaving behind a diminished fanbase who had grown weary of him.

    He has the right to follow his dreams and ambitions just as any of us do.
  • The FanFic Critic
    Oh my god, dude! GET OVER IT! It wasn't a "mean thing to do". It was the RIGHT thing to do seeing "To Boldly Flee" was supposed to be the official ending! You're taking this so personally!
  • Barr
  • Mr.Anderssson
    The way this episode started and ended made it pretty clear to me that there was at least some finality coming to Nostalgia Critic, even if I didn't know this would be the last episode. The fact that the character was finally starting to show some maturity and positive relationships meant his story arc would be concluded eventually.

    Also, even if you comment was reserved, I still think it was still overreacting. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and tell you the next thing after NC is going to have more production value, since they bought a studio and all. He's not abandoning anything, just that the character is finished.
  • Evamarie41
    This is called "taking stuff WAY too personally". Dude, it's not about you. Do you want him to come on here and cry his eyes out or something?

    Also, do you know how many hours he puts in each week? Do you watch him?

    If he wants to retire his character, then well he gets to retire it. it's *his* character. He's not doing it to be mean. He's moving on. Maybe you should too.
  • Gigakoops
    Gonna join the mountain of replies.

    I am glad the Nostalgia Critic series ended. It's not that I didn't enjoy the series, but it was having that problem all shows have after a good run: it starts to run stale.

    Instead of doing what Spongebob and The Simpsons does, and keeps running until they've not only done everything, but did everything too many times, it is a good idea to end the show with a bang.

    Now I personally would have rather seen this done with another movie, because IMO Scooby Doo is far from the worst film he's reviewed (my personal preference for a finale would be that final animated Titanic film, but alas, 'twas never so), but it's still fitting here.

    And to say it takes no effort? Have you ever attempted something of this show's quality? It takes a lot more time than you think. It's a very similar process of doing a real film, which can take forever. This is a time consuming and difficult process.

    So you're upset that the show is over. Who isn't? But at least understand why and how before bitching about things you can't possibly understand without giving a shit.
  • JumpingGigawatt123
    My god man hes not dead forever plus its time to move on, although when i saw he was gonna end nc i was pretty upset too but hes got NEW shows to look forward to. Would you like to be doing the same thing every week when you're getting tired of it and even some fans are starting to enjoy them less and less.
  • SkitsAreStupid
    So when are we getting the Matilda review by the Nostalgia Critic that the fans prevented from happening.
  • Reaper00140  - Quit your bitching
    Seriously... All I'm hearing is you being butt-hurt about NC no longer being made. Yeah, it sucks that we won't be seeing any more of him, or rather any new reviews, but that doesn't mean you should start acting like a whiny little brat just because "he didn't give us a warning." The clues were everywhere, if you didn't pick up on it then that's your problem.
  • DarkenedWolfEye  - What's the matter with you?
    Did you even watch the video where he explained that the was discontinuing the Nostalgia Critic? Because you don't seem to have done so, or else you'd understand why he's doing this.
    It wasn't out of laziness, as you so cruelly suggested. It was out of common sense; the guys (meaning Doug, Rob, Ed and anyone else who worked with them on this show) felt that after 250 episodes, it would be nearly impossible to keep the Critic fresh and they didn't want to run the character into the ground. When you've done just about everything you can with a premise, you put it to bed and move on. Don't you realize that the Critic was going to get stale and unfunny if it went too long? Against all odds, they kept the premise of 'shout at a camera about not liking a thing' fresh and funny for almost five whole years. That alone is testament to their creativity.
    And it's not as though Doug will be doing any less work now that the Critic is gone; far from it. If you watch his video explanation, they've got big plans for future projects; in fact, I'd say they're going to be working harder than ever and making better material.
    So, no, it's not because Nostalgia Critic was 'too taxing', you ignorant, entitled little jerk.
    How is moving on to other projects 'mean' of him? Yes, he's very celebratory, and he explained why if you care to listen to him for five damn minutes. Your comment seemed to me that you were insulted at Doug not providing for you what you wanted for once in half a decade. Christ, man, what do you want from him?! He's a person, not your personal dancing monkey.
    You clearly have no respect for him as an artist. You're just an entitled brat who thinks that being an entertainer makes you a slave to your audience. The audience does not own the artist; the audience does not tell the artist what he can and cannot do; we're only here to either appreciate or dislike his creations, nothing more. He's not a prostitute, and I personally won't stand for your treating him like one.
    Here, this might clarify things: http:// /videolinks/ thatguywiththeglasses/ video-updates/36516-no- more-nostalgia-critic
  • Dorfus9
    Get a life and move on.
  • richardfps  - Fine then trlkly, you be the NC you selfish C*nt
    Actually, some of us sort of new it was the end because the last episode of the NC is basically the last episode of The Next Generation. So it was a bit obvious for all the Trekkies out there like me. Also, if your going to complain about the end of the Nostalgia critic, then please, cry me a f*cking river pal. The NC was going to have to stop some day like the Nolan Batman series. Every legend must come to conclusion, and the Scooby Doo episode was a damn good conclusion to NC and it was perfect.
  • GrenMonk2
    So, turns out it wasn't the last episode after all!
  • ShmenonPie  - Wow, what a douchey comment.
    It's not about being selfish or anything of the sort, Doug clearly explained that it's because he thinks the idea's run its course over 250 or so episodes, and I think he's completely right - it would be far worse if he just tread old ground and made videos that lacked originality, as there really is only so much you can do with this one concept. He's doing what's best for the other video producers on the site and the users, by stepping up his game again and making new and interesting content.

