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  • Haon
    Yes! Ever since your Top 10 Movies You Hate I've been waiting for this! My big problem that I can't believe you didn't address was how the aliens were perfectly fine walking around in our atmosphere. Did they just all luckily land in ares with absolutely no humidity?! Despite that, I still like this movie. I guess you could say I have as must taste in films as Mel Gibson has the ability to mop up dog pee. (Seriously, how did you miss that joke?)
  • minnie3434
    Last Air Bender sucked. Great review Doug
  • Semirasblossom  - ....
    And last air bender had everything to do with this review...
  • minnie3434  - -_-
    A clip of it was in the review, and was made by the same director, so I can make a comment on it if I want.
  • mrskippy
    You can make any comment you want on anything you want.
    Doesn't make it relevant.
  • Semudara
    But it IS relevant.

    ...relevant to the review, NOT the first comment. Come on minnie, would it kill you to have your eloquent criticism of The Last Airbender be down a page or two?
  • minnie3434
    Actually when I first reviewed I accidentally typed it as a reply, and was to lazy to change it
  • Skuzbucketlickmyponybutt
    wow when the aliens started to actually invade the house and mel gibson did his monologue to his kid thing I think it was the closest i've ever come in my life to dying by laughing. it was awesome! definitely your guys' best one ever! :D
  • ZombieFX
    never forget his SIgNS!
  • ZombieFX
    sucked Oo
    just... sucked?
    ur REALLY nice it seems.......... way to nice.
    i say : drown it in acid...... and feed that to shamaylan
  • Gamer_Ely
    I could never get over the ending to it... after the whole thing he becomes a reverend again... isn't proof that there are alien beings sort of denounce all religions?
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Was Nostalgia Critic doing a Skrillex remix?
    Yes and no.
    If there are extra terrestrials (I hope they're more animal like than the large eyed aliens) they might also have a religion/ a multitude of religions.
    Also, just because there are aliens, it doesn't mean they created human beings. It is possible that aliens may not know they're own origins or the origins of other planetary populations.
  • Haon
    That's trippy man. I wonder what religion the Xenomorphs are.
  • Axel Osbourne  - Relpy to Haon
    Didn't you watch Prometheus: they follow Space Jesus!
  • Haon
    They worship Jake Lloyd?! WE'RE DOOMED!
  • DXM616
    Well we have Blsck Space Jesus AKA BENJAMEN MOTHER F**KING SISKO!!!!!!!!!!

    THe Force don't have nothing on his Pimp hand
  • TheBookGeek
    I don't think he was saying aliens created us. More Big Bang Theory (not the show). If aliens do exist, wouldn't that mean that there isn't an all-creating god like we know it? Unless of course, they happen to have all the same exact beliefs as us, in which case, yeah, that would prove it.

    But seeing as these aliens didn't seem to be passing on the knowledge of Jesus, it's pretty obvious that even if they do have beliefs, it's not Christianity.
  • Extreme-Madness  - re:TheBookGeek
    You actually think about evolution. Big Bang theory explains the origin of the universe and the fundamental law of the universe (stars and galaxies were formed millions of years later), and says nothing about the origin of life.
    And of course, the theory of evolution and the Big Bang theory says nothing about the existence or non-existence of God / gods (this issue is currently a matter of philosophy and theology).
  • Hakajin
    Nah, there could still be a God, doesn't mean we'd all have to interpret it the same way. People in the West tend to argue for or against the Christian version of God like it's the only possible one.
  • TheIrrehensibleTJ
    Fun fact, the Big Bang theory, as we know it, was first postulated by a Roman Catholic priest. Far from being a disproof of the biblical creation story, it was a scientific explanation for it.
    I still haven't quite grasped the whole war between science and religion that seems to exist. I mean, couldn't an omnipotent god create life on more than one planet? I was under the impression "omnipotent" meant "all powerful" and could thus do whatever he damn well pleased. (:
  • Sewblon
    Where in the bible does it say " there are no aliens"?
  • Majin47
    God spending four days to make Earth and maybe two for the rest of the universe?

    Though I think humanity got a full one, weather or not you include all the crap that might have happened with Lilith.
  • Sewblon
    What does that have to do with aliens or lack thereof?
  • Lotus Prince
    "Where in the bible does it say " there are no aliens"?"

    Nowhere, but then, why would god make man in his image? Does he not care about the life on other planets? Are there different gods for those specific planets, where their dominant species is made in that deity's particular image? Do men see aliens in heaven? Are there different heavens for different planets?

