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Comments (645)
  • Fangheart
    I LOVED that ending. and does anyone else think the present day Mara Wilson is kinda hot?

    oh btw, the way you described that Rabi scene, that's also a PERFECT description of Adventure Time.
  • Hollywood Z
    Yep, she looks kind of hot, especially when she's pissed off. :)
  • Schizoid
    I will definitely agree on the hotness of Mara Wilson. I had wondered how Doug would respond to the Tweet-fest between Mara and Team TGWTG since he himself is not on Twitter. It was really interesting watching the Twitter feed that night.

    I'm a bit shocked that Doug and I shared the same style of frames as teenagers. Freaky. Now if only I had applied myself as much as Doug had maybe I'd be as successful as him and pissing off child actresses who grow up to be hot and vengeful.
  • Moreno X
    That's what's disturbing about her. She was like that as a kid and still is.
  • StrayZer0  - nope
    she looks semi retarded with lisp and an underbite.
  • Clinton
    I'd love to see her make more cameos. She'd be excellent as a new nemesis for the Critic.
  • morius
    Hmmm... Why would you want more cameos by her? If she did more cameos then they wouldn't be special. Why do some people like overdoing things and then they complain that they have been overdone?

    Now, this one was a pretty cool cameo. It kinda takes away some of the bad taste left by all the pointless cameos in the Ponyo review.

    Although I must say, it would've been great if Mara Wilson had mentioned that Matilda is not that good or something, kinda like a jab against those who went ape*** over the whole Matilda review thing.
  • jz1337
    What so now one time is enough and any more than that is overdoing it? If he were to do any more reviews of her movies, her showing up again doesn't seem like overkill
  • Mattteus
    I was thinking the same thing!
  • Famous Aqua Dragon  - Maybe...
    Or at least for next week, they could review Matilda together, or maybe in the style of his James and the Giant Peach review
  • LilacElf82
    Yeah, she's hot.... And I'm a chick!
  • Chloekittie
    i feel the same way |:3
  • knightsintodreams
    the ending was awesome, but when he said "Bothell, WA" i pissed a little. i thought she had found my home movies (for some reason XD)
    i love the critic even more for being from here~
  • Thessa
    When I saw her I immediately thoughed that she´s hot too. :D So cool that she did this cameo.
  • SkitsAreStupid
    Was it only obvious to me that the broken wand made 'Little Rabbit' turn into 'Giant Rabbi'?
  • TheBookGeek
    Omg, there was a somewhat legitimate joke in there. That I actually kinda find funny now that I get it....

    Damn, now I feel dirty.
  • SlappyMeats
    It's cool man, I got it :)
    I tried to guess how he'd fuck it up, so I assumed "Giant Rabbit". Much to my surprise, a Mel Brooks gag showed up.
  • crunchsaysthis
    Crunch thinks Mara Wilson grew up hot. Crunch also thinks the same thing happened to Emma Watson.
  • Nieroshai
    I must meet this Crunch. He sounds like a pretty sensible guy who knows what's going on.
  • Yushatak
    Crunch is a cool guy - he likes grown-up child actresses and doesn't afraid of anything.
  • kurokotetsu
    Mara Wilson is indeed hot. I do not understand how you can doubt yourself on that account. What is funny for me is that just seeing this I was wondering "Where is Mara Wilson now?" as the review was about to finish. I got my answer, she is being awesone by being a guest cameo in NC. Fun life.

    Kudos Mr. Critic, for a great review and for bringing a really unexpected and funny comeo of a movie star (your show is getting big). And also kudos to Miss Wilson for being a great cameo (vendictive and funny). And to both for being to laugh at themselves this way. A great review.
  • jefferheffer
    I thought she was hot even before i saw your question, she looks very sexy mmmmmmm
  • scottydu81
    kinda hot?!? she was stunning! absolutely stunning!
  • StrayZer0  - lmfao
    u lying bastard, either that or u really don't have any idea what stunning is.
  • Plotspider  - WOW
    Wow. Mara Wilson. Good on ya. And yeah, she's pretty hot.