    Have you ever tried making videos? Even the crappy Let's Plays that I do take hours to create and edit, and that's nothing compared to the carefully scripted, choreographed, shot and edited videos that Doug puts out. "Very little effort" is only relative to something massive in scope like the utterly amazing 4th year special. It's nice that you think you can guess Doug's working hours though, I'm sure you as a random commenter can know his schedule innately.

    How about you just be grateful for the 250 episodes in existence that you can re-watch for free at any time, and stop being whiny and idiotic?
  • whatisthisidonteven  - Very little effort my arse
    He put much more effort than you think into it, and if you think you can do better, go do it.
  • Sylveria
    I didn't think it was the final episode. NC has done a lot of crazy stuff to end episodes before. And, having not seen Star Trek TNG at all, the joke was lost on me.

    It just doesn't feel like anything especially "climactic" to end on.
  • Semudara
    Exactly; it wasn't explicit, so it's understandable that many people wouldn't see this coming, and many more (like me) would be unsure if this was REALLY the end or just a way to unnerve us, a sort of prank.

    Still, the clues were there, and he at least gave us more warning than 2P Start!, or most shows for that matter.
  • the Comicthane  - incredibly rare opportunity
    I realise this may be the only time a comment I make is viewed. I leave you, the reader, with this small piece of advice... if someone offers you something free, take it.

    ... unless you are terrible.

    hey look it's 4:00
  • Semudara
    What if it's a ticking bomb? I think that deserves to be added to the list of exceptions.

    Or if it's a DVD of this movie. Not sure which would be worse. :P
  • Mothmouth
    It's too bad there won't be anymore Critic. I was interested in him reviewing the Hey Arnold! movie.

    Oh well. Maybe someone else could do that. And maybe Critic might do appearances in that new show Doug's doing. Hell, he could be apart of the main cast or something.
  • ace153
    Critic you decided to leave at just the right time and other than the movie you decided to review, it was a good way to end with the parody of TNG.

    For a while I thought you were going to go all Simpsons on us.
  • jordan1650  - See you later!
    I can't wait to see what the next/new series is going to be like! See you then Doug Walker!
  • rudy023
    Better to end something while it's still good than to go on and run a series into the ground the way shows like "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" have done!

    On the note of supernatural elements in Scooby Doo, I think the series "13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo" had real ghosts in it, but that was far removed from the original shows which were always the guy with the mask.
  • Evil King  - It's sad.
    It's sad to see Nostalgia Critic go, Doug. I haven't been watching these videos for all that long, but I'm okay with this. I've went back and have watched a lot of your old videos though. All things will come to an end.

    I will happily support you in your future endeavors. Good luck, Doug.
  • Sgt. Swatter
    The fact that this was the his last episode pretty much blindsided me, but I can see why he did it. Kinda wished for a greater send off, not counting the Boldly Flee ending.
  • Travoltron
    With regards to Scooby-Doo, I know for sure that real ghosts were featured on the show in the 1985 series, "The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo." And IIRC, there may have been real ghosts a year or two before that. The show was really running out of ideas at that point.

