To Boldly Flee, Part 7

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Comments (381)
  • Sephiroth1204
    Wait...high brow reviewer.. Is Kyle really playing that part? xD
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Casting so far. Who will be playing Master Chief?
    Can someone tell me if I have the roles correct and tell me who Spoony is portraying. I know he's playing Turl, but what character is the Spoony that has Ma Ti inside of him playing?

    Nostalgia Critic: Judge Dredd
    Nostalgia Chick: Seven of Nine/ Ursa
    CR: Cyclops or Jordi?
    Film Brain: Neo
    Sad Panda: Dr. Who
    Sage: Counselor Troy?
    Cinema Snob: Darth Vader
    Eight Bit Mickey: The Hulk?
    Phelous: Red Shirts
    Marzgurl: Joanna Dark
    Angry Joe: Solid Snake
    Spoony: ?
    Oancitizen: Yoda/ Non
    Luke Mochrie: Luke Skywalker
    Ma Ti: Spirit of Hollywood?
    Todd In the Shadows: RoboCop.
    Mechakara: The Terminator.
    Jesuotaku: Ed
    JewWarrio: Himself?
  • armagod679
    Can't help you with Spoony, but JewWarrio is playing Sulu.
  • Casandraelf
    i have no clue who joanna dark is, but marzgurl is clearly motoko kusanagi from ghost in the shell
  • CC*  - balto
    spoony: bones from star trek 3
  • PZilla
    I guess you could say that Spoony is Dr. McCoy as he is basically playing him from Star Trek III.
  • Sephirothwolf
    If you mean in the bit where he's almost naked its Feyd Ruatha from Dune
  • Cassmi
    Ahh, I didn't get who he was supposed to be in his subconscious so thanks for the info. :) I wonder why his arms have been made to look so thin. Is it intentional or just a glitch with the green screen?
  • TiniNormi
    Oancitizen is also playing Dr. Schreber from Dark City.
  • ladydiskette
    "Oancitizen is also playing Dr. Schreber from Dark City"

    Oh, so THAT is what people were talking about when they were talking about a Dark City movie reference. I never saw it myself, so it flew over my head.

    Huh, probably should check out the movie now.
  • Gborr
    Some corrections that others haven't made yet:
    -CR is definitely Geordi La Forge from ST
    -Sad Panda is always dressed like that, so it's not cosplay.
    -Mechakara is not the terminator, he plays himself.
    -JewWario: He plays Sulu from the ST Original Series episode "The Naked Time".
  • Redtutel2
    The Doctor, not Doctor Who
  • pomaflah  - Casting
    Actually, Phelous is playing Kevin Riley from the Naked Time and Ma-Ti is the evil God character from the Star Trek film whose name may not be spoken.
    I think JesuOtaku is Tink from Hook but maybe that's just her costume.
    All of the Trek characters are from the Naked Time or stereotypes, and all of the Star Wars characters are parodies.
  • alejokatana  - dd
    Marzgurl= Motoko from ghost in the shell( she should get nake to be invisible)
    Joe= he`s not snake, he`s murdering people and people and promoting violence, the exact opposite of snake`s message
    Ma ti= himself
  • Elphaba645
    Is Spoony maybe playing Spock?
  • Mahogany Rhino
    Other than the first, this is easily the funniest part yet. Everything that OanCitizen did was the highlight of the episode, but a few other bits like the plant reference and the destruction of the armada (just to name a few) were amazing as well. Can't wait for the last episode.
  • TacTic
    Nice EQing on that high note for Oancitizen. Sadly though it was pretty noticeable that some kind of compression was used for that note since it lost the room reverb that was left over from wherever the Critic and Chick recorded it. Unless that echo was intentionally added in which's a family sitting room not a doctors waiting room. Learn that adding reverb is dependent on knowing the acoustics of the room you are trying to mimic and not just adding a karaoke echo...
  • Cassmi
    Jeez, what a pseudo-know-it-all. Look, I do a little producing as a hobby and no, you're not the only one who knows a thing or two about sound treatment. Absolutely no one cares that it wasn't the most realistic reverb ever. It's a comedy and minor details like that just add to the comedic effect. Ordering the NC crew to learn stuff comes across as highly obnoxious.
  • TacTic
    Yeah and I get paid to do post-production and mixing so it's not "pseudo," it's actual know-it-all since I couldn't work if I didn't know it all. How dare I hold other professionals to the same standard that I am held to.
  • Haon
    I'm kind of wondering of this whole "Spoony Getting Canned" fiasco is just one whole big publicity stunt for the site. It just seems so convenient seeing how it happened just a few weeks before the major Spoony-Oriented Anniversary movie came out. Then again, it could just be a coincidence.
  • DarkBee
    I'm still hoping that will turn out to be true, that it was all a stunt (or a worked shoot, in wrestling terms).

