Mr. Magoo

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Comments (310)
  • Lyonearth  - umm?
    Is it just me, or is Doug’s face getting fatter?
  • Spiritkitten
    I haven't seen this movie...and I never was into the Magoo cartoon as a kid. But I actually do like Leslie Nielson in almost anything he was in.

    BTW, Nice lead in to the mid-commercials. I didn't know you watched Jay Leno.
  • August M.
    That was Late Show with David Letterman.
  • Spiritkitten
    really? whoops! whenever I watch late night shows they always seem to run together cause I'm so tired at that hour...then I fall asleep.
  • August M.
    Don't worry, most of them have been very similar lately.
  • LikaLaruku
    I miss Leslie Nielson; always wanted him & George Gaynes to do a movie together. 2 problems though; both of them are dead & American writers forgot how to make movies funny.
  • ladydiskette
    Leslie Nielson is a funny actor, but I think they should have chosen Ed Asner to play the part of Mr. Magoo. Not only would he have looked the part but is also a funny actor as well, so you still would have gotten a win-win scenerio.

    Oh well, R.I.P Nielson. You did your best and its all that counts.
  • Ctu
    What mid-commercials? I never saw any :)
  • kbea
    I hear that! High five for ad-blockers!
  • Floweramon
    Congradulations, you stole part of Doug's income.
  • DogoHalibar  - Doug
    I don't think so.
  • Haon
    Wait! In the credits, did Doug spell his OWN LAST NAME incorrectly?! Geez. I think Doug is the one with vision problems.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Both his last name AND his brother's last name. Twice.

    Doug believes in A Better Amercia!
  • Extreme-Madness  - re:Cinnamon Scudworth
    Maybe he did it deliberately because of the story in movie?
  • Mucca
    Well, he did say in his first fuck-ups video that he tends not to spell check these things.
  • Undertaker91
    but its pretty bad when you spell your own last name wrong
  • ladydiskette
    Something tells me that Rob is not going to let him hear the end of it. lol XD
  • MitchTacy
    Is he absolutely certain he's not doing another "Fuck-Up" video?
    Doesn't really matter, though; this was still a great review, as per usual. Nice work, Doug 'n' Rob!
  • Artista-AF
    you mean becauce of the Rob WAKER thing xD well all the typos counts as one single Fuck Up in the first part XD
  • Kamdan
    Ernie Hudson probably isn't doing too much if he has to appear in his Ghostbusters costume at conventions.
  • Whisky Tango Foxtrot
    He's voicing a regular character in the current Transformers series. Not sure if he's doing anything else.
  • Kamdan
    I always thought Doug was a "Waker!"
  • Banquo
  • kic01
    um no he looks great...I wish I could do him!
  • knightsintodreams  - that's kind of mean
    maybe he's in a relationship and got happy?
  • Chloekittie
    maybe its not Doug who's acting anymore, maybe its his long lost third brother Bert? Bert is an albino black woman with three legs and one wing on her/his thigh and speaks broken Japanese

    ...Does this answer your question?
  • AceTygra82
    Unless he models for Calvin Kline Underwear on the side I dont think that really matters! LOL
  • Floweramon
    What is everyone talking about, Doug doesn't look fat....
  • Frogga
    its just you
  • Valis77
    nah thats just the HD image doing that
  • Drain
    Another nice review. I loved Leslie Nelson and he will always be one of the greatest comedians ever(I loved Spyhard and his Dracula), but this movie gave him nothing to work with and was a total waste of his potential. I didn't hate the movie back when it was new... but I just didn't find it funny either. What was suppose to be comedy was instead just a boring film from start to finish and I honestly think the only reason I finished it at all back then was because I had nothing better to do that day.

    To this day, as it stands now, Leslie Nelson's name is the only reason people will ever look back at this otherwise forgettable movie. People will look through his Filmography list and see Mr. Magoo, and say, "What's that? Oh ya that's that boring ass movie about that blind guy..." R I P buddy, you were my favorite comedian actor and the ONLY reason I bothered to watch some trash such as Scary Movie 4.(I was like, ya this is gunna suck cock and balls, but it's got Leslie Nelson in it, so I got to see it.)
  • The Connoisseur
    Nice! (hopefully you don't hurt his feelings though)
  • Reliena
    it's just you...
  • koolgool
    I actually think he looks a little thinner in this one.
  • Spottedfeather
    I was thinking the exact opposite. The last few months, I thought that he was ill or something. He is looking way too thin.
  • Teacup
    It's the lighting.
  • Applemask
    It's you. It's your FACE.
  • haakon  - ?
    i can't notice anything different ^^
  • KnightVision
    i'm guessing TMZ fired you?
  • rubens
    I watched this entire video 2 seconds after it has been posted, yes I'm awesome so that's why I'm writting a comment
  • ResidentC
    Love the review Mr. Critic :)

