Star Trek 3 - The Search for Spock

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  • ninethrizzle
    You know.. The first comment is the most prominent, it's the most read comment out of all of them because you're at the top: You made it, everyone is looking at you to see what you want the people to hear. Andddddd what a waste you've made it.

    Why not write something more important? You really got nothing better to say? lol

    any way great episode as always Doug :D
  • dennett316
    As opposed to pointless whining about said comment and the typical bland praise one would post when they haven't yet watched a video? Yeah, your comment is MUCH better.
  • Bernie Buddy
    Pointless whining? He's telling him WHY "first comments" are stupid and pointless. Which, hopefully, will let him and others reading these comments, know to not do it again.
  • weaselton
    Two years of people whining about the stupid first comment. That qualifies as pointless.
  • Karri
    You know what's worse? Two years of people whining about people whining about the stupid first comment. Those qualifies as pointless squared.

    Sadly comments such as mine qualifies as pointless cubed.

    @Flame_Bunney_of_Death: You made it, dude. You made it. First. We all looked at you. This is it. This is the apex of your life, the pinnacle of your achievements. You're done. It's all downhill from here.
  • Dwane
    Only two years? Firsts and first hating are as old as message boards themselves. This is nothing new.

    Seriously, though. Get over it. That guy's post takes up 3/4" of space, little enough that most people will scroll right past it as if it was a title bar. The rants about said comment take up 9 1/4" of space, and that's not even including mine.
  • BananaJane
    I'm gonna brag about my last post being the last one then.
  • redhairsword
    I gotta post above BananaJane otherwise she's not the last anymore. This also makes nine posts about the first comment, therefore making it one of the more provocative comments made!
    But seriously, you'd have to post the minute the review came up in order to get the first slot. That means you post before you watch it. You just slam something out.

    Wait...I'm also posting before watching the review. DAMN YOU, VICIOUS CYCLE! DAMN YOU TO HELL!
  • Guy01
    Why is this discussion even taking place?
  • CarlosRIV232  - tagging on First
    Ha Ha, Christopher loyld in a delorean (Time Machine) as he is the klingnon whose ship would be used to time travel, huh?

    Hilarious and oh yeah, please say more next time you get first.
  • Iamlucek
    Die in a fire
  • amlyo  - Why
    Why, oh why, doesn't the site display comments in reverse date order?
  • Feel The Butter  - Should we care?
    Did you even watch the video first or did you just want to be first?
  • Mizu Takishima
    Uwah I'm early! Looking forward to this review! :D *letting it load*
  • Rethez
    3rd? DAMMIT
  • Cheshire Kitten
    Yeah, this one doesn't look that bad at all. Star Trek V on the other week should be fun. ;)
  • JDB15
    Neat. It's on time :)
    Great that Doug is back on track and has (seems to have) no more computer problems

    ... Now, let's watch this
  • WarxePB
    Honestly, I like this one better than 4 and 6; this one is still not good, yeah, but 4 is pretty blatantly preachy, and 6 was just generic. I still think 5's the worst of the series, so I'm looking forward to that one next week.
  • ladydiskette
    Balsac NOOOOES!

    At least died the honorable Klingon battle :(

    lol, I have to say this is the first I have ever heard of "vulcan mating". Yet how they still manage to have babies by just touching thier fingers around is beyond me.
  • caljar22
    At least the Vulcan hygiene film makes more sense. No glove, no love.
  • ladydiskette
    Oh my god imagine having THAT discussion in Sex Ed back in school XD

  • Dwane
    I think it's supposed to be Vulcan foreplay.
  • SpeedyEric
    I also think of “The Search for Spock” as one of the good odd-numbered Star Trek films. It’s part of what Trekies (or Trekers) call The Star Trek Trilogy, because the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th films share the same story arc. This film also expanded the Klingon language which we heard briefly in the 1st movie.

    3:58- I know exactly what you’re talking about, SciFiGuy. In speaking of which, I have 5 James Bond films that I need to put in my collection.

    I think that Mr. Nimoy did wonderfully in “Dark of the Moon.”
    In speaking of Transformers, Frank Welker played the voice of aging Spock.

    Fun fact: the actor who played the captain of the Excelsior also played Ralphie(from A Christmas Story)’s dad in the TV movie “Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss,” one of my favorite nostalgic movies.

    11:20- You forgot to mention that it’s a once every seven years thing.

    14:40- At least he died with …Klingon …dog …related honor …I think.

    The explosion of the Enterprise is really epic in my book, because Star Trek fans like myself did not expect anything like that.