    Loving this part, as I did with all the other parts.
  • Fangheart
    actually, I've been thinking that too. I think you're right.
  • Linkara
    It's not, sorry to say.
  • scottydu81
    i am gonna miss all of his cameos and crossovers. i about died laughing when he made fun of you for liking nickelback :-)
  • IntFam
    I'm sure there'll still be cameos and crossovers, just not likely featured on TGWTG. There are tons of non-TGWTG reviewers who've made cameos or had parts in TGWTG reviews.
  • Haon
    Aw, man. Well, you guys are still good friends, so he's still going to do stuff in your video, right Lewis?
  • DarkBee
    Hagan did a crossover with him in her latest review.
  • The Shamster
    You're good friends with Spoony, Linkara, so could you tell us if we'll see occasional appearances of him in various 'crossovers' even though he left channel awesome?

    I like seeing all of you work off each others dialouge and comedy, plus it was great seeing you, Spoony and Critic review 'Alone in the dark" and also how you and Jew-wario chatted with spoony when he spoke about how awful 'twilight - breaking dawn part 1' was (and got drunk).
  • Semudara
    I sure hope so. Spoony has such great chemistry with everyone here at TGWTG, it would be a terrible shame if they remain almost entirely separate in their work from now on.

    Hopefully we will see plenty more cameos (such as in That Sci-Fi Guy's recent Splice review), and even some crossovers now and then.
  • Blackcat325
    I'm guessing "It's not, sorry to say" is in response to the suggestion that the whole Spoony incident is a publicity stunt for the site, right? I've seen this suggestion a few times, and as strongly as I feel about it, I've not responded because I didn't want to risk stirring up any more trouble than there already has been over this. And I'm sorry if that happens now, but this time I feel like I have to just get this out.

    Lewis, I hope when you say that, you mean you're sorry that something bad happened between Spoony and the site - not that you're sorry that it isn't a stunt, if you get the distinction. I'm sorry that something bad happened, too... but I'm really, really glad that it wasn't a stunt. Because think about it - a lot of real hurt happened over that incident. A lot of really cruel things were said/written to other people, and about other people, on all "sides". It brought out some big issues, and strong feelings about those issues. It was a horrible time, people were genuinely saddened, and angered, people were concerned for Spoony and for others involved... and all that, for a publicity stunt? Really?

    I wish as much as anyone that this incident could have just never happened, but really, could anyone actually hope that the site, and Spoony, would be willing to toy with people's feelings to that degree, just for the sake of publicity? Could anyone really see that as a good thing?

    For the record, I never believed at all that the incident could be a stunt, but the suggestion sickens me, especially when I see comments saying that it would be "awesome", as someone said elsewhere, if it turned out that it was. I would lose all respect for a lot of otherwise good people, if they could be that callous with their fans' feelings. To me, that's not awesome, its just cruel... I don't know, maybe I just can't take a joke, but I don't believe that I'd be the only one who felt that way.
  • IntFam
    Something about Spoony coming out on twitter and letting us know that he was diagnosed Bipolar II kind of nixes the idea that this could all be one big shitty conspiracy to sell TBF.
  • Cassmi
    Never thought that it would be a hoax but all this outrage frankly comes across as butthurt.
  • JCubbs
    well Linkara, make it so. You wield a power us fans don't, you can mend the wounds and make all right again through direct verbal communications. Not saying that is the right thing to do, its not like I was there or know any more than any other fan, but it is my desires all things being equal.

