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  • Covenant
    I loved Doug. That show rocked!
  • Mrcool210
    me 2 but the disney one. Nick one was Boring
  • LikaLaruku  - Cartoon formula algebra.
    Bobby's World (imagination) + Peanuts (Bald looser protagonist drooling over 1 girl forever) = Doug.

    Bobby's World (imagination) + Peanuts (group of kids younger than 10) = Rugrats.

    Harold & the Purple Crayon + Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings + Penny Crayon = Chalk Zone.

    Spongebob Squarepants + Misadventures of Flapjack + Zelda & Mario = Adventure Time.
  • Tehtrekd
    If the NC don't like it, his viewers don't like it... *chants* burn the witch! burn the witch! burn the witch!(this was a joke, :P)
  • Onthatpowder
    i love the music from DOUG
  • asskicker95  - NOT A REPLY
    love it but ive found a website where you can watch any tv show from the 70's to the 90's and i THINK movies its called this is not spam i think all of you should be able to relive all the good shows and MAYBE movies

    remember i found this in marzgirls videos when she shows cartoons cheack it out NC bye
  • asskicker95  - NOT A REPLY (or spam)
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    .p.s. you only have to deal with one or 2 ads
  • SonicnutNC
    I just have to say, i don't really remember that show... good thing Crittic remebers it so we don't have to! :)
  • LikaLaruku
    "Is it two pigs humping?" ::Spits coffee on keyboard::
  • Mr Dark  - Title
    Yay! I've been waiting a long time for this one!
  • xXSlayer77Xx
    Nick before Spongebob and some of the other dumb shows they have today was the ****.
    Ren and Stimpy, Doug, Rockos Modern World, and then some were all classics.
  • Bryguy87
    in early 2000s about they had rocko's modern life on early in the morning. would get up at age 7 and watch it saturday morning
    it was that good in comparison
  • powermad9
    I did the same thing with the Superfriends xD
  • mwong04
    wow the new episode has come out faster than i expected but wher is this good son review?
  • Tomas_Z
    Great Vid NC! :D

    My favorite Nicktoon was Ren & Stimpy! It was crazy but that's what made it awesome! ;D
  • Geoffrey  - Oh, how I hated Nick...
    Great review as always Doug! I'm sure Nickolodeon had a huge part in America's childhood, but here in Holland, it came on air right after I was beyond the age of caring for that crap. However, I do have little brothers who wanted to watch that shit all the time.

    Let's just say I rather go through Chinese water torture than seeing one more episode of fucking Rugrats again. >:(
  • ilTGWTG
    cool vid. The NC always brings a smile to my face on a bad day.
  • robocheng
    the old-school commercials alone are enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside
  • mwong04  - me too
    I hate Doug as well I find it disgusting
  • uallandme  - wow
    im not shor if you mean doug doug or the nc doug at list make you point at what you mean
  • MKG  - What?
    1. Doug was sweet as hell, the one where he thinks hes fat and daydreams about taking off his shirt and all the fat rolls flying out is freaking hilarious.

    2. Rocko's Modern Life...RESERVED? That's the show that had to be censored in the episodes where he's picking berries and he grabs one and is pulling on it only to look up and see it's been a gorilla's nuts he's been tugging at. Or the one where he goes on a blind date with a rabbit girl and she tries to fuck him in his car and her dad beats the shit out of him!
  • 0dd1
    Let's not even mention the infamous "Leap Frogs" episode...
  • Blazerlink  - Nicktoons
    All those shows brought joy. BTW Awesome Review;D
  • NeonLights
    Ah yes, the great War of Australian Stereotypes. 10 bucks says Aussie has a comment about that =P

    One of the first times I saw any of your shows with something I was so connected with, and now I see whyI just downright loathe it. Back then, we didn't care about anything, they could literally talk in gibberish with pencil drawings (Which I think Rocko did once) and we would still be entertained. Now it's probably the biggest awkward-fest I could ever watch.
  • Linkara
    I'm pretty sure it wasn't a skirt, but a plaid shirt that he wore a sweater over and it just hung down.