    I always get confused between Malcolm McDowell and Leslie Nielsen. So weird..
  • ktCATSbone
    Good review

    shame on the mean comments
    He looks fine
  • Gildedtongue
    Yeah. Leslie Neilsen can be hysterical, but only if there's a damned good writer backing him up. Airplane, the Naked Gun movies and the Police Squad show, certainly are damned good, but then he made this, or that "The Fugative" rip off, erm, 'spoof,' rather. Hell, even "Dracula: Dead and Loving it" written during the less-than-funny period of Mel Brooks shows that just 'cause you hire someone for a movie, doesn't mean it'll strike gold.
  • Lim  - Agreeing w/you by extolling something you mentione
    Police Squad! was hilarious, and I hope it finds a big following on video. Anyone reading this who hasn't seen it should check it out.

    I think it was on a commentary that someone said it didn't work on tv because you really had to watch it to get it, and most people sort of veg out or are doing other things when they are watching tv.
  • Drain
    Dracula Dead and Loving It was a great movie in the 90s and really funny at the time. But you're right about an actor being unable to carry a film. This movie gave him nothing to work with. In other movies he was comedic gold. Spyhard with epic Weird Al music spoofing will always be one of my favorites.
  • August M.
    Can't blame you, Mr Magoo has never been funny(It's like they tried to make a Popeye that is understandable to listen but has terrible eyes as a result).

    The only thing that I ever enjoyed of Mr. Magoo was the 1959 animated movie "1001 Arabian Nights," and it's because the supporting cast provides the jokes that are actually witty and well told. It's the only thing Mr. Magoo related that is worth watching.

    As for the movie, it's stupid. I found it more stupid than the cartoon itself yet it is also insulting to it.
  • Saint Boot  - New here!
    Great review! keep up the good work NC!

    I have actually been coming here lots, but havent made an account before now.....
  • ResidentC
    Same with me :D First time I comment on a vid; watched the NC reviews a thousand times + lately also vid's from the Blockbuster Buster & Diamanda Hagan but never really commented though...
  • Demien van Cope
    Drinking song from Verdi's Traviata in viking setting? And this is not Wagner?
    This movie insults my intelligence -_-
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - It's not it?
    Awesome. I get to be the first person to see the rev- (looks at comments already posted)
    (sighs)Never mind.
    Mr. Magoo is a Disney movie?
  • Shocksuspect
    The Peter Dinklage joke was a little out of taste don't ya think?
  • Carteeg_Struve
    I know. I loved Prince Caspian.

    The ape was his second most popular role.
  • lilbird  - Oh, Magoo. You've done it again!
    How near-sighted was Disney when they agreed to produce this movie?


    “No one was able to finger her”? How did that get past the radar? Oh wait, it was the `90s under the Disney name.

    This reminds me of Inspector Gadget, only that movie was slightly worse. What was it about Disney taking classic cartoons and butchering them. Was it to one-up their ego with their own movies or something?
  • datwan96  - Hilarious
    I love your witty writing, it's extremely funny and well placed. I also have to hand it to you Mr. Critic, those ad lead-in scenes are the best part of the review sometimes and this one is no exception, great job Mr. Critic!
  • john420420
    Awesome. Not a crossover, which means I can enjoy it!
  • DarkBee
    Go whine somewhere else (and watch Welshy's latest review on Blip, where he makes fun of people like you).
    Another solid review.
  • Dakota The Mad
    Pretty good job Mr. Critic. I was also impressed how you transitioned into the ad midway through the review. Best I've seen since you started putting commercials in the middle of them. Keep it up.
  • Toucanbird
    Wow, this sure got uploaded early.
  • AngelFeathers  - Meh
    I saw this movie in theaters and found it...meh. The Mr. Magoo cartoons were funny and endearing in their own way but this movie just fell flat. Awesome review! Would you ever do an old vs. new of Clash of the Titans or The Borrowers the John Goodman version?
  • pinky75910
  • Anne Boleyn the Jokeress
    I agree with Doug...I never really thought Mr. Magoo was funny. Even as a child, a time when I liked everything, I didn't get a laugh out of him. Then again, I saw the Christmas special before anything else, so...
  • j_remmi  - Funnier than the movie
    Thank you for taking this unfunny material and make it hilariously entertaining.
  • Fangheart
    actually, I never really found......ANY cartoons from before the 80s to be all that funny either. they aren't bad, they're very very good, but they just never stuck me as particularly very funny...and yes, that includes Tom and Jerry, Loony Tunes, ALL cartoons from before they 80s. again, don't get me wrong, I do think they are very entertaining, and I do think they are a little funny. just not VERY funny.
  • SpeedyEric
    I was wondering if you’ll ever get to reviewing the Mr. Magoo movie starring the late Leslie Neilson as the titled character (mostly because it has a 3.5/10 star rating on IMDB). I’ve watched this film a few times when it was being played on The Disney Channel back in early 2000.