    That "fan service" scene you guys pointed out originally included a lesbian reference. At one point Velma and Daphne were forced to kiss in order to swap souls, and afterwards Velma was to indicate that she may have enjoyed it. The studio went ballistic and had the scene cut.
  • The Other Guy  - You're right...
    For some reason, I thought the Cartoon Network run films were released concurrently or just before the movie. I know they had ghosts and monsters. But that's still a modern phenomenon in the series -- which is my point. I'm pretty sure Classic "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?" (aired in 1969) did not have real ghosts. And I'm fairly certain the addition of real ghosts and monsters came years later... for instance, in 13 Ghosts.

    I forgot to mention 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo mostly because I don't consider it classic Scooby-Doo. First, it came out in the 80s, well after the original run of "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?" They dropped Velma and Fred and threw in way too much Scrappy. In desperation, they somehow also snagged Vincent Price... but not even that could save it. If anything, I consider it a spin-off series. And as a kid, I didn't like it all that much...

    The less I remember about that one, the better...

    -- Robert Walker, Channel Awesome
  • thefateshavewarned
    Great commentary. I actually checked and you were right, the film was originally going to be more of an adult parody, and Velma was supposed to be a lesbian. I wonder if your going to do a commentary with JO on the Digimon Movie review. I would like to see that.
  • Moon Spirit
    Yeah, this really felt like the end of the NC, even though we all thought it wasn't. Such a shame this had to go, but oh well, might as well go out dancing than go out hauled out.

    Well, until then, we'll see you in the upcoming Demo Reel.
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    When I learned you were ending after your update video, I thought: "It's about time." I knew that the end to Scooby-Doo and Boldly Flee were adding up to something and I'm just glad you retired the character when you did.
  • Misroi
    @Rob: Yep, the original Scooby Doo never had any true supernatural elements. Anything magical attributed to the monster would have to be explained through "scientific" means during the unmasking. And while supernatural elements were present in "13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo," I want to say that Mystery Inc. dealt with a few actual threats at some point during the sCrappy era of the show.

    Now, you want to see this movie done right? Watch the new Scooby show on Cartoon Network. Mystery Inc. knows these characters, pokes at the world, is wickedly funny, and absolutely brilliant. Do yourself a favor: watch it!
  • megasinfinity
    as i said before on psyguy recent con promo demo reel better be the BEST fucking thing on the web to follow NC.
  • Steve Potter
    While I am quite sad to see the Critic go, I think you made the right choice. Better end it on a high note than risk jumping the shark.

    So I, for one, just want to say thank you, Doug and Rob. Thanks for all the laughs and great reviews. Thank you for introducing me to the miracle of awesome badness that is "The Room". I can't wait to see what you guys do next.

    Also, "To Boldly Flee" was just awesome. Went way beyond my already pretty high expectations. Five stars.
  • rudedude  - I'm sad and don't know what to do
    I'm kinda with the first guy on this, it's selfish of me to think that this could last forever, and foolish to think that someone would do this for even four years. But that didn't stop me, now that the NC is gone I think I will be to.

    This site was built on you and now that you're gone I'm going to, I need a constant in my life that I can come to at the end of the day, and it looks like this is going to be Spoony or some other independent.