    The Rabbi scene...ahhh...Rabbit without the t. Now I get it. Diagon...alley vs. Diagonally. The universe has been put in perfect order! I get it now! I know the meaning of lif.
  • cvrpapc
    Lol. Shes pretty good looking now. But surprise...She wasn't bad looking as a kid either.

    When I saw that rabbi scene I almost shot beer out of my nose. That was so fucken hilarious.

    One of the best NCs ever! Made me laugh after a fucken hard day! Thanks Mr. Walker!
  • SlappyMeats
    I can't blame ya: beer does tend to make scenes like that funnier in the first place XD
  • mrskippy
    I think she looks a LOT like Pushing Up Roses.
    Is that just me?
  • Moogleknight24
    Roses is a redhead.
    And wore glasses.
    And has visible tattoos (Apparently)

    Sorry but I can't see it.
  • DeviantSon13
    Actually, I must agree. Present day Mara is pretty smokin'. =P
  • Valis77
    I knew she was a cute piece of ass.
  • chakotay24
    Yeah she is hot. The ending was epic!!!!! Well Done Mr. Walker. Well Done!!!!!!
  • Paradox Hunter  - I disagree
    Shes not kinda hot, shes very hot, she is to kinda hot like cocaine is to kinda a hard drug,

    Mara Wilson is one hell of a drug is I guess what I'm saying
  • Xsujint  - Hell yah
    I'd stick it in her ear.
  • DanniDarko
    Yeah sort of...got better acting too.
  • St1gar
    Wait, she's supposed to be 25? She looks like she's at least 40. :(
  • StrayZer0  - yep
    didn't age well lol she looks spaghetti brained as well
  • Drain
    I think I nearly shit my pants when this ending hit. I was like, "What, is that REALLY HER? NO WAY" Mara Wilson is now awesome for willing to cameo. Well known fact Mara, cameos in internet videos make you awesome! All the cool kids are doing it. Also anyone willing to entertainment me at Doug's expense wins my admiration.(Which includes himself, ironically)
  • StrayZer0  - erm... no...
    the present day Mara Wilson looks like she has downs.
    she also comes across as a pompous internet white knight who would ridicule and rant on someone if they said things like LOL or didn't use proper abbreviations.
    she was an adorable and very deserving child star but now it just looks sad to see her, she didn't age well at all, lol anybody who finds her "hot" needs to go get their glasses checked out :)
    done and done.
  • AlucardsQuest
    It's okay to be gay. I think if you wait 5 minutes Mitt Romney will be okay with it for an an hour.
  • lcyw20
    You do realise that the end of the review was all scripted, right?

    And sure, she is no longer the cute little girl from years ago. I wouldn't say she is the prettiest woman in the world, but she does have certain attractive qualities. Don't ask me to name them, it's too hard to say.
  • Chronikelor
    Huh, I always thought they were uploaded to Blip before this site.

    I'm neutral towards this film, nice review of it, Doug. Though seeing how much you dislike Mara Wilson's acting in this film, I'm not surprised you hated Matilda so much outside of your disliking of Roald Dahl's storytelling methods.
  • JunkWatcher
    They ARE uploaded to Blip before this site. In fact, the videos aren't even uploaded to this site at all. They use embedded links to show them here.

    He didn't dislike her acting in this film. 19:42 "and to her credit, Mara Wilson, isn't all that bad in this"
  • TheDued92
    Good job bro, keep up the good work. Never saw that ending coming.
  • TheTannedOtaku
    Ooh! The title card's up for a change
    ...AND there's a cameo
    A Drop Dead Fred mixed with Little Monsters?

    Your early "acting" I don't know if I should laugh, sympathize, or vomit...
    (At least you aged well)
  • KingGramJohnson  - Friggen awesome!
    That had to be one of the best cameos EVER! How in the world did you get her to do that? I was laughing my head off!

    Well done review. Thanks!
  • TheHorrorGuru
    Okay, this video went from good to great once the cameo hit. XD Funny as hell.
  • ladydiskette
    I have to admit ever since I saw Martin Short in that one episode of Law and Order: SVU I have never taken his comedy roles seriously.