    I actually find the Battleship film a fun watch if you played the board game or enjoy watching alien invasion movies (GO TO HELL, SKYLINE!)

    I still find Jennifer Garner hot as hell (even when she played Elektra), and thank god she found a career after this film. =)

    3:55- LOL! “The Dark Knight Rises” is gonna rock.

    5:06- We all know Mr. Hudson is only doing crap like this for the steady paycheck.
    7:07- This shows why Ernie Hudson will always be awesome.

    Thank you very much for bringing back “I WAS FROZEN TODAY” back on this show, Doug.

    16:17- I feel like watching “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” after watching this review, but I don’t know why.

    I agree that the Mr. Magoo films is a thrown-together slapstick fest with a few funny moments, and it’s probably a good thing that I haven’t watched this film from start to finish in over a decade.

    Rob, you were great as Psychotic Mr. Magoo. I couldn’t stop laughing while NC was getting the $h!t beaten out of him off-screen.
  • BooRat  - SE
    Me too! I forgot all about this movie existing! I only saw this movie because of Disney Channel as a kid because unlike the Dudley Do-Right and Rocky and Bullwinkle movies I didn't grow up watching Mr. Magoo's old cartoon!

    I liked it too for a good old fashion mindless action movie! I wasn't annoyed with it as I was with Transformers as this didn't have pre-established characters to mess up. It's still no Independence Day, but they've been trying to recapture that movie's magic for years!

    I like her too! she looks so young here like jailbait young so that built in movie romance seems off...

    3:55- It better if it hopes to defeat the Avengers!

    5:06- He's still doing better than the other Ghostbusters to me!

    I was frozen today!

    I've seen better movies like this with Mr. Leslie Neilson! I miss that old fart!

    That was one of the best review enders we've ever got! Reminds me of a Nick Swardson skit... There are no such thing as blind businessmen!
  • JehuTron  - @SpeedyEric
    For the love of God, would you stop whining about Skyline?! it's really getting annoying as hell! did it stole your lunch money when were a kid? knock it off!
  • KMA10k
    Wow. That 'long cock in me' bit strikes me as one of the dirtier NC jokes I've ever seen. Incidentally, also one of the most hilarious.

    The ending sequence was the best thing by far, though. That was amazing.
  • A-welCruiz  - Waker?
    Is there a reason you misspelled your own name in the end credits, Doug? Repeatedly? Is it supposed to be a blind joke? Because that's kinda reaching if it is.

    Good review, though.
  • PGrunty
    I'm in full agreement: the cartoon was dull as a rock and this movie was painful to sit through, even here. this one might go in my list of NCs I can't rewatch, simply because the movie being reviewed is that bad.
  • americananimeotk
    Ernie Hudson really should fire his agent, especially after getting stuck in that piece of shit Dragonball Evolution.
  • Drain
    He was also in Congo! Although to his credit that movie had to look more promising than THIS one, both in plot and in the character he got to play. This one however, you just know had to look like trash even before it started filming. Maybe he really liked the cartoon?
  • scottydu81
    fantastic job, mr WAKER! that was a very good review, mr WAKER! i look forward to the next one, WAKER!
  • TheCafeDisco  - yay
    Love that you brought the I was frozen today back for this review! One of my favorite jokes!
  • isu_wxman78  - Good review!
    Who are Doug and Rob Waker?
  • TheToonReviewer
    Doug is the nostalgia critic or that guy with the glasses or bum that's Doug and Rob is his brother
  • kevin_video
    I think the person who Doug and Rob were was referring to the fact that Doug spelled his own last name wrong.
  • Devochka
    What's funny is he didn't make that typo once, but three or four times. I bet he spilled something on his L key. XD
  • MasterRay22
    Great Review.If your looking for a movie to review you should do a movie named cat's don't dance.
  • Ebalance
    Sorry, but I don't think that's such a bad film. I give you that it's silly, but I must give it props for the good songs. Also if you're going to make a list of bad kid's movies take a look at the stuff they're trying to sell nowadays... EVERY SINGLE TIME I look at those MADAGASCAR posters I LITERALLY FEEL SICK TO MY STOMACH.
    Somehow people got the idea into their heads that CGI animation will sell ANYTHING. WHY? WHY?
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