To Boldly Flee, Part 4

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  • drew351  - First
    4th and awsomest
  • JahLis
    let's see
  • Darkcloud1111
    I hope this series ends by Frying the Coke
  • musiclover9293
    Since my birthday is tomorrow, this is a great start to it.
  • Mahogany Rhino
    Frying the Coke would be the best ending to this. I doubt that the whole gang would fit behind a coke machine, however.

    Anyhow, while this episode was certainly very funny, I felt that very little happened. But as long as Brad is okay, I don't care.
  • Rostafa
    finally, i've been waiting all day 4 this shit!!!!!
  • Rostafa
    Mahogany Rhino, have you ever fried the coke? I've have.
  • Samsneeze
    This is going to be good, just like the rest.
  • Rostafa
    Doug,don't hang it up. Don't throw the towel in. We need more N.C.'s
  • Honey Suckle  - Tenth
  • Rostafa
    It better be good, or I'm gonna riot
  • cvrpapc
    I hear you brother. Trying to reserve judgement.

    Um. I don't really know what to think. I would have enjoyed it more if neighborhood kids weren't throwing FIREWORKS into my backyard the entire time!!! Little shits.

    Anyways...It was...okay. I didn't really find it funny. But I was entertained by the antics. A lot like how I find a car wreck to be entertaining but not "funny."

    The good: Effects were pretty nice looking. The acting from extras was very good. Benzie actually was pretty funny.

    The bad: The dialog. Mostly between Turl/Zod stuff is just getting way to cartoony and not engaging on an adult level in anyway, shape, or form. Not to bring in a 'meme' but this is reminding me of a "scaring the little girl!!??" moment from NC review. Way to over the top.

    The plot has kind of taken a backseat to ...whatever this was. The first and second parts were very very good. The humor was funny (most of it), the plot was engaging, and the character's were doing interesting things. Doug's acting was very good. So good, that my expectations went up (unfortunately).

    Parts 3+4 have really just spiraled into the "kickassia" syndrome. A FFA of people who are there for no reason. Linsey and Lewis just standing around. Their story arc went nowhere. Everyone else doing very little. Doug pretty much dominating the screen time along with (himself) and Noah. I didn't get the judge dredd thing. At least, I didn't see how it fit into the story in anyway. I get that they are parodying sci-fi, but a bunch of loose references strung together are not funny or even a real parody. I thought we learned this in Suburban Knights and Kickassia.

    There is potential to really end this on a strong note. So far I have definitely not liked 3 or 4 so maybe that will change. So I will tune in. But that is my honest two-cents for whatever its worth. =)

    Thanks for the hardwork guys.
  • Linkara
    Mechakara and Nostalgia Chick disabled the ship's torpedoes. There was a point to it.
  • Moreno X  - To Linkara
    You mean there's a reference for it to show Mechakara and NChick disabling the torpedoes? A Star Trek reference? I am not good with STrek stuffs soooo I'll just FAI myself. Sorry Linky.

    NOTE: Panda send his greetings.
  • DerKork
    Well, the problem is that it does not feel established. Heck, even just doing a pull back shot from the set piece having a label clearly explaining that this is "the torpedo control system - do not fiddle with it or you will be unarmed" (which by the way would be a pretty large dymo label) to reveal that Mechakara and 7/11 stand next to it (FORESHADOWING) would have been more efficient in reinforcing the importance of this thingamabob than the look at "some random piece of equipment" - which is how it unfortunately comes across in this episode.
  • Toomin  - Shields up?
    Another problem is a glaring continuity error in the beginning. One of Turl's men says within the first minute that the Critic's shields are still down. The next time the shields are mentioned is when MarzGurl says, "if we give them the sugar, we'll have to lower our shields," and the Nostalgia Critic then tells them to lower their shields. When were the shields raised? Why were they raised? Why are the Wrath of Khan references being used so inconsistently?
  • Louispul5
    Also the, "We can only beam two at a time" bit followed by CR beaming out all 3 hostages at once. But whatever, it's still fun.

    If Diamanda Hagan doesn't show up at the end and take her minions back from Turl, it's a missed opportunity.
  • Rostafa
    Shit's about 2 go down!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • JadedJada
    FINALLY we get a Benzaie cameo! :D And it was hilarious, btw.

    And I swear to God, Turl and Zod just keep getting funnier. The teleportaion sequence had me genuinely laughing out loud. Overall, it was nice to have a mostly action-packed and joke-centric episode, just to cool us down after the shit we saw in the last part.

    Also...BRAD!!! D: Oh noes!
  • TheMollyandPippinShow  - Idea before I watch this.
    Just an idea, I don't know if unsolicited ideas apply to this site, and I know no one major will ever read this, (based on previous experience with my own comments.) But Lindsay should really do a "Top 10 Final Girls" list.

    I'll watch this after I walk my dogs, of which you now know the names of from reading my username.

    See you later.
  • Stonewall
    Oh my god! Poor PawPaw! lol
  • HatandShades
    well you know with the plot hole and all I bet he didn't feel it
  • ladydiskette
    Wait a minute...

    I know its late in the game but I just realized something.

    If its obvious that they are going to unite Ma-Ti's character with his body like in "Search for Spock", but how are they going to go about doing that seeing how the body itself was cremated?

    And how is it Lupa is noticing something wrong with MechaChick and Mechakara, and not everyone else, I mean I know "Plot Hole" but does that mean it is not affecting her for some reason?

