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Transformers 4 Auditions

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  • darkness shade sonata
    the first transformers I ever saw was the one that came out a decade ago, I enjoyed it much better than the original for some reason
  • Thunderbang
    The original one? Could you explain what you mean? There has only been one feature film before the live-action trilogy...

    Or do you mean you like the newer ones better?

    I mean, 2007 was in the last decade, but it wasn't a decade ago :)

    - Lukas
  • Amykins
    The only one he could POSSIBLY be referring to was the awesome animated movie back in the 80's. ^^
  • Infernolordzero
    I believe he is referring to the 2ØØ2 animated series Transfromers armada.
  • darkness shade sonata
    sorry, I didn't know people were replying to me, yes indeed I was referring to the 2002 series, I happened to have forgot the name, yes armada was far superior
  • LikaLaruku
    Tisk tisk....If you're going to do Transformers, you need Phelous to do the voiceovers.
  • christhefishhunter
    you mean armada? thatd be the same for me. the first was a little before my time so when i think transformers, thats the one i think of.
  • SpeedyEric
    I love the Michael Bay Transformers movies. Why? Action packed, memorable characters, inspired stories based on the Transformers, fun over the top moments, and I look forward to the upcoming reboot film (BTW, Mikala and Carly are smart to my eyes. Besides, Carly called Megatron a b!tch). In other words, “THIS IS THE $H!T!!!!”

    Nice Prime cosplay, Doug.

    1:20- Oh hai, Jillian. You look so sexy today, aha?

    Last year, I manage to get myself the first 2 seasons of this show, and there are about as much corny stories, characters, dialogue, and continuity issues in here as there are in the live action movies.
    15:45- See what I mean. And people gave more crap on the humping dogs in “Revenge of the Fallen.”

    I also find that the 4 million years in stasis lock thing a good thing to take out of the films. 10,000 years a Megatron being frozen in ice seems more logical.

    9:27- See. Sam was about “annoying” in this show as he was in the movies.

    I really hate it when other Transformers fans giving Michael Bay the crap that Megatron doesn’t transform into a gun, Soundwave not transforming into a tape player, or boom box, or whatever, or Optimus not carrying a trailer in the first 2 films.

    14:34- It makes perfect scenes on why the robots don’t talk much in the fight scenes in the movies, they are focused on the action.

    Despite this show being campy, I still it. It’s a nice dose of nostalgia for anyone who grew up to transformers. This franchise just opens up the possibilities of what our imaginations can think of. I love the other shows, I love all the movies, and I love the video games made by High Moon Studios.
  • Lotus Prince
    The first Michael Bay Transformers movie was competent in terms of action, but I hated literally (yes, literally) every single god damn character in that movie. The first thing you see the main character do is try to pawn off his grandfather's glasses. In the middle of class. Fuck. That. Guy.
  • dennett316
    Agreed. I disagree with the Critic's assertion that the Bay movies only got worse...the third was a FAR better movie than the second film.
  • Vedli
    yeah, low fucking bar though.
  • rockybalboa211
    I would think the first film though is better than the third.
  • Moreno X
    My thoughts exactly. Even though the third is superior to the second, I'm fine with the first one and the other two can suck it.
  • Deadrisingx1
    I'd say that 1 and 2 were tolerable, but for me, 3 was so ridiculous that I left the theatre 1/4 of the way in.
  • Schizoid
    The worst part of 3 was Nimoy shitting on Spock's famous line from Star Trek 2. I damn near yelled "Fuck you, Nimoy" at the screen. The thing I didn't like about the movie series was it focused too much on the humans. Having the human relationships is fine but the main characters are the Transformers, not Sam and the others.

    With no LaBouf for Transformers 4, we'll see what happens. Though the same formula will probably be followed. Just following Jason Statham's character rather than Sam. Thought Bay was gone too. Wishful thinking I guess.
  • Haon
    Tell that to Brad.
  • Death of Ink
    I feel the exact same way my friend.
  • BooRat  - SE
    Well part 4 should be great no LaBouf the weakest point of those films!

    1:20-yes she does!

    What do you know I got the 1st 2 seasons too! For some reason Season 3 is really hard to find and costly on eBay now!

    4 million years I like more makes thing more believable that it'd take that long to reach Earth from Cybertron!

    8:27- I still like the cartoon version as a mechanic he was useful sometimes!

    I miss the Gun and Tapedeck...

    14:34- I'd like to have heard some onliners!

    I love it still too! But I actually grew up more on Beast Wars and Beast Machines! XD review them sometime Doug!!!
  • SpeedyEric  - @dennett316 & BooRat
    Nice replies, guys.

    I love the first film, I love the 2nd a hair more that the first because of more Transformers material being brought to the table, and the 3rd tops both of the previous films sky high.

    I understand why people don't like Shia LaBouf's Sam, but I can in some ways connect with hin throughout the films.

    When I got the first 2 seasons of Gen. 1, they still had Seasons 3 & 4, but not anymore; the same with Beast Wars Seasons 2 & 3 (Agreed, awesome show. YEEEESSSS).

