Nostalgia Critic MUSICAL REVIEW: Moulin Rouge

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Comments (1038)
  • chronosXD
    This was sure different i must say..

    Also.... first? :o
  • hellsfoxes
    so the first comment on this review isn't just a random weird "huh? that was different" il just add


    k im done.
  • KingKaor555
    BRENTALFLOSS?!! SWEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dude, brentalfloss RULES!

    Also, Linkara, you have a beautiful singing voice.
  • Reliena
    Linkara sang at the beginning and at the end (same song). It's like the first thing you hear after the curtain goes up and it flashes the Channel Awesome logo. Hell, you even see his face!

    I adored this review, btw. I laughed all the way through!
  • QuestionTheMajority
    I'm actually surprised that super feminazi activist Lindsay agreed to be in a video with the guy who wrote one of the most insulting "comedy" songs about women of all time. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Brentalfloss with that stupid Tetris song. God, I hate that one.

    I hate this movie, too. Nothing but a hyperactive, candy-colored insult to every last one of my artistic sensibilities. Everything about it fills me with hatred! HATRED! AAAAAAAAARGGGGH!!! KILL!!! DESTROY!!! MAIM!!!

    Yeah, sorry. There's no guilty pleasure in this movie for me. Every last part of it pisses me off. Naturally, it's one of my wife's favorite movies of all time.
  • ReesiePuffs
  • Semudara
    No, it's not very good. But I also don't find it offensive, because it's so obviously tongue-in-cheek that it's ALMOST enjoyable.

    Most of Brentalfloss's stuff is great, though!
  • Shinora  - Ughh.
    It's called comedy. It's nothing more than a rude joke that he doesn't actually believe. He just does it to annoy people XD
  • Mysteryflavour
    Feminazi? Really? She's a feminist but she is one the least "feminazi" feminists out there. People really need to stop kicking that word around like a hacky sack
  • LikaLaruku
    @KingKaor555 With the exception of Phelan, a good chunk of our reviewers could do opera & crooner stuff. ::Imagines Phelous singing "Music of the Night::

    @QuestionTheMajority If she was a feminazi, she would refuse to even work with men, or chase after T.i.t.S.

    So Moulin Rogue.....Everyone I know likes it except me. Kiley fekkin loved it. I detest raunchy musicals where people prance around in lingerie, especially if they ruin songs you grew up on.

    Guilty pleasures, well....I actually like those Care Bear movies & their music. I can't bring myself to hate something so 80s.
  • azarath17  - Linkara
    There is a reason one of his characters is Harvey Finevoice. And yet some people still say he sucks... How dare they!
  • NealSadhaka  - late reaction, but I am just registrated
    That's the spirit. A first command that this masterpiece deserves
  • Drain
    I never watched this shit. "Musical movies"? Lol. If I wanted to watch a music video, I'd watch a music video, and I do. Go to Youtube and type "Santa Hates You Raise The Devil". I love that stuff. It makes no sense either, but the difference is that it only wastes about 4mins of my time, not an hour and a half or so in movie length. I never watched any of these stupid music movies. Music Video and Movie just doesn't mix like this. Take one or the other. No one wants to see an hour long music video. NO ONE. After 5 minutes it will have gotten old and worn out its welcome. That's why they end by then.

    On the plus side of things, I liked that chick's love video she sent to that other guy. That was funny. It would have worked on me.
  • Lord Moe
    Fantasia is a masterpiece
  • Dargon
    Fantasia doesn't count because it doesn't lie about what it is, which is essentially a concert of classical music set to Disney animations.
    Basically, it's just a collection of music videos that just happens to be as long as a feature film.
  • Anon
    Good to know you represent the opinion of all people everywhere. Here I thought I really loved musicals. Thanks for telling me I actually can't stand them.
  • 70alt1
    Musical movies FAR predate music videos.
    I'm pretty sure the first talkie ever was a musical... The Jazz Singer.

    And if you like the songs, musicals can be very enjoyable. And don't act like you speak for the opinions of everyone. I like musicals no less than any other genre.
  • Lim  - Musical movies FAR predate music videos
    Agreed. And let's not forget opera!

    Yeah, that's right Drain, there is a genre that has been around longer than recordings and it's basically musicals without the talking. And guess what, folks all over the world STILL shell beaucoup bucks to see them performed live. People don't get worn out after five minutes because the songs are complex enough (not to mention good enough) to hold the audience's attention.

    Apparently you are just listening to music that is just not good enough to do that.