    Ultimately, it comes down to the authors of the bible not anticipating questions or concepts like these.
  • Sewblon
    I grant that the existence of aliens removes any special status humanity may have on a cosmic scale, but its not like an omnipotent being cannot arrange the universe so that sentient creatures evolve on multiple planets and give each of them their own guides for getting into heaven and grant them the ability to communicate with and coexist with other sentient species once they get there.
  • Jack Faire  - What part
    What part was in his own image, our bodies that all look different from each other or the consciousness that allows us to be self aware.
  • Smooshmelons
    It doesn't but some Christians take the fact that in the story of genesis there is no mention of life being created on other planets as "proof" God only created life on ours. Then again the bible also says were the center of the universe, the sun revolves around the earth and some quote seems to suggest that the earth is in fact a dome sitting on pillars and not actually spherical so I'm not sure I would trust biblical literalism for my scientific understanding of the universe.
  • MMLgamer
    Being a biblical literalist does not include the refusal to recognize phenomenal or relative language. It simply means we read and interpret the Bible as it is plainly written.
  • Smooshmelons
    Also some Christian sects do accept the possibility of alien life but those tend to be the ones that aren't idiots that read too much into the exact wording and story telling style of the Bible (such as Catholics).
  • invisiboy42293
    Not really. God's all-powerful, why would aliens be beyond His capabilities? Not that big a stretch.

    (I'm talking about real life theology, of course. This movie is a ginormous stretch.)
  • PatrickRivieraJr
    I never heard in the Bible or any of the books written by (many) religious men that we must trust in God becouse there are no be honest, there are many stories where there are aliens and men of faith togheter, and with a positive religiuos message.Even the movie shows that all the "signs" he didn't understand reveal a bigger drawing made by God to give the main protagonist another chance. Sorry for my bad english, is not my primary tongue.
  • Troodon
    Can't speak for what other religions believe, but as far as Christianity goes, nowhere in the Bible does it say aliens do not exist (it's completely silent on the issue either way). You can have all sorts of discussions about the religious implications that aliens existing would have I suppose, but if God can create one sentient species in the universe, what's so hard about believing he can create another one somewhere else? Don't see how aliens existing, if they do, would cause Christians any significant crisis of faith.

    Would have to say as far as the movie goes that if the accidental death of his wife caused him to lose his faith, it probably wasn't all that strong to begin with. You'd think a priest would have a much more nuanced view than "if bad things happen, it proves either God doesn't exist or he doesn't care." (I find it kind of odd that a Catholic priest was married with two children, but as I understand it, a man who is already married could become a priest; such a thing is not exactly condoned, but not technically forbidden either. Or maybe he wasn't exactly supposed to be Catholic in the movie; Catholics feel free to correct me on this point if you know better.)
  • Sisi
    Catholic Priests are forbidden to marry entirely, so, most likely Gibson's character was an Anglican priest or something along the lines of Protestant. He was called Reverend a couple times, but I think calling him Father was mistake, as I'm pretty sure, as a Catholic myself, that Father is only used for Catholic Priests.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    Right on both counts. Catholic priests are forbidden to marry and the term "Father" is only used for Catholic priests. This is part of that annoying "Christian = Catholic" theme that pops up in lots of writing and ends up making a story completely unbelievable to anyone who knows the slightest thing about the various Christian denominations.

    Of course, it only matters to whackos like me, but I'm still ticked off about it, dammit!
  • MihailoSRB  - ...
    Eastern Orthodox Christian priests can marry, and are called Father, but they also sport beards, which Gibson doesn't have...
  • doommagic
    It's possible that he's a Lutheran priest. Lutheranism have a lot in common with Roman Catholicism, but their priests are allowed to marry unlike Catholics.
  • Sewblon
    I am not sure but I think that you are thinking of Episcopalian/Anglicanism rather than Lutheranism.
  • Parasite
    I think mixing religion & aliens is a bad idea, period.

    *insert your own scientology joke here*
  • yoshimickster
    You've obviously never read Hinduism. Seriously, there's an ancient story where beings from beyond come in saucer like ships and infiltrate human society.
  • Lightice
    Short answer: no. Grand majority of the world religions (as in every single one except Evangelical Protestants) have taken the possibility of alien life into account, and deemed it possible within the constraints of their faith. I really hate when people try to make this statement, regardless of what point they're making, because it's so utterly, ridiculously mistaken, and a two minutes in Google could tell you this.

    But this movie still sucks, and the way Mel Gibson's faith is restored is still idiotically convoluted, and makes no sense. "Hit aliens with blunt instruments?" Really?
  • Ion Zone
    Gamer_Ely and others -

    Not at all, I'm not even sure why you would think that. A Vatican scientist (their head astronomer) has recently gone on record to say he would be delighted if first contact were made in his lifetime (as unlikely as he says this event is) and that aliens who wanted to join the Catholic church would be welcomed with open arms.

    http:// science/2010/sep/17/pope- astronomer-baptise- aliens
  • morius
    Ion Zone: The Vatican head astronomer is actually an Alien hunter. He wants to "baptize" them knowing that water will kill them!