    As I mentioned in Linkara's Transformers: Generation 2 review, I grew up with the show of the same name on sindication. What it is actually is the first show remastered with CG transitions.
  • luvira
    I agree that Mikala wasn't stupid. Never saw the 3rd one so i dont know about the other girl, but Mikala was competent and a lot smarter than Shia LeBouf's character. He made 2 bad sequels and her character was used for fan service, but gotta give Bay credit for not making her dumb and submissive. Kinda dissapointed that Doug would fall for making that assumption.

    Speaking of which, that Soundwave romcom joke went on forever, it was much longer then it needed to be. Not one of his better reviews, but I guess some of that is because he had to put this together on the go.
  • Semudara
    It going on too long is what makes it funny.

    Admittedly, that kind of humor isn't for everyone, but I love it. It's similar to his "Best Answering Machine Message EVER!" sketch.
  • TheGodEmperor
    So I read this as "I like bad movies with terrible characters, shallow plot, and nothing but special effects"
  • EpicFish
    If you're referring to the movies, then yes...I'm reading it as that too.

    Very well done review Doug! I haven't laughed this hard at a NC video in quite some time. Brad as always just killed and added another level to the hilarity.

    As for me personally, I was never really that into Transformers as a kid. Sure I remember a few episodes here and there, and my brother owned one of those big bulky Transformers toys that was a real pain in the ass to make it morph from Transformer to vehicle form (sorry for using the term "morph" just finished watching all of Linkara's History of the Power Rangers videos) but beyond that, I didn't follow it too closely. I was more into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Batman the Animated Series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet and the 90s X-Men cartoon along with Care Bears and playing with my Barbies and my dad's NES...I was a strange child.
  • WiiStation360
    Action packed? Memorable characters? Inspired stories? Fun moments? Yes, I truly enjoyed all the boring filler that led up to the 1 minute fight between Optimus & Megatron & the Fallen. Wonderful character's like Sam's annoying parents, his personality deprived girlfriends, the racist twins & several autobots & decepticons who undergo no development or have sufficient screen time which gives us no reasons to cheer for them. I remember those inspired moments like Jon Turtero's ass & the Devestator's testicles, not to mention Starscream getting killed off by humans.

    (sarcasm mode off)
    I do hope for your sake that you were being sarcastic as well. Yes, the original series was shallow, campy fun but even for mindless fun the movies are irreprehensibly stupid & mindnumbing to the point where it's downright insulting.
  • Extreme-Madness
    Or intolerable shaking and unfocused camera for which no one can see what the hell is happening on the screen (except maybe SpeedyEric, but more likely that he had seen versions of movies from other dimensions)
    Unfortunately SpeedyEric thought very seriously about Michael Bay's Transformers, and because of people like him, poor and anti talented directors like Michael Bay will always succeeding to sell disgusting shit, and these people will still ask for more
  • SpeedyEric  - @| TheGodEmperor, WiiStation360 & Extreme-Madness
    Um, I CAN read you know.
  • Extreme-Madness  - And did you understand what we said?
    Sorry, but you said no valid argument, except that you love Michael Bay's Transformer movies just because they contain giant robots (story, camera, acting and directing for you in this case is clearly not essential).
    I still can not forgive you for what you said about "Bad Santa" last week:

    "That's how I felt while trying to watch the craptasterpiece that is" Bad Santa "on late night Comedy Central"

    = These are your words, and I can only say that it is very hypocritical of you who so strongly defend Transformers live-action movies (without any real arguments).
  • totes_Mcgotes
    Guys, we can only like movies that other people like! Don't you get that you're not allowed to have your own subjective opinions based on your personal tastes, SpeedyEric?

  • essiy
    I was born in the wrong decade for the Transformers to be nostalgic for me, that and I was never one of those kids who were into cars and stuff. I've always wanted to watch the original show or the old movie, but this is a good way for me to know what I'm getting into. And I'm glad the original show isn't as horrendous as the movies.
  • mlsterben
    That Soundwave joke went on waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y too long. (See what I did there?)
  • Extreme-Madness
    I think the real joke is at the end when Megatron finally answered with a short "No!" (but yes, a bit too long joke).
  • ninethrizzle
    I thought it was funny. and worth the wait when megatron said No hahaha
  • WesleyFoxx
    Obviously, Cybertronian movies have the same naming scheme as Alterian ones do. That wasn't him describing the plot; that was the title of the film.
  • Skyscraper
    I wish I could give "Likes" at this point because referencing Homestuck and linking it to Transformers is the kind of awesome nerdy-reference-pretzel that makes me all happy in my vascular pump.

    Although if they DO use Alternian naming schemes, shouldn't the title also include a death-count and some good old black-rom too?
  • PGrunty
    While it WAS funny, it could have been half the length and been just as entertaining and probably moreso.
  • Fangheart
    why were there so many people cosplaying as that mental patient on shrooms who likes to be retarded......I mean Finn.
  • LikaLaruku
    Because Adventure Time is popular for it's not-so-subtle adult humor.
  • GBelly  - Hey!!!
    What`s wrong with liking AT?!Sure adult humor sometimes is out of place, but i like how visual there could be creative and spectacular while being kinda simplistic.
  • Zydrate
    Weren't you the guy bitching a few videos back about how people shouldn't insult goths and anyone who does is an uncool ass? Seems mighty hypocritical of you to insult some other people's interest without a second thought.
  • Frogga
    never saw the tv show. and after that, i still can live withthat fact ;)
  • keniakittykat
    Doug cosplaying as prime... my life is complete xD
  • ladydiskette
    The Audition tapes were hilarious.