    Side note, did the cast get some vocal coaching? Everyone sounded okay to pretty durn good, even people who I had previously wanted to shut the frell up and never sing again.
  • Neo Ultra Mike
    That "other guy" is Todd in the Shadows who reviews Pop songs. If you watched his videos (or really Chick's videos actually) you should probably know they have a running joke that the Chick crushes on Todd (I think they're actually a couple in real life BTW) but Todd just ignores her. And Todd crushes on Obscurus Lupa and she just ignores him. And Lupa crushes on Chick... okay that third thing probably isn't true but that would be funny to see in a review.
  • dmwdp001
    Seriously? My all time favorite movie is The Blues Brothers. And, yes, while everyone remembers it for the car chase at the end, for me it has always been the R&B and soul music that made it truly great, and not just another carsploytation flick.
  • Elphaba645
    This is the most F**KING AWESOME REVIEW EVER!!!!!

    Doug I LOVE yout voice. SING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!!

    Brentalfloss AND the NC?!?! Us geeks are practically wetting ourselves!!
  • SpeedyEric
    I’ve seen chunks of this movie on HBO when they first had it on. I haven’t seen in from start to finish, but I pretty much know the story, the setting, and the actors who star in it. I have nothing to say against it, because it looks colorful, it has some nice music, and I pray to god you won’t make any Star Wars prequel trilogy jokes told in a negative way because Ewan McGregor stars in it.

    5:45- Isn’t this the style you go for in your 5 Second Movies? …Just asking.

    6:57- Yeah. This is the weirdest thing I find in this movie; a night club in 1899 playing music that won’t be around until late in the next century. But, I admit that it IS pretty FUUUUUUUUUUUN.

    12:04- You know at times during movies like this where I wish in my comment that I had a girl friend? Guess what, still searching.

    Lindsey, Elisa, and Nella look really hot in this review (obviously).

    18:39- ...That's alot of love.

    24:48- It's okay. I find you pretty funny.

    Phelous has a good point. Like most musicals, this one doesn't take itself all seriously.

    30:13- ...That's ...dark.

    I agree that Christen is kinda a dick.

    We all gotta have guilty pleasures, even yours truely. For example, I love all three of the Transformers movies.

    Great crossover review, guys. Let the review go on.
  • KelvTwelve
    Ahem, let me read from my script I got here from this person called... Spider-Man...
    "So you're stuck at home watching The Nostalgia Critic with guest stars Brentalfloss and Nostalgia Chick. Can I be your girlfriend tonight?"

    Thank you, THANK you! I'll be here until I get punched in the face by Jim Broadbent (that British guy who's in every movie you've ever seen but you've never bothered to look him up, including this movie).
  • ladydiskette
    I may have to disagree with you on music entrancing people Critic. When I was a baby, whenever George Michael's "Everything She Wants" music video came on I would stop playing with my toys and just immediately sit down and stare at the video like a zombie. And it was always THAT music video!

    My mom has never let it down to this day.
    So yeah, music can have that effect on people in my personal experience.

    However my favorite part in this movie has always been the "Roxanne Tango" part. I love it!
  • ultramanmattia
    It was basically the avatar of his generation.
  • Psychicllamakiller
    Yeah, but that's because you already knew you liked it: it's totally possible to get entranced by a song you know you really love. But hearing the first couple notes of a song you've never heard before and becoming hypnotised? Not so much....
  • BooRat  - se
    I saw this movie once and that was because a girl I knew talked me into watching it and the only part about it I liked was the music... mostly because I like classic rock and oldies! Other than that I have no desire to ever see it again and will avoid ever watching a single second more of it so long as I live!
    That said I like this review, but I hope to Cthulhu that this review doesn't mean the next anniversary movie ya'll do is going to be a musical... some of you sing well but... I don't care for musicals!

    5:45-keyword(s) "5 Second Movies" not 2 hour movie!

    6:57-Don't watch A Knight's Tale it'll blow your mind!



    19:20-Ok, I'm really surprised no one out all these nerds involved (comics, movies, Dr. Who) hasn't made a Clown from Spawn joke as Jon Ligwazomo is the "midget", a Dr. Who joke for the rainbow scarf guy, a Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame for the bearded old man, ect... for the group of side characters at this point!
    19:50-This guy's an Orange Lantern isn't he!? Or he'll be one now! My fellow DA members I look forward to seeing your renders by week's end! :D
    I know the guy who played the Duke here was the villain in one of the movie adapt of Romeo and Juliet!