    Now, seriously, the best part of Signs was when it was parodied in Scary Movie 3
  • Niru-kun
    Not scientology LOL
  • KouTheMad
    to be fair, God is supposedly a Omnipotent being, if he/she could create one species of Sapient species, what would prevent him/her from creating another?

    and to give a example of what Balto said, like every species in mass effect has a religion of some sort, and for a moment lets assume all human religions are wrong, one of their might not be.

    Its a more complex question then you realize.
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - I love you Critic sama sensei sanpai sensebain...k
    Of the directors that are hated/ people are tired of, three names reign supreme:
    George Lucas
    Michael Bay
    M. Night Shymamalama...Sama...Kun. ..
    Row Row Shymamalama!!!

    (By the way, was The Nostalgia Critic making a Skrillex reference with the screaming noises? It sounds like the first part after the singer says "I want to kill everybody in the world." At least to me it does.)
  • SpeedyEric
    Why must there be so many people not leaving Lucas and Bay? Why leve out the one who REALLY make crappy movies? Examples: Uwe Boll (Alone in the Dark), James Nguyn (Birdemic), Tom Green (Freddy Got Fingered), Tommy "Oh Hai, Mark" Wiseau, Joel Schumacher (Batman & Robin), Tom Six (Human Centipede).

    Seriously, people. Give Lucas and Bay a break.
  • Axel Osbourne
    Yes, SeedyEric, because nobody ever makes fun of those guy.
  • Lotus Prince
    "Why must there be so many people not leaving Lucas and Bay? Why leve out the one who REALLY make crappy movies? Examples: Uwe Boll (Alone in the Dark), James Nguyn (Birdemic), Tom Green (Freddy Got Fingered), Tommy "Oh Hai, Mark" Wiseau, Joel Schumacher (Batman & Robin), Tom Six (Human Centipede).

    Seriously, people. Give Lucas and Bay a break.

    Here's the thing.

    1. Boll's movies are ironically entertaining.

    2. Same goes for Nguyn's Birdemic.

    3. Tom Green only made the one movie.

    4. The Room is GLORIOUS.

    5. Schumacher's movies aren't that bad.

    6. The Human Centipede is indeed abominable, but there are two of them, and that's it.

    Bay and Lucas are still going strong, AND THEY NEED TO FREAKING STOP.
  • mumbls
    Not to mention that Joel Schumacher apologised for Batman and Robin.
  • Earl Grey  - I give you a reson
    because movies those guys made are terrible
  • dennett316
    Both Bay and Lucas have done good work in the past...Lucas more-so than Bay to be fair. Some of the dreck they've done in recent times has been so far below that standard that people get pissed off and disappointed.
    All those people you mentioned (other than Joel Schumacher...seriously, he goes on that list for one terrible film? He has a pretty damn solid filmography) have no expectations placed against them.

    In short, Bay and Lucas both should know better.
  • morius  - Really, dude?
    Yeah... Cause "Skrillex" invented screaming noises...

    I doubt Doug has such a bad music taste that he would listen to dubstep AND make references to it.
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Romaine lettuce is more nutritious than iceberg le

    Okay. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  • Kooshmeister
    God, I hate the cheap shots at the guy's surname. Shyamalan! It's not that hard to say or spell, and it isn't funny to pretend otherwise. If anything, it undermines the real, actual criticisms of the guy. What are you, six? If you really consider the "I can't properly spell or pronounce this foreign-sounding last name" the pinnacle of wit in you criticism of this guy, well, I pity you. I really do. When you resort to pretending you can't spell his name, you're basically reducing your criticism of the guy to elementary school levels of taunting and suggesting you have nothing of substance to say against him.
    Oh, yes. There's no way people could be making a reference to a funny line from a non profit fan based parody of a fan based parody, the show being the property of Masashi Kishimoto and TV Tokyo.

    Here's the title:
    Naruto the abridged comedy fan dub spoof series show, and movie, by Little Kuriboh.

    Little Kuriboh is also known as Cardgamesftw on
  • Ryo  - Pennis
  • ultramanmattia
    So the aliens are like Alan Scott:weak to wood.
  • Aural Aurum
    I don't know...the new Earth-2 Alan Scott seems to like wood just fine ;-)

    And thus concludes the most immature thing I will ever say on this site.
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - I have no cash, I'm just a fan. I have no life.
    So, let me get this straight. The Aliens say,

    "Do gla ick sou oop gleep nip oop glee anika geeka cha."

    "Ror ni oops na new nudgi?"

    "Coock sa i ne oo na ta!"

    "Orna imi, ook sa glee oop oo ga na uke…



    "Wou ee nah sla lee ah oxy u naru?!!"