    My favorite ones were the guy getting the part as the lead female actress and the guy dressed up as Cinema Snob pretending to review Transformer Porn.
  • Tenks  - Aw shoot
    I'm guessing you did the Prime thing on sunday the one day I missed Damn oh well great review and so honored to be in one of your videos..also was the soundwave joke like what you explained in What the hell is so funny a joke that goes on so long just to see how long it takes to piss us off lol.Still loved it
  • Spiritkitten
    I definitely wasn't expecting you to cosplay as Optimus, and though I never actually watched the cartoon when I was a kid, (as such when I was younger, I was more into adventure and romance like barbie rather than cars and action) But I have a different reason for not liking the movies, the shaking camera movements in the action scenes are horrendous for me, and I can't sit and watch for long out of fear they will give me a seizure. Michael Bay! Focus on something and develop it! Don't jerk the camera around trying to catch every possible action-packed moment!
  • Xobra
    Good reveiw, I liked how you reveiw it as Optimus prime. but for the soundwave part: SHUT UP! or make it shorter :P

    Good work as always.
  • regencoe
    I wish Starscream would make me cookies :(
  • Bensaret
    Thank God for Transformers Prime on the Hub network -- at least that's an updated remake that gets the whole thing right (even some of the original voice actors).
    I watched the original cartoon from the day it premiered until it's final ep and... yeah, it was actually pretty silly XD. But fun!!!
  • PopCultureOtaku
    I'm a big a transformers fan and g1 one of the big part of my childhood. I can tell you I remember coming how to watch the TV Series back as a kid in 80s. Now the movies I don't hate them as some do. I take them what they are a different take on franchise much like Masterforce was. I do love Brad Jones cameo and his wife Jillain in her Sailor Moon costume in front row at the con. Prime costume was awesome I must say.
    Two things you said Bill Cosby jokingly voiced Jazz. It was actually Scattman Crothes (?) and sadly he passed away before season 3. Starscream/Cobra Commander voice actor has sadly passed away too. :( Though I still would love to starscream cookies. :)
    By the way Netflix now has all 98 episodes of original G1 on their streaming. Strangely only first 10 of GI Joe though.
  • Rc00n5  - lol
    when ever the cookies comes up, it sounds like a Gilbert Godfree (Iago - Aladdin) impression xD
  • ladydiskette  - Great review Doug!
    I love this review, I have laughed harder at this than I have in any of his "Raiders of the Story Arc" video.

    And what makes this better is that it comes from "Optimus Prime"'s perspective instead of having it just his usual fare from behind the desk I love the twist he puts on this. And Brad of course was funny. He makes for such a deliciously sleezy agent.

    Okay, so there had to been some point in the series where Megatron just said, "You know what, screw it, I am going to get rid of Starscream now...maybe assassinate him that always works." After all these seasons you would think Megatron would have tried to get rid of Starscream by then due to him being a threat.
  • SKG9000  - tee hee
    great work Doug, another hilarious video. its really cool how you incorporate ur fans u see at the cons in the videos. Also the soundwave bit had me laughing my ass off,loved megatrons emotionless face thoughout it! it seems like Soundwave just got done watching Wedding Crashers.
  • CK WOLF ACE  - Kick ass review Doug!
    This is now one of my favorite reviews because of how much effort you put into this review!
  • Mr.Evil
    I did enjoy this show, but watching it as an adult I'm well aware of its shortcomings. Beast Wars worked better for me.

    For the Bay movies, I didn't want them to duplicate the feel of the cartoon. I just wanted the movies to be good. Silly me.

    Would it been better if the movies skewed more toward the original cartoon? I have no idea, but I'd bet money it wouldn't have been worse.

    I also have to respect the fact that Michael Bay has made a lot of money on this franchise. It's the drunken Saturday Night equivalent of cinema, and who can go wrong with appealing to the viseral-emotional aspects of the younger demographic with disposable income?


    - Anyone else notice that the Transformers' Cybertronian transformations had nothing to do with their robot forms? Why have wings on your robot when you turn into flying pyramids? Animation convenience, I guess.

    - In the original comics, the Autobots launch their ship to save Cybertron as it passed through an asteroid belt. The Decepticons attack them while they're distracted and low on power. Simple and straightforward. Here... they just kinda do stuff in space for some reason.

    What was wrong with following the comic storyline?

    - Starscream: because the guy you know is going to stab you in the back is better than the one you don't? Does that work?

    - Weirdly enough, I'm kinda glad that the Bay films had humans who could actually fight Transformers effectively, unlike the cartoon. Not that it redeems the films in any way...

    - When Megaton transformed into a gun, was his cannon supposed to be more powerful that way? I never got that impression. Not to mention that it took him out of the fight and left him in his subordinate's hands... literally.

    - Yeeaaaah... Soundwave needs to stop talking.

    - The Autobots were all set to blast off at the very end. THEY NEVER DID! When the cartoon became a syndicated series, the Autobots were still stuck on Earth. No explanation given. Do they think kids don't notice that kind of thing?