    "Oh, my god that hooker I've been dating is cheating on me! Next time on Jerry Springer!"

    30:13-It's a good thing late 1800s France didn't have police or any kind of authority figures till the 1960s!

    On the subject of the main character's actions near the end that is the closest thing to the way I've actually seen a real life human act if put in a "similar" situation!

    My guilty pleasures are still at least movies in a gene or style I use to like this doesn't fit any of the above!

    I'd like to see more mixing of the reviewers like this but less musicals! Only musicals I like are animated or very adult like Trey Parker and Matt Stone made ones or Mel Brooks... well the funny ones!
  • SpeedyEric  - BooRat
    I was also thinking Clown from the Spawn movie (another guilty pleasure movie).
  • BooRat  - SE
    One of mine too! I love the Spawn movie! And the funnist part is the acotr isn't that short! He's about 5' 7" (to be concidered a dwarf you gotta be shorter than 4 feet)

    "duuuh, e-everytime s-somebody f-farts a d-demon g-gets it's uhmmm w-wings" (fart, fart) "Oh, twins!"
  • ReesiePuffs
    "See you at Wanda's. Last one there gets her rotten eggs."
    -The Clown, Spawn
  • Vismutti

  • SkullCap  - I second this!
    Dear Jesus,
    Thank you for the gift of fanservice (15:05). Amen.


    Am I the only way that can not get enough of Richard Roxburgh's terrible face and laugh in that shot?

    Guilty Pleasure Song! Add a verse with each comment! End your verse with "Guilty Pleasure!"

    I enjoy films that inspire,
    but I also like Ghostrider!
    Now as a guy, I don't think it's tragic,
    I like MLP: Friendship is Magic!

    Guilty Pleasures!
  • AutumnRhea
    The thing is, MLP:FiM is actually a good piece of work, well written and original songs. This movie scared the living hell out of me but two things I do like about it is "Come what may." and the way Roxanne scene was shot. The rest of it can burn in hell.
  • Elphaba645

  • snoofulus
    "On the subject of the main character's actions near the end that is the closest thing to the way I've actually seen a real life human act if put in a "similar" situation!"

    A real life epic despicable douchebag, sure. But he'd be considered an epic despicable douchebag, not a romantic heroic tenor hero.
  • KingKaor555
    Hey, brentalfloss brought them onboard Comicron 1!
  • lilmoosic011
    This movie is horrible...great review!!
  • BooRat
  • Bullderdash
    Wow, thats just awesome. Great Review Critic.
  • Hollywood Z
    This is your best review in a long time!

    I want to change my review to 5 stars!!!
  • jadedflames  - ^_^
    Cool! I always love it when you try a new thing, success or not. I was one of the ones that liked the video game reviews, just cause it was something new.

    And crossovers are always great!
  • caitimac
    I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of me orgasming from Ewan McGregor's voice.
  • August M.  - Nicole Kidman, that is All.
    I only like this movie for Nicole Kidman: MY GOD SHE'S HOT!!!

    As for my favorite guilty pleasure, it's the Twilight movies.
  • Fangheart
    yeah...........yeah-no, no, The Twilight Saga....The Twilight Saga is still way worse than this movie. WAY way worse. I'm quite confident that there isn't a single movie in the world that's worse than the Twilight Saga.......yeah, pretty confident in that. sorry, but I stand firm on that belief.

    aaaaand with that out of the way, THIS WAS AWESOME! I have no idea who that guy who threw the fit because he wasn't included was, but this was still AWESOME! and long too. you should do this more......not, not very often of course as I'm sure it took a lot of work, but still, this should NOT be the last musical review you do.
  • kyrieeleison
    The guy who threw the fit is Kyle Kallgren, who posts on the site as Oancitizen.
  • DarkBee
    Who also has an amazing voice - so many reviewers with nice voices that weren't included...

    This was one of the best things you have done since a looooong time, NC.
  • jjramsey
    So Twilight's even worse than "Manos" The Hands of Fate?
  • Fangheart
    Yes..........I haven't even heard of that movie and have no idea what it is or what it's like, but I am still quite positive that it is cosmically impossible for it be worse than the Twilight Saga.
  • musiclover9293
    Great review. Look forward to more greatness. BTW do you think you could review the brave little toaster goes to mars PLEASE!
  • zeldamaster52
    funny thing is, i actually saw this movie pretty recently
  • JuwGirl
    this was great. I still love this movie but it's very much a mixed bag. El Tango Roxanne is amazing, but the Love Song Medley is AWFUL!
  • kyrieeleison
    I honestly did not believe that anybody could out-do the previous TGWTG sing-alongs. This is totally epic, and please do more if scheduling permits.