    I’m glad to see that (like many others) you also enjoy watching this piece of the Star Trek library. I also enjoy watching it whenever I can, and it’s almost as enjoyable as Wrath of Khan.
  • BooRat  - se
    I agree with you here man! I actually think the 09 movie is the best odd but it's a reboot and the connection the other films are loose!

    3:58-Why not get that boxset they just released!? I'd like to have all the Star Trek stuff so I can watch it all! :D

    I love that idea of some one reading the mind a person and getting nothing but all their worse memories! Sort of like this show can't remember which but some one had all the data off of a bunch of computers shoved into their brain and I and my cousins who were watching whatever it was made the joke that if they touched their left-temple they see nothing but all the hidden porn from the computers! :P

    Me too!
    He did? Damn I need to reread his bio!

    Wicked A Christmas Story is one of my fave Holiday movies!

    11:20-yeah so if he was aging at a high speed shouldn't he had to do it a lot more than that?!

    14:40-I'd be pissed too if some one killed my pet! I'm sorry I like animals more than people!

    It's the equivalent of the Falcon being blown up!

    Well with the reboot canon maybe he can be frozen to death in a future sequel?!

    I'd probably like it if I get to see it someday! I was afraid it'd be bad! So what's part 5 like!?
  • SpeedyEric  - Re: BooRat
    3:58- Because my job sucks.

    11:20- 8O "Oh my."

    I don't hate Star Trek 5 like many other people, but the plot involves the crew of the Enterprise, under the control of Spock's half-brother, on a journey to god.
  • BooRat
    3:58- That sucks! :P

    11:20-Don't worry I'd think he'd like it!

    I've never heard of that one! Is that plot suppose to be based loosely on that unmade episode of the original series where the crew was mint to meet God and he was going to be a mentally handicapped child?
  • RockinDover  - CHUCK!
    I believe the show you were watching with the head filled with computer data computer data is called Chuck! It's a spy drama with a lot of nerd humour and One of my favourite shows on television.
  • Ms. MM
    That opener was so wonderfully fitting to my life right now! Made me grin.
  • TheEpicStickMan
    I'm enjoying these reviews though I haven't seen any of the movies before.
  • The_Phoenician
    I loved the "just use 'Takei'" joke.
  • jimbob123432
    Loved the opening! Glad you're doing these movies Critic.
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - BALLSAAAACK NOOOOOOO!!!!!
    Poor poor alien dog, thingy. Oh well we'll just get another one. Now I bet Linkara will show up next time in the Star Trek V review. The movie that nearly sank the whole franchise. Either Linkara or Spoony, if anyone knows anything about reviewing movies that nearly sinks or just plain sinks franchises it's the Spoony One.
  • NotACritic
    All I hear is that they killed -ballsack-. : /
  • Cassmi
    Umm... How could I say this... Oh yeah, right: NO FRIGGIN SHITE SHERLOCK!!! :P
  • darkain  - mmmm...
    Ok, just seen the review.... The movie wasn't that bad, so the review wasn't that funny... Let's hope Star Trek V delivers...
  • Eddie The Lightbringer
    Ah, The Search For Spock. Of the odd-numbered Star Trek movies, this one is my favorite (of the original 6) because, gosh darn it it's got Christopher Lloyd as a Klingon. It was fairly slow and kinda boring, but every now and again I go back and watch it and still enjoy it somewhat. It's definitely a step above the first Star Trek movie, and don't even get me started on Star Trek V (you'll see next week what kind of an atrocity THAT one is... the only Star Trek movie I refuse to dignify with a purchase.)

    And I haven't even seen the review yet! Looking forward to seeing what you have to say and what wacky crossover you've got in store.
  • Albatraze  - 15:38
    you slobbered so much....also i liked the review
  • TheDued92
    I feel you, my bulzack died too.
  • Nova Neko  - Frozen? no
  • AkiAmeko
    Nice review Doug, but is anyone else getting annoyed with the ad in the middle of the video gag yet? It was...kind of funny the first time but now I'm just annoyed. UNLESS however there's some kind of contract bs with blip that requires you to do that.
  • Flaregun
    *Definitely* not a gag. Those are real ads, really inserted into the middle of the video by Blip.TV. The second one even did that annoying thing that Blip Ads at the end of videos sometimes do for me, where the sound of the ad is cut out and instead I just get this high pitched tone that sounds like I've suddenly developed tinnitus.
  • Kryss LaBryn
    Huh. Guess I was extraordinarily lucky, then! All I got was a black screen for a second or two with the reloading circle arrow, and then back to the NC.