    Fun review.
  • pinky75910
    MichaelBay Humans can fight Transformers? What movie were you watching? In the opening, they're fighting them with *machine guns*.
  • Mr.Evil
    I was watching the ones where the U.S. military kills a bunch of giant robots. ALL THREE MOVIES. In the cartoon, the humans never learn how to fight them. One or two got lucky, but human forces were utterly useless in combat.
  • Daith
    Awesome review Critic! Convenient you post this right before Botcon though.
  • MechaDon1980
    Great review Doug; never had I laughed so hard as I had today:)
  • Annie-Mae
    Gonna say this is a great introduction to new fans to show what is the BEST of the Nostalgia Critic. Good cross overs, use of fans from the comic cons, his usual brand of humour, and giving a good show a tribute it deserves. When you do a tribute it's always been good, this is no exception.

    Great work with this one.
  • The_Octopus  - ... what the hell?!
    Yeah, you heard right, people - Nostalgia Critic just said that if you love the Michael Bay Transformers movies, you're a mentally castrated horny teenager. He just said that straight out to us! From saying once he is fine with us loving or hating what we want, to literally straight out insulting all of us who happens to "dare" to love the live action Transformers movies. And... he does the entire review dressed up and acting like Optimus Prime? Uhm.... I don't get it. Is it supposed to be funny? What's the joke?!
    And yeah - he defends the show in comparison to the movies that while it wasn't perfect, it still had fun and a lot more to offer than the movies. And yet, he is firmly explaining how stupid the show is - making it painfully obvious to any sane person this show IS a LOT dumber than the Michael Bay movies. WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?!!

    Oh, and look at that - he comments on a guy writing a diary "like a girl". Yup...... Nostalgia Critic just said that writing in diaries is in fact something for girls only. Classy, Doug... classy. Are you going to scare off guys even further from daring to be themselves, hah?
    Hmm... and he is commenting on Soundwave not having any personality. How? Well... he talks like Soundwave while playing footage of him, explaining in character as Soundwave how he wants his own story arch............. in over 2 minutes. Is it funny? Not even close. This is the most frustrating thing I have EVER seen in a Nostalgia Critic episode. I was seriously close to get furious at it - it was simply annoying. And all that just for a cheap punchline of Megatron saying "No.".................... .......... HA.... HA...... HAAAA!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and he sums it up by pretending it IS better than the Michael Bay movies. I especially love how he says "the designs where creative"..... because, you know - the designs of the new Transformers movies are not the least bit creative.

    This..... this has to be THE worst thing I have ever seen ThatGuyWithTheGlasses produce. It's simply really, really bad. I mean, wow. What worries me even more is that his fans will probably love this review a lot. As for me... I could not hope more for this review to backfire. Pity it most likely won't.
    But damn - this video really pissed me off...

    And don't any of you guys even dare to say "Oh, it's just a character Doug Walker plays - Nostalgia Critic is not his real self!".... yeah, I guess that is why he refers to things from his personal real life as the Nostalgia Critic, and even makes it clear his name is Doug. Hell - he even referred to it as HIMSELF when he showed the clip of him quitting his real life job!
    Doug only uses this so-called "Nostalgia Critic" character so he can get away with whatever the hell he wants.
  • rockybalboa211
    Nit Pick Angry Mcgee is your new name!
    It is obvious that Nostalgia Critic is a character played by Doug. Just because the actor portraying the character breaks the fourth wall on occasion,leading to Linkara's death, does not mean that Nostalgia Critic and Doug are the same person or that they share the same views. I mean, Mara Wilson didn't care for Doug's reviews, yet Doug, on his Facebook account, stated that he is simply a comedian playing a funny character. Personally, I loved this review. It, to me, was super crazy funny! :D
  • The_Octopus
    Yeah, have a look at this guy - he says it's okay to offend people and bash things over and over like a small child, as long as you claim it's not YOU who does it - but your quote on quote "character".
    And yeah, sure - I am "nitpicking" here. Let's ignore the fact that Doug is making people feel bad for loving the Transformers movies and the Star Wars prequels. That's just "nitpicking"... right.
  • Donkle
    Bash things over and over? That's the ENTIRE PREMISE OF THE CHARACTER. Are you sure you even liked this show in the first place?
  • rockybalboa211
    A lot of comedic characters on other sites do make fun of the Transformers movies. It's a common thing to do ( does it all the time). The Transformer films and the Star Wars prequels, for the most part, aren't fondly remembered by fans of pop culture (Dan Vs. recently made fun of the Transformer films in last weeks episode on the HUB).
    I mean, Mr. Plinkett, a hilarious character from Red Letter Media, has basically dissected why the Star Wars Prequels weren't that good and Spoony has made his hate of the Transformer films pretty well known to his audience. Personally, I believe that a person shouldn't let other people's feelings determine their personal opinion about something. I mean, Welshy is entitled to believe that Quantum of Solace is horrible, even though I liked it, and Brad Jones is entitled to believe that the Scream movies aren't that good or groundbreaking, even though I really liked the whole series. Nostalgia Critic, the character, should be allowed to have his personal opinion as well.
  • pinky75910
    Wow. If you hate this show so much, maybe you should stop watching it and leave?
  • Ken Moss
    I used to like this site like you. Then I took a sperg in the comment section.

