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Factual Error. The actress who played all the adult women on YCDTOTV was Abby Haygard, not Christine McGlade. Sorry all!

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  • The Wandering Moogle
    Heh, very nice review as usual. I remember all of these shows from when I was growing up and I loved em all.
  • LikaLaruku
    Loved YCDTOTV as a kid. I had the opportunity to rewatch it as an adult, & it was horribly unfunny, relying heavily on puns & not getting bored with being slimed or pied in the face. The online-only animated spinoff was very poorly animated.

    Canadians say "a boat" not "a boot."

    Hey Dude was boring compared to Salute Your Shorts, so it's no surprise it only lasted one season. I guess there was just nothing else on in that time slot, so we watched it anyway. If you're into Urbex, I recommend checking out the abandoned set in Tuscon, Arizona.
  • KRN925
  • bright_side
    Pete and Pete is still one of my favorite shows ever!
  • arsenal of megadeath
    man, i miss that show! i remember when "satellite" was on there being played by Luscious Jackson and i was like, gotta watch this show again.

    now, ABOOT that there lisa. i still wanna nail her! additionally- Les, passed

    Ferguson, (jason zimbler)Zimbler attended the University of Notre Dame, and has both an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a graduate degree in Theatre Directing.

    Christine Cavanaugh-She is best known as the voice of Babe in the hit film, Babe, Chuckie Finster on Rugrats and for being the original voice of Dexter on Dexter's Laboratory.

    Heidi Lucas-By 1998, Heidi ceased acting and quietly faded away from show biz in pursuit of higher education. She currently lives in California working as an attorney, so yeah..don't piss her off.


    Alison Fanelli- She is a 2001 graduate of Baltimore's Goucher College, where she earned a B.A. in pre-med, and Dartmouth College, where she earned a master's degree in Health Care Improvement
  • Spade103  - Hm..
    Most of these i've never heard of :o

    Still, awesome episode
  • juffan
    never had nickolodeon i think.

    we had ytv, that was pretty good...
    its gotten worse now
  • nowhammies10
    YTV was to Canada what Nick was to the States. Although now we have Nickelodeon, about 20 years too late.
  • carfo
    nice i didn't expect this video so soon
  • Dove
    very nice, high quality video
  • 0collins8  - *sigh*
    Pete and pete and their hamster controlled bowling ball. I miss some of these shows. Nice review btw.
  • redpoet2
    I remember every one of those, and Clarissa and Pete and Pete were the only ones I liked. xD
  • chumbawamba
    What [i]I[/i] want to know is, what were the lyrics to the Pete & Pete theme song? Does anyone actually know?
  • Spade103  - Oh,
    And i'm Canadian and have never heard ANYONE say aboot in person unless joking. ;O
  • juffan
    Was Boy Meets World a Nickolodean show... That was a great show

    and yea, canadians don't say aboot. stereotype ;)
  • johncerasi
    i heard geddy lee say aboot during a live performance of Tom Saywer once
    plus the canadians in this video said it
    but i still love canadian ppl
  • LinkTGF
    "never had nickolodeon i think.
    we had ytv, that was pretty good...
    its gotten worse now"

    Just replace ytv with Nickelodeon and you still have a fairly accurate comment
  • Xatike
    Oh wow. Of all of your videos that you have made...this is by far the most nostalgic for me.

    I had completely forgotten about that horrible show Hey Dude, and the memories for it stop at the opening title. Really, I couldn't tell you anything about the show. Guess that shows what a masterpiece that was.

    I have to agree that Pete and Pete was indeed a good show, but I wouldn't have categorized it as the best. There are too many fragile minds out here in internet land that will literally follow your word to the letter. Now, the corruption has set in and people will automatically thumbs down this comment for not agreeing with you.

    Introspection aside, thank you for uploading these. Nick really was a large part of my childhood...and I didn't realize how much so until these videos.

    I hope the next segment is Nick game the Nick Arcade and Guts. Wow. I am lost in memory. And what was that show that had the big eye that could rove around? I think it also had Mark Summers hosting it...

    Well, that's enough from me! Thanks make my day with these things.