    It was fun while it lasted but I'm going to miss you and wish there was going to be just one more NC sendoff. Goodbye Mr. Critic
  • sageofdeath  - NC´s evolution was rushed up
    Well, this ending stuff took my unaware because of the simple fact that this character works in a very similar logic to the looney tunes one, in which after the end of the episode continuity means diddly squat. And for the end of boldly flee, come on, the muppet NC already called the N chick in the cutthroat island review, sooo dead? hahahaa I think they are having the NC coming back each, i don´t know, 2 months or something. The scooby-doo review was a huge production to be done in some weeks but I don´t ask for that. The old NC show was still good, and, for me, it hasn ´t get old yet. I didn´t get why to rush up like crazy his evolution. Don´t get me wrong, all the variations of this character were all good and funny, but the pace of change was too quick for me. I couldn´t settle with one when the character was in another.
  • SSH
    Well if you're not counting the sequel series. But you're still wrong. Actually, the mysticism, you fairly early on.Scooby Doo and boo brothers, 13 ghosts of Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo at the gool school, Scooby Doo and the reluctant werewolf are just a few actual movies were produced before cartoon network was created, but with the exception of one episode of 13 ghosts, the full gang didn't actually meet any spectral entities!
  • Brye  - Actual ghosts in scooby doo
    There were two movies that actually featured real ghosts that I remember, Scooby doo and the ghoul school and scooby doo meets the boo brothers. The original movies tend to feature real ghosts, which is still present in newer movies as well as this one. The show on the other hand, only had guys in masks, so technically you are correct in saying there were no real ghosts in the original show
  • Haze197  - About the movie itself
    While I'm sure someone could argue about the canon, there were a lot of specials I remember from way back in the day that had real ghosts and shit in Scooby Doo. The Ghoul School, the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo meets the boo brothers and probably a couple I don't even remember. I don't know if Doug or Rob will ever read this, I felt like it should be said. It's still funny and really poorly thought-up, but the supernatural elements didn't /exactly/ just come from nowhere.
  • Nasis  - Fitting
    Chill out trlkly. So he isnt doing NC any more its not the end of the world. He has already proven he isnt a one card deck and if he felt there wasnt anything more he could do with the charter then he should end it on a grand note before it got old and boring. any ways i think it ending it in the movie was great i just hope it wont be the last mass cross over movie.
  • biblegirl
    "Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School" had real monsters and I know it's older but I'm not sure HOW old
  • sageofdeath  - should´t pheolus go
    well, also shouldn´t be pheolus, lupa or spoony the ones leaving the show? Personally I don´t find them funny nor interesting. I mean DOug gives all to make a good show with what he´s got and these other guys clearly don´t have an idea of how to do a good show. Not that I would do a better job, I don´t say that, but for one thing, these guys show us a set consisting in a messy room. I have a messy room too, but I wouldn´t show that in my show, is like saying: welcome, I don´t give a crap if you watch my show, not even to tide up a little bit". And the same goes for the jokes. Actually if I watched them once was because of the crossovers, in which they clearly improved because of Doug, but that´s it. When they are alone they are boring and/or annoying, but rarely funny. Also somone please give the cinema snob a pir of shows please. In his reviews I feel all the time I´m going to be kick by his barefeet. Besides that I find him somewhat funny.

    I know I risk to be suspended or to have this post erased, but hey that´s what I think. :D
  • FlippedOmega  - Sticking up for Phelous and Spoony
    Have you watched videos like Phelous's Birdemic review, or Spoony's LPs of Phantasmagoria and SWAT 4 or his Street Fighter 2010 review (though you'd need to go to his site to see them now since he did leave TGWTG)? These videos are all well put together, have clearly had a lot of time and energy put into them, and don't show a "messy room" set. Also, if a reviewer wants to show us a messy room, it's probably by choice. Phelous usually has stuff related to his review set up in his room. Just please consider things a little more before you write entire productions off as being unfit to appear alongside the Critic.

    P.S. Spoony had already been very popular before joining TGWTG and his only Critic crossover was on Alone in the Dark with Linkara
  • Boom_Boom_WES
    I don't know if Doug or Rob will read this but I have to take that chance. I think it's a dumb idea to get rid of the Nostalgia Critic character. It's the reason this site exists, it's what drove people to the site, it's what pulled in the other critics, it's what the fan base is built upon. This would be like Disney getting rid of Mickey Mouse but keeping Donald Duck and Goofy.

    Don't get me wrong I'm happy you're all moving on to bigger and better things but you don't have to do this. If you kept doing the Critic character for another four years I'd still watch and be just as happy. I guess I just don't understand why you want to get rid of the very thing that put you on the map. I know you're taking the Seinfield route and stopping the show at its peak but I find it ironic you're doing the very thing you just railed against in To Boldly Flee.