    Also, it's "quote, unquote" not "quote on quote" you moron.
  • UchaNekome
    Dude ether you never seen a Nostalgia critic revew or your a TROLL! The Nostagia Critic is a character created by Doug to point out funny, creepy, odd, or silly plotpoints that frankly are true. Does this mean he dislikes the stuff he revews. No. However, I see your point about his insensitivity to Michal Bay's fanbase...But please try to understand. He, AS A FAN OF THE ORIGANALS, was personally offended by both the Transformers movies and Star Wars prequils (While I myself being a fan of the origanal Star Wars had nuteral feelings about them. I nether liked nor hated them.) But as a fan I know how it feels to look forward to something then have it ripped to pieces time and time again...(I'm looking YOU Dragonball Evolution! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT MOVIE IS GETTING A SEQUAL?!? WHY?!?) *Hem hem* Anyways when something you love is "in your opinion" slashed to pieces right before your very eyes you feel enraged to the point of insensitivety to thoughs who actually liked it even if it was a mess. You see Doug suffers from what I like to call "first exposure syndrom". Where he prefures the things that give him good memories as a child instead of the cheap thrills (and by the way that IS what Michal Bay goes for and don't pretend that it isn't!) of todays cinima.
  • WesleyFoxx  - I guess I'll say it, then.
    Yes, you are in fact McNitpicking, Douchey.
  • Fervidor  - Re: The_Octopus
    While I think you are overreacting somewhat, you do have a point. Doug really should know better then to insult people's taste in movies, even in jest.

    I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll insult the movies themselves any day, but at least I won't call you mentally castrated for liking them, just like I'll let people talk shit about the SW prequels all day long as long as they don't call me a retard for actually finding them enjoyable. One has to show some degree of goddamn courtesy, is what I'm basically saying.

    That said, I did like the Soundwave gag. It was overly long but that was sort of the point of the joke. It would actually have been less funny if it was shorter.

    On the other hand, I found the whole set up at the start of the review to be over the top and taking too long to get to the point for what is, basically, just another review with Doug doing an Optimus Prime impression.
  • Donkle
    ...No, really, it's just a character. Especially since, as I recall, he liked the first Bayformers and didn't even have much of a problem with the second one.
  • The_Octopus
    Silly me, what was I thinking? I am bashing Doug Walker on his site where his fanboys and fangirls will literally do ANYTHING to defend him, no matter how obscure or farfetched the defense is. Oh well - guess I better just ignore the comment section then, since this is the only shit I will get on me.
  • BlufftonSWK11
    You know, based on all of the previous comments you've posted on this video and others, all you seem to do is complain. If that's all you're going to do, then leave. Or do you just really want to draw attention to yourself and feel that the only way to get that interaction is to piss people off. First we got McGillvrey complaining about a Mary Tyler Moore joke, now you seem to be the latest one.

    I personally thought it was an alright video. Not his best, but not bad. But that's my opinion. Some people like it, others, such as you, do not. You know what, that's perfectly fine. If you don't like something that others do, then let it go. Extend the same respect to other people's opinions as you want towards your's...then again, it would take some maturity to do that.
  • Dust  - Melodramatic, much?
    It's called "comical exaggeration", you'll find a lot of people do it. It's fairly tame in this case, too, compared to something like Spoony talking about FF8 fans.

    As such a dedicated fan of Bay's version, you should like spiteful Exaggeration, since the second movie had Crips and Blackface (or whatever they were called).
  • Fervidor
    "It's called "comical exaggeration", you'll find a lot of people do it. It's fairly tame in this case, too, compared to something like Spoony talking about FF8 fans."

    To be absolutely fair, Spoony is on average funnier then NC. Even as an FF fan, I can't stay mad at him. :)
  • DGNeedham  - Uhmm
    How can I say this without being a hypocrite?

    Are you drunk?

    "I am bashing Doug Walker on his site where his fanboys and fangirls will literally do ANYTHING to defend him"

    No I am not and no I would not.

    It's satire; humor; he is entertaining.

    Do you take Family Guy seriously? It is far more offensive, more intentional and by acres less funny than anything Doug has done.. Apart from his game reviews.

    Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I am going to assume that you are a troll, rather than unfortunately dim and sincere. So to you I say; go find something better to do and to everyone else? Doug sort of does not need 'defending'. You can not achieve any level of success on the Internet if you do. (with the exeption of Noah Antwiler). So chill out and stop feeding the trolls. There is more content out there, so stop wasting your time here, on this.
  • Vedli
    Well Trolled sir!
  • bobynoxr
    Octopus, I get the feeling that you have masochistic tendencies because you are obviously forcing yourself to watch videos that you don't like and post comments that everybody hates. You should probably consult some professional help.
    Or the easier method would be stay away from this site and let us enjoy our fun.
  • Fervidor
    Being a fictional persona does not excuse being offensive.

    For an extreme example, try creating an internet persona who says hurtful things about, for example, gay people or racial minorities. Then see how many viewers will buy the "it's just a character" excuse.

    See, we can still hold Doug responsible for the stuff his character says, even if he doesn't actually share those views, because he's the guy who actually wrote those lines and though they were okay to put online.
  • abort_user
    Doug likes the Bay Transformers films. well at least 1 and 3.
  • Donkle
    Actually, I'm pretty sure he didn't like 3. But the point still stands.
  • txfantasyfanlg
    Yes, he hate Transformers 3 and he said, it very boring movie and I agree for that one.
  • YuuSubara
    Because taking humor out of context is an achievement we all strive for, huh?