    (P.S. Your brother needs to stop smiling so much on camera! lol, but then again, you're the regular "talent". We'll give him time to buff up his act ::gets ready for more thumbs downs:: )
  • thatgirlwiththepearls
    Wow, I'm glad I never liked Hey Dude either, probably because when I caught a few glimpses of that show around the time I started watching Nickelodeon in 1995, I supposedly wasn't mature enough to officially decide whether or not I liked it, along with Salute Your Shorts, Welcome Freshmen, and Roundhouse, because they were either in their last season before being cancelled or in reruns, so I only have faint memories of them.
  • hoebo  - Classics
    Either annoyingly remembered or you just hate it. Somewhat funny when i was like 6 but i could barley understand what they were doing!

    Aboot about, what's the difference?;D
  • Maverick21
    was that mike as joe? or rob?

    these must've been before my time because i dont remember anyof them, but thats ok, i had all that, the amanda show, Ka Blam, plenty of nicktoons and spongebob when it didnt suck.
  • ralasinchains  - another great video
    As always Doug
  • Rhomega
    The only one I saw was Salute Your Shorts, and I don't remember that very well at all, which isn't surprising considering I haven't seen it in 12 and a half years. I remember seeing commercials for the rest while watching Nick (save YCDTOTV), but never actually saw them. I was only a little kid, the only live-action show I watched was GUTS and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

    Looking forward to next episode, though I didn't watch much of Snick either, save the aforementioned Afraid. Oh, and I loved that "Boy or Girl" bit.
    Aboot. *shot*
  • RebelTaxi
    At 1st I was like, "Oh no, don't attack Pete and Pete" Thank god he see's how great the show was. I really loved Mr. Tastee in that show.
  • A Knothole Resident
    I absolutely loved this video. You touched based on all the groundbreaking shows in a sea of crap. I still consider YCDTOT and Salute your Shorts funny. Although I must attest that Pete and Pete was pure concentrated brilliance. Turning the mundane into something adventurous. Satirically portraying the adults as our adversaries. Geek empowerment is what it’s all about. And the soundtrack still holds up today. In fact, I own it. It’s a shame that Paramount wont release season 3 on DVD due to legal matters with the amount of guest stars that appeared. Anyway, great segment cause it really took me back to my childhood.
  • Nick3889
    that hey dude show looked Really bad. Burger king will suck out your soul
  • Caliban Don Flamingo  - Pete and Pete lyrics as per request
    Hey smilin' strange
    You lookin' happily deranged
    Can you settle to shoot me?
    Or have you picked your target yet?

    Hey Sandy
    Ai ai ai ai
    don't you talk back
    (ai ai ai ai)
    Hey Sandy

    Five feet away
    End of speech, it's the end of the day
    But we was only funnin'
    But guiltily I thought you had it comin'
  • CroutonsOfDeath
    PETE AND PETE!! I fucking LOVED that show, but I forgot its name for so long... Thank you Nostaliga Critic for reminding me of that wonderful show.

    *Hugs Doug*

    Hey, that rhymes.
  • Ragnal
    Yanno, I'm glad I'm not the only one to think Hey Dude was plain out boring. I mean, when the only episode I can remember is the one involving a beauty pageant...what's that tell you?

    Nonetheless, I have an urge to look up some YCDTOTV episodes.

    Great stuff.
  • VinceMarx
    Dammit. Now that I'm thinking about Pete and Pete again, I'm probably not going to be able to sleep. I loved that show so much, and the nostalgia... oh the nostalgia...

    I hope you touch on Are You Afraid of the Dark with some sort of "Snick" review in the future. That show is by far the greatest thing to pass over Nick's airwaves.
  • TakuMyru  - Robo penis muscle ninja!
    Best Game... EVAR!!!!!!111111!1!Z!!!!
  • edgeidore84  - HEY
  • Lord Seth
    Aw, come on, You Can't Do That On Television was a great show. I still find it really funny.
  • edgeidore84  - OH YEAH
  • LUrabbi  - Heck yes!
    Thank you for giving Pete and Pete the respect they deserve!

    Incidentally, wasn't there another Canadian show Nick had? I think it was called The Roundhouse, and it was a semi-scripted live show. The only thing I really remember is the dad on the motorized armchair. Ring any bells?
  • NemuiNeko
    I remember The Roundhouse...kinda, I also only remember the motorized armchair.
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