    Although I would love to see Mara Wilson guest star in a Law and Order episode. That would be kinda cool.

    And I loved the ending: Mara Wilson pwned you good Doug lol. XD
  • Soufriere
    Mara WAS in a Law & Order episode. I think it was SVU, several years ago shortly before she quit acting. She played the teenage daughter of some family that was tangentially connected to the case. I can't remember what episode it was, I'm afraid, but I recognized Mara immediately. What can I say? I've always been something of a casual fan of hers.

    For what it's worth, I just checked out her blog. She's a pretty good writer.
  • The ultimate gamemaster
  • musiclover9293
    What about the Animaniacs Tribute? She is technically the 6th celebrity to be on on here. But she is the first live action actress. Which is still AWESOME!!!!
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Yeah, I'm with musiclover. The Animaniacs staff should count, they're awesome.
  • MeowthRocket
    Hee hee, can't get enough of that "Fuckin' Bubbles" guy!

    Stoners adventure doing Mad Libs... priceless!

    Wah pedal... ALWAYS funny!!

    BEST.... ENDING.... EVER!!!!
  • Cassmi  - What?
    Agreed, the "wah wah waaaaah" bit was funny but it has nothing to to with a wah pedal though. o_O That would be a guitar/bass effect pedal.
  • Banquo
    Words cannot describe the utter disappointment this movie is. That was a great beating you gave it Critic! And the beating you received from Mara Wilson, too.

    Supplemental: Will you ever critique "Death To Smoochy"?
  • FullofQuestions
    Wow, one of the few Mara Wilson movies I haven't seen-guess I'm not missing out.

    But that ending had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt. I thought the Flashback videos were the funniest- I was wrong. Guess I should just be glad that I didn't have a video camera at that age.

    And I didn't even recognize Mara there!
  • Tonicky
    So a Twitter war ends with a Cameo lol thats cool.
  • Buhwaa33
    That was good! I'm glad there was a comedic middle ground achieved. That was hilarious. ... the tiff? feud? problem of words? was pretty silly. Folks need to enjoy fandom, and leave trolling at the door.
  • SteveJones313
    SteveJones313 would comment, however he has just laughed himself into a coma.

    Seriously, that was brilliant.
  • EclecticEnnui
    Thumbs up for the review with a big thumbs up for the ending. I didn't see that coming and it was really funny.
  • Xed Regulus
    Forget the Nerd, the Critic's new nemesis is Mara Wilson.

    I also hope this puts an end to that bullshit from last month too.
  • DarkPhoenixMishima
    5th Year Anniversary, Nostalgia Critic Vs. Mara Wilson: The Final Battle
  • agrippa911
    Hells yeah. I'd pay money for that. She would end up defeating him after an epic battle by throwing a Bat Credit Card at NC who would explode 'Big Trouble in Little China' style.
  • Valis77
    i was gonna say that because this would be more entertaining.
  • Moreno X  - to Xed Regulus:
    Huh. Thinking about that statement you posted, that's not such a bad idea. Perhaps this could make Critc's chance to step up and face Mara Wilson for the contribution that is Matilda.

    And what do you mean about a BS from month? Did I miss something? Something to do with the same angry fans of Matilda or other Mara Wilson's films? If it is, I too had enough of that much more.
  • Rexaura888
    Actually, it's the opposite. It was angry NC fans backlashing against Mara who sent an angry comment after the Thomas review at Doug about his show and how he (as the Critic, not Doug, which is where the misunderstanding kind of started) has been hating on her. Mara says that it really started with NC fans bagging on her and spamming her Twitter page with things like "Hey, the Nostalgia Critic hates your movies" and stuff like that. That, on top of her personal beliefs about being critiqued and other happenings in her personal life outside of Twitter, led to that one comment against Doug. Eventually, since the fans weren't helping things at all, guys like Welshy and Holly had to step in to explain things to Mara. This all happened around April 26th I believe.
  • Rockabore
    Was she legitimately mad or did they plan that to add to the awesomeness of this cameo? I always kind of thought Mara Wilson kinda seemed "bleh, yeah that happened back then. No big," about her old movies in interviews it doesn't seem like her to be defensive.
  • Rexaura888
    Oh, she was ticked. She might have been OK with her older movies, but when someone criticizes her without rhyme or reason like the Critic had been doing recently, that's where the line was crossed. The cameo was like a new-found understanding of one another, which is why I'm in agreement that, unless she's up for another one, she shouldn't make another appearance. This cameo was good enough. The message was delivered. Everything's A-OK for both parties. So what purpose would a second cameo serve unless they decide to make this something like the Critic vs. Nerd battle?
  • Winkuru
    Seriously? I'm really baffled that why does this site attract really creepy people. Some people even try to suck pretty much ever contribute in hopes of getting a shout from them and that ain't normal and it's plain pathetic.