    Out of all the times in which the Critic -- or anybody on this site, for that matter -- has said something that could cause annoyance in people, that is what you latch onto and get all hot-to-trot about?

    Settle down and take a few breaths, because writing responses while on an anger high only leads to ones' judgement being clouded and preventing them from honestly thinking rationally.

    'Nostalgia Critic' has said many things in the past that have gotten people to feel annoyed. Even I've felt a bit annoyed at things he's said. However, guess what? He's a critic... an internet one at that, and critic's are good at getting people riled up.

    Though unlike most critics, this -- and what most of the people on this site do -- is all for humor.

    No matter who you are, there will always be SOMEBODY who finds a way to get all hot and bothered about something in this format of humor.
  • Monocle Hat
    "Oh, and look at that - he comments on a guy writing a diary "like a girl". Yup...... Nostalgia Critic just said that writing in diaries is in fact something for girls only. Classy, Doug... classy. Are you going to scare off guys even further from daring to be themselves, hah?"

    Let's not forget his masterful use of the word "pussy" to mean "weak"/"pathetic". Keep the misogyny coming, oh please! Since it's a joke, that makes it okay!
  • DGNeedham  - What?!
    You are a moron and just don't get it!

    I am the kind of TGWT that will come to the defense of Doug always!

    You are stupid and he is stupid and I AM SO ANGRY!

    I miss the old NC!

    When will you fanbois and fangurls stop selling our flans to the aliens?!

  • Rusted Ramblings  - Pussy offends you? Better get off the interwebs.
    Lol. Grow up. The days when it was respectable to act oversensitive about every little thing have long passed. Life is going to be very long and cruel if this is really the perspective you choose to look at things. You're either very young or a social misfit; either way, I suggest you get a grasp on reality and the vernacular of what should be construed as offensive. You sound like a satire of a prude 80's political correctness instructor.
  • Monocle Hat
    "I suggest you get a grasp on reality and the vernacular of what should be construed as offensive."


    Using a term that refer's to a woman's genitalia as a synonym for "weak" is misogynistic.

  • Death of Ink
    If you can't take a joke or understand when someone is just joking or playing a part for a video.

    Then don't watch videos like these where your comments are ignored and meaningless.

    P.S. Dough is a great guy and has a fantastic sense of humour, and never intends to hurt someone's feelings during his vids....except for bad directors.
  • Rusted Ramblings
    Okay, based on your juvenile and willful naiveté, then if I call someone a "dick," that would be an example of misandry. Right? "Dick" would imply a callous jerk in that case, so I must hate men, too. Plus when I saw the last Transformers movie, I told my friends it was "balls."

    And wait! The other day, I referred to something that was amazing as being "the tits!" That's female anatomy, so now I must LOVE women! At the very least, it's one positive association (tits) versus one negative one (pussy). So it's clear, based on your own logic, that I'm more of a misandrist than a misogynist.

    OR! There is really no rhyme or reason to any of this nonsense, and choosing to act "offended" by one term is a complete waste of time. Get over it. It's all genitalia, and these are just vulgarities, not textbook medical terminology. I don't hate men OR women, and I sure as hell don't hate vaginas.

    Now stop being such a pussy.
  • NucleaRaptor
    What the fuck is your problem,kid?

    Christ,this is the most butthurt I've seen anyone be all week.

    And for the record,Bayformers are a crime against humanity and you suck for liking them.

    I rest my case.
  • Rusted Ramblings  - Chill out.
    Why does it make you so angry? If you don't agree with the notion that the new movies are lame, then that's okay. Most professional critics also turn their nose at them, but they do make money, so they DO have an audience. Perhaps that's you. Fine. But since NC favors nostalgia, and Doug tends to stick with the quo that Bay movies are vacuous piles of adolescent candy, it shouldn't shock you that this video favors the old cartoon.

    Some of the jokes in the episode were indeed lame and unfunny (yes, like the Starscream bit). Again, so what? I honestly just don't understand the all the anger over it. If it all revolves around him clowning on some movies you like, then that's pretty silly: face it, a lot of people poke fun at Bay's Transformers. If it's because of the girl/diary thing...then that's even sillier. Stop it. Seriously. The fact that you find being compared to a girl so outright offensive speaks more about your own mysogynistic preconceptions than it does of Doug's. The reason political correctness has lost its momentum over the last decade is because people realized that being offended by shit is not all that fun, and it's often a choice of perspective.

    Relax. Have fun. Laugh at yourself, as well as others. And certainly don't get so angry at an online parody video of some guy you don't agree with. Life's too short for that.
  • Axel Osbourne  - Reply to Octopus
    Well, actually he was playing Prime when he said that, so yes, he was playing a character.

    So let me get this straight, it was cool when he trashed Stephen King, The Flintstones, Childs Plays, District 9 and countless other things that people like, but the second he goes after Bay it's TOO FAR! As for the "menatly castrated horny teenager" line: A, a joke, B, I don't think he named anyone specific, C, it was suppossed to be Prime feeling like a sellout and reflecting on what he saw as the good old days.