    Just some stuff I wondered about is all.
  • CC*  - well miss
    "and how is it Lupa is noticing something wrong with MechaChick and Mechakara, and not everyone else, I mean I know "Plot Hole" but does that mean it is not affecting her for some reason?"

    last angry geek explained that the force that binds the tgwtg universe together is a force knowed as "the plot" so if the tgwtg universe behaves in the way of a plot to a story then it makes sense this "plot" will have contrivances (even the best story's will have some kind of contrivance) and just because there's a "plot hole" in the universe doesn't necessarily mean that the functions of the plot will stop working
  • TheTerrenceDellinger  - Favorite Lines
    "That just blew up Venus...They're going to notice that!"

    "Psyclown bastard, you killed my flunkie!"

    "Go away, I'm dead."

    "I don't really have to remind hi, do I?"
  • Argentum
    "We are providing moral support... go team"
  • ladydiskette

    If any of those bastards lay a hand on him even more than they are, I will have Lloyd claw thier eyes out of their sockets! >:(

    The next part must be when The Executor seduces him to the dark side of the internet, now I am defintiely have to tune in now.

    Loved the Rachel Ray/Oprah bit btw lmao XD
  • Kendog
    Hahaha this was awesome!!
  • negrocritic
    Does anyone else think that Lindsay looks megacute in that Star Trek getup?
  • TheMollyandPippinShow
    Yes. Cute and hot don't count as the same thing, right? Because, well you know, I probably just shouldn't bring it up.
  • CC*  - molly and pippin
    oh whats the worst that can happen
    it's not like she's going to hunt you down ? . . . right? *stares at window*
  • Lossthief
    I have to say, the first three parts, while entertaining, were kind of lacking for the comedy IMO. But this part was a marked improvement. The jokes were quicker and punchier, with less telegraphed deliveries. The music also helped, as it kept the scenes feeling quick paced.

    Great job to everyone involved, and I can't wait for the next 4 parts!
  • Rostafa
    4 down, 4 2 go!!!!!!
  • servo12  - AWWW YEAH
    25th and also the prettiest girl in school. who happens to be an adult man
  • richtv
    This was much better than the last part, and the action was very well done I kept jumping ahead because I wanted to see what happened. The way the Star Trek references are blended work great, and there were some laughs in this. Marzgurl was fantastic! One question, is Linkara going to get to do anything in this besides have two lines per episode and just stand there?
  • Fangheart
    I'm pretty sure they're saving the big Mechakara stuff for more towards the ending.

    in fact, I'm calling right now; near the end, when it looks like Mechakara or Zod or...somebody is going to win, and all hope seems lost, Linkara's going to come flying in to the rescue on Comicron 1 and save the day!

    also, where exactly was the grassy field? Europa? because that place sure seems nice for a frozen moon covered in ice.
  • Linkara
    As was stated at the end of the previous part, Europa is mysteriously gaining new life.
  • Fangheart
    oh. ok, my mistake, your right, Mickey did mention "signs of life all over the Planet"......still, it's damn impressive that what is essentially a giant ice ball gained the nutrients and entire atmosphere necessary for the survival of a lush, warm grassy field with bushes and trees AND human life (not to mention a gravitational force as strong as Earth's) in such a short time span.....I mean, it's almost as if some one used a certain terraforming device named after a certain religious text or something. :)

    ah, I'm just messing with ya, Linkara. you can get pretty nitpicky with your comics so I let myself get pretty nitpicky with this. but I know it's all in good fun. ;p
  • Odi
    Wait, so if you're the actual Linkara, why are you commenting on a video that YOU'RE IN? seems bizarre to me..

    From the top down, you, the other actors, the director(s), and everyone in a creative position should do the best job that you can(and I'm sure that you all did). Put it all into the work--the output.. and after it's finished, be satisfied with it. This double-backing to correct a handful of viewers and to reinforce plot points seems defensive and apologetic. You really shouldn't be.

    Parts of the story might slip by some people, or seem out of place to others, and some will genuinely love the most inexplicable parts. Don't worry about guiding everyone along. They'll get there or they won't.

    Me? I'm having fun watching it.
  • Ela
    "Wait, so if you're the actual Linkara, why are you commenting on a video that YOU'RE IN? seems bizarre to me.."

    Rather answering questions than commenting on the video itself.
  • Spiritkitten
    Really? I was wondering when and if Benzaie was going to make an appearance in this. I think it was the only part I really laughed at in this installment. Should I be ashamed of that? But anyway, I still want to slap JesuOtaku. Though she is providing pretty cool weaponry. Honestly though, I'm just waiting for Linkara's big scene in this, and wondering if the real Linkara's going to appear at some point during a battle in his spaceship, kamikron1 (Spelling please?) but I guess I have to do with sideline moral support. Go team.
  • Gadzinisko
    A lot of shit just happened.

    The most action-packed and best part so far. Up-beaming sequences were hilarious. And I too like crazy Otaku.

    Btw, was that Doug as one of the Turl's crewman? Voice was familiar...
  • Iemaroon
    Yeah, I thought the same thing. I think he did provide voice over.
  • Rostafa
    The only thing I disagree with in these anniversaries are the ammunition. I mean a handgun can only fire so many rounds of bullets. Yet it takes an eternity 4 it finally be empty and ready 2 reload
  • Gadzinisko
    Well, it's normal in the movies that you can fire sixshooter 30 times before you have to reload... They are just imitating.
  • darkness shade sonata
    well oprah DOES own a space death machine.... I got mine from under my chair!
  • negrocritic
    anybody else recgnise the music at 9.30
  • sarcasmqueen1112  - XD
    he just, he just, hahhahahahhahahhahahahaha hahahahahhahahahahahahhah ahahahhahahahahhahaha.... .......... he just shot him XD
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