    And don't get me started about people who never criticize anything. Quality of NC's videos have clearly dropped yet most of the people don't want to acknowledge it.

    And no, it's not even question of taste.
  • HellishWerewolf
    anyone know if there is more of the critics home movies out there
  • gades90  - Rofl
    Holy shit you were a fuck ugly kid. It's cool you have a sense of humor about yourself and were willing to share those. They were hilarious. The years have been kind to you Doug. Cheers You uber geek.
  • LtCmdrRadner
    Great review and I agree, Mara has aged EXCEPTIONALLY well (*insert wolf whistle here*) and thought the ending was hilarious. I'm glad she turned out to be such a good sport about everything and was able to get a modicum of revenge. Do I smell payback in the works, careful Critic, don't F with her. Overall good job and see you next week.

    PS: Am I the only one shocked at how deep Mara's voice has gotten over the years, kinda shocking and sexy at the same time.
  • asnaes1981
    I love how some people never change, no matter how old they get.
  • CellSeam
    Holy Shit its Mara Wilson! I literally just looked her up the other day!

    Now you HAVE to do Matilda!
  • Moreno X  - to CellSeam:
    After what Mara Wilson did to him, I think it's appropriate for the Critic to get back at her (and to finally to shut up those Matilda fans that threatened Doug to not review it if you ask me).

    And why not? Those old videos of Doug's geeky times surely gives NC an idea that Mara was trolling him XD.
  • creativechef25
    It's either Matilda or Ms. Doubtfire

    The Ms. Doubtfire one he can slap a both Robin Williams and Mara Wilson
  • Kynim
    Oh my goodness the cameo at the end made this review even better
  • MechaDon1980
    Damn!! This movies is just... just... I'm all out of wordsXP
  • SlickEverett  - THIS IS GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is maybe my favorite review now, well second to ponyo
  • SpeedyEric
    Mara Wilson starred in a Martin Short comedy? I guess it was only a matter of time until you got to this one, but at least you’ll never review either “Mrs. Doubtfire“ or “Matilda,” which I’ve seen and enjoyed.

    It’s a shame that Mr. Short had to take these roles that make him look like a jack@$$, but I liked him as Jack Frost in The Santa Clause 3 (YES, I know what I said).

    The kid from Kazaam also played Jesse’s long lost, younger, annoying brother in Free Willy 2.

    6:32- It’s reasons like this that show why I don’t eat many apples.

    9:22- It probably has to do with the movie cliché of women looking at themselves in a mirror to see if they look good for whatever.
    Who knew that the mirror, if done correctly, could transport you to The Phantom Zone?

    Not-Roy looks like he took a wrong turn on his way to a Robert Rodriguez/Quinton Tarantino film.

    13:16- 8O What in the name of Jewish hell? This is like something Seth McFarlane would think of for Family Guy. Why? Because this is SO random.

    “What the f**k am I looking at?” That’s the perfect critic’s quote for the DVD of this movie, and I’m still sticking to that Seth McFarlane thing; it’s random up the wazoo.

    Wow, Mara. Just …Wowwy, wow wow wow. You rock, girl. Thank you so much for showing us a younger Doug with brasses, nerd glasses, and “a Dumb & Dumber haircut that only got Dumb & Dumber.”