    Just saying.
  • melbrooksjew  - Re:The_Octopus - ... what the hell?!
    I totally agree with you on that Soundwave bit,I thought it would never end. I will also agree this wasn't "exactly" one of best, but dude, you have to understand something "The_Octopus"... It just a freakin' video!... get over it. And when I say that this video "isn't one of his best", it's atleast better than you're online video... oh that's right, you waste you're life on criticizing other peoples' videos but don't make videos of your own fearing the public will criticizing your work. Dude, here's some advice... GET A LIFE!!!
  • Mucca  - Re: that octopus idiot
    You, sir, have just written the dumbest comment I have EVER seen on any video ever posted to this website.
    (Scrolls down and sees TheDreReichDude's comment)
    The SECOND dumbest comment I have EVER seen on any video ever posted to this website. Fuck you, you idiotic piece of shit.
  • MrVoodoo999  - write about it in your journal
    This was probably my least favorite review. Probably because there was no Nostalgia Critic.

    The part where Optimus points out Spike was writing like a girl was the only part that made me laugh.

    As far as fans of the Bay movies or Star Wars prequels- they get what they deserve but no one cares. Everyone saw the movies. There's nothing wrong with liking the movies but they're by no stretch good movies.

    I liked the new Conan movie. It was stupid, exploitive, and unoriginal. If anybody blasts that movie in a review to be funny it deserves it. And then I'll watch the movie again.
  • Shane_LaFleur
    I want Starscream cookies now..hehe. Despit the show's silliness, I still much prefer it over the live action Bay movies.

    Excellent review with too many hilarious moments to just pick one. :)

    Can hardly wait for next week's review :)
  • Desolationangel
    This was an awesome review! Wonderful job!

    As for Transformers, I hardly know anything about it. I remember it being on tv, but even as a little kid I had a dislike for any cartoons about robots or cars or spaceships, so I would change the channel and watch Ghostbusters or My Little Pony instead. I still hate robots, not even sure why, but they make me incredibly annoyed and bored.
  • rockybalboa211
    I like Shia Labeouf...
    (Blue Shirt guy in the audience is just 7 levels of awesome!)
    Dancing Finn was also hilarious!
  • TheDreReichDude

    And yeah, all of you saying bad things about it: FUCK YOU!!!!!! Yeah, that's right, I'm actually being THAT strong about it! There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with this review! What the hell is everyone so butthurt about, anyway?

    Apparently its only because some particularly bad timing on Doug's part, he's now getting a shitload of backlash once again from all the ignorant morons who just dont "get it"! And yes, I am TOTALLY one of the TGWTG who will defend Doug whenever he is subjected to stupid shit like this. He has done absolutely NOTHING wrong!

    So yeah, he pissed off a washed-up has-been chick who apparently didnt understand that Doug is portraying a CHARACTER and that his reviews are meant for satirical purposes, and above all, ENTERTAINMENT! She didnt get it, and neither do many others who think that he had no right to badmouth this woman's acting as a child star. Well, as I've said before, if she's in show business, she should have learned to handle critisism. For some reason, some famous people are never able to tolerate anything bad or negative said about them, so they surround themselves with "yes-people" who do nothing but tell them how great they are and how much money their movies how made. Because that's all that matters to some people. How wealthy they are. Well, there are more important things in life in the long run, and as it's been stated before, you cant take any of it with you!

    So, back to the actual review itself. I, for one, LOVED the voices Doug created for the characters, and I DO NOT think the Soundwave bit went on too long. I loved it, it was intelligent, appropriate, and properly explained how things REALLY work in Hollywood. I'm really sorry that some of you out there have such short attention spans, it's probably because you've been raised on fucking Michael Bay movies and can't even sit still for ten seconds! Stupid ADHD-having motherfuckers!

    Of course, I COULD be just a little bit biased. I've been a TransFan since I was six, when I saw the three-part More Than Meets The Eye for the first time and when I started getting my first TF toys. Im talking about the Generation One toyline of course. They were the first, and the best, and the same goes for the animated series and movie!

    Im not going to start in on how much I thoroughly loathe and detest the newer movies. Spoony and Miles have already pretty much said everything there is to say about how stupid and shitty they are, and so has The Distressed Watcher. Check out his two-part YT vids "TF 2: Worst Movie Ever". Remember him? He was told to leave this site because he was too
    "controversial" and because his opinions were too radical and unconventional for the site leaders to accept. Plus, they feared that he would scare away potential advertisers. That's pretty much bullshit, but the bottom line always comes first in this ...
  • Donkle
    There's only been one actual 'butthurt' about the episode here, dude. Also, Mara Wilson accepted Doug's apology, or so I heard.
  • Clinton
    Yeah, she accepted it, it's on her Twitter.
  • PGrunty
    [There's only been one actual 'butthurt' about the episode here, dude]

    And it was called the Hounding.
  • DGNeedham  - moot
    "from all the ignorant morons who just dont "get it"!"
    "I am TOTALLY one of the TGWTG who will defend Doug"
    "stupid shit like this"

    Way to moot yourself and turn all of that typing into the world's longest Youtube comment, buddy.
  • YuuSubara
    ---And yeah, all of you saying bad things about it: FUCK YOU!!!!!! Yeah, that's right, I'm actually being THAT strong about it! There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with this review! What the hell is everyone so butthurt about, anyway?---