    Huh. I did wonder if there was supposed to be an ad there but I certainly wasn't going to complain! And at least it wasn't in the middle of a bloody sentence like some of them are!
  • ThePsychoGamer
    That sonic joke made almost no sense.
  • Rabz
    Sega Genesis
    Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic 3 and Knuckles

    Look them up!
  • ThePsychoGamer
    I know where he was trying to go with the joke, but first of all the phrasing was horrible it implied that Sonic was made by a team called Genesis, instead of Sega or Team Sonic., second You forgot Sonic CD and Sonic blast, and with the exception of Sonic blast all those sonic games where great. Sonic's downfall didn't start till the Sega Saturn. Hence the forced joke fails completely
  • Delta
    Superb Review Doug!
  • TheTannedOtaku  - Spoooock...
    Your poor Ballsack...
    You rock Sci-fi Guy! Glad not to wait until morning to post a comment
  • BB Shockwave
    What, no review of KHAAAN?

    Btw, I always thought that movie was overrated. Though Khan was a hundred times more effective and threathening then in the series (where his appearance was kinda lackluster), he did not demonstrate much of his 'ubermensch" abilities, that the later shows portrayed the genetically modified warriors as.

    As for Star Trek III, even after all these years I cannot get over the fact that Christopher Llyod is playing a klingon. I was expecting him to shout "Great Scott!" and bump his head into the bridge's ceiling every now and then... :) His character is quite stupid, anyway. He was portrayed as quite collected and tactical for a klingon officier up until the point he remains on a planet that's about to blow up to fight Kirk one-on-one... why? Because he killed his Balsac? He could have left Kirk behind to die...
  • Linkara
    Actually because he lost all his men, partially because of his own arrogance by sending them over into a trap. As such, he feels responsible for deaths that weren't exactly glorious. Kruge is a great villain where a lot of the character is in what we don't see explicitly.
  • ColbyJ
    Kruge is a great character, however wouldnt you agree he has the same arrogance as Khann? Also, shouldnt Kruge already known that it was a trap when Kirk escaped? How did Kruge miss seeing that escape pod?
  • Austincovello
    Actually, Lloyd was the very first Klingon I was exposed to as a Star Trek fan, and to me, he was awesome! The Klingon Bird of Prey scared me shitless. Interestingly enough, Leonard Nimoy co-designed it, or so I've heard.

    But anyway, I'm glad to see you gave Star Trek III a fair and humorous review. Too bad you didn't kill Sci-Fi Guy, though. Can't stand him and I don't watch any of his reviews.
    Agreed. I tried watching one of Sci Fi Guy's reviews, but couldn't get thru it. I don't even remember what he was trying to review.

    And he must be pretty bad, because I love science fiction books, movies, comics and tv shows.

    [Cinema Snob voice] I'll stick with SF Debris thank you very much.
  • Semudara
    You're entitled to your opinion, but simply badmouthing him for no clear reason just makes you seem like a jerk. If you're going to express your dislike, try coming up with some actual constructive criticism! I'm sure it would be enlightening.
  • Fangheart
    hey, not all Sonic games suck! by which of course I mean not all Sonic fans are the complete and utter IDIOTS who think any Sonic game that isn't 16 bit is a the devil's diarrhea. the two Sonic Adventure Games, Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors, and Half of Sonic Unleashed were fine.
  • Furrama
    Sonic Generations was really good. Adventure 1 was okay. The other ones were very "meh" or worse.
  • ColbyJ
    Yes, Adventure 1 was okay. The rest where so bad, that I dont even remember their names.
  • dorko4u
    The joke about not being able to make a good Sonic game is kind of outdated by this point. The Adventure games aren't really relevant since there were a lot of bad games after that. (Even if for some reason you like Sonic Adventure 2) Sonic Unleashed is a bad game because only half of it was "fine"!

    I just assumed Nostalgia Critic was talking about that period of making bad games from Sonic Heroes to Sonic 06 or Unleashed.
  • HanSK
    To be fair, only Sonic 06 was truly bad
    Shadow and Black Knight were mediocre
    Heroes and Secret Rings were average
    and I do count Unleashed ammongst good games, since one half was awesome, and the second was average, which kinda makes it above average

    Plus, people tend to forget the awesome handheld games that used to come out during that period
    The Advance trilogy and the two Rush games come to mind
  • John At Dawn
    "(Even if for some reason you like Sonic Adventure 2)"

    I take issue with this part. What was wrong with SA2?
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