    Great look back, Doug! Ah, the years of my childhood. I hated Doug too, if only for trying to make me think that people were bland, overdramatic, and were just freaking weirdos. And that pseudo-rap they had for incidental music was just lame.

    Ignoring the potty-training episode, Rugrats was great for the imagination the kids had. I'm particularly fond of the later episode where the babies become noir detectives.
  • Crystal-Heart
    Yeah, you're right Linkara. In one of the episodes, and I don't know why I remember it, one of the girls, the rich one I think, mentioned she liked his kilt, only for Arnold to pull up the green shirt revealing the plaid button-up shirt under it.

    My dad loved the crap outta Doug, he even got to play one of the Beats when we went to either Disney World or Universal, I forget which park had the live Doug showing.

    I enjoyed Rugrats as well actually. However, I still believe Stick Stickley should've had his own show.
  • Vadakin  - rugrats was awesome
    I'm 24 and I still watch Rugrats when I see it on Tv. The writing on that show was awesome at times and the jokes were hilarious, especially the parodies, like when they go to see a Reptar movie and through the "POWER OF IMAGINATION" become part of the movie, taking on the main roles all while the actual movie plays on and the characters pop in and out with badly dubbed voices (as Reptar is a play on Godzilla and thus set in Japan).

    Rugrats was one of the best written kids shows ever...yes, ever! The concept of the world from the point of view of a baby is pretty ingenious and it's used to great effect.

    Then they went and spoiled it by making a show about the Rugrats when they get older which is crap.

    I should point out that I'm a geeky screen writer so I'm kind of supposed to like Rugrats. ;D
  • Drybones
    Hey kids, my name is Gordon HA HA HA
    But seriously, this helps me see how twisted that show was, a superhero whose nipples would attach themselves to someone eyeballs and they could actually see the future! What kind of stuff have they been snorting and where can I get some?
    Also, only in this show can a character say "I am the Great and Almighty King of Wieners" and it makes full sense, also I leave you with this watch?v=M2MlMyrcUjY
  • redpoet2
    Well this was worth staying up for! :D
    Great Review. I personally loved all those shows.. and with most of the garbage now on Nick with rare exceptions [THAT ARE OVER NOW! D:] The good ol' days of Nicktoons were the best.
    The impressions were awesome, the begging was too, and I never will play the theme music to Doug around you! o.o
  • OrochiVash
    That was so freaking awesome!

    Hehehe...Doug Funnie.... (don't shoot me!!!!)
  • Elrik Undersn
    Ah yes, Nicktoons, I do remember pretty well growing up with that network. Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, and Aaah! Real Monsters were the shows that made me laugh and were insanely entertaining. Rugrats was fun, maybe a little weird at times, but hey, kids have some weird imaginations, heh.

    Hey Arnold/Doug I kinda lump in the same boat, because really their plots were awfully similar in nature and theme. And since I was never really a fan of drama, not a particularly big fan of them either. It's actually interesting to look at some of these cartoons again later, Ren and Stimpy's humor is actually a /lot/ more adult then I had originally even thought, in some cases I can't believe what they got away with. Anyhow, as usual a great review and look forward to the next one.
  • Spade103  - I feel your pain..
    My name is also Doug. To this very day, people still relate me to the cartoon occasionally. :( 'Doug? Doug funnie?!'
  • Pickles the Clown
    Its not a kilt its another shirt, we had to wait a few seasons to find that out.
    I loved All nicktoons but Ren and Stempy. ;D It was to spastic for me.
    I got to show love for Rocco though.and I am surprised you remembered
    Monsters it is the often forgotten about nicktoon.
  • ThatFellowInTheCoat
    Excellent episode! Even though, I do like Doug (although, for some reason, I was more fond the later Disney-produced Doug), I still thought the jabs at it were funny. The Rugrats segment was also hilarious. Still, you have to admire Nickelodeon for doing more gross-out gags than, say, the Disney cartoons. So, they were definitely a breath of fresh air.

    And it's interesting he mentions people wondering what older Rugrats would look like, since they did later make "Rugrats: All Grown Up." Shame it wasn't very good, though.