    Other note, if you reply on a clearly inappropriate comment that gets removed, does that comment also get removed?
  • Gift of the Magi
    Don't do that. Don't put the whole incident on Linkara's shoulders to fix. The whole thing was a complete SNAFU from start to finish, and from what I can gather from other sites and talking to people who come here, it has seriously damaged the reputation of both the site and several of the people on it.

    Can it be fixed? can Spoony come back? Will he ever be in another crossover event like this again? of course. BUT a lot of changes have to happen, and Spoony needs to get some help for a while. There is no excuse for what he put on Twitter, but then again it wasn't that bad either AND the people involved acted like ADULTS dealing with taking the discussion OFFLINE.

    The problem is, too many of us think social media services like Twitter can be used like a mental dialogue of their life, forgetting that EVERYONE can read it and WILL comment on it. It can be a huge issue if you are a type of celebrity that depends on viewership to pay the bills. Spoony forgot this, and paid the price with a suspension he agreed with. Several other reviewers forgot this, and started a massive fight that polarized the fans, caused Spoony to leave, and left behind a need to apologize publicly while trying to wipe all that egg off.

    There were many reviewers I was going to start watching prior to this, as I got caught up with my favs and saw in crossovers how talented they were. however, most of the I will now no longer have anything to do with. As of now, the only two people I follow are Nash, Linkara and oddly Diamanda (ok I ADORE her Twatty Doctor Who reviews...D, please please PLEASE do a review with Nash and Linkara!). Angry Joe I like for his energy, but after his glowing review of SWTOR which turned out to be crap...something he admitted to later...I'm not exactly trusting him as a critic anymore.

    Ah least I still have the LEOG.
  • JCubbs
    your right, as I worded my post it read as though I wanted to put the fate of all of this on Lewis/Linkara. I shouldn't have, but hey, if he was able to pull of such magic it would be extraordinary. I wish the best of the Spoon and all TGWTG people regardless of what the direct future holds
  • bigbug92  - darn
    I wanted first =/

    Awesome video so far!
  • Mikeman
  • Lissa23  - Question
    Are Todd and Lindsay dating in real life? I figure they are because of the whole "in what universe would that happen?" joke.
  • Haon
    Yes, they are. Just like Phelan and Allison are.
  • Lissa23  - Really?
    Have Phelan and Allison ever had any type of contact on the site? I don't watch either of their reviews very often.
  • maalbe987
    I've actually come across both of their IRL Facebook profiles (that's not nearly as stalkery as it sounds) and it says they're "in a relationship".
  • IntFam
    Must be long distance. As far as I know, neither of them have moved.
  • TheOnlyThing
    You mean besides their currently ongoing LP?
    Actually, it's more like Phelan's LP including Allison but meh.
  • PurpleTiger
    Actually, both have had multiple crossovers with each other, Phelan having Allison on his more often than the other way.
  • TheMollyandPippinShow  - Oh noes!
    Only one part left till it's over. oh well that's life. Let you know what I think when I'm done watching.
  • Sgt. Swatter
    Though I saw this joke coming from a mile away, it was still hilarious. XD
  • .Arioch.
    Uh, a Dark City reference. So I'm not the only one who saw that movie. o_o
  • Cosmic Ninja
    I freaking love this site.
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - OH DEAR GOD WE ARE DOOOOOOOOOMED!
    Now to sing the doom song. Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom. YAY DOOOOOOM!
  • minnie3434
  • Hinatachan360  - Now I can't get that party song out of my head!!!
    I went to the animal fair
    The birds and the beasts were there
    The big baboon by the light of the moon
    Was combing his auburn hair

    The monkey he got drunk
    And sat on the elephant's trunk
    The elephant sneezed and fell on his knees
    What happened to the monk?

    My kindergarten teacher would play that song over, and over, and over, and over in class!

    Anywho, this anniversary special has been a fun ride so far. Here's to an epic ending!
  • Bluefire
    Ooh epic :D

    and I think that plant joke is actually getting funnier each time
  • JaiCSC
    Funny, Surprisingly tense and rather sombre at times. Might be the favourite part so far.

    Not a big fan of the song if I'm honest but Kyle was bloody hilarious. He's pretty good at silent visual comedy. Timings were just right.