    Bottom Line: Please reconsider. Do "The Demo Reel" but the Critic needs to be there to do his thing to make the site complete.
  • sageofdeath
    I´m with you. The others producers, depend on the nostalgia critic to stay afloat. Also, I would ask for some standards to be in this site as a producer like have a somewhat good camera, a nice iluminated set (look at the Nchick for exemple, nice illuminated set, no budget) and, as the NChick said: have a good microphone to have good audio in your videos, either the one of a camera or one bought specifically for that purpouse. Many times I get annoyed because I can get a word of what they are saying or because of a noise or whatever.
  • rockybalboa211
    Boom_Boom_WES and sageofdeath: Uh.. Your in the minority. The reason why I come to TGWTG is vecause of the fantastic reviewers. Personally, Phelous is possivly my favorite reviewer at the moment, yet some weeks it could be Elisa or JO or Todd or Nostalgia Chick or Last Angry Geek or Linkara. The other producers don't depend on Nostalgia Critic. Also, some people change over time. I mean, a show can't go on forever. The actors won't like playing a part and getting type cast in said part. Doug has been wanting to do something different and we should support him.
  • Gaiash
    If you saw his announcement video he did say that he's not completely done and may use him in the future but it won't be a weekly show any more.
  • Yabuturtle
    I didn't really think it was the last episode but hoped it was because it was a perfect end to it. Honestly I thought the end might have been Garbage Pail Kids, and if I'm not mistaken Doug said he wanted that to be the last episode which might have been better since that movie was FAR worse than Scooby Doo. I watched TNG and I didn't think it was the end at least not yet but I did have a feeling it was getting close especially with the large amount of cameos you were doing before this episode.

    Nevertheless I think NC chose just the right time to quit before it got stale. I mean he and Rob gave us a LOT of episodes. I look forward to what else they do on this site.
  • The_Masked_Donut  - IT WAS THE CROSSOVERS!
    I wasn't sure for awhile, during To Boldy Flee if the end was coming, or it was just a device to make the audience more engage with To Boldly Flee, knowing the possibility that it could be the end. I also wasn't sure, even though Scooby Doo seemed like a very appropriate finale, just because there was the chance it was one big fake-out, i.e. playing up the whole finale aspect just to reveal the punchline was just a ruse.

    But, what ultimately tipped me off that it was nearing its end was the amount of crossovers done recently. Ordinarily, you space out cross overs so the audience views it as a special, out of the ordinary treat, but he went from doing like 2-3 a year, to 2 per week at minimum. That, and he seemed less reserved about tackling certain movies that he was likely saving for a longer run.

    To be honest, though I still enjoy later NCs, they've not been as memorable as earlier works, probably because the truly horrible movies had already been mined. I'm fine with him retiring the character as a weekly series [though I hope cameos, and potential future reviews every now and then when a worthy movie comes along will happen].

    Still, the outrage at the NC's departure has less to do on artistic merits I think. Really, I think it's because people are scared of change. For the past 4-5 years, a Nostalgia Critic review has been a constant part of mine, and many others lives, and now that something that was once reliable is gone, it feels like there's a gap in my life that once was filled.

    If I have one request, I would like to see you, Spoony and Brad Jones uinte for the screening of the last Twilight movie. Well, keep up the good work nonetheless.
  • Truec
    As others have pointed out, the trend for real ghosts and monsters started in 1985 with 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, continued in the late 80s with Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf, ...and the Ghoul School, and ...Meets the Boo Brothers. All well before Cartoon Network started showing reruns of all of the above plus the original.

    Concerning the end of the Nostalgia Critic... he will be missed. I think there's a lot of ground that could still be covered (unless Doug never watched anything else than what he's covered and he's legitimately out of material) but I can also see where the jokes might be feeling stale. Rather than having to try and rewrite major bits of the Critic's comedy routine to avoid turning into an endless parade of running gags, perhaps it is better to end here and move on to something new. I'll always hold a grudge against the new show and consider it personally responsible for the end of NC, but that doesn't mean it won't be good or I won't enjoy it.
  • Tactlesscat
    Also besides the 80s stuff where superstitions was real...what about the ROBOT!? Remember? The one they used in the opening credits? Robots weren't real back then, they weren't even a far off dream, does that not count as actual supernatural stuff?
    Or how about that one mystery where Scooby knows a Civil War General who he was up to inheriting a fortune from with a few others. Sure you could chalk that up to Cartoon goofery but what I took away from it, even as a kid, is that SCOOBY IS FUCKING IMMORTAL. Supernatural scoring up again.

    OH and let's not forget those Scooby Doo shows where they met famous people, and one of them was THE ADAM'S FAMILY?! Who, again, in the opening credits.
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