    22:01- Oh look, it’s Mrs. Doug-fire. =D
  • minnie3434
    I shall never eat an apple again. Why do movies have to make all the good things suspicious? T_T
  • Moreno X  - to SpeedyEric:
    Funny how you say he has a hair to look like Dumb & Dumber after all the time we imagined he hated about Nick's Doug - his life being compare to Doug Funnie what drove him mad to never speak about Doug.

    Those videos of NC proves a different story and you gotta thank Mara Wilson for that :D.
  • BooRat  - SE
    Wow I forgot all about this movie existing! I think i was forced to watch it once as I recall the whole father being turned into a bronze statue thing, but nothing else actually! I never liked Martin Short films... the only one I recall finding unique was the one he played a kid... I shit you not! As for Mara I liked Mrs. Doubtfire as a kid saying that haven't seen it since I was like 10! I saw Matilda but I didn't care for it... I do like the Carrie parodies I've seen made of it though! If the critic does ever review it I do hope he makes some Carrie jokes if not i'll be disappointed!

    I've already mentioned my thoughts on Short in the above sentences!

    Oh Cthulhu the Free Willy movies! How many of those did they make again? like 4-6? And the Saturday morning cartoon where the whale actually talked! When is the Critic going to jump on those turds? I hope he does!

    6:32-MORE APPLES!!

    9:22-It's called vanity or pride it's a common trait among movie villains especially female villains in fairy tales!
    You *will* bow down before me, Jor-El. I swear it! No matter that it takes an eternity, you *will* bow down before me! Both you, and then one day, your heirs!

    I'm not from Nebraska and I'm offended by this!

    13:16-And unfunny!

    If I could get the Critic to say something like that about something I made I'd gladly quote him on the cover!

    Damn, she's hot now! That is surprising to me as most child stars don't age well at all! But I'm looking at most 70s-early 90s child stars! Every they look like warmed over Hell or in prison!
    And Doug looks like the complete stereotype of the nerd from the 90s kid TV show dramas! Literally every part of the stereotype! Braces, acne, huge glasses, a lisp(probably from the braces), and skinny as a rail!

    22:01-That image will haunt my Nightmares for many moons!
  • SpeedyEric  - BooRat
    There are 3 Free Willy films that were released theatrically (I haven't seen the 3rd one), and there is a DTV film that came out some time ago. BTW, an animated TV show? I thing I heard it from somewhere, but ...seriously, REALLY?
  • BooRat
    I recall seeing 3 of them but I do recall trailers for another 1 or 2! And yes there is an animated series with a beat you over the head with it Captain Planet style eco message where the Whale talks has a seal side kick and the main villain is a cyborg evil industrialist with a British accent that's minions were slime monsters! I shit you not since I remember having to sit threw it waiting on better shows to come on Saturday mornings!
  • dragonfly_dust
    All hail Mara Wilson~!

    (How the hell did you get Mara Wilson to cameo?!)
  • Pigquet
    Well, Mara Wilson retired from movies young and got out of the Hollywood, celebrity life, so its not too surprising that she'd want to do something fun like this online now that she's not in the spotlight as much.

    Still, its very cool! And I think now everyone can shut the hell up about the Mara Wilson thing considering she's obviously in on the joke and cool with them. If this doesn't prove that, I'm not sure what does. XD
  • SharkFinSoup  - Wow!
    I must say, it was rather impressive that you were actually able to get Mara Wilson to guest star for the review!
  • EarthboundXE
    Another movie I loved as a kid.

    Great cameo, hah.
  • Mel_Mndz
    jajajaj the ending was full of all sorts of awesome~!!
    This movie never caught my eve..it look boring and really stupid..guess i was right....

    now, PLEASEEEEEEEEEE do a Matilda review :DDD

    it's payback time~! she showed public images of you with braces and shit
  • Baby Hitler
    Nostalgia Chick did do a great review of 'Matilda' and Mara was in that one too. I'm not sure if she did that one before or after the Critic's, but it is hilarious regardless.
  • Nathan Dewey
    Now we HAVE to see your old stuff. (thumbup)
  • Fosty-Bear
    I agree with Nathan Dewey! They would be great submissions for the sketches/specials area...it might be pretty funny to see you review them as well, though Phelous already did something like that...but a quick cameo can resolve all that noise!
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