    "Ah e, new ah it rule a i la! Cha it na a it oop a…

    ""DUGA !!!!""


    "Sack ee toa gee u da see ta ne da ta!"

    "Ru ni eh...!"

    "Put da it na da it sa ah ba."

    "Rotten ni, lolololololol"

    "Da! Da ! Da ! Da !"


    "Ga. Si na isa."

    "Ra ni ah ole."

    (Mel Gibson Speech)

    "Ga, me sunta ney?"

    "Se ta un a thader!!"

    "Dugo, Nisanella!!"

    "Po ti suna… Deselle!!!"

    "Pgeh se un,BLEH u e sor un riva una senta."

    "Ora a la le osla?"

    "Pga na ne ga gee zush a nob!"

    "Go raaa na oor?"

    "Tooka, zeh e masa mada enda anus!"

    "Oh boy."

    (Another Door)


    "Fu me clad!!!"
  • Derelix
    because amazing atheist did those exact same jokes.
  • Drain
    I hated this movie. This movie+Village basically torched his fame and really disappointed me. He then went on to actually write a WORSE movie with Lady in the Water, which I still consider to be his worst movie ever and also among the most worst most horrendous theater movies ever. How can a guy write great stuff then suddenly lose all his IQ and write crap? It's like he's the next John Hughes. "Remember me for the great stuff I once made... before I started making garbage."

    The aliens in this movie are like a joke except wrongfully placed in what was suppose to be a horror or thriller type movie. You pretty much summed it up by talking lowly about these pathetic aliens and this apparently now crack addicted writer.

    It all reminds me of War of the Worlds where the aliens basically drop dead from airborne contagions... which would logically never happen given their highly advanced technology. But at least the aliens in that movie were a threat... they killed people... they were burning towns... wiping out the Human resistance... wtf did the ones in this movie do? They cut crops... beat on a few doors... then got their asses handed to them by baseball bats and super soakers.

    Like Doug I must also wonder why they'd want to invade a planet 2/3 covered with water when simply touching it is severely lethal to their health. The military would seriously start arming troops with super soakers and water spraying gattling guns. They'd start dropping water balloons on the ships. Also, water sometimes falls from the sky... everywhere... ya, news flash aliens; it rains water here! You'd think that while inside their spaceships or from viewing the planet at a distance, they'd notice its weather conditions on top of the amount of clearly showing water on the surface... If they did ANY kind of research, surveys, or tests(Like a real logical race would have, including Humans), then they would have found out pretty quickly that water=bad and that maybe they shouldn't come or stay on this planet. But since these are among the most retarded of aliens ever written in serious movies, they are completely illogical and in reality never would have even been able to invent the ships they supposedly arrived here on.
  • Steve Potter
    Am I the only one who thinks "The Sixth Sense" isn't even a good movie?
  • ZXGundam1995
    the sound like their speaking mumbled japanese
  • yumekichigai
    I thought the same thing when I first saw the movie as a teen. The atmosphere alone would have killed them. It's not like they landed only severe deserts. That's when my great distaste for Shyamalan began. Movies like The Village just put him even deeper into his already deep pile of no talent.
  • jasonx472
    fucking A man and the kermit thing made it creepy lol
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - He's only the king of the whole...WOOOD!!!!!!
    The sub of the alien language was hilarious.
    Not only were the subs funny, but the emotion put into the voices of the aliens is what really made me laugh.
  • SpeedyEric
    Ah yes, a “Signs” review. I have been waiting for this puppy since you talked about reviewing it last year in your “Top 10 movies you hate but everyone else likes. Granted I haven’t seen this film from start to finished, but the reason is that I’m just not into M. Night Shyamalan

    3:56- I gotta admit, the part where the dog barks at Abigail Breslin and the non-emotional Culkin kid actually scared me.

    5:02- I agree about the acting so far. This film has started out being a higher budgeted version of a James Nguyn (director of Birdemic) film.

    9:50- This general reminds me of Bill Hader from SNL playing one for a sketch. He’s just too funny to take seriously.
    10:41- Or maybe the poster behind him is telling us that Uncle Sam is the alien.

    14:37- In the words of ChaosD1, “COINCIDENCES! DON’T! WORK THIS WAY!!!”


    19:02- Cheese ‘n’ Rice, They can’t go through on of the most FRAGILE of doors on this planet? Hasn’t the great and almighty Shyamalan ever seen Jurassic Park, and that we can see that raptors can open f**kin’ doors? I fully agree with Scary Movie 3, along with how stupid and unintentionally funny the Hershey’s Kisses hats are.

    22:55- Oh no, Mel Gibson’s wide angle lens is about to burst.