    I haven't seen Moulin Rouge yet, but I've kind of wanted to. Good to know it's crappy, but the good kind. Now I can go in with a "guilty pleasure" mindset.
  • Cheshire Kitten
    I haven't seen this movie, so I don't have an opinion.
    Great video, though! Those were some excellent preformances from everyone! *Applauds*
  • ToriJ
    Just awesome. I really enjoyed it. There was a guy in there who I didn't even know knew you guys. The song at the end was just epic and I will have it happily stuck in my head for a good couple of days =D
  • RedFox0008
    Holy crap! It's BrentalFloss and Nostalgia Critic in the same review....

    That's almost too much awesome to be contained in a single video!
  • megamonstudios  - THANK GOD!
    oh thank god I though he was going to sing the whole thing
    and nice review
  • yoshilite
  • Dust
    Good old Richard Roxburgh, coasting along on his Blue Murder performance for 16 years..

    And That Scene? Fuck That Scene - butchering Roxanne like that..
  • Mr. Grimm
    This was a frelling awesome review, most definetley one of your best.

    Oh and Team Nchick looked very nice, especially Nella.
  • honestiago
    That was AWESOME!!! So AWESOME!!! The songs, the guest stars, the costumes... it rocked!!! YES! YES! AMERICA!!!!!
  • Ogre Samanosuke
    Oh man, Brentalfloss being in, fucking great.

    I loved the warping around bit with the random appearance of Spoony in his bathroom. Also, goddam Nella and Lindsay were sexy in those bustiers.
  • TheTannedOtaku
    I'm hoping for more musical reviews in the future :)
    Maybe the 4th anniversary can be a musical
  • Lemmon
    OWO o great!
    i love when you critic movies that i like!
    even more if it is anegative review!
  • darthxrane  - Nein! D:
    I just saw this movie two weeks ago. For the fifth time in two months.

    I adore this movie. It always reminded me of a Shakespeare comedy--off-the-walls crazy at the beginning and then heartbreakingly tragic at the end. All the songs are glorious (I love how they incorporate modern songs like, "The Show Must Go On" and "Like a Virgin"), the atmosphere of the whole movie is phenomenal, and the main actors have amazing voices (Ewan McGregor makes me swoon). And n the final scene, when Nicole Kidman just belts out "Come back to me, and forgive everything!"....I get chills.

    This review, to me, is like your Full House review. I loved that show as a kid (I still do) and couldn't quite stomach you bashing it--I have yet to make it through the first minute and a half of that one. I'm working up the courage to see just how badly you rip my favorite movie to shreds. ;_; *cursor hovers over play button*

    Do I dare....?
  • glampire
    darthxrane, right there with you, lol.

    I may have to give in and watch for all the cameos I'm reading about in the comments, though.
  • Vismutti
    Don't worry, it's not that bad. He brings in people who like it and even admits to liking it a little.

    And besides: IT'S AWESOME.
  • Zoltan
    You should. I've seen this at least 5 times in theater, and i think i'll watch this a review more than once.
    Actually, they're pretty similar :)
  • SammEater
    Well this review shows it's okay to like it, I like it too. :P
  • AoriRyuujin  - Hmm
    Amazing work, especially the final song. I have a pleasure that is not guilty, her name is Lindsay; She is sooo beautiful. A congratulations and a middle finger to whomever is lucky enough to have her :) Anyways, great job guys, top quality work as always.
  • minnie3434
    the movie was okay in my opinion. nothing to phone home about though
  • sonicfan1994  - BRENTALFLOSS, NO!!
    Great review for an annoying movie. Sadly enough, the ending of this review had better cinematography than the actual movie. As for guilty pleasures, mine is the Shadow the Hedgehog game.
  • HanSK
    You didn't get the message, did you?

    Now I'll have to put needles in your eyeballs
  • Bloodrealm
    Yeah, he definitely didn't get the message. Shadow the Hedgehog is a GOOD game, not a guilty pleasure.
  • ReesiePuffs
    Dude, mine is Sonic R, so I know how you feel!
  • Tom Smith
    Good god, liking Sonic R as a game; oh god the humanity.
    But the music is great. Its greatness is only matched by how not appropriate it is for a Sonic game. Damn those songs are great.
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