    Joe and Marzgurl were awesome. I know I've said this alot but I love Joe in the specials. He's just hilarious.

    Also noticed that the special edition DVD has sold out...
  • Rostafa
    can't wait for the finale!!!!!! Doug, please don't go away. We need the NC!!!!!!!
  • Fantasgasmic
    Yay Kyle! Yay Spoony! Yay Luke! Boo Phaelous. That breaking the 4th wall joke was lame.

    Was it just me, or did Marzgurl look TOTALLY different with that wig and the Ghost in the Shell costume? It was a really cute look Kaylyn, you should totally get your hair cut in that style.
  • Cirrra
    Hooray, Phelous! That breaking the 4th wall joke was hilarious! (There, all's balanced again.)

    Phelous is adorable.

  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    If you don't expect fourth wall jokes from Phelous you don't know anything about him. That is 94% of his repartee.
  • IntFam
    And I'm pretty sure Rob or Doug wrote the 4th wall joke for him knowing this. He just delivered it.
  • Semudara
    Yeah, but this one was actually funny. :P
  • SamuraiJD
    more like Phelous turning into Michael Bay
  • JadedJada
    Lordy, there were so many sweet moments in this thing! I ADORE how all the shipped-to-Hell pairings in these specials have come completely full cirle. The goodbye between Film Brain and Luke...apgnraumrhrmrpdla MY FEELS.

    And of course...that distraction song. GREATEST THING EVER.
  • Naccarius
    Now that's what I call a coke party
  • ShiraSaphira
    haha loved the song. It was pretty epic. i'm still bummed about Todd and NChick though.
  • tomatomac
    i was waiting for kyle and that role as the mentor was perfect or him and thank god he got to sing

    also i just noticed the exacuters face is painted but his hands are not
  • armagod679
    Brilliant episode. I think this is the best we've seen of both Film Brain and Luke, and their good-bye was just heart-breaking. Also, is the distraction song going to be available on i-Tunes?
  • Semudara
    I was thinking the same thing! If they don't make that song available like they did with Flight of Fantasy (I still listen to that all the time!), I will kick The Cheat.
  • WesleyFoxx
    Boring Star Wars trivia time: Bothans are basically space cat people. Its also about the only piece of background information I know about the series.

    Love how much facetime CR's been getting. Dude needs more fanlove.
  • TheOnlyThing
    SW: Battlefront 2 is why I knew this.

    Also, I agree. CR is awesome and I'm glad he's finally getting face time in an anniversary.
  • Gift of the Magi
    Actually they are closer to canines, although pictures of them vary a bit. the books and Star Wars Galaxies have them as canines, while other video games have them more cat-like.

    In general, they are short, slim furry bipeds with an intense polictical system and an inbred desire to gain prestige and power over others. They are used to spying and underhandedness due to how their homeworld's clans work. It's an interesting race, actually.
  • Dubious Khan
    MarzGurl and Joe kick all the ass. (To use a rapidly decaying meme)

    And there damn well better be a MP3 of "Distraction" available soon sometime soon.
  • Rue_Ryuzaki2
    oh yeah that was good. ^.^

    Angry Joe & MarzGurl as Snake & Motoko Kusanagi was great.
    Now waits for the climax.
  • 80Baby
    MarzGurl does a good Motoko cosplayer.
  • Creature SH
    Very strong installment!

    The scene between Lindsay, Todd, and Lupa was a little uncomfortable to watch, also in that it seemed like it was uncomfortable to play. Other than that, though, pretty much everything about this worked great. Good showing of the versatility of some of the people involved, nice humor and excellent use of your Oancitizen. I also enjoy all the callbacks to the reviewers' individual shows. The song was fun and the climax was climaxy.

    However, looking at that gathering of villainous characters, there seems to be something.. or someone amiss... hmm..
    ah, yes.
    Needs more Hagan!
  • TheBookGeek
    Yeah, that Todd, NChick, Lupa scene felt off. But everything else was perfect.

    And oh, god, yes! Hagan needs to be a villain in this
  • Youngbountygirl  - I love that!
    I love the Distraction song lol.
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