    24:33- Like I’ve said, I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve heard about the big twist which is really, really stupid as all hell. M. Night Shyamalan has one thing in common with Seth McFarlane: they both have completely removed themselves from reality.

    I can now see why in the holy hell Doug hates this movie, and I don’t blame him. The aliens are about as stupid as the Psychloes, the acting is about a wooden as a pantry door, and the story is more of a fan fiction I would have made in 5th grade.
  • BooRat  - SE
    Me too! I've been waiting for some reviews on movies like this! I saw this back when it 1st came out and I liked it the 1st time I watched it but it's one of those movies it's only good the 1st time you see it and afterwards it all falls apart!

    3:56- Me too but only because I thought I was about to see a dog attacking a little girl while her psychopathic brother watches, but after seeing the film you realize it was just sad because the dog dies!

    5:02- Yeah the acting is pretty bad or this world is populated by robots faking being human... that'd been a much better twist too!

    9:50- He reminds me of Sargent Hatred for some reason... might be the pedo-feeling he gives off with that face!
    10:41- Again another better twist!

    17:02- "Batman, J'onn's been drinking again! Something about missing his family or whatever! You know how that is you mind talking to him and bringing him home before he flashes some more underage Brazilian children!?"
    The Cloverfield monster at least look scary!

    19:02- I'd be disappointed if he didn't reference the fact that even Scary Movie 3 pointed out this plot point! And Charley Sheen is always right!
    But I do love the half ass excuse for why the aliens don't have weapons or protective clothing in this world conquering invasion... something about not giving us a reason to use our nuclear weapons... Yeah... that makes sense! XP

    24:33- I can totally agree with that statement! I still found it odd that Shyamalan worked on Stuart Little!
    I'm surprised that Doug didn't bring up how dumb a lot of the setups were like why all those glasses of water were threw-out the house! It's because the daughter is germiphobic and had a bad habit of getting a glass of water, taking 2-3 sips, and then leaving it and getting another glass!

    I totally agree with you and Doug on this it is pretty bad! And me I personal-ly hate them trying to hammer in a religious subplot into a movie about alien invasions... Unless they chose to reveal they weren't aliens but demons or vampires or some thing like that... The whole religion thing doesn't mesh well with the whole extraterrestrial thing very well to me!
    But, this movie's twist and story weren't nearly as terrible as the Village! That movie literally pissed me off that I paid to see it!
  • WarxePB
    I'm actually quite surprised it took him this long to do a Shyamalamaman movie, considering how infamously bad most of them are. I guess most of the really bad ones fall outside of his cutoff date.

    Honestly, I think that this movie is a perfect microcosm of Shyamalan's movie career: the beginning has some atmosphere and tension to it, only for the whole thing to collapse into unintentional hilarity by the end. Regardless of how you try to justify the aliens' weakness to water, it's still stupid for them to walk around unprotected and unarmed in an alien atmosphere.
  • DMaster
    Very good way to think about it. Though I would have to refute that insomuch that he made that awful stain on cinema known as The Last Airbender; that one isn't funny in the least, even if you've never even heard of the show.
  • Archedgar
    Whoa, never expected Signs to be reviewed by Doug
  • Matt J
    Man, never could sit through this one =/
  • Pokemon 1991  - Acting
    the acting seem stale or something
  • Loneheart
    Oh man that child “Acting” and pointless dialog.
    12:55 I thought they said the ships had some sort of forcefield. Like didn't people find birds with their skulls crushed from flying into them? or was that just because the ships were invisible at the time?
    19:00 Ahahaha! Thats classic Nostalgia Critic
    20:00 Bwahaha! just when I thought this review couldn't get funnier! I tip my hat to you, Critic.
    Also... am I the only person out there that liked Lady in the Water?
  • IDreamInTheStars  - Hmm
    Very good points, I was kinda hoping you'd bring up the pantry door. I actually had to pause it during the subtitle of the other aliens it was so funny! XD You and Rob are fantastic, I never actually realized how bad it was until I re watched it a couple years ago. Also, I have a slight feeling the next episode might be told via Stephen Hawking voice again haha.
  • j_remmi  - Gods Plan
    As usual, the "gods plan" story is really fucked up and horrible way to tell a story.

    Hm...Every story that has to do with a "god" message is always poorly done, and has terrible morals. Wonder why...?
  • invisiboy42293
    Bruce Almighty? It's A Wonderful Life? Angels With Dirty Faces? Seriously, you can't generalize about this stuff.

    (Which is not to deny the "God's plan" element in this movie is horrible, not to mention a pretty simplistic interpretation of Judeo-Christian beliefs.)
  • Lotus Prince
    "Bruce Almighty? It's A Wonderful Life? Angels With Dirty Faces? Seriously, you can't generalize about this stuff."

