To Boldly Flee, Part 3

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  • hollychristine
    [6:16:13 PM] Holly: what's the status?
    [6:19:04 PM] doug: Doug says upload the one that's in right now. On blip.
    [6:20:31 PM] Holly: what happened to messaging me? fail :P
    [6:21:51 PM] doug: I don't know. This is Rob. I think he's trading a cow for magic beans or something.
  • Cferra
  • Xed Regulus
    That's our Doug! [cues sitcom-y closing credits' music]
  • JahLis
    Now it's the time for awesomeness.
  • Nostalgic Fan
    general Zod? shit just got real
  • ladydiskette
    *goes on her twitter*

    OMG! You guys, I totally got tweet from General Zod! Did you guys hear what Turl's real name is!?! LOL! I am so like telling this to all my friends! *replies*

    lol, this is getting good,I mean,I had my suspicions about Mechakara, but I never thought he would be working along with Turl!

    But what is really drawing me in the story behind the strange alien technology that compelled CR and JO to both dream about it and make it. I wonder how it will play to the plot of the story. Looking good so far.
  • WesleyFoxx  - @ Ladydiskette
    Very this. So far the only characters I'm feeling interested/invested in are CR+JO, and kind of 8 Bit Mickey since this is the first special he's seemed to be more than just an incidental background character.
  • ladydiskette
    It was the brutal murder of Lame R Prick wasn't it?

    lol, but I agree, its nice to see not just 8bit Micky, but Paw, JewWario, Luke, and others who were just in the background finally come around and play more of a privotal role in the story and let the major characters like Marzgurl, Linkara, Chick, and Snob take a backseat for only a minute or two.

    And, I have my own theory about what the device might be used for, but I think I will hold my tongue until I am either proven wrong or until it comes to fruitation.
  • Crunchy_Frog
    I wondered why, when Noah spelled out the name of his villain, he spelled it T-U-R-R-L-L, when according to the actual Battlefield Earth movie the name of John Travolta's character is spelled TERL?

    Are they trying to avoid being sued by the Church of S-- for trademark violation in regard to the name of some alien in a book written by their founder? Dunno.

    Or maybe "our" Terl can't spell his own name, because it's spelled differently in the Psychlo language. :-P
  • The Shamster
    I'd say that Terl really can't spell his own name, as he was too busy conquering galaxies (by farting nuclear bombs out of his butt)

    I believe that this will be addressed in the commentaries to prove if it really was an in joke of Terl being so stupid.
  • car45j34  - OMG!
  • King_mp
    Yay finally.
  • darkness shade sonata
    I wonder if it's weird that I think nostalgia critic does a real good zod (didn't like the original) also I am curious if this will tie in with linkara's actual story
  • RettMikhal
    There's a rather inordinate amount of Ghostbusters references in this year's anniversary. Not that I object, but I'm now very curious as to the origin of these... phenomena.
  • Lightice
    Did J.O. start channelling Ed from Cowboy Bebop? o_O
  • vonPeterhof
    Yeah, real subtle self parody there. Loving it!

    Also, why is it that I now have this inexplicable urge to write fiction of a romantic nature involving JO and CR? Is this what people around these parts call "shipping goggles"?
  • jsc315
    yes she did! she really did!
  • Hinatachan360
    Aww...JO makes one adorable Edward! Now to get an android corgi to play Ein.
  • SSH
  • kymyin333
    I was wondering that myself...
  • LordNifty
    I recognized the Radical Edward get-up Jesu had on, but it seems like a more pronounced version of her usual character's personality than Ed's erratic sing-song silliness.

    I am amusing myself wondering how the Critic would react to being called "Doug-Doug" over and over.
  • Stevie

    Hey, quick question: how come you guys don't post this once per day, like what you did with Kickassia and Suburban Knights? Does the website get too many views for the servers to handle? Or is it something else?
  • Rostafa
    why can't i ever be the first comment on this thing. btw, about time part 3 came out. i hate the idea that this movie is coming out every 3 days.
  • Emilie Bennett
    I loved how JO turns into Edward from Cowboy Bebop =D

    Uh-oh, Nostalgia Chick has been reprogrammed by Mechakara! The mind boggles over the outcome of this predicament! Could it be that... ? No, I can't say until around the end of this movie.

    I love to watch Zod and Terl fight like children XD

    And they have a nice house they made out of their ship.
  • Fangheart
    okay seriously, what's with this "only every three days" thing? Like....why? why not have a new one every day like with the other two anniversaries? WTF???
  • Rostafa
    They want it 2 be perfect i guess. But that's just crazy. Also, why did it take 4 months after the actual 4th anniversary back in May?
  • Linkara
    As Rob posted on the forums and on his facebook, they ran into technical problems exporting the files and they're still making tweaks, so they're doing it every three days instead.
  • Fangheart
    oh.....okay. that's all I wanted, just some explanation. thank you Linkara. sorry, I don't follow Rob on Facebook. I follow Doug though............oh, BTW Linkara, I have a small question; how come Pollo didn't help you when Mechakara ambushed you in your house? was it the plot hole thing or was he just on another vacation?
  • Stevie
    OK, that's what i figured. I just didn't check the forums or facebook (though i probably should've). I just didn't want to sound like anyone who would be angry or impatient for the videos being released every couple of days. This series is awesome, and trust me, it's worth the wait!
  • CinematicArchives
    Hey Linkara, since your character of...Linkara is normally a good guy, what was it like playing such a villainous role throughout the film?
  • Kristomaster4
    Well it's linkara's evil twin robot actually.
  • Rostafa
    I miss Spoony. Hope one day he'll return 2 channel awesome under some way shape or form
  • MichaelM  - Just as Amazing as Ever
    I've loved all the anniversaries, and, so far, this is no exception. I am still astounded at the amount of hard work and effort that goes into these movies. Thank you Doug and Rob Walker, for making my life a little more funny, and I'm already in anticipation for the DVD.
  • Fantasgasmic
    Shit just got real...really weird.
  • dennett316
    Good stuff people...real good.
    Linkara and Lindsey slash-fic in 3, 2, 1...
  • BooRat
    This one was an ok part not as much of the comedy I like.
    JO as Edward is cool but she needs more cocaine to get the right levels of hyper!
    I'm digging the person in the Gort mask with the deep voice!
    I'm still surprised no Nuetro since ya'll bringing in all the Scifi things!
    I just wonder how much Mechakara and Nostalgia Chick fan-fic will spawn...
    CR is "blind" crew member?
    And that plant does really tie the room together!
    I gotta Question! Why does Zod not have superpower!? Is he still suppose to be depowered from Superman 2 because if so shouldn't he also be dead from falling into a frozen chasm!?
  • LuckyGetsRocked  - Confession
    Turrel and Zod would make the greatest tag-team in wrestling history.