    Great episode, Doug! Do-da-do-do-da-do-da-doo- da-doo.
  • The Man Behind the Curtain  - Finally!!! Someone who shares the pain!
    I had childhood of being compared to Chunk from the Goonies. I envy you Doug!
  • AnthoFlex  - Hell Yea
    You're god damn fucking right we were there from the beginning, long live our childhoods.

    Ren & Stimpy, freaking epic and took comedy for us kids (at the time to WHOLE other level)

    Rugrats, jesus christ, who didn't love this show, seriously? No matter how odd it was looking back on it.

    Doug, eh, i was never a big fan, although i did watch it. I only liked the cute little dog they had...I'm going to end it there....Doug : )

    Rocko's modern life was one i never watched too much. Just waaay too random for me

    Ahh! Real Monsters....I used to watch this show alot, how come i can only remember the airplane toilet episode?

    I'm not gonna get started on Hey Arnold, I never watched it, only one episode about the Haley's comet, thats all i can remember...

    Still, long live our childhood! YAY!

    PS- My personal favorite that you didn't mention that was on nicktoons was the adventures of stick stickly, wasn't a cartoon, but more like 5 minute short whats wrong with me, it was a pop sickle stick with googly eyes
  • dwennon  - F mimes
    yea i know how you fell with that whole doug thing, except i had to deal with ed edd and eddy, which in some ways is worse since that show was not only worse but even more stupid with i think 5 funny moments throughout the whole series
  • Fleaman
    god i love you lol
  • ASP84
    OMG! Awesomeness! I loved Nickelodeon as a kid. Great list! Though I never watched "Aah! Real Monsters". PS Rocco's a wallaby
  • LUrabbi
    As great as this video was, I must confess severe disappointment that Kablam! wasn't included. That was one of the funniest and most creative shows on children's TV, nicktoon or not. Please could you cover it in a future video?
  • amish_zombie
    I know what you mean, my name is Dexter so for my entire childhood people asked me if i had a labratory or if i had a sister named Dee Dee :(
  • Erinaceus  - Yes, Nicktoons...

    Ren & Stimpy was really Billy West at his zaniest and finest. It was a show so utterly insane that MTV briefly replaced Bevis & Butt-Head with them. And those two are so totally in love. I hold they're not gay, that Stimpy is actually a girl, who would later birth CatDog...

    Rugrats: I was hooked the moment I heard the Divo man's synth music. I sympathized with Chuckie the most. He was the voice of reason in the face of baby insanity. And I just KNEW you were going to say Angelica was like Hilary Clinton. I actually remember one episode where the babies actually did imagine themselves as adults. "This coffe tastes like mud! Oh... it is mud." And they drink it anyway...

    I thought Doug was charming... but then again my name isn't Doug. Doug taught me that one can be an unremarkable-looking fellow and still get the girl. It was a decent enough show... and then it was moved to ABC, certain VAs (Billy West) were changed, and it was franchised and milked. *Sigh* And then high school came for me, and I realized that what Doug taught me about love was a lie!

    Rocko... how could you go wrong with a theme by the B-52s? Yes, it was more reserved than Ren & Stimpy, but it kept the same zany spirit and randomness. And for that, I love it. And it included cultural references that I would only get later in life, like what you cited, as well as "Chewey Chicken is people! Chewey Chicken is people!" I leave you to figure that one out...

    Ahh, Real Monsters... Pixar should be sued. 'Nuff said.

    Hey Arnold was also where Nick and I began to grow apart. I never considered the West Side Story/Musical comparisons until just now though. I can respect it for using actual, talented kids as VAs though.

    Classic shows, all of them. I predict ten years down the line, a future critic will reminisce about the Nick shows of today. They'll out SpongeBob and Patrick, wax poetically about Butch Harmon's brainchildren, and still try to figure out exactly what the hell The Mighty B is. But in the near term, good review, as always, N.C.

  • Maverick21
    i liked all of those but i rarely saw ren and stimpy and i didnt see angry beavers enough, tht was one of my fav's also i saw like every episode of hey arnold even though never got partiularly excited over it, but it was on alot.
  • MatsuJun
    yeah Angry Beavers that was the best show ever! Dagit, was my fav ^^
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