    Those movies featured God, sure, but the message at the end wasn't "God has a plan for this."

    Bruce Almighty was "Don't think that being God is easy. Just be a good person."

    It's a Wonderful Life is about how the protagonist's life is more rich than Potter's, despite him not actually being rich, in terms of money.

    Haven't seen Angels with Dirty Faces.

    But Signs was "Don't worry, guys; God has a plan," and that plan was LAAAME.
  • invisiboy42293
    True, but I think both Bruce Almighty and It's A Wonderful Life have sort of subtle "God's plan" themes to them (Angels with Dirty Faces is admittedly a bad example, but the guy seemed to be dismissing religious-themed movies in general and I kind of got stuck on that). I mean, both movies have guys questioning why God is giving them such horrible lives, only for a Divine element to show them that, respectively, "God is way more qualified to do this than you" and "So how's the beautiful wife and loving kids I gave you, eh?" Kind of a stretch, I guess, but at the very least there's definitely a subtle "Trust in God" theme in both movies.

    There are many reasons to dislike this movie, and especially the religious elements, but I don't think the mere presence of religion is one of those reasons (which is what I took the previous commenter to be implying). More likely, this was just another case of Hollywood types trying to make a profit off something they know nothing about.
  • Contrarian  - Pulp Fiction!
    That's one of my favorite movies. A hitman witnesses a miracle, decides to turn away from his life of sin an follow the path god lays for him. I'm an atheist, but it worked well for me.

    In The Truman Show god was a dick the protagonist had to escape. Also a great movie.

    Groundhog's Day is religious - but Buddhist.

    Fight Club is also religious, but in a very different way. It's about destruction of the ego in order to find your true self.
  • Lotus Prince
    "Hm...Every story that has to do with a "god" message is always poorly done, and has terrible morals. Wonder why...?"

    Because it's going with the source material it's given?

  • Kamdan
    Excellent choice! I've hated this movie since day one. I couldn't believe people were willing to sit on the floor for this film, since it was a sold out crowd.

    It made me sick to think that the Culkin family could crank out another breadwinner like Macaulay.

    It also makes me wish that Spielberg's Night Skies was made.

    Seeing that Newsweek of M. Night of Newsweek is a sure-fire way to set yourself up to fall hard. I remember an interview with Tim Burton during the time Batman came out where people were calling him that and he said, "No." Thank Christ for his modesty, unlike M. Night.
  • ladydiskette
    I never really saw the movie myself, the only instance I ever saw of it was when it was spoofed in Scary Movies 3.

    And on M. Night's behalf I did like "The Village" I thought it was good and had descent dark atmosphere and unsettling suspence. And I had no qualms with "The Happening".

    But I really think "Lady in the Water" was when he really started slipping before "The Last Airbender" blew up in his face.

    4:00-Yeaaaaaaah, where I come from, when we have a dog acting "funny" ......we take him out Old "Hydrophobia" Yeller style.
  • richtv
    This review was kind of slow to start, mostly because the movie was draggy as hell, but it really got better as it went along. I really laughed as the insanity of the plot began to be revealed. I get the feeling this movie was a lot different in the head of whoever came up with this half baked idea. Was this supposed to be scary or what???? And water was their weakness. WATER???? Nice review as usual.
  • lilbird  - Guilty pleasure
    I said it once, I'll say it again. I believe any movie has the potential to be good. This movie had the potential, it just wasn't handled very well.

    I don't mind the movie, but I do admit that it's pretty bad, which may be why a lot of people find it enjoyable. Everyone's pointing out the bad writing, the bad use of cinematography, the bad acting and dialogue, so on and so forth. This could indeed be the start of the bad Shyamalan movies. If he didn't give away the twist in about half-way, then maybe it wouldn't have been too bad. There were hints throughout the movie, but it did feel rather forced. Even then, the plot holes were pretty big. I don't think the dogs' roles were ever explained.

    Still, this is better than most of the other movies after this, but nothing can top Sixth Sense, sadly his only good film. When will Shyamalan learn from his mistakes? Heck, can he even SEE his mistakes? A good director finds out his weak points and works to strengthen them up in the next film. He somehow only looked at his strong points (which were the twist endings), and just hadn't looked back, which is undoubtedly his downfall. And I pity the man for it.
    "I said it once, I'll say it again. I believe any movie has the potential to be good. This movie had the potential, it just wasn't handled very well."

    So what you are saying is: this movie could have been good, but since it was done badly, it wasn't good?