    Also, I admit that I wish maven had a bigger part in this. I may have a bit of a fanboy crush on her. Maybe.
  • Shinonaru  - Urg
    I want more. i can't wait for all the parts so I can watch it all once.
  • Rostafa


  • Sgt. Swatter  - Oh Ed!
    Europa? Are there giant dancing fleas there? ALL HAIL ZOD!
  • Rostafa
    I understand it takes a lot of effort to create these movies, but man dude, at least give us an accurate release date and let it be shown day by day. I respect Doug and Rob enormously, but man, it just doesn't make any sense why it shouldn't come out sooner. Just Sayin. much love to Channel Awesome's 4th Year Anniversary!!!!!!
  • Welshy
    Uh, they've explained on the forums, facebook, twitter and on Robs own facebook page that the vids will be coming out every 3 days as they're still working on the videos. kind of makes perfect sense for them to release a vid every 3 days, as it allows them to actually finish them.
  • JCubbs
    pssh, if i wanted a well done finished product I would have asked for congressional legislature.

    I want half-ass non-sensical shit with errors in editing and continuity that raises more questions than answers..
    I loved Panda Q&A

    In case its not clear from the various types of yahoo posts out there I'm saying just get it done when it gets done, and good job to you all. Also you are a swell guy Welshy
  • HankMan
    THE ONE TIME YOU ASSHOLES LOAD A VIDEO ON SCHEDULE. And I can't watch it because EVERYONE ELSE ins this house is online now!
  • DylanS
    Yes, HankMan, it's TGWTG's fault you have a crappy connection.
  • iLikeTheUDK
    @HankMan @DylanS LOL No, it's Mechakara's fault, 'cause he stole all the bandwidth and drilled all around the room when Nostalgia Chick was in it, and now she sounds like Microsoft Anna and wears some weird, futuristic looking clothes.
  • Rostafa
    Can anybody tell me what is the trick of getting to comment first on these things?
  • Jeff Jacobson
    A lot of people (not just here, but on the internet in general) will post comments on a video before actually watching the video. The "first" people are among them.
  • LinneaKou
    Just give up on it and comment whenever. The content is more important than the order. The mods screen everything we post, so no comment goes unread.
  • maju
    Kind of a disappointing 20 minute long seems a little too short...first episode it's still the higher on my list
  • JaiCSC
    First impressions. Not quite as rounded as Part I or II. OK overall but didn't have that AWESOME moment that could be found in Part I and II, or enough of those little touches that could sink my teeth into. Oh well. When I purchase the DVD and this is all on one larger part I'm sure the breather would be needed at the 1 hour mark.

    I'm guessing Welding Mask guy is Ma-Ti. Or Evil Ma-Ti... from Evil Captain Planet

    Who is JO channeling/parodying? I'm not familiar with that character. Either way seeing her act chipper is unsettling.

    How did Spoony get to Europa? How did they know he was there before? Unless that is part of the power of the plot hole. If the latter, that's clever writing right there.

    Still enjoyable but I'm more negative on this than I wanted to be but it's only Part III and it's been a long day in the UK. Roll on Part IV.
  • Dubious Khan
    JO is channeling Edward,a character from the anime Cowboy Bebop. (The character is female)

    As for how Spoony got to Europa: In part 1, the Executor ordered Terl to retrieve Spoony, right after this Prick contacted Terl to discuss an alliance. In part 2, Prick abducted Spoony and put him in "cardboard freeze," presumably under Terl's instruction. 8-bit Mickey revealed Spoony's location to the rest of the TGWTG crew after "interrogating" Prick after the short joke.
  • JaiCSC
    Thank you.

    I missed the part about Mickey saying where Spoony was. I was hyper focused on what Mickey actually did to Prick.
  • smeghead4269
    JO is channeling/parodying Edward from Cowboy Bebop, and very well I might add. Almost a little too well.
  • Dust
    Now I'm just ashamed I didn't 'get' that... (Where did I put my old video box-set?)

    And suddenly the stuff Corgi in the trailer makes sense.
  • Romanticide
    Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV from cowboy bebop... or just plain Ed XD

    JO does quite nice the character XD
  • TheMollyandPippinShow  - Weilding Mask Guy
    Actually, I believe that weilding mask guy is a parody of Gort, the robot from The Day the Earth Stood Still. I of course mean the costume and not the character as we haven't really gotten that far in the story.
  • Ally-Gator
    Zod returns! YAY! But I still won't kneel, not until this episode has knocked me off my feet with awesome.

    *sees JO as Ed*

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