    Well, there is the fact that not everybody has the same opinion, so they are free to dislike something if they want. I mean, the comments section isn't JUST for dealing out praise and such. Positive and negative reviews are a bread and butter kind of thing.
  • luvira
    "And yeah, all of you saying bad things about it: FUCK YOU!!!!!! Yeah, that's right, I'm actually being THAT strong about it! There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with this review! What the hell is everyone so butthurt about, anyway? "

    Well fuck you too you obnoxious self-involved asshole. You wouldn't know what intelligent was. That comment epitomizes the affected ass-kissing fanboy. You're doing Doug no favors being like that.
  • Death of Ink

    ...sorry, got a little excited by your strong defence of Dough.
  • TheDreReichDude

    Who is he, the Pillsbury Doughboy? (yuk yuk)
  • Ryo  - Lol
    I like dough too, but only if its cookie dough!
  • Mucca  - Re: the not-octopus idiot
    I could go into *why* this is the most idiotic shit I've read today, but it wouldn't be worth the effort. Fuck you, you stupid fucking prick, have a nice day.
  • Shanethewolf
    Not impressed by these latest NC reviews if I'm honest. Sorry.

    I never like it when NC reviews cartoons as I prefer to see him rip apart bad actors, and I find bad direction and script writing is more excusable for cartoons.
  • noah76
    Ah yes the infamous racist robots. The only people that say that are white people. Anyone who says that never lived in New York. Living here in NY like I do I see more white kids talk street then anything. Its called street talk not black talk.

    And I love how lazy . I really mean LAZY how every reviewer goes after Bay. look we get it you don't like him. But can you come up with a better reason then oh he uses to many explosions?

    I also like how its ALL Bays fault. Oh its not like Oh I don't know Hasbro had a say. Or the 2 hacks writing for a movie who had little to no background on the Transformers to start with.

    And one of my favs is the 3rd movie made over 1 billion but it still sucks? Yes movies only make 1 billion dollars when the movie sucks. Or are you saying everyone who saw it is a fool?

    I'll tell you what. You go and write and direct the next Transformers movie. Well see how you do.

    Look is Bay great? Nope. Are there things I wish he did and didn't do? Yes.
  • pinky75910
    No, we complain about the amount of explosions because it's obvious, quantifiable, funny, and one of Bay's repeatable tropes. There's a laundry list of terrible things Bay has done to Transformers. Why Bay? Because these same tropes follow him in every terrible movie he's in charge of. And he's in charge of it.

    Everyone who saw it is a fool? Yes. Yes they are. The amount of Americans who want to see explosions in a summer mega movie greatly outweigh the amount of die-hard Transformers geeks apparently. You can see it in the amount of trash tv that are doing so well.

    You want me to write and direct the next Transformers movie? With Bay's budget? Done. I'll hire people who love the franchise, get rid of Bay's cliches, focus on the actual TRANSFORMERS, have characters and plot and make a movie that doesn't suck.

    It's impossible to make a big-budget explodey summer blockbuster with actual substance? It's been done and done better before and will continue to be done better than this.
  • abort_user
    i really liked Dougs Optimus Prime voice. i kind of wished the Nostalgia Critic made an appearance in the video but i guess that was the joke. the video had a few overused jokes (a guy hiding in an obvious place and the other guy stupidly missing it), but i still enjoyed it.

    the show was deeply flawed. its great watching it with the filter of nostalgia. but even as far as kid shows go, there are much better things out there.

    i have to admit that last week i thought he was going to do the Transformers Movie (animated one). though it holds up to the test of time a lot better than the cartoon from which its based.

    i have mixed feelings about the BayFormers. i never thought it was a good idea to begin with. Transformers was a show to sell kids toys and didnt really make much sense (who would trust a DECEPTIcON?). i gotta say they were better than i thought. they did things that i liked and things that i didnt like. i dont view Transformers as some holy document that shouldnt be changed. i could probably go back and watch the BayFormers and be entertained (at least the first one). its not high art but its about a brand of toys i used to play with. i really doubt i could watch more than an episode or two of the old Transformers show (and thats only out of pure nostalgia).
  • TerminalSanity
    Well at least the Transformers franchise has the Transformers Prime series now, it pretty much captures the spirit of the original series but actually adds *gasp* depth and improved storytelling.
  • abort_user
    im pretty sure the Prime series is only a recent thing.
  • BludgeonthePretender1  - The Sad thing is
    I don't think he even knows about Prime
    also it gave justification to the title "Decepticon"
    and finally, Why do I get the feeling that Doug only knows the G1 cartoon and the Bay films and completely disregard the others in between
  • Arthus  - He wouldn't be the first.
    There are so many transformers "fans" who say that G1 is the only show to consider and the only reason they are giving a shit about the movies is because they could actually have an impact on the franchise, which technically they have.
  • Spottedfeather
    Transformers Prime is really good. Animated was alright, but not as good as the original.
  • Azvee
    Gah, I'm so in love with the new series!

    I love how the writers have actually been able to add a lot to the original story and blend together the changes that it's went through over the years. For a show that is meant to be a shameless plug for toys, it's very well developed.
    It needs more love...
  • thorondragon
    i think the advantage is the eighties writing. the characters had little personality, so it was let with lots of rom for adaptation, making what was once shameless toy plugs into complex characters and dark stories.
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