    How insightful. And we all know that any movie has the potential to be good. That is why movies are made, and why people go to see them. No one intends to make a bad movie. In the case of 'signs' there have been other good Alien Invasion movies, like 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' and (imo) 'War of the Worlds'.
  • ninethrizzle
    Thanks for only watching the first 30 seconds and immediately posting a troll comment :D you're awesome!
  • TinaGuglielmi
    I "like" this movie because even though its stupid, its still entertaining. I can't believe you didn't mention "MOVE CHILDREN, VAMINOS!"
  • Pokemon 1991
    The wrost aliens ever if they can't get in because of wood
  • WinterDeathPeach  - Boring
    Oh Signs the only M Night Shyamalan I've never been able to sit through because I find it so boring and I watch Lady in the Water in one sitting, I could actually feel my brain cells die from that movie
  • ladydiskette
    Okay I am curious, in the other movie like "The Sixth Sense" they built up the twist that Bruce Willis was actually a ghost based on vague subtle clues. But here, they had given no subtle clues that the aliens' weaknesses were water.

    Unless I am missing something that Critic didn't go over....
  • TheCafeDisco  - 3
    I loved this movie until I saw the full alin at the end. Then it got stupid. Water kills the aliens? Really?
    But yeah the birthday party scene scared the shit out of me.
  • LDSocrates
    When I was a kid and this movie was popular, I didn't go see it because I thought it was a scary movie. I had no idea until now that this movie was just so STUPID. Time sure makes fools of us all, doesn't it?
  • The_Mastermind
    Funny thing, I watched the review BEFORE actually looking through your top 10 films you hate, since I just skipped over it completely. After taking a look at that top 10 I understand this more. Need to pay more attention to these things I guess.

    I remember seeing this film in my religion class for the same exact message put into this film, and I do believe that in a religious POV, this movie is good because of the message, BUT in a alien/paranormal fan's POV, the message wasn't needed and felt rushed, too rushed honestly. And I remember that Scary Movie 3 scene, good memories. And yes, aliens dieing of water did seem stupid (But for some reason it worked with Invader Zim, if anyone saw that episode.).

    So for religious people, they might like this film, for everyone else, it was M. Night's first nail in the coffin.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    (But for some reason it worked with Invader Zim, if anyone saw that episode.)

    Well, first off, Zim is a comedy. Plus, Zim overcomes the weakness, then completely owns Dib.

    This is just a bunch of idiots who should know better (hadn't they been on Earth for awhile? And they never ran into this issue, and tried to overcome it?) running around naked in an alien environment, and getting what they deserve for being so stupid.
  • IntFam
    I liked this movie because atmosphere. If you ignore the ridiculous "aliens are killed by water" plot hole, it's a fairly good exercise in suspense.

    The big reveal on the television genuinely startled me because of the tension that was built leading up to it.

    Granted, this movie isn't for repeated viewings. Once is enough.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    I totally admit the movie creeped me out when I saw it (in the theater). The scene with the dad seeing the reflection of the alien in the tv... O_O

    But, yeah, it doesn't stand up to repeat viewings or really any sort of scrutiny.
  • darkness shade sonata
    mel gibson shouting "I AM IN EXTREME ANGER!!" made the entire movie worth it for me
  • Haon
    Actually, he yelled "I'M INSANE WITH ANGER!" But both were funny.
  • TheEpicStickMan
    From what I've seen so far with some of your reviews, to take things in face value too much. Dig deeper and you just might find reason as to why some were the way they were in the movie. I like to think that you have a more analytic opinion on the movie instead of the comedic review one. Yes, I liked this movie and YES I liked Lady in the Water. But that's my taste, not everyone will agree on everything.
  • dennett316
    Care to actually share your take as to what the Critic missed? It's all very well saying something like that while providing zero contrary opinion to back it up. If you want some of Doug's unfiltered analysis, check out his list of movies he hates.

    I will say, I think there are no depths to's message is extremely blunt and telegraphed, not subtle in any way and entirely nonsensical as the Critic stated. It is a boring mess of a film with wall to wall terrible performances, unnatural dialogue and some of the dumbest writing I've seen in a mainstream movie.
  • MihailoSRB  - ?!


    What is so deep there? It is terrible!
  • Bussani
    Well, this pretty much summed up my opinion of the entire movie. I remember when it was new, and everyone told me I just had to see it and that it was great. After watching it for the first time, I honestly thought they'd trolled me; but, of course, it turned out they really did think it was good. To this day, I still can't understand it...but to each their own, I guess.

    By the way, at 20:35, you used "who's" where you should have used "whose"!
  • HanSK
    why do I have the feeling you are saying this only because the Critic said it
  • Semudara
    Or maybe, just maybe, the Critic ISN'T the only one who dislikes it despite its positive reception.

    Gasp! People actually have opinions in common sometimes!? I bet I just blew your mind.
  • TheRedEagle22
    I've always been at least mildly entertained by M. Nights movies but after the travesty that is The Last Airbender my faith in him is just completely gone.
  • PokeRogue22  - Wow!
    The review is so early this week (not that I'm complaining). I tried watching this movie, but I just never got past the first 15 minutes. It was just boring to me. Maybe that's because I don't like alien movies (except most of the Predator movies). I just don't understand all the theories around how to kill them either. I can understand them not being able to take our diseases, but being killed by water? Really? Can't they be more creative than that?
    This was a very funny review. I wasn't expecting this to make me laugh, since I found Signs so boring in the first place, but Doug is so funny I couldn't help but laugh.
    Great review NC and I can't wait for next week already!

    P.S.: What WAS up with the door thing?
  • Dancing_Satyr
    There is a story with aliens where their weakness is water that actually makes sense.

    In it they have a metalic organic structure for a body and most of their internal functions work through a perfect balance of electric potential and discharge. If any amount of water or conducting liquid infiltrates their bodies they instantly go into shock and die.

    But thanks to their extra strong metalic skin that allows them to survive in vacuum for extended periods of time and resist diamond tipped drills without a dent, this weakness is not cripplingly stupid like in this movie.

    Ok... this is random. But, what the hell, just in the mood to share.
  • MihailoSRB  - ...
    They have extra strong metallic skin... Yet they cannot get through doors?
  • Semudara
    Try reading that again before you comment. He was talking about a different story, and did not say they were weak to DOORS in that one.
  • mknote
    Huh, was looking for Linkara, got NC. Must have uploaded early.
  • Travoltron
    I wonder if people liked the concept better than the actual movie. The thought of aliens crawling around in your house trying to get to you is scary. Too bad nobody has really done this idea well. CEOT3K came closest, but back then they really couldn't show the creatures. Poltergeist was originally going to be about aliens and I wish they would have gone that route.
  • DMaster
    It would've been done much better for a horror concept if it hadn't been a worldwide phenomenon.
  • Holland
    I thought signs was an okay movie, actually. Aside from the lil bro's acting.
  • PatrickRivieraJr  - I'm okay with it!
    I'm with you; "That’s just like, your opinion, man”, like the Dude would say: I enjoyed this movie, and the idea of a grand design behind the death of the wife is good; she's dead, but with her death is not only a challenge, a test for the main character, but give him the way to save their children...she didn't die invain, in the end!God works in misterious way: that's the point!And the signs are everywhere, just: we don't understand them untill the time is right.Okay, I agree that the movie is not a masterpiece, but I can stand its flaws and mistakes. Its message is simple, but good: not al movies can achieve this. But no one has to agree with me: I like a lot of stuff that people despite. And, Nostalgia Critic, just one thing: please, scream less times in next wasn't bad as the finale of "The Hunting" (your screams driven me mad that time!), but your voice can be annoying when too loud (but, as I said at the beginning, it's just my opinion).
  • LDSocrates
    Its message is simple but dumb. God as portrayed in this movie is an idiot; there's "mysterious ways" and then there's outright pointlessness. Also, methinks you indulged in a few daiquiris last night when you wrote this, judging by the grammar.
  • dennett316
    Ugh, criticise and counter his opinion, not petty crap like grammar, we all make mistakes. Grammar nazis are the worst....unless it's completely unreadable, it's not a valid complaint.
  • TooMuchFreeTime  - um..den?
    Grammar wasn't the only thing he brought up. He did in fact counter the opinion. Sounds you speak from personal experience and wanted to vent.
  • PatrickRivieraJr
    Sorry for my bad grammar, but it's not my tongue...the surname (Riviera) didn't make it clear? About the portrait of God...I'm kinda okay with the one who's in the movie: I don't think it's a dumb portrait; but I enjoyed a lot of stuff that almost everyone despite, so I can be proved wrong. Saluti from Italy
  • MihailoSRB  - .
    I haven't watched all of the NC reviews, but I believe screaming is his trademark of sorts...
  • Mattteus
    yep, high pitch screaming is his trademark
  • poisontongue

    What a God.
  • OrphanCrazed
    I agree with the loud part, he's funny don't get me wrong, but the pantry part was good when it went from the shot of him saying everything to use but the pantry , but then when the text and all the screaming...that may have been alittle much...just a tad. He's still great though.
  • Zinle
    I'm no actor myself, but I honestly just can't say he was even acting. I mean; I know that bad acting is acting too, but I don't usually count it as acting. More like...You know..."trying to act" -sorta thing.
    Characters like these are NOT interesting and are extremely dull, they want us to take them seriously but that's impossible and lastly; they need no acting skills to play a character like that. ...So for what reason they pop out like mushrooms in rain?!

    Anyway; I honestly can't understand why so many movies are full of these non emotional characters... Even C3PO manages to show emotions, even though he was supposed to be character who can't express any feelings while still constantly doing so. And